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                            Legal Union
      Alumni form medical malpractice team at Carter Mario law firm
                                                           By Elizabeth Ganga   Photo by Robert Lisak

                            here was a certain symmetry to it.                  expert; and even if a medical mistake had been made, he could
                            Gerard McEnery ’83 and Dr. Robert                   still turn down a case if it did not feel right.
                          Messey ’94 handled medical malpractice                    “We continue that,” said Messey, who lives in Milford. “We try
                        and complex litigation at their own North               to get the best experts we can. We try to get the right opinion.”
                        Haven firm. Carter Mario Injury Lawyers                     Messey’s background in medicine comes in handy every day in
                        handled personal injury cases that often                evaluating the legitimacy of cases that come through the door.
                        could be wrapped up without filing a                    He knows how to speak the language of the experts and he also
                        lawsuit.                                                can be a sort of in-house expert. Just before talking with
  In addition, McEnery and Messey had been receiving                            Quinnipiac Law, McEnery had met with Messey to go through
malpractice and complex litigation referrals from Mario for                     radiology screens in preparation for a trip to Boston, where
years. So when Mario, well known for his Get Carter! ads, wanted                McEnery would conduct interviews.
to build up his litigation department last fall, he knew whom to                    Messey graduated from Hahnemann University Medical
call. McEnery, Messey and a third partner, Gayle Sullivan, folded               School, now Drexel University College of Medicine, in 1984
into Carter Mario last December.                                                and became a staff surgeon at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in
   “It’s an exciting challenge because Carter Mario’s firm is                   Bridgeport. When he decided to go to law school, he worked the
unbelievably successful at what they do,” McEnery said.                         overnight shift at the medical center and attended law classes at
   The trio forms the backbone of Carter Mario’s medical                        night a few miles down the road at what was then the University
malpractice team, bringing together Mario’s specialty in settling               of Bridgeport Law School.
cases with their focus on preparing cases for trial. “There really is               “Working in Bridgeport at night, a large part of what I saw
no other firm in the state that’s tried to do this,” McEnery said.              was trauma,” Messey said.
   So far, the marriage is coming togeth-                                                                      Though he stopped practicing
er seamlessly. Mario’s support and com-                                                                     medicine in 1997, he maintains his
mitment to facilitating their success has               “It’s an exciting challenge                         license and reads medical journals to
eased the transition, McEnery said.                      because Carter Mario’s                             keep up with standards of care.
   The difference in style hasn’t been a                                                                       While malpractice was a logical fit
problem either. Any qualms about join-                   firm is unbelievably                               for Messey, McEnery fell into it after
ing an “advertising firm,” McEnery said,                 successful at what they do.”                       finding a job on Long Island with a firm
were allayed by years of dropping by                                                                        representing Columbia Presbyterian
Mario’s offices on referrals, where they                 —Gerard McEnery ’83                                and New York Hospital. In 1986, he
saw the clients’ satisfaction firsthand.                                                                    worked his way back to Connecticut
   “I had to decide it was my hang-up and my hesitancy and                      and in the mid-1990s founded Sinoway & McEnery, eventually
recognize what he’s doing here is really good,” said McEnery,                   building a statewide reputation.
who lives in Fairfield and works in Carter Mario’s Milford, North                   For at least 10 years, both Messey and McEnery have shared
Haven and New Britain offices.                                                  their experience at Quinnipiac. McEnery teaches Advanced
   Carter Mario also employs five other Quinnipiac School                       Torts-Medical Malpractice Litigation in the spring and Messey
of Law alumni: Dana Beyer ’89, Andy Bottinick ’93, Luretha                      teaches Law and Medicine in the fall. They also fund a scholar-
McClendon ’02, Michelle Morrell ’02 and Carla Williams ’05.                     ship at the school and sponsor several alumni receptions each
   Messey, who worked as a surgeon before earning his law                       year around the state.
degree, set some rules when he joined the former firm of                            With all they have to teach, Carter Mario is giving them
Sinoway & McEnery in 1996. He wouldn’t sue anyone he knew;                      something to learn.
he would only accept legitimate cases for which he could find an                    “It’s impressive,” Messey said. “A lot of it focuses on client
                                                                                services, making the client feel comfortable, and letting them
From left: Gerard McEnery ’83, Carter Mario and Robert Messey ’94.              know how important they are, making them feel welcome.”

