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									                                                              HQ 1 Sect RR
                                                              c/o 56 APO

3468/Catering/AGPS/Q                                          24 Mar 2012

M/s ______________________



Dear Sir,

1.    We intend to issue Catering Contract of Army Goodwill Public School,
Pahalgam for one year from 01 May 2012 to 31 Mar 2013. Please find enclosed
format for terms and conditions for the quotations as listed at schedule I and
endorsing your rates as per schedule –II.

2.    Scope of the Project. The scope of this project is providing catering services
to Army Goodwill Public School, Pahalgam. Details of forms for technical bid,
Financial bid are as under:-

      (a)      Form for submitting Technical Bid is as per Schedule I.

      (b)     Form for submitting Financial Bid is attached at Schedule II.

3.    Opening of tenders will be done as under in the presence of tenderer at
HQ 1 Sect Rashtriya Rifles.

      (a)     Opening of Technical Bid -        1200hrs on 07 Apr 12.
      (b)    Opening of Financial Bid -        1200hrs on 09 Apr 12
      (Only for tenderer who qualifying Technical Bid).

4.     Earnest Money Deposit (EMD). In case you are in a position to quote for
supply in accordance with the requirements stated in this tender enquiry, an amount
of 2,00,000/- (Rupees two lakh only) will be required to be deposited at the time of
submission of bids. If the supply order is not placed on your firm due to any
reason, your EMD draft will be returned to your firm within 07 days, however,
no interest will be payable on this amount. In case supply order is placed on you,
the EMD will be returned to your firm only on receipt of the Assurance cum
Performance Bank Guarantee of 10% of the contract value. EMD shall be in the form
of an Accounts Payee Bank Draft of any Nationalized Bank as under :-

      (a)        Amount            :   2,00,000/-
      (b)        In favour of      :   AGPS, Pahalgam
      (c)        Payable at        :   Aishmuqam
5.    Tender without EMD are liable to be rejected.

6.     Instruction for Filling up Technical and Financial Bids. The following
points will be strictly adhered to while filling up the Tender Enquiry :-

      (a)      Only the forms supplied along with this Tender Enquiry will be
      used for submission of both technical and Financial Bids. Companies
      will affix their company’s stamp on each sheet and the authorised signatory of
      the company must sign this. Additional sheets, duly authenticated, may be
      attached if necessary to elucidate specifications or to clarify a point.

      (b)    Technical Bid. Form given at Schedule I should only be used to fill
      up the Technical Bid. The following points while filling up technical bid if not
      followed will render the bid invalid:-

            (i)   Earnest Money Deposit (EMD). EMD of 2,00,000/- (Rupees
            two lakh only) is required to be submitted along with the Technical

            (ii)   Technical qualitative requirements cum compliance statements
            to be submitted on the form attached at Schedule I and all enclosures
            as given on page 14 with heading declaration by contractor of
            schedule I to be enclosed.

      (c)   Financial Bid. Form given at Schedule II should only be used to fill
      up the Financial Bid. Following points should be kept in mind while
      submitting the Financial Bid:-

            (i)     The authorized signatory of the company must sign the form.

            (ii)    Rate to be quoted for per student per day.

            (iii)   The cost will be clearly indicated both in figures and words.

            (iv)  Revision of the quoted cost in the financial bid to the higher
            side will NOT be allowed at any stage.

      (d)    Validity of Financial Bid. Financial bid should be valid for at
      least 180 days from the date of closing of tender.

      (e)    Alterations if any, in the tender documents should be attested properly
      by the vendor, failing which the tenders are liable to be rejected.

      (f) Vendors will not make any assumptions while submitting their bids. If
      required, clarification will be sought prior to submission of bids.

7.    Submission of Bids.

      (a)    Method of Submission of Bids. Technical bid, Financial bid,
      EMD and all documents mentioned in para 6 above will be sealed in
      separate envelopes. The envelopes will be marked CONFIDENTIAL and the
      nature of documents they contain, viz. TECHNICAL BID/FINANCIAL
      BID/EMD is written on them. The envelope containing EMD for an amount of
      2,00,000/- (Rupees two lakh only) as per the details given in

      para 4 above shall contain another self addressed envelope affixed with
      postal stamp of ` 25.00 for returning the EMD by registered post. Reference
      of this letter along with Subject Heading will also be endorsed on both these
      envelopes for ease of scrutiny. Otherwise your envelope may be opened
      considering it as normal mail. These envelopes should then be marked as


             HQ 1 Sector RR
             QMG Branch
             c/o 56 APO

      (b)   All the three envelopes will then be placed inside a bigger
      envelope. It should also be marked with the reference of this letter, Subject
      Heading and address as mentioned in para 7 (a) above and then dispatched
      through registered post or speed post or shall be dropped by hand in
      Tender Box placed at Gate No 2 of HQ 1 Sect RR.

