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2006 Catalogue

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The Boys From The Mersey
The Story of the Annie Road End Crew
Football’s First Clobbered-up Mob

Nicholas Allt

Nicky Allt was a skint teenager from the tough
Kirkby district of Merseyside who wanted
something more than dole, dope and despair.
In the late Seventies he joined a young
scallywag crew of Liverpool FC fans who
dressed different, spoke different, and met not
on the Kop but at the Anfield Road End. Soon
they were on the road together, and their
antics became legend as the Reds conquered

The Road End united infamous mobs like the
Breck Road Firm and the Huyton Baddies into
a motley assortment of jibbers, blaggers and
bruisers to whom every ‘no entry’ sign was a
challenge and every price tag a joke. They
criss-crossed the continent with Adidas bags
and a few quid between them, fighting, joking,
thieving and bunking in to every match – and
had the times of their lives.

The Boys From The Mersey is the authentic
voice of the sharpest, roughest and funniest
bunch of football lads around, and the inside                         •   1-903854-50-4
account of how they changed the face of
terrace culture.                                                      •   Paperback

Nicky Allt is a lifelong Liverpool fan and a                          •   402pp
former writer in residence of Jimmy
McGovern’s sacked docker’s bar, the CASA,                             •   All territories excluding
on Hope Street in Liverpool. He has                                       Germany
contributed articles and features to numerous
national newspapers and magazines and he is                           •   £6.99
currently at work on his second book.

                               ‘A witty and authentic account of the original
                                        dressed-up urchins. Brilliant.’

                                            Kevin Sampson,
                                     author of Awaydays and Powder
Blades Business Crew
The Shocking Diary of a Soccer Hooligan Top Boy

Steve Cowens

With a foreword by Paul Heaton

They live in a secret world of violence. They
organise through the internet, pagers and
mobile phones. They are the soccer hooligan
gangs of Britain.

For two decades, Steve Cowens was a core
member of one of the country’s most active
firms: the Blades Business Crew. He followed
Sheffield United to almost every League
ground in England and fought at most of them.
And he kept a remarkable diary of his exploits,
including clashes with top hooligan firms from
London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and

He also tells how Sheffield became a city at
war as the BBC fought it out with the rival
Owls Crime Squad and how pubs and clubs
were left wrecked by the ‘bouncer wars’
involving CS gas and baseball bat attacks.
                                                                       •   0-953084-78-7
This is the most detailed account ever of the
life of a ‘top boy’ and the unquenchable thirst                        •   Paperback
for confrontation of the football gangs.
                                                                       •   250pp

Steve Cowens is a life-long Sheffield United                           •   8pp of photographs
fan and Blades Business Crew is his first
book.                                                                  •   All territories excluding

                                                                       •   £7.99


                                        ‘Explosive and sensational.’
                                              DAILY SPORT
Their Lives In Their Own Words

Julian Davies and Terry Currie

Bouncers. Reviled, feared and admired in
equal measure – yet rarely are their voices
heard. What they can’t tell their customers,
their bosses or the cops, they have now told
Julian Davies and Terry Currie.

From the nervous first-nighter to the hardened
veteran, here are the unforgettable voices of
dozens of door staff from across the UK and
abroad…the drugs, girls and gangs…the
doorwars, reprisals and straighteners…the sex
mad groupies and broken marriages…the
hardmen, nutters, cowards and bullies…the
tragedies, the camaraderie and the grim
humour of a dangerous, thankless job.

From the bow tie-and-knuckleduster days of
the Sixties to the huge security firms of today,
Bouncers tells it like it is working the doors of
pub and club land.
                                                                          •   1-903854-21-0
Terry Currie lives near London and knows
many of the city’s premier doormen.                                       •   Paperback

Julian Davies coaches boxing at a gym in                                  •   316pp
South Wales and is the successful author of
Streetfighters: Real Fighting Men Tell Their                              •   Photos throughout
Stories. He is currently working on a third
book.                                                                     •   World rights

                                                                          •   £7.99

                                   ‘Real life stories from real life bouncers!’
                                               SUNDAY SPORT

                        ‘A cracking romp through the world of hard bastard doormen.’
Boxing Confidential
Power, Corruption and the Richest Prize in Sport

Jim Brady

In the hardest-hitting expose of boxing ever
written, Jim Brady lays bare the corrupt history
of the sport from its murky beginnings to the
multi-billion-pound business of today. Delving
into extensive FBI files and police documents,
he reveals how the Mafia took over the sport in
the United States and how for decades world
titles were effectively controlled by one man:
Frankie Carbo, the sinister ‘Mister Gray.’

Here is the story of the monopolistic
International Boxing Club, known as ‘the
Octopus,’ and how it was succeeded by the
worldwide governing bodies known as the
Alphabet Boys, who many contend have
ruined the fight game. Here also are
revelations of fixed fights, bent ratings, rip-offs
and kick-backs, a full account of the
undercover investigation into the corrupt
International     Boxing      Federation,      the
machinations of Don King, Bob Arum and Jose
Sulaiman, and the incredible saga of Harold
Smith, the man who tried to buy the sport.                                 •   1-903854-8.99

Boxing Confidential is the book no true fight                              •   Paperback
fan should be without.
                                                                           •   368pp
Jim Brady is the US correspondent for the
British Boxing News magazine and gave
                                                                           •   16pp of photographs
expert testimony to Senate hearings designed
to clean up boxing. He has been praised as ‘a
                                                                           •   World rights
journalist of courage and integrity by US
Presidential Nominee John McCain and as
‘one of the bravest and gutsiest sports writers                            •   £8.99
in the world’ by Paul Feeney, who drafted the
Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act.

                                                 BOXING NEWS

                           ‘One of the most intriguing boxing books for many years.’
                                                 DAILY STAR
The Brick
A Hooligan’s Story

Paul Debrick

Paul Debrick was one of football’s hardest
hooligans. For twenty years he stood at the
forefront of one of the country’s most feared
mobs: the Middlesbrough Frontline. Bouncer,
bodybuilder, brawler and top boy. He has been
shot at, stabbed, gassed, arrested and jailed.

After     an     unsettled     childhood    on
Middlesbrough’s rough Hemlington estate, he
began fighting in a schoolboy gang and was
introduced to terrace trouble in the heyday of
the early 1980’s. Debrick took to terrace
warfare like a natural. His ‘casual’ mob took
over from the donkey-jacket-and-pitboot thugs
of the Seventies just as hooliganism was
entering a new era. Unlike many of his crew
he disliked football: his motivation was purely
violence and the thrill of leading one of the
most notorious firms around.

With the Frontline, The Brick battled his way                          •   1-903854-47-4
through virtually every major mob in the
country. As direct as a punch to the jaw, he                           •   Paperback
tells it like it was, from knifings and beatings to
drugs, working the doors of some of the                                •   228pp
roughest pubs and clubs and serving time in
jail. The Brick is a shocking insight into the
                                                                       •   8pp of photographs
mindset of a hooligan leader.
                                                                       •   World rights
Paul Debrick is former hooligan who has
served time in Durham jail for football-                               •   £9.99
related violence. He has also been a
bodybuilder and head doorman and he
currently works offshore on oil rigs. The
Brick is his first book.
                                                       ‘The Brick likes serious disorder and his cheerful
                                                      account of smashing up half of Europe with his pals
                                                            backs this up with no end of evidence.’

