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					                                                                                                             Adar-Nisan 5770

                     BETH OR NEWS
                      Volu m e 5 4, Issu e 8
                                                                                                                  March 2010

                      CONGREGATION B ETH O R • 239 WELSH ROAD • Maple Glen, PA 19002

                      The Beth Or News is funded by an endowment from the Florence and Rhoda Kramer Memorial Fund

                                                                                                                 BETH OR
Mother/Daughter Ladies Tea                                                                                    CELEBRATES
                            This year's Mother/Daughter Tea will be at Beth Or on
                              March 14 from 2-4 pm. Food will be catered by
                                                                                            20 years
                                Catering By Design and Beth Or Sisterhood. The cost             WITH RABBI GREG &
                                 $22 for Sisterhood members & non
                                  members 10-18 yrs old*                                              LAURIE MARX
                                  $27 for non-sisterhood members*                                APRIL 23-25, 2010
                                  $8 for children 9 and under                                            Check out the complete list
                                 *If you purchase seats for the Beth Or Sisterhood                               of events and our
                                Shabbat dinner on March 12, you will get $5 off                                        Tribute Book
                               the price of an adult ticket for the tea. All tickets                                      project on
                             must be purchased by March 5 for both events.                                               pages 8-9.
                         Raffle items include 2 Rebecca American Girl dolls and
                    other lovely home items.

  Contact: Nancy Rosen, or Lori Motis,

                                                                     THIS JUST IN !! SALLY MITLAS TO SPEAK ON
                                Tuesday, March 30
                                9 am – First Day of                  HER FILM "A HERO IN HEAVEN" MARCH 2

WORSHIP                         Passover Worship
                                Monday, April 5
                                                                     This movie is about Bucks County native, Michael Levin who
                                                                     joined a front-line combat unit in the Israeli Defense Forces

SCHEDULE                        9 am – Last Day of
                                Passover Worship with
                                Yiskor and Dedication
                                                                     (IDF). His story about his dedication to his family, his people
                                                                     and the land of Israel is one to be heard
                                                                     and remembered. Sally Mitlas was the
                                of Memorial Plaques                  director and producer of this movie.

2ND NIGHT T M                   UESDAY     ARCH 30, 6 PM

PASSOVER SEDER      We are re-establishing a former Beth
                    Or tradition, a Congregation wide 2nd
                    Night Passover Seder. The Seder will
                    be led by Rabbi Marx and catered
                    by In the Bag. It is open to the
                    congregation and the community.
                    The cost of the Seder is: $30 for
                    adults, $15 for children ages 6-12,
                    and a child age 5 and under is free.
                                                                     TUESDAYS, MARCH 2 , 9,16
                    This fee includes dinner (all Seder              The Beit Sefer Café is an opportunity to learn, socialize
                    courses), beverages and dessert.                 and connect with wonderful teachers and members of our
We will ask each family attending the service to bring a             community over three consecutive Tuesday evenings in March.
Seder plate component (horseradish, parsley, charoset, etc.)         Join us for this unique series!
Return form on page 2.                                               Complete Beit Sefer program details on page 4.
                        20 YEARS & COUNTNG
                         When Laurie and I        strive for holiness and goodness,
                                                                                                                             have allowed me
                                                                                                                               to listen to some
                                                                                                                                 of the tenderest
                                                                                                                                 words expressed
                         came to Congregation     for this is, after all, our mission.                                           between parent
                         Beth Or in 1989, it      As I reflect on our twenty years                                              and child at
                         was a very different     here, I think about how you have                                     the moment of Bar/Bat
                         place. Service           blessed our family. You have been there                            Mitzvah. You have granted
                         attendance was so        for our simchas and our sorrows. You                              me the honor of speaking
                         small. I remember        have danced at our three children’s bnai                            about your loved ones
                         the first service        mitzvah and come to our home as we                                   as we lay them to
                         that I conducted.        observed shiva. True we don’t have any                                rest. I have welcomed
Candidly, I was a little disappointed, as I       family here, and that is hard for us, but                            Jews by Choice into
had come from a congregation that usually         you have become our extended family. As                             the covenant and
attracted five hundred or so people to            Beth Or has grown, so have our hearts.                           blessed your marriages
every service. On my first Shabbat, in early      Philadelphia is home now, and I feel like                under the chuppah.
July, I found myself leading services in the      a Philadelphian, despite the fact that I
“gallery” of the Spring House synagogue,                                                          Over the past twenty years, we have
                                                  pronounce “attitude” the non-Philadelphia       laughed, cried, mourned and danced
as the main sanctuary was being built. If I       way. The Talmud teaches us that Jews
remember correctly, about 30 people were                                                          together. On the occasion of my twenty
                                                  should always find a teacher to inspire,        years here, I can only say “thank
in attendance. The Torah was housed in a          direct and comfort. It also instructs the
portable ark just in front of the fireplace.                                                      you” for supporting this wonderful
                                                  teacher to find a community to do likewise.     community. Thank you for learning
Well, we have seen Beth Or grow and               Just as a Jew cannot be a Jew alone, a          with me. Thank you for caring. Thank
prosper, together. Not only has our               rabbi cannot be a rabbi alone. I thank all of   you for trusting in my interpretations
membership and attendance grown, so               you for giving me the privilege to be there     of Torah. Thank you for building a
has our reach into the community. We              with you, so that I might serve as a rabbi,     “kehilah kedosha” a holy community.
house the homeless, feed the hungry               which has been my life’s commitment. I
and support our brothers and sisters in           value the trust that you have placed in
Israel. We study Torah, educate our young,        me to be with you in some of your most
comfort our aged, marry our couples, and          precious and meaningful moments in your
bury our dead. We travel to Israel, buy           lives. You have let me into your homes and                                        Rabbi
bonds, and support the Federation. We             hospital rooms, when you are in pain. You

                        SECOND NIGHT                                                                     ATTENTION:
                         PASSOVER SEDER                                                            FOR A SPECIAL ADULT SHABBAT
                                                                                                    JOIN US FOR OUR FIRST EVER
                            Please complete the form below and send it with your
                        check (payable to Congregation Beth Or) to 2nd Night Seder,
                      Congregation Beth Or, 239 Welsh Road, Maple Glen, PA 19002.
                       For questions, contact Jay Runkel at
                      Please respond by March 23.                                                   SCHMOOZE
                                                                                                   FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 7 pm
    2nd Night Passover Seder Return Form
                                                                                                    EAT, DRINK, TALK AND LAUGH
    Name                                                                                            WITH YOUR FELLOW BETH OR
    #of Adults                            #of Children                                               FRIENDS BEFORE SERVICES

    Entrée Preference: Matzo Stuffed Chicken                 Brisket
    E-mail address
    Phone number
    I would be willing to help (please circle all that apply):
             Setup              Cleanup

    Please circle all the items you would like to bring. A week before the event
    you will receive an e-mail telling you which things you should bring.
    Charoset(No nuts)           Maror(Horseradish)           Chazeret(Celery)
    Z’rao (Shankbone)           Karpas(Parsley)          Beitzah(Hard-Boilded Egg)

