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News            For         The     Solanco                   School                 District                Community

                             Renowned Harpist
                             Janet Jackson-Witman
                             will be Keynote Speaker at
                             2009 Graduation
                                   Janet Jackson-Witman,          a musician” to be the Distin-
 SPRING 2009                 a 1976 Solanco graduate and          guished Speaker at graduation.
                             distinguished harp musician,         Arts are important to society and
                             will address graduating seniors      she encourages students, par-
                             during Solanco graduation            ents and everyone to “appreciate
    In This Issue:           ceremonies in June.                  the beauty that the arts provide.”
                                   Witman has published harp            Witman “really enjoyed my
Core                         arrangement ensembles that           musical life at Solanco.” Former
Expectations      2          are sold nationally and interna-     Solanco High School Principal
                             tionally. Her incredible perfor-     Dr. John Taddy, music teacher
Respect,                     mances have made her a winner        Dick Croyle, and others were
Responsibility,              at the U.S. National Scottish        very supportive of her interest in
Courage, Kindness            Harp Championship and the All        music, and they “raised the
                             Eastern Open Clarsach Champi-        standard of performing at
                             onship. Witman is the Principle      Solanco.” Witman won the Miss
Solanco                      Harpist with the 16-member           Solanco pageant; in the talent
                             Brandywine Harp Orchestra.           competition she performed a
students excel!     4        In April, the Brandywine Harp        difficult harp solo.
Earn art, writing and        Orchestra became the first                 Witman said Solanco was        Kevin live in Cochranville.
music awards                 American Celtic harp orchestra       also very accommodating as           Witman’s mother, Sally Jackson,
                             to perform at the prestigious        she prepared for auditioning         “still resides on the family farm
                             Edinborough Harp Festival in         at The Curtis Institute of Music     in the Solanco School District.”
                             Scotland.                            in Philadelphia, “a world-class      Witman travels to Solanco often
P.R.I.D.E.            5            Witman teaches classic and     conservatory of music.” Witman       to visit family and friends, and
Anti-bullying                Celtic harp at the Wilmington        attended The Curtis Institute of     to watch Solanco wrestling
program in the               Music School in Delaware, and        Music with a full scholarship and    matches, football games and the
middle schools               provides lessons in her private      received a Bachelors of Music        high school band.
                             studio; many of her students         Degree. She earned teacher                 The opportunity to be
                             have won scholarships. Visit her     certification at West Chester        Distinguished Speaker at this
                             website at www.harpexcellence.       University, and has also studied     year’s graduation ceremonies
Solanco                      com, and also                        at the Salzedo Harp Colony           will be especially memorable
Education                    www.brandywineharps.com.             in Maine, and at the Montreal        for Witman as her niece,
Foundation        7                Witman is pleased that the     Symphony.                            Annie Rhineer, will be one of
Will award $1,000            district invited “a woman and              Witman and her husband         the graduating seniors.
student scholarships