      (c)    Schedule of Submission of Bids. Complete tender documents (i.e.
      Technical Bid, Financial Bid and EMD) should reach this office on or before
      1000 hrs of 07 Apr 2012. Any offer received after this date and time will be

8.    Selection Procedure.

      (a)   Evaluation of Technical Bid. The Technical Evaluation Committee
      (TEC) will examine the Technical Bid. Suppliers whose proposals meet the
      approval of TEC will then be invited for Financial bid opening.

      (b)    Evaluation of Financial Bid.

             (i)   The TPC will open the Financial Bids in the presence of firm’s
             representatives, who qualify the Technical Bids. The lowest bidder will
             be decided based on total value of these quotations. FURTHER
             BIDDER (L-1) ONLY. You are therefore, requested to quote
             Competitive and Realistic prices in the first instance itself.

             (ii)   Depending upon the acceptance of the finally negotiated prices
             by the Competent Financial Authority (CFA), a supply order will be
             placed on the supplier. The supplier will be required to accept the
             supply order, enter into a contract for supply of items and execution of
             project as per terms and conditions mentioned in schedule-I.

9.    Any conditions/terms given in the technical or financial bids by vendors will
not be binding on the buyer. All terms and conditions of the supply, delivery, testing
and acceptance, payment, warranty, uptime, penalty, etc., will be as given here in
and no changes in any term or condition by the vendors will be acceptable unless
mutually agreed upon during the PNC meeting.

10.     Address for Correspondence. All correspondence and queries can be made
at the following address:-

      HQ 1 Sector RR
      QMG Branch
      c/o 56 APO

                                                 Yours faithfully,

Enclosures : As above

                                        Schedule I
                                        (Ref para 2 (a) of HQ 1 Sect RR letter
                                        No 3468/Catering/AGPS/Q dt 24 Mar 12

                            TERMS AND CONDITIONS


1.    Technical Bids will be opened at HQ 1 Sector Rashtriya Rifles, Khanabal,
Anantnag, on 07 Apr 2012 at 1200hrs . You may make it convenient to be present
or send an Authorized representative at the time of opening of the quotations.

2.    The service provided by the caterer/Firm will be consigned to Secy AGPS,
Pahalgam (J & K), ex-officio, Commanding Officer, 3 Rashtriya Rifles, c/o 56 APO.

3.     Rates will be quoted, both in figures and words, rates quoted in words will
take precedence over rates written in figures in case of difference.

4.    Quotation will be sent in sealed cover with prominent indication of quotation
number and date due for opening and name of the firm and addressed to the
Chairman, AGPS, Pahalgam, c/o HQ 1 Sector Rashtriya Rifles, c/o 56 APO.

5.     Quotations should be signed by the supplier duly affixed with their stamp and
date. Quotations received without signature and date or after expiry of scheduled
date of submission, will not be entertained.

6.    Contractor will quote their LST/CST number on their quotations.

7.     Those desirous may put their quotations by hand in the quotations box, kept
at the gate of HQ 1 Sector Rashtriya Rifles, c/o 56 APO. In case of quotations recd
by post, management will not be responsible for postal delays if any.

8.    Menu appended along with tender documents is approximate. The contract
executing officers may change the menu, at the time of placing the agreement of

9.     Payment.    100% payment will be made on receipt of bill and on termination
of the month. There will be no part payment what so ever prior to completion of the
month and its connected documentation as laid down by the Standard Operating

      (a)   The payment will be made by cheque, payable at Aishmuqam, by
      Secy, AGSP, Pahalgam.

      (b)    No advance payments will be made during the contractual period.

      (c)    Payment will be made as per actual monthly feeding strength.

      (d)   No Payment will be made for the vacation period, during which school
      remains closed.

10.    The firm will submit certified photocopy of all documents including firm’s
registration, income tax returns last three years and sales tax regn & returns along
with the quotations. Original documents may be produced on demand for verification
by the Chairman, AGPS, Pahalgam, c/o HQ 1 Sector Rashtriya Rifles, c/o 56 APO.

