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                                                                                                                    Permit No. 21

                    ARMS INC.
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                                                   SG1130-N Condition: New

                                                                                               Metal Heatshield

            Side Folding Stock
                                                                        Pistol Grip

                                                       HOTSHOTTM 7.62X39mm FMJ (123 GR.)
                                                         20 rds./box, 700 rds./tin. Romanian mfr. Lacquered case.
                                           In Stock                    Berdan primed. Non-corrosive.
         GP WASR-10 HI-CAP S EMI -A UTO R IFLE WITH                                                     GP WASR-10 HI-CAP SEMI-AUTO RIFLE W/ COMPOSITE
       Bayonet may vary. S TOCK , C AL . 7.62 X 39 MM                                                                   CAL. 7.62X39MM

                                                                          NJ, MA, NY,                                                                                  NJ, MA, NY,
                                                                            CA, CT                                                                                       CA, CT
      Bayonet may vary.                                                  or where prohibited by law.      Bayonet may vary.                                            or where prohibited by law.

                      Includes compensator, bayonet lug and bayonet.                                                     Includes compensator, bayonet lug and bayonet.
          Comes with 2 30 rd. double stack magazines, cleaning kit, and bayonet.                             Comes with 2 30 rd. double stack magazines, cleaning kit, and bayonet.
                     Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.                                                Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.
                             RI1202-N Condition: New                                                                          RI1203-N Condition: New

            GP WASR-10 HI-CAP WITH GALIL HAND GUARD                                                                   GP WASR-10 HI-CAP SEMI-AUTO RIFLE
              AND COLLAPSIBLE STOCK, CAL 7.62X39MM                                                                 WITH  COLLAPSIBLE STOCK, CAL. 7.62X39MM

                                                                        NJ, MA, NY,                                                                                  NJ, MA, NY,
                                                                          CA, CT                                                                                       CA, CT
         Bayonet may vary.
                                                                       or where prohibited by law.        Bayonet may vary.                                         or where prohibited by law.

                      Includes compensator, bayonet lug and bayonet.                                                     Includes compensator, bayonet lug and bayonet.
                  Comes with 2 30 rd. double stack magazines, cleaning kit,                                 Comes with 2 30 rd. double stack magazines, cleaning kit, and bayonet.
                     Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.                                               Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.
                             RI1230-N Condition: New                                                                          RI1209-N Condition: New

                   GP WASR-10 HI-CAP SEMI-AUTO RIFLE                                                         GP WASR-10 HI-CAP S EMI -A UTO R IFLE WITH
                   WITH FOLDING STOCK, CAL. 7.62X39MM                                                        C OMPOSITE F OLDING S TOCK , C AL . 7.62 X 39 MM
                                                                  Comes with 2 30 rd. double                                                                 Comes with 2 30 rd. double
                                                                   stack magazine, bayonet,                                                                   stack magazine, bayonet,
                                                                  and cleaning kit. Barrel: 16                                                               and cleaning kit. Barrel: 16
                                                                     1/4", Overall: 34 1/4",                                                                    1/4", Overall: 34 1/4",
                                                                        Weight: 7.5 lbs.                                                                           Weight: 7.5 lbs.
                                                                        NJ, MA, NY,                                                                                 NJ, MA, NY,
                                                                          CA, CT                                                                                      CA, CT
                                      Bayonet may vary.                                                                               Bayonet may vary.
                                                                        or where prohibited by law.                                                                 or where prohibited by law.

                      Includes compensator, bayonet lug and bayonet.                                                     Includes compensator, bayonet lug and bayonet.

                             RI1197-N Condition: New                                                                          RI1205-N Condition: New

                      AES-10B HI-CAP SEMI-AUTO RIFLE,                                                  GP WASR 10 HI-CAP SEMI-AUTO RIFLE W/ FOLDING WIRE
                             CAL. 7.62X39MM                                                                        STOCK, CAL. 7.62X39MM
                                                                                                       You kept asking
    We took our incredibly                                                                             us for it, so now
    popular AES-10 and                                                                                 we have the
    added a brand new                                                                                  world famous
    heavy barrel and                                                                                   short Krinkov
    relocated the bi-pod to                                                                            style GP WASR-10KR! This sexy
    make it look almost exactly like the famous                                                        “Krink” is available with paratrooper wire side
    RPK. Comes with 2 40 rd. mags.                                  NJ, MA, NY,                        folder. Comes with 2 30 rd. double stack                      NJ, MA, NY,
    Barrel: 23", Overall: 40.25", Weight: 10.9 lbs.                   CA, CT                           magazines, cleaning kit. Includes compensator.                  CA, CT
    (w/o magazine)                                                  or where prohibited by law.
                                                                                                       Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.          or where prohibited by law.