Football, Fighting and Fashion
The Story of a Terrace Cult

Phil Thornton

First came the Teds, the Mods, Rockers,
Hippies, Skinheads, Suedeheads and Punks.
But by the late Seventies, a new youth fashion
had appeared in Britain. Its adherents were
often linked to violent football gangs, wore
designer sportswear and made the bootboys
of previous years look like the dinosaurs they

They were known as scallies, Perry Boys,
trendies and dressers. But the name that stuck
was     Casuals.      And    this   grassroots
phenomenon, largely ignored by the media,
was to change the face of both British fashion
and international style.

Casuals recounts how the working class
fascination with sharp dressing and sartorial
one-upmanship crystallised the often bitter
rivalries of the hooligan crews and how their
culture spread across the terraces, clubs and
beyond. It is the definitive book for football,                              •   1-903854-14-8
music and fashion obsessives alike.
                                                                             •   Paperback
Phil Thornton has worked on a number of
arts and popular culture documentaries for                                   •   288pp
Granada Television. He has contributed to
music, fashion and clubbing magazines                                        •   8pp of photos
including The Face, Mixmag and New Musical
Express and to specialist titles and fanzines.                               •   All territories excluding
He also writes for Manchester United fanzine,                                    Italy
United We Stand.
                                                                             •   £7.99

                ‘For anyone intrigued by the origins of a genuinely autonomous youth movement,
          Thornton’s intricate study and compilation of eye witness accounts is the new standard bearer’.

                              ‘An essential read for all purveyors of terrace culture.’
                                          WHEN SATURDAY COMES
Cinderella Man
The James J. Braddock Story

Michael C. Delisa

In 1934, in the depths of the Great
Depression, a failed boxer with broken hands
came off the welfare rolls for one more fight to
feed his wife and three children. Four bouts
later, one of the bravest men ever to step into
the ring was the heavyweight champion of the
world, in the greatest comeback in sports
history. He inspired a nation through one of its
darkest periods, and his extraordinary
achievements led Damon Runyon to nickname
him the ‘Cinderella Man.’

Once, he had been a contender, a light-heavy
with skill and guts. But hand injuries and the
aftershock of the Wall Street Crash left him
toiling the Hudson River docks to pay the rent.
His dreams of a title were over, his ring
earnings gone, and he could barely afford to
feed his young family.

But one man never lost faith: his manager Joe                   •   1-903854-34-2
Gould. The tiny, loquacious Jew and the tall,
straight talking Irishman made an unlikely but
                                                                •   Paperback
inseparable couple, and their belief in each
other was unshakable even when Braddock
                                                                •   348pp
entered the ring a 10-1 underdog against the
feared champion Max Baer who had killed at
least one opponent in the ring. How the family                  •   Photos throughout
man with a simple cause triumphed over
overwhelming odds became the stuff of                           •   All territories excluding
legend.                                                             Italy and Japan.

                                                                •   £7.99
Michael DeLisa researched the Cinderella
Man story as historical consultant to the
Universal/Miramax Films movie and is
associate producer of a forthcoming TV             ‘This is some story and Braddock was some
documentary about Braddock. He works as an         man…Excellent.’
attorney in New York City.
                                                         Book of the Week, SUNDAY TIMES
City Psychos
From The Monte Carlo Mob to the Silver Cod Squad
Four Decades of Terrace Terror

Shaun Tordoff

Hull is England’s forgotten city. Its East Coast
seaport trawlermen and dockers have long
prized a culture of heavy drinking and hard
fighting. Against this backdrop, the Swinging
Sixties left a legacy of skinhead, suedehead
and bootboy gangs who roamed the narrow
streets and sink estates, warring over turf and
for                 local                  pride.

Divided by their support for the city’s two rugby
league clubs, only one banner could bring
them together: that of Hull City FC.

Through personal reminiscence and interviews
with key figures, Shaun Tordoff recreates the
history of the hooligan followers of Hull City,
from the notorious Sinbad and his Monte Carlo
Mob to the latter-day lads who call themselves
The Minority.

                                                                       •   1-903854-13-X
More than a hooligan memoir, City Psychos is
an extraordinary account of growing up among                           •   Paperback
the tribes of a gang-oriented city in an era
when football violence became a national                               •   266pp
                                                                       •   8pp of photos

                                                                       •   All territories excluding

                                                                       •   £7.99

                                      ‘It’s absolutely superb. Read it!’

                                        Dougie Brimson, author of
                                           Everywhere We Go
The Rise and Fall of Curtis Warren
Britain’s Biggest Drugs Baron

Tony Barnes, Richard Elias and Peter Walsh

Curtis Warren is an underworld legend, the
Liverpool scally who took the methods of the
street-corner drug pusher and elevated them
to an art form. He forged direct links with the
cocaine cartels of Colombia, the heroin
godfathers of Turkey, the cannabis cultivators
of Morocco and the Ecstasy manufacturers of
Holland and Eastern Europe. His drugs went
around the world, from the clubs of
Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin to the
golden        beaches        of        Sydney.

His underlings called him the Cocky
Watchman. His pursuers called him Target

This best-selling biography uncovers his
meteoric rise from Toxteth mugger to ‘the
richest and most successful British criminal
who has ever been caught.’ It relates how the
Liverpool mafia became the UK’s foremost
drug importers; tells how Warren survived
gang warfare and how he corrupted top-level                         •   1-903854-77-9
police officers; unveils the inside story of the
biggest UK law enforcement operation ever                           •   Paperback
undertaken; and reveals the explosive
contents of the covert wiretaps that brought his                    •   334pp
global       empire        crashing       down.
                                                                    •   8pp of photos
Thoroughly revised and updated, Cocky is a
shocking insight into organised crime and an                        •   All territories excluding
important investigation into the workings of the                        Republic of Ireland
international drugs trade.
                                                                    •   £6.99
Tony Barnes is a journalist and broadcaster
who has reported for national newspapers,
ITV’s News At Ten and Channel 5 News.              ‘Next to Warren, The Krays were pathetic minnows.’

Richard Elias is a chief crime reporter on the                      THE OBSERVER
Daily Record.
                                                   ’Britain’s most prolific and successful drug smuggler,
Peter Walsh is a former BBC investigative           and a man whose duel with Her Majesty’s Customs
journalist and author or co-author of seven             and Excise has entered British legal legend.’
books including Gang War and King of the
Gypsies.                                                                  MAXIM
Doing The Doors
From Biker’s Bars to Gangland Clubs
My Life as a Doorman

Robin Barratt

Robin Barratt is Britain’s most travelled
bouncer. In twenty years he has worked the
doors all over the UK and in that time he also
became a close protection expert, martial artist
and bodyguard. He has seen friends shot
dead beside him and has set out to shoot
people himself. He has been to the brink and

Yet Barratt belies the archetype of a ‘bouncer.’
He is well-spoken, well-read and formidably
well-travelled – though you cross him at your

The product of a broken home, he began his
career cleaning up bikers’ pubs in Norwich
before being exposed by The Times for a
steroid-dealing ring. In Manchester he
encountered some of the most violent gangs in
the country, experiences he put to use working
in trouble spots including Bosnia, Israel,                      •   1-903854-19-9
Nigeria              and               Russia.
                                                                •   Paperback
Written with pace, humour and unflinching
honesty, Doing The Doors is an inside account
                                                                •   292pp
of the life of a modern-day door security
specialist and a riveting insight into a twilight
                                                                •   World rights
                                                                •   £7.99
A doorman for almost twenty years, Robin
Barratt was a founder member of the
Worldwide Federation of Bodyguards. He
currently runs his own security and close                 ‘A cracking read, don’t miss it.’
protection company and publishes Protection
News, the leading trade magazine for the                              FRONT
security industry.
                                                    ‘From the hardest nightclubs to the world’s
                                                         warzones, Robin Barratt is the
                                                              toughest of the tough.’