                             Solanco School District Budget Update
                                   In Solanco, budgeting is virtually a year-round   six years. For 2009-10, even though the state has
                             process under the regulatory requirements of Act        proposed more basic subsidy than we expected,
                             1, and the district’s 2009-10 budget effort continues   we will receive less state money overall. State
The mission of the
                             to work hard to maintain balance between rev-           revenue reduction impact simply places more pres-
Solanco School District      enues and expenditures in today’s challenging           sure on both expenditures and the local revenue
is to develop responsible    economic climate. Those challenges have not             budget. To help mitigate revenue needs, the total
citizens and life-long       eased since last fall when the budget process           budget includes a planned reduction in the district’s
learners by providing        began. Accordingly, as approved in February of          fund balance (i.e. a deficit budget) of $971,531.
opportunities to maximize    this year, the preliminary budget adoption held              The bottom line was that even with expen-
student academic             budget-to-budget growth to 2.98%. Additionally,         diture growth lower than 3%, and utilizing fund
performance in a safe and    while the state’s proposed budget increased our         balance for 2.12% of the budget, local revenue to
                             basic subsidy line item, total state revenue to         support that growth calculated the need for a 5.4%
secure environment.
                             Solanco has decreased due to reductions in              property tax increase. Our current millage rate
                             subsidies for transportation, technology, and           (9.6378) for property tax remains the lowest in the
                             retirement funds. Comparatively, the state funding      county by a margin. It is important to note
                             formula has not been kind to Solanco over the past
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        From the desk of the Superintendent...
                              The staff, administra-         We have had success, as well, in         levels, we have had our students recog-
                         tors and students have        working with students and staff beyond         nized for their talents in many areas. Our
                         worked hard to achieve        just the academics. The roll out of the So-    students have achieved acclaim at the
                         another successful year at    lanco Statement of Expectations in Janu-       local and state level through the visual
                         Solanco School District.      ary has had an impact on “the way we do        and performing arts, as well as SkillsUSA
                         All of our schools made       business.” The daily announcement by           (state competition through the Career and
                         Adequate Yearly Progress      a different student or staff member starts     Technology Center), FBLA, FFA, among
                         (or AYP), which means         the school day off with clear expectations.    others, We even hosted the Lancaster-
                         that each building met or     Recognition for adhering to the Expecta-       Lebanon Band Festival, which featured
                         exceeded the achieve-         tions occurs at each building. The discus-     seven of our own musicians.
                         ment targets set by No        sions at the staff and administrative level         We are also looking to the future.
                         Child Left Behind. That       are focused on how we are meeting and          We are still preparing a Feasibility Study
                         speaks very well to the       recognizing the Expectations. I have had       to address needs within the district. By
                         curriculum, the teachers      a chance to get out in the community to        taking stock of the various issues that
                       and aides who are work-         present the Expectations to various civic      need to be addressed, and planning
       ing with the students, and the students         and business groups, and posters with          for future growth and changes, we can
       themselves for the effort required. With        the Solanco Statement of Expectations          develop a plan for facility upgrade or con-
       over 30 categories for each target, this        are cropping up throughout the whole           struction that will minimize the impact to
       becomes a more difficult achievement as         community. The call to teach values in         the taxpayer while maximizing the effort
       the target is raised each year, but our staff   the schools was met by pulling the whole       to address district and student needs.
       and students are up to the challenge.           community together to identify the values           We are also continuing with our
            Achieving AYP is a benchmark, not          that need to be foremost. Then, having         efforts to communicate with the com-
       an end goal. Assistant Superintendent Dr.       identified the four values that would best     munity. I’d ask everyone to check out our
       Brian Bliss has guided the faculty and ad-      support and sustain the sense of com-          website and – while you are there – sign
       ministrators into using data from various       munity in Solanco, we developed specific       up for eSolanco News, which provides
       assessments to make sound, educational          examples and committed to making those         you with weekly updates on district
       decisions to address concerns about             expectations daily targets for everyone        accomplishments and events via email.
       student learning and achievement. This          associated with the Solanco School
       has changed the whole landscape of what         District, and by extension, the Solanco            Sincerely,
       goes on in the classroom, since we are          community.
       much more focused on the success of the               We are proud of our successes, but
       individual while maintaining a consistently     we also recognize that we need to identify
       high bar for achievement. Through this          and address areas of concern. Perhaps
       approach we have also recognized areas          one of the strengths of this district is its
       of weakness in our instruction and curricu-     willingness to do that, and to have people
       lum, which is being addressed by commit-        willing to step forward to help.                   Dr. Martin J. Hudacs
       tees under the direction of Dr. Bliss.                Besides the academic and personal            Superintendent

