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									                                                 Equestrian Trails, Inc.

                                          “Dedicated ETI CORRAL 36 Horse”
                                                     to understanding the
                                                  Dec. 13th - 7 pm
                                              General Meeting-Elections
                                                   & Holiday Party
ETI Corral 36, P.O. Box 8374,
                                                     at Pony Cross Farm.
Calabasas, CA 91372-8374
                                              Hosts Chuck & Stephanie Abronson
2005   Officers & Directors -
                                               543 Cold Canyon Rd., Monte Nido
Pres. Jeanne Wallace 818/222 2560
                                                        818-222 PONY
Vice Pres. Art Carvalho 818/ 224-4775
                                           [EVERY MEETING & SEMINAR IS OPEN TO
Sec. Melissa Austin 818/ 224-2983          ALL ETI MEMBERS AND NON-MEMBERS.
Treas. Saul & Ann Berman 818/ 591-5920     - QUESTIONS, IDEAS AND THOUGHTS WITH
    Email:                YOU. WE WANT TO HEAR THEM!]

                                           President’s Message
Mia Boudreau 818/224-3496
Vallerie Coleman & Lorraine Rose
818/ 222-7512 /Email:
                                               The most important issue to arise this
Debbie DiMascio 818/ 222-7497
                                           month is the L.A. County Regional
Holly Kessler 818/225 0569
                                           Planning workshops to solicit resident
    Email:           input for our future Local Coastal Plan.
Vikki Siemons 818/ 348 5258                Below is a brief history and background
    Email:                for this issue. Unfortunately, only seven
Newsletter Editor:                         local equestrians showed up for this first
  Stephanie Abronson 818/ 222 PONY         meeting; Debbie and Julian DiMascio, Don
    FAX: 818/ 222 1605                     and Jeanne Wallace, Holly Kessler, Val
                                           Coleman and Lorraine Rose. Your
Drill Team: Karen Hartman 818/ 991-7212
                                           opportunity to give your opinion in person
Trails: Jeanne Wallace 818/ 222 2560
                                           is upcoming at the next workshop
    FAX: 818/222 4317                      scheduled for: Saturday, December 3,
       Email:          2005 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon at Topanga
ETI National Office                        Elementary School Multi-purpose Room,
[Federal Tax ID # is 95-6135773]           141 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd., Topanga,
    818/ 362 6819
                                           CA 90290 or, you can send your written
    FAX 818/ 362 9443
                                           comments to: Department of Regional
ETI Web Page:
                                           Planning, Community Studies II Section,
Area 6 Delegate from Corral 36:            320 W. Temple St., 13th Floor, Los
    Vikki Siemons 818/ 348 5258            Angeles, CA 90012-3208; or Fax your
Area 6 Representative:
                                           comments to (213) 974-6384; or Email
Jack Cunningham 818/ 592-0359              them to:
                                              It is critically important that you let the
                                           County know your feelings about how the
current system is working and how to              facing CCC prosecution for their
improve the permitting process for the            recreation/horse facilities.
future. The County staff asks workshop
participants for examples of how the                  This is your opportunity to express
system is working (It is not working at all       your feelings to the DRP about your
for backyard horse keeping and they need          support for the County’s position on ESHA
to hear it from you). They want to know           as opposed to the radical CCC position.
your experience with the permitting               Backyard horse keeping will still be
process under the Coastal Commission              possible under the County’s proposed plan
regarding: Uses of Property (is horse             while it will be impossible under the CCC
keeping compatible, etc.), Visual                 plan. I urge you to attend the meetings
Standards, Vegetation Management,                 to express your strong opposition to the
Safety, Water Quality, Recreation,                CCC’s radical plan and support for the DRP
Density/Population and Availability of            position that “tiered” resource protection
Services.                                         is better. Please attend the December 3rd
                                                  meeting, write or fax the DRP because
Glossary:                                         your opinion counts.
CCC=California Coastal Commission—12
appointed members                                     In other news: Don took notes of a
DRP=L.A. County Department of Regional            National Park Service report on the latest
Planning                                          news of our local mountain lion
ESHA=Environmentally Sensitive Habitat            population. The Alpha Male (P-1) killed
Area                                              his mate (P-2) but their four surviving
LCP=Local Coastal Plan—required by law            kittens are now almost 70 lbs each and
(Coastal Act)—made up of two elements             able to hunt and survive on their own.
Land Use Plan(LUP) and                            Strangely, all of our local puma population
   ii.   Local Implementation Plan (LIP)          travel exclusively at night—, which
                                                  appears to be an adaptation to living so
    In 1986, L.A. County submitted a LUP          close to urban areas. The NPS monitors
to the CCC and they adopted it with some          their movement every 15 minutes either
modifications. The County never                   through implanted transmitters (the
submitted a LIP so the CCC never adopted          kittens) or by radio collars (the adults).
a final LCP but they used the adopted L.A.        The information is downloaded every
County LUP until 2000 when they                   month, which gives the NPS a map of
crammed a radical LUP down Malibu’s               each individual’s movement for that
throat declaring all of Malibu an ESHA.           month. Two of the “kittens” are over near
    The County DRP will submit their              the 405 Freeway, one is near King Gillette
proposed LCP to the CCC after these               Ranch and the other is out near Point
workshops and some public hearings. The           Mugu. The lions feed almost exclusively
DRP and their biologists do not agree with        on our local mule deer population. The
the CCC position that all brush is ESHA.          NPS is very concerned because the P-2
The County’s current position is that             autopsy revealed significant amounts of
“tiered” protection like in the 1986 LUP is       rodenticide in her tissues much like our
better. But in fact, the CCC is currently         bobcat population, which has recently
requiring Santa Monica Mountains Coastal          declined almost 70% due to rodenticide
Zone residents (us) to comply with the            poisoning. Please consider traps or other
Malibu LCP regulations despite the fact           means to kill rodents.
that those regulations are not in the
adopted 1986 County LUP. That is why at              This is my last monthly message as
least four of our Monte Nido neighbors are        President of Corral 36. I am pleased that
                                                  our Nominating Committee is offering a

