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The major Swiss watch brands are no longer supplying independent watch repairers with spare
parts. This means that you as a customer are forced to go back to the brand itself to get the watch

Such after-sale policy leaves you with only one option: to have the watch repaired under the terms
dictated by watch brand, otherwise, your expensive Swiss watch becomes irreparable.

Being the only point of service, Swiss brand could even refuse to repair the watch if they consider it
to be too old. Often, if they accept your watch for service, the work carried out will include items for
which you have not asked, but must pay for, such as a new dial, new hands, bracelet etc.

Despite the fact that you are the owner of said watch, you have no say nor can make any decision
to “mandatory” repairs which are often based in the interest of the brand, not the watch owner.

Free competition no longer exists and the Swiss watch brands are now working hard to ensure that
any repair work is done exclusively in their work shop, on their terms. Taking full advantage of the
monopoly of spare part supply, the repair costs of watch servicing has skyrocketed.

If, like us, you find this situation unacceptable, please express your opinion against this monopoly
that affects you as a consumer, by adding your name on this petition.

We, the undersigned, call on you, the Australian Government, to require all suppliers of imported
watch brands to immediately comply with Australian fair trading laws and , if necessary, to change
the Australian law to ensure that the suppliers comply with a servicing policy which obliges them to:

- Not withhold supply and distribution of spare parts to independent watchmakers, watch owners
and spare part wholesalers.

- Charge prices for such spare parts which are not inflated to profiteering levels by virtue of the
monopoly position of the supplier.

- Charge watch repair costs which are based on current Australian labour and material rates and
which are not inflated to profiteering levels by virtue of the monopoly position of the supplier.

- Guarantee that essential spare parts for watches of a brand provided by the supplier will be
available from the supplier for a minimum period of 30 years after delivery from the supplier.

- To agree with and observe a condition of undertaking a watch repair that the watch owner will, on
request, have all their property returned on demand, including any parts that were removed and

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