    Core Expectations:
    Developing a sense of “community” based on respect, responsibility,
    kindness and courage
           The Solanco School District’s Core Expectations Initiative is      roll-out of the Expectations. Solanco Superintendent Dr. Martin
    improving how everyone in the Solanco community communi-                  J. Hudacs has been providing local businesses and community
    cates and interacts with each other, and it will also boost student       organizations with presentations that explain and promote the
    achievement.                                                              Expectations. Many local businesses and organizations have
           The Solanco Core Expectations Initiative was developed             posted flyers and banners that communicate the Expectations.
    last year in public forums that featured more than 200 parents,                  Dr. Hudacs said the initiative is not a curriculum and not a
    grandparents, students, business leaders, law enforcement of-             program. Instead, it is a set of priorities that the community has
    ficials, post-secondary education representatives, local clergy,          identified as important. Core Expectations will not be taught,
    and Solanco teachers and administrators. They determined that             they will be “modeled” by how students, teachers, school
    the top priority was developing a sense of “community” and that           administrators and everyone in the community lead their lives.
    people need to demonstrate respect, responsibility, courage and           Solanco’s Core Expectations will increase student achievement
    kindness in order to develop a sense of community.                        as it is establishing the attitude and climate in Solanco schools
           The Core Expectations Initiative was officially launched           based on the priorities.
    during the January 26 Solanco School Board meeting. The more                     For more information on this unique and important initia-
    than 100 people in attendance watched a video, produced by So-            tive, contact Solanco Superintendent Dr. Martin Hudacs at com-
    lanco High School students, which explained the initiative. Each          munications@solanco.k12.pa.us, or visit the Solanco website at
    of the seven Solanco schools had a presentation and a formal              www.solancosd.org.


High School Principal Gerard W. Rosolie is Retiring
                                      After a 40-year career in education, including     and a valued team member. Under his direction
                                 14 years as the principal at Solanco High School,       and leadership, the building went through
                                 Gerard Rosolie is retiring. His final day on the job    major renovations, instituted the Learning Focused
                                 will be June 26.                                        Schools model, and most recently implemented a
                                      Rosolie was hired as principal at Solanco High     half-million dollar Classrooms for the Future Grant,
                                 School in September of 1995. “My stay at Solanco        which has had a tremendous impact in moving
                                 has been an excellent experience and I benefitted
                                                                                         instruction in the high school in line with 21st
                                 from the many wonderful students, parents, faculty
                                 and staff.” One of the accomplishments at the high      century skills.”
                                 school he is most proud of is “eight years of in-            In addition to Solanco, Rosolie has also served
                                 creased test scores! All above the state and federal    as a teacher, director of guidance, middle school
                                 levels!”                                                principal, assistant high school principal, and high
Gerard W. Rosolie is retiring         Solanco Superintendent Dr. Martin Hudacs           school principal in Pennsylvania, New York and
after 14 years as Solanco        said Rosolie has been an “outstanding administrator     New Jersey.
High School Principal

Solanco Administrators                           Michele Jordan wins Teacher of
  Earn Professional
                                                 the Year Award
                                                      Solanco High School health and wellness teacher
      Solanco Assistant Business                 Michele Jordan has received the prestigious Teacher
Manager Sandra Tucker and Food                   of the Year Award from the Pennsylvania State Asso-
Services Director David Ludwig have              ciation of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and
received special professional recognition        Dance (PSAHPERD).
from the Pennsylvania Association of                  Jordan has been a teacher at Solanco for 22
School Business Officials (PASBO).               years and she is the first Solanco teacher to win this
      Tucker has been granted a renewal          award. She was nominated for the award by Solanco
of the status of a Pennsylvania Regis-           lead health and wellness teacher Dawn Kreider. In
tered School Business Administrator                                                                           Michele Jordan (left), PSAHPERD
                                                 her nomination letter, Kreider wrote that Jordan is a        Teacher of the Year; and Dawn
(PRSBA), while Ludwig has been granted           leader in the department, has implemented new and
status as a Pennsylvania Registered                                                                           Kreider, Solanco’s lead health and
                                                 innovative teaching strategies, and that she is passion-     wellness teacher, who nominated
School Business Specialist (PRSBS).              ate about teaching. “She has very high standards for         Jordan for the award.
To be granted professional registration
                                                 student behavior and social interactions. Her students
status by PASBO, a school business
official must meet high personal, ethical
                                                 learn very quickly that they must support each other.”
and professional standards established
for the registration program. These
include formal education, experience