      MAZEL TOV MOMENTS  As president, I       this special anniversary together.
                                                                                                     MARCH WORSHIP
                                                                                               Fri March 5
                         often have the        This milestone marks 20 years of Rabbi          Shabbat Parah
                         occasion to say       Marx’s powerful sermons laden with his          7:15 pm -3rd Grade Family Worship Service
                         “mazel tov.” When     inimitable humor and inspiring messages,        in the Gitlin Sanctuary
                         I sign students’      his countless hospital and other visits and     8 pm - Adult Worship Service in the Haines
                         mitzvah manuals,      personal interactions that comfort and          Chapel
                         I write mazel tov     uplift us, life cycle events enhanced by
                         by my signature.      his moving words, classes enriched by           Sat March 6
                         When I receive the    his riveting teaching, trips to Israel and      9 am - Shabbat Worship with Bar Mitzvah
                         weekly notice of      other programs in which his exceptional         of Zachary Cohen, son of David & Patricia
congregants’ life cycle events, I often pick   dedication to Eretz Yisrael is a shining        Cohen
up the phone to extend a mazel tov to          light for us all, and the many other            11 am - Shabbat Worship with B’not Mitzvah
the family on the engagement of a child,       events in the greater community in              of Sydney Edelson, daughter of David and
the birth of a grandchild, or some other       which we shep nachas that he is ours.           Melissa Edelson and Courtney Krevolin,
simcha. When I make announcements at                                                           daughter of Bret and Susan Krevolin
services, I always include a hearty mazel      For months, outstanding teams under
tov to the families of that week’s b’nai       the direction of Cheryl Friedenberg have        Fri March 12
mitzvah students and to any other families     enthusiastically devoted themselves             6 pm - Shabbat dinner with Sisterhood
celebrating special occasions that evening.    to planning a meaningful, joyful, and           8 pm - Shabbat Vayakhel-Pekudei
                                               creative tribute weekend. On behalf             Shabbat Worship honoring the Beth Or
Recently, when I attended                                     of the congregation, I am        Sisterhood
a high school contest, I                                      most grateful to our overall
instinctively approached                                      weekend chair Cheryl as well     Sat March 13
the winning student                                           as our Friday night service      9 am – Shabbat Worship with Bat Mitzvah
with a mazel tov on the                                       chair, Ellen Werther; our        of Lisa Gutsin, daughter of Kenneth and Jill
tip of my tongue, but                                         oneg chair, Terry Stone; our     Gutsin
then caught myself as I                                       Saturday night event chairs,     11 am - Shabbat Worship with B’nai Mitzvah
realized that I was not in                                    Andy and Art Cohn, Lisa and      of Zachary Shaftel, son of Peter and Terri
a congregational setting.                                     Brad Goldoor, Faye and Bob       Shaftel and Ethan Benoff, son of Marc and
While “congratulations”                                                                        Joy Benoff
                                                              Miller, Ann and Murray Spain,
sufficed as a substitute,                                     and Lynn and Mark Samson;        Fri March 19
it didn’t pack quite the                                      our Sunday cow-nival chairs,     Shabbat Vayikra
same punch. I’ve heard                                        Stacey, Caren, and David         6 pm - Bim Bam Shabbat Worship followed
different pronunciations                       Gutman; and our tribute book chairs, Jay        by CECE dinner
and seen varying spellings for mazel           Runkel and David Kaffey. I thank all of         8 pm - Shabbat Worship Service
tov, but I’ve never encountered a              these hard-working volunteers for enabling
fully adequate replacement for it.             us to thank the Marx family in such a
                                                                                               Sat March 20
In the world of synonyms, nothing quite        jubilant way.                                   11 am – Shabbat Worship with
hits the spot like mazel tov because it                                                        Bar Mitzvah of Jared Melone, son
                                               Though I know that mazel tov, literally         of Ralph and Felice Melone
captures the magic of our culture, all         translated as “good luck,” refers
rolled up with our best wishes on a            to achievements that have already               Fri March 26
happy occasion. And it is ever our hope        occurred, I’d like to stray from the            Shabbat Hagadol
to celebrate many mazel tov moments.           strict interpretation and imagine that          7 pm - Pre-Shabbat Wine & Cheese
So it is with genuine pleasure that I invite   this etymology of the Jewish form of            8 pm - Shabbat Worship
you to share in a grand mazel tov moment       congratulations suggests some eye toward        Sat March 27
for our congregation: Please join in the       tomorrow.
                                                                                               11 am – Shabbat Worship with Bar
festivities as we commemorate Rabbi            So when you wish Rabbi Marx a                   Mitzvah of Jacob Bookbinder, son of David
Marx’s 20th anniversary as cherished           warm mazel tov on his manifold                  Bookbinder and Elaine Bookbinder and
spiritual leader of Beth Or. As you can see    accomplishments on behalf of our                Samuel Gold, son of Alan and Shari Gold
from the description of the April tribute      congregation in the past two decades,
weekend in this newsletter, in the mailed                                                      Tues March 30
                                               I’m sure that you will join me in
invitation, and on the website, we have        expressing a forward-looking sentiment          9 am – First Day of Passover Worship
dreamed up a lovely array of opportunities     as well — welcoming Rabbi Marx to               Mon April 5
to pay tribute to Rabbi Marx, Laurie, and      many more years of mazel as Beth
their family for being such an integral and                                                    9 am – Last Day of Passover Worship with
                                               Or’s spiritual leader and extending             Yiskor and Dedication of Memorial Plaques
indispensable part of our congregational       a similar blessing to Laurie, Daniel,
life for the past two decades.                 Joe, and Ricca as they remain such a
Whether you and I are saying mazel tov         vital part of our congregational life.
by attending the Friday night worship
service and special oneg, by enjoying
                                               Mazel tov to us all on this special occasion!         CANDLE                 LIGHTING
Saturday night cocktails and comedy,
by mooing at the Sunday cow-nival, by                                                          Mar   5............................................. 5:39   pm
taking out an ad in the keepsake tribute                                                       Mar   12...........................................5:46     pm
                                                                                               Mar   19...........................................6:53     pm
book, or by sponsoring one of these                                      Jan L. Zauzmer        Mar   26...........................................7:01     pm
delightful events, we can all celebrate

                     FILLING BETH OR'S TZEDAKAH BOX
                        My Bubbie always        purchasing a Tribute Book ad as a way            to the enduring
                        had a tzedakah box      to commemorate all of the wonderful              strength of our
                        in her kitchen on the   memories you have shared with Rabbi              community into
                        windowsill. She fed     Marx. Ads are available in a variety of          the future. All of
                        it with a quarter, a    sizes and can be purchased by filling            these options
                        dime and a penny        out a form mailed to your home that              work like
                        - thirty-six cents,     is also accessible at,            my bubbie’s
                        anytime one of her      and clicking on charitable giving, or by         pushke; they
                        sons or grandchildren   stopping into the synagogue office.              fulfill the intention of
                        celebrated a            There are always opportunities at Beth Or        personally contributing to ensure our
simcha; she fed it when a friend was            to commemorate your family’s and friends’        community is open to all who need us.
ill; she fed it with her intention to share     simchas. Consider purchasing a leaf on the       To learn about additional giving
the joy in her celebrations and to give         Tree of Life that can be inscribed with your     opportunities or to make a pledge
when others needed a good thought.              occasion and the date to be shared with          to Beth Or today, contact Liz
Next month, Beth Or will be celebrating         the community for years to come. Or, make        Hirsch at 215-646-5806 or visit
a communal simcha: 20 years with our            a commitment to the Annual Appeal where          our website at
beloved Rabbi Gregory Marx. Now, you            your gift works all year to benefit activities
don’t have to be the Rabbi’s bubbie to          throughout our synagogue. And, by joining
participate in wishing him well; you can        the Heritage Society you can make a
make a virtual tzedakah box donation by         pledge that your planned gift will contribute

                                                  TUESDAYS, MARCH 2, 9,16
                                                  BACK         BY     POPULAR DEMAND !
                                                  Enjoy three wonderful nights out at no cost to our
                                                  members! ($18 per night for non-members)
                                                  A Beit Sefer is a house of learning- Choose classes
                                                  from a vast array of diverse topics.
                                                  A Beit Café is a coffee house- Mingle with friends between
                                                  classes and listen to live music while tasting delectable desserts
                                                  with special coffees & teas as catered by Provence.

