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 Speaker Press Kit

              1800-438-228483 (Australia)
              1-213-233-9402 (USA and Canada)
PO Box 571 Carina, QLD Australia 4152

     1800-438-228483 (Australia)
  1-213-233-9402 (USA and Canada)



            Eric’s passion to help others grew out of his own hardships
            as a child. Born on a rainy evening in 1960, Eric’s chances of success
            looked bleak from the very beginning. At birth, Eric was diagnosed with
            a congenital deformity of the knee joint and due to his biological parents
            being unable to raise a disabled child, he was given up for adoption.

            He spent his childhood growing up on the tough streets of South Central,
            Los Angeles dealing with his disability on his own because of inadequate
            medical care. Poverty, crime, drugs, and a flawed educational system
            surrounded him. Eric was often told that his fate was already sealed and
            that he would end up in a gang, drug addicted, in prison, or dead.

            Eric opted to transform his perspective and instead of letting the chal-
            lenges he faced become barriers, he saw them as opportunities to learn
            and grow. Eric chose to create an inspired vision for his life and carry
            that vision out through planning, action, and undeniable persistence. De-
            spite being told by doctors that he would never be able to play sports due
            to his knee, Eric was determined to play basketball.

            He spent 35 hours a week, on top of going to school, working on his
            game and strengthening his knee. Eric not only made the basketball
            team, but he eventually became Player of The Year, made All City, and
            won the Most Valuable Player award. But the obstacles didn’t stop there.

            Eric’s struggles in class prevented him from being accepted to any of the
            colleges he originally applied to, so he went to a junior college to improve
            his grades. Not only did he improve his grades enough to get into Boise
            State University, he was awarded a scholarship to play basketball there.
            After a successful career at Boise State, Eric was passed over by the
            NBA draft. Instead of giving up on his dream to play professional basket-
            ball, Eric chose to play in the NBL in Australia, where he had a success-
            ful career that spanned over 12 years.

            Upon retiring from basketball, Eric went on to excel in the sales field, or-
            ganized children’s charity events, and hosted celebrity basketball tourna-
            ments with Michael Jordan and Jamie Foxx. Then in 1996, Eric’s desire
            to inspire others led him to begin sharing his story of vision as not just a
            motivational speaker, but an Activational speaker. Activational speaker is
            a term Eric coined himself because his presentations do more than just

            leave the participants with a good feeling. Feelings are fleeting, but a
            commitment to action is everlasting. Via sheer talent and endless dedica-
            tion has helped Eric affect a lasting change in the minds and hearts of
            over 1.5 million people around the world.

            Eric holds the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designa-
            tion, conferred by the National Speakers Association and the
            International Federation for Professional Speakers. The CSP
            label has strict standards and a rigorous five-year certification process
            during which speakers must demonstrate both experience and expertise.
            Less than 10 percent of all speakers worldwide have this certification and
            it represents one of the highest achievements possible for a speaking

            Eric’s successful careers in professional athletics, sales, and executive
            management have helped form his ability to transform the lives of people
            of all ages and varying cultures around the world. As a professional bas-
            ketball player Eric’s versatility and his ability to do it all made him shine
            and stand out from the crowd. As a speaker, his adaptability has again
            helped him rise to the top. Eric’s ability to crossover and connect with
            audiences of all ages and backgrounds makes him the world’s most dy-
            namic speaker.

            When the Eric Bailey’s towering 6’6” frame steps onto the stage, he gives
            his audiences more than just a presentation, he gives them an experi-
            ence that connects with them on an emotional level. Clearly, he is a
            powerful force both physically and motivationally. Eric customizes all of
            his presentations for the group he is speaking with. He immerses himself
            into his audience’s culture and connects with them on an emotional level.
            Using positive energy, wit, and insight, Eric fills the room with excite-
            ment that can be felt as soon as you walk in and never fades during the
            course of the presentation.

            Eric Bailey is the CEO of Eric Bailey Global,
            which is behind such great sites such as
Picture Gallery
                                                         Eric is the leading authority
                                                         on understanding and stimulating
                                                         human potential for individuals,
                                                         businesses and organizations

   Former Prime Minister of Australia John Howard              2011/2012 Australian Light Middleweight Boxing
   congratulates Eric on his speaking and contribution         Champion Tyrone “Cyclone” Tongia celebrates
   to the youth of Australia.                                  with coach and mentor Eric Bailey.