                                                    Update on Solanco’s
and continuing education.
      Tucker’s responsibilities include
preparing Solanco’s Comprehensive
Annual Financial Report which has
earned many national awards, including
the Certificate of Excellence in Financial
                                                    Feasibility Study
Reporting from the Government Finance                     Our Feasibility Study is still very much alive. Our original date for a presentation
Officers Association of the United States           to the board was to be in December or January. While the architect, Jim Lewis, has
and Canada.                                         completed his portion of the study to meet that deadline, we are waiting for some
      Ludwig serves on the PASBO Food               demographic details. We are working with Dr. Shelby Stewman from Carnegie Mel-
Service Committee and the PASBO                     lon University’s Department of Demographics and Statistics. He has been hard at
Conference Committee.                               work sifting through the years of data and trending that the school district has been
                                                    able to supply. In addition, he has come to the district several times to meet with
                                                    township and borough officials and review records. This will provide us with rich
                                                    insight into enrollment and growth trends likely to affect our district.
                                                          We are anticipating that the demographer and the architect will get together in
                                                    the near future so that we can schedule the public presentation of their findings.
                                                          As a reminder, the process will have first a presentation on the issues that need
                                                    to be addressed through construction, renovation, or other development of district
                                                    facilities. The second presentation, which would probably occur about a month later,
                                                    would address possible options that meet the needs identified in the first meeting.
                                                          After the presentation of options, the board will be able to examine the options,
                                                    look for any variations they might feel would meet our needs, and then develop a
                                                    plan. We would encourage residents to go to our website www.solancosd.org and
                                                    subscribe to eSolanco News, which is an electronic newsletter that provides weekly
                                                    updates and features on the school district. We will provide information on the Feasi-
     Solanco Food Services Director David           bility Study reports and progress through eSolanco News, as well as our website.
     Ludwig and Assistant Business Manager
     Sandra Tucker.

                                                                                                                              SOLANCO TODAY
     Solanco Students Excel!
    Solanco Students Win                                                    Solanco Students Earn Second
    Young Artists Awards                                                    Most Scholastic Writing
         Lead by Rachel Akerley who                                         Awards in Lancaster County!
    won an incredible 15 awards and
    a scholarship, Solanco high school                                           Solanco High School students earned 17 awards in this year’s
    and middle school students put in                                       Scholastic Writing competition, the second most in the entire
    an impressive performance in the                                        county!
    2009 Lancaster County Young                                                  Nikki McVey earned a prestigious Gold Key award and a $25
    Artists Awards (formerly the                                            reward for her “Double Word Score” which has been sent to New
    Scholastic Art program).                                                York for national judging (if her piece earns recognition in the
         Rachel’s artwork earned her                                        national judging, she would be honored at Carnegie Hall)! Nikki also
    seven Gold Awards, three Silver                                         won four Scholastic Writing Silver Key awards.
    Awards, two Exhibition Awards, the                                           Other Solanco Silver Key award winners are Rachel Akerley,
    Les Reinhart 2-D Award, an                                              Liesl Nafziger and Carter Wintsch.
    Excellence Award, and the Charles                                            The following students earned Certificates of Merit: Nikki
    X. Carlson Scholarship!                                                 McVey, Twyla Fiocchi, Liesl Nafziger, Jessica Nesbitt, and Lauren
         Other Solanco multiple award                                       Stead. Congratulations!
    winners include high school stu-
    dents Twyla Fiocchi, Alyssa Herr,

                                                                             Solanco Music Students
    John R. Powl, Melanie Siegrist,
    Madeline Boomsma, Rachel Criswell, Rachel Akerley’s self portrait
    Morgan Erb, and Kayleigh Sheehan. won an Award of Excellence and
    Other Solanco High School          a Gold Award.

                                         student award winners are
                                         Francesca Boomsma, Kori Ann
                                         Chaney, Sammi Dempsey, Erica        in States
                                         Howell, Brooke M. Kauffman,
                                         Amber McCoy, Veronica                    Three Solanco High
                                         Richmond, Kaylia Tracy, Matthew     School students – Ryan
                                         Anderer, Hannah Fitch, Brianna      Blevins, Alyssa Lapp and
                                         Housekeeper, Adrienne Howett,       Andrew MacIntire – have
                                         Steven Lam, Jackie O’Connell,       earned the highest level
                                         Rebecca Reabuck, and Ricki          a student can achieve
                                         Snyder.                             in music in the state of   Congratulations to Ryan Blevins, Alyssa
                                             George A. Smith students        Pennsylvania. They were    Lapp, Andrew MacIntire on their out-
                                         who won Young Artists awards        chosen to perform in the   standing musical accomplishments!
                                         are Margaret Brown, Joshua          Pennsylvania All-State
                                         Cartwright, Bradley Frey, Joel      Music Performance at
     Kayleigh Sheehan won the
     Michelangelo Award and a          Nelson, Kayla Carroll, Jerel          Valley Forge.
     Gold Award for this self-portrait Fernandez, Tasha Gordon, and               Ryan and Alyssa performed in chorus and Andrew
     sculpture.                        Frankie O’Connell.                    performed in concert band.