    Choose from these early classes                                     Choose from these late classes from 8:30 -9:20 pm
    from 7-7:50 pm —                                                    after the Café —
    • ISRAELI POLITICS SERIES -                                         • REFORM JUDAISM SERIES -
    Asaf Romirowsky, managing Director of Israel & Overseas             Rabbi Marx will present this 2 week series on March 2 & 16
    Affairs, Jewish Federation of Philadelphia, will lead               about issues that bind us and divide us.
    discussions on different related topics each night.                 • THE JEWS OF ARGENTINA SERIES -
    • SHIVA TRAINING -                                                  Liz Hirsch will focus on different aspects of the history,
    Cantor David Green will lead this three week series.                development, current status of this community,
    • GREAT STORIES OF THE TALMUD-                                      & much more on each of the three nights.
    Led by Rabbi Gregory Marx on March 2.                               • JEWISH COOKING SERIES -
    • NICHOLAS WINTON: THE POWER OF GOOD -                              Rabbi Axler will present Jewish Civil War cooking on March 2 & 16.
    Peter Rafaeli will tell this remarkable story on March 2.           • ISRAELI COOKING -
    • DRUM CIRCLE -                                                     Orin Gilad will introduce this unique cuisine on March 9.
    Rabbi Craig & Pam Axler will lead a drum circle on March 2.         • MOVIE & DISCUSSION - A Hero In Heaven will be shown
    • YOGA SERIES -                                                     on March 2 with a discussion led by the filmaker Sally Mitlas!
    Beryl Herrin will lead a 2-night yoga class on March 9 & 16.        Another film to be announced will be shown on March 9.
    Led by Rabbi Axler on March 9 & 16.                                 will focus on this controversial philosopher March 9.
    • INVESTING IN ISRAEL - Hear Boris Kolandar, Investment             • ARE THERE JEWS IN CHINA? - March 16
    Advisor, discuss the hows and whys of investing in Israel on        Cantor Green will enlighten us about the history of Jews
    March 9.                                                            in China since the destruction of the second Temple.
    • POST WAR YIDDISH THEATER:                                         Contact Lorna Petersen (, Don Berry
    BETWEEN SECULAR AND SACRED -                                        (, or the Beth Or office with any questions.
    With Annette Aronowicz, Professor of Religious Studies              Register now to reserve a seat by calling the Beth Or
    Franklin and Marshall College on March 16.                          office (215-646-5806) or by searching for the Beit Sefer
                                                                        Café on our website at Preregister for
                                                                        babysitting! More details on the Beth Or Website!

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL NEWS                                                                                  or six parents to volunteer to help us
HEBREW TESTING                                     IT’S A GIRL THING: ROSH HODESH ADAR
                                                                                                       set up and “serve the Passover meal”!
During the months of March and April, third,       Our Rosh Hodesh group (seventh and eighth           If you are available to help out, please
fourth and fifth grade students will be tested     graders) will meet with their facilitator, Stacey   call Wendy Black in the Religious School
for Hebrew accuracy and fluency. With the          Gutman, on Sunday, March 14 from                    Office, 215-646-7417. Thank you!
results of the tests, teacher recommendations      1:15-3:15 pm for their next Rosh Hodesh
and Progress Reports, we will organize our         celebration. Exciting and interesting Passover      PASSOVER SPRING BREAK
Hebrew classes for the fall. Hebrew testing        learning and activities have been planned for       School will be closed for our Passover Spring
begins on March 7 and continues until              the month of Nisan.                                 Break on the following dates: Monday and
April 18 (or until we finish testing all of                                                            Tuesday, March 29 and 30; Sunday,
                                                   SPECIAL PROGRAM FOR HEBREW STUDENTS –
the students). All fourth and fifth grade                                                              Monday and Tuesday, April 4, 5 and 6.
                                                   PASSOVER PANDEMONIUM!
students should be ready to be tested
by March 8. Third graders will be tested           Third, fourth, fifth and sixth graders will have
last to allow them to finish their primer and
have some time to review Hebrew letters and
vowels. Please encourage your child(ren) to
practice reading from their Hebrew books
                                                   a fun-filled Passover Program on Monday
                                                   and Tuesday, March 15 & 16 in the Social
                                                   Hall. Students will explore the fifteen steps
                                                   of the seder, working cooperatively with
                                                   classmates and will learn the parts of the                                            We have
and to use their Hebrew CDs so they are                                                                                                  many
well-prepared for the reading test.                seder through song, poetry and kinesthetic
                                                   activities.                                                                           exciting
THIRD GRADE FAMILY SHABBAT SERVICE                                                                                                       events
                                                   SEVENTH GRADE FAMILY EDUCATION                                                        planned
Our Third Grade Family Shabbat Service will        PROGRAM: ETCHED GLASS KIDDUSH CUPS
be held on Friday evening, March 5 at                                                                                                    for March
7:15 pm. All third graders are expected to         Seventh graders and their parents are invited                                         for all of
attend and to help lead the congregation in        to take part in an exciting Passover program                                          our youth
prayer. Please come and celebrate this special     with New York artist, Avi Zukerman, on                                                groups.
Shabbat with your children, their teachers,        Monday evening, March 15 from 7-9                     Please check out our up to date Website
classmates, Rabbis and Cantor.                     pm. Each family will have the opportunity             (updated weekly) at http://www.
                                                   to create a special etched glass kiddush    
SECOND GRADE FAMILY EDUCATION PROGRAM:             cup for use on Jewish holidays and                    You may then click on the link to your
UNWRAPPING SHABBAT                                 festivals. Don’t miss this chance to make             child’s youth group. All flyers will be
We will have our Second Grade Family               wonderful Passover memories with your                 posted there for events. A youth group
Education Program on Sunday morning,               children. (Parents: If you want to create             registration form is available on the
March 7 in the Multipurpose Room during            your own kiddush cup, please bring $12                website too! You must be a registered
both sessions. We have planned a morning           to cover the cost of the additional cup.)             member of youth group to attend our
for “Unwrapping” Shabbat and Havdalah.             KINDERGARTEN FAMILY EDUCATION                         annual trip to an amusement park.
Come and learn with Rabbi Axler and Susan                                                                The Purim Carnival was a huge
                                                   ALL STUDENTS & PARENTS
Edelstein, and spend time with your children                                                             success. Thank you to all of my
                                                   COME AT 9 am
as we do Shabbat and Havdalah activities.                                                                volunteers and helpers. The Purim
We will have a babysitter available for            Kindergarten students and their parents
                                                   will have the opportunity to learn about              Carnival would not have been a hit
younger siblings, but you must call Wendy                                                                if it weren’t for all of your hard work
at 215-646-7417 in advance if you need             Passover and to make beautiful Myriam or
