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									26 March 2012—Edition 3

                          “Say NO to
    From The Principal
Dear Parents and Carers
It’s hard to believe that we are now in the last week of Term 1. As I reflect on the activities and
events of this term the College has every reason to feel proud. There have been so many positive
achievements with our students during these last weeks of the term. I have been pleased by the
commitment of our Year 12 school leaders Caitlin Williams, James Hartley, Ben Kelly, Robert
McMahon, Joshua Cassells, Hamdi Abdinasir, Alex Seeto, Angelina Ah Sam, Jasmine Dyckhoff, Jade
Withers and Sefo Masame who have involved themselves in services across the entire school with tuckshop
duty, school committees, fundraising, parade organisation, school sign organisation, ‘National Day of Action’ and
Parent Teacher Evening. Thank you and well done!
Our Year 11 and 12 Hospitality classes have been busy ‘cooking up a storm’ for our mentors from
PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG as part of the RISE literacy program and Aspirations program. The delicious
food was well complemented by the amazing presentation! I was delighted to have delicious ‘leftovers’ to take
back to the Administration team. Other Hospitality students from Year 11 have been involved in preparing
delicious sandwich treats as part of their assessment. Congratulations to Mr Sean Hortz, hospitality teacher and
all students involved.
Creative Generation—2012
We are thrilled to announce that seven of our students will be involved in Creative Generation—State Schools on
Stage which will take place at the Brisbane Convention Centre on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 July. Caitlin
Williams Year 12 dance student has been selected to attend the ‘Young Artists’ workshop being held for four days
during the holidays to further develop their skills. Madeleine Wensor has also been selected to be a feature
dancer. Other students selected to participate in the dance routines include Aaleigh Boyle, Britney Carkeet,
Kes Eisentrager and Emily Woodhouse. Year 12 student Paea Taua has been invited to join the core choir at
the holiday workshop in preparation as part of the main backing choir for ‘Creative Generation’. Congratulations to
all of these students as they extend the Performing Arts reputation of our College in the wider community.
Thank you to all College staff
Our staff are very committed to their own learning and development in order to be able to provide educational
programs at the cutting edge. I would like to congratulate all our staff for their hard work and dedication—their
energy levels and enthusiasm are truly amazing and we need to recognise the fantastic job they are doing!
National Day of Action—’Say NO to Bulling’

On Friday 16 March our College proudly hosted 97.3FM Radio Broadcast as the host Brisbane school in support of
the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. It was a fantastic morning sharing breakfast with special
guests, local politicians including Desley Scott, parents, staff and students from both Kingston State School and
our College. Channel 9 was also in attendance. The whole event was reflected very well in the media with an
excellent article in the Courier Mail discussing our ‘E Smart’ strategy where students can report an incident via
‘email’. My thanks must go to all staff involved but I would like to especially acknowledge the efforts of Head Of
Special Education Support Ms Caroline Hill and Head of Science Ms Kym Penman for their outstanding efforts in
organising and promoting this event.
Have a safe and relaxing two week holiday break.
Best wishes
Francine Barker—Principal
NAPLAN                                                This year the NAPLAN testing will
For the past few weeks Year 9 students have been      take place from Tuesday 15 May
completing practice NAPLAN tests in both their        through to Thursday 17 May and will
English and Mathematics lessons. I have visited the   consist of five individual tests, three in
classes as they have been doing these tests and I     Literacy and two in Numeracy. Friday
am impressed with the behaviour and effort that the   18 May will be a make-up day for students who have
Year 9s are putting in.                               missed previous test days. It is important that
                                                      students attend the test days rather than using the
The NAPLAN test is designed to test Literacy and      make-up day. Further information will be sent home
Numeracy. Similar tests are conducted in Year 3, 5    with students early in term 2.
and 7. The results are used to monitor growth of
individual performance over time and are also used    Best wishes
for planning learning programs for individual         David Holgate
                                                      Deputy Principal