         Register Now for Kindergarten!
             Parents who plan to have their children attend kindergarten in September are reminded that they must schedule an
        appointment to have their child registered with the Solanco School District. To schedule an appointment, call Cindy Criswell at
        786-0517. It is important to call as soon as possible!
             Children who will be five years old by September 30, 2009 are eligible for kindergarten during the 2009-2010 school year,
        and all four Solanco elementary schools offer half-day kindergarten. At least one parent or legal guardian, and their child, are
        required to attend the registration appointment, which will be about 30 minutes long.
             At the appointment, the child will be given a brief literacy assessment while the parent or guardian will meet with school
        district personnel to complete the registration forms. After June 30, parents will receive notification that their child has been
        assigned to either a morning or afternoon kindergarten session.
        Following are the documents parents need to bring to the registration appointment:
            •	 The child’s original birth certificate
            •	 The child’s immunization record
            •	 Proof of residency (materials that contain the parent’s current address, such as a current utility bill, bank statement,
               or renter’s agreement)
            •	 If applicable, notarized guardianship agreement, adoption certificate, or notarized parent custodial agreement, which
               includes educational rights of child
            •	 In addition, every parent with a child eligible for kindergarten will have received a registration packet. All the papers
4              included in that registration packet must be completed prior to arriving for registration

Solanco Teachers Make National Presentation on
Writing Strategies
      Current and former Solanco High School English              helps support students as they develop arguments about
teachers collaborated on a presentation at a conference of        the literature they read, and back those arguments with
the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), held          textual evidence. Most importantly, it encourages them to
in San Antonio, Texas. The presentation, entitled “Say it         explain their reasoning and infuse their own voices and
with CSQT,” is based on a writing strategy that was co-de-        knowledge into the argument.”
veloped by Solanco High School English teachers Jennifer                CSQT is an acronym that reminds students to: state a
Pasko and Leslie Arnold, and former Solanco teachers Bill         claim or opinion (C), to set-up a quote from a literacy text by
Lewis and Kristin Testerman. The strategy helps students          providing pertinent background knowledge (S), to choose
write more effective arguments about literature. The strat-       a quote that backs their claim (Q), and then to “tie-in” that
egy generated significant interest among teachers at the          quote by explaining how the quote proves the claim that is
conference.                                                       being made (T).
      “Research shows that students have a very difficult               According to Bill Lewis, “It is satisfying to know that
time with persuasive writing in general, and writing persua-      the Solanco English Department is aligned with best prac-
sively about literature in particular,” said Bill Lewis, former   tice as defined by current research in adolescent literacy,
English instructor at Solanco and currently a professor of        and that Solanco teachers are able to make a contribution to
literacy studies at the University of Delaware. “This strategy    writing instruction on the national stage.”