wonderful slate of candidates for our                        They bought apples and oranges and a loaf
coming year. Thanks and kudos to my                      of bread. The children flocked round to pat
Board for their support during my term.                  Sage's head.
See you at the Holiday Party on Dec.13.                      Nick told them stories of mountains and
                                                         trees, of shiny blue beetles and yellow striped
                       --Jeanne Wallace                      Well their mothers gathered like clucking
                                                         old hens. They discussed then decided," Yes,
      The Man Who Lived                                  we can be friends...
                                                             ...with this strange long-haired fellow with
         In a Teepee                                     the smile on his face. We can be friends if he
                                    By Kim Hunter        just keeps his place."
                                                             As the summer baked on, right into June.
     It happened in the springtime, on the               The children in town began singing tunes.
barren hill above the little town of Middleberg.         They started to sing. They performed magic
Jonna was the first to notice. And before long           tricks. They told colorful stories learned from
everyone was asking, have you heard?                     Sage and Nick.
     The townspeople stood in the street and                 But come September, when the school bell
looked up at the hill - where a tall white tent          did ring. The parents noticed a frightening
was standing still and bright against the sky.           thing.
     Then Mr. Peppercorn asked them, "Why?                   It was time to clean up. Time to go to
Why has someone pitched a tent up there so               school. But the children it seemed had broken
high?"                                                   the rules.
     An exploration party was put together.                  "Your hair's past your ears. It's time for a
Four strong men and Sean's daughter,                     trim."
Heather.                                                     "No! I'm growing it long so I'll be like him."
     They ascended the hill outside of the town.             Their hair was unbrushed. Their feet were
Heather was curious but each man wore a                  all bare.
frown. What would they find before they hiked                "It's the teepee man's fault with his dog
down?                                                    and long hair," Mrs. Puddleman said, "I do
     The top of the hill was all rocks and dirt.         declare!"
The tent stood before them. "Looks to me like                Then Mrs. Beans looked outside and did
a yurt," Mr. Peppercorn said.                            see, broom handles and blankets forming tiny
     Then the front flap flapped open and out            teepees.
stepped a man with long hair on his head.                    A committee was formed in the town
     It’s not a yurt," the man said with glee. "It       meeting hall. Mr. Peppercorn stood up (he's
is my home. It's my teepee."                             really quite tall) and said, "We've got to do
     Then up the hill with a growl and a howl, a         something before we lose it all!"
great beast sprung up and leapt on the man.                  Then they heard from old Mrs. Stout. "He's
It first licked his face and then licked his hand.       a grown man. He should act his age. And
     He laughed as he pushed the shaggy dog              that's no dog that wolf he calls Sage. I'm
down. "Sage, my good friend, you're such a               afraid to go out. It's like I live in a cage."
clown. Now be a good girl. Sit. Settle down.                 Nick and Sage sang a tune as they hiked
And meet our new friends. They've hiked up               down the path.
from the town."                                          Sage's coat shined like copper. She'd just had
     "But who are you? And what do you do?               a bath.
And why'd you pick this ugly hill for your                   But when they walked into town, no bread
home? And why are you camped out here all                could they buy. Stores were suddenly closed.
alone?"                                                  They gave Nick the "eye".
     "I'm called Nick," the long-haired man                  The children were absent, locked up in
said. "I celebrate life. I find joy in each day.         their rooms.
It's all I know. It is my way. I like to live                Forbidden Nick's stories. Forbidden Nick's
simply with the sky and the earth. I've always           tunes.
felt this, since the day of my birth."                       Then one day, the hill was bare.
     With this information the party hiked                   No teepee.
down. Then the very next day, Nick and Sage                  No Sage.
came to town.
     No man with long hair.
     The town’s people sighed in relief, yet deep
                                                            LETTERS & STUFF:
in their hearts they felt a slight tear.
     If it was right to drive him away, why did
they feel grief by the end of the day?
     Soon winter came and snow started to fall.
And in a few hours flakes covered it all.
     The ring from the teepee. The trail up the
hill. Were all just a memory. Quiet and still.
     It happened the next spring on the barren
hill above the little town of Middleberg. Jonna
was the first to notice and before long
everyone was asking, "Have you heard?"
     They stood in the street and looked up at
                                                                    Debbie & Jake cross the Teeter Totter
the hill. And in their hearts they remember it
still. They felt awe and regret and they felt
love's strong power.                                        Synopsis of Rod's Recent
     Because the barren brown hill was now
covered in flowers.                                         Bombproofing Clinic
                                                                                             By Debbie DiMascio

FIRE… SHOULD STILL BE ON                                        On Saturday, August 20, 2005, I attended
YOUR MIND.                                                  an all-day "Bombproofing" clinic conducted by
                                                            Rod Bergen at the Malibu Equestrian Park.
                                                            There were a total of eight riders with their
REMEMBER…                                                   horses and several other auditors in
IT’S ALWAYS                                                 attendance, including Saul & Ann Berman and
                                                            myself from ETI Corral 36. Rod spent the first
FIRE SEASON &                                               part of the clinic seminar-style by discussing
EARTHQUAKE SEASON                                           many aspects of horses; including how they
IN SOUTHERN                                                 think, react, respond to their riders and each
CALIFORNIA                                                  other, and many other topics including safety
                                                            and good horsemanship.
“What Do I Do With My Horse in Fire                             Next, we collected our wonderfully patient
Flood and/or Earthquake?” It is now                         horses (who had been tied to their trailers)
available to anyone…everyone…on line through the            and brought them in to the arena to do some
ETI national website at          ground work. Rod had all of us trying several
OR Tell all your         different maneuvers with our horses that were
friends where to find this treasured tool. It’s FREE!       excellent preparation for communicating
You are also welcome to add this item to be                 effectively with your horse before getting on
downloaded on other club or equestrian                      his back.
organization’s websites. Or you can print as many
                                                                Following a lunch break, we returned to
copies as you wish for yourself and your friends.           the arena under saddle to resume our
                                                            education. Several obstacles had been set up
CERT [Community Emergency Response                          for us to expose our horses to different
Team] is now taught by LA County and with                   situations and allow them to show us their
classes in Malibu 4x / year. More information from
                                                            "emotional" reactions. A few of the obstacles
Brad Davis, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator,
                                                            were things such as a long plank of wood to
CITY OF MALIBU (310) 456-2489 ext. 260.
                                                            cross, a teeter-totter to walk across, a low bar
                                                            to hop/step over, a tarp to walk across, a
         If, in reading the Equestrian Trails, Inc.,        large ball to pass from rider to rider, a tall
Corral 36 Newsletter, and you find information you          arch with long strips of shredded garbage bags
want to share with others, feel free to copy the            flapping in the wind to ride through (called the
information, but please make certain that the               "gates of hell"), and Rod fired off a cap gun
information you share includes exactly where the            near each horse to expose them to loud
original information came from.                             noises.
                                     Thank you.
    Rod impressed upon us different ways in            our dog) took care of everything lower.
which to approach and present each obstacle             The trail is 98% perfect now. There is
to our horses, to monitor their emotional              only one small spot in which a trail crew
responses and how to "save" them from                  needs to come in to support a portion of
something they considered frightening. He
                                                       the trail, which is eroding away and needs
also discussed safe ways to bring your horse
to a stop in an emergency.
                                                       more dirt and rocks to support it.
    We all learned a lot thanks to Rod, his wife          “Julian took GPS Coordinates of the
Judy, and daughter Vikki. The day was a big            exact spot that needs a trail crew to
success with many grateful riders and                  repair/re-build before further erosion
"smarter" horses!                                      destroys that part of the trail making the
                                                       entire lower Backbone impassable.
                   Debbie DiMascio & Jake              The Coordinates are: N 34deg
                                                       04.595' W 118deg 41.863'
                                                          “It was a lot of work, but well worth it,
West Nile Virus:                                       as we love that trail so much. Boy, did I
Remember – it is important to keep your                jump on the chance to have Julian hiking
                                                       along with me while I rode my horse and
horse vaccinated 2 times a year for
                                                       getting twice as much work done!”
West Nile Virus. Please check with your
veterinarian for the next date that your                   Don and I completed a thorough repair
horse is due.                                          along the Cold Creek Trail behind our
*To Report Dead Birds Call 1-877-WNV-                  house over to the next Cold Canyon
BIRD;                           Road. Since this was a relatively short
                                                       trail section, it did not require our full
                                                       crew. We hired our maintenance worker,
                                                       Carlos Arreguin, to assist for a few hours.
TRAILS                                                 We invite you to hike/ride this newly
                                                       refurbished section.
REPORT– Dec.                                               To contribute to the Trail Maintenance
     From Jeanne Wallace                               Fund send your check to Jeanne Wallace,
                                                       1710 N. Cold Canyon Road, Calabasas, CA
                                                       91302; (818) 222-2560 for information.
    This has been an active month for
trails maintenance with volunteer projects
improving the enjoyment of our local
trials. The below report from Debbie and
Julian DiMascio describes their work on                Tax Deductible Contribution –
the Lower Backbone Trail. We thank them                Donations for the Ronald Reagan Equestrian
for their work and for the report.                     Campground at Malibu Creek State Park can be
                                                       made payable to ETI Foundation with a note on the
                                                       memo line “For Reagan Equestrian Campground.”
    “Just wanted to report to you and
                                                           ETI Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit
hopefully you can also pass this info along            organization, and all donations are tax deductible.
to the Santa Monica Mountains Trails                   Mail to ETI Corral 63, P.O. Box 357, Agoura, CA
Council.                                               91376. For more information, contact Ruth Gerson at
    “On Sunday, Nov. 13, Julian and I                  818-991 1236, or email
spent most of the day trimming, pruning,
sawing, clipping, and cutting branches,                     Wonderful link for horse trails. Some sites
                                                       provide actual trail maps as well.
bushes, trees, etc. along the lower
Backbone Trail. I cut away at horse and
rider level from Jake's back, (a four year
old) while Julian (and his assistant "Lily"--