    CEO of 21st Century Education For Life and great           Jamie McIntyre and PR Guru Max Markson
    friend Jamie McIntyre during an event on the Gold          enjoying the FES event with Eric.
    Coast in Australia.

   Sir Richard Branson and Eric having a casual conversation   Eric with Tim Ferriss
   before taking the stage in Melbourne, Victoria.
Picture Gallery

  Global Icon Tim Ferriss greets Eric with a thundereous handshake.

  The crowd responds to the high energy of Eric’s                                 Eric presenting in front of a 6500 strong auidence at the Financial
  Activational presentation.                                                      Education Summit in Melbourne Australia 2011.

   A very emotional and passionate                  Eric sharing the stage with International             An emotional moment in Orlando,
   auidence welcome Eric to the stage.              trainers/speakers Jeff and Kane                       Flordia during a USA tour.
Why Book Eric?
                          The ability to see yourself in the
                              future beginins with the realization
                       that the future starts in the present...

         When it comes to booking motivational talent for your next event,
         you have many options to choose from. In fact, you may not know
         exactly where to start in deciding who is best equipped to speak
         to your group, deliver a strong message and inspire the audience.
         Some speakers may be funny, others clever, a few more may bring a
         spiritual element and others may have the key ability to draw in the
         audience. What if you could find all these elements and more in one
         powerful speaker? The short answer is…You can! Eric Bailey is ev-
         erything listed above and more. Whether the audience is filled with
         high school kids, college students, young professionals or senior
         executive, Eric has the keen ability to engage the audience while
         at the same time motivating them to real action in order to change
         their lives in a positive manner.

WhyEric Bailey
      should you
 for your next event
 Following are the top five reasons:
Why Book Eric?

       1.       ImmEdIatEly
                Eric has the unique skill to capture the audience’s attention in the first few moments of
                his presentation and holds that attention for the duration of the event. This is integral to
                making certain that the core message really hits home for the audience. There will be no
                point in the presentation wherein the audience is distracted, bored or lacking in enthusi-
                asm. Eric is always absolutely certain that participants feel that he is speaking directly to
                them…in their language…addressing their issues…and offering nearly customized solu-
                tions to their individual concern. Some participants quickly feel as though Eric is speak-
                ing only to them and that the balance of the audience somehow fades away in what feels
                like an inspiring one-on-one session designed just for them. By doing this, individuals will
                leave Eric Bailey’s presentations feeling as though he spoke specifically to them and will
                take all of his key messages to heart.

       2.       adaptIvE
                to thE audIEncE
                A corporate audience is very different than those attending a high school anti-bullying
                event. An audience filled with out of work middle-aged folks looking for gainful employ-
                ment is quite different from a room filled with recent college graduates preparing to
                embark on their first careers. Whatever the landscape of the audience, Eric Bailey will
                adjust and adapt his presentation to speak to only their needs. He will tap into their de-
                sires, their fears, their motivators and their aspirations in a successful effort to customize
                a presentation for that specific clientele. Eric can speak on varied topics including:

      Passive                    Corporate
      Income                     Motivation                                Health

                 Youth                                                                    Overcoming
                Issues                                Nutrition                            Personal
Why Book Eric?

       3.       call
                to actIon
                A surgeon would never do open heart surgery without the proper instruments and a
                mechanic would never attempt car repairs without the correct tools. When it comes to
                changing your life, improving your life, living your dreams and focusing on pure success
                in your life, Eric Bailey will provide the tools that you need. Words can sometimes be
                empty unless they are presented in such a way that actually provides much needed tools
                to make real change in your life. What sets Eric Bailey apart? His ability to provide an
                Activational session that is meant to compel folks to actually making significant changes
                to their lives. Real tools coupled with sincere motivation, confidence and encouragement
                means that the audience now has the ability to change the course of their lives. This is
                the Activational recipe!

       4.       long lastIng
                Most people walk away from a motivational session feeling inspired and ready to tackle
                the world. Sadly, for some folks that motivated feeling lasts only a day or so. When the
                motivation and enthusiasm wanes, this means that no legitimate and long lasting change
                will actually occur. Feeling great for a short period of time is nice, but real life change is
                invaluable. This is the true skill set of Eric Bailey: Long lasting results along with a moti-
                vated feeling that will truly endure. When you marry motivation with real life tools, you have
                the perfect formula for a life changing event. Even for those participants that feel that
                their future is bleak, that they have exhausted every opportunity or that they are on the
                brink of emotional collapse, these sessions will prove to be nothing short of a life-saver.

