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                                                                     Janet Jackson
                                                                                                                                                         01 November 2011
                                                                                                                                                         tame TIMES
                                                                                                                                                       Johannesburg South                 3
                                                                     thinks I’m special                                                             Laurelle Williams

                                                                     How do you know                                                                                befriend a person overseas
                                                                     you are special?       “I know I am going to get excited when                                  and have weekly video
                                                                     Well, if Janet         I see her and will forget what I planned                                chats and can e-mail when
                                                                     Jackson handpicks      to say so I will rather just speak from my                              ever they feel the need.
                                                                     you as one of the                                                                                “There are many young
                                                                     20 young people
                                                                                            heart.”                             Ntombi                              people changing the world
                                                                     she will be honour-                                                                            and I want them to be
                                                                     ing on her latest ‘Up Close and Personal Tour’ in           recognised during my tour. I want them to be my guests
                                                                     Johannesburg, you are certainly someone special             at my show and they will come backstage as I learn from
                                                                     and Ntombi (15) from Nkosi Haven Village is by all          them how young people are changing the world,” Janet
                                                                     means special and more.                                     Jackson said.
                                                                     About 20 under 20                                           Ntombi has been part of the Infinite Family programme for
                                                                       Janet Jackson will be honouring the world’s youth         two years with her ‘net buddy’ first staying in Holland and
                                                                     leaders who are changing their communities for the          now in New York. “She is like a big sister to me; I can tell
                                                                     better. At each concert of the ‘Up Close and Personal       her everything - what hurts me, what I am feeling,” Ntombi
                                                                     Tour’, the 20 people chosen and the person who nomi-        said
                                                                     nated them will be VIP guests at the show. Ntombi has           “Infinite Family is extremely proud of Ntombi and her
                                                                     Lion King’s Ron Kunene and ShockRa’s Valerie Ga-            accomplishments. Her generosity has made a real impact
                                                                     mache to thank as they asked Infinite Family to submit      on the younger buddies at The Village and she has set an
                                                                     two nominations for the 20 Under 20 and Ntombi was          amazing example for those around her. We are excited
                                                                     given the nod of approval from Miss Jackson.                that this honour shines a light on the work of the entire In-
                                                                       Ntombi, a resident of Nkosi Haven, volunteered to         finite Family. Ntombi is an ambassador for all the Net Bud-
                                                                     help the Infinite Family programme when she saw there       dies that have learned leadership skills and the importance
                                                                     was a short-                age of staff. She took on       of sharing their many gifts and talents,” Katy Keck, Infinite
                                                                             the                  responsibility of organising   Family Board Chair said.
                                                                                                  the children, opening the         “I feel very special, excited and happy. It is definitely go-
                                                                                                  computer lab and               ing to be a special night that I will remember for the rest of
                                                                                                  being accountable for the      my life,” Ntombi said.
                                                                                                   safety and security of the        Young Ntombi still needs to go shopping for her outfit
                                                                                                         children and the com-   for the glamorous night but won’t be planning what she
                                                                                                              puters.            will say to Janet Jackson “I know I am going to get excited
                                                                                                              Infinite Family    when I see her and will forget what I planned to say so I
Janet Jackson will be honouring 20                                                                            is a programme     will rather just speak from my heart.”
youths who are making a difference in                                                                         initiated by Amy   Vote for Amy Stokes to be the Top CNN Hero 2011.
their community during her upcom-                                                                             Stokes where       Your vote can propel Amy Stokes to CNN Hero of the
ing ‘Up Close and Personal Tour’.                                                                             children get       Year resulting in $250,000 for Infinite Family.
                                                                                                              the chance to      Visit http://heroes.cnn.com and vote for Amy Stokes.
                                        Zoleka Petsi, Ntombi, and Amy Stokes

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