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      Proudly presents their

    105th Annual Lowood Show

   FRIDAY 1st June
  SATURDAY 2nd June
                                  PATRON: G. Lehmann

                        PRESIDENT: N. Kammholz (07) 5427 9213

                    VICE PRESIDENTS: N. Sippel, B. Vayro, L. Geddes

                        HONORARY TREASURER: Robert Dumke

                                 CARETAKER: Leon Harm

                                  Mrs. Janeen Schulz
                             Po Box 32, Lowood, Q, 4311
                             Home phone: (07) 5426 1385
                     Showgrounds: Show Week only (07) 5426 1351
                               18 Station Street, Lowood

Messrs D. Weise, R. Dumke, N. Sippel, L. Schulz, L. Harm, I. Ward, B. Vayro, N. Kammholz
           Mesdames K. Ward, E. Kammholz, L. Geddes, L. Jendra, J. Schulz,
                                Jess Schulz, C. Knopke

                                   LADIES COMMITTEE
                  Mesdames C. Knopke (President), J. Lewis (Secretary),
               J. Schulz (Treasurer), L. Sippel, B. Stevens, C. Teis, B. Harm,
                                     L. Schulz, B. Heise

                                 LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE
                                     Gallagher Legal

               Entries will be received by the Secretary at above address

Held under the Rules and Regulations of the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies

          Check out our new website at

                               2012 SHOW DATES
                                   Marburg – 27 & 28 April
                                 Boonah – 11, 12 & 13 May
                                  Ipswich – 18, 19 & 20 May
                                      Esk – 25 & 26 May
                                     Lowood – 1 & 2 June
                                  Toogoolawah – 8 & 9 June
                                    Kalbar – 15 & 16 June
                                Rosewood – 22, 23 & 24 June
                                      Laidley – 7 & 8 July
                                     Gatton – 20 & 21 July
                                 Brisbane Royal – 9 – 18 Aug

                  Miss Showgirl & Rural Ambassador – Rosewood (14th July)
                               Stud Beef Young Paraders – Esk
                              Rich Fruit Cake Competition – Esk
                         Prime Cattle Young Judges – Toogoolawah
                             Dairy Cattle Young Judges – Gatton
                            Dairy Cattle Young Paraders – Gatton
                             Stud Beef Young Judges – Lowood
                                    Ute Muster – Laidley

                            State Finals will be held at the RNA
                              Quilts across Queensland – RNA
                           Dark Rich Fruit Cake Competition – RNA

                  For further information contact your Local Show Society

                            2012 Admission Prices
                                  2 DAY GATE PASS: $10.00

                              FAMILY PASS: $22.00 (Saturday)

         Friday Admissions:                                  Saturday Admissions:
             Adult: $6.00                                         Adult: $10.00
Pensioners: $ 6.00 (must present card)                Pensioners: $6.00 (must present card)
  High School (13 to 17years): $6.00                    High School (13 to 17yrs): $6.00
   Primary School (5 to 12): $2.00                       Primary School (5 to 12): $2.00

                            LOWOOD SHOW SOCIETY INC.
                                   BY LAWS
1. Forward your entries to the Secretary as early as possible.
2. The Certificate of Entry is a printed form to be obtained from the Secretary, as it is from these
   documents that the Catalogue will be compiled, it is absolutely necessary that the whole of the
   questions contained in them should be answered as far as possible and signed by the Exhibitor.
3. The Committee reserves the right to receive for exhibition only and not for competition (if space
   permits) any stock, articles or produce not specified in the Schedule which may be considered to
   possess Special Merit.
4. ADMISSION will be Adults $10.00 Saturday and $6.00 Friday, Pensioners $6.00 (on production of card),
   High School Students $6.00, Primary School Children $2.00, Family Pass (Saturday) $22.00, 2-Day Gate
   passes $10.00.
5. All horse vehicles must come through the bottom gate of the Showgrounds (Lindemann’s Road) and be
   directed to the horse parking area.
6. All stallions and colts 2 years and over must be paraded in halter, with bit and chain.
7. All horse vehicles, when requested by Stewards to move, must move.
8. The Committee has the right to refuse any exhibit without giving a reason and no correspondence will
   be entered into.
9. To be eligible to ride on an animal in the Grand Parade at our Show, all children eleven years and under
   must be accompanied by an adult.
10. Age of horses to be computed from 1st August - N.B. Any person willfully giving wrong ages or untrue
    copies of livestock will be disqualified and otherwise dealt with as the Committee may direct.
11. Horses will be considered maidens if maidens at time of starting. All horses must be named.
12. All Exhibitors to pay admission fees regardless of number of entries.
13. Post entries day of show.
14. In approximate order, which shall not be binding, subject to alterations at the discretion of Stewards,
    judging commences at the time specified in that ring on Saturday.
15. No rings will be required to wait if there is a clash in another ring.
16. Ribbons for First, Second and Third of each class.
17. Only Blue Ribbon horses for Championships.
18. Second place to Champion, eligible for Reserve Champion.
19. No person under disqualification, recognised by this Association may exhibit or compete.
20. All horses to be controlled to the satisfaction of Stewards.
21. If a horse breaks away in the ring, the exhibitor may be asked to take the horse out of the ring
22. Any competitor may be instructed by the Ringmaster or his assistants to move any horse that is
    considered to be a danger to other competitors.
23. All exhibitors and/or grooms entering the grounds shall obey the lawful directions of the President,
    Committee, Stewards or employees of the Show Society. Failure to do so shall entitle the President of