         Eric’s                                                                   How
                                                                                 to get

                                                                                 in the
                                                                                  best in

                                                                                Gr inG
                                                                                Presented by Eric

Why Book Eric?

        5.                thE audIEncE
                          spEaks For ItsElF
                          This all sounds wonderful so far, but the real proof to all of this is in what
                          the audience itself has to say about Eric Bailey. After all, they are the ones
                          that have lived it, experienced it, and applied it to their lives. Let’s hear
                          what they have to say…

       Jamie             Eric is one of the best speakers to ever set foot in this country.
     McIntyre            His ability to share from his heart not only inspires the audience
                         but he is able to challenge them to rise above the difficulties of
                         life and achieve so much more and make their dreams a reality.
                         Everyone should hear what this man has to say.

           Mitzi          Eric’s energy, passion, and story is awe-inspiring! As a
          Dulan,          fellow professional speaker, Eric is a guy who can make an
      RD, CSSD Media      impact with an audience through his electrifying, authentic
       Spokesperson,      and powerful presentation. He knows exactly how to
      Author, Speaker     combine substance, style and entertainment - keeping the
                          audience fully engaged. After hearing Eric, I had a new sense
                          of urgency to take immediate action to reach my life goals!

           Julie          Eric Baileys “A Winning Attitude Seminar” in June 2009
          Willett         was a dynamic, motivating and emotional rollercoaster ride.
       Administration     Five minutes into his seminar and we were hooked! Eric
           Assistant,     shared his story through active participation which was
         Toowoomba        most effective. The impact he had on our work group was
                          amazing and it was the topic of discussion for many weeks
                          in the office. “We now have the Winning Attitude”

       Suzane             I don’t think that I have ever seen an auditorium of 500
     Emanuele             delegates so moved and I have attended over 20 years of
             Director,    corporate conferences. The audience was on their feet, some
      Watermark Real      people with tears in their eyes at the conclusion of Eric’s
      Estate Xchange      dynamic and moving presentation.t
Why Book Eric?

            Michael          I would like to take a moment and thank you for speaking to our
             Kohler          AEM group. I felt your discussion was charged with emotion and a
            National Parts   real life experience that can be learned from and utilized within any
         Manager Takeuchi    industry, as the message was about team work and how each of us are
             Pendergrass,    an integral part of that team. I for one was completely engrossed in
                  GA USA
                             your story about playing in the big game and how your opportunities
                             and decisions impacted various outcomes. I sat eagerly awaiting each
                             word as your story unfolded, envisioning each step vividly in my
                             mind as you painted the picture. I honestly felt that there was no way
                             that our opening presenter could be topped just a short two days prior.
                             However, your inspiration and energy provided for a send-off that had
                             me excited about what I could bring to my team and how I needed to
                             approach my fellow team members and managers (coaches). Thank
                             you again for your time with us and I hope that we will have the
                             opportunity to meet again perhaps in Atlanta, as I believe your speech
                             could help to motivate our team and business in a positive fashion. I
                             apologize for the lack of eloquence in my comments or grammatical
                             errors and hope that I have done justice to the impression that you
                             have made on my life. Thank you again and God Bless.

               Bill          Eric.... I will never look at a cell phone the same way again. During one
           Rodgers           night on Skype my phone went off 3 times. 60 pushups latter I truly
                             understand the word discipline and accountability. If I had you everyday
                             here in Denver my life would be so much more fun and productive! My
                             company would love to hire you for all our sales TEAM. See you in
                             December 2011. When do we start our maintenance program?

          Nancy              Your ability to vary your content, and captivate the audience with your
     Lauterbach,             personality, energy, and passion is truly remarkable.
        Founder FIVE STAR
   Speakers & Trainers USA
           Trudy             Hello Eric, Thank you for 12 weeks of learning and growing. I am look-
        McGregor             ing forward to using this process for the rest of my life. I want to purchase
                             100 copies of your workbook that you producing for latter in the year. I
                             want to donate them to a few companies who don’t have a large training
                             budget. I would also like to book you to conduct group trainings for them.
                             Your story of courage and perseverance is inspiring and motivational.
                             (Sorry ACTIVATIONAL). Everyone needs to hear your message!
Why Book Eric?