                             RI1407-N Condition: New                                                                          RI1413-N Condition: New

2                                                         Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -
                 AMD65 SEMI-AUTO SPORTER W/ SIDE                                                                  CETME SEMI-AUTO SPORTER, CAL. .308 WIN.
                  FOLDING STOCK, CAL. 7.62X39MM

                                                                                                                                                We’ve received many requests to bring a small
                                                                                                                                                quantity of these rifles back into production.
                                                 All metal and wood is refinished. The
                                                                                                                                                 Well now you have it! We replaced the
                                                 barrel is new US manufacture (no chrome
                                                                                                                                                 wooden furniture with brand new black
                                                  bore lining). Front fore grip helps provide
                                                                                                      synthetic. We also added a brand new U.S. made barrel! Now you can own the
                                                 a stable shooting platform.
                                                                                                      predecessor to the famous G3 with a sleek new stock set! Comes with 2 20 rd. mags.,
Comes with 2 double stack mags. BATF compliant.                         NJ, MA, NY,                   plastic mag. pouch and bayonet. Comes with                           NJ, MA, NY,
Barrel: 16.5”, Overall: 35”, Weight: 6.8 lbs.                             CA, CT                      compensator. Hurry! Inventory and production is                         CA, CT
(w/o magazine).                                                         or where prohibited by law.   limited! Barrel: 16.5”, Overall: 37 3/4”, Weight: 9.7 lbs.           or where prohibited by law.

                 RI1298-X Condition: Excellent                                                                                  RI1189-X Condition: Excellent

       M70AB2 SPORTER WITH UNDER-FOLDING STOCK,                                                                           M72 HEAVY BBL SEMI-AUTO SPORTER,
                  CAL. 7.62X39MM                                                                                                  CAL. 7.62X39MM

                                                                                                       NJ, MA, NY,
                                                                                                         CA, CT
                                              This new sporter is based on the seldom                  or where prohibited by law.
                                                seen, yet highly desirable Yugo M70AB2
                                                  Paratrooper style model with under-folding
                                                    stock. This is a fantastic opportunity to
                                                                                                      Modeled after the Yugoslavian M72 LMG. BATF
                                                   get an original style under-folding
        NJ, MA, NY,                                                                                   compliant. All metal and wood is refinished. The barrel is new US
                                       Kalashnikov rifle. But hurry! This item is under
          CA, CT                                                                                      manufacture (no chrome bore lining and features cooling fins like the
                                       limited production. Comes with 2 30 rd. double stack
        or where prohibited by law.                                                                   original). Comes with compensator and 2 40 rd. mags. Barrel: 21 1/4”,
                                       magazines, compensator & bayonet lug.
                                                                                                      Overall: 40”, Weight: 10.75 lbs. (w/o magazine).
                                       Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.

                 RI1216-X Condition: Excellent                                                                                RI1233-X Condition: Excellent

            M53 BELT FED SEMI-AUTO RIFLE, CAL. 8MM                                                         --      GOLANI SEMI-AUTO SPORTER RIFLE, CAL. .223

Can you imagine the looks as you take this baby to your lane at the range?
Open the bi-pod, slip in a 100 rd. belt of 8mm and let ‘em fly!
Your buddies will throw their “mouse guns” aside and beg to
give her a try. Comes with 100 rd. belt                                                                                                                                NJ, MA, NY,
and can. Barrel: 21", Overall: 48",                                                                                                                                     CA, CT, HI
Weight: 25.5 lbs.                                                                                                                                                     or where prohibited by law.

                                                                                                         Look what we have here! A genuine semi-auto style rifle fresh from the Gaza strip,
                                                                                                         lovingly restored to its original glory! Now is your chance to own the workhorse of
          NJ, MA, NY,
                                                                                                         the Israeli army! Each semi-auto Golani comes with a spare 35 rd. mag.
            CA, CT
                                                                                                         Barrel: 21", Overall: 29" (folded), Weight: 8.13 lbs.
         or where prohibited by law.

                  RI1399-X Condition: Excellent                                                                              RI1438-X Condition: Excellent

          1975 AK BULLPUP RIFLE, CAL. 7.62X39MM                                                                                      M70B1 SEMI-AUTO SPORTER,
                                                                                                                                         CAL. 7.62X39MM

                                                                                                                                                                           NJ, MA, NY,
                                                                     NJ, MA, NY,                                                                                             CA, CT
                                                                       CA, CT                                                                                             or where prohibited by law.

                                                                     or where prohibited by law.

                                                                                                         All metal and wood is refinished. The barrel is new US manufacture (no chrome bore
  Another innovation from the wizards in our tech department! This stylish and                          lining). The rifle uses a longer hand guard and forearm for better protection. The issue
  functional firearm is a must for every collector. Own yours now! Comes with 2 30                      butt stock retains the original rubber butt pad. Comes with 2 30 rd. mags. and
  rd. magazines. Barrel: 16 1/4”, Overall: 27”, Weight: 7 lbs. (w/o magazine).                          compensator. BATF compliant. Barrel: 16 1/4”, Overall: 36”, Weight: 8.5 lbs.
                                                                                                        (w/o magazine).

                      RI1420-N Condition: New                                                                                RI1285-X Condition: Excellent

                                                      Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -                                                                          3
                  WASR-2 SEMI-AUTO RIFLE LO-CAP WITH                                                                   WASR 22 SEMI-AUTO RIFLE WITH
                   DRAGUNOV STOCK, CAL. 5.45X39MM                                                                     DRAGUNOV STYLE STOCK, CAL. .22LR

                                                                    NJ, CA, CT                                                                                        NJ, CA, CT
                                                                    or where prohibited by law.                                                                      or where prohibited by law.
                       Comes with 2 10 rd. magazines, and cleaning kit.                                True converted AK system. Comes with one 10 rd. magazines, and cleaning kit.
                        Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.                                           Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.
              Does Not Include compensator, bayonet lug or bayonet.                                          Does Not Include compensator, bayonet lug or bayonet.
                          RI1158-N Condition: New                                                                          RI1160-N Condition: New
                     WASR-3 SEMI-AUTO RIFLE LO-CAP                                                                     WASR-3 SEMI-AUTO RIFLE LO-CAP
                     W/ MILITARY STYLE STOCK, CAL. .223                                                             W/  DRAGUNOV STYLE STOCK, CAL. .223