 ADDENDUM TO DISCUSS RE:                                    GREAT WALL OF CHINA –
                                                            HORSES ARE STILL THE
                                                            SAME… Photos from Lin Cao
     In a recent case, a California appellate
court applied the recreational property owner’s
immunity to a suit that arose, in Rancho Santa
Fe, when a horse slipped on a public trail in a
residential community.
     The Santa Fe Association maintained a
public riding trail, which ran in front of the
Weitzens’ residence. The Weitzens had an
encroachment easement to cross the trail to
access their property. Without obtaining a
permit, which was required under a San Diego
County ordinance, the Weitzens resurfaced
their driveway, which, apparently, made it
     Miller was riding on the public trail. Her
horse slipped on the Weitzens’ driveway and
fell, resulting in serious injuries. There had
also been a previous incident, in which
another horse had slipped on the driveway,
causing the Association to post warning signs.
     The Court of Appeal held that, as a result
of the statutory immunity, the Weitzens were
not liable for Miller’s injuries.
                                      -Gerald Peters
                       Certified Appellate Specialist
                              State Bar of California
                      Board of Legal Specialization
Editor’s Note: That the homeowner was held to be
immune in this case is dastardly! This is why I will          CORRAL 36 DRILL TEAM
not ride in Hidden Hills. Crossing those paved
driveways is very dangerous. I rode there a couple                  & MORE
years ago with a group, and even though my mare
had borium on her shoes, she went slippy slide. Not
fun, and I’m lucky she did not fall.

Art Exhibit…
“HORSE: messenger from
another place and Time”
This is an exhibit at Bergamot Station going on
for a while. Santa Monica arts complex, The
Sculpture Foundation, Gallery A6, 2525                          Drill Team meets EVERY Saturday, 9:30
Michigan (Michigan and Olympic Blvds.) Take                 SHARP! You are welcome to join us any time
Cloverfield offramp from the Santa Monica                   during the year. -At the Agoura Equestrian
(10) Freeway.                                               Center, corner of Chesebro and Driver Ave.                 Please contact Karen Hartman at 818- 991-
#                                                           7212 if you plan to attend Drill Team.
                                                                Wednesday horsemanship classes start at
                                                            9:00 A.M. be warmed up and ready to ride.
                                                            Cost is $10.00 per person and you must sign

releases. Fun exercises using ground poles.                 expands the student’s knowledge of how he or she
All levels of riders and horses welcome.                    can obtain more performance from the horse.
     Come join us. For more information or an
explanation of the class, call Jeanne Wallace               Contact: Pierce College at 818-719 6425
(818) 222-2560.                                             Instructor: Rod Bergen at 818-591 7896

           PIERCE COLLEGE                                   Julie Goodnight
  EQUESTRIAN EDUCATION CENTER                               is coming to
                                                            Pierce College
                                                            EEC in April
                                                                You can check out her
                                                            website at
          Equestrian Education Facility
                                                                       EQUINE AFFAIRE
L.A. Pierce College offers horse husbandry & riding
                                                                         in Pomona
classes. 2005 Fall & Extension class Schedules.                                              By Debbie DiMascio
Info: (818) 710 2980 OR Get an application and
apply now Contact: Pierce College - (818) 719-                   It's that time again to prepare for going to the
6401; FAX (818) 716-9258 or go to                           Equine Affaire Feb. 2-5 in Pomona. I thought I'd let                                      you know about a great rate in case you have other
                                                            friends who may be going and should get something
EQUINE STUDIES CLASSES:                                     booked ASAP.
List of current Equine Studies classes at Pierce                 I booked the Claremont Inn which is a few miles
College:                                                    from the fairgrounds. The rate for a room with a King
601 Horse Production                                        bed or two doubles is only $79.00 p/nt! The hotel just
602 Horse Husbandry                                         renovated all their rooms too. That includes a
603A-E Equine Management Techniques                         continental breakfast as well.
615 Introduction to Rodeo                                        You need to tell them you are with the Equine
620 Basic Equitation                                        Affaire when booking to receive this rate (normal rate
621 Horseback Riding Laboratory                             for same dates with AAA discount is $129.00 p/nt.).
630 Beginning Equine Training
                                                                 If someone you or I know is staying there I may
631 Advanced Equine Training (2)
640 Horse Show Organization and Management                  be able to provide carpooling to the event and to the
645A Equine Issues: Nutrition                               fairgrounds as we could share gas and parking costs
645B Equine Issues: Exercise Physiology                     that way.
645C Equine Issues: Farrier Science
645D Equine Issues: Training                                The Claremont Inn
645E Equine Issues: Equitation                              555 W. Foothill Blvd.
650 Equine Health and First Aid (2)                         Claremont, CA 91711
                                                            Reservations: 1.800.854.5733
Pierce Extension Program---