                                                   Elijah cups to use at their home Passover             and dedication. Thanks so much.
                                                   seders. Our special Passover program will
ABRAMSON CENTER VISIT                              take place on Sunday, March 21 from
Both sessions of Randee Simon’s third grade
students and their parents will visit the
                                                   9-10:45 am in the Multipurpose Room.
                                                   All kindergarten students will come for
Abramson Center on Sunday, March 14,               Early Session that morning. We will have              Sr. BOFTY
from 10:30 am to 12 noon. Parents and              a babysitter available for younger siblings,          Mon 3/1 Dinner Mtg. in the youth
students should go directly to the Abramson        but you must call Wendy at 215-646-7417                 lounge at 6 pm
Center. Students will have an opportunity to       in advance if you need babysitting.                   Sat 3/6 Ice Skating
visit with the residents and to participate in                                                           Sat 3/13 - NFTY-PAR Elections
hands-on Passover activities. Please mark
                                                   THIRD GRADE SIYYUM HASEFER                            Mon 3/22 - Dinner Mtg. in the youth
your calendars and note the time change!           Third grade parents are invited to a Siyyum             lounge at 6 pm
                                                   HaSefer (celebrating the completion of a
MATZAH BAKERY PROGRAM – 9 AM                       book) on Monday and Tuesday, March
                                                                                                         Jr. BOFTY
ALL 1st GRADE STUDENTS COME TO                                                                           Sat 3/13 Event TBD
                                                   22 and 23 at 5:15. This special event
EARLY SESSION!                                                                                           Sun 3/28 - Funday in lounge. Pizza will
                                                   marks the completion of the students’
                                                                                                           be served
During the school year, Living Legacy, a           Hebrew primer. Come and celebrate this
Project of the Chabad Lubavitch, brings            accomplishment with students and teachers             Mini BOFTY
exciting, hands-on programs to our primary         on your regular Hebrew school day.                    Sun 3/21 Cooking with Jill
students. On Sunday, March 14, in                  PRIMARY MODEL SEDER
anticipation of Passover, all first graders will                                                         Bitty BOFTY
                                                   ALL KINDERGARTEN, 1ST AND 2ND                         Sun 3/21 Cooking with Jill
have the opportunity to make their own
                                                   GRADERS COME TO EARLY SESSION
matzah – beginning with separating the
                                                   Primary students will attend a Model Seder            Please don’t hesitate to contact me with
wheat from the chaff, followed by grinding
                                                   with Rabbi Marx, Rabbi Axler, Cantor                  any questions. You may reach me at
the wheat seeds, adding the water, rolling
                                                   Green and Primary teachers on Sunday,        or call
the dough and baking the matzah! All first
                                                   March 28, during the early session, from              215-646-5806x ext. 234.
grade students will attend Early Session that
                                                   9 until 10:45 am. Although the seder                  Josh Stone
morning. This program is for students only.
                                                   is for students only, we are asking five
       ABRAMSON CENTER FOR                                                                       SOCIAL ACTION
         Y               TION                                                                      WAYS TO HELP
    CURRICULUM CORNER                               On Wednesday, March 17, from 8 am
                                                    to 9 am, Bubbies and Zaydes of children
                                                                                                   THOSE IN NEED
                                                                                                 As winter makes it's way to spring,
    Celebrating Passover at The Center will be
    the focus of our curriculum this month. The     at The Center are invited for a bagel        our thanks to all those who donated
    Rabbis and Cantor will conduct our model        breakfast. Please RSVP to Sharon in the      during the past several months: new
    seders. We have different experiences           office.                                      hats/gloves/scarves for children at St.
    for each age level. The two year olds           There will be a Bim Bam Shabbat on           Christopher's Hospital, new toys/games
    will have a Passover “experience”. The          Friday, March 19, with Rabbi Axler.          for Silver Springs Martin Luther School
    children and their teachers will act out the    Young children and their families            (gently used items were delivered to
    Passover story with props and costumes.         will participate in a Shabbat story          Cradles to Crayons), and non-perishable
    They will sing songs and eat symbolic           and music along with dinner. Please          food/cleaning products for Hope
    foods. The rest of the children in The          RSVP to Sharon in the office.                Gardens and Mattie Dixon Community
    Center will partake in a child friendly seder                                                Cupboard. Toda Raba!
                                                    On Monday March 22, through
    with their parents, teachers and clergy.        Wednesday, March 24, the Center will         Clearing your closets
    Suzanne and Dale will be travelling             celebrate Passover with model seders.        and storage areas?
    to Dallas on March 6, to participate                                                         Consider donating
    in the Early Childhood of Reform                DATES TO REMEMBER                            clothing, furniture and
    Judaism conference. We are excited              • The Center will be closed for spring       household items to
    to be studying with Lyndall Miller, from        break from Monday, March 29, though          one of the following
    Gratz College for a Directors’ intensive        Monday, April 5. Classes will resume on      organizations —
    training. Dale will be leading round            April 6.                                     • ONE HOUSE AT A TIME
    table discussions with Early Childhood          • Spring break camp for full day scheduled      provides household furnishings to
    Directors from all over the United States.      children will be on Monday, March 29,           those in need, including beds, bureaus
                                                    when the Center closes at 3 pm. Spring          and kitchen tables. The families that
    THE CENTER ACTIVITIES                                                                           OHAAT assists reside in Philadelphia,
                                                    break camp will resume on Wednesday,
    On Monday, March 8 through                                                                      Montgomery and Bucks Counties.
                                                    March 31, through Friday, April 2.
    Wednesday, March 10, the                                                                        Drop-offs are accepted at their 411
    children at The Center will have their          School is closed                                Susquehanna Road location, or they
    individual and class photos taken.              for all children                                may be contacted for pick-up at
                                                    on March 30 and                                 215-646-7812, or e-mail at
    On Monday, March 15, the 4-year-old
                                                    Monday, April 5 to                     For further
    and kindergarten classes will make matzah
                                                    celebrate Passover.                             information, visit
    with Rabbi Gevirtz from the Lubavitch
    Center.                                                                                      • IMPACT THRIFT supports several
                                                                                                    charities including Blind Relief Fund of
                                                                                                    Philadelphia, Chariots for Hope, Inter-
                                                                                                    Faith Housing Alliance, Jewish Family