Drug Lords
The Rise and Fall of the Cali Cartel

Ron Chepesiuk

Since the 1970’s, Colombia has been home to
the most violent and sophisticated drug
trafficking organizations in the world and the
Cali cartel were the most ruthless and
powerful of them all. For more than twenty
years it pumped thousands of tons of cocaine
across the world, laundered billions of dollars
in illegal profits and was responsible for
murders, assassinations and corruption at the
highest levels of government. At the height of
their success, it is estimated the Cali
controlled over 70% of cocaine sold
worldwide, with an annual turnover of $8

In stark contrast to Pablo Escobar and the
flamboyant Medellin cartel, the Cali were low-
key, insidious and manipulative. They
operated and grew their business in the
shadows like a multi-national corporation and
through violence, terrorism, intimidation and
bribery, they became the single biggest dealer                      •   1-903854-40-7
of narcotics in the world and the principal
target for the US war against drugs.                                •   Paperback

For the very first time, author Ron Chepesiuk                       •   307pp
offers an inside look at how the biggest ever
undercover operation by anti-drug forces from                       •   8pp of photographs
around the world brought down the world’s
most powerful drug trafficking mafia in what is                     •   All territories excluding
arguably the most important case in the DEA’s                           Republic of Ireland
history. Written with all the pace and vividness
of a high-octane thriller, Drug Lords is the                        •   £7.99
compelling story of the world’s highest profile
narco-terrorists and the downfall of the world’s
most powerful criminal organisation.
                                                       ‘If you liked Mark Bowden’s 'Killing Pablo',
Ron Chepesiuk is the author of 18 books,                           you’ll love this.’ FHM
including three books on international drug
trafficking. His newspaper and magazine              ‘The most detailed study of the murky world of
articles have appeared in USA Today,               narcotics traffickers this reviewer has seen. Highly
New York Times Syndicate, Toronto Star,                         recommended.’ CHOICE
National Review, New York Daily News and
close to 400 other publications. He is currently          ‘An epic tale of big business, greed,
an instructor of journalism in the Journalism                  violence and corruption.’
Department, Extension Division, at UCLA.                     NEW YORK LAW JOURNAL
The Gangs of Liverpool
From the Cornermen to the High Rip: The Mobs That Terrorised A City

Michael Macilwee

Victorian Liverpool was a city of abundant
wealth and abysmal poverty. By day the broad
streets bustled with wealthy merchants making
fortunes from the booming dock trade. By
nightfall they were taken over by fearsome
gangs from the foul courtyards and
overcrowded tenements. Shrieks and screams
cut the air, while brawls and brutal muggings
were commonplace.

The Gangs of Liverpool is a fascinating tour
through a long-forgotten netherworld where
armed ruffians fought for territory or pride and
no man was safe after dark. From warring
Catholic and Protestant mobs from the 1850’s
with names like the Hibernians and the Dead
Rabbits emerged the Cornermen whose
wicked exploits made them feared throughout
the city.

Previously hidden in the shadows of their
inner-city slums, the gangs now took centre                   •    1-903854-54-7
stage. Most notorious of all were the High Rip
who announced themselves with the infamous
                                                              •    Paperback
Blackstone Street Murder and launched a
vicious war against their sworn enemies, the
                                                              •    272pp
Logwood Gang. Emulating them were juvenile
mobs with names such as the Lemon Street
Gang and the Housebreakers.                                   •    B/w photographs
Dr Michael Macilwee has an MA in Victorian
Literature and has a special interest in youth                •    World rights
crime and disorder. He has conducted
exhaustive research to portray the Victorian                  •    £9.99
underworld in one of its most colourful periods,
replete with Dickensian cut-throats, iron-hard
detectives, pitched battles and draconian

From religious riots to bareknuckle brawls,
                                                   ‘Disproves the myth that urban disturbances
The Gangs of Liverpool is a riveting journey        are a modern phenomenon. Fascinating.’
into the dark but compelling criminal history of
England’s toughest city.                                          Liverpool Echo
Gang War
The Inside Story of the Manchester Gangs

Peter Walsh

For almost twenty years, the most intense and
prolonged gang war in British history has
raged on the streets of Manchester. Warring
factions have left at least forty dead and
scores injured and made headlines across the
world. Their conflicts have encompassed
jealousies over women to vicious battles for
control of drugs turf and protection rackets.
They have blighted the reputation of one of
Europe’s most dynamic cities and seen the
coining of the sinister epithet ‘Gunchester.’

Gang War traces the roots of the crime mobs,
revealing how London gangsters were kept out
of Manchester in the 1960’s and how the
Quality Street Gang attained national
notoriety. It focuses on the rise of the city’s
four main ‘firms’ – the Cheetham Hillbillies, the
Doddington, the Gooch and the Salford Lads –
and tells how they were joined eventually by
the younger Longsight Crew, Pitt Bulls and                           •   1-903854-29-6
Young Longsight Soldiers.
                                                                     •   Paperback
It uncovers: how the Alexandria Park War
brought terror to a small council estate; the
                                                                     •   336pp
violent rise and fall of ‘White’ Tony Johnson,
the city’s most audacious young villain; how
Salford criminals battled for control of pub and                     •   16pp of photographs
club doors; how leading gang ‘heads’
negotiated a remarkable truce – and how it                           •   World rights
broke down in bloodshed; and how Tommy
Pitt launched the Pitt Bull Crew in memory of                        •   £7.99
his dead brother and waged a lethal conflict
with his Longsight rivals.

By acclaimed investigative journalist Peter                    ‘The most detailed account of
Walsh, author of Cocky and King of the                       Manchester’s gangs ever published.’
Gypsies, Gang War is a powerful, disturbing                   MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS
and timely account of an extraordinary crime
phenomenon.                                            'You'll struggle to put down Walsh's ever bristling
                                                    evocations of real life gang war in Gunchester. Gripping
                                                                    HIP HOP CONNECTION
The Inside Story of the Wide Awake Firm
Europe’s Most Prolific Sneak Thieves

Colin Blaney

Colin Blaney set out from the     decrepit council
flats of north Manchester on      a mission – to
burn, burn, burn through a         world of easy
money,       scams     and        good      times.

As a child he burgled warehouses and
factories. As a youth he joined the bootboys of
Manchester United’s Red Army as they
rampaged across the country. As an adult he
learned to ‘dip’ with the Scouse pickpocket
gangs, to sell drugs to Rastas in Moss Side
shebeens, to sneak-thieve from tills and
jewellery stores with his mad Collyhurst crew.

But Continental Europe offered the greatest
lure. The gang moved to Amsterdam which
became their HQ for the next twenty years.
They stole Rolex’s in Switzerland, peddled
Ecstasy in Spain, kited dodgy credit cards in
Belgium and snatched jewels in Germany.
                                                                    •    1-903854-28-8
Blaney and his Wide Awake Firm served time
in half the jails across Europe – and then went                     •    Paperback
back for more. They were on a raucous,
riotous, rollercoaster ride – until they finally hit                •    308pp
the                                        buffers.
                                                                    •    All territories excluding
Some people live for the day. A grafter lives                            Republic of Ireland
for the minute.
                                                                    •    £7.99
Colin Blaney grew up on a run down housing
estate in east Manchester. He has lived a life
of crime for over forty years and served time in
many of Europe’s jails before hitting rock
bottom in a drying out clinic in north Wales. He       ‘Should be read by every politician as an acerbic
turned to writing as a form of therapy and he is              reminder of a not too distant past.’
currently working on his second book.
                                                                        THE BIG ISSUE
Gun Law
Fighting Britain’s Deadliest Gangs:
Inside An Elite Firearms Squad

Andy Hailwood

Andy Hailwood was the point man of an elite police
tactical firearms team in Britain’s most gang-
infested city. Over almost 20 years he took part in
major operations to arrest international terrorists,
ruthless drugs gangs, kidnappers and armed
robbers and was on the frontline at some of the
most violent crime busts of recent years.