                                                                       NJ, CA, CT                                                                                     NJ, CA, CT
                                                                       or where prohibited by law.                                                                   or where prohibited by law.
                       Comes with 2 10 rd. magazines, and cleaning kit.                                                Comes with 2 10 rd. magazines, and cleaning kit.
                       Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.                                             Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.
              Does Not Include compensator, bayonet lug or bayonet.                                          Does Not Include compensator, bayonet lug or bayonet.
                         RI1174-N Condition: New                                                                          RI1159-N Condition: New
              GP WASR-10 LO-CAP SEMI-AUTO RIFLE                                                          CUT AWAY GP-WASR 10 SINGLE COLUMN MAGAZINE,
           WITH DRAGUNOV STYLE STOCK, CAL. 7.62X39MM                                                                   CAL 7.62X39MM

                                                                                                                                                                      NJ, CA, CT
                                                                       NJ, CA, CT                                                                                     or where prohibited by law.

                                                                      or where prohibited by law.    This is just the perfect teaching tool for gunsmiths, range officers, law enforcement
                                                                                                     instructors and hobbyists to demonstrate and see exactly how all the internal parts
             Does Not Include compensator, bayonet lug or bayonet.                                   of an AK system firearm work together to create one of the most reliable firearms
                                                                                                     available in the world. Although these cut-away rifles are non-firing, they require an
                Comes with 1 10 rd. and 1 5 rd. magazine, and cleaning kit.
                                                                                                     FFL to purchase. Watching the internal mechanism through one of the windows cut
                    Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.
                                                                                                     into the rifle is fascinating. One could spend all day writing exactly how these rifles
                       RI1171D-N Condition: New                                                      work, but actually seeing the parts working and manipulating each other makes
                                                                                                     learning the system simple! Comes with 1 single stack 10 rd. cutaway magazine.
     GP WASR-10 LO-CAP SEMI-AUTO RIFLE WITH MILITARY                                                                     RI1071C-N Condition: New
              STYLE STOCK, CAL 7.62X39MM
                                                                                                                   WASR-2 SEMI-AUTO RIFLE LO-CAP
                                                                                                               W/ MILITARY STYLE STOCK, CAL. 5.45X39MM

                                                                       NJ, CA, CT
                                                                      or where prohibited by law.
                                                                                                                                                            Comes with 2 10 rd. mags.,
                                                                                                                                                                and cleaning kit.
                 Comes with 1 10 rd. and 1 5 rd. magazine, and cleaning kit.
                     Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.                                        NJ, CA, CT                                Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4",
             Does Not Include compensator, bayonet lug or bayonet.                                             or where prohibited by law.                         Weight: 7.5 lbs.

                         RI1165-N Condition: New                                                              Does Not Include compensator, bayonet lug or bayonet.
                                                                                                                           RI1172-N Condition: New
                                                                                                                              CZECH VZ58 REPLICA RIFLE
                                                                                                     Czech it out!
                                                                       NJ, CA, CT
                                                                                                                                                 Believe it or not, this is a non-firing replica
                                                                      or where prohibited by law.
                                                                                                                                                 of the highly desirable Czech VZ-58 light
    The VZ58 Sporter is a brand new, milled receiver, 7.62x39mm caliber rifle based on                                                           machine gun! Looks just like the real
    the famous VZ58 rifle. It has a super durable, skeleton type stock. The VZ58 sporter                  No FFL Required!                          McCoy. It features a removable mag.,
    has the look of an AK, but completely different looking mechanisms. It’s light weight                                                           working trigger, folding stock and
    and short barrel make it ideal for hunting. Comes with 2 10 rd. mags. specifically                           NJ, CA                             fiber-resin furniture. Perfect for display
    designed for this rifle, buttpad, sling and cleaning kit. Barrel: 16”, Overall: 35.25”,                                                         or re-enactment.
                                                                                                              or where prohibited by law.
    Weight: 6.9 lbs.
                        RI1309-N Condition: New                                                                        NL1070 Condition: Excellent
4                                                      Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -
            GP WASR-10 HI-CAP SEMI-AUTO RIFLE                                                                WASR-2 HI-CAP SEMI-AUTO RIFLE
         WITH DRAGUNOV STYLE STOCK, CAL. 7.62X39MM                                                WITH       MILITARY STYLE STOCK, CAL. 5.45X39MM

                                                                                                                                                               NJ, MA, NY,
                                                                  NJ, MA, NY,
                                                                                                                                                                 CA, CT
                                                                    CA, CT
                                                                                                                                                              or where prohibited by law.
                                                                  or where prohibited by law.
                                                                                                      Comes with 2 30 rd double stack magazine, and cleaning kit.
                Comes with 2 30 rd. double stack magazine, cleaning kit.                                  Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.
                   Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.                            Does Not Include compensator, bayonet lug or bayonet.
            Does Not Include compensator, bayonet lug or bayonet.                                                  RI1167-N Condition: New
                        RI1164-N Condition: New
                                                                                                      WASR-3 HI-CAP SEMI-AUTO RIFLE WITH
           GP WASR-10 HI-CAP SEMI-AUTO RIFLE                                                            MILITARY STYLE STOCK, CAL. .223

                                                                                                                                                                NJ, MA, NY,
                                                                                                                                                                  CA, CT
                                                                   NJ, MA, NY,                                                                                  or where prohibited by law.
                                                                     CA, CT
                                                                                                       Comes with 2 30 rd double stack magazine, and cleaning kit.
 Bayonet may vary.                                                 or where prohibited by law.
                                                                                                           Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.
                     Includes compensator, bayonet lug and bayonet.                               Does Not Include compensator, bayonet lug or bayonet.
                 Comes with 2 30 rd. double stack magazine, cleaning kit.                                          RI1168-N Condition: New
                    Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.