                            CALENDAR OF EVENTS

             27      Parent / Teacher Interviews 3pm-8pm—Reports Issued
             29      Yr 12 QCS WT/MC Practice
             30      Yr 12 QCS SRI Practice
             30      Last Day Term 1
             2-13 School Holidays
             2     State Schools On Stage—Tickets on Sale!
             16    Students return from Holidays
                   Yr 12 QCS Workshop
             18    Aspirations Workshop 2 10.30am-1.30pm at PwC
             23    Anzac Commemoration Anzac Square—Brisbane City
             24    Junior Interschool Sport (Home vs Marsden 9)
                   Kingston College ANZAC Day Parade 9am
             25    ANZAC DAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY
                   Logan City ANZAC Commemoration
             26    Logan District Cross Country Loganlea SHS
             2     Aspirations Workshop 3 10.30am-1.30pm at PwC
             7     LABOUR DAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY
             8-11  Yr 11 Structured Work Placement &
                   Yr 10 Work Readiness Class
             10-11 YGC Science & Engineering Challenge
             11    Yr 10/11 Academy Conference for Gifted & Talented at St Laurence’s
             15    Yr 9 NAPLAN Testing
             16    Yr 9 NAPLAN Testing
                   ‘Mighty Minds’ Workshop for Yr 12 QCS students
             17    Yr 9 NAPLAN Testing
             18    Bring It On—RNA Showgrounds
                   National Careers & Employment Expo (BCC)
             22    MET East Cross Country
                   UQ Sunflower Competition
In week seven, the Year 12 Biology cohort attended a field trip to Numinbah Valley in the Gold Coast Hinterland.
Over the three days the students investigated the effects that stage 3 of the Hinze Dam has had on the local
biomes, particularly the gallery rainforest located at the Numinbah Valley Environmental and Education Centre,
performed some water quality testing, visited the glow worms, trekked 4km through rainforest and behind
waterfalls, canoed on the Hinze Dam
and over the top of a flooded gallery
rainforest, undertook a forest
comparison study and completed a
study of the Nerang River from the
source at Mt Hobwee to Nerang
residential area.
The students and teachers had a
thoroughly enjoyable time, ensuring
the camp was a great success and
resulting in Kingston State College
forging a partnership with the
N.V.E.E.C., which will entail
collaborating on future assessment
pieces and tailoring future camps to
this assessment.
Josh Hobbins
Year 12 Coordinator

With the holidays fast approaching, please keep an eye out for after-hours crime in our school. If you see
anything suspicious, please call the School Watch number – 13 1788. The School Watch Program is a
partnership between Department of Education and Training, the Queensland Police Service and the State
Government Protective Security Service. It aims to reduce vandalism, theft and arson in Queensland schools.
If you do see something suspicious, please don’t attempt to intervene. Call the School Watch number and let
the local police or State Government Protective Security Service deal with the matter. Keep the number
handy – 13 1788 – and let’s work together to help create a safer school community. If you would like to know
more about the program, please call Education Queensland’s Security Program on 3237 0874.

   Please by aware that money will be
  accepted at the office in person on Monday,         Find out how our school is performing via the latest update
   Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00am—                to the Federal Government’s My School website at
 10:30am ONLY. Please remember as money               www.myschool.edu.au.
 WILL NOT be accepted outside of these times.         It features four years of NAPLAN results with a new ‘student
                                                      gain’ section showing improvements across different testing
 We would appreciate if parents can please            areas, as well as information about student enrolments,
 pay any outstanding money prior to 9.30am            staffing levels and school finances.
  on Thursday 15 March to assist with the
 smooth transition into the schools system            This information is available for every state and non-state
                                                      school across Australia, along with a range of parent
       changeover. Money collection will              resources, fact sheets and tools to help you interpret and
           recommence on Monday                       understand the data.
                 23 April 2012.
                                                      For further clarification on the data, please contact our
        Thank you for your support!                   office.
Well done to our ten chess enthusiasts who competed in the Brisbane South
Inter-School Chess Competition, held at Stretton State College on
Thursday 14th March. Our three teams – the Kingston “Chess-Nuts”, Knights
and Check-Mates – performed admirably in a very challenging tournament,
against some extremely high calibre competition. Anglican Church Grammar
School (“Churchie”), Capalaba SHS, Brisbane State High and Somerville
House were in top positions on the day.
All of our students are to be commended on their logical thinking skills,
concentration, perseverance and excellent sportsmanship. Winning several
rounds of chess in such a tough contest is certainly a fine accomplishment, of
which students should be proud. Quite a number of long, gruelling games
ended in stalemate, indicating our students didn’t give up!
Congratulations to all competitors:
Yr 8 - Dylan Roach, Ronan Dineen (our two top scorers), Damien Camm,
Patrick Bailey, Jordan O’Neill
Yr 9 – Talyn Wran, Rachael Morgan, Nathan McCormack, Jesse Fox,
Darien Whiting
Special thanks to Mrs Vivienne Barnard (Gifted Ed Coordinator) who not only
accompanied the chess teams to the tournament, but also drove the college
  For parents interested in the educational benefits of chess and a summary
  of research, please go to www.gardinerchess.com
  “Chess has long been recognized throughout the world as a builder of
  strong intellects, but only recently have we begun to recognize
  chess's ability to improve the cognitive abilities, rational thinking and
  reasoning of even the least promising children. Chess brings out
  latent abilities that have not been reached by traditional educational
  means. It promotes logical thinking, instils a sense of self-confidence,
  and self-worth, improves communication and pattern recognition
  skills. It teaches the values of hard work, concentration, objectivity
  and commitment.”