A keen rugby player, he joined the Greater
Manchester Police cadets in 1978 at the age of 16
and was introduced to guns in the VA3 Firearms
Department. In the early eighties, he policed major
riots on the streets of Moss Side and Toxteth,
experiences which led him to apply for the
infamous Tactical Aid Group, known as the T.A.G.

During four years with the T.A.G he took part in
high-profile ops that have become part of modern
policing history, including the Miners’ Strike, the
Libyan Trials, the Manchester Airport disaster and
the return of Myra Hindley to Saddleworth Moor.

In 1987, he transferred to the VO8 firearms
department, whose reputation for hard-hitting                              •   1-903854-40-7
assault tactics earned them fear and respect in
equal measure. He helped to arrest an IRA cell                             •   Paperback
based in the North West, was part of an ambush
team who swooped on a notorious Salford drugs                              •   305pp
gang on a motorway, and was on the frontline
during the most violent period in Manchester's                             •   8pp of photographs
gangland history. He freed hostages, foiled bank
robbers, arrested Columbian drug dealers and neo-
Nazis and received death threats and intimidation                          •   World rights
from                many                criminals.
                                                                           •   £7.99
Gun Law tells the action-packed inside story of
hard target, armed policing on the streets of Britain
and the men who daily risk their lives in pursuit of                 ‘A graphic account of almost
our most dangerous criminals.
                                                                    two decades in the firing line.’
Andy Hailwood served with Greater Manchester                                 THE TIMES
Police for almost twenty years until injuries suffered
when he fell through a roof while searching a bank          ‘If you considered getting yourself involved in
forced him to take early retirement. He currently        serious criminal activity in Manchester, the chances
works in the private security industry and has                    are you’d find yourself looking down
lectured in firearms training. Gun Law is his first                 the business end of his heckler.’
book.                                                                            FRONT
The Autobiography of a Soccer Hooligan Gang Leader

Mickey Francis with Peter Walsh

For 15 years, Mickey Francis and his brothers
led a succession of violent gangs following
one of Britain’s biggest clubs: Manchester

They fought scores of pitched battles with rival
firms until their bloody reign was brought to an
end by the police Omega Squad in the most
successful undercover operation of its kind.

Mickey Francis was the first of the hooligan
‘top boys’ to break his silence and this book
has become the acknowledged classic of the
genre and a bestseller.

Mickey Francis was born and raised in Moss
Side, Manchester and currently runs his own
security firm in the city. Guvnors is his first                             •   0-953084-71-X
                                                                            •   Paperback

                                                                            •   194pp

                                                                            •   6pp of photographs

                                                                            •   All territories excluding
                                                                                Italy and Japan.

                                                                            •   £6.99

                   ‘As far removed from Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch as it is possible to get.’
                                                   The Guardian

                                     ‘Compulsive reading…riveting stuff.’
                                               Inside Sport

                   ‘As an insight into the mind of a hooligan, it probably won’t be bettered.’
                                          Manchester Evening News
Hands of Stone
The Life and Legend of Roberto Duran

Christian Giudice

ROBERTO DURAN is a sporting legend. Often
called the greatest boxer of all time, he held world
titles at four different weights and is the only
professional in history to have fought in five
different decades. His bouts with fellow greats like
Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns and Marvin
Hagler have gone down in fistic folklore and his pro
record of 104 wins (69 by KO) in 120 fights puts
him in an elite group of fighters. They call him
Manos de Piedra: “Hands of Stone”.

Now American journalist Christian Guidice has
written the first – and definitive – story of Duran’s
extraordinary life both in and out of the ring. He has
interviewed the fighter himself, his family and
closest friends and scores of his opponents to
separate truth from myth and get to the heart of
one of the most intriguing sports stars of modern

Duran was born in utter poverty in the Panama
Canal Zone, the illegitimate son of a serving US
soldier and a local girl. He grew up in the streets,
fighting to survive. His talent with his fists was soon
apparent, and on one fabled occasion he even
knocked down a horse with a single punch for a
bet. He grew into a fighter’s fighter, and his
willingness to take on anyone, anywhere, anytime          •   Published September 2006
and never take a step back made him a huge
favorite.                                                 •   1-903854-55-5
From his wild early bouts to his stunning boxing          •   Hardback
debut in New York, Giudice traces the blazing trail
of his career: the controversial title win over Scot
Ken Buchanan; his unification of the lightweight          •   384pp
crown against great rival Esteban DeJesus; his
glorious defeat of Ray Leonard and the subsequent         •   16pp of photographs
debacle of the No Más encounter; his ferocious
comeback and redemption, and the long, eventful           •   World rights
twilight of his matchless career. Here also are both
the public and private sides of Duran: his volatility,    •   £17.99
his kindness and reckless generosity, his partying,
his links with the notorious regime of General
Noriega, and above all his chilling love of battle

Christian Giudice is a New Jersey-based sports
journalist whose articles and features have
appeared    in  numerous    newspapers    and
The A-L of Britain’s Football Hooligan Gangs

Nick Lowles and Andy Nicholls

For almost forty years, the scourge of
hooliganism has blighted Britain’s national
game. Organised gangs of young men from
almost every town and city in the nation have
used football as the arena for violent clashes
in an unofficial contest for supremacy. They
have rioted, wrecked, maimed and even killed.
Yet for many years they have remained largely
anonymous, a reviled yet intriguing sub-sect of

Who are the hooligan gangs of Britain? Where
do they come from and how do they organise?
Who are the principal players – past and
present? These questions and many more are
answered in Hooligans, a unique and
comprehensive reference guide to what is still
the most ingrained and active soccer yob
network in the world.

Packed with detailed and highly entertaining                      •   1-903854-41-5
profiles of the gangs both large and small,
Hooligans also documents the myths, the                           •   Large format
nicknames, the victims, the localities, the                           paperback
battles and the police operations.
                                                                  •   328pp
Combining hard fact with occasional touches
of black humour, and intense research with
                                                                  •   Photos throughout
first-person recollections, Hooligans covers the
whole spectrum of gangs together with
                                                                  •   World rights
numerous photos of mobs, fights and riots.

Nick Lowles is director of research at                            •   £14.99
Searchlight, the international anti-fascist
organisation, author of White Riot: The Violent
Rise and Fall of Combat 18, and co-author of           ‘The real history of soccer violence.’
Mr Evil and White Noise.                                             LOADED

Andy Nicholls is a former category C football      ‘A compelling look at Britain’s most notorious
hooligan whose memoir Scally was a best-                          hooligan mobs.’
seller.                                                          THE LADS MAG
Hooligans 2
The M-Z of Britain’s Football Hooligan Gangs

Nick Lowles and Andy Nicholls

By the bestselling authors of HOOLIGANS Volume
1 comes the second part of the most
comprehensive reference guide ever written to a
modern cultural phenomenon.