    Check it out! New books for young readers:
                                                                                                    & Children's Services, and Manna on
                                                                                                    Main Street. They accept drop-offs
                                                                                                    and may also be contacted for pick-
                                                                                                    ups. Their three locations are: 14 E.
                           THE IMPORTANCE OF WINGS                                                  Moreland Avenue, 215-957-6131; 979
                           by Robin Friedman (for ages 8-12)                                        Bethlehem Pike, 215-699-4146; 1798
                           Roxanne, thirteen years old and born in Israel, wants nothing            Markley Street, 610-239-9848. Further
                           more than to be American. But when new neighbors move                    details are available by clicking on
                           into the house next door — called “The Cursed House”                     their site
                           because something terrible always happens to anyone who               • LIBERTY RESOURCES offers
                           lives there — Roxanne finally learns the true meaning of                 assistance to the disabled such as
                           fitting in.                                                              skills training, attendant care and
                                           THE BROOKLYN NINE:
                                    A NOVEL IN NINE INNINGS                                         referral services. Last year Beth
                                       by Alan Gratz (for ages 8-12)                                Or sponsored a collection for this
                                                                                                    organization and will repeat the effort
                           One family, nine generations. One city,                                  in April, 2010. Please look for the date
                             nine innings of baseball. With each of                                 to be announced on a flyer arriving
       nine chapters, we learn of another generation of a German                                    in the mail soon. To learn more about
          Jewish family as they experience American life and play                                   the good work that Liberty Resources
                                                           baseball.                                does, please check them out at www.
    Do you order books on You can help support Beth
    Or by making your purchase through the Beth Or website,                                      If you have an idea for a social action Click on “Who We Are;” the last item in the                                  project at Beth Or, we would welcome
    drop-down list is “Amazon.” Amazon will give a percentage of                                 hearing from you!
    your purchases to Beth Or.                                                                   Margie Chachkin
    Reminder: You can search our library catalog online. Go to the Beth Or website and click     Social Action Chair
    on “Education”. In the drop-down window, click “Library”. Select Library Catalog to search
    by title, author, subject, and ISBN. — Lori Amchin

Sick of winter? Need a “soul lift’? If you have   On Sunday, March 14, our Social Hall
answered “yes” to these questions, then           will be transformed into an elegant tea
plan on participating in our March Sisterhood     room for our wonderful and well attended
Spirituality Month activities.                    Mother/Daughter Tea. Nancy Rosen
On Wednesday, March 3, beginning at               is planning the menu and helping to
6:30 pm, we will have a brief Sisterhood          secure some terrific raffle prizes including
board meeting and dinner at the Ambler            the brand new Jewish American Girl doll.             personal care products, and enjoy classes
home of Sisterhood Chaplain Gail Karafin.         Mark your calendars for a lovely afternoon,          in Zumba, Pilates, Yoga and Meditation. End
Gail will host Beth Or’s signature program,       check your closets, dress up and plan on             the day with cocktails, hors d’ouvres and
Torah to Go, and all are welcome! This            attending with your mother, mother-in-               desserts.
is a wonderful opportunity to be uplifted         law, aunt, niece, daughter or close female           Please note! There will be a $5 discount for
by a member of our fabulous clergy and            friend. Visit for details or          those that register for the Tea and Seder by
study Torah with your Sisterhood friends          e-mail Nancy Rosen at              March 5! Registration form and details on the
old and new. For further information about        Then, get into the spirit of Pesach with             Beth Or Sisterhood website,,
this program, please contact Lori Motis,          our annual Women’s Seder on Sunday,                  Discounts for Sisterhood members, friends                                March 21 at 3 pm in the downstairs Multi-            are welcome. Something to look forward to!
Sisterhood Shabbat is a creative service          Purpose Room. Bring your favorite Passover           Yours in Sisterhood,
designed and executed by women. Join              appetizer or dessert and share the recipe            Lynn Edelman and Arlene Slobodzian
us for a delicious Shabbat dinner prior to        with your friends. Lisa Ashery, Helaine              Co-Presidents
services in our Social Hall beginning at 6        Brown, Pam Axler and Lori Motis will lead
pm on Friday, March 12; then plan on              this creative service, which tells the Passover
participating in the 8 pm song-filled service     story from a women’s perspective. The cost
led by our Rebbetzins Laurie Singer-Marx
and Pam Axler. They will be accompanied
                                                  of the program is nominal but the spirit of
                                                  the afternoon is positively priceless.                 MAH JONGG ANYONE?
                                                  Cost for the Seder: $5                                                        Responding to
by Helaine Brown on flute, Lisa Ashery,
                                                                                                                                several member
music director of the junior choir as well        Please plan on attending. You can find
                                                                                                                                requests, Beth Or
as members of our adult choir. Special            details of these and other events on-line at
                                                                                                                                Sisterhood and the
guest speaker during services will be    Still have the winter blues?
                                                                                                                                Early Childhood
Sharon Benoff, vice president of Women            Then set your sights on May. It’s not too
                                                                                                                                Center are working
of Reform Judaism, the international              early to mark you’re your calendars for:
                                                                                                         together to organize regular weekly
umbrella organization for Sisterhoods.            SISTERHOOD SPA DAY, coordinated by Judy
                                                                                                         Mah Jongg games.
There will be numerous opportunities for          Kartman and her fabulous committee.
                                                                                                         Please e-mail Sisterhood VP Abby
English and Hebrew readers. Please contact        Join us on Sunday, May 2 when Beth Or                  Gilbert with
Ilene Schneller, Spirituality Month chair, at     is transformed into a luxurious Day Spa                your date and time preferences if you, if you would like to          by our Sisterhood. Enjoy spa services such             are interested in learning, playing or
participate. Cost for the dinner: $20.            as massages and skin treatments, sample                teaching Mah Jongg at Beth Or.