                        RI1187-N Condition: New                                                          GP WASR-10 HI-CAP SEMI-AUTO RIFLE
                                                                                                  WITH    MILITARY STYLE STOCK, CAL. 7.62X39MM

            CENTURY GP 1975 RIFLE, CAL. 7.62X39MM

                                                                                                                                              Comes with 2 30 rd. double stack mag.,
                                                                                                                                               & cleaning kit. Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall:
                                                                                                                                                      34 1/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.
                                                                                                  NJ, MA, NY,
                                                          We’ve fully tricked-out our               CA, CT
                                         popular GP 1975 rifle with all the goodies! It           or where prohibited by law.                              Bayonet may vary.
                                          has a T6 adjustable collapsible stock for
                                               perfect length adjustment. Just like the                  Includes compensator, bayonet lug and bayonet.
           NJ, MA, NY,
                                              M-4 carbine. We also added the latest top
              CA, CT
                                               and bottom Hand guard from Command
                                                                                                                   RI1188-N Condition: New
           or where prohibited by law.
                                       Arms to hang all your gear. Available for a limited
   time only. Comes with two 30 rd. mag., compensator and bayonet lug.                               GP WASR-10 HI-CAP SEMI-AUTO RIFLE
   Barrel: 16 ¼” (w/o compensator), Overall: 34” (37.5” with stock fully extended),
                                                                                                  WITH MILITARY STYLE STOCK, CAL. 7.62X39MM
   Weight: 6.9 lbs.

                     RI1382-X CONDITION: EXCELLENT

                                                                                                                                                        Comes with 2 30 rd. double
         GP WASR-10 Romanian Under Folder Rifle,                                                                                                         stack mag, & cleaning kit.
                    Cal. 7.62x39mm                                                                NJ, MA, NY,
                                                                                                    CA, CT                                            Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4",
                                                                                                  or where prohibited by law.
                                                                                                                                                               Weight: 7.5 lbs.

                                                                                                  Does Not Include compensator, bayonet lug or bayonet.
                                                                                                                   RI1166-N Condition: New
                                                                 NJ, MA, NY,
                                                                   CA, CT                        M-76 SNIPER RIFLE, CAL. 8X57MM (8MM MAUSER)
    Bayonet may vary.                                            or where prohibited by law.
                                                                                                                                  Finally, this sturdy semi-auto only version of the
Modeled from the under folding rifle used by Romanian special mountain forces in                                                                                        famous Yugo
the densely forested regions of the Carpati Mountains, our GP WASR-10 UF is des-                                                                                            M76, has a
tined to become one of the “must have” rifles on your trips to the range. BBL: 16.25”,                                                                                  brand new US
OA: 25” (stock folded) 35.5” (stock extended), Weight: 7.2 lbs. (w/o mag.). Comes                                               made receiver and barrel. Comes with original scope,
with 2 30 rd. mags.                                                                                                             mount, and 10 rd mag. We will even ship it in a hard
                                                                                                                                case! Ammo is easy to procure. These are in limited
                Includes compensator, bayonet, & bayonet lug.                                      NJ, CA, CT                   supply - get yours today! Barrel: 21.5” (w/o flash
                                                                                                  or where prohibited by law.
                                                                                                                                hider), Overall: 44.5”, Weight: 11.3 lbs. (w/scope only).
                        RI1405-N Condition: New                                                             RI1383-X Condition: Excellent
                                               Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -                                                                      5
          SCHULTZ & LARSON M70 TARGET RIFLE, CAL. .22LR                                                            BRNO MODEL 1 RIFLE, CAL. .22LR

                                      Single Shot Bolt Action Target Rifle

    Another great find by Century! We procured a small lot of these highly desirable, tack-          One of the best .22 rifles ever made. Very reliable. Made by the BRNO Factory.
    driving target guns made by Schultz & Larson. Excellent accuracy & typically nice                Barrel: 22.75”, Overall: 42”, Weight: 6 lbs.
    European craftsmanship! Very limited quantity available. Made in Denmark. Heavy
    Barrel. Barrel: 26.75”, Overall: 43.25”, Weight: 9.4 lbs.
                                                                                                     RI675-G Condition: Good
    RI1212T-G Condition: Good                                                                        RI675-GC Condition: Good w/ Cracked Stock

                ANSCHUTZ KK MDL 54 RIFLE, CAL. .22LR                                                              BRNO ZKM468 RIFLE, CAL. .22LR

