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                                                                   Streamline Your Refinance

                                                              How to Take the Stress Out of Buying
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                                                                Mortgage Rates Hit 39 Year Low

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                                                                        Mortgage Rates Hit A 39
Time to Refinance? Streamline it.                                             Year Low!
Do you currently have an FHA insured loan at a rate of 5.5% or
higher? If this sounds like you, you may be eligible to take
advantage of a streamline refinance to lower your current monthly
principal and interest rate. This type of refinance converts your
current FHA loan to another FHA loan at a lower rate WITHOUT
                                                                         . Mortgage rates fell this week
an appraisal of your home's value. Qualification is easy and this
                                                                           to the lowest level on record
service can even be performed for zero, that's right NO, net out of
                                                                            dating back to 1971, giving
pocket cost to you. With rates at an all time low, you have nothing
                                                                         consumers added incentive to
to lose and everything to gain! Give our mortgage experts a call
                                                                        lock in low payments for home
today to get you on your way to a lower monthly payment!
                                                                       purchases and refinanced loans.

                                                                        The average rate for 30-year
                                                                          fixed loans sand to 4.69

First time homebuyers: How to take the                                 percent, from 4.75 percent last
                                                                           week, according to the
stress out of buying a home                                              mortgage company Freddie
                                                                       Mac. The previous record was
                                                                        4.71 set in December 2009.
For many individuals the home buying                                   Rates for 15-year and five-year
process can be very daunting because most                                 mortgages also hit lows.
people don't know where to start or even
what the process involves. This however,                                  Now is the perfect time to
does not need to be a source of anxiety. By planning ahead and                 refinance your
finding the right professional help, you can avoid many potential       loan. Affordability has never
headaches and common problems. So if you are looking to buy a                   been better!
home follow these steps to help ensure your successful home
purchase:                                                              Content Courtesy of Associate Press
                                                                                 and azcentral
1. Set a budget- Know how much you can spend every month
but still have money to live on. When weighing affordability, it's       Free Credit Report
critical to factor in the tax advantages that home ownership
provides. Namely real estate taxes, mortgage interest expenses
and at least some mortgage insurance costs are deductible. There
are calculators for this available on the Federal Housing Authority

One rule of thumb: Your house payment including taxes,
homeowner's insurance and mortgage insurance shouldn't exceed
one-third of your gross income.

 2. Qualify for a loan- Know what's in your credit report before
you meet with a banker. You are entitled to a free copy of your         Now through July 31st we are
report each year from the major credit reporting agencies, Equifax,      offering a free, no obligation
Experian and TransUnion. Copies can be obtained by visiting               credit report. If you know                                            someone who may benefit from
                                                                          this offer, please feel free
You should review your reports months in advance to correct any        to forward them this newsletter
errors and try to boost the score. If you need help with this, Adobe
                                                                         so they may take advantage of
Financial would be happy to help you.                                            this great offer.

3. Shop for a home- Hire a real estate agent to set up visits,            For information, simply Contact
provide listings and who knows about homes that might be for                  Us. Please reference
sale. The agent will draw up an offer and help negotiate a deal          "Newsletter Credit Offer" in the
with the sellers. Be aware that not all real estate agents are                  comment section.
Realtors, which means they are a member of the National
Association of Realtors and are held to a code of ethics.
                                                                                Quick Links
4. Strike a deal- Negotiating can be very stressful. Your agent
will help you make an offer based on the home's value and one
that is realistic for the market. The offer should be contingent on
approval of your financing and home inspection.

If you were prequalified for a loan, it will be finalized in this step
after you provide several statements of income and other financial

5. Inspect the home- An inspector will check the roof, walls                     Find us on
and foundation, the heating, air conditioning and electrical
systems. You'll receive a list of potential repairs and must decide
which should be paid for by the seller. Major repairs could lead to
renegotiating the price of the home. A serious problem will permit          Begin your loan
you to back out of the deal. That's why it's essential to make an           application today
offer contingent upon the inspection.
                                                                              Apply Now
Before you close the deal, you'll have a final walk-through of the
home. This is an opportunity to make sure inspection issues were          Read more About Us
                                                                                Contact Us
6. Close the deal- Be prepared to sign a slew of paperwork to
close the transaction. Also, find out from your mortgage banker
how much the closing costs will be so you're not surprised. The
costs include loan processing fees, the appraisal of the home,
attorney fees and inspections. It's common for buyers to negotiate
closing costs as part of their offer, which means they ask the
sellers to pay some or all of the costs.

On a typical mortgage, the bank will charge around 1 percent of
the purchase price to do the loan. In addition to that, most
borrowers will pay between $2,000 to $3,500 in costs. On a
$200,000 home, generally expect origination and closing fees of
$4,000 to $5,500.

This is the final step, though, once completed you'll get the keys
and the satisfaction of knowing you're a homeowner.

Content courtesy of MSNBC and the Associated Press

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