The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) is running its annual Queensland Readers Cup.
Kingston College is again registered to enter a team of 5 students from Years 8 and 9 to compete
against other schools, answering quiz questions about a collection of set books. It’s a fantastic
opportunity for avid readers to share their passion for books, work as a team and take on an exciting
intellectual challenge.
The Readers Cup books for 2012 have just been announced: Just a Girl (J Caro), Flood (J French), Theodore
Boone: Young Lawyer (J Grisham), Shadow (M. Morpurgo) and Chasers - Alone Series (J. Phelan).

              So far we have several book enthusiasts keen to be in the team to represent our College. Reading
              for the competition starts now, with team selection in term 2 and the Brisbane South regional final in
              Readers Cup gives our great readers a chance to shine. What better way to celebrate the National
              Year of Reading!
              Ms Alison Jackson
              Enrichment Coordinator Mon/Wed
Does reality TV serve a purpose? Is global warming a myth? These are some of the vexed issues our junior and
senior debaters had to grapple with in Round 2 of the Enable Inter-School Debating Competition. There has been
a flurry of activity in j block as students have been busy attending team meetings, researching, preparing and
practising their speeches – under the tutelage of their dedicated coaches.
Well done to all our debaters for their commitment to this challenging enrichment activity and for their superb
presentation and etiquette during Round 2 held at Windaroo Valley SHS on Wednesday 21st March. It was
certainly a successful evening with both our junior teams winning their debates in convincing style.
Junior team 1
Sharay Armfield (1st), Zjon Coleman (2nd), Brendan Herbst (3rd) and Stacey Johnson (time-keeper) debated
against Beaudesert SHS, scoring their second impressive win for the season.
Junior team 2
Aaron Brown (1st), Renee Jamieson (2nd), Sera Ozgen
(3rd) proved they are “the dream team” with a resounding
victory over Marsden SHS.
Senior team
Alex Seeto (1st), Makayla Purdy (2nd), Jasmine Dyckhoff
(3rd) and Emily Maynard (chairperson) presented some
good arguments, but were defeated by a very
accomplished team from Windaroo Valley SHS.
Special congratulations to novices Sharay and Alex for their
admirable debut performances. As always, many thanks to
coaches Ms Laura Ewan, Ms Krista Toovey and Ms
Carolyn Gow, and to the parents who came along to
support their children.
The next debate will be held at Marsden SHS on
Wednesday 23 May.
Ms Alison Jackson
Enrichment Coordinator
Ms Emma Jenks (English teacher &                            Edmonde Charles Roux’s “L’irregular, A Biography of
literacy coach)                                             Coco Chanel”. Both well-thumbed volumes sat beside my
What are          you currently                             bed for nearly a decade as a replacement for the bible. I
reading? “Harp in the South” by Ruth                        would open to a random page in each and start reading,
Park – an Australian classic.                               hoping, praying that one day I could write something as
What is your all-time favourite                             good, particularly the poignant ending of “Possession”
book? As a child I loved the “Anne of                       which even as we speak still brings tears to my eyes.
Green Gables” series by Lucy                                Incidentally I neglected to mention John Richardson’s
Montgomery, as an adult I love Phillipa                     four part monograph “Piccaso, A Life” which completely
Gregory.                                                    changed my preconceptions about the foundations of
Why do you enjoy reading? It’s relaxing and you can         modern art, Picasso and the Cubists, I also love his auto
find out about how others think, feel and live.             biographical “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” …
 Mr Josh Hobbins (Science/HPE & Yr                          Why do you enjoy reading? I love how words are put
 12 Coordinator)                                            together whether it be the gluttony of Evelyn Waugh’s
 What are you currently reading? I                          “Brideshead Revisited” or the sparseness of John Irving’s
 am currently reading “Werewolves In                        “A Widow for One Year”, sometimes I luxuriate in it like a
 Their Youth”, a collection of short                        comfortable doona. Sometimes I lose myself in the
 stories by Pulitzer Prize-winning author                   stories and find resonance with events that happen
 Michael Chabon.
                                                            around me. Sometimes I like reading novels written in or
 What is your all-time favourite
 author? My favourite author is Jeff                        about cities and countries that I am visiting. Paris was a
 Noon. I read his first novel Vurt when I                   particular pleasure for just this reason. Reading for me is
 was in high school and love his writing style. His stories like breathing, sometime your just savouring the cool thin
 are very psychedelic and futuristic, and I love his perfumed air, sometimes you need to take deep deep
 inventiveness; he writes with the same fluidity of a DJ, draughts, but without it ………….
 mixing and remixing words and prose to create truly
 original works inspired by the likes of Lewis Carroll and Claudia McKenna (Yr 11 student)
 Jorge Luis Borges.                                           What are you currently reading? I’ve
 Why do you enjoy reading? I love being inspired by been reading the “House of Night” series
 the creativity of others.                                    by P.C. and Kristin Cast. It’s an amazing
                                                              fantasy series – vampire and
 Mrs Naomi Lancaster-Kelly (Maths/                            supernatural stuff.
 Science teacher)                                             What is your all-time favourite