11.    Caterers applying for the contract should have a min annual turnover of
Rs one crore in last three years. Please attach details duly certified alongwith your

12.   In case any dispute, decision of the Patron, ex-officio, General Officer
Commanding Counter Insurgency Force Victor or his appointed officer will be final
and binding on both the parties.

13.    Tenders of firms/indls are liable to be summarily rejected in case of no
relevant experience in catering.

14.   Non-observance of above conditions will render your quotation invalid.

15.   Caterer will not employ child labour and he/she shall obtain the services of
contractual labour in conformation with prevailing regulations and orders on the

16.   The competent auth reserves the night to accept or reject any bid or
cancellation of process without assigning any reason.

17.    Effective Date of the Contract. The contract shall come into effect on the
date of signatures of both the parties on the contract (Effective Date) and shall
remain valid until the completion of the obligations of the parties under the contract.
The deliveries and supplies and performance of the services shall commence from
the effective date of the contract.

18.   (a)      The officer to whom supplies/services are to be delivered (in the
      contact referred to as the officer operating the contract (Secretary, Army
      Goodwill Public School, Pahalgam), which expression shall include his duly
      authorised representative) may reject the supplies/services in whole or in part
      if in his opinion they are not, in all receipts, in accordance with the contract.

      (b)    I/We shall neither claim nor be entitled to payment for any damage that
      rejected supplies/services may suffer from incidental to a full and proper
      examination and test of such supplies/services.

      (c)    Management, Army Goodwill Public School, Pahalgam (J &K) shall be
      under no liability whatever for rejected supplies/services and the same shall
      be at my/our risk.

      (d)   Management, Army Goodwill Public School, Pahalgam (J &K) shall, in
      the event of rejection of supplies be entitled to demand replacement, at
      my/our own cost, of such supplies/services of the quality required or if
      replacement is not permitted to recover from me/us cost of rejected supplies.

       (e)     My/our failing, declining neglecting or delaying to comply with any
       demand or requisition or otherwise not executing the same in accordance with
       the terms of contract, the officer operating the contract or his successor in
       office shall be at liberty without prejudice to any other remedy he may have on
       account of any claim for compensation against loss and inconvenience
       caused by such breach or non performance of the contract to purchase or
       otherwise, at my/our expense, such supplies/service as may have been
       rejected or that I/We may have failed, declined neglected or delayed to
       supply, or such authorized substitutes therefore as are specified in the
       scheduled hereto and are approved by the officer operating the contract or his
       successor in office and any excess cost so incurred over the contract price
       (together with all incidental charges and expenses) incurred in purchasing,
       procuring or arranging for such supplies/services.

19.    The officer sanctioning the contract or his successor or the officer officiating in
his place as per the promulgation information orders may rescind this contract by
notice to me/us in writing: -

       (a)   If I/We assign or sublet my/our contract without his written approval
       which in normal case will not be permitted. However, in exceptional
       circumstances the same will be decided on the merit of the case by the

       (b)   If I/We or any of my/our agents or servants shall be guilty of fraud in
       respect of the contract, or any other contract entered into by me/us with

       (c)    If I/We decline, neglect, or delay to comply with any demand or
       requisition or in any other way fail to perform or observe any condition of the

       (d)   If I/We or any of my/our partners become insolvent or apply for relief as
       an insolvent debtor or commence any insolvency proceedings or make any
       composition with my/our creditors or attempt to do so.

       (e)    If I/We fail to deposit the security deposit as required.

       (f)    In case of such rescission, my/our security deposit (or such portion
       thereof as the officer sanctioning the contract shall consider fit or adequate)
       shall stand forfeited and be absolutely at the disposal of Management Army
       Goodwill Public School, Pahalgam (J & K).

20.    Liquidated Damages.        In the event of Service Providers failure to submit
Performance Bank Guarantee, documents and render services as specified in
contract, the competent auth at his discretion may withhold any payment untill tender
of service is complete, the competent auth may also deduct from service provider as
agreed liquidated damages to the tune of 0.5% of the monthly bill.

21.   No payment will be made in advance in any supplies/services under this

22.     I/We shall oblige my/our servants and agents to confirm to any reasonable
instructions to ensure their punctuality in attendance or supply, cleanliness and
respectful behavior including participating in anti national activities, non consumption
of intoxicating substances that may be given by the office sanctioning the contract or
the officer operating the contract.

