Genders Benders by naleeya


									Gender Benders

The term gender bender became commonplace in British culture around the
early 1980s in being applied to a number of British pop stars with a
penchant for cross-dressing, most notably Culture Club’s Boy George and
the singer Annie Lennox. These days the term can be attributed to any
number of sex/gender performances, including gay male drag (popularly
symbolized in The Big Breakfast’s Lily Savage); lesbian butch drag (such
as the Daddy Boys, who ‘pack’ dildos, sport ‘clone’ moustaches and
sometimes take male hormones in order to grow their own); and, an
American import, the male to female transsexuals who, sporting penis and
breasts, make an event of ‘inbetweenism’ at New York festival ‘Wigstock’
each September.
See also: androgynous/unisex look; bisexuality;

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