                                                                                                            SPRING 2012 • QUINNIPIAC LAW         25
           —1981—                              Connecticut Superior Court. He is an
                                               assistant corporation counsel for the City
                                                                                            prior years on the Town Council. Joseph
                                                                                            is an attorney with Harlow, Adams &
LAWRENCE W. BERLINER opened his                of Stamford. He formerly was an              Friedman in Milford, CT.
own law practice, the Law Office of            associate with Friedman, Mellitz &
Lawrence W. Berliner in Westport, CT,          Newman in Fairfield, CT, and an associate    JAMES X. SATTELY was promoted from
which offers representation in the areas       with Zeldes, Needle & Cooper in              deputy county counsel to county counsel
of special education, disability law and       Bridgeport, CT.                              for Bergen County. He has served in the
the civil rights of individuals with                                                        Bergen County Counsel’s office since
disabilities. His concentrations are special
education law and disability law for
                                                         —1986—                             1999 under county executives in both
                                                                                            parties. He lives in Oradell, NJ.
children and young adults (elementary to       MAUREEN MCCABE MURPHY of
age 21) on the federal and state level. He     Middletown, CT, was nominated by Gov.        MICHAEL SPADACCINI of Austin, TX, has
lives in Guilford, CT.                         Dannel P. Malloy to serve as a judge on      opened a marketing agency that helps
                                               the Connecticut Superior Court. She is a     lawyers market their practices online.
ROBERT N. REYNOLDS was inducted into           partner with Murphy, Murphy & Nugent
the Athletic Hall of Fame at Nichols
College on Sept. 30, 2011. He was a four-
                                               in New Haven. She formerly was an
                                               adjunct professor at the University of
year letter winner and center for the ice      Connecticut School of Law and an             M. ERIK CLARK is a managing partner at
hockey team, and ranks seventh in assists      associate with Greenfield & Murphy.          Borowitz & Clark in West Covina, CA.
and ninth in points among the Bison                                                         He is also an adjunct professor at Loyola
                                                                                            Law School. He lives in Los Angeles and
                                                                                            has two children, Devon and Michael
James X. Sattely ’92 was promoted from deputy                                               Erik.
county counsel to county counsel for Bergen County.
                                                                                            ROBERT MESSEY, MD, joined Carter
                                                                                            Mario Injury Lawyers as a member of the
all-time leaders. He is president of                                                        firm’s newly expanded complex litigation
Shake-Away Inc., which manufacturers
organic animal repellent. He lives in
                                                          —1987—                            and medical malpractice unit. He is also a
                                                                                            licensed physician and an adjunct professor
Hamden with his wife, Cate. They have          THOMAS P. PARRINO is principal and           of law at Quinnipiac. He lives in Milford,
four children.                                 cofounder of Nusbaum & Parrino. He           CT, with his wife, Lisa Duhl ’92.
                                               recently was selected by his peers for
           —1983—                              inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America
                                               2012 in the field of family law. He has
                                                                                            MICHAEL RIZZO is the owner of the
                                                                                            Law Office of Michael E. Rizzo and has
GERARD MCENERY joined Carter Mario             been recognized by Best Lawyers since        been married to Laurie (Sortino) Rizzo
Injury Lawyers as a member of the firm’s       2006. He has been practicing family law      QU ’84 since 1988. They have two sons,
newly expanded complex litigation and          for nearly 25 years, handling some of the    Stephen Michael and Alec Joseph.
medical malpractice unit. He is also an        most intricate and high-asset family law
adjunct professor of law at Quinnipiac.
He lives in Fairfield, CT, with his wife,
                                               litigation in the state. He lives in New
                                               Canaan, CT.
Sheila.                                                                                     KYLE BARNETT was re-elected to the
                                                          —1992—                            Esopus Town Board in the November
           —1985—                              JOSEPH KUBIC of Stratford, CT, was
                                                                                            election. He was appointed in 2010 and
                                                                                            later won election to the seat. He is
KENNETH B. POVODATOR of Fairfield,             unanimously chosen as chairman of the        also a lawyer in private practice in
CT, was nominated by Gov. Dannel P.            Town Council. A fourth-generation            Poughkeepsie, NY, where he lives
Malloy to serve as a judge on the              resident of Stratford, he has served six     with his wife, Sara.