23.     In respect of any supplies of food stuffs or of drinks under this contract, an
officer of the department concerned and any medical officer acting on behalf of the
officer sanctioning the contract may at any time, inspect and examine these
supplies/services and the hygienic and sanitary conditions under which these
supplies are prepared, stored.

24.   My/our security deposit or any balance thereof remaining at the end of the
contract shall not be returned to me/us until my/our accounts have been finally
audited and settled until I/We have executed the “No Demand Certificate”.

25.    In the event of reduction in the number of students, I/We shall not be entitled
to any compensation.

26.    I/We acknowledge that I/We have made myself/ourselves fully; acquainted
with all the conditions, and circumstances under which supplies/services required
under the contract will have to be made or furnished and with all the terms, clause,
conditions, specifications and other provisions of the contract and I/We shall not
pleas ignorance of any of these as excuse in case of complaint against or rejection
of supplies/services supplied by me/us or with a view either; to asking for
enhancement of any rates agreed to in the contract or to evading any of my/our
obligation under the contract.

27.    A demand for arbitrator shall be in writing and made within six months from
the date of termination of contract. The date of termination of contract shall mean
and include: -

       (a)   The last date of delivery of goods according to the terms of the

       (b)     In case where the contract is cancelled wholly or partly, the date when
       the letter of cancellation is issued is also a term of the contract that in case
       the contractors do/does not make any demand for arbitration in writing within
       180 days of receiving the intimation from the management that the final bill in
       settlement of account is ready for payment or the date of which the dispute in
       regard to interpretation of terms of contract has arisen, the right of the
       contractor to claim arbitration will be deemed to have been exhausted and
       absolutely barred and by virtue of abandonment of the claims the
       management shall be discharged and released of all liabilities arising out of
       the performance of the contract and the claims pertaining thereto.

Rules Pertaining to the Daily Functioning of the Mess

28.    The facility consists of a kitchen and a dining hall. 01x kitchen and 01x dining
hall shall be made functional for hostel No 1 and 01x kitchen and 01x dining hall for
hostel No 2 separately.

29.     Kitchen ranges, dining hall furniture, service counters, Crockery like plates,
glasses, and spoons will be provided by the Army Goodwill Public School,
Pahalgam. However, contractor will enter into Annual Maintenance Contract with the
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the kitchen ranges/appliances and will
get them repaired through OEM only. On termination of the contract period caterer
will return these to the management in serviceable condition. The cooking utensils
will be provisioned by the contractor.

30.    Major civil and electrical works will be attended to by Institute. Minor
maintenance jobs such as plumbing, cleaning the chokes etc, are the responsibility
of the catering contractor.

31.   Cleaning of the premises, utensils, cutlery and crockery, kitchen and other
equipment, furniture and consumables are the responsibility of the contractor.

32.    The timings and menu (on lines with menu at Schedule-II) would be
determined by the mess Committee of Army Goodwill Public School, Pahalgam
(J & K).

33.     Electricity will be provided by the institute, Electricity bill for the kitchen has to
be paid by the contractor. Electricity bill for the dining hall will be paid by the

34.    Water will be provided by the institute, contractor will pay the water bill.

35.    Supply and refilling of gas has to be done by the contractor.               Usage of
environment friendly gas is permitted.

36.    Contractor is liable to fulfill all the statutory requirements.

37.   Institute will reserve the right to check on cleanliness and upkeep of premises
and qualify of provisions, and quality of the food.

38.     Upkeep and maintenance of such furniture provided in the dining hall by the
institute will be the sole responsibility of the contractor.

39.    Engaging of required staff, providing uniforms etc, shall be by the contractor
with approval of Chairman, Army Goodwill Public School, Pahalgam. Waiters will be
employed at the rate of one waiter per 25 students.

40.   The contractor shall attend all meetings of the mess committee, failing which
a penalty may be imposed.

41.    Security of licensed premises, equipment, fittings and fixtures, furniture etc is
the responsibility of the catering contractor.

42.   The contractor will ensure that the payment is made to the labourers as per
Minimum wages act to the satisfaction of the licensee.

43.    Unlimited salad will be provided during lunch and dinner. It will comprise of
any four of the following in every meal: Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, beetroots,
carrots, green chilies and lemons.