Greetings from Brotherhood! I hope                Brotherhood with their membership and
                                                                                                       support allows us to support programs
                                                                                                       and improvements to our Beth Or facilities,
                                                                                                       financial support for our youth group, Camp
the cold weather has not turned you               involvement at whatever level meets their            Harlam Scholarships, Gratz Scholarships,
into a couch potato as there are many             personal and family needs. Over the past             social action, educational programming and
opportunities to enjoy the company of             three years we have seen membership                  an outlet for men to socialize with each
your Beth Or family throughout the year.          rise from just under 200 men to almost               other. Membership forms are available
My articles over the past several months          300. More importantly, we have achieved              on the Brotherhood page of the Beth Or
have focused on                                                                                        website and dues is only $36, but why
recapping our recent                                                                                   not consider becoming a Brotherhood
events. We have                                                                                        Mensch for a dues contribution of $54?
worked hard to provide                                                                                 Please contact me at: rcohenesquire@aol.
a variety of programs                                                                                  com if you would like to learn more
that appeal to a broad                                                                                 about what is going on in your
spectrum of the men                                                                                    Brotherhood, or to suggest a program
in our congregation.                                                                                   that you would like to see us sponsor.
With all of us having                                                                                  Also, for more information about joining
busy work and personal                                                                                 Brotherhood, or participating in an event or
schedules, our goal is                                                                                 activity, please visit the Brotherhood page
to provide programming that can support           a membership list that has includes men in
                                                                                                       of the Beth Or Web site for our calendar of
your lifestyle. To do that, we need your          their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.
                                                                                                       events or contact our VP of Membership,
help. Let us know what types of programs          We will be sharing a listing of our current
                                                                                                       Gary Hershman at:
would be of interest to you. These can be         members in an upcoming mailing and we
                                                  would very much like to have your name               Yours in Brotherhood,
social, educational, or community based.
                                                  listed as well. If you have not yet joined           Bob Cohen, President
I am gratified that so many men in                Brotherhood, please consider doing so. Your
our congregation are now supporting
                                                             YOU AND YOUR
                                                             FAMILY ARE
                                                             INVITED AS
                                                             WE CELEBRATE
                                                             RABBI GREGORY
                                                             S. MARX’S 20th
                                                             APRIL 23-25, 2010

                                      Rabbi Gregory S. Marx is a dedicated spiritual
                                      leader who has strengthened our congregation
                                      through his inspirational sermons, insightful
    Special thanks to our             teachings, and skillful leadership. His wisdom,
    Tribute Weekend                   guidance, support and sense of humor have meant
    Committee Chairs —                so much to our members over the last 20 years.
    Steering Committee:               Our community is very happy to mark his 20th year
    Cheryl Friedenberg,               at Beth Or. Throughout the years, he has held
    Overall Chair                     numerous leadership positions on both the national
    Jan Zauzmer, President            and local levels. Currently, he is the National
    Liz Hirsch, Executive Director    Rabbinic Chair of Israel Bonds and a board
    Rabbi Craig Axler                 member at Abington Memorial Hospital. He also
    Elisa Heisman, Program Director
                                      represents the Jewish community in our schools
    Tribute Book Chairs:              and is an activist in many social action programs.
    Jay Runkel & David Kaffey
    Worship Service Chair
                                      Rabbi Marx and his wife, Laurie Singer-Marx
    Ellen Werther                     are the proud parents of Daniel, Joseph, and
                                      Rebecca (Ricca).
    Extended Oneg Chair
    Terry Stone
    Saturday Night Event
    Chairs Andy & Art Cohn,
    Lisa & Brad Goldoor, Faye         "Find yourself a rabbi and
    & Bob Miller, Ann & Murray
    Spain, Lynn & Mark Samson           you will acquire a friend"
    Sunday “Cow-nival” Chairs
    Caren & David Gutman,                         "Aseh LeCha Rav u'Kneh Lecha Chaveir "
    Stacey Gutman                                                         (Pirkei Avot 1:6)

Commemorative Tribute Book
Deadline for ads is Fri., March 19, 2010.
In honor of this joyous occasion, we invite you to join the
community and participate in a Tribute Book. This 10” x
10”, full color, perfect bound keepsake will highlight Rabbi
Marx and his service to Beth Or over the past 20 years.
More information can be found on Beth Or's website,
For tribute book questions, contact Jay Runkel at

 Shabbat Service and                                           “Cow-nival”
 Tribute                                                       Sun, April 25, 2010
 Fri, April 23, 2010, 7:30 pm                                  9 am to 1 pm at Beth Or
 This is a special                                             The Leonard & Madlyn Abramson Educational
 performance by                                                Center & the Zipporah S. Abramson Center
 The Keystone State Boychoir                                   for Early Childhood Education will pay
                                                               tribute to Rabbi Marx by purchasing
 The extended oneg                                             cows and trees for Kibbutz Lotan.
 will be catered by                                            We invite all of our students
 Beth Or Sisterhood                                            along with their families in the
                                                               Early Childhood Center and
                                                               religious school to celebrate
                                                               with us!
                            Sat, April 24, 2010
                            7 pm at Beth Or

 Join us for a cocktail dinner party and                       If you wish to sponsor a portion of the
 toast Rabbi Gregory and Laurie Marx.                          weekend events, please contact overall
 You will love Comedian Joel Chasnoff                          chair, Cheryl Friedenberg by e-mail at
 and his innovative Jewish humor.                    
 Cocktail attire. Catering by Ellsworth Scott.

FYI                                                  KVELLING                           OLITSKY ART GALLERY

                                             • David Rosenblatt, son of Stanley
 SMITHSONIAN                                 and Joan Rosenblatt, received his
                                             Bachelor’s Degree in Risk Management
 NEWSEUM                                     from the Fox School of Business of
                                             Temple University.
 SUNDAY                                      Mazel Tov!
 APRIL 18                                    • Steve Stone is delighted that his
 $45 PER PERSON                              daughter Elizabeth has returned from
                                             a 5-month Study Abroad program at the
                                             University of Guanajuato, Mexico. She
                                                                                           BLAIR BARBOUR
                                             has resumed her studies at Muhlenberg
 The Newseum is a 250,000-square-
 foot museum of news that offers
                                             College, and her duties as Youth Advisor
                                             at Congregation Keneseth Israel,
                                             Allentown PA.
                                                                                          Friday, March 5
 visitors an experience that blends five                                                Don’t miss this exhibit featuring the
 centuries of news history with up-to-       • Hope and Bob Clair celebrated            expressive, often humorous, art of
 the-second technology and hands-on          their 60th Anniversary on February 26,     Blair Barbour, who finds beauty in the
 exhibits. Some of the exhibits include:     2010. Their children are Frank and         everyday things around her.
                                             Ellen Svitek.
 • Visit galleries dedicated to historical                                              Blair’s paintings have been featured
   moments in our history from               • Andy Myer has placed his first           in regional galleries and private
   Lincoln’s Assassination to 9/11           children's book, "Picklicious," with       collections.
                                             Running Press. It's his first successful   For more information, please
 • Woodstock at 40:
                                             effort as author/illustrator for the       contact Norma Jarrett.
   The Rise of Music Journalism
                                             children's market. The book is
 • A collection of Pulitzer Prize            scheduled for release in Spring, 2011.
   winning photographs                       Andy is also responsible for the design
 • A history of sports reporting             of the Beth Or News!                            ISRAELI OLIVE OIL