    We did it again! World renowned Anschutz rifles.
    Barrel: 23.75”, Overall: 41.5”, Weight: 7.5 lbs.
    RI1428-G Condition: Good
    RI1428-GC Condition: Good w/ Cracked Stock
                                                                                                   Single shot gallery type rifle with hardwood stock. Fixed U-notch rear sight.
                                                                                                   Barrel: 20.5”, Overall: 37”, Weight: 4.65 lbs.
                GERMAN RIFLE MDL KK150-1, CAL. .22LR
                                                                                                   RI1345-G Condition: Good

                                                                                                              GERMAN RIFLE MDL KK150, CAL. .22LR

    This German rifle has an adjustable stock and checkpiece, and a dovetail on
    receiver. Mounted sight. Barrel: 26”, Overall 44”, Weight 10.2”.
    RI1445-G Condition: Good
    RI1445-GI Condition: Good, incomplete
    RI1445-GC Condition: Good w/Cracked Stock
                                                                                                     This KK-150 22 rifle, manufactured in Suhl GDR (former E. Germany) has an
                                DIOPTER SIGHTS                                                       adjustable aperture, adjustable trigger and buttplate, recessed muzzle, and is a
                                                                                                     heavy barreled, single shot target rifle. Barrel: 25.75”, Overall: 44”,
                                                                                                     Weight 10.6 lbs.
                 Made for Cal. .22 rifles with dovetail.

    OT1430 Condition: Very Good                                                                      RI1442-G Condition: Good

               PIONEER MODEL 3 AIR RIFLE, CAL. .177                                                                 VOSTOK URAL RIFLE, CAL. .22LR

                                                              No FFL Required!
                       Empty cans will beg for mercy as your .177 cal pellets scream into                                   USSR manufactured, this heavy barreled target
                them, transforming them into aluminum swiss cheese! These single shot                                 rifle has a turned down bolt handle, hooded post front sight,
            Romanian air rifles are available in the classic looking wood stock Model 3.              recessed muzzle, an adjustable aperture, trigger, and buttplate. Barrel: 26.5”,
    Barrel: 15.25”, Overall: 37.5”, Weight 3.95 lbs.                                                  Overall 43”, Weight 10.5”.

    AR003-V Condition: Very Good                                                                      RI1446-G Condition: Good
    AR003-G Condition: Good                                                                           RI1446-GI Condition: Good, incomplete
    AR003-GC Condition: Good with Cracked Stock                                                       RI1446-GC Condition: Good w/cracked stock

                                                    ORIGINAL ENFIELD NO. 4 MK1 SNIPER RIFLE                       W/   SCOPE BASE,
                                                                       CAL. .303 BRITISH

                                                                                                                               This is a very rare opportunity for you to own a
                                                                                                                                genuine Enfield No. 4 Sniper Rifle. These are
                                                                                                                             complete with the scope base and cheek rest. Mount
                                                                                              Curio & Relic                               and scopes not available.

                                                                           RI017S-G Condition: Good

6                                                      Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -
                BRITISH ENFIELD NO. 4 MK I RIFLE,
                                                                                             Ishapore Enfield No.1 MK 3 Rifle, Cal. .303
                        CAL. .303 BRITISH

                                                                 Curio & Relic
                                                                                                                                                        Curio & Relic

UK manufactured.
RI017-G Condition: Good                                                                 We feel very lucky to be able to offer a small amount of No. 1 MK3 from Her
RI017-F Condition: Fair                                                                 majesty’s Ishapore Arsenal. Once widely available, supplies of Enfield No. 1’s
                                                                                        have virtually dried up. These will not last!
Savage manufactured:
COMES    WITH BAYONET, SCABBARD,             &   STACKING SWIVEL.                       RI1183-G Condition: Good
RI1180-G Condition: Good                                                                RI1183-GC Condition: Good with Cracked Stock

 British Enfield No.1 MK 3 Rifle, Cal. .303 British                                       HUNGARIAN M95 MANNLICHER CARBINE, CAL. 8X56R
                                                                                          See page 21 for M95 accessories

                                                                      Curio & Relic                                            The infamous Hungarian Empire supplied its
                                                                                                       military with the M95 during its powerful reign. This is an improved
                                                                                              infantry rifle from the model 1890. The rifle includes a full-length Hand guard,
The Mark III proved to be one of the best and most reliable firearms of all time!       leaf pattern rear sight and sling swivels. Comes with bayonet and scabbard. Barrel:
Blade front sights. 10 rd. magazine. Barrel: 25.2”, Overall: 44.5”, Weight: 8.6 lbs.    19”, Overall: 39.5”, Weight: 7.03 lbs.
                                                                                        RI1106-V Condition: Very Good             Curio & Relic
RI102-G Condition: Good                                                                 RI1106-G Condition: Good
RI102-GC Condition: Good with Cracked Stock                                             RI1106-GC Condition: Good with Cracked Stock
           ENFIELD NO. 4 MK1 LONG BRANCH RIFLEo, & R e l i c
                                           Curi                                             AUSTRIAN M95 MANNLICHER CARBINE, CAL. 8X56R
                     CAL. .303 BRITISH
                                                                                          See page 21 for M95 accessories