       John T.   Eric Bailey has given me more in 12 weeks than I received in high
      Richards   school, college, and on the job training. It was the best investment
                 money could buy. I spent over $10,000 dollars on books, tapes, and
                 courses each year for over 10 years. In 12 weeks Eric put it all in place.
                 He showed me that I already had it inside. I just hadn’t identified my
                 WHY. Thanks to him I got it now.
                 You are the BEST COACH ERIC!

      Brentis    Hey Eric,I just wanted to thank you for the last two days. The amount
      Cooper     of inspiration you managed to fuel up in all of us, in all aspects of life,
                 was truly incredible. I’ll be seeing you again at another seminar for sure!
                 Thanks a heap for contributing to yet another millionaire in the making!

     Gerald C.   Eric I have had coaches before that were smarted than you. They even
       Baxter    were more successful than you. Your profile wasn’t even in the same
                 post code of most of my mentors. But in 12 weeks you did something
                 that I thought was impossible. You displayed a true belief in me. I felt
                 like I was worth fighting for. I can’t put a dollar figure on what you
                 have done for my life. I will tell everyone I know about your gift to
                 change lives not through what you have done.. But what you can see!
                 Thank you

          Beth   My husband and I thank you for what you have shown us. We believe
         Shaw    in the happy ever after now because we have the skills to deal with
                 conf lict and each other. I feel and look 20 years younger. The health and
                 nutritional program you guided us through was tough but we naturally
                 achieved our goal. We are looking forward to your visit to the UK.

       Barry&    When we signed up for your 12 week program I thought maybe it was a
        Susan    waste of money. My wife really felt we needed something like this. When
      Williams   the f loods came and we didn’t have the funds to start I thought that was
                 it. No coaching. But then you offered to coach us for free just because you
                 said we needed it more than ever. That act alone puts you in a class all
                 by yourself. We have only been in for 8 weeks but we have handled the
                 obstacles so much better with your guidance. Thank you so much. When
                 we get on our feet we would love to repay your generous gift and spirit.
Presentation Topics
                                              explores needs                      desires
                                                               motivations skills
                                                     thought processes

        kEEpIng your
        EyE on thE prIzE:
        Vision and Goal sEttinG
        This powerfully motivational program will help the participants to create vision in their
        lives and come up with a game plan, including goal setting, to make the most of their
        lives. As with any significant shift in your life, it all starts with a vision. Once that vision is
        fully and realistically crafted, you can start on the pathway to setting goals and making
        positive change in your life.

        WatchIng your
        nEst Egg groW:
        GEnEratinG PassiVE incomE
        Financial concerns may cause people anxiety and generalized stress, which can nega-
        tively impact not just their mental health but also their physical health. Once you learn
        the secret to generating passive income then you will be well on your way to financial
        stability. Eric Bailey will educate you on all aspects of passive income, including how and
        where to get started.

        kEEpIng cool:
        Public sPEakinG 101
        The number one fear for most people is an intense phobia of public speaking. Just the
        thought of it may make your heart race and you may tremble from head to toe. Eric
        Bailey has been effortlessly speaking in front of large crowds for decades and with this
        program he can teach you the keys to your own public speaking success. This program
        is especially helpful to those who are interested in career advancement.
Presentation Topics

             movIng ForWard:
             lEttinG Go FEar and thE Past
             What keeps many people stuck and unable to affect real change in their lives is their
             insistence on living in the past. This leads to visionary lethargy and an inability to get
             moving with your life. This program will not just inspire you to make positive changes
             in your life, but you will be given reality based tools to make this happen. In fact, Eric
             Bailey will teach you how to use your past to make your future amazing.

             ahEad oF thE pack:
             lEadErshiP traininG For
             all staGEs oF liFE
             When you think of the people that you most admire in the world, chances are that
             they are all considered leaders. Even simply being the leader in your own life or your
             individual family can make all the difference in the world. Leadership is not an inherent
             skill and something that needs to be taught and honed. This presentation will give you
             all the keys to leadership and will train you to be the star of the show.

             actIvatE your lIFE:
             actiVation VErsus motiVation
             Presentations dealing with motivation are great and leave the participants inspired and
             enthused about their goals. However, this presentation also includes a healthy dose
             of activation. This is where Eric Bailey really shines, as he gives you the tools to not
             just inspire but to create positive action in the lives of every participant. This program
             appeals to a broad range of individuals and is critical to life success.