 P.R.I.D.E. Bullying Prevention Solanco Hosts
 Program                        Middle School
        In a survey, a vast                                                                Band Festival
 majority of Solanco middle
 school students indicated                                                                         The Solanco School District
 they want bullying to stop,                                                                recently hosted a concert featur-
 and the Solanco School                                                                     ing the very best middle school
 District has implemented                                                                   band students in Lancaster and
 an anti-bullying program                                                                   Lebanon counties. The 2009
 that empowers students in                                                                  Lancaster-Lebanon Music Educa-
 the effort to stop bullying.                                                               tor’s Association (LLMEA) Middle
 It is the P.R.I.D.E. bullying                                                              School Band Festival was held at
 prevention program, which                                                                  Solanco High School on April 3-4.
 stands for People Respect-                                                                        More than 130 band
                                             witness bullying. Teachers have been
 ing Individual Differences Every day.                                                      students, including seven from
                                             trained in the program, and each week
        Solanco Middle School Assistant                                                     Solanco, performed an outstand-
                                             teachers meet with students to discuss
 Principal Paul Gladfelter said an impor-                                                   ing public concert on April 4. The
                                             strategies on identifying, reporting,
 tant component of the Olweus Anti-                                                         seven Solanco students are Smith
                                             preventing and stopping bullying. The
 Bullying Program at Smith and Swift                                                        Middle School students Laken
                                             program also involves anti-bullying
 middle schools is that it provides edu-                                                    Hart (clarinet II), Tyler McCardell
                                             activities that involve parents and the
 cation and direction for students who                                                      (trumpet III), and Austin Metz
                                                                                            (clarinet III), and Swift Middle
                                                                                            School students Abee Battiste
                                                                                            (trumpet II), Alexandra Buck (flute

 Asbestos Management Plan                                                                   I), Brian Phipps (bassoon), and
                                                                                            Alexis Twyman (flute II).
                                                                                                   The guest conductor was
 Available for Review                                                                       Miss Jennifer Theilacker, band
                                                                                            director and music teacher at
       The Solanco School District has maintained its Asbestos Hazard Emergency
                                                                                            Lampeter-Strasburg. Pieces
 Response Act (AHERA) Management Plan and Periodic Surveillance as stipulated
 in the Environmental Protection Agency’s AHERA Section 763.84 regulation. This             performed included marches, a
 updated information concerning the Management Plan is available for review at the          special percussion ensemble, as
 Solanco Administrative Office at 121 South Hess Street in Quarryville. A copy of each      well as music from modern pop
 school is on file in the school’s main office. Copies are available for 10-cents per       literature.
 page. For more information, call Solanco Business Manager Tim Shrom at 786-8401.

                                                                                                               SOLANCO TODAY
       Teacher conquers                               “Fall Shoot-Out” Golf Tournament
       “Savage Century                                Improves Education in Solanco
            Ride”                                             Each year, the Solanco Education                •	   Lifetouch
                                                        Foundation’s Fall Shoot-Out Golf Tour-                •	   McGowan	Insurance
                                                        nament raises thousands of dollars that               •	   Morgan	Stanley
                                                        provide grants to Solanco teachers, and               •	   Bob	Patterson	and	Elizabeth		
                                                        scholarships to seniors who continue their                 Logan
                                                        education beyond high school.                         •	   Dr.	James	Pennington
                                                              The 2009 Fall Shoot-Out Golf Tour-              •	   Providence	Elementary	School		
                                                        nament has been scheduled for Friday,                      PTO
                                                        September 25 at Tanglewood Manor Golf                 •	   Quarryville	Agway
                                                        Club. The 2008 tournament was won by                  •	   Quarryville	Elementary	School		
                                                        the team of Phil Hershey, Jason Herr,                      PTO
                                                        Lamar King and Ted Bowers. Congratula-                •	   Thomas	L.	Regan	D.D.S.
                                                        tions to the winners, and all of the golfers          •	   Rhoadstar	Tire	Center
                                                        who participated in the tournament.                   •	   Sepcom	
      A jubilant (and exhausted) Mike Lane                    In addition, the Solanco Education              •	   Smith	Middle	School	PTO
      celebrates after completing the punishing         Foundation expresses it sincere apprecia-             •	   Solanco	School	District	
      102-mile Savage Century Ride.                     tion to the outstanding support provided                   Administrative Team
                                                        by the sponsors of the 2008 tournament:
                                                                                                              Gift sponsors:
            The “Savage Century Ride” is a                    Platinum sponsor:                               •	 Abel	Tire
                                                              •	 G.R.	Mitchell                                •	 Fireside	Tavern
     bike ride that covers a course of more                                                                   •	 FIRST	Trust	Advisors
     than 100 miles and features over 9,000                   Silver sponsors:                                •	 Herr	Foods	
     feet of vertical climbing. Solanco High                  •	 Herbert,	Rowland	&	Grubic,	Inc.              •	 Hillyard	
     School health and wellness teacher                       •	 RBC	Capital	Markets                          •	 John	Hester	Textiles
     Michael Lane was up to the challenge                     •	 State	Farm	Insurance	(Pat	Kline)	            •	 Kegel’s	Produce,	Inc.
     last fall as he successfully completed                   •	 Susquehanna	Bank,	Inc.	                      •	 Vic	Leininger
     the grueling 102.4-mile course, despite                  •	 Solanco	Education	Foundation	                •	 Maplehofe	Dairy	Farm	Store
                                                                 Board of Directors                           •	 Pepsi	Bottling	Group
     cold and windy conditions. The ride                                                                      •	 Powl’s	Feed	Service
     was held in October, which is Breast                     Hole sponsors:                                  •	 Sam’s	Restaurant	
     Cancer Awareness Month, and during                       •	 Brenneman	Company                            •	 Solanco	Superintendent	
     the ride Lane wore a pink wristband in                   •	 Clermont	Elementary	School	PTO                  Dr. Martin Hudacs
     memory of his mother and in support                      •	 Enck	Bros.	Drywall                           •	 Stoner,	Inc.
     of people who are cancer survivors                       •	 David	Eschbach	Bus	Service
     and those who have lost loved ones                       •	 Ferguson	&	Hassler                           For information on playing in
                                                              •	 Fulton	Bank                            or sponsoring the 2009 tournament
     to breast cancer. The Savage Century                     •	 Henry’s	Farm	and	Greenhouses           on September 25, please call the
     Bike Ride is hosted by the White Clay                    •	 Herr’s	Foods                           Solanco Education Foundation at
     Bicycle Club in Newark, Delaware.                        •	 Innerlink                              786-8401, or email president D.P.
                                                              •	 Kegel,	Kelin,	Almy	and	Grimm           Smith at davissjmsonline.com.