                                                                                                                                                         Curio & Relic
                                                              Curio & Relic
                                                                                                     The infamous Austro-Hungarian Empire supplied its military with the
                                                                                            M95 during its powerful reign. This is an improved infantry rifle from the model
                                                                                        1890. The rifle includes a full-length Hand guard, leaf pattern rear sight and sling
                                                                                        swivels. Comes with 5 rd. box magazine, bayonet and scabbard.
Made in Canada. 10 rd. magazine. Barrel: 25.2”, Overall: 44.5”, Weight: 9.1 lbs.        Barrel: 19”, Overall: 39.5”, Weight: 7.03 lbs.
                                                                                        RI153-V Condition: Very Good
                                                                                        RI153-G Condition: Good
RI1177-GC Condition: Good With Cracked Stock                                            RI153-GC Condition: Good with Cracked Stock
                                                                                        RI153-F Condition: Fair
         ENFIELD NO. 4 MK1 SNIPER RIFLE                    W/O    SCOPE,                          M95/34 HUNGARIAN CARBINE, CAL. 8X56R
                      CAL. .303 BRITISH

                                                                                                                                      See page 21 for M95 accessories
                                                                 Curio & Relic
                                                                                                                                                             Curio & Relic
           The look and feel of a true British sniper rifle! Made from original No.4
    rifles and after market add-ons. 10 rd. magazine. Barrel: 25.2”,
Overall: 44.5”, Weight: 9.1 lbs.                                                        Comes with bayonet and scabbard. BBL: 19”, Overall: 39.5”, Weight: 7.03 lbs.

RI017S-V Condition: Very Good                                                           RI1310-GC Condition: Good With Cracked Stock

   ENFIELD P14 (NO. 3 MK 1) RIFLE, CAL. .303 BRITISH                                        M95/34 STEYR MANNLICHER CARBINE, CAL. 8X56R

                                                                   Curio & Relic                                                       See page 21 for M95 accessories
                                                                                                                                                             Curio & Relic
                                             Very Rare!
                                                                                        Similar to the M95, however; with slight modifications. The M95/34 features a
                                                                                        fixed front sling loop on the top guard-band. There is also a longer rear sight on
We have just uncovered a very small lot of U.S. made P-14’s! As you know, these         the rifle. Comes with bayonet and scabbard. Barrel: 19”, Overall: 39.5”, Weight:
have been unavailable for years! I wouldn’t wait for my fingers to do the               7.03 lbs.
walking...I’d make them run to the phone to order yours now!
                                                                                        RI680-G Condition: Good
RI103-G Condition: Good                                                                 RI680-GC Condition: Good with Cracked Stock
                                              Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -                                                      7
                                                                                                                  K98 MAUSER RIFLE, CAL. .308
                 SCOPE & MOUNT, CAL. 7.62X54R
       Curio & Relic

                                                                Original Snipers                                                                                 Curio & Relic
                    Used in W.W.II, the M91/30 built on        Not reconditioned!
    its distinguished reputation while being used by the Viet                               These are original K98 mauser rifles converted to the modern .308 caliber by Israel.
    Cong forces during the Vietnam War. Respected as an outstanding sniper rifle, the       These rare collector’s items haven’t been around for many years and may not be
    rifle has a short telescope sight. Complete with a Russian manufactured fixed 5-rd.     ever again. Don’t miss this golden opportunity! Barrel: 23”, Overall: 43”,
    box magazine. Barrel: 26”, Overall: 48”, Weight: 8.2 lbs.                               Weight: 8.1 lbs.
    Stock and scope holes are plugged:                                                      German Manufactured:
    RI1034A-VC Condition: Very Good W/ Cracked Stock                                        RI141-F Condition: Fair
                                                                                            RI141-G Condition: Good
       RUSSIAN M91/30 BOLT ACTION RIFLE, CAL. 7.62X54R                                      RI141-GC Condition: Good w/cracked stock

                                                                                            Belgium Manufactured:
                                                                                            RI1416-F Condition: Fair
                                                                     Curio & Relic          RI1416-GC Condition: Good w/cracked stock
                      The Russians modernized their M91 rifle into what would become        Czech Manufactured:
             one of the most successful military arms the world has ever known! Its         RI1415-G Condition: Good
    simple and robust design, accuracy and awesome reliability served the Soviets well      RI1415-F Condition: Fair
    as their main battle rifle of WWII. Under appreciated until recently, the Mosin
    Nagant is one of the hottest collectibles on the market today! Arsenal Refinished -     Austrian Manufactured:     (VERY RARE!)
    Hardwood. 5-rd. box magazine. Barrel: 26”, Overall: 48”, Weight: 8.2 lbs.               RI1419-GC Condition: Good w/cracked stock
                                                                                            RI1419-G Condition: Good
    RI660-X Condition: Excellent
    RI660-V Condition: Very Good
    RI660-G Condition: Good                                                                         CARBINE GERMAN K98 MAUSER RIFLE, CAL. 8MM
    RI660-GC Condition: Good with Cracked Stock
    RI660L-V Condition: Very Good (Laminated)
    RI660L-G Condition: Good (Laminated)                                                                                                                         Curio & Relic
    RI660H-X Condition: Excellent (W/ Hex Receiver)
    RI660LH-V Condition: Very Good (Laminated W/ Hex Receiver)                                                    One of the most famous WWII rifles is back in stock! Very
                                                                                                       limited availability. Refinished. Barrel: 23”, Overall: 43”, Weight: 8.1 lbs.
    With Hexagonal Receiver AND Hardwood stock:
    RI660H-V Condition: Very Good                                                           RI900-G Condition: Good
    RI660H-G Condition: Good