Joey Lee Miranda ’98
She guides clients in green initiatives
By Natalie Missakian

                    hen Joey Lee Miranda ’98 tells people she

W                   practices environmental and energy law,
                    they sometimes seem disappointed that
                    she doesn’t work for an activist organization
                    or take on big corporations.
   As a partner in Robinson & Cole’s environmental and utilities
practice group, Miranda represents traditional energy corpora-
tions and renewable energy companies, helping them navigate
changing regulations and comply with new and existing laws.
“I went into law school thinking that someday I’d work for
Greenpeace, but I love what I do now,” she says.
   Miranda regularly appears before state regulatory agencies
and helps with permits and site approvals for renewable and
traditional energy projects. She also counsels companies on
opportunities to earn income from renewable energy and helps
them access federal, state and local funding sources. Clients
range from nuclear power plant owners to clean energy firms
like Danbury-based FuelCell Energy.
   Her view of corporations has evolved since the days when
public outrage over the Exxon Valdez oil spill steered her
toward environmental law. “I realized there are few, if any,
companies who willfully do things to harm the environment.          companies to sell their generating plants. She also works with
Now it’s really about trying to find ways to comply that still      retail suppliers that sell power directly to consumers.
allow companies to be competitive,” she says.                          Based on her extensive work with these companies, the
   One of Miranda’s influences was attorney Leslie Carothers,       American Bar Association asked her to edit the book,
former vice president of Environment, Health and Safety for         “Capturing the Power of Electric Restructuring,” which it
United Technologies Corp. She convinced that company that it        published in 2009. The book examines legal and policy issues
could reap competitive advantages by “going green.” Miranda         in electricity law. As an industry leader, she also speaks on
cited as an example a New Haven printing company that               panels about energy topics.
installed a wind turbine to power its operations. “They got a          Her most memorable cases were in the early 2000s, when
lot of good press because they were using renewable energy.”        she worked on deals for two separate clients to purchase
   Miranda came to practice law after stints in other fields.       nuclear power plants in New England. “There were interesting
She earned a bachelor’s in business administration/marketing        casts of characters involved in opposing the sale of those
from Hofstra University, then worked in marketing and human         assets,” says Miranda, who represented the buyers before the
resources, including a contract assignment with what is now         Department of Public Utility Control.
Bayer Pharmaceuticals, while she pursued an MBA at UConn.              “There was one person against the deal who would literally
Realizing how much she enjoyed learning, she enrolled in law        bring a skeleton and sit it in the front row every hearing day,”
school, working days and attending Quinnipiac at night. She         she recalls.
finished her MBA during her summers.                                   She says “the crossroads of energy and the environment”
   While at Quinnipiac, Miranda landed a summer internship in       is a burgeoning field that has grown in popularity under the
Robinson & Cole’s Stamford office, working with the late Stuart     Obama administration as the nation looks to reduce its
Deans, one of the state’s premier environmental lawyers. After      dependence on foreign oil. Colleges and law schools are
graduation, she joined the firm’s Hartford office, where her        responding, she says, by offering programs tailored to the field.
focus switched from environmental litigation to energy. She            Aside from practicing law, Miranda loves traveling. In
works mostly with “competitive” energy providers, so-called         October, the East Hartford, Conn., resident visited South Africa
merchant generators that entered the electricity market in          and Victoria Falls. Past destinations include the Galapagos
Connecticut after deregulation forced traditional utility           Islands, Australia and Italy.