44.   Whenever butter is served, 10 gms of butter will be provided to students to in
Bubble pack/cubes.

45.    Brands of Consumables Permissible. All food stuff should confirm to
prevailing food laws e.g FPO, MMPO, Agmark etc (To be followed very strictly).

      (a)    Salt.     Tata, Annapurna, Nature Fresh.
      (b)   Spices.       M.D.H.   Masala,       Satyam,   Badshah,    Everest,   Kamal,
      Catch Masala.

      (c)    Chicken/Mutton.       Fresh and dressed or Venky’s Chicken.
      (d)    Ketchup. Maggi, Kissan, Heinz.
      (e)    Oil.       Sunflower Sundrop, Godrej, Saffola, Fortune.
      (f)    Pickle. Mother’s or Pravin or Priya or Bedekar or Nilon’s
      (g)    Atta.      Ashirvad, Pillsbury, Annapurnna
      (h)    Instant Noodles.      Maggi.
      (j)    Flavored fruit drinks.         Rasna
      (k)    Papad.      Lijjat.
      (l)    Butter.     Amul, Britannia, Mother Dairy
      (m)    Bread.      Jaihind
      (n)    Jam.        Kissan or Maggi.
      (o)    Ghee.       Amul, Mother Dairy, Britannia, Gits, Everyday.
      (p)    Milk.       Amul, Pulwama Dairy (Without water)
      (q)    Paneer. Amul, Mother Dairy
      (r)    Rice. Quality to be approved by Mess Committee before entering the

      (s)    Fruit.          Banana   - Wt 110 gms (Single Piece)
                             Apple     - Wt 110 gms (Single Piece)
                             Orange    - Wt 110 gms (Single Piece)
                             Grapes   - Wt 200 gms (Per child)

46.   All brands to be ISI marked.

47.   No water to be added to milk.

Penalties for violation or rules, terms and conditions.

48.   The caterer will be fined in case of violation of the following rules: -

      (a)   Unavailability of complaint register on the counter/discouraging the
      complaint would lead to a fine of Rs 1000/- on the caterer.

      (b)   3 or more complaints of insects found in any meal would invite a fine of
      Rs 2000/- on the caterer.

      (c)    10 or more complaints of unclean utensils in a day would lead to a fine
      of Rs 2000/- on the caterer.

      (d)    If mess committee agrees that certain meal was not cooked properly
      then a fine of Rs 1000/- would be imposed on the caterer.

      (e)    If food for any meal is over within timings of mess and waiting time is
      more than 20 minutes, then a fine of Rs 1000/- would be imposed on the

      (f)     Changes in menu without permission of mess committee would result
      in a fine of Rs 2000/- on the caterer.

      (g)    Fine on any discrepancy (personal hygiene of workers, kitchen area,
      dining area etc) will lead to fine of Rs 2000/- on caterer.

49.   For any rules stated in the agreement: -

      (a)    First violation of the rule implies fine as per the rule.

      (b)     Second violation of the same rule in the same calendar month will
      attract triple the initial amount of fine for the caterer.

      (c)      All subsequent violations of the same rule would invite five times the
      initial amount of fine.

50.   Absence of proprietor or his authorized representative from mess council
meeting (which will be held once every month) will attract a fine of
Rs 5,000/- on caterer.

51.    As and when mess council proposes a fine it will inform the representative of
the caterer or mess manager and fine will be imposed with consent of the Secretary,
AGPS, Pahalgam.

Performance Bank Guarantee

52.   The Bidder will be required to furnish a Performance Guarantee by way of
Bank Guarantee through a public sector bank or a private sector bank authorizd to
conduct government business (ICICI Bank Ltd, Axis Bank Ltd or HDFC Bank Ltd) for
a sum equal to 10% of the contract value within 30 days of signing of contract.
Performance Bank Guarantee will be valid up to 60 days beyond the date of
contract. The specimen of PBG is given in Annexure I.