         RUSSIAN M44 BOLT ACTION RIFLE, CAL. 7.62X54R                                                          M24/47 BOLT ACTION RIFLE, CAL. 8MM

                                                                    Curio & Relic
                                                                                                                                                                   Curio & Relic
                     The last bolt action rifle produced for the Red Army, the M44
        features a permanently affixed side folding bayonet. The carbine length made
    the rifle ideal for use by infantry, cavalry and engineers. Refinished - Hardwood.      Rebuilt post war variant of M-24 rifle. Hardwood stock. 5-rd. box magazine. Rear
    M44’s have a 5 rd. fixed box magazine. Barrel: 20”, Overall:40”, Weight: 8.9 lbs.       sight is adjustable for elevation to 2000M. Front sight is drift adjustable for minor
                                                                                            windage adjustments. Reverse-V blade front sight, V-notch tangent rear sight.
    RI694-X Condition: Excellent                                                            Visible markings include post-war Yugo crest. Barrel: 23”, Overall: 43”, Weight: 9 lbs.
    RI694-V Condition: Very Good
    RI694-G Condition: Good                                                                 RI1063-GC Condition: Good w/Cracked Stock
    RI694-GC Condition: Good W/ Cracked Stock
    RI694L-X Condition: Excellent (Laminated)
    RI694L-V Condition: Very Good (Laminated)                                                         YUGOSLAVIAN M59/66 RIFLE, CAL. 7.62X39MM
    RI694L-G Condition: Good (Laminated)

                                                                                                                                                                 Curio & Relic

                                                                   Curio & Relic            These SKS rifles from the former Yugoslavia are definitely not your garden variety
                                                                                            Simonov rifle! In addition to the milled receiver, screwed in barrel, milled trigger group
                                                                                            and under folding blade bayonet, these honeys have an integral NATO standard 22mm
    Back in stock after having been gone for a long time! This item will not be             grenade launcher and flip up sight built right in! Not only does this particular rifle have a
    available for long! Barrel: 20 1/2", Overall: 39 3/4", Weight: 7.5 lbs.                 cool looking launcher, our SKS's have flip up night sights, a gas system cut off button,
                                                                                            ten round fixed magazine and sling swivel! Barrel: 24”, Overall: 43 3/4”, Weight: 9.15 lbs.
    RI038-X Condition: Excellent
    RI038-V Condition: Very Good                                                            RI1093-X Condition: Excellent
    RI038-G Condition: Good                                                                 RI1093-V Condition: Very Good
    RI038-GC Condition: Good w/cracked stock                                                RI1093-G Condition: Good
8                                                    Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -
                  JALS12-103 O/U SHOTGUN, 12 GA.
                                                                                                         IZH-58 DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN,16GA

                                                                                            This bead front sight, Russian manufactured shotgun is equipped with a double
These impressive shotguns have just arrived! They include a manual extractor,               trigger, extractor, and fixed chokes. There are no markings on the receiver.
steel receiver and trigger (matte blued barrel), 2 3/4” chamber, and full and               Chamber size 2 3/4”. Barrel: 28.5”, Overall: 45”, Weight: 6.85 lbs.
modified chokes. Intended for lead shot only. Made in China.
Barrel: 29 1/2”, Overall: 49”, Weight: 7.02 lbs.                                            SG1341-G Condition: Good
                                                                                            SG1341-GC Condition: Good w/Cracked Stock

SG020-N Condition: New                                                                                 M75 DOUBLE BARREL ZASTAVA SHOTGUN;
                                                                                                            AVAILABLE IN CAL. 12 GA.
                      JW-2000 COACH SHOTGUN

                                                                                            This bead sight, Yugoslavian manufactured gun has fixed chokes, an extractor,
                                                                                            double trigger, and a 2 3/4” (70mm) chamber. Barrel: 29”, Overall: 45.5”,
                                                                                            Weight: 7.15 lbs.
                                                                                            SG1343-G Condition: Good
                                                                                            SG1343-F Condition: Fair
                                                                                            SG1343-GC Condition: Good w/Cracked Stock
We have these great shotguns back in stock! Authentic “rabbit ears”. Double exposed
& functional hammers. Double triggers can be fired singly or simultaneously. All steel                  SPANISH SIDE BY SIDE SHOTGUN, 12 GA.
construction, semi-polished blue finish. Walnut stained hardwood stock with rubber
butt pad, safety, brass bead front sight, sling swivels. 3” chambers with cylinder bores,
checkered forearm, buttstock, pistol grip area. Lead shot only. Barrel: 20”,
Overall: 37”, Weight: 7.84 lbs .

12 Ga. SG1090-N Condition: New
                                                                                             Barrel: 27 ”- 28”, Overall: 43” - 44.5”, Weight 7.25 - 7.5 lbs.
20 Ga. SG1077P-N Condition: New
.410 Ga. SG1058-N Condition: New (MDL SPM 410)                                               SG1244-F Condition: Fair

                       JW87 SHOTGUN, CAL. .410                                               USSR TOZ-63 DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN, CAL. 16 GA.

