Apple iPhone 4S 32GB (Black) - AT&T

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Apple iPhone 4S 32GB (Black) - AT&T
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Product Description
32GB iPhone 4S Factory Unlocked. Will never lock. SIM free version. Now you can use your voice to use your
iPhone. Just talk to Siri as you would to a person: "Do I need an umbrella?" or "Any great burgers around here?"
or "Where's the closest ATM?" Siri not only understands what you say, it knows what you mean.1 It figures out
the right apps to use to find the right answer. Then, just like a personal assistant, it answers you. Siri makes
phone calls, sends messages, schedules meetings, sets reminders, and more. How much more? Just ask, and
Siri tells you that, too. Two cores in the A5 chip deliver up to two times more power and up to seven times
faster graphics.2 And you'll feel the effects. Fast. iPhone 4S is quick and responsive, which makes all the
difference when you're launching apps, browsing the web, gaming, and doing just about everything. And no
matter what you're doing, you can keep on doing it. Because the A5 chip is so power-efficient, iPhone 4S has
outstanding battery life. This just might be the best camera ever on a phone. And with all-new optics, it just
might be the only camera you need. Because behind every shot, you've got 8-megapixel resolution and a
custom lens with a larger f/2.4 aperture. Not to mention an improved backside illumination sensor, excellent
auto white balance, advanced color accuracy, face detection, and reduced motion blur. It all means that no
matter how many people, how much light, and how much action you capture, everything looks exactly as it
should. And just wait until you see the photos. Shoot stunning 1080p HD video everywhere you go. With all-new
optics, the light is always right, the color is always vivid, and everything will look even better than you
remember. Video stabilization steadies shaky shots. And you can edit video right on iPhone and share your lush
life as fast as you shoot. Read more

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