84th Academy Awards Nominee Questionnaire.pdf by sushaifj


                                84th Academy Awards Nominee Questionnaire

       BION Anne-Sophie / Nominated for: Film Editing for “THE ARTIST”

       What is your hometown? Where did you go to school?
       With my twin brother, we are born in Bordeaux, in South West of France. A city known for its
       famous Wine. We grew up there but I studied in Basque Country, a region close to Spain. My
       school was the Lycée René Cassin in Bayonne, and it was an audiovisual school intended to
       find a job in a TV channel. But I always wanted to work in the cinema industry.
       First I worked for Eurosport TV channel, editing news and magazines. It’s a really good way
       to learn how to work fast and in the rush with journalist from all around the world. Then I
       continued a license of cinema at university, La Sorbonne. I studied it by correspondence in
       London for a year. I travelled in Australia. And when I came back, I’ve done a traineeship in
       the laboratory LTC, and an other traineeship in a Post-Production company called Artistic
       Images with Marc Boucrot, my technical mentor. There I met many directors, film editors and
       assistants editors.

       What was your first movie-going experience, and how did it affect you?
       In the Post-Production company called Artistic Images, I worked for a year as freelance. I
       was a technical assistant, I carried VCR’s, and I plugged computers, and I was also assistant
       editor. And by luck, I met my artistic mentor, Hervé Schneid, the French editor of Jean-Pierre
       Jeunet’s movies, like “Amélie”. He had needed an assistant editor for “Instinct of Death” and
       “Public Enemies” by Jean-François Richet. He has edited these two films with Bill Pankow.
       I was supposed to work 2 months and he actually kept me for a year and half. I worked with
       him on many others movies as his assistant editor. He taught me a lot. I spent many hours
       looking at him watching and analyzing the dailies. You have to be careful of everything you
       see in a frame, even before and after the clap. He gave me few scenes to edit on each movie,
       that’s how I learnt.

       Did you watch the Oscars growing up? Was it a family experience? Do you recall a
       particular favorite Oscar moment?
       I did watch the Oscars like a little girl who dreams to become one of these stars, like the
       actors, actresses, and directors. I didn’t really pay attention of the editors or DOP. It wasn’t a
       family experience. My dad works in bank, so for him, to be an artist, it’s not a job, not a proper
       job!! Now he’s proud of me but he disagreed my choice of being an editor, while my mother
       has always supported me. She likes every kind of art, and she has transmitted that to me. I do
       not remember a particular moment, maybe the speech of Marion Cotillard “it’s true, there is
       angels in this city!” I could say the same thing…. But my angels are all the people I met along
       my way.

       When did you decide that you wanted to make movies? What influenced you? Who or
       what inspired you along the way?
       When I was little, with my twin brother, we used to play on stage for all our family. Usually it
       was in my Grandparent’s garden with all our cousins. I was the director, and I gave everyone
       a role. It was such a fun. Then at school, I played for a theatre. But because I did scientific
       studies, I wanted to find a job, that link the technic and art. And I found that in Film Editing. I
learn from the people I worked with, from the people who shares their knowledge, like Hervé
Schneid, or Yves Deschamps who works for Orson Welles. And of course I learn from all
the movies I’ve been watching. And what I really like in this job is that you never get bored,
because it’s a new story to tell, a new teal to work with, a new experience all the time. To
learn, learn and still learn from the others.

What’s the most valuable piece of advice you ever got in your career?
To never give up, to be strong but to be attentive to others and above all to take the time to
watch the dailies, even if it takes too long for some people…

What was the biggest challenge you faced on the movie for which you are nominated?
As Michel Hazanavicius said on stage for the ACE Eddies Award, the biggest challenge
for an editor is to deal with the director. And because, for me, it was the first time editing a
whole movie by myself, it was hard to find my place. When Michel came back to Paris after
his shooting in LA, he came in the editing room and he told me, “I’m not gonna see your first
assemble!” and BAM, I took that in my face… And my first challenge was here, to successfully
do him watch the first cut. He saw 10min, and 10 more… and he finally saw the all assembly. I
was really proud of that. At the end he was happy and we have had trusted each other.

What was your most memorable moment on this movie?
To work on this movie is THE big memorable moment. It was hard but so excited. Michel
taught me a lot. To edit my first cut totally in silence was really nice. I could even hear the
characters speak!!!! And I remember some funny moments, because when we were watching
the movie, we could knew when the other was hungry, because we could hear his belly
speaks…. Grrrrrr…. It’s lunch time…

What would be your dream movie project to work on?
To work with Tim Burton. I like his vision. Even if the storytelling is dark, the way he films is so
colorful… his characters are all unique. He got his own world… But I dream to meet people,
like the famous Scorcese’s editor, Thelma Schoonmaker. Those kind of people have got a lot
to share…

What’s the one thing that people would be shocked to know about you?
I won’t tell you, because you will be really shocked!!! No I don’t know, but you are kids, you do
some bad things to discover the life…

Do you use social media? If you tweet, what is your Twitter name?

If you have a Facebook fan page, please let us know what it is called.
I’m not famous enough to have a Facebook fan page…. Not yet, you’ll see. I’m joking.

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