-Beginning Horseback Riding: A fundamental class
in English and Western horseback riding is designed
to teach students from age 16 and over who have
had little, or no previous formal training. The Class
covers equestrian training on the ground and in the
saddle with emphasis on the safe and correct way to
groom, tack and ride horses (regardless of the style
of riding).
- Continuing Horseback Riding: This class is an
extension of Beginning Horseback Riding and

                 Established 1989

      Casey DaSilva successfully passed all her riding
portions of the extensive Regional C-3 Test on
November 11-13 at Shepherd Ranch in Santa Ynez
with 6 other candidates from our region and Southern
California Region, and has only a few Horse
Management sections to finish up within 60 days of
the test date to obtain her C-3 Rating.                         Doolie Is Transformed
      Melinda Pope, Megan Goldring, Georgia Wren-                                             By Carol LaCorte
Russ, Eden Cali and Kelly Calagna all are
participating in a full D-3 Prep at Agoura Woodland               Something special happened to me in early
Hills Pony Club on November 20 10:00-3:00PM.                 October, and it happened in Stephanie
Kara LeRose, Jt. D.C. of AWHPC and Deborah                   Abronson's Sycamore ring. I had the good
Davies, MNPC Ratings Coordinator have been
                                                             fortune to be able to attend the Level One
working on organizing this prep and we are all glad
                                                             Parelli clinic that was held at her lovely home
that it is finally happening. The prep clinicians are
                                                             in Monte Nido. This was a birthday gift to
Alison Burt, graduate HA, and Tory Smith, current B
Level Pony Clubber, and one of the scribes is our            myself and is honestly one that I'll never
Alison Tade, current C-1 Monte Nido Pony Clubber.            forget.
      The D-3 Candidates are looking forward to taking            I'll be the first to admit that I'm green as
their D-3 Test as soon as their requirements are             grass dealing with horses. I got my first horse,
fulfilled.                                                   Bayou, only two years ago, but armed with an
                   Good luck to all of you!                  extremely rewarding relationship with him, I
                                                             felt ready to take on the challenges of a new
    On January 1, 2006, the new D.C. will be                 horse within a year. The only trouble was that
Deborah Davies who has been involved with Pony               my new palomino, Doolie, wasn't anything like
Club for over fifteen years as a Chief Horse                 Bayou. Poor Doolie had been handled harshly
Management Judge, C-3 Examiner, Vice Regional                and had rightfully developed a deep, deep
Supervisor, C-3 Regional Testing Coordinator,                mistrust of humans in general. In fact when I
B/H/HA/A Regional Testing Coordinator, and                   saw him for the first time, it was obvious by
Regional Examiner for D-1 through C-2. If you have           the vacant look in his eyes that he had given
any questions, you can contact her at (818) 591-             up. Part of me wanted to take poor Doolie
                                                             home just as a rescue, but an exceptionally
                                                             strenuous trail ride proved how bombproof
      Does every Pony Clubber know that Sunday
afternoon from 3 - 6 is a free ride time for all our         and capable he was, and the deal was sealed--
Pony Clubbers at the Pope's arena? Pony Club rules           vacant eyes and all.
still apply and a parent must be present and                      My goals are very different and far less
responsible.                                                 challenging than most horse owners I know. I
                                    --Jan Bowman, DC         don't want to become a polished rider, I won't
                               -818-716 5040 or email        ever show, and in fact I feel quite awkward if
                       anyone so much as watches me riding down

the street. All I want is a strong, close bond           a baby all the way home. This change was as
with my horses and for them to keep me safe.             monumental for me as it was for my Doolie
The safe part proved workable with Doolie                boy.
after some initial cinchiness and rearing issues             Many, many thanks go out to Pat and
were addressed. The real problem was that                Stephanie and all the fabulous people who
Doolie still didn't like or trust me even after a        were there to support us along the way. And
year of consistent handling. As a result, when           most of all, my heartfelt appreciation goes out
I heard about the Parelli clinic with all these          to the Parelli's themselves, who have not only
mysterious games, I decided Doolie and I                 taken the time to listen to their horses, but
needed to check it out.                                  shared that knowledge in a way that benefit so
    Three Star Parelli instructor Pat Mitchell did       many. Thank you!
a terrific job developing an immediate
camaraderie among all the participants, and
later worked wonders as she patiently taught
us all the Parelli games. Her thorough and                                   PAT MITCHELL
supportive explanations gave me loads of
useful information, but I was surprised to
                                                                             PNH CLINICS
notice at the end of the first day that I wasn't
the only one gaining insights at this clinic. My
horse Doolie began watching me with "two                    Pat Mitchell is a 3-Star Endorsed Parelli Natural
eyes" for the first time ever. He suddenly               Horsemanship teacher in Sun Valley, CA.
became interested in what I was doing. His               Years of study go into becoming a Parelli
ears faced me and he began trying to please              professional instructor. You can check the
me rather than behaving because he felt he               website:
had to in order to prevent further abuse.
I was ecstatic with his progress, but the real           Pat Mitchell is available for private
change took place during the second day of               lessons/assessments at her facility in Sun
the clinic. Pat was teaching us the Yo Yo Game           Valley or nearby. E-mail her directly at
in which we were asked to drive our horses     
away, then ask them to return to us once
again. I drove Doolie away which was
obviously startling to him, but when I asked
him to return, he willingly walked over to me             ETI CORRAL 36 SPONSORS
and buried his nose in my chest and asked to              PARELLI LEVEL 1 GROUND
be rubbed. For most people this is probably a
daily occurrence, but for Doolie, this was
                                                         SKILLS CLINIC WITH 3-STAR
HUGE! For the rest of the day, Doolie's posture             PARELLI INSTRUCTOR
relaxed and I was able to lean on him with my                   PAT MITCHELL
arms draped across his back without him
stepping away from me for the first time ever.              December 3 & 4, at Pony Cross Farm
    I was stunned by Doolie's transformation,            in Monte Nido.
but the best part for me was that everyone
else attending the clinic noticed and                        With room for a maximum of 6
commented on the change too. Living with                 participants these dates were filled by
dedicated non-horsey people has taught me to             August 23rd, and each date had a “wait
keep many of my equine trials and tribulations           list.”
to myself, but at this clinic, there was an                 Auditor fees: $25.00 per day; Parelli
overwhelming sense of support and                        Savvy Club members auditing is ½ price.
acceptance from everyone there that made                 You must RSVP TO AUDIT THESE
Doolie's accomplishments even more                       CLINICS! See contact information below.
important to me. It was truly remarkable and
very, very welcomed.                                        Because these first two clinics filled so
At the end of the clinic, I managed to keep my           rapidly, we are looking forward to holding
emotions in check while Pat encouraged                   more in 2006. If you are interested you
everyone to share their highlights with each             will need to contact the names below.
other, but I have to confess that I bawled like