                                                                                               SPRING 2012 • QUINNIPIAC LAW       27
managing partner of Sullivan Hayes &
                                             entities on cross-border transactions
                                             such as mergers and acquisitions, joint
Quinn in Springfield, MA. She was named      ventures, venture capital and private         GLENN RYBACKI has returned to
the “Best Lawyers’ Springfield, MA,          equity. He lives in New Canaan, CT.           Robinson & Cole in the public finance
Labor Law-Management Lawyer of the                                                         practice group. He most recently was
Year” for 2012. Meghan also has been         JOHNNY RASBERRY is a partner at the           with Shipman & Goodwin, where he
included in the “Rising Star” list among     law firm of Richter & Rasberry in             spent five years as counsel in the public
Massachusetts attorneys four times by        Memphis, TN, where he lives. After            finance group. He lives in Hamden.
Boston Magazine and also named a             more than a decade with an office in
“Rising Star in New England.” She            downtown Memphis, the firm has                MATTHEW D. SHWOM is a partner at the
was featured as a “Woman to Watch”           relocated to Clark Tower.                     firm of Lewis Johs Avallone Aviles in
and recognized as one of the “40 under                                                     Melville, NY. He was promoted from
40” by Business West. She lives in           ROBERT WEBER recently opened the              senior counsel and will continue his
Holyoke, MA.                                 Law Office of R.J. Weber III in               litigation practice, concentrating on
                                             Wallingford, CT, where he lives. The firm     commercial and personal injury matters.
          —1997—                             focuses on litigation practice and offers a
                                             wide range of other legal services to local   JENNIFER (CROTEAU) ZETTERGREN was
RAJ R. MAHALE is a partner at Kelley         clients. He formerly was a partner at         elected to the board of directors of
Drye & Warren in the Stamford, CT,           Cella, Flanagan & Weber in North              CATIC, New England’s largest domestic
office. He represents U.S. and foreign       Haven, CT.                                    and only bar-related title insurance
                                                                                           underwriter. A principal at Dzialo,
                                                                                           Pickett & Allen, she practices in the
     JOIN US FOR THESE EVENTS                                                              areas of commercial and residential real
                                                                                           estate and estate planning. She lives in
                                                                                           Durham, CT.
     April 21 — 3rd Annual Sleeping Giant 5K Run/Walk Challenge, 9 a.m., to benefit
     the Wounded Warriors Project. Sponsors: QUSL chapter of Burns Inn of Phi Delta
     Phi International Legal Fraternity; the Veterans Advocacy Group; the Sports and
     Entertainment Law Society; and the QUSL Federalist Society. Details:                  STEVEN M. YUDKIN of Woodbridge,                                                              CT, has joined the firm of Reynolds &
                                                                                           Rowella in Fairfield, CT, as a tax manager.
     May 12 — School of Law Graduation Awards, 2 p.m., Burt Kahn Court.
                                                                                           He will provide tax consulting, planning,
     May 13 — School of Law Commencement, 3 p.m., TD Bank Sports Center, York              structuring and audit representation for
     Hill Campus. Commencement speaker: Connecticut Supreme Court Justice                  businesses in manufacturing, real estate
     Lubbie Harper Jr.                                                                     and financial services.

     May 21 — President’s Cup Golf Tournament hosted by President John L. Lahey &
     Bill ’71 and Barbara ’71 Weldon, The Ridge at Back Brook, Ringoes, N.J.*                        —2000—
     June 2 — Tax Law Reunion, School of Law Center, time TBA.                             PAMELA (COSTA) LEVIN CAMERON has
     Hosted by Professors Mary Ferrari, Toni Robinson and Dean Brad Saxton.                joined the law firm of Moore, O’Brien,
                                                                                           Jacques & Yelenak in Cheshire, CT.
     July 16 — Alumni Golf Championship hosted by the Quinnipiac Alumni Association,       Her focus is on plaintiffs’ personal injury
     10:30 a.m., Brooklawn Country Club, Algonquin Road, Fairfield, Conn.*                 law, including wrongful death and
                                                                                           medical malpractice. Her husband,
                                                                                           George Cameron, has opened a solo
  *Register online at
                                                                                           condominium law practice representing
                                                                                           both associations and unit owners. He has

a home office in Farmington, CT, where
the couple lives.
                                                  D E A R L AW A L U M N I
BRENDAN HAROLD wed Kelly Sammon
on May 28, 2011. Brendan recently started
the Harold Law Firm focusing on criminal
defense in Fairfax, VA. The couple lives in
                                                  H     appy Spring! Although this year’s winter was a little
                                                        gentler on us here in New England, it’s always nice to
                                                  experience those first few days of spring. If nothing else, it
Vienna, VA.
                                                  gives us all a good excuse to sneak a quick break from work
CLEM NAPLES is counsel at Latham &                and take a deep breath. If you’re reading this issue of
Watkins in New York. He is an                     Quinnipiac Law and haven’t had your first sunny-day brief
intellectual property litigator with a focus      escape, please make it a point to get out there!
on patent infringement and trade secret
actions. He lives in Westport, CT.                Winter weather may have gone on hiatus this year, but the Alumni Association
                                                  certainly did not. The busy year has included March’s third annual alumni
           —2001—                                 reception at the Public Interest Law Project (PILP) Auction, as well as the recent
                                                  Fairfield County annual reception. These events, as well as the fall events in
                                                  Hartford and New Haven, continue to grow in popularity every year and are a
New Haven, was sworn in as a member
                                                  fantastic way to reconnect with old friends and network with new ones.
of the five-person board of fire
commissioners. He also serves as counsel
to the Senate Democrats in Hartford,              Members of the Alumni Association have been hard at work brainstorming about
and he previously served on the board             additional ways to strengthen our connections to one another, to the School of
of aldermen.                                      Law and to the legal community. We plan to announce some exciting new
                                                  endeavors in the coming year.
was reelected as town councilwoman                I hope to see you at an upcoming event!
representing the 2nd district on the
Plymouth Town Council. She is a lifelong          Sincerely,
Plymouth resident and works as a                  Amy E. (Drega) Markim ’08,
trademark specialist at UTC Fire &                President, Executive Board
Security Corp. in Farmington, CT.
                                                  Quinnipiac University School of Law Alumni Association