Who are the football hooligan gangs of Britain?
How did they form, who are their leaders and why
do they fight? These questions and many more are
answered in a unique and extensively researched
two-part guide to a fascinating but little-understood
subject. In an easy to read alphabetical format
HOOLIGANS Volume 2 covers all the major firms
at every club from M to Z.

Every football team in Britain has at one time or
another attracted a hooligan element, from the
Guv’nors of Manchester City and the Frontline of
Middlesbrough to the Subway Army of
Wolverhampton Wanderers and the legendary ICF
of West Ham United. Now authors Nick Lowles and
Andy Nicholls have interviewed scores of former
and current gang members to compile the first ever                    •   1-903854-51-2
encyclopedia of all the gangs. Each club has a
separate entry listing the names of its gangs, their
size, how they formed, their worst fights, bitterest                  •   Large format
rivals, and how police have attempted to infiltrate                       paperback
and apprehend them.
                                                                      •   368pp
Here for the first time are the histories of soccer
‘firms’ with names like the Naughty Forty, the Drunk                  •   Photos throughout
and Disorderly Firm, the Bootboys, the 6.57 Crew,
the Fine Young Casuals, the Lunatic Fringe, the CS
Crew and the Goon Squad, all illustrated
                                                                      •   World rights
throughout with dozens of never-before-seen
pictures.                                                             •   £14.99

Nick Lowles is director of research at Searchlight,        ‘The real history of soccer violence.’
the international anti-fascist organisation, author of
White Riot: The Violent Rise and Fall of Combat
18, and co-author of Mr Evil and White Noise.

Andy Nicholls is a former category C football            ‘This is the final word on terrace yobbery.’
hooligan whose memoir Scally was a best-seller.
Journey To Hell
Inside the World’s Most Violent Prison System

Donald MacNeill

 Donald MacNeil was a sailing instructor in the north of
 England when he was hired to skipper a yacht across the
 Mediterranean while teaching its owners to sail. The pay
 was good and the work sounded easy – or so he thought.
 But when the trip reached Malta, the true nature of the
 expedition was revealed: he had to sail the Atlantic to
 South America to collect one of the biggest shipments of
 cocaine ever bound for the UK.

 Realising he now knew too much about the dangerous
 gangsters who had hired him, he knew refusal wasn’t an
 option. There followed a harrowing – and bizarre – journey
 via the West Indies to the coast of Venezuela, where
 hundreds of kilos of coke were loaded on board. Shortly
 afterwards, however, Donald and a fellow crewman were
 arrested by the Venezuelan National Guard, who had
 received a tip-off from the British police and had been
 watching the entire operation. Donald was found guilty of
 drug smuggling and sentenced to six and a half years in
 the notorious island prison of San Antonio.

 He soon discovered why Venezuela’s prisons are reputed
 to be the most violent in the world. Hundreds of people are
 killed and thousands maimed every year in riots, vendettas
 and petty disputes. Thrown into a filthy, over-crowded
 dormitory known as Pavilion 4, and surrounded by armed
 gangs, crack addicts, death and disease, he witnessed
 close-up the day-to-day fight for survival of those
 unfortunate enough to be sent there.
                                                               •   Published September 06
 Ferocious guards beat prisoners indiscriminately and many
 resorted to hunger strikes and even ‘blood strikes’           •   1-903854-57-1
 (deliberately cutting themselves) to protest against the
 scarce food, undrinkable water and lack of medical care.
 Finally a gang war broke out between the two prison
                                                               •   Large format paperback
 compounds, involving guns, knives, machetes and even
 grenades, resulting in the brutal death of Donald’s friend    •   304pp
 and mentor, compound leader “Mancho”.

 Through it all MacNeil clung to the belief that one day he
                                                               •   Photos throughout
 would be reunited with his family and friends. Journey To
 Hell is a harrowing but compelling account of the workings    •   World rights
 of the international drug trade and of one man’s
 extraordinary endurance and will to survive.
                                                               •   £9.99

 Donald MacNeil has worked as a sailing instructor and in
 Mountain Rescue. To complete his jail term he taught
 English at a language academy. He is currently rebuilding
 his life in Scotland.
King of the Gypsies
Memoirs of the Undefeated Bareknuckle Champion of Britain and Ireland

Bartley Gorman with Peter Walsh

Bartley Gorman was the greatest bareknuckle
fighter of modern times. He reigned as King of
the Gypsies for twenty years, beating all
comers in illegal contests at fairs and
racetracks, down mineshafts and in quarries,
on campsites and in car parks. He fought for
honour and pride and became a legend
among        the     travelling    community.

In this hard-hitting autobiography he lays bare
the secret world of illicit prize-fighting and
recalls his violent clashes with pro-boxers,
martial artists, streetfighters and the lawless
‘Suicide Fighters’ who seek out the top
champions of the day. He describes great
fighters of the past like the infamous Uriah ‘Big
Just’ Burton, the challenges he threw out to
London hardmen Lennie McLean and Roy
Shaw, and the brutal mob attack that almost
cost him his life on St Leger Day at Doncaster                  •   1-903854-16-4
                                                                •   Paperback
His extraordinary memoir also contains many
rare photographs and unveils the formidable
                                                                •   281pp
new breed of fighting travellers.
                                                                •   24pp of photographs
Bartley Gorman died in 2002 after a short
                                                                •   All territories excluding
illness. He was fifty-seven.
                                                                    Republic of Ireland
Co-author Peter Walsh is the Sunday Times
                                                                •   £7.99
bestselling author of Gang War and co-author
of Cocky and Guvnors.

                                                       ‘A rare glimpse into a secret world.’
                                                          INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY

                                                    ‘Well-written, interesting – and often gory.’
                                                                  BOXING NEWS
The Men In Black
Inside Manchester United’s Football Hooligan Firm

Tony O’Neill

From the late Eighties to the new Millennium,
one football gang dominated the streets and
terraces. Older, harder and better organised
than their foes, they travelled everywhere and
feared no-one. After one spectacular victory, a
vanquished rival gave them the name that
became a byword for soccer violence: The
Men In Black.

Manchester United’s hooligan mob had long
caused mayhem, but in 1989 their hardcore
was the target of a massive undercover police
investigation, codenamed Operation Mars. It
focused on the most infamous of the firm’s
members, including its ‘general’, Tony O’Neill,
and led to more than thirty arrests. But when
the trial collapsed, the firm returned to the fray,
wiser, more cunning and more ruthless than
ever before. They went on to defend their
fearsome reputation against the toughest
outfits in Britain; the Soul Crew, the Zulu               •    1-903854-52-0
Warriors, the Boro Frontline and the ICF. They
were never defeated.
                                                          •    Paperback
Covering the crucial period 1988 – 2005, The
                                                          •    242pp
Men In Black recounts these stories and
many more, told by those who were there,
those who were involved in the hand-to-hand,              •    8pp of photographs
close quarter battles and notably, the man
police called Target Kilo: Tony O’Neill.                  •    World rights

                                                          •    £7.99

Tony O’Neill is a life-long Manchester United
supporter and runs Champion Sports Travel.
Having served several prison terms, he is              ‘This fella is the Fergie of
currently banned from every football ground in        football related punch-ups.’
Britain. His previous book is Red Army
General.                                                        LOADED

                                                      ‘Britain’s No.1 football thug.’

                                                              DAILY MIRROR
The Mersey Fighters
The Lives and Times of Liverpool’s Boxing Heroes

Editors: Jim Jenkinson and Gary Shaw

Few cities in the UK have a prouder boxing
heritage than Liverpool. The banks of the
Mersey have produced or nurtured some of
the finest fighters ever to grace these shores.
From Ike Bradley – the first local boxer to
contest a title in 1906 – to the stylish and
charismatic John Conteh, their stories of
triumph, dedication and, at times, heartbreak
will live forever.