53.    Penalty for use of Undue Influence. The Contractor undertakes that he
has not given, offered or promised to give, directly or indirectly, any gift,
consideration, reward, commission, fees, brokerage or inducement to any person in
service of the Management Committee or otherwise in procuring the Contracts or
forbearing to do or for having done or forborne to do any act in relation to the
obtaining or execution of the present Contact or any other Contract with the
Government of India for showing or forbearing to show favour or disfavor to any
person in relation to the present Contract or any other Contract with the Government
of India. Any breach of the aforesaid undertaking by the Contractor or any one

employed by him or acting on his behalf (whether with or without the knowledge of
the Contractor) or the commission of any offers by the Contractor or anyone
employed by him or acting on his behalf, as defined in Chapter IX of the Indian Penal
Code, 1860 or the prevention of Corruption Act, 1986 or any other Act enacted for
the prevention of corruption shall entitle the Management Committee to cancel the
contract the amount of any loss arising from such cancellation. A decision of the
Management Committee or his nominee to the effect that a breach of the
undertaking had been committed shall be final and binding on the Contractor. Giving
or offering of any gift, bribe or inducement or any attempt at any such act on behalf
of the contractor towards any officer/employee of the Management Committee or to
any other person in a position to influence any officer/employee of the Management
Committee for showing any favour in relation to this or any other contract, shall
render the Contractor to such liability/penalty as the Management Committee may
deem proper, including but not limited to termination of the contract, imposition of
penal damages, forfeiture of the Bank Guarantee and refund of the amounts paid by
the Management Committee.

54.    Access to Books of Accounts.            In case it is found to the satisfaction
of the Management Committee that the Contractor has engaged an Agent or paid
commission or influenced any person to obtain the contract as described in clauses
relating to Agents/Agency Commission and penalty for use of undue influence, the
contract, on a specific request of the Management Committee, shall provide
necessary information/inspection of the relevant financial documents/information.

55.    Non-disclosure of Contract documents.            Except with the written
consent of the Management Committee/Contractor, other party shall not disclose the
contract or any provision, specification, plan, design, pattern, sample or information
thereof to any third party.

56.     Transfer and Sub-letting.            The contractor has no right to give, bargain,
sell, assign or sublet or otherwise dispose of the Contractor or any part thereof, as
well as to give or to let a third party take benefit or advantage of the present contract
or any part thereof.

57.    Amendments.         No provision of present Contract shall be changed or
modified in any way (including this provision) either in whole or in part except by an
instrument in writing made after the date of this contract and signed on behalf of both
the parties and which expressly states to amend the present contract.

58.    Force Majeure.        Since, this contract is for a service on a daily basis and
not otherwise, clause of Force majeure will not apply. In the event of force majeure
circumstances the contractor is duty bound to provide the service to the institute at
his own risk and expense. Also the contractor is advised to keep the prevailing
internal Security Situation of J & K in mind.

59.    Earnest Money Deposit (EMD). In case you are in a position to quote for
supply in accordance with the requirements stated in this tender enquiry, an amount
of 2,00,000/- (Rupees two lakh only) will be required to be deposited at the time of
submission of bids. If the supply order is not placed on your firm due to any reason,
your EMD draft/cheque will be returned to your firm within 07 days. In case supply
order is placed on you, the EMD will be returned to your firm only on receipt of the
Assurance cum Performance Bank Guarantee of 10% of the contract value. EMD

shall be in the form of an Accounts Payee Bank Draft of any Nationalised Bank as

      (a)   Amount              :      2,00,000/- Rupees two lakh only).

      (b)   In favour of        :      AGPS, Pahalgam

      (c)   Payable at          :      Aishmuqam

60.   Tenders without EMD are liable to be rejected.

                            DECLARATION BY CONTRACTOR

I / We have read and agree to :-

1.      Terms and conditions of Mess Catering Contract.
2.      Rules pertaining to the daily functioning of the Mess.
3.      Fines.
Fax     : _______________
Phone : _______________
Enclosures :
1.      Details of Experience of handling large institutional / corporate cafeteria / food
outlet: Current and Earlier (during last 10 years)
2.      Any other pertinent information.
3.      Two Reference.
4.      Xerox copy of the following documents :-
        (a)      Bank Solvency certificate.
        (b)      Income Tax Return – last three years.
        (c)      Catering, food outlet & labour license.
        (d)      Municipal License.
        (e)      Registration Certificate.
        (f)      Balance Sheet – last three years, duly vetted by chartered accountant.
        (g)      Partnership deed (if applicable).
        (h)      Sales tax - Regn Cert.
        (j)      Shop & Establishment Registration.
        (k)      Work orders from other organizations.
        (l)      PAN Card.
5.      DD/cheque for Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rupees two lakh only) as EMD.
6.      DD of Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees one thousand only) towards cost of tender.