    continued from page 1
                                                                             the final year of a four-year collective bargaining agreement, and
    that a given percent increase in our lower tax rate generates a          we have expiring contracts on fuel bids, major computer services,
    lower millage and dollar increase than those with higher tax rates.      and even disposal services. These and other major issues transi-
    The preliminary budget tax rate increase at 5.4% translates to           tion over multiple school years, and offer both challenges and
    a $52.05 increase on a $100,000 home. At the same time board             opportunities to improve operations, lower costs, and positively
    members approved the preliminary budget, they charged and                impact student learning. Altering expenditure obligations and
    challenged district administration to continue efforts to enhance        re-allocating existing resources requires due diligence, as well as
    revenues and reduce expenditures where practical for June’s final        consistently applied measures.
    budget adoption. That work continues.                                          Since February, the preliminary budget has been reduced by
         Solanco has not been immune to the economy’s impact.                more than $100,000 and several revenue estimates have grown,
    Revenue retraction in state and local line items continues, and sig-     mostly due to the state’s injection of increased funding to the
    nificant efforts have been made to match-up expenditure reduc-           basic education formula. While that is positive, there is still much
    tions, re-prioritize existing allocations, and make choices to defer     to do and many decisions still need to be made. We do know
    those expenses which simply need to wait. While not an easy              that state slot funds for 2009-10 property tax reduction have been
    balance to achieve, the ultimate goal is to ensure that we have the      announced but to date we do not know Solanco’s share. We
    capacity to provide the community and our students with quality          know we will receive stimulus funds, but also know that they will
    educational programs and keep instructional programs strong.             be very restricted in use, and will not have a significant impact
    By default, this process also means we have to be able to meet           on our operational budget. However, it is anticipated that we will
    the legal and programmatic mandates from the federal, state and          be able to utilize stimulus funds over the next two school years
    local governments. It is important to understand that a school           to make significant inroads into items that normally require local
    district budget is not a “one year” process. There are many lead-        resources and phasing over a much longer time period. That
    ing and lagging issues for fixed and variable cost items as well as      will help future budgets moving forward, but since the funds are
    revenues. For example, district contractual obligations for edu-         temporary, they will be heavily targeted to one-time expenditures
    cational services (student needs), collective bargaining, service        to advance well defined instructional needs and objectives.
    contracts, facilities operations, mandated tuition payments, trans-            The budget will again be presented to the board on May 4th
2   portation and special education simply do not lend themselves to         (as a draft final budget) and final budget adoption is tentatively
    abrupt changes within a given fiscal year. Further, the district is in   scheduled for June 15, 2009.

