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Diaper Rash, Diaper Rash Diaper Rash...What to Do? What to Do? What to Do? Grandma El to the Rescue!

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You have tried every diaper rash product you could get your hands on. Maybe you even mixed your own formula.
You have made a mess with the white creams, pastes, and lotions, and your baby is still crying, irritated,
uncomfortable. Enter Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy & Prevention. This patented, all natural product is an
ointment, rather than a messy paste.   It is the only one which allows the skin to breathe to maximize and
speed the healing process.

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Before the rescue, let’s learn more about Diaper Rash…what can cause it, how it can progress if untreated, and
how to prevent secondary bacterial and fungal infections which can invade improperly cared for babies
bottoms...The main cause of diaper dermatitis is simply contact of urine on the skin. Between diaper changes,
urine begins to break down into ammonia and other chemical by-products. Fecal matter in the diaper area,
between diaper changes, can cause the rapid proliferation of bacteria and or fungus which can infect the
already irritated diaper area...Obviously, the breakdown of urine, its continual contact with the skin,
resulting skin irritation, begins the all too common diaper rash syndrome. It was thought that Luvs, Pampers
and other disposable diapers would be a better answer than the common cloth diaper. The new diapers were
better. But diaper rash is still an all too persistent and difficult problem to deal with…until Grandma
El’s Rash Remedy & Prevention, everything else either didn’t work too well, or did not work at all...The
most important treatment in healing diaper rash is PREVENTION!!!Prevent urine from coming into contact with
the baby’s tender skin by putting a barrier on the skin that prevents urine and fecal matter from contact
with bottoms by barrier action. Grandma El’s, as it’s smoothed on baby’s diaper area (peri-anal) creates
barrier that allows the skin to breathe or respirate, while keeping moisture and other irritants
penetrating to the skin. This preventative action of Grandma El’s is accompanied by a healing, soothing
action to stop the beginning of irritation that produces Diaper Rash...It is important that the skin is
always breathe or respirate to induce the healing process. Many diaper rash products are heavy creams,
able to
pastes or lotions. While some will create a barrier to keep moisture away from the skin, these products
DO have the capability of allowing the skin to breathe. Thereby, the existing moisture can not be released
and the healing process is hindered dramatically. It is recommended that you use a semi-occlusive ointment
such as Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy & Prevention...Used for over 30 years in treating and preventing
infantile and geriatric diaper dermatitis, Grandma El’s is available to all….RIGHT NOW!!!!These are some
frequently asked questions about diaper rash::What is diaper rash??1. It is an irritation of the skin
in the
peri-anal area that is most often caused by ammonia forming due to urine breakdown...What causes diaper
rash??1. It is caused by prolonged contact of a urine soaked diaper on a baby’s skin. The skin turns red
tissue breaks down, creating a rash. This worsens as the skin remains in contact with urine and feces.      2.
Chafing or rubbing of diaper or pull ups on the areaa3. Possible allergic reaction to diaperr4. Bacterial
fungal infection in rash areaa5. Allergic reaction to food can cause urine to be irritatingggWho can
diaper rash??1. It is common on babies between the ages of 2-24 months 2. It also can occur on babies whose
diapers are not changed frequently 3. It may also occur on babies who are taking antibiotics or are nursing
while mother might be taking antibiotics 4. It can also occur on babies as they begin to eat solid foods
(allergic reaction)))What are the symptoms of diaper rash??1. Red, irritated, and possibly warm skin in
around the stomach, genitals, and inside the skin folds of the thighs and bottomm2. Pain, burning and itching,
and an unhappy baby!!!Is diaper rash contagious??1. Diaper rash is almost never a contagious skin
conditionnnWhat do I do if my child has diaper rash??1. Apply Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention
at every diaper change, after cleansing the area well, and blotting dryyyHow can I prevent diaper rash??1.
Apply Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention with every diaper changee2. Change your baby’s diaper
often, and keep the area dry and cleann3. Use a gentle cleanser formulated especially for babies’ skinn4.
After washing your baby, gently pat dry the area, do not rub the areaa5. Make sure the diapers used fit
properly, so they do not rub against the skinnnHow long does diaper rash usually last??1. In general without
treatment, a diaper rash will last several days if not infected. If left untreated, a severe case can
last up days or moree2. In most cases, Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention can clear diaper rash
to 10-14
within 24 hoursssWhat types of products are not acceptable in treating diaper rash??1. Ointments, with
exception of Grandma El’s are occlusive, preventing skin respiration. Only a semi-occlusive ointment, such
Grandma El’s works properly..2. Creams are usually somewhat drying, have no protective activity, and allow all
types of external stimuli (urine, feces, and allergens) to contact the skin causing further problems.
Therefore, creams are not a good choice for a baby’s rash treatment..3. Lotions are not protective at all,
therefore have little value in treating or preventing diaper rash..4. Some soaps and detergents can cause
allergic sensitivity to further the breakdown of baby’s delicate bottom...Should I call my
pediatrician??1. If the rash is still visible, consult your pediatriciann2. If the rash has blisters
after several days,
or oozing pus or bleeding, consult your pediatriciann3. If your baby has a rash and fever, consult your
is bumps,
physiciann4. If your baby has a rash and has urine that smells stronger than usual, or many loose stools,
consult your pediatriciann5. If after properly treating your baby’s diaper rash, it still persists,
your pediatriciannnWhat other types of diaper rash occur if proper treatment is not begun??Rash can further
break down allowing either bacteria, or fungus to take hold and infect the skin. Common organisms causing the
infection are E. Coli (bacteria) and other fungal infections such as Candida AlbicansssHow can I treat diaper
rash infected with bacteria or fungi??Consult your physician immediately and he or she will prescribe
suitable anti-bacterial or anti-fungal product to eradicate the infectionnnWhat other types of
dermatitis exist??Contact irritants such as urine, fecal matter, poison ivy, oak or sumac, insect bites,
allergy, rough rather than soft clothing causing skin abrasions, infrequent diaper changes, and poor skin
cleansing techniquesssIs diaper rash a common problem??Yes, diaper rash is a common problem. To help prevent
diaper rash, change diapers frequently, keep the area dry, and use no cloth diapers. Definitely use Grandma
El’s Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention. The “common” problem will disappear!!!Grandma El’s to the
rescue!!!!If you have other questions, please email them to info@grandmaels.com or visit our website at

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