Kicker 08ZX25001 2500-Watt Class D Mono Subwoofer Amplifier by refi12


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Kicker 08ZX25001 2500-Watt Class D Mono
Subwoofer Amplifier
                                                                    List Price :   $1,699.95

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                                                               Product Feature
                                                               q   2500 Watt @ 2 ohms mono subwoofer amplifier
                                                               q   24dB/octave low-pass electronic crossover
                                                               q   24dB/octave subsonic filter fixed at 25 hertz
                                                               q   Balanced differential inputs for noise elimination
                                                               q   One-year limited warranty
                                                               q   Read more

Product Description
Product Description
ZX dominance means severe stereo or mono amplifier power surging into corresponding KICKER subwoofers
and speakers. ZX dominance also means the utmost reliability from the biggest name in trouble-free
amplification and loud, clear sound.

   Trouble-free amplification and loud, clear sound. Click to enlarge.

ZX-Series Amplifiers return for 2008 as reliable as ever--21 no-fault options to run a complete car audio system.
Two-channel, four-channel, three- and five-channel hybrids, and absurd single-channel subwoofer amps round
out a hard-working, noise-free lineup known for supplying the force until the listener shuts the music down. And
now all ZX Amps are outfitted with differential RCA inputs, completely eliminating unwanted whines and audio
trash and making for the most enjoyable listening experience possible. Differential inputs and new automatic
turn-on modes make ZX Amps some of the most complete power producers on the market.
                                                                        All ZX Amps are now outfitted with
                                                                     differential RCA inputs. Click to enlarge.

                                                                          Includes remote bass cotnrol.

ZX Mono-Channel Amplifiers
ZX.1 Mono Subwoofer Amplifiers add one new option to its existing stable of six--the 500-watt ZX500.1 with all
the same great benefits. From 300 watts up to a ridiculous 2,500-plus watts, KICKER makes selections available
for what it does best... bass. Hiding under an efficient heat sink, ZX sub amps offer a 24dB/octave low-pass
electronic crossover and a 24dB/octave subsonic filter fixed at 25 hertz. All have up to 18 decibels of boost
centered at 40 hertz, and all come with remote bass control. Optional endcaps are available for all ZX amplifier

ZX2500.1 Features

q   3 automatic turn-on modes
q   Balanced differential inputs for noise elimination
q   RCA inputs have direct speaker level input capability
q   Easily removable top allows for custom painting
q   Optional end caps
q   2 ohm stability on all amps
q   Angled power connections

What's in the Box
ZX2500.1 amplifier, Remote bass control, Mounting hardware, User's manual Read more

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