Representation of irrational numbers on number line

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					 Representation of irrational numbers on number line
Representation of irrational numbers on number line

          We know it well that the addition and subtraction operators are inter- related. In the
same way we know that multiplication and division relations are also inter- related. A fact
family is a group of numbers that use the same numbers to make a addition, subtraction,
division or a multiplication sentence or equation.

         To form the statements which are producing the same results and sense by different
operators are called the expressions of a Fact Family. to develop the skills between addition
fact for the subtraction operator, subtraction fact for the addition operator, multiplication facts
for the division problems and division facts for the multiplication problems.

        A Fact Family helps the children in testing their ability to build fact families for addition
/ subtraction, and for multiplication/division. They help to learn in a play way method. It is the
most innovative method of teaching learning process.

       For the small children to understand the relations between the various operators, Fact
Family Worksheet are developed. These worksheets are perfect for practicing how to build the
fact family sets for the given set of numbers.

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They help the children of the kinder garden to play with the worksheets and then understand
the relation with the two inter related mathematical operators.

Here are few examples to learn the concept of the fact family:

We know 4 and 7 add together to give 11 as the result, which is represented mathematically

4 + 7 = 11

Similarly if 4 is added to 7 we get the same number. Thus we write 7 + 4 = 11 or 4 + 7 = 11
means same. They are both addition facts

On the another hand if we subtract 7 from 11, we get 4 and if 4 is subtracted from 11, we get
7. This can be illustrated as follows:

 11 – 7 = 4

11 - 4 = 7. These are the two subtraction facts for addition

Similarly the relation between multiplication and division facts can be represented as follows:

It is clear that * ( multiplication) is used to represent repeated addition. On another hand
division is used to represent repeated subtraction.

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If we have the expression 56 ÷7 = 8, which means if 56 is divided in 7 equal parts, we get 8.
this expression can also be written as

     56 ÷ 8 = 7, which means if 56 is divided in 8 equal parts, we get 7.

These division facts can be replaced by the multiplication facts as:

   7 * 8 = 56, it says if 7 is added 8 times gives 56

Or 8 * 7 =56, it says if 8 is added 7 times gives 56.                                                     Page No. : ­ 3/4
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