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With Internet Connection Speed ​​Trick 7 Firefox Add Ons


									The main requirement of course you should be using Firefox Browser.
However, I am sure you are using too right? Yes, already then let me no
great length, following his seventh Addons:
1.FasterFox, very useful to save time in searching on search engines.
Addons can also continue menampillkan next page of a website in one page.
2.Flasblock, Addons serves to block any flash animation on the page of a
website, which on average make loading heavier.
3.Adblock Plus, which is to disable the ads that appear on a website,
remember you know! Advertising is the main factor that makes a website to
be slow.
4. Vacuum Places Improved, then the database is working to spruce up
Firefox as history or bookmarks.
5.QuickJava, Allows you to disable java, javascript, flash, and image, it
runs without addons settings.
6.Popup master, with this addons you do not have to bother anymore with
popup ads or ads that float, because the master will disable Popup.
7.User Agent Switcher, Well the latter serves to open wap browser in the
mode or the mobile version

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