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					   Iris & Walter: Monday              Iris & Walter: Tuesday           Iris & Walter: Wednesday
  Write about whether your           Write about a time you          Use the word “as” to write a
  neighborhood is urban or         explored or investigated a         comparison about Iris and
            rural.                  rural or an urban place.                     Walter.

     Iris & Walter: Thursday           Iris & Walter: Friday          Exploring Space: Monday
 List topics you would like to      Write about a family that        Write a story about a rocket
            investigate.                      moves.                     that goes into orbit.

                                  Exploring Space: Wednesday
  Exploring Space: Tuesday                                            Exploring Space: Thursday
                                      Use position words in
Write about what you would                                            List things that can ascend
                                   sentences about exploring
like to see and do in space.                                                  and descend.

                                                                      Henry & Mudge: Tuesday
  Exploring Space: Friday           Henry & Mudge: Monday
                                                                     Write about what you might
  Write about children who         List activities that make you
                                                                     see and feel while camping
     ascend into space.                     feel tranquil.
                                                                          outside overnight.

Henry & Mudge: Wednesday
                                   Henry & Mudge: Thursday              Henry & Mudge: Friday
  Use synonyms in pairs of
                                   List wildlife in a park or your   Write about traveling through
  sentences about going
                                              backyard.                       the galaxy.

 Walk in the Desert: Monday        Walk in the Desert: Tuesday         Walk in the Desert: Wed.
    List different types of         Write about a desert and           Use descriptive words in
          landforms.                   what it is like there.        sentences about the desert.

 Walk in the Desert: Thursday       Walk in the Desert: Friday          Strongest One: Monday
  Write a story about a dry        List things you can find in a      List things you would like to
            desert.                            desert.                        inquire about.

                                   Strongest One: Wednesday
  Strongest One: Tuesday                                               Strongest One: Thursday
                                   Use synonyms in sentences
  Write about a person or                                             Write about having fun in a
                                    about being the strongest
animal who is strongest of all.                                            sturdy treehouse.

                                      Tara & Tiree: Monday              Tara & Tiree: Tuesday
    Strongest One: Friday
                                  Write about things people do        Write about an animal you
    Write about something
                                   that are courageous and           know or heard of who helped
delicate that becomes sturdy.
                                           explain why.                       someone.

    Tara & Tiree: Wednesday
                                      Tara & Tiree: Thursday               Tara & Tiree: Friday
    Write about a dangerous
                                  Write about when you helped        Write about when you helped
situation you’ve heard or read
                                            someone.                            someone.

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