     You can be an absolute beginner or an                     Do you need Pat Mitchell's Fee Schedule
advanced rider of any discipline. The first               or entire Event Schedule? Send Suzie an email
Clinics will focus on horse psychology and                requesting Fee Schedule or Event Schedule for
learning the Parelli Seven Games ground                   the entire year.
skills. The second Clinic will further                        If you plan to audit any clinic or event,
advance those ground skills to challenge you              please call to confirm it has not been changed
and your horse with various obstacles and                 or cancelled. All dates are subject to change if
everyday situations and/or problem solving.               necessary.
     Clinic participants get 1 free auditor ticket
                                                                   Pat Mitchell - 3-Star certified Parelli Natural
for the weekend. Prices are subject to change
                                                                      Horsemanship instructor, Sun Valley, CA
due to the type of clinic and other unforeseen                Email: 818-768 4399.
fees.                                                                   Event Coordinator: Susie Winchester -
    Future clinics will be open to a maximum of                                            or 760-947 8144
6 students. If you would like to participate we
will need to know of your interest. When
more dates have been confirmed, we will need
                                                          PARELLI STYLE WORKSHOPS
to receive a $100 deposit for each clinic by the          AVAILABLE
“reserve date” to hold your space. Deposits                        at Pony Cross Farm
are non-refundable, but may be sold to
another student if you are unable to attend
                                                              Sarah Nutter is a Level 2 Parelli
your scheduled clinic. Generally there is a
waiting list for participants.
                                                          student, and she is also a capable teacher
      Fees for each 2-day Clinic currently is             with experience helping students new to
$300.00 (plus a very modest “facilities fee” for          the Parelli school of horsemanship, and
our insurance & toilet coverage). Parelli Savvy           teaching at the Agoura Hills Pony Club.
Club members received a 10% discount.                         We have started Workshops on
                                                          Tuesdays and would like to start more
    For those who have previously begun the               Workshops on other days of the week.
Parelli program, Pat can schedule weekday                 Here is the deal:
private, semi-private, or small group lessons             $15/per person for 3 people in a
for Advancing Level 1 and above students.
                                                          lesson. Auditors are welcomed at $5.00
    For further information regarding the
Parelli Program, go to the Parelli website at             per lesson, and must make a reservation                                          to audit.
                                                              Sarah’s available hours for lessons
   Contact Stephanie Abronson at 818-                     (these hours may change in future
222 PONY or;                       quarters) are:
Or Susie Winchester at 760-947 8144 or                    Tuesday 12:30 to 2 pm (filled for Nov.)                             Thursday between 12:30 to 2 pm
                                                          Friday between 12:30 to 2 pm
                                                          Saturday after 12 pm
    Pat’s clinic schedule for Fall 2005: You              Sunday after 10 am
can see more of it on her website at or contact
                                                          WEEKLY WORKSHOPS OFFERED:
Suzie Winchester via email and she will
forward you the entire schedule. Please
                                                          Ordinarily, lessons will be at least one
contact her for registration forms or questions.          hour, but may run over to 1 ½ hours, no
Dec 3 & 4 at Pony Cross Farm, Beginning                   extra charge. There must be at least three
Level 1 Clinic. Monte Nido.                               students in each lesson.
Dec 10-11                                                     You should allow time for travel to PXF
2-Day Advancing Level 1/Beginning Level 2                 and be ready to ride at the beginning of
Workshop, Pearblossom Private School,                     each scheduled lesson time. There is no
Pearblossom, CA                                           refund for late arrival; or a missed lesson
Host: Rusty Goldman                                       if 24 hour notice is not given to the

instructor. 24 hour notice before any               Tasneem Linwood-
lesson must be given directly to the
instructor to receive credit for the lesson         Richards
missed.                                                  My daughter, Tasneem attended the ETI
    In order to guarantee a reasonable              Corral 37 jumping show this past Sunday
income to Sarah for her time in class and           (Nov. 13, 2005) and won two blue ribbons in
                                                    her first two jumping classes. We were so
travel to PXF, we expect that each student
                                                    thrilled as she had purchased Sebastion as a
will sign up for one month of lessons to be         stallion from the racetrack. He was gelded
paid in advance. Should illness (the                last year, and now at only four years old, this
student’s or a student’s child) or injury           was his second show, and first jumping
prevent a student from attending any one            classes. Tas's stirrup came detached after the
lesson, that fee can be carried over to the         first jump, and she stayed right up there.
next Quarter offered, or may be used for                 I was one proud Mum! :)
another scheduled date during the same
quarter.                                                                     Deborah Richards
    4 lessons per month = $60.00/                   From the United States
monthly pre-paid at the first lesson.
    Each student has the option of signing          Equestrian Federation
up for one or two lessons each week.                For those in the horse show world …
First lessons will be on the ground so that             This year the USEF is changing our process
Sarah can get to know each of you and               and timing for printing and distributing the
your horse. Always come prepared with               comprehensive 2006 Rulebook so that it will
the Parelli style halter and 12 foot lead           be the most up-to-date version available to
                                                    our members. Since the competition year
rope and if you can, a “carrot stick” and
                                                    begins December 1st of each year, and the
string.                                             USEF Annual Meeting, where a substantial
    For safety we want only three horses            number of rule changes are approved by the
in the arena at a time.                             Board of Directors, takes place in mid-
    Liability releases and a copy of the PXF        January, we will be printing and distributing
Rules must be signed annually for these             the rulebook after the Annual Meeting instead
workshops by all Students and Auditors.             of at this time.
                                                        However, with the USEF 2006 Competition
   Helmets with properly fasten chin                Year fast approaching, we would like to bring
harness is required of all persons on the           to your attention that the rule changes going
                                                    into effect December 1, 2005 are available on
property at all times when handling any
                                                    the USEF web site at
equine whether inside or outside any      
arena or fenced area.                               s/. Licensed Competitions, Competition
                                                    Managers, Competition Secretaries, Licensed
    We are willing to start these                   Officials and the USEF Board of Directors will
Workshops as soon as we have 3 students             automatically be mailed a hard copy of these
who can agree to a common lesson time.              changes in a special "supplement" in the
Please help us get this going. Without a            coming weeks.
firm commitment from three people, these                In order to best serve our members, we
workshops will not fly.                             would like to know if you wish to receive a
                                                    hard copy of the supplement prior to the
    Contact Stephanie Abronson at 818-
                                                    release of the comprehensive 2006 Rulebook.
222 7669;; or                Please let us know one way or the other by
Sarah Nutter at 818- 309-7779;                      going to                       
                                                    ementRequest/index.php, entering your
                                                    membership number and checking the
                                                    appropriate choice.