 What are you currently reading? I am                         book?       The whole “Hunger Games”
 currently reading the “Second Sons”                          series by Suzanne Collins. It’s just
 Trilogy by Jennifer Fallon. It is a fantasy                  awesome.
 series, written by a great Australian                        Why do you enjoy reading? I can just be in my own
 author, set in a fiction world with two                      little world and my imagination can run
 suns. The hero of the story is a                             wild.
 mathematician, who uses his intellect
 and knowledge of maths to save the world.                    Connor Ingham (Yr 9 student)
 What is your all-time favourite book? I enjoy all What are you currently reading? A
 fantasy novels. My favourite series is the “Sword of book called “Red Storm Rising” by Tom
 Truth” series by Terry Goodkind.                             Clancy. It’s an action thriller about the
 Why do you enjoy reading? Reading helps me Soviets stealing oil from the Persian Gulf
 unwind after school each day. I find that an interesting, during the Cold War.
 well written book is better than any movie.                  What is your all-time favourite
                                                              book? The “Shane Schofield” series by Matthew
Mr Sean Hortz (Home Economics
                                                              Reilly. They’re grown up action thrillers. The stories are
                                                              really gripping; you can’t stop reading; you just have to
What are you currently reading? At the
                                                              read the next chapter to find out what happens…
moment I’m reading Tom Robbin’s
                                                              Why do you enjoy reading? It’s good entertainment.
“Jitterbug Perfume” after putting it off for
24 years…..and I love it.                                     It’s also good for rainy days. It’s a change from
What is your all-time favourite                               schoolwork and it’s relaxing.
book? My favourite books are A.S.Byatt’s
                                                              Ms Alison Jackson—Enrichment Coordinator
“Possession” closely followed by
On Wednesday 22 February three Red Cross Blood          the day was a great experience.
Service Youth Ambassadors, Ashleigh Leach,              We are going to be around the College persuading
Fatima Fresta and Carissa Degney, went to Kelvin        as many as possible to roll up your sleeve and give a
Grove QUT campus to be taught how to promote the        little bit of blood. One hour out of class and ten
service and why it could help many people. The day
                                                        minutes in the chair can save three lives. After your
started off with an Ice-breaker challenge, where they   donation, you can leave feeling like a hero and be
had to search the room for acquaintances with
                                                        rewarded with a chocolate, muffin or lollipop.
certain things such as, blue eyes, can play an          Imagine if you were to give a little bit of blood and it
instrument or had never seen ‘Harry Potter’. It was a   saves three newborn babies lives. How would you
fun activity that did indeed, break the ice.            feel? Have you ever felt that you need to do
Steve, a Red Cross blood service representative         something to break the downright absurd stereotype
spoke and explained what parts of the blood there       that adults give us? Then do a good deed, by rolling
are, why people needed blood, and why it is so          up your sleeve and donating a little bit of blood. You
important for people to donate blood. Video’s were      can go home after the donation shouting “I saved
shown about people either donating or people that       three lives". Like a superhero, you can be a hero too.
needed donations. One of the ideas was of a family
with a son diagnosed with a disease. Students told      Our plan is to have a volunteer worker from Red
their story of deciding to donate blood because of      Cross come to the College to talk about how and
how they felt when their son needed it to survive.      why it is so important to donate blood. Hopefully, if
One of their daughters was needle phobic, she still     there are a strong number of students who are
went ahead and gave blood because she thought it        willing to help and donate, a Red Cross van will visit
was selfish not to. We were separated into groups,      our school and donations can take place during
where we got to walk around the labs and see how        school hours. However, this may take you out of
blood was tested. While we were walking around,         class, but not that much school work will be missed
one student from each year level explained each         and shouldn't be too difficult for those to catch up on.
process, for example, how they tested for Blood         An online competition may take place between
Diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C. We          schools on who has donated the most blood and
went back to the meeting room where we learned          pledges. We look forward to your support!
more about donating blood and started making ideas
for ways to promote donating blood within our           Ashleigh Leach, Fatima Fresta and Carissa Degney
school. We explained our objectives to the other        Year 12 Students
ambassadors’ and the Red Cross volunteers. Overall
 High Resolves Initiative
 “There is no doubt that this program
     has a life changing effect on
 students….it takes them from being
   helpless observers of the world’s
problems to being leaders who have a
 conviction that they can bring about
                            Yr 7—8 Enrolment Expo will be held on
                                  Wednesday 23 May 2012
                                  Performances and School Tours
                              (Sausage sizzle available on the evening)

