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            AmericAn AssociAtion of Aggressive Attorneys
                                                                                            No w!
              Why You Need An
          Aggressive Attorney!
  T        he real question is this: Why would you want and accept
anything less than an aggressive attorney fighting for your rights? 
                                                                          injustice. They deserve
                                                                          support in the fight for
You always need an aggressive attorney to fight for you and to go         the mentally incom-
that extra mile when you have been wronged by the system.  Great          petent, the indigent,
changes in the history of this country were forged and made possible      and the physically
by many aggressive attorneys fighting for the betterment of our           disabled. The mem-
society.  From Colonial America and the Declaration of Indepen-           bers of this profession-
dence to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, ag-            al service organization,
gressive attorneys, not passive attorneys, have helped pave the way       AAAA, hold certain
for a full enjoyment of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”    truths to be self-evi-
                                                                          dent...that all Ameri-               This aggressive attorney, David Wolfe, is a
   Many of the issues that matter the most to you in life (divorce        can Citizens deserve            nationally-acclaimed criminal defense attorney.

and child custody, false criminal charges, major injuries or              aggressive attorneys
wrongful death due to automobile accidents or faulty prod-                who proclaim and act on their dedication and ethical obligation to
ucts, DUI charges, just to name a few) cannot be resolved by              aggressively fight for their clients’ best interests and to hold strong
docile, passive, and complacent attorneys who might be more               to what is good and true -- fighting against injustice. An attorney
concerned about the letter of the law than the spirit upon which          does not have to scream and shout to be an aggressive at-
the law operates or who might be more concerned about what the            torney. An aggressive attorney may in reality
judge and opposing counsel think of them than what you think of           be fairly quiet and unassuming in demeanor
them. Just think about the times that you wished that you had             but one who doggedly and indefatigably
secured an aggressive attorney. How many times have you heard             fights for the interests of his or her cli-
some friend bemoan the fact that his or her ex-spouse had a “bar-         ents. The contrast of an aggressive attor-
racuda” for an attorney during his or her divorce, and the lawyer who     ney is an attorney who is passive, cava-
represented him or her was rolled over by the ex-spouse’s barracuda       lier, complacent, and indifferent about
attorney? Don’t wait too late to secure an aggressive attorney.           the interests of his or her clients and is
                                                                          often indisposed and inaccessible to
   The attorneys and jurists of  the American Association of Ag-          these clients. Why would you want
gressive Attorneys (AAAA) deserve recognition for their commit-           anything but an aggressive attorney?
ment and support from their peers and citizens in the fight against       This is the real question.

AAAA. Aggressive Representation When You Need It!
                                                                               “All clients
                                                                               need to secure
                                                                               an Aggressive
Anderson Ramay               “You deserve an Aggressive                                                                       Preston Haliburton

                          Attorney who fights solely for you
                          and your rights. There should be
                              no doubt as to whose side
                                 your lawyer is on.”
              J. Anderson Ramay, Jr., Esq., CEO, AAAA                                    Preston L. Haliburton, Esq., President, AAAA

What is the American Association of
Aggressive Attorneys and How Does
It Benefit You as a Consumer?
                                              The American Association of Aggressive
                                       Attorneys (hereinafter “AAAA” or “Quad A”) is a
                                       consumer-attorney consortium intent on identifying for
                                       the American people those attorneys who describe them-
                                       selves as “aggressive attorneys.” This identification is by
                                       no means an exhaustive list; the list will naturally be an
                                       evolving list, as attorneys retire, die, and others come along
                                       to assume the noble mantle of service.
                                         It is the express intent of the American Association of
                                   Aggressive Attorneys to solicit memberships solely from at-
                                   torneys who perceive themselves to be “aggressive attorneys”
                                   and who also are members in good standing with their respec-
                                   tive bar associations. AAAA cannot determine the outcome of
Lee Sexton, the quintessential and
                                   your case nor the performance of any attorney(s) whom you may
legendary aggressive attorney.     or may not select from AAAA’s website. AAAA only attempts to
                                   provide the potential clients with a listing of attorneys who have
described themselves as “aggressive attorneys.” No warranty of such self-description is guar-
anteed, and AAAA encourages you to personally contact the attorneys listed on the website
to make your own evaluation before
selecting an attorney(s). AAAA only
offers the names of these attorneys to
facilitate you in your personal search
for an “aggressive attorney(s),” and
AAAA posits that its website is a good
starting point for your search.
               This aggressive attorney, Steven Frey,
               will wait all day...if it takes the witness
             that long to answer his pointed question.
                In this particular hearing, Mr. Frey is
      asking Clayton County (Georgia) Commission
     Chairman Eldrin Bell a searing question about
   the termination of a county employee. Mr. Frey is
  waiting...waiting...waiting...for Mr. Bell’s response.
                                             How Does Membership
                                                in the American
                                            Association of Aggressive
                                            Attorneys Benefit You as
                                             a Practicing Attorney?