 • An interactive newsroom
                                                                                        For Holiday & All Year Round
 • And so much more.
                                                                                        Cook with Israeli Olive Oil
 For information about the Newseum                                                      Available in the
 and what it has to offer, please                                                       Tarshis Gift Shop
                                                                                        Home Delivery Available
 Invite your Beth Or friends and                                                        (call Hal Tragash)
 don’t miss this wonderful trip. A
                                                                                        Small $9, Large $12
 charter bus will leave Congregation
                                                                                        Proceeds go to the
 Beth Or at 8 am and return around
 8 pm. Meals are not included                5TH ANNUAL OY VEY 5K                       Scholarship Fund for
 in these prices. Please bring a
 bag lunch for the bus and you
                                             SUNDAY, JUNE 13, 2010                      Ethiopian Jews

 will have time to eat dinner prior          The Oy Vey 5K is a community event that
 to leaving Washington, DC.
                                                                                        PASSOVER WINES
                                             attracts both beginner and experienced
 RSVP to Barb Murtha at                      runners. The route begins and ends                         at the synagogue and goes through
                                             mostly residential areas. The entrance     Shortly a complete listing of Passover
 Questions or concerns? Please contact       fee for the race is $18 per person.        Wines will be available at Beth Or and
 Barry Chasen at
                                             Support our race and become a                          through the mailings.
                                             sponsor! Contact Pam Adelman                              As in years past we will
                                             at to                                  have a great selection
                                             become a race sponsor.                                     to choose from.
                                             We are looking for volunteers to help
                                                                                                        Direct Inquiries to
                                             us organize this great community event.                     Dave Petersen at
                                             Please contact Alan Braverman at alan.
                    face it!
                                    or Elisa Heisman
                                             at Volunteers                            Thank You,
 Get connected to Beth Or online             are needed for pre-event tasks such                            Dave Petersen
through our weekly e-mails and               as getting sponsors, food donations,                            Beth Or Wine
Facebook Fan Page! Sign up for the           organizing logistics, publicity, etc.                            Committee
e-mails today at              We are also looking for
and look for the sign up box on the          “day of race” volunteers
home page for both Facebook and              as well.
the weekly e-mails. Don’t miss out
on the latest and most up-to-date
information from Beth Or including
event details, school closings, and more.

MEMORIALS & CONTRIBUTIONS                 Lynn and Mark Samson
                                                                                                                            JACOB'S LADDER
                                                                                                                        (LOCAL, NATIONAL, AND
                                                                                                                       INTERNATIONAL TZEDAKAH)
         RABBI MARX'S                     Sussie and Al Harris                  LINDA GERSON MEMORIAL
      DISCRETIONARY FUND                                                      FUND FOR THE BEAUTIFICATION           IN HONOR OF
                                       IN HONOR OF
IN MEMORY OF                           • HAROLD LORBER’S BIRTHDAY               OF BETH OR’S GROUNDS                • SAM BENJAMIN BECOMING A BAR
• DAVID SINGER                            Wilma Lorber                                                                MITZVAH
    Sherry Spector                                                            IN MEMORY OF                          • MATTHEW COZEN BECOMING A
    Zane and Jane Kurtz                   SANDY BORISLOW GENERAL              • LINDA GERSON                          BAR MITZVAH
    Leonard and Nancy Ehrlich                IMPROVEMENT FUND                    Jodi Gerson                           Gary and Nini Lightman
    Phyllis Gitlin and Family                                                    Linda Seidman
                                       IN MEMORY OF                           • SARAH HERSCOWITZ
    Randi and Gary Bronstein
    Albert ad Susan Robbins            • CECIELLE CAMPBELL-BECK                  Phil Gerson                            ANDREW JARRETT FUND
• JILLIAN SIEGEL                          Debbi Borislow                         Jodi Gerson                        IN MEMORY OF
     Dr. Phillip Siegel                • AL GREEN                             SPEEDY RECOVERY OF
                                          Scott and Ellen Newman                                                    • AL GREEN
• SHELLEY KATZ-BLUM                                                           • LIZ HIRSCH                             Marilyn and Lee Lieberman
    Susan Katz                                                                   Grace and Harvey Groner            IN HONOR OF
    Leonard Rosenfeld
                                                 CAPITAL FUND                                                       • BIRTH OF NORMA JARRETT’S
• ARNOLD PORTER                        IN MEMORY OF                                 BARBARA GOLDBERG                  SECOND GREAT-GRANDSON
    Arlene Porter                                                                                                      The Krimker and Saragovi Families
    Scott and Jennifer Porter          • MURRAY MILROD                             NURSERY SCHOOL FUND              • ZACHARY BORINE BECOMINGA BAR
 •RENEE GREENBERG                         Carol Packer and Mike Snyder                                                MITZVAH
    Arthur Cohn                        IN HONOR OF                            IN MEMORY OF                             Eileen Block
    Cheryl and Michael Friedenberg     • FLOSSIE MILAKOFSKY’S SPECIAL         • WILLIAM MEYER BARATZ
                                                                                 Roz, Liz & Chase’s Friends in 3B
• STEVE GOLDSTEIN                        BIRTHDAY
                                                                              • DOROTHY LEVIN                             JONATHAN LIEBMAN
    Samuel & Cindy Goldstein
                                          Carol Packer and Mike Snyder
                                                                                 Nancy Scudder and Laurie Rubin         RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND
    Myer and Rita Bernstein                                                      Sherry and David Silnutzer
                                         CARING CONGREGANT FUND                                                     IN MEMORY OF
IN HONOR OF                                                                                                         • RENEE GREENBERG
• MYER BERNSTEIN’S 85th BIRTHDAY       IN MEMORY OF                                BARBARA & MARVIN                    Joyce Brodsky
   Renee Steinfield                     • ALAN ALBAHARI                           GOLDBERG CONFIRMATION
   Deanna Roth
                                          Rose Albahari                          ISRAEL TRIP ENDOWMENT                         MUSIC FUND
                                       • JACK TARANSKY
• EMANUEL STEIN                           Faye and Eric Benshetler                                                  IN MEMORY OF
   Craig Stein                                                                IN MEMORY OF
                                       • MURRAY MILROD                                                              • TED GOLDBERG
IN APPRECIATION OF                                                            • RENEE GREENBERG
                                          The Crespi Family                                                         • ALFRED GREEN
                                                                              • IRVIN GOLDSTEIN
• RABBI MARX                              Jeff and Martha Saperstein                                                   Cheryl and Neil Schlackman
                                                                              • JUNE END
   Joyce and Bob Goldstein                Maureen Schreiber                                                         • BONNIE DUKART
                                                                                  Susan Edelstein
   Donna and Joe Polin                 • RENEE GREENBERG                                                               Gary and Marlene Dukart
   Gary and Nini Lightman                 Robert, Ellyn and Dani Dratch and   IN HONOR OF                           • MYRON SMOLLER
   Leonard and Nancy Ehrlich              Family                              • REBECCA CARLIN BECOMING A BAT          Alan and Barbara Sharavsky
   Lynn and Mark Samson                • RUTH COHEN                           MITZVAH                               • HERBERT SPECTOR
   Steven Harper                          Beth and Carl Apter and Family          Rodger and Ellen Wichterman          Linda and Jack Rosenfeld
   Todd, Ellyn, Ethan & Chase Baratz   IN HONOR OF                            • IRA AND JENNIFER BROWNSTEIN
                                                                                                                    IN HONOR OF
   Bradley and Pamela Korman                                                      Susan Edelstein
                                       • STEVE MILAKOFSKY’S SPECIAL                                                 • KAREN AND JASON HOROWITZ’S
   Dana and Dan Miller                   BIRTHDAY
   Sussie and Al Harris                                                                                               FIRST ANNIVERSARY
                                          Jon, Marilyn, Andrew and Jessica       KARL & MALLY HERZFELD                 Paul Snyderman
         RABBI AXLER'S                 • PERRI RABINOWITZ’S BAT
                                                                                      LIBRARY FUND
      DISCRETIONARY FUND                 MITZVAH                              IN MEMORY OF
                                                                                                                           PRAYERBOOK FUND
                                          Karen Leavitt
                                                                              • WILLARD DERMAN                      IN MEMORY OF
IN MEMORY OF                           SPEEDY RECOVERY OF                        The Crespi Family                  • RENEE GREENBERG
• ADA BLENDER                          • LIZ HIRSCH                           • EMMA SHAPIRO                           Marilyn Lieberman
   Mark & Lynn Samson & Family            The Crespi Family                      Samuel and Edythe Newman
• CHARLOTTE LAVIN                                                             IN HONOR OF
   Ellen Klein                                                                                                            PRAYERBOOK FUND -
                                                 GENERAL FUND                 • KEN MOSKOWITZ,BROTHERHOOD’S
                                                                                                                         FAMILY SERVICE SIDDUR
                                                                                MAN OF THE YEAR
   Celia Rothkopf                      IN MEMORY OF                              Ira Secouler                       IN MEMORY OF
IN APPRECIATION OF                     • DAVID SINGER                         DONATION                              • RENEE GREENBERG
• RABBI AXLER                          • WALTER STUART ZEIGER                                                          Bruce and Rebecca Singer
                                                                                 Joann Simon
   Joyce and Bob Goldstein                 Alice Milrod and Anthony Krol
   Donna and Joe Polin                 • RENEE GREENERG
   Gary and Nini Lightman                  The Polin Family                    INTERFAITH APARTMENT FUND            EVA SAGOSKIN MEMORIAL FUND
   Rebecca and Graham Kilshaw              Marc and Stacy Bank                                                      IN HONOR OF
   Lynn and Mark Samson                    David and Shelley Lipkin           IN MEMORY OF
   Sussie and Al Harris                • MURRAY MILROD                        • IRENE GROSSMAN                      • ELISA HEISMAN’S INSTALLATION AS
                                           Ruth & Steven Segal                    Barry and Carole Chasen             PRESIDENT OF PDRJ
                                           The Dorsey Family                  • HARRY OCHS                             Cheryl Friedenberg
        CANTOR GREEN'S                 • IRVIN GOLDSTEIN                          Danette and Rich Laver
      DISCRETIONARY FUND                   Milton Kitei                       DONATION FROM                                SHARING IS CARING
                                           Rose Feldman                          David Kohn
                                       IN HONOR OF                                                                  IN MEMORY OF:
• LILYAN NEWMAN                        • MELANIE BEIFEL                           ISRAEL EMERGENCY FUND             • ELEANORE R. BENCAN
• IDA NEWMAN CRAVEN                       Gary and Nini Lightman                                                       Joel, Riss, Zach & Adam Bencan
• FANNY FISHER                         • DAVID ROSENBLATT RECEIVING           IN MEMORY OF                          • MURRAY MILROD
    Sheila and Bill Ritchey              HIS BACHELOR DEGREE AT TEMPLE        • JOSEPH MARGOLIES                       Joan Heyne Nerenberg
• ANNE SILVERMAN                         BUSINESS SCHOOL                         Pearl and Hal Tragash              • LEE CANTOR
• EDGAR SILVERMAN                         Stanley and Joan Rosenblatt         • ELAINE RYDER                           Lenore and Joseph Fels
    Robert Silverman & Randi Leavitt   • STEVEN LUPIN BECOMING                   Hollie and Rich Herman             • BERTHA LONDON
                                         PRESIDENT OF THE MONTGOMERY                                                   Laurence R. London and Carol A.
IN APPRECIATION OF                       COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION               IN HONOR OF                              Meyers
• CANTOR GREEN                            Judy and Ed Rubin                   • BIRTH OF TWINS, JONAH ALBERT        • DAVID SINGER
   Joyce and Bob Goldstein                                                      AND MAYA PEPI SERROTTA              • PETER BARSHAK
                                       DONATION FROM                             Bea and Howard Siegel
   Donna and Joe Polin                                                                                                 Carol Ann and Barry Miller
   Gary and Nini Lightman                 Michael Sherman
                                          Rosemary Melnick                                                          • REBA L. RUBENSTEIN