Editors Jim Jenkinson and Gary Shaw have
updated the work of respected Liverpool Echo
boxing writer Syd Dye to produce the first
history of the great Mersey fighters and their
battles. World champs like Hogan Bassey and
the legendary Dick Tiger stand side by side
with local heroes like the graceful Nel Tarleton
and the rugged Harry Scott and more than 100
other pugilists who left their mark on the
Liverpool fight scene. Filled with tales of
hardship, courage and drama, The Mersey                       •   1-903854-33-4
Fighters is essential reading for boxing and
sports fans alike.                                            •   Paperback

                                                              •   332pp
Jim Jenkinson is a retired police officer and is
now Secretary of the Merseyside Ex-boxers                     •   Illustrated throughout
                                                              •   World rights
Gary Shaw is a boxing historian who regularly
contributes articles to the boxing press.                     •   £9.99

                                                   ‘A cult classic and a must for fight fans.’
                                                              LIVERPOOL ECHO

                                                         BBC RADIO MERSEYSIDE
Mark Chester

In 1985, forty hooligan followers of Stoke City
FC took a riotous trip to Portsmouth – and the
Naughty Forty was born. It became one of the
most notorious soccer gangs in Britain.

Mark Chester was a founder member of the
N40. Expelled from school after an unsettled
childhood, he joined the Staffordshire
Regiment, only to be discharged for
misconduct. Stoke City's emerging 'casual'
mob became his family. 'Right or wrong, i was
ready to become a committed football

Pivotal clashes with the likes of Everton,
Manchester United and West Ham defined the
new firm. Formidable characters came to the
forefront, men like the giant Mark Bentley,
Philler the Beast and the legendary Miffer. The
N40 code was simple: whatever the odds, they
would always make a stand. Soon they were                        •   1-903854-26-1
joined by the Under-Fives, a younger element
determined to win the acceptance from the
                                                                 •   Paperback
terrace       legends       they     admired.
                                                                 •   381pp
Naughty is essential reading for anyone
wishing to understand the illicit but seductive
lure of terrace combat, the emotional ties of a                  •   16pp of photographs
gang and the addictive buzz of Saturday
afternoons.                                                      •   World rights

Mark Chester has followed Stoke City since                       •   £7.99
boyhood and first became involved in the
terrace culture standing on the old Boothen
End at the Victoria Ground. He served with the
1st Staffordshire Regiment but was discharged     ‘Shows the psychology behind the brutality…one of
for fighting and became a founder member of         the most frank accounts of the yobbo mindset.’
the football gang later known as the Naughty                            ICE
Forty. His second book, Sex, Drugs and
Football Thugs was published by Milo Books         ‘Breaks the mould of hooligan books with some
in 2005.                                              brilliant stories and truly mad adventures.’
                                                                     THE LADS MAG
No Holds Barred
Ultimate Fighting and the Martial Arts Revolution

Clyde Gentry

In November 1993, eight men met in a
tournament to find the greatest unarmed
fighter in the world. They fought one-against-
one in an octagonal cage where they could
punch, kick, knee, elbow, head-butt and
choke. “There are no rules!” proclaimed the
organisers.       The       Ultimate  Fighting
Championship was born – and the mystique of
traditional martial arts had died.

By matching experts in different arts against
each other in a realistic setting, it exploded
many of the myths about unarmed combat.
Black belts and flashy moves proved no match
for the skill, technique and brute force of a new
breed of warrior.

The UFC sparked a revolution in combat
sports - and a furious backlash. Its critics
labelled it ‘human cockfighting’. Campaigners
decried it, politicians banned it. Yet similar                          •   1-903854-30-X
events spread worldwide, producing athletic
stars like Royce Gracie, Frank and Ken
                                                                        •   Paperback
Shamrock, Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell.
                                                                        •   304pp
Author Clyde Gentry has interviewed more
than 100 key figures to produce the definitive
inside account of the contests, political battles,                      •   24pp of photographs
intrigues and infighting. Here at last is the
inside story of the world's most controversial                          •   World rights
and misunderstood sport, and of the fearless
fighting men who dare to enter the                                      •   £8.99

                                 ‘Exhaustively researched, surprisingly honest,
                                            and genuinely gripping’
                                           GRAPPLING MAGAZINE
                                       ‘What every mixed martial arts fan
                                             has been waiting for.’
No Retreat
The Secret War Between Britain’s Anti-Fascists and the Far Right

Dave Hann and Steve Tilzey

In the late 1970’s, racism was on the march.
The bootboys and skinheads of the National
Front and the British Movement paraded their
extremist views and targeted ethnic minorities
and political opponents – until a group of
working-class, left-wing activists decided to
fight back. They vowed to drive the nazis off
the streets not with speeches and placards but
by         any        means        necessary.

The Squads were born – and so began the
secret conflict between the anti-nazis and the
far right. Shopping centres, meeting halls,
concert venues and pubs became the setting
for a series of pitched battles that raged from
London to Glasgow, Leeds to Manchester.
And slowly, the far right were beaten from the

In 1985 Anti-Fascist Action was formed to
carry on the fight and to ‘oppose fascism both                     •     1-903854-22-9
phsyically and idealogically.’ AFA’s Steward’s
Group superseded the Squads and led the                            •     Paperback
assault on the emergent British National Party
and its violent henchmen.                                          •     283pp

Authors Dave Hann and Steve Tilzey risked                          •     8pp of photographs
police harassment, physical injury and even
prison for their beliefs. No Retreat is their                      •     World rights
extraordinary account of a hidden war that
raged for twenty years on Britain’s streets.                       •     £7.99

                                        Highly recommended.’
                                          THE LADS MAG

                                 ‘An admirable and interesting story.’
                                     MAXIMUM ROCK N' ROLL

                      ‘A hidden history of the bloody war against the fascists.’
                                          MORNING STAR
Red Army General
Leading Britain’s Biggest Hooligan Firm

Tony O’Neill

Manchester United’s red Army was the most
notorious hooligan following British football
has ever seen. Tens of thousands strong. This
huge tribe of disaffected youths from all over
the country laid siege to town centres and
soccer grounds and became a byword for
terrace                               infamy.

Tony O’Neill was there from the beginning and
became its most prominent face. He was
barely in his teens when he set out in his Doc
Martens from the largest council estate in
Europe to follow the Red Devils. By the age of
sixteen, his ferocity in street combat and force
of personality had made him a leader – a
position he would maintain for the next thirty
years. Organising riotous trips in his infamous
War Wagon, he became so renowned that he
was invited to a sit-down meeting with then-
Sports Minister Denis Howell to discuss ways
to combat the rampant hooligan problem.                  •   1-903854-45-8
After serving a jail term at the end of the
                                                         •   Paperback
Seventies, O’Neill emerged to face the new
‘casual’ mobs. He quickly reasserted his
                                                         •   348pp
control over United’s firm and led them against
an even tougher generation of opponents: the
West Ham I.C.F, the Chelsea Headhunters,                 •   8pp of photographs
the Leeds Service Crew and the scally armies
of Liverpool and Everton. He was so                      •   World rights
successful that police intelligence files labelled
him the ‘prime mover’ of United’s firm and he            •   £7.99
became the main target of a huge undercover

Tony O’Neill is a lifelong Manchester United          ‘This fella is the Fergie of
supporter and runs Champion Sports Travel.           football related punch-ups.’
Having served several prison terms, he is                      LOADED
currently banned from every football ground in
Britain. Tony’s second book is called The Men        ‘Britain’s No.1 football thug.’
In Black.                                                   DAILY MIRROR
From Original Gangster To Nobel Prize Nominee

Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams

On 13 December 2005, Stanley Tookie
Williams was executed by lethal injection in
San Quentin Prison, California, for four
murders he had always denied. His fight for
clemency had been the subject of worldwide
debate, and his funeral was attended by film
stars,   politicians   and     rap   artists.