    The entire 2006 Rule Book will also be                               Stephanie Kupper
available on the USEF web site prior to                                    Melinda Pope
December 1st and will continue to be updated                                Doug Rosen
as rules go into effect.                                              Fred & Betty Teherani
    If you have any questions or comments,                          West Valley Horse Center Ad
please email We look                                         November
forward to the 2006 competition year.                          Laurie Brandt           Justine Bruner
                                                               Van Harding
                                                               Cheryl Pelly & Brent Lamb
                                                               Jennifer Lindskog

                                                                              We miss you!
                                                                              We value your member-
                                                                              ship. We ask that you
                                                                              support our local trails.
                                                                              Please send in your
ETI Corral 36 DUES––
   Remember, your anniversary date stays
the same no matter how late you renew.                                 Via email from Pat Mitchell Update 10/11/05
   Use the convenient membership form on the                "LOOK BACK AT OUR STRUGGLE FOR
back of this newsletter.                                    FREEDOM, TRACE OUR PRESENT DAY'S
                                                            STRENGTH TO IT'S SOURCE; AND YOU'LL FIND
                                                            THAT MAN'S PATHWAY TO GLORY, IS STREWN
NATIONAL MAGAZINE????                                       WITH THE BONES OF A HORSE."
   Maybe it’s because you forgot to renew                   ---Anonymous
your membership. Please check the expiration
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annual renewal date. If your membership has
expired or is about to expire, we urge you to renew
now to support ETI Corral 36, and the equestrian
way of life.                                                WEST VALLEY HORSE CENTER
Please Advise the ETI Office …when you
change your address in order to receive your
                                                                              Everything for the Horse
subscription to the ETI National Magazine.
Call 818-362 6819 or drop a note to 13741 Foothill
                                                                               ...Inside &Out
Blvd., #100, Sylmar, CA 91342; email to eti-
                                                            24353 Calabasas Rd.             28339 Agoura Rd.
                                                            CALABASAS, CA 91302           AGOURA, CA 91301
                                                            (818) 222-2197                     (818) 991-5210
      Lori, Roger & Colby Peffer
In preparing the Corral 36 roster of members                           Buck and Luanne Wicall
to coincide with the membership shown by ETI                                                                 12/05
National, it seems that we were unaware that
the Peffer family joined our corral way back
last May. Well… a belated welcome to you,                                            Saul Berman
and Happy Holidays!                                                                  Realtor®
                                                                                     818.540-4049 Direct
                                                                                     Cell: 310.497-2720
            MEMBERSHIPS DUE                                                          Fax: 818.591-5922
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             Agoura Feed Store Ad                                           
                 Mayisha Akbar                                                       COLDWELL
                 Melissa Austin                                                       BANKER
            Saul Berman Realtor Ad                                                    RESIDENTIAL BROKERAGE
                                                                                      23647 Calabasas Road
            Ann Bernstein Realtor Ad                                                  Calabasas, CA 91302
                  Mary Keenan                                                                              12/05
              Holly Kessler Family
                                                            One way for us to say Thanks to our guest speakers is to
                                                            place an ad for them in our monthly newsletter.

                                                                       Certified Equine Appraiser
                                                                                  Rod Bergen
                                                                          818-591 7896 or 818-591 7963.

                                                                                     – Sales –
                                                                              THE BEST
                                                                       PORTABLE SOUND SYSTEMS
                                                                           FOR YOUR EVENTS

                                                                           Bo Slyapich
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                                                                     818-880-4269 (home)
                                                                      818-383-0476 (cell)
                                                            Calabasas, Malibu, Bell Canyon,
                                                            Thousand Oaks, Agoura are within 15
                                                            minutes or less of Bo's home. Bo will
                                                            travel to any area that needs him.
                                                            Response time depends on traffic and
                                                            location. Available 24 hours, 7 days a
                                                            week.                             9/06

                                                                     ALETA McCORMICK
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                     BANKER                                                                      10/06
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Trail Riding: A Handbook for Beginning and
Experienced Horseback Riders by Dr. Ken
Marlborough. Available at the (Autry) Museum of
the American West. Also available on-line. Dominion
Saddlery at the LAEC also carries his book.

                                                        Dec. 13 – Tuesday, 7 pm Corral 36
CORRAL 36 NEWSLETTER: STEPHANIE ABRONSON                Holiday Party & General Meeting at the
818/222 PONY; EMAIL:             home of Stephanie & Chuck Abronson, Pony
2005                                                    Cross Farm, Monte Nido. See Flyer in back.