• HAROLD RUBENSTEIN                    • BETTY KARAFIN                     • BRUCE LLOYD TALUS
   Herb, David & Brian Rubenstein
   Enid and Herb Rubenstein
                                         HARRY KLEINBERG
                                         SYLVIA KLEINBERG
                                         HARRIS KLEINBERG
                                                                              Allan & Cheryl Talus Snyder &
                                                                           • ANNA SCHLESINGER
• MARK HITCHENS                            Fred and Gail Karafin               Felice and Ralph Kahn
   Barbara and Stan Spilove            • ARTHUR LEAVITT                    • EDWARD SHERMAN
• LINDA CANTOR                         • RUTH LEAVITT LITWIN                  Connie Blank                        New Members
   Elsa and Joe Engel                      Robin and Michael Rosen         • SYLVIA ROSENFELD                     • Matthew Ryan and Hilary
IN HONOR OF:                           • RUVIN SESKIN                         Jerome and Janice Dunn                Goodman
• MYER BERNSTEIN’S SPECIAL                 Les Seskin                      • DR. ARNOLD W. NEWMAN                 • Michael, Marcie, Emily and
  BIRTHDAY                             • CECELIA W. BERKOWITZ                 Wilma Lorber                          Jackson Amerstein
   Claire Schwartz                     • MALCOLM BERKOWITZ                 • MARK KRAVITZ
                                           Arnold Berkowitz
                                       • ROBERT B. ARNOLD
                                                                              Willa Kravitz and Heather
                                                                           • SARAH LISS
                                                                                                                  May Their Memory
   Neen and Dave Davis                 • MORRIS TANNENBAUM                    Sylvia Hoffman                      Be a Blessing
   Joseph and Marcia Berstein          • RUTH TANNENBAUM                   • EDITH SCHWARTZ                       • William Meyer Baratz, father of
                                       • ADELE MASLOF                         Marvin and Deborah Schwartz           Todd Baratz
                                       • BETTY ROSENBERG                   • MOLLIE SPAIN                         • Ada Blender, grandmother of
     KENNETH SKLAR YOUTH                   Florence T. Arnold              • HARRY SPAIN                            Mark Rabinowitz
       SCHOLARSHIP FUND                • MARY KLAPWALD                        Murray and Ann Spain                • June (Epple) End, mother of
                                           Shirley and William Ruderman    • FRANCES BROWN                          David End
IN MEMORY OF                           • HERBERT SHOCKER                      Barbara Goodrich                    • Alfred “Al” Green, father of Barry
                                       • SAMUEL POMERANTZ                  • EMANUEL STEIN                          Green, grandfather of Stacy
                                           Dina and Morris Levin              Craig Stein                           Borthwick & Jeffrey Green
   Jerry and Debby Hamburg
                                       • MANNY KATZ                                                               • Renee Greenberg, mother of
                                           Fred and Sherri Katz
   Nora Reyner
                                       • MORRIS SMILOVITZ
                                                                               YOUTH ASSISTANCE FUND                Joyce Goldstein and Donna
                                                                                                                    Polin, sister of Sussie Harris
                                           Sylvia Chachkin                 IN HONOR OF                              and aunt of Ellen Newman
                                                                           • PERRI RABINOWITZ’S BAT MITZVAH       • Irvin Goldstein, father of David
         GARDEN FUND                       Sanford and Ina Goodman
                                                                              Marlene Brooks                        Goldstein and grandfather of
                                       • ALEX BLOCK                                                                 Shayna Goldstein
IN MEMORY OF                               Joseph and Marcia Berstein                                             • Dorothy Levin, mother of
• RENEE GREENBERG                      • MICHAEL B. ASCH                                                            Howard Levin
   Jennifer, Steve, Ryan and Spencer       Jeffrey and Susan Asch
                                       • BETTY AXE
                                                                                ONEG SPONSORS                     • Murray Milrod, father of Alice
   Silver                                                                       OUR THANKS TO THE                   Milrod
                                           Deanne and Jordan Berman                                               • Stephen Siegel, brother-in-law
IN HONOR OF                            • ANN COHEN                           FOLLOWING CONTRIBUTORS
                                                                                                                    of Leonard Rosenfeld
• SELMA COHEN’S 90th BIRTHDAY              Judy and Paul Kushner
    Andy and Robert Sklenar
                                       • JOSE KRIMKER
                                           Nora Saragovi                    FEB 5                                 Mazel Tov
  LIEBMAN AND JAMIE LIEBMAN            • MILDRED HUSIN                      • Richard and Besty Silverman, in     • Birth of Ryan Andrew Bilinski,
    Rita and Myer Bernstein                Holly and Matthew Green            honor of Julie Silverman’s Bat        grandson of Shelley & David
SPEEDY RECOVERY OF                     • JOSIE MAGID                          Mitzvah                               Lipkin
• LIZ HIRSCH                               David and Renee Magid            • Ilene Rovner, Carl and Alex         • Baby Naming of Ryan Jake
   Rita and Myer Bernstein             • DAVID WAYNE FELS                     Woodin in honor or Zach Woodin’s      Blumenthal, grandson of Alan
                                       • TESSIE FELS                          Bar Mitzvah                           and Joan Kober
                                           Joseph and Suzanne Fels                                                • Baby Naming of Kaidence
   ELLEN & NORM WERTHER                • ANN CRIGGER                        FEB 19                                  Ariana Conner, granddaughter
       ENDOWMENT FOR                       Bernard and Beth Johl            • Allan and Julie Nappen in honor       of Bill Jacobson and Georgia
      SPECIAL PROGRAMS                 • EVELYN FINZIMER                     of Wesley Nappen’s Bar Mitzvah         Cottrell
                                           Eileen and David Eskin           • Joe, Donna and Molly Polin in       • Baby Naming of Devyn Brooke
IN MEMORY OF                           • LINDA GREEN                         honor or Jennifer Polin’s Bat          Levine, daughter of Brian and
• ALFRED GREEN                             Jodi Gerson                       Mitzvah                                Jennifer Levine
                                       • MORRIS SHAPIRO                                                           • Engagement of Michelle
   Jack and Rosalie Elias
                                           Edythe and Sam Newman            FEB 26                                  Rosenfeld, granddaughter of
IN HONOR OF                            • DORIS BOGOMOLNY                    • Stephanie and David Simon in          Lester and Helene Rosenfeld, to
• BIRTH OF GRANDSON OF ALAN                Bernard and Myrle Borine           honor of Hannah Simon’s Bat           Ryan Pesin
  AND JOAN KOBER                       • MORRIS LEIBOWITZ                     Mitzvah                             • Engagement of Melissa
   Jack and Rosalie Elias                  Harriet and Rav Soloff           • Tom and Andrea Macey, in honor of     Slobodzian, daughter of Walt
SPEEDY RECOVERY OF                     • SAMUEL KOHN                          Nicole Macey’s Bat Mitzvah            and Arlene Slobodzian to
   • LIZ HIRSCH                            Ralph and Felice Kahn                                                    Gregory Walters
   Meryl, Paul, Josh, & Michele        • EUGENE KALICKMAN                   ADDITIONS FOR JANUARY
                                           Arnold and Judith Bernstein
                                       • JAY TESSLER
                                                                            • Philip Gerson and Family in honor
                                                                              of Joshua Wollman’s Bat Mitzvah
                                                                                                                  B'nai Mitzvah
   Jack and Rosalie Elias                  Brett and Susan Tessler          • Beth & Tedd Koren in honor of       •   Bar Mitzvah of Zachary Cohen
                                       • MILTON R. GROTH                      Seth’s 18th birthday                •   Bat Mitzvah of Courtney Krevolin
                                           Neil and Lisa Peskin                                                   •   Bat Mitzvah of Sydney Edelson
         YAHRZEIT FUND                 • ADELE ROSENFELD                                                          •   Bat Mitzvah of Lisa Gutsin
                                           Leonard Rosenfeld                                                      •   Bar Mitzvah of Zachary Shaftel
IN MEMORY OF                           • ANNA ORENSTEIN                       BIMA FLOWER DONATIONS               •   Bar Mitzvah of Ethan Benoff
• IDA AND JOSEPH SCHULTZ                   Stanley and Bernice Orenstein                                          •   Bar Mitzvah of Jared Melone
    Harry Schultz                      • ROSE HERSHMAN
                                           Lowell and Madeline Lander
                                                                            FEB 5                                 •
                                                                                                                      Bar Mitzvah of Jacob Bookbinder
                                                                                                                      Bar Mitzvah of Samuel Gold
• MICKEY WEISS                                                              • Richard and Besty Silverman, in
    Marlene Pascal                     • JACOB COHAN
                                                                              honor of Julie Silverman’s Bat
    Selma Kron
                                           Robert Cohan
                                       • MORTON ALTHOUSE                      Mitzvah                             Todah Rabbah
• FREDA COHEN                          • IRWIN GROSS
                                           Janessa Althouse & Mark Gross
                                                                            FEB 19                                To Our Beth Or News & Bulk Mail
    Evelyn Wolf                                                             • Allan and Julie Nappen in honor
• JEAN WERNIKOVE                       • CHARLOTTLE ROVINSKY                                                       Florence T. Arnold, Rita and
                                           Sherry Spector                    of Wesley Nappen’s Bar Mitzvah
    Robin Levenberg                                                                                                Myer Bernstein, Bette and
                                       • ELLIOT NIRES                       • Joe, Donna and Molly Polin in
• FRANCES SILVERBERG                                                                                               Allen Male, “Sis” Krauth, Ellen
                                           Celia Rothkopf and Family         honor or Jennifer Polin’s Bat
• SUSAN SIMON                                                                                                      Mirbach, Sylvia Chachkin,
                                       • SIDNEY SATALOF                      Mitzvah
    Michael and Karen Silverberg                                                                                   Florence Sulitzer, Flora Krimker
• SHERRY KAPLAN                            Marc and Elyse Satalof
                                       • OSCAR SIEGEL
                                                                            FEB 26                                 and Barbara Spilove with
                                                                                                                   Stephen and Matthew
    Glenn and Nancy Hyatt                                                   • Stephanie and David Simon in
• DAVE BEER                            • SAYDE MYERS
                                       • LILLIAN REINER                       honor of Hannah Simon’s Bat         To Our Donation Card Writer
    Michael and Irene Beer                                                    Mitzvah                              Volunteer:
• MOLLIE HAMBURG                       • REBECCA SIMON
                                       • SIDNEY SIMON                       • Tom and Andrea Macey, in honor of   • Diane Berliner
    Gerald and Deborah Hamburg                                                Nicole Macey’s Bat Mitzvah
• SIMA GOLDSTEIN                           Joann and Mort Simon
    Scott and Sandy Silverman
                    BETH OR NEWS                                                                                                        Non-Profit
                                                                                                                                    U.S Postage Paid
                    CONGREGATION BETH OR                                                                                              Permit No. 61
                                                                                                                                        Ambler, PA
                    239 WELSH ROAD, MAPLE GLEN, PA 19002
                    Volume 54, Issue 8 Adar-Nisan 5770 March 2010
                    Phone: 215 646-5806       Fa x: 215 646- 0173   Web: ht tp //   e-mail : bethor @

 Senior Rabbi................................ Gregory S. Marx                   President..................................... Jan Zauzmer
 Rabbi............................................Craig H. Axler                Vice President............................... Amy Abrams
 Cantor.......................................... David Green                   Vice President............................... Jennie Nerenberg
 Executive Director.......................Liz Hirsch, F.T.A.                    Vice President............................... Beth Rubin
 Education Director......................Susan Edelstein                        Treasurer........................................ Ben Cowen
 Early Childhood Educator........... Dale Laing                                 Assistant Treasurer...................... David Simon
 Program Director........................ Elisa Heisman                         Parliamentarian............................Mike Snyder
 Development Director.................Carrie Nardini                            Secretary........................................Alice Milrod
 Youth Advisor............................... Josh Stone                        Brotherhood President................Robert Cohen
 Academy Director........................Sarah DeWoskin                         Sisterhood Co-Presidents........... Lynn Edelman, Arlene Slobodzian
 Beth Or News Designer...............Andy Myer                                  BOFTY President...........................Diana Goodman
 Beth Or News Editor................... Ellen Werther
 Organist & Choir Director...............Roland Woehr, Jr.

Published monthly, except July. Beth Or is a Reform Congregation and a member of the Union for Reform Judaism

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