Yet few knew the full story of his extraordinary
life. Tookie was once the most awesome
figure in Los Angeles gangland, a young man
with a ferocious reputation in the tough South
Central district. To protect family and friends
from roving street gangs, he and the
charismatic Raymond Washington created the
Crips     -   the   biggest    gang     of   all.

But as the Crips expanded they became like
the rivals they once despised: gangbangers
who terrorized their own neighbourhoods. In
1979, Tookie was charged with murdering four                  •   1-903854-34-2
people in two robberies. Though declaring his
innocence, he was convicted and sentenced to
                                                              •   Paperback
                                                              •   348pp
Uncompromising and massively-built, Tookie
became one of the most feared inmates in the
U.S prison system. But as he educated himself                 •   8pp of photographs
in his tiny cell, he underwent a transformation ,
seeking redemption from his violent legeacy.                  •   UK rights only
He wrote books instructing youths not to follow
in his footsteps and was nominated for the                    •   £7.99
Nobel Peace Prize for his anti-gang work - all
from Death Row. His life story became a
Hollywood movie starring Oscar-winning actor
Jamie                                      Foxx.         ‘Fascinating and frightening.’
Destined to become a classic, Redemption is
the story of a remarkable life and the most         'He inspired me to want to do something
insightful, candid and thought-provoking book                 positive with my life.'
ever written on gang culture.                                    SNOOP DOGG

                                                         ‘Read this book.’ THE TIMES
The Shocking Confessions of a Category C Football Hooligan

Andy Nicholls

Andy Nicholls is the archetypal Scally: a
streetwise Evertonian with a wicked sense of
humour and an eye for the main chance. He is
also an obsessive soccer fan and, as a
Category C hooligan - the highest-rating of the
National Football Intelligence Unit - was
involved in some of the most notorious clashes
of the past 30 years.

In this remarkably candid autobiography, he
recounts his immersion in the hooligan culture
of the late 1970s, at a time when fans from
Merseyside pioneered the "casual" fashion
that would transform the terrace scene. He
soon made a name for himself and became
friends with Everton mobs such as Kelly's
Heroes, the cocaine-sniffing Snorty Forty and
the shadowy County Road Cutters.

Nicholls deals unflinchingly with the barbaric
knifings for which Merseyside hooligans
                                                             •   1-903854-25-3
became notorious, with the accusations of
racism that have long been levelled at Everton
                                                             •   Paperback
fans, and with the 1985 Heysel Disaster, at
which he was present. He also relates darkly
humorous tales of thieving, ticket touting, the              •   400pp
bitter rivalries with Manchester United and
Liverpool, and how he made the headlines on                  •   8pp of photographs
the front page of The Sun newspaper for
producing a fanzine called Get Into Them.                    •   All territories excluding

Andy Nicholls is a former Category C football                •   £6.99
hooligan who has served time in jail for
football-related offences. He is the co-author
of Hooligans: The A-L of Britian’s Football       ‘One of the better retrospectives, Scally is
Hooligan Gangs and Hooligans 2 and currently        chock-full of high profile tear-ups with
runs his own web site www.andy-                         most of the major UK firms.'                                                     LOADED

                                                            ‘Remarkably candid.’
Sex, Drugs and
Football Thugs
On The Road with the Naughty Forty

Mark Chester

What does a football hooligan firm do outside
football? In the case of Mark Chester and the
infamous Stoke City Naughty Forty, the
answer was: live off their wits and burn the
candle at both ends.

Chester left his native Stoke in the mid-
Eighties in search of something more than the
buzz of terrace violence. He lived in North
Africa with a pickpocket gang called The
Hawks and dealt hash and coke in the
Spanish coastal resorts, fighting off rival
Moroccan dealers. After returning to London
as a down-and-out – “to strip myself bare” – he
took off again for Benidorm and the start of the
rave scene.

Soon the Stoke boys had teamed up with the
6.57 Crew from Portsmouth to run Ecstasy
rackets, driving pills in from Holland hidden in
the tanks of motorbikes and clashing with
international organised crime bosses.                               •   1-903854-44-X
The Nineties saw Chester in California,
                                                                    •   Large paperback
enjoying riotous road trips with prostitutes and
taking jaunts to watch the England football
                                                                    •   328pp
team abroad, and the inevitable carnage that
                                                                    •   World rights
Sex, Drugs and Football Thugs is part
travelogue, part confessional, and by turns                         •   £9.99
harrowing and hilarious.

Mark Chester has followed Stoke City since
boyhood and became a founder member of             ‘This breaks the mould of hooligan books with some
the football gang later known as the Naughty         brilliant stories and crazy adventures as well as
Forty. His first book, Naughty, was published                 moments of raw human emotion.
by Milo Books in 2003.                                      Well written and highly entertaining.’

                                                                    THE LADS MAG
Size Doesn’t Matter
My Rugby Life

Neil Back

Neil Back is one of rugby’s greatest ever
flankers. He has captained his country, scored
more tries than any other England forward,
and enjoyed immense success with his club,
Leicester Tigers.

Respected by team-mates, feared by
opponents and loved by fans, he is
acknowledged as one of the fittest, most
versatile and most dynamic players in the

In this, his autobiography, he describes his
inspirational battle to disprove those who
believed he was too small for international

Laced with razor-edged insights and black
humour, Size Doesn’t Matter is an
indispensable chronicle of life at the front line
of the toughest team game in sport.                                          •   1-903854-12-1

                                                                             •   Paperback

                                                                             •   292pp

                                                                             •   16pp of photographs

                                                                             •   World rights

                                                                             •   £7.99

   ‘People often ask me who’s the best I have played with or against. They expect me to name an
        All Black, a Wallaby or a Springbok. The answer is much closer to home: Neil Back.’
                                     LAWRENCE DALLAGLIO

                                     ‘Hits as hard as one of his tackles.’
                                                 DAILY MAIL
Soul Crew
The Inside Story of Britain’s Most Notorious Hooligan Gang

David Jones and Tony Rivers

One football gang has made the headlines
more than any other over the past decade: the
Cardiff Soul Crew. Formed in the early
Eighties, it took its name from its followers’
love of soul music and brought together
disparate mobs from the Welsh capital city and
from the surrounding valleys and industrial

Authors Dave Jones and Tony Rivers give a
compelling insiders’ account of clashes with
violent crews from London, Middlesbrough,
Plymouth and Glasgow and they describe the
intense rivalry with the Jacks of Swansea City.
They reveal how internal tensions have
prevented the gang from having a clear
leadership and they tell of their obsession with
the ‘casual’ fashion scene and explain how
they have forged friendships with fellow
terrace obsessives from all over Britain.                            •   1-903854-08-3

Told with black humour and unflinching                               •   Paperback
honesty, Soul Crew is an explosive account of
how the hooligan culture has prevailed despite                       •   216pp
the best efforts of police, politicians and the
football authorities to stamp it out.                                •   8pp of photographs

                                                                     •   All territories excluding
                                                                         Republic of Ireland

                                                                     •   £7.99

                                ‘A good read with no shortage of humour.’