       this Society to disqualify the exhibitor and/or his/her exhibit from competing at the Show and may
       order the removal of the exhibitor from the grounds.
   24. Obscene and abusive language will not be tolerated.
   25. Competitors must be suitably attired when exhibiting, including footwear. Joggers are not acceptable.
   26. Any protest by an exhibitor must be lodged in writing with the Committee Person or Steward in charge
       of any section within 30 minutes of the completion of the event together with a fee of $50 cash. The fee
       will be forfeited if the protest is considered to be frivolous or vexatious. The protest shall be heard
       according to the rules of natural justice by a Dispute Committee of 3, appointed b y the President of this
       Show and the decision of the Dispute Committee shall be final and without appeal.
   27. No dogs allowed on the grounds except dogs that are entered in the Dog Show run under the Canine
       Control Council Rules.
   28. Judges shall be suitably attired in either riding clothes or neat street attire when judging.
   29. No exhibitors or members of the exhibitor’s family or anybody employed by the exhibitor shall
       approach a judge with regard to a decision made by the judge unless they obtain permission from the
       Chief Steward/Ring Master or Steward of the Section.
   30. The Show Society may carry out random swabbing during the Lowood Show.
   31. Registration papers from Breed Associations must be produced upon request from Stewards.
   32. The age of a horse shall be calculated from the first day of August. Every horse foaled before the first o f
       August in any year shall be deemed to be one year old on that date.
   33. A Maiden is a horse that has not won a First prize in a similar event at any affiliated show.
   34. A Novice is a horse that has not won an Open Champion Hack at any agricultural show.
   35. Stallions are not permitted in Hack Classes.
   36. Pony Hacks must be under 14 hands.
   37. Pony Hacks must be ridden by a rider under 17 years of age.
   38. A Galloway Hack shall be 14 hands and not exceeding 15 hands.
   39. A Galloway Hack cannot compete in other Hack Classes unless otherwise stated.

                                               SHOW HUNTER HACKS
   40. Show Hunters have more substance and bone than the modern show horse but will still maintain
   41. . The turnout for Show Hunters is more subdued than that of a usual Saddle Horse.
   42. There should be no coloured brow bands, ribbons or flowers, and tweed attire is preferred.
   43. Show Hunters are not eligible to compete in Hack events.

                                     QUEENSLAND ELECTRICAL SAFETY ACT
Any Exhibitors intending to bring electrical equipment to the Showgrounds, will be required to ensure that such
equipment is fitted with earth leakage circuit breakers and that all electrical leads, tools and appliances have
been inspected and tagged by a licensed electrical contractor. This is essential for the safety of all exhibitors
and the general public and is a requirement of the current Queensland Electrical Safety Act. The Act imposes
very severe penalties in the event of non-compliance with its provisions. Any Exhibitors who do not comply will
not be allowed to exhibit at the Lowood Showgrounds. Exhibitors should check all electrical equipment and
leads before coming to the Showgrounds to avoid the occurrence of any difficulties.
                                           Steward: J. Schulz 54 261 385

                      Pavilion will be open to receive entries between 7.00 and 9.00 p.m.
                             Thursday night and 7.00 - 10.00 a.m. Friday morning.

                                        Judging will commence at 10.30 a.m.

              Trophy sponsored by David Grant for most points in Fruit and Vegetables Section.

                Trophy sponsored by H&D GLASS will be awarded to Runner-Up in Section 6

                        Prizes: First: $3.00, Second: $2.00 unless otherwise stated.

                                                  Entry Fee: 50c

                                     Entries Close: One week prior to judging

                               A Surcharge may be charged on ALL LATE ENTRIES

                                      Quality to take precedence over quantity.

                                    Special Prize Class 1 - Drumhead Cabbage

                                       Special Prize Class 8 – Cauliflower

                                 Special Prize Class 9 - Lettuce Large Variety
                                         First: $3.00, Second: $1.50

                If six or more entries are shown in any class, a third prize of 25c will be awarded.
                                     Classes 1 to 6 to be prepared for market.
                    Points in Section 6 are as follows: 1st: 3 points, 2nd: 2 points, 3rd : 1 point.

