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									  HOW TO CREATE A


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    Pinterest ACCOUNT

1   REQUEST AN INVITE. Pinterest is still in beta, as we discussed, so it is invitation-only. To
    request an invitation, go to and click “Request an invite."

       Enter your email address and click "Request Invitation."

       You will get the following message after you click "Request Invitation."

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  Pinterest will then send you an email letting you know that you are on the Waiting List.
  It generally takes a day or two to receive an email with your sign up link but some have
  waited as long as 30 days. An alternative and quicker way to get access to Pinterest is
  to ask a friend who already has a Pinterest account to invite you.

  Below is an example of the email you will received to Join Pinterest. Click on the link
  and it will take you to the Pinterest "Sign Up" page.

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  If you have a friend invite you to Pinterest, you will be sent an email like the one below.
  Click on the link to sign up. Note: The link can only be used once.

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2   SIGN UP. When you click on the sign up link in the email, you will be taken to the Pinterest
    page to sign up either with Facebook or Twitter. The easiest way to sign up is with your
    business Twitter account. When you use the email address associated with your Twitter
    account, Pinterest will automatically pull your existing Twitter profile picture and display it
    as your new Pinterest profile picture.

       After you click on the Twitter link, you will be asked to "Authorize Pinterest to use your

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  Log into your Twitter account with your username or email and password and click "Sign
  In." If you don't have a Twitter account, you can click sign up and in a few easy steps
  have an account and proceed with the authorization.

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3   CREATE A PINTEREST ACCOUNT. Next, create your Pinterest username and password.
    Remember to use your business name as your username when setting up your brand
    profile account. Since Pinterest is still fairly new, there are still a decent number of good
    usernames available, but they’re going fast.

    Your custom URL will be the Pinterest domain name followed by your username, such as:

       Select on some relevant topics that are similar to your business and click "Follow
       People." Pinterest will automatically pick some people for you to follow.

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    CREATE YOUR FIRST PINBOARDS. Pinterest gets you started with some basic pinboard
4   ideas. You can change the board names here or change or add to them later.

    The key to success on Pinterest like any other social medium is to move beyond self-
    promotion. Make your pinboards about a topic/subject, rather than making them about your
    company. One thing Pinterest will do is get marketers to rethink their marketing strategy.
    Marketers will have to place greater emphasis on creating high impact and shareable
    visuals such as like infographics, videos, whitepapers, and quick reference sheets. Are you
    wondering where to get started? According to a study done by RJMetrics, the 10 most
    common board names along with the percent of boards they represent are listed below:

    o    For the Home (3.15%)                       o   Favorite Places & Spaces (1.00%)
    o    My Style (1.97%)                           o   Recipes (0.75%)
    o    Products I Love (1.86%)                    o   Craft Ideas (0.74%)
    o    Books Worth Reading (1.68%)                o   Christmas (0.72%)
    o    Food (1.23%)                               o   Crafts (0.65%)

        Good news for e-commerce players or affiliates looking to cash in on Pinterest:
        Products I Love is the third most popular pinboard name, and pins that exist on
        pinboards about Products are the most likely to be liked by other users.

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5   INSTALL BROWSER "PIN IT" BUTTON. The Pin It button is a convenient button to add
    images to your boards. The Pin It button gets installed on your browser. When you find a page
    with an image that you like, you click on the Pin It button and complete the instructions to add
    the image to your pin board. Pinterest includes instructions and a video on how to add the Pin
    It button to your browser.

       Internet Explorer


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  Google Chrome

  Click on "Start Pinning!" to be taken to your main account page.

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  This is your main account page showing Pins from people that Pinterest choose for you to

  Once you’ve signed up, it’s time to set up your profile by hitting 'Edit Profile' as seen below.
  You can also edit your profile by going to your Settings Panel.

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                             Making a great profile is a vital first step in successful Pinterest

                                                                         PROFILE NAME

      Profile Name. Your Pinterest profile name (different from your Pinterest username) will be
      the same as your first and last name. Unfortunately, there’s no way to get around the first
      and last name requirement. If you’re a business and your business name isn’t two words,
      then you’ll need to be creative. For example, if your business name is one word, many
      businesses will use that word as their first name and the word “(Official)” as their last name,
      such as does.
      Businesses with single word names could also try other creative approaches to the “first
      name, last name” limitation. For example, grocery delivery service Peapod uses the profile
      name Peapod Delivers. You will see a few businesses with single-word profile names, but
      those businesses were early adopters whose profile names were “grandfathered in” before
      Pinterest began requiring first and last names.
      If your business is three words or more, put the first word in the first name field and the
      remaining words in the last name field, as with Broke and Healthy’s page.

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  About Description. Next, include a short paragraph describing yourself or your business
  or organization in the “About” description. Include a call to action to "Follow You."

  Location. Include an optional location if your business is regional.

  Website. Add a link to your primary website (globe icon).

     o Note: The link back to your site is followed by search engines, so there is some link-
       building benefit there. However, it’s certainly possible that Pinterest may add a
       nofollow tag to these links soon too, if there’s too much spam.

  Image. If you signed up with your Twitter or Facebook account, your image will be pulled
  from there. If you want to use another image, click 'Upload an Image' and pick an image or
  logo that represents your business and that will become the new primary image on your
  Pinterest account.

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  Facebook & Twitter. Set the Facebook and Twitter toggles to “On” to link your Pinterest
  profile to your Facebook and Twitter profiles and have your pins sent out to those profiles.
  Pinterest will also let you find all your Facebook friends who are on Pinterest and give you
  the option to connect with them. This is an easy way to immediately jumpstart your
  Pinterest following.

  Visibility. Leave “Visibility” set to “Off” so your page gets crawled by search engines.
  Upload a profile image, click “Save Profile” and you should be ready to get started.

  Delete Account. Make a mental note that if you ever decide to delete your account, this is
  where that option is located.

 Click 'Save Profile' and you're all set to start building your Pinterest empire.

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