Real Fighting Men Tell Their Stories

Julian Davies

In every town and city in the UK are hardmen
who have earned notoriety with their fists.
Doormen, unlicensed boxers, bareknuckle
fighters, brawlers and enforcers, they are
throwbacks to a time when disputes were
settled man to man in blood. Some of these
men are lionised by their communities, others
vilified – but all have a story to tell.

Julian Davies travelled the country to interview
two dozen of the hardest underground fighters
in Britain and lift the lid on their brutal world of
violence, honour and respect. Most had never
spoken publicly before. In their own words
they describe gang fights, brutal reprisals,
mass pub brawls, injuries and even deaths.

They include Henry Francis, the ferocious
bareknuckle champ; Malcolm Price, the legend
of the Welsh Valleys; eight stone doorman
Andre Martin, a multiple martial arts expert; big           •   1-903854-27-X
Decca Simpkin, a boxer turned brawler; and
the giant Brian Cockerell, who taxes drug                   •   Paperback
dealers          for          a           living.
                                                            •   300pp
Darkly humourous and brutally honest,
Streetfighters is the hardest-hitting book ever
                                                            •   Photos throughout
written about the toughest men around.
                                                            •   World rights
Julian Davies is an ex-heavyweight boxer
who now trains youngsters in South Wales. He                •   £7.99
is the co-author of Bouncers: Their Lives in
Their Own Words, published by Milo Books in
2003. He is currently working on his third
                                                       ‘The inside story of the most
                                                        feared hardmen in Britain.’
                                                            SUNDAY SPORT

                                                        ‘A truly fascinating read.’
Suicide Squad
The Story of a Hooligan Firm

Andrew Porter

Burnley FC fans are famously the most loyal of
all: their club claims the biggest support in the
country compared to the size of its town. Such
fierce commitment has also inspired ferocious
– and sometimes misdirected – loyalty.

Out of the terrace wars of the 1970s came a
gang known as the Suicide Squad – and
Andrew ‘Pot’ Porter was one of its leaders.
Raised in the shadow of Turf Moor in a
northern community of back-to-back terraces,
he started watching matches as a cider-
swigging ten-year-old and was soon a regular
on the famous Long Side, where he saw the
exploits of fearless terrace legends like
Norman Jones and the crazy Bungalow Bill.

Burnley’s rollercoaster history– from the old
Division One to Division Four and the threat of
non-league football – meant the Suicide                                 •   1-903854-46-6
Squad clashed with just about every rival mob
in the country, from minnows like Bury and                              •   Paperback
Wimbledon to giants like Spurs, Celtic,
Birmingham and Manchester City, with Pot                                •   342pp
always in the thick of it. A successful amateur
boxer, he was also a regular follower of the                            •   8pp of photographs
England national team, where he witnessed
some of the most notorious incidents of                                 •   World rights
modern times.
                                                                        •   £7.99
From raucous trips in Transit vans with carrier
bags full of beer cans, to sleeping off
hangovers in foreign train stations, to fighting      ‘Burnley FC have the dubious and unfortunate honour of
with mad German skinheads, Suicide Squad is           being the unwilling host to a group of hooligans that are
a gritty, realistic and vivid portrayal of the wild   larger in number and more vociferous in their behaviour
side of British football.                             than clubs of a similar position in the league. The
                                                      hooligan element at Burnley proudly refer to themselves
                                                      as the Burnley Suicide Squad. The self-imposed title is
Andrew ‘Pot’ Porter was raised near Turf              derived from previous behaviour at away games where
Moor, home of Burnley FC, but is currently            the single-minded involvement in violence against
banned from attending matches. Suicide                overwhelming odds could be described as suicidal.’
Squad is his first book.
                                                                 LANCASHIRE POLICE REPORT,
                                                                    OPERATION FIXTURE
The Violent Rise and Fall of the Black Mafia

Sean Patrick Griffin

The Black Mafia is one of the bloodiest crime
syndicates in history. From its roots in
Philadelphia’s ghettos in the 1960’s, it grew
from a rabble of street toughs to a disciplined,
ruthless organisation based on fear and
intimidation. Known in its “legitimate” guise as
Black Brothers Inc, it held regular meetings,
appointed investigators, treasurers and
enforcers, and controlled drug dealing, loan-
sharking, numbers rackets, armed robbery and

Its ferocious crew of gunmen grew around
burly founder Sam Christian, the most feared
man on Philly’s streets. They developed close
ties with the influential Nation of Islam and
soon were executing rivals, extorting bookies
connected to the city’s powerful Cosa Nostra
crew, and cowing local gangs. Despite the
arrests that followed, they continued their
rampage, exploiting their ties to prominent                          •    1-903854-54-4
lawyers and civil rights leaders. A heavy round
of convictions and sentences in the 1980’s
                                                                     •    Paperback
shattered their strength – only for the crack-
dealing Junior Black Mafia to emerge in their
                                                                     •    464pp

Author Sean Griffin, a former Philadelphia                           •    23pp of photographs
police officer turned university professor,
conducted scores of interviews and gained                            •    World rights
unique access to informant logs, witness
statements, wiretaps and secret FBI files to                         •    £7.99
make Superbad the most detailed account
ever of an African-American organized crime
mob, and a landmark investigation into the          ‘Author Sean Griffin has delivered a richly detailed
modern urban underworld.                            narrative of the murderous history of the city’s first
                                                            African-American crime syndicate.’
Sean Griffin is an Associate Professor at
Penn State, Abington. He has authored                         PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS
articles and researched many areas of
                                                        ‘Griffin's reporting on the Black Mafia and its
criminology, sociology and organized crime.        interaction with law enforcement, the Nation of Islam
Superbad is his first book and was published                  and the Italian mob is fascinating.’
in the US as Black Brothers, Inc.
                                                                PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY
Black, White and Blue: The Story of the Zulu Warriors Football Firm

Caroline Gall

Birmingham’s Zulu Army occupy a unique
place in the annals of terrace violence: a
mixed-race gang. Yet it could have been so
different. Birmingham was a club split by racial
discord in the 1970s, until a shadowy hooligan
group called the Apex united black and white
on the terraces. The Zulus then appeared
against a backdrop of Two-Tone and the
casual area, their name first chanted at
Manchester City in 1982. Soon they were both
feared for their ferocity and admired and
emulated for their style.

BBC Journalist Caroline Gall was granted
unprecedented access to the gang and spent
a year interviewing Zulu leaders and
footsoldiers. She examines their rivalry with
neighbours Aston Villa and how clashes with
other firms such the ICF and the Soul Crew
saw them become one of the top five mobs in
the country. She uncovers their role in some of                    •   1-903854-53-9
the worst football-related riots of modern times
and looks in-depth at Operation Red Card, the
                                                                   •   Large paperback
successful police operation against them.
                                                                   •   280pp
Gall also traces their involvement in the rave
scene, the emergence of offshoot gangs such
as the Brew Crew and the Junior Business                           •   16pp of photographs
Boys, and chronicles some of their major
confrontations of recent years, with the likes of                  •   World rights
Stoke City, Millwall, Cardiff, Hull, Portsmouth,
Liverpool and Wolves, culminating in the                           •   £9.99
infamous Battle of Rocky Lane against Aston
Villa in 2002.

Caroline Gall is a journalist for BBC Online
and has written for numerous national               'At last, a book that deals with football hooligan
newspapers and magazines. She is currently               culture without tabloid sensationalism.’
at work on her second book.

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