DAY OF THE HORSE - Join Dennis Reis in Las              2006
Vegas December 1-10, 2005 at Excalibur Hotel            Feb 2-5, 2006 EQUINE AFFAIRE
for the No Dust Day of the Horse Event. Book
your room at the Excalibur and you will                 Pomona, Calif. Email:
receive a special rate on the room. And don't           Phone/Fax: (740) 845-0085
forget to watch Dennis every week                       Feb 3 & 4 – Martin Carriage Auction                     National
with a new success story on RFD TV - Dish               Orange Showgrounds, San Bernardino 717-354 6671
Channel 9409 or Direct TV 379!                                                       Feb. 4- Mar.5 – Masters of the American West fine art
Dec. 2-4 -2005 USDF NATIONAL                            exhibition/sale at Autry Museum, Griffith Park.
the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, Burbank.             LOS ANGELES COUNTY.
Info:; 859-271 2875.
                                                        APRIL 26-30 - Santa Clarita Cowboy
Dec. 3 & 4 ETI CORRAL 36 SPONSORS                       Festival at Melody Ranch Motion Picture
PARELLI LEVEL 1 GROUND SKILLS                           Studio, the location for the HBO series
CLINICS WITH 3-STAR PARELLI                             "Deadwood". Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival,
INSTRUCTOR PAT MITCHELL @ Pony Cross                    23920 Valencia Blvd., Suite 120, Santa
Farm in Monte Nido. Auditor fees: $25.00 per            Clarita, CA 91355; (661) 286-4021;
day; $20.00 per day prepaid one month in      
advance; Parelli Savvy Club members                     June 8-11, 2006 - San Fernando Valley Fair will be
auditing is ½ price. To reserve your space, call        held at Hansen Dam the second weekend of June.
Stephanie Abronson at 818-222 PONY or                   "Heritage of Horses" show at the San Fernando Valley Fair was a
                                                        tremendous success last year! We look forward to expanding it
email:; mail your                next year. Groups or individuals interested in participating are
auditor fee payable to Pat Mitchell, c/o                encouraged to register early, using the webform at
Abronson, 543 Cold Canyon Rd., Monte Nido,     or send email to
CA 91302-2206                                           June 10-11 – Pacific Region Driven Dressage
                                                        Festival in Arroyo Grande
                                                        Oct. 6 - 8, 2006. Shady Oaks in Lodi, CA, has
Dec. 4 - Trancas Riders & Ropers English
                                                        been awarded the NATIONAL PAIRS
Show, (Rain date 12/18) Malibu Equestrian
                                                        DRIVING CHAMPIONSHIP 2006.
Center. Contact Susan Demers 310-456
Dec 11 – ETI National Office Holiday
Party, 5 pm, 3rd Annual Dessert Contest –Jr.            Confidence
Ambassador Cake Auction – Dinner                                                        By Linda Parelli
$20.Adults; $15.00 Children 12 & under - at                      From Savvy Times, Oct. 2005, page 11.
Don Cuco Mexican Restaurant, 214 No. Brand
Blvd., Glendale 818-553 1123. Reservations              “It’s an odd thing, but in life we gain this belief
due by Mon. Dec. 5th. Send Reservations to              that we should just go for it. And then we
ETI Office 13741 Foothill Blvd., #100, Sylmar,          apply that same principle to riding horses.
CA 91342. Information: or              How dangerous… just get on and go for it!
phone 818-362 95443.                                    We’ve learned to think that getting off is
Dec. 11 - Trancas Riders & Ropers Jumper                wrong, and is some kind of failure. And yet
Show, Malibu Equestrian Center. Contact                 that’s sometimes the only thing that will save
Gabrielle Harris 310-457-4794.                          our life.”

                                                        don’t remember much about that first ride
PATIENCE…                                               except getting completely scared and
a difficult virtue to learn                             screaming, clutching the saddle and the reins.
                          By Stephanie Abronson         First lesson, dad said, was never to scream
                                                        when on a horse. It scares them. So I
      An editorial about Lesson Horses in the           learned to grit my teeth even if I was scared.
October 2005 issue of the Horse Journal by              But I continued to climb on her back and make
Eleanor Kellon, VMD, made me think about all            any attempt I could to ride and guide this
the horses that taught me as a child. As a              untrained horse. Did I mention that she was a
child, I didn’t have much patience, though I            Thoroughbred?
probably thought I did, and certainly I may                     This pretty chestnut was not a good
still not have much in the way of patience              choice for a beginner like me to learn with.
more than 50 years later. But in thinking               For one thing she was maybe only two years
through Kellon’s article about how a particular         old. My dad had saddled and ridden her
lesson horse “… put up with inexperience and            before she arrived, but his horsemanship left a
mixed messages calmly and with forgiveness,             lot to be questioned. But learn we did –
never shying or bolting, patiently waiting for          together. There were some pretty scary times,
you to get it right,” caused me to regret the           like the day this mare ran away with me down
times that I was impatient with the various             the railroad tracks toward home. A train was
horses that had to put up with my multitude of          oncoming, and I could not get the mare to
struggles in learning to ride.                          move off the berm at the side of the gravel
         Take yourself back to 1950 if you have         bed for the tracks. I will never forget the look
lived that long, and imagine a ten-year-old girl        of fear on the engineers face as we passed
and her first horse. She had already proved to          each other. I’m sure my face reflected the
her parents that she was willing to do the              same fear. I couldn’t believe that the train
chores involved in keeping a horse of her own           had missed us, and my relief at still being
by taking care of her sister’s horse without            alive was immeasurable.
riding privileges. This was not a nice horse                    After a couple of years struggling with
and was to be sold as soon as a buyer could             my inept abilities and her lack of training, I
be found. This mare, aptly named Nipper, had            turned around and sold her to someone else.
bitten my sister’s friend so hard that she was          I was completely frustrated because she
lifted off the ground. Yet I fed and watered            wouldn’t do what I wanted her to do,
this horse twice a day to prove that I was able         frequently running away with me (which I
to take responsibility for my own horse.                never told my parents about), and I was out of
         The day finally arrived when my own            patience. I was of course unable to teach the
horse magically appeared in the back of a               horse anything because I didn’t know
county stake-sided truck, fresh from an                 anything. What could I learn from books like
auction. But we are talking about patience,             Thunderhead and My Friend Flicka? How
and of course the first thing I wanted to do            about the Red Pony? Not much, I can tell you.
was ride my own horse. I had perhaps sat                        Out came the Green Sheet (now the
upon the back of our old family horse on rare           Daily News), and I poured through the
occasion, but I had never been to pony rides.           livestock section, looking for another horse to
Knowledge about horses and horse keeping                buy. I found Cinder, an ugly old mare that
was not common family information in 1950 as            had been a movie horse. Good choice on my
it had been perhaps for my parents and                  part as Cinder knew a lot, and put up with a
certainly was for their parents when horses             lot from me. She was patience personified
were the best mode of transportation. I had             and I didn’t know how good I had it until after
to learn from scratch. When I was a ten-year-           I sold her two years later and bought a very
old farm girl in 1950, riding lessons were              pretty half Quarter Horse, half Morgan mare,
unheard of or too expensive. There were no              with some training, but not a lot. I was
clubs or riding associations for children in my         impatient with Cinder’s ugliness, and just had
area.                                                   to have a pretty horse like many of my friends
         I remember my dad putting me up on             had. My riding skills had improved through
this pretty mare, and telling me to ride her            organized drill team work with lots of other
around the house. The mare wore a cheap                 kids in my same uneducated and financially
shanked bit, and an old cavalry saddle. I               inadequate boat - we all rode from the “seat of