DARCY S. MCALISTER, along with two             and is a co-chair of its New England
former partners, opened the new firm,          Regional Committee. Sullivan also has            BOSTON CHAPTER
Carta McAlister & Moore Counselors at          been listed as a Rising Star in                  FORMING
Law. The firm provides service in the          Connecticut Super Lawyers in the
areas of civil litigation, employment law,     area of business litigation since 2010.          Christopher J. Novak ’06 and Daniel J.
fiduciary disputes, family law matters,        She lives in Fairfield, CT.                      Weaver ’06 are looking for Boston-area
residential real estate, and trusts and                                                         alumni who would like to form a
estates.                                                 —2004—                                 Greater Boston chapter of the Quin-
                                                                                                nipiac School of Law Alumni Associa-
                                                                                                tion. They plan to assemble a leadership
MELISSA SULLIVAN is a partner at               LORINDA CHURCH joined The Spy Place              team consisting of a president and
Robinson & Cole in Stamford, CT. Her           Franchising, headquartered in Fort               chairpersons for specific areas of inter-
litigation experience focuses primarily on     Wayne, IN, as general counsel. She               est, including career development, legal
large-loss property subrogation, products      formerly was a member of the legal               scholarship and admissions efforts.
liability defense and commercial               department at Doctors Associates, the            Activities will range from coordinating
litigation. She is an active member of the     franchisor for the Subway franchising            “briefcase breakfasts” with Greater
National Association of Subrogation            system, where she was involved in the            Boston QUSL alumni speakers and
                                                                                                “faculty on the road” presentations to
Professionals, and serves as property          dispute resolution group.
                                                                                                networking happy hours. To join or
track co-chair of its national conference.                                                      attend events, please contact
She also sits on the editorial board of        T. SCOTT COWPERTHWAIT was elected      
its national publication, Subrogator,          president of the board of directors of the