                                                     Signature of the Proprietor /
                                                     Authorised persons

                                         Annexure I to Schedule I
                                         (Ref para 52 of Schedule I of HQ 1 Sector
                                         Rashtriya Rifles letter No
                                         3468/Catering/AGPS/Q dt 24 Mar 2012).
                      Performance Bank Guarantee Format.

From :-
Bank ___________________
The President of India
Ministry of Defence
Govt of India, New Delhi
Dear Sir,

1.     Whereas you have entered into a contract No ______________ dated
_______ (hereinafter referred to as the said Contract) with M/s
______________________ hereinafter referred to as the “Contractor” for supply of
goods / service as per Part II of the said contract to the said contractor and whereas
the Contractor has undertaken to produce a bank guarantee for (10%) of total
contract value amounting to _________ to secure its obligations to the President of

2.     We the ________________ bank hereby expressly, irrevocably and
unreservedly undertake and guarantee as principal obligors on behalf of the
contractor that, in the event that the President of India declares to us that the goods
have not been supplied according to the Contractual obligations under the
aforementioned contract, we will pay you, on demand and without demur, all and any
sum up to a maximum of ______________ Rupees __________________________
only. Your written demand shall be conclusive evidence to us that such repayment
is due under the terms of the said contract. We undertake to effect payment upon
receipt or such written demand.

3.     we shall not be discharged or released from his undertaking and guarantee by
any arrangements, indulgence to the Contractor by you, or by any alterations in the
obligations of the Contractor or by any forbearance whether as to payment, time
performance or otherwise.

4.    In no case shall the amount of this guarantee be increased.

5.    This guarantee shall remain valid for _______ months from the date of signing
of contract or until all the store, services and documentation have been supplied
according to the contractual obligations under the said contract.

6.      Unless a demand or claim under this guarantee is made on us in writing or on
before the aforesaid expiry date as provided in the above referred contract or unless
this guarantee is extended by us, all your rights under this guarantee shall be
forfeited and shall be discharged from the liabilities hereunder.

7.   This guarantee shall be a continuing guarantee and shall not be discharged
by and change in the constitution of the bank or in the constitution of M/s

                                                                               Schedule II
                                                                               (Ref para 2 (b) of HQ 1 Sect RR letter
                                                                               No 3468/Catering/AGPS/Q dt 24 Mar 12