                                              Solanco Honors                              Solanco Wins
                                              PNC Bank                                    Distinguished
                                                     The Solanco School District
                                              Business Partnership Award has been
                                              presented to PNC Bank in appreciation
                                              of the important financial support PNC      Achievement
                                              Bank provides each year for the
                                              development and distribution of the
                                              Solanco School District calendar.
                                              Parents and community members use
                                                                                                The Solanco School District
                                              the calendar to plan their attendance
                                              at school plays, musicals, science          has received a 2009 Award of
                                              fairs, parent-teacher conferences and       Achievement from the Pennsylva-
       PNC Bank official Linda Probst with    Solanco athletic events, and each           nia Association of School Business
       the Solanco School District Business   year PNC Bank provides support in           Officials (PASBO). The district
       Partnership Award, framed with a       the form of paid advertisements in the      received the award for its Solanco
       Solanco School District calendar.                                                  Virtual Academy (SVA) and the
                                                                                          operation of a virtual academy
                                                                                          within a public school district.
                                                                                                The PASBO Awards of
                                                                                          Achievement “acknowledge

eSolanco News – Your Weekly                                                               successful proposals, practices or
                                                                                          publications in all areas of school
                                                                                          management and education.”
Source of Information From the
Solanco School District
      eSolanco News is an electronic newsletter that is published and emailed weekly
to subscribers during the school year by the Solanco School District.
      You can subscribe (no charge) to eSolanco News through the Solanco School
District website (www.solancosd.org). In the upper right-hand corner of the homepage,
under “eSolanco”, type in your email address and hit submit. Your email address will
be used for eSolanco News only.
      eSolanco News is an important communications tool that keeps parents and the         Solanco Business Manager Tim Shrom,
entire community better informed about what is happening in our classrooms and             SVA Director Tom Brackbill, Technology
                                                                                           Integration Specialist Tom Stauffer, and
schools. Each week it features information and photos about student accomplishments,
                                                                                           Superintendent Dr. Martin Hudacs.
upcoming events in our schools (plays, musicals, student testing, parent-teacher
conferences), Solanco sports, and also news from the Solanco School Board and the               The Solanco Virtual Academy
Solanco Education Foundation.                                                             is an extension of the Solanco
                                                                                          School District that provides an
                                                                                          online education for students in a
                                                                                          cyber-friendly format. It uses the
                                                                                          blendedschools.net curriculum that
   Solanco Education Foundation                                                           is based on state academic standards.
                                                                                                The SVA also provides
   to Award Student Scholarships                                                          significant savings of taxpayer
                                                                                          dollars. There are currently 45
                                                                                          students in the SVA. Without SVA,
         The Solanco Education Foundation will once again award at least six              they would have been enrolled in a
    $1,000 scholarships to graduating seniors who will continue their education           competing cyber program at a cost
    beyond high school. Scholarships recipients will be announced in May at               of hundreds of thousands of dollars
    Senior Awards Night.                                                                  to Solanco residents.
         In addition, the foundation will also award the Barbara Haverstick                     As the top-scoring winner
    Memorial Scholarship of $1,000. The scholarship is awarded to a student who           of a PASBO 2009 Award of
    pursues a degree in elementary education.                                             Achievement, Solanco also
         Selection criteria for the Solanco Education Foundation and the Barbara          received a $2,000 scholarship for
    Haverstick Memorial Scholarships include average or better class standing             a Solanco student. The scholarship
    and scholastic ability, involvement in school and community activities, and           is sponsored by the Pennsylvania
    good character, leadership and moral standards.                                       Local Government Investment
                                                                                          Trust (PLGIT).

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Thomas R. Henry, Treasurer
*Monica M. Miller, Secretary

Justin W. Kreider                  Leon J. Ressler
Kurt W. Kreider                    Steven P. Risk
Paul F. Plechner                   Charles “Chip” Roten

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The SOLANCO Today newsletter is published by                                                            POSTAL CUSTOMER
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   Solanco Today is an award-winning publication that has been
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