             tEEn tImE:
             at risk tEEns, bullyinG, druGs,
             alcohol and GEnEral insPiration
             Many teens these days have very few role models in their own community. Because of
             this, kids may do poorly in school, join a gang, engage in illegal activity and generally fail
             to create a healthy life for themselves. Eric Bailey knows this all too well, having grown
             up on the rough streets of Los Angeles. He went on to achieve great success and can
             teach other kids what he has learned along the way. Eric also has several school based
             programs addressing issues such as anti-bullying, stay in school and peer pressure.
Presentation Topics

             crEatinG cohEsion
             in thE WorkPlacE
             At the core of a successful business is a sense that each employee is fully a team
             player. When many individuals work towards one common goal, and feel valued in
             the process, then the business will be allowed to steadily grow. Further, the company
             will experience very low turnover and increased productivity. Eric Bailey can provide
             the company, whether large or small, with everything they need to create a real team
             atmosphere in their business.

             start sEllIng:
             insPirinG salEs PEoPlE
             Being in the business of sales can be very frustrating for some individuals. Between
             the long hours, job stress and rejection, it takes a special person to make a career
             in the field of sales. Eric Bailey has created this program just for sales professionals
             and the agenda includes everything that a sales person needs in order to be a real
             professional success. Individuals will learn to deal with rejection, maintain a positive
             attitude and have real confidence in their sales skills.

             tIck tock, tIck tock:
             timE manaGEmEnt
             Time management is the key to any success and Eric Bailey has a program that will
             educate you on just how to best manage your time. This program is perfect not just
             for professionals, but for students, homemakers or volunteers as well. The participants
             will learn about prioritization, organization and staying focused. No matter what your
             personal circumstance, this is a “must see” program for everyone.

             purEly proFEssIonal:
             bEinG thE bEst at businEss
             What does it take to be a success in business? It is an entire compilation of focus,
             team building, preparation, organization, motivation and self-confidence. This all-
             inclusive program by Eric Bailey will tackle every one of those issues and provide to
             you the steps you must make in order to be a leader in the business world.
Featured Clients
                   Eric Bailey...
                      a Inspiration
                      to all that meet him
Featured Clients
Eric’s Media Appearances
             Who is Eric Bailey?
             “a speaker... a mentor... a visionary...
             author... success coach...
Eric’s YouTube Collection
                                                                            Eric Bailey...
                                                                                  a Inspiration
                                                                                  to all that meet him
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                              My ChannEl:
Program Structure
                                       Eric Bailey...
                                            a Inspiration
                                            to all that meet him

       Eric Bailey is a world renowned speaker who has been inspiring and
       motivated around the globe for decades. his fee structure is as follows:

       Question and Answer Sessions
       30-60 Minutes

       Keynote Speaking
       60-90 Minutes

       Keynote Speaking
       120-180 Minutes

       Corporate Event Workshops
       Specifically Created For The Individual Company
       Half-Day (4 hours)

       Corporate Event Workshops
       Specifically Created For The Individual Company
       Full-Day (8 Hours)

       High School or University Presentation (Keynote)
       60-90 Minutes

       MC your event

       Contact us for Fee Range
       Phone: 1800-438-228483 (Australia)
              1-213-233-9402 (USA and Canada)
Travel Specifications

              Additional items that can be negotiated as a part of one of the
              above programs include personal life coaching programs, Eric’s
              books for the audience, educational materials for a presentation,
              basketball workshops or enrollment in one of Eric’s coaching
              programs. Eric also will consider donating, in full or in part, his
              speaker fee to a worthy charity for fundraising events.

              Eric is based in Brisbane, Queensland Australia and also Los
              Angeles, California. If your event is outside of these metropolitan
              areas or is located in a differing state or country, all travel
              accommodations, to include meals and incidental costs, will be
              incurred by the client booking Eric Bailey. Depending upon the
              specific time of the presentation, overnight accommodation may
              be required and will be agreed to in advance during the course of
              the negotiation process.

              Within Australia and the USA air travel this must be premium
              economy or business. For international travel, business class is
              a requirement. Eric Bailey prefers flights on Virgin Airlines or an
              affiliated airline, whenever possible.

              For overnight accommodations, a five-star level hotel or resort is re-
              quired along with a chauffeured car for transportation and transfers.

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