1. Two Drumhead Cabbages                                      14. Collection of Beans, not less than 4 varieties.
2. Two Sugarloaf Cabbages                                     6 pods of each
3. Two Succession Cabbages                                    15. Peas - 25 pods
4. Two Red Cabbages                                           16. Six Carrots - long variety
5. Two Chinese Cabbages                                       17. Six Carrots - AOV bunched
6. Cabbages - A.O.V.                                          18. Bunch of Parsnips
7. Heaviest Cabbage                                           19. Three Kohl Rabi - purple, bunched
8. Two Cauliflowers                                           20. Three Kohl Rabi - white, bunched
9. Three Lettuce - large variety                              21. Three Beetroots - bunched
10. Three Lettuce - small variety                             22. 1kg Peanuts - large
11. French Beans - 25 pods                                    23. 1kg Peanuts - small 24. 1kg Queensland Nuts
12. Butter Beans - 25 pods                                    25. Six Table Radish – long rooted
13. Beans - 25 pods, AOV                                      26. Six Table Radish – turnip rooted

27. Three Purple Top Turnips - bunched                       51. Collection of Marrows
28. Three White Turnips                                      52. Three Chokos - white smooth
29. Three Swede Turnips                                      53. Three Chokos - green smooth
30. One Plant Silverbeet                                     54. Three Chokos - white rough
31. Six Zucchini                                             55. Three Chokos - green rough
32. Three Broccoli A.V.                                      56. Three Cu cumbers - long green
33. Three Egg Plants                                         57. Three Cucumbers - long white
34. Brussell Sprouts                                         58. Three Apple Cucumbers
35. Three Capsicums                                          59. Three Cucumbers - A.O.V.
36. One Bundle Eschallots                                    60. One Bundle Celery
37. One Bundle Eschallots - improved                         61. Six Stalks Rhubarb
38. One Bundle Garlic - 6 bulbs old season                   62. 1kg Rosellas
39. One Bundle Garlic - 6 bulbs new season                   63. Bundle 3 Brown Onions - bulb grown
40. Three Cooked Potatoes - A.V.,                            64. Bundle 3 White Onions - bulb grown
must be cooked in jackets                                    65. Bundle 3 Brown Onions
41. Two Hubbard Squashes                                     66. Bundle 3 White Onions
42. Three Squashes – early white bush                        67. Cluster Brown Onions - bulb grown
43. Three Squashes - golden                                  68. Cluster White Onions - bulb grown
44. Six Button Squashes                                      69. Spring Onions
45. Six Yellow Ruffles Squashes                              70. Five Leeks
46. Scallopini Squashes                                      71. Bunch Herbs - green
47. A.O.V. Squash                                            72. Sweet Corn, 3 cobs husked
48. Collection of Squashes                                   73. A.O.V. Vegetables – not mentioned
49. Three Marrows - long green bush                          74. Collection of Six Salad Vegetables - each a
50. Three Marrows - long white                               distinct species
75. Best Display of Vegetables - not less than 12 varieties 1st:$25, 2nd:$10, 3rd $5

                                   CHAMPION VEGETABLE OF SHOW
                                  Sash & Trophy donated by B. Neuendorff
   Exhibitor gaining most points in Vegetable Section will be awarded a Trophy donated by Wayne Wendt

76. One Sprig Lemon                                          91. 6 Grapefruit
77. Sprig Citrus A.O.V.                                      92. 6 Cumquats
78. 6 Navel Oranges                                          93. Collection of Citrus Fruit - all varieties to be
79. 6 Valencia Oranges                                       named. 3 of each variety.
80. 6 Seville Oranges                                        First: $5.00, Second: $3.00.
81. 6 Sweet Oranges A.O.V.                                   94. 3 Pineapples - ripley
82. 6 Lisbon Lemons                                          95. 3 Pineapples, rough, A O V
83. 6 Meyer Lemons                                           96. 3 Pineapples - smooth
84. 6 Villa Fanca Lemons                                     97. Heaviest Pineapple - smooth leaf
85. 6 Common Lemons                                          98. Heaviest Pineapple - rough leaf
86. 6 Scarlet Mandarins                                      99. 3 Custard Apples
87. 6 Emperor Mandarins                                      100. 1kg Gooseberries
88. 6 Glen Retreat Mandarins                                 101. Punnet of Strawberries
89. 6 Mandarins A.O.V.                                       102. 6 Yellow Passionfruit
90. 6 Limes                                                  103. 6 Purple Passionfruit
104. Monsterio Deliciosa
105. Best Bunch of Bananas
106. Display of Pineapple – to be named
107. 3 Pawpaw
108. Heaviest Pawpaw
109. 3 Avocados
110. Best Collection of Fruit - First: $5.00, Second: $3.00.
111. Best Dish of Six Tomatoes - ripe
112. 3 Heaviest Tomatoes
113. Carton of Tomatoes - not necessarily ripe, for market. 1st: $5.00, 2nd: $3.00 Entry Fee: 50c
114. Carton of Green Tomatoes - volume filled. First: $2.00, Second: $1.00
115. Carton of Colour Tomatoes - volume filled. First: $2.00, Second: $1.00
Reg Klee Memorial Trophy for most points in classes 113, 114, 115
116. Collection of Twelve Tomatoes - not less than 3 distinct varieties
117. Best Dish of 6 Tomatoes - coloured
118. 1 Bundle Dry Herbs
119. 1 Collection Green Herbs - not less than 4 varieties

  Exhibitor gaining most points in Fruit Section will receive a Trophy sponsored by Lowood Show

                                CHAMPION FRUIT OF SHOW – Sash

                            CHAMPION EXHIBIT OF TOMATOES – Sash


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