Nervous Endocrine Systems by 84jUV1


									Bio 110 Outline – The Nervous & Endocrine Systems

   A. Control of Homeostasis

      1. Nervous System

      2. Endocrine System

   B. Basic Nervous Circuit – the Reflex Arc
      1. Sensory Neurons

      2. Interneurons

      3. Motor Neurons

   C. The Neuron & Action Potential
         a. Neuron (nerve cell)
                      a. Cell Body (cyton)

                        b. Dendrites

                        c. Axon

                        d. Myelin Sheath & Schwann Cells

                        e. Terminal Branches

          b. The Action Potential (Impulse or “Firing” of a Nerve Message)
                  1. Change in Electrical Charge of Axon

                   2. Involves Active Transport & Uses Energy

                   3. Importance of Myelin

          c. Neuron to Neuron Communication
                  1. Synapse
               2. Neurotransmitters

               3. Impulse speed

      d. Message Strength
             1. All or None Principle

               2. Stimulus intensity

D. Organization of the Nervous System
      a. Central Nervous System

      b. Peripheral Nervous System

               1. Ganglia

               2. Somatic Nervous System

               3. Autonomic Nervous System

                    a. Sympathetic Nerves

                    b. Parasympathetic Nerves

E. The Central Nervous System (Brain & Spinal Cord)
      a. Protected by

      b. Spinal Cord
              1. Function

               2. Grey & White Matter
      c. The Brain
              1. Cerebrum

               2. Cerebellum

               3. Medulla (oblongata)

F. The Endocrine System
      a. Endocrine Glands & Hormones

      b. Transport Through Bloodstream & Target Tissue

      c. Examples
             1. Pancreas & Blood Glucose Control

               2. Negative Feedback

     secretion of              causes

                                   blood glucose

     secretion of        decreases


               3. Positive Feedback (Oxytocin & Labor)

      d. Hypothalamus & the Pituitary Gland
1. Releasing Factors

2. Pituitary Hormones

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