                                                                                                  SPRING 2012 • QUINNIPIAC LAW          29
Connecticut chapter of InfraGard, a          medical science fields. He completed a          in Cheshire, CT. Joe also coaches the
national program created by the FBI,         post-doctoral fellowship, which focused         QUSL mock trial team.
dedicated to information sharing and         on the molecular and physiological origins
analysis. InfraGard CT focuses on com-
munications between Connecticut-based
                                             of cystic fibrosis. He is also an inventor of
                                             several patents relating to biological
organizations and local, state and federal   therapeutics. He lives in Cheshire, CT.         ALYSSA V. SHERRIFF joined the Southbury
government concerning critical infra-                                                        law firm of Brody Wilkinson as an associ-
structure, homeland security and cyber
security issues. He is an associate with
                                                             2008                            ate. She will be practicing in the areas of
                                                                                             estate planning and trust and estate
Pullman & Comley in Bridgeport, CT.          KATHRYN FRANKEL married Aaron                   administration. She lives in Weston, CT.
                                             Shafer on Sept. 25, 2011, in Bedford, NY.
at the firm of Ricci Fava, with offices in
                                             She is a project manager in Middletown,
                                             CT, at the Women’s Institute for Housing
Woodland Park and Newark, NJ. He             and Economic Development, an                    DANIEL ERWIN of Hamden took
focuses on criminal defense and civil        organization based in Boston that               third place in the American Judges
litigation, representing individuals in      develops housing for individuals and            Association’s annual law student essay
municipal, superior and federal court.       families with low incomes. The couple           competition. His essay was titled “Hear
He lives in North Bergen, NJ.                lives in West Hartford, CT.                     My Words That I Might Teach You: The
                                                                                             Rights to Silence and Counsel Down at
                2005                                         2009                            the Schoolyard.” The essay advocated
                                                                                             that children should receive a Miranda
MARK BILAK recently entered into part-       KEVIN CASINI joined the New Haven               warning and have a parent present before
nership with Michael Murphy and Dan          firm of Palumbo & DeLaura. The firm             being questioned by police on school
Homiller to form Murphy, Bilak &             specializes in commercial litigation and is     grounds—a position adopted by the U.S.
Homiller, an intellectual property law       located in Wooster Square, where he lives.      Supreme Court in a case from North
firm located in Cary, NC, with a focus on                                                    Carolina, Daniel’s home state.
patent law. He lives in Fuquay-Varina, NC.   KEVIN DAKEN is a divorce attorney with
                                             the law firm of Siegel, Reilly & Conlon,        SILVIA KNOX-DELAMAR was promoted
MICHELLE A. MALONE, JD/MBA ’05, is           a boutique matrimonial firm based in            to director of compliance/chief of staff at
an associate at Cacace, Tusch & Santagata    Stamford, CT. While at Quinnipiac he            Atlanta University Center Consortium in
in Stamford, CT. Her concentration is        earned the James R. DeFonce Memorial            Atlanta. It is the largest and oldest
family law. Before joining the firm, she     Scholarship Award for his advocacy on           consortium of historically black colleges
practiced family law in Fairfield County     behalf of the disabled and the Award for        and universities in the nation. She lives in
and served as an assistant district          Excellence in Clinical Work for his work        Conyers, GA.
attorney within the Kings County             at the School of Law Legal Clinic. He
District Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn,      lives in Cheshire, CT, with his wife,
                                                                                             In Memoriam
NY. She lives in Trumbull, CT.               Marcie.
                                                                                             Mark Carron ’86
BRYAN D. ZERHUSEN is a partner at            EMILY (RIORDAN) LUCIBELLO of West               Diana (McShea) Kleefeld ’04
McCarter & English in Hartford. He           Haven, CT, opened her own law practice          Richard Michaud ’95
works in the intellectual property/          with LISAMARIA PROSCINO QU ’06 in
information technology group, and has        Orange, CT. Lisamaria is a graduate of
experience in all aspects of patent          Western New England Law School.                   Let your fellow alumni know
                                                                                               where you’re working and
preparation, strategic portfolio                                                               what you’ve been up to.
management, due diligence                    JOSEPH R. ROSSETTI has joined the law             Submit your class note at
investigations, licensing, litigation        firm of Moore, O’Brien, Jacques &       
support and counseling in several            Yelenak, a plaintiff ’s personal injury firm

MAKING CONNECTIONS                                                                                            1

Alumni and faculty participated in a variety of events
over the last few months.

1. From left, Joe Ametrano ’97 with his son, Sam, and David Hergan
with his son, Leo, at an alumni reception before the men’s ice hockey
game against Harvard University on Feb. 3.

2. At the ice hockey reception, from left: Denee Page, assistant
director of law school admissions; Elise Wilkinson, 2L; Qesar Veliu, 2L;
and Joan Metzler, director of law school admissions.                                                          2
3. From left, Michael Reilly '10 with Michael Petela '09 at an October
alumni reception at the Hartford Club.

4. At the February Barrister’s Ball, from left: Jacqueline Sharp, 1L;
Julie Anne Broder, 3L; Sara Richwine, 3L; and Sarah Keller, 2L. The
annual ball took place at the Trumbull Marriott in Trumbull, CT.

5. Enjoying the alumni reception and bar passage party in November
at the Union League Cafe in New Haven, from left: Christian Philemon
’08, Gregory Muccilli ’08, Bradford Buchta ’04, Allison DePaola ’08
and Tracy (Morelli) Persico ’08.                                                   4

6. Carol Treat, Jon Purmont and Lynne Farrell ’00 mingle at the Union
League Cafe.

7. Also at the Barrister’s Ball from left: Marc Herman, 1L; Farah
Benslimane, 1L; Ali Herman; Joseph Riter, 1L, and Professor Jeffrey

                                               5        7


                                                                               SPRING 2012 • QUINNIPIAC LAW   31

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