                                                           MENU OF ARMY GOODWILL SCHOOL PAHALGAM

1.     Weekly menu of Army Goodwill school is as under:-

     Day       Breakfast                               Tea time           Lunch                      Evening tea             Dinner
               (08:00 – 08:50)                         (11:10 - 11:30)    (12:40 - 13:30)            (17:10 - 17:30)         (20:00 - 21:00)
 Mon           Poori – 04 / student (30- 35 gms        Tea - 150 ml &     Soya Bean Dal              Tea - 150 ml & 02       Dal Aarhar – 01 Type
               each)                                   04 Biscuits        Vegetable – 01 Type        Bakery Biscuits 15      Veg - 02 Type (Reddish
               Sabji - 01 Type                         Parle- 4.5 gms     (Cabbage)                  gms each                & Beans)
               Pickle -10 gms                                             Papad – 01 piece
               Milk – 01 Glass (250 gms)
 Tue           Allo Parantha – 02 Nos / student (      Tea - 150 ml &     Dal Mong – 01 Type         Tea - 150 ml & 02       Dal– 02 Type (Channa
               70 gms each)                            04 Biscuits        Veg Dishes – 02 Type       Bakery Biscuits 15      & Urd)
               Pickle- 10 gms                          Parle- 4.5 gms     (Pumpkin & Lady            gms each                Veg Dishes – 01 Type
                                                       each               finger)                                            (Mix veg)
               Tea – 150 ml
                                                                          Fruit – Banana /
                                                                          Orange / Apple /
                                                                          Grapes (100 gms)
 Wed           Toast - 04 (Butter -10 gms & Jam –      Tea - 150 ml &     Dal Rajma                  Tea - 150 ml &          Chicken - (For Non Veg
               20 gms )                                04 Biscuits        Veg Dish – 01              Mathie - 01 piece 30    100 gms)
               Boiled Egg – 01 (For Non Veg)           Parle- 4.5 gms     (Cauliflower)              gms                     Paneer - (For Veg 50
                                                       each                                                                  gms)
               Veg Cutlet – 02 (For Veg)                                  Raita / Curd
               Tea – 150 ml)                                              Papad – 01 piece                                   Dal - 01 Type (Soya
                                                                                                                             Bean Dal)
                                                                                                                             Veg - 01 Type (Brinjal)
 Thu           Toast - 04 (Butter -10 gms & Jam –      Tea - 150 ml &     Dal Channa – 01 Type       Tea - 150 ml & Cake     Egg Curry - (For Non
               20 gms )                                04 Biscuits        Veg Dish - 01 Type (       -01 piece 30 gms        Veg)
               Boiled Egg – 01 (For Non Veg)           Parle- 4.5 gms     Mix veg potato,                                    Paneer – (For Veg 50
                                                       each               Reddish & Cabbage)                                 gms )
               Veg Cutlet – 01 (for Veg)
               Milk – 01 Glass (250 gms)                                  Raita / Curd                                       Dal – 01 Type
                                                                          Fruit – Banana /                                    ( Masoor)
                                                                          Orange / Apple /                                   Veg Dish – 01 Type
                                                                          Grapes ( 100 gms)                                  (Kadum)
 Fri           Roti – 45 gms with Butter –02 Nos       Tea - 150 ml &     Mutton Curry / Paneer      Tea - 150 ml & 02       Dal – 02 Type (Rajma &
               (10 gms Butter)                         04 Biscuits        (100 gms)                  Bakery Biscuits 15      Harhar)
               Namkeen Tea – 01 Glass -150 ml)         Parle- 4.5 gms     Dal – 01 Type (Soya        gms each                Veg Dish – 01 Type
                                                       each               bean)                                              (Allo & Gobi)
                                                                          Veg Dish – 01 Type
                                                                          (Bitter Gourd)
 Sat           Toast - 04 Nos                          Tea - 150 ml &     Dal Urd – 01 Type          Tea – 150 ml &          Palak Paneer -70 gms
               Omlette – 02 Eggs                       04 Biscuits        Veg Dish – 02 Type         Cake -01 piece 30       Veg Dish – 02 Type
                                                       Parle- 4.5 gms     (Lady finger & bottle      gms                     ( Kadum & Cauliflower)
               Veg Cutlet – 02 (for Veg)
                                                       each               gourd)
               Milk – 01 Glass (250 gms)
                                                                          Fruit – Banana /
                                                                          Orange / Apple /
                                                                          Grapes (100 gms)
 Sun           Bhature / Poori – 04 Nos – 40 gms       Tea - 150 ml &     Veg Biriyani               Tea - 150 ml &          Chicken Korma – (For
               each                                    04 Biscuits        Pickle 10 gms              Samosa -01 Nos 50       Non Veg 100 gms)
               Veg – Chole                             Parle- 4.5 gms                                gms                     01 Paneer Dish (For Veg
                                                       each                                                                  50 gms )
               Milk – 01 Glass (250 ml)                                   Papad – 01 piece.
                                                                                                                             Veg – 01 Type (Reddish
                                                                                                                             + potato)
                                                                                                                             Dal – 01 Type
                                                                                                                              ( Mong)
                            Remarks                       Remarks                 Remarks                 Remarks                    Remarks

               - Jam – 20 gms /Butter – 10 gms         Parle glucose      - Rice, Chappathi, Dal     - Lemon Juice / Milk    - Sweet Dish with Meal
               will be served with toast               biscuits weigh     Salad (Unlimited)          Shake (200 ml) will     Every day After Dinner
               - Bed Tea – 150 ml Every Day            4.5 gms per        Everyday                   be Served From May
               - Glass Milk will be 250 ml                                                           to Sep                  - 250 Ml of Milk Glass
                                                       piece & Bakery
                                                                                                                             before Retiring to Bed
                                                       Biscuits 15 gms                               - Plain Khewa (150
                                                       each                                          ml) Oct to April        - Rice, Chapatti & Salad
                                                                                                                             (Unlimited) Everyday

2. The Feeding Strength of AGPS, Pahalgam will be approx 322 Students and 28 Staff members which is liable to increase or decrease as per
daily feeding strength.

3. Please intimate the rate to be charged per student per day by your firm in figure and

4.     As per the nutrition experts daily reqmt of calories for children is between 3000-3500.

TIN No __________________________                                                         ___________________________
                                                                                          (Signature of vendor with stamp)
Seal____________________________                                                          Date :

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