our pants.” And I had found Frank Matts’                 gentleman for me has I hacked him in shows
Sunshine Rancho near home. I had saved my                at Eaton Canyon Stables in Altadena, my last
allowance to pay the entry fees and ridden my            year of owning a horse for some years to
first and second horses at Sunshine Rancho               come. Maybe, just maybe, he could teach me
weekly “horse shows.” However, this mare,                some patience.
Gypsy, was another matter. We were into                           I survived my childhood thanks to this
gymkhanas now and drill team. My patience                group of wonderful horses who took a young
was not one of my virtues, but Gypsy helped              girl for a ride anytime she wanted to go. That
me learn some humility. She was expert at                was nearly every single day.
scraping me off under a low tree branch, until
I learned to ride her side when she threatened
me with this trick. She also saved my life one
day, when in the hills above Porter Ranch we
were racing up a hill that vanished at the very
top. Gypsy made the most spectacular stop
and the two of us sat there staring into empty
space for quite a while.                                                      …to our
        While some of my friends (everyone
had a horse) acquired some really nice horses                   Holiday Party Donors
with some real training, I still stumbled along          Great places to go for Holiday Gifts!
with Gypsy until the summer I was to turn
sixteen. I had saved and saved, working any
job I could from picking walnuts, to
babysitting, to irrigating the alfalfa field,
anything to get a better horse. So Gypsy left
and Ginny, a beautiful blood-bay mare arrived.
She was green broke, and guess what I found
out very quickly? I didn’t know a darn thing                          Mary & Tris O’Brien
about training a horse…still! I tried and tried
to teach Ginny how to be a nice working                               Equestrian Gifts & Crafts
pleasure horse for the horse shows. I didn’t                           10535 Rhodesia Ave.
succeed because I had neither the patience                              Sunland CA 91040
nor the skills. I still rode by the seat of my                            818-352-4230
pants. I looked pretty, but pretty didn’t cut it.
My horseshoer admired Ginny and offered to
buy her. Good move for both of us.
        When I was to turn seventeen, I                     SW Hill Country         PH: (323) 256 2500
bought my first really well trained horse, a                             Fine Western Products
lovely gray Quarter Horse gelding named                    Traditional Western & Ranch Clothing
Sierra Bully. Bully put up with my bullying                Ladies & Mens Leather Wear
him around, as I still didn’t have any patience,
                                                           Saddles Tack Jewelry
and would perform with aplomb in the arena
                                                           Home Furnishing &
for me making me feel like I just might know
something after all. I had all the normal
feelings of success without the knowledge I
really needed. Bully and I were a compatible               1412 Colorado Blvd.
team, something I had struggled to achieve                 Eagle Rock, CA 90041
without knowing how for all those years since    
my first horse. Blessed be Bully. He would
stand groundtied for hours while I went
climbing up a mountain he could not climb
himself. He showed me how wonderful a
nicely trained horse could teach me how to                             Ira DellaMonica
jump fences. He liked the English saddle and                            Riding Lessons
double bridle better than my western saddle                            (818) 219-5391
and spade bit, and would perform like a true
        Annual General Meeting, Elections &
            TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13TH
                                   AT 7PM
        Pony Cross Farm
     543 Cold Canyon Road
   Monte Nido - (818) 222 PONY
We DO need your food contribution
to help make the party a success!
                  -Chuck’s Famous Poker Game-
                         Poker game – Maximum 8 players per table

Please purchase tickets for the many door prizes. This is how we can
   pay for the costs to the Corral for this wonderful holiday party!
  **DOOR PRIZES – Renew your Corral 36 Membership at the Holiday Party,
  and get a ticket toward a great door prize! So bring your checkbook. Door Prize
                       tickets are 6 for $5.00 or 12 for $10.00.
   **Add your tidbit (food or horsy item, or ?) to the Door Prizes! Donations of
items should be given to Stephanie Abronson by December 5th. [drop off items
               at 543 Cold Canyon Rd., Monte Nido.] 818 222 PONY.
     MIA @ (818) 224-3496 or EMAIL:
                               MORE ABOUT…
              Annual General Meeting, Elections &
                  TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13H
                             AT 7PM

                               DOOR PRIZES
                Door Prize tickets are 6 for $5.00 or 12 for $10.00.
            Among lots of other things, we’ve gathered:
    Grand Prize: A BIG Muck Bucket filled to over flowing!
    $25.00 Gift Certificate from West Valley Horse Center
                            Courtesy of Buck & Luann Wicall
             $50.00 Gift Certificate from Agoura Feed
               Courtesy Denese Voegtli acquired by Vallerie Coleman 2005.
             Flannel “blanket pillow” with horse motif
         donated by Mary & Tris O’Brien Equestrian Gifts & Crafts value ($20.00)
       A tote filled with children’s-oriented horse gift items
                (including rope halter & lead) and…
       A grown-up oriented tote filled with horse gift items
       donated by SW Hill Country Fine Western Products (value approx. $50.00 each)
          One Hour riding lesson with Ira Della Monica
         *(your horse your local arena –or - horse & arena provided in Chatsworth)
      Handmade by Don Wallace – “Horseshoe Cowboy”
       $25.00 Gift Certificate from Bright Star Saddlery
                                Courtesy Karen Hartman
         $25.00 Gift certificate from Calabasas Saddlery
                                Donated by Vikki Siemons
                       …and the list keeps growing
  **Add your tidbit (food or horsey item, or ?) to the Door Prizes! Donations of
items should be given to Stephanie Abronson by December 5th. [drop off items
              at 543 Cold Canyon Rd., Monte Nido.] 818 222 7669.

            BRING & SHARE
         MIA @ (818) 224-3496 or EMAIL:

New: _______ Renewal: ________ DUES includes Insurance fee.

Name (Last): ___________________________ (First) _________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

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Telephone: (_______) ________________________________ Occupation ________________________

Email: ___________________________________ Spouse: ____________________________________

      _____ Junior (under 18) Birthdate _______               Dues paid ____________ $30.
      _____ Senior (over 18                                   Dues paid ____________ $35.
      _____ Family**2 members                                 Dues paid ____________ $50.
      _____ Family**3 members Sr. ___ Jr. ___                 Dues paid ____________ $55.
      _____ Family**4 members Sr. ___ Jr. ___                 Dues paid ____________ $60.
      _____ Associate (Please indicate regular Corral: ______      paid ____________ $15.
**Limited to parents & children under 18. List all family members. Birthdates required for all minors:
 Child’s name                                   Birthdate
_____________________________________ __________
_____________________________________ __________
_____________________________________ __________

Date _____________ Applicant’s signature _________________________________________
                                                        (Parent’s signature if under 18)
                             Please make your check payable to E.T.I. Corral 36,
        Send to ETI Corral 36, c/o Stephanie Abronson, 543 Cold Canyon Rd., Monte Nido, CA 91302-2206

               Equestrian Trails, Inc.
Corral 36 Mountain Ridge Riders
c/o Stephanie Abronson
543 Cold Canyon Rd.
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