              ay                                                                                            Month
 Month of M                                                                                                       of May
    ONLY                                                                                                      ONLY

                               ♦   Buy a full size cake from Underwood
                                   ♦ Mention Kingston State College
                              ♦    School will receive $4 from every sale
                           Cnr Compton Road and Kingston Road—The Zone
                                     (same complex as WOW!)

                            Chief community representatives for the
                     administration of the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test

The QCS Test will be held on Tuesday 4 and Wednesday             representatives who are required to serve at an adjacent
5 September 2012. For accountability and to ensure               test centre if the distance between the schools is greater
security and proper conduct of the test, the Queensland          than 10 kilometres.
Studies Authority (QSA) appoints members of the
                                                                 Expressions of interest are invited from members of the
community to carry out duties on behalf of the QSA.
                                                                 community who are interested in being nominated for
Three chief community representatives need to be                 these positions. The closing date for applications is
selected for Kingston State College; one to act as the           Friday 11 May 2012.
chief community representative, a second to act at a
                                                                 If you are interested in applying, please contact the school
school near Kingston and the third to act as a reserve.
                                                                 office as soon as possible for the relevant forms. The
The role of the chief community representatives is to            Queensland Studies Authority will notify successful
report to the QSA office on the conduct of the test. It is not   applicants in late July.
to administer the test. Chief community representatives
                                                                 If you have any questions regarding the positions, please
are paid $437.92 and are expected to be present for the
                                                                 contact me on 3826 1328.
two days of the test and be available to observe the
delivery of materials to the test centre twice prior to the      David Green
test. A kilometric allowance is paid to chief community          QCS Coordinator

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