        Introducing yourself as a Charter Member of the American Association of Aggressive Attorneys (AAAA)
         authenticates you with your clients and your potential clients who are looking for an aggressive attorney.

                                       Personal Web Page
            On the AAAA website (, you will have your own personal web page
             which will include, at your discretion, your bio, photos, videos, articles, and links (and other
                    information of your choosing). You are on the internet...and in a positive way!

                         Latest Marketing & Technology
      The latest internet marketing and technology will be used to spread the word about the American Association
       of Aggressive Attorneys, driving potential clients to AggressiveAttorneys.Org where your web page is located.

      Logos, symbols, and well-spun and well-placed phrases or slogans attract potential customers and clients to a
      product or service. Large corporations like Coca-Cola, AFLAC, and WalMart understand the effectiveness of
        this type of marketing. You now have access to using AAAA’s very effective logo for your business cards.
                  AAAA does the complete turn-around for your “Aggressive Attorney” business cards.
        In addition, you will receive a beautiful certificate of Charter Membership in the American Association
                        of Aggressive Attorneys which can be displayed on the wall of your office.

      The cost is miniscule compared to the traditional “yellow page” type advertising which has become less and less
       effective. People now use internet search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to shop for attorneys, especially
    “aggressive attorneys.” It is much, much more affordable than paying to be in any “super lawyer” type publication.
       Just one case coming off of AggressiveAttorneys.Org more than offsets any expense that you may incur for an
                 entire year. Plus, as a Charter Member of AAAA, your membership fee will never increase.

       With other members of AAAA, you can associate cases. You can share concerns and discuss ideas and issues.
You can seek counsel and advice about practices, judges, and/or opposing counsel. You don’t have to feel isolated anymore!
           Find that camaraderie among fellow members of the American Association of Aggressive Attorneys!
                          AMERICAN                                                                                           Is Your Practice
ON                        ASSOCIATION
                                                                                                                            So Booming That
                                                                                                                             You Don’t Need
 E                        AGGRESSIVE
                          ATTORNEYS                                                                                       AAAA?
                      AAAA. Advertising For You 24/7 On The Internet!
           DON’T                                       Attorney’s Membership Application                                                                            JOIN
           WAIT!                                       2221 Peachtree Road, Suite D494 • Atlanta, GA 30309                                                         TODAY!
        I am an attorney and in good standing with the appropriate bar association. I perceive myself as an aggressive attorney. I hereby apply for membership in the American
     Association of Aggressive Attorneys, a consumer-attorney consortium intent on informing the American people which attorneys describe themselves as “aggressive attorneys.”

     Name _________________________________________________ Signature ________________________________________________

     Email _________________________________________________ State(s) of Practice _________________________________________


     City___________________________________________________ State _______________________ Zip _________________________

     Best Number for AAAA to Call You ___________________________________ Best Time to Call _________________________________

     Practice Areas (Optional) 1. ________________________ 2.____________________________ 3. ________________________________

     Top Counties/Parishes of Practice 1. ______________________ 2.__________________________ 3. _____________________________

                                                                BANK DRAFT AUTHORIZATION

     To: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                             (Name of your Bank)                                   (City/State)
     I hereby request that, as a convenience to me, you (bank) honor drafts from my account. I agree that your rights in respect to each draft shall be the same as if it were a check drawn on you
     and signed by me. You shall deduct from my designated account and pay each month the amount designated below to the American Association of Aggressive Attorneys. This authority shall
     remain with you until such time as you receive from me a written notification of revocation in such time and manner as to afford you a reasonable opportunity to act on it. I understand that
     my checking account will be charged the monthly payment designated below on the 1st / 15th of each month and that membership fees are continuous. Failure to pay the monthly membership
     will result in a loss of services and benefits.

     Name __________________________________________________ Signature _______________________________________________

     Checking Account No._____________________________________ Routing No. _____________________________________________

                                                               50.00                                  / 1st or 15th /
     Date_________________________ Monthly Payment Amount $____________ Draft Starting Date ______________________________
                                                                                                                                                                     circle one
                                  (Attach a check for $50.00 to this form. The application must be accompanied
                              with a bank draft authorization. Or, you can pay $750.00 for an annual membership.)

              AAAA. Driving Potential Clients To Your Practice!