pig origami - Quentin Trollip by amisrxamisrx



This Pig design came from an      Design and diagram info:
earlier Sheep design which        Date:         24 May 2009
had a lot of excess paper in      Difficulty:   High Intermediate
the head area. It looked quite    Time to fold: 1 Hour
easy to convert the Sheep
into a pig, especially the fact
that the Sheep had a nice
                                  Crease Pattern:                              Paper:
                                       Snout             Ear
round body shape. Inspired                                          Front
                                                                                 Single Uncut Square
by Ronald Koh’s Pig                                                              Size: 30 cm
(expertly folded by Boon),                                                       Color: Pink - Pink
and some inspiration from                                                        Type: Kami       Good
Joseph Wu, Roman Diaz and                                                               Foil      Good
TienYin Yau (one late night                                                             Wet-Fold Best
folding at TienYin’s place),                                          leg
the design easily fell into
place. It wasn’t meant to be a                                                 Ratio: 0.47       Length
“quality” design, but due to
the interest on my flickr page,

                                                                                                          by Quentin Trollip c
I decided to diagram it
Although it looks like an easy
fold, some practice will be
required to fold a good
rendition. There is an easier
way to fold the face (by

making an Open Sink on the
crease made in step 45), but
the way it is diagrammed
gives a better result – no open
layers and easier to round the
head when shaping at the

The diagrams were done for        1.                                 2.     Blintz Fold.
the enjoyment of all who
want to fold it. Please use for
personal use only. Also note
that the diagrams are
unedited, so SPARE me if
there are any mistakes I have
overlooked. Please enjoy.

                                  3.      Valley Fold.               4.     Unfold.
5.    Turn over.                 6.   Valley Fold and Unfold.   7.   Valley Folds through the
                                                                     top layer only.

                                                                                                by Quentin Trollip c
8.    Valley Folds and Unfold.   9.   Inside Reverse Folds.     10. Valley Folds and Unfold


11. Squash Folds.                                               13. Pull out the raw edge
                                                                    from inside.

14.                              15. Valley Fold.               16. Inside Reverse Fold.
17. Repeat steps 15 to 16 on   18. Repeat steps 13 to 17 on   19. Turn over.
    the next edge.                 the bottom.

                                                                                              by Quentin Trollip c
20. Valley Fold.               21. Valley Folds and Unfold.   22. Valley Folds and Unfold.


23. Valley Fold.               24. Swivel Folds.              25. Valley Fold the whole
                                                                  model in half.
                                                                  Rotate 45 degrees.

26. Unfold the flap from       27. Inside Reverse Fold.       28. Valley Fold as far as you can.
    inside.                        Repeat behind.                 Repeat behind.

29. Valley Fold.                   30. Inside Reverse Fold.       31. Valley Fold.
    Repeat behind.                     Repeat behind.                 Repeat behind.

                                                                                             by Quentin Trollip c
32. Closed Sink.                   33. Inside Reverse Fold.       34. Inside Reverse Fold.
    Repeat behind.                     Repeat behind and on           Repeat behind.
                                       the other fron leg.


35. Inside Reverse Fold.           36. Swivel Fold.               37. Inside Reverse Fold.
    Repeat behind.                     Repeat behind and on the       Repeat behind.
                                       other back leg.

38. Swivel Fold behind. The
    folds should fall into place   39. Mountain Fold.             40. Crimp Fold.
    easily. Repeat behind.             Repeat behind.
41. Valley Fold the ear back.    42. Enlarge.                  43. Outside Reverse Fold.
    Repeat behind.

                                                                                                 by Quentin Trollip c
44. Unfold the raw corner.       45. Valley Fold and Unfold.   46. Rabbit Ear and Unfold.


47. Squash Fold symmetrically.   48. Closed Sink.              49. Closed Sink the next point.

50. Refold the raw corner to     51. Swing the snout up.       52. Valley Fold and Unfold.
    the position in step 44.
53. Valley Fold and Unfold.   54. Inside Reverse Fold.         55. Inside Reverse Fold.
                                                                   Repeat behind.

                                                                                              by Quentin Trollip c
56. Crimp Fold In and Out.    57. Untrap a single layer from   58. Squash Fold to form the eye.
                                  inside.                          Repeat behind.
                                  Repeat behind.                   Scale change.


59. Valley Fold.              60. Inside Reverse Fold.         61. Crimp Fold the trotters.
    Repeat behind.                Repeat behind.                   Twirl the tail.

62. Inside Reverse Folds.     63. Round the body and head,     Pig.
                                  shape the ears.

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