Single shot 3” chamber, full choke, hardwood stock w/rubber butt pad, and simple
break open design. Barrel: 28”, Overall: 41 3/4”, Weight: 6.83 lbs.                         This Toz-63 shotgun was manufactured in USSR at the “Tula Rifle Factory”. It has
                                                                                            exposed hammers, double triggers, fixed choke, extractor, bead front sight, and
SG1068-N Condition: New                                                                     a 2 3/4 chamber (70mm). Barrel: 28.25”, Overall: 45.5”, Weight 6.85 lbs.
                                                                                            SG1344-G Condition: Good
                       ULTRA 87 SHOTGUN, 12 GA.                                             SG1344-F Condition: Fair
                                                                                            SG1344-GC Condition: Good with Cracked Stock

                                                                                                                      SPANISH SHOTGUNS

Modeled after the famous 870, this pump action beauty is perfect for home
defense. Fiber optic sights. 3” chamber. Barrel length: 19”, Weight: 8.2 lbs.

SG1130-N Condition: New

         Visit Us At:                                                                       Old world craftsmanship shines through on this batch of mixed shotguns.These

   WWW.CENTURYARMS.COM                                                                      make great wall hangers as well as super additions to your collection. Various
                                                                                            makes, models and manufacturers. No special request please. Barrel: 27.5”,
                                                                                            Overall: 44”, Weight: 6.4 lbs.

                                                                                            SG1241-F Spanish SxS, 12 Ga. - Condition: Fair

                                                Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -                                                      9
                                 1911 PISTOL PARTS                                                                                 CZ 52 PISTOL PARTS
 Brand new 1911 parts from Shooters Arms. These will fit any                                   PACZ01PB                    BARREL                                10 PK
                                                                                               PACZ03PB                    EXTRACTOR                             25 PK
 original type 1911 type pistols or copies that use O.E.M. parts.
                                                                                               PACZ05PB                    EXTRACTOR SPRING                      25 PK
PA191133        Main spring housing                                                            PACZ07                      PB FIRING PIN RETRACTOR/LCK           25 PK
PA191110        Barrel bushing                                                                 PACZ08PB                    FIRING PIN RETRACTOR SPRING           25 PK
PA191116M       Hammer (military)                                                              PACZ10PB                    GRIP PANEL LEFT                       5 PK
                                                                                               PACZ14PB                    HAMMER PIVOT                          25 PK
                                      MISC. PARTS                                              PACZ15PB                    HAMMER PIVOT NUT                      25 PK
OT1393         LEE ENFIELD #4 MK1 BUTTSTOCK          ________                                  PACZ20PB                    HOLD-OPEN CATCH (SAFETY DETENT SPRNG) 25 PK
OT1055         WEB BELT HANGING STRAP                                                          PACZ21PB                    LANYARD LOOP                          100 PK
OT1062         LOOP QUICK DETACHABLE                                                           PACZ23PB                    MAG CATCH/HAMMER SPRNG RETAINER 25 PK
OT1114         SPEED LOADER FOR .357 SAFARI-LAND                                               PACZ27PB                    RECOIL SPRING                         5 PK
OT117          AK74 RIFLE STRPER CLIP GUIDE (5.45MM CHRGR)                                     PACZ28PB                    ROLLER CAM                            25 PK
OT1073         WEB SHOULDER STRAP                                                              PACZ30PB                    ROLLER LOCK                           25 PK
OT1048         CANVAS STRAP FOR WEBBING                                                        PACZ31PB                    SAFETY                                25 PK
OT1073         WEB SHOULDER STRAP                                                              PACZ33PB                    SEAR/EJECTOR PIN                      25 PK
PAFAL0257      FAL Blank Fire Adapter                                                          PACZ38PB                    TAKEDOWN LATCH                        25 PK
PAHK401        G3 Muzzle Cap                                                                   PACZ40PB                    TAKEDOWN LATCH SPRING                 25 PK
                                                                                               PACZ42PB                    TRIGGER BAR/DISCONNECTOR              25 PK
PAHK935        HK93 Slimline Forestock
                                                                                               PACZ45PB                    TRGR RTRN/DISCNECTR SPRNG             25 PK
PAMA001        MAS 49/56 Bolt
                                                                                               PACZ36PB                    REAR SIGHT                            25 PK
PAP14048       P14 Mag. Body
PAP1424A       P14 Stripped Bolt
PAP1451A       P14 Hand guard
PA240038       VZ24 Hand guard                                                                  Beretta MDL 92S Pistol, 9mm                           CZ52 PISTOL HOLSTER
OT753          YUGO SKS Flash Hider - Good                                                       HG1857-V Condition: Very Good                           HL763 Condition: Good
PU1040         4 Pocket Canvas Pouch for 40 rd. AK mag.                                            HG1857-G Condition: Good
PA690001       FIRING PIN FOR ‘69 .22 CAL RIFLE
OT1213-D       Mace/Pepper spray holder - Used

       POLISH FLARE PISTOL MDL 78,                                        POLISH FLARE PISTOL,                                         BERETTA 96D CENTURION PISTOL,
               CAL. 26.5MM                                                    CAL. 26.5MM                                                      CAL. .40 S&W

                                                                                                        This signal flare
                                                                                             pistol is amazingly simple                                This is the side arm issued to our
     Steel barrel w/black                                                              and has a reliable design, and                                  troops, except it’s in 40 S&W.
     enamel finish. Barrel: 6”,                                                      to this day, over 54 years after                                  Comes w/spare mag & holster.
     Overall: 8”, Weight 1.25 lbs.                                                adoption is still in use around                                      Double Action Only. Trijicon sights.
                                                                                  the world.                                                           BBL:4.25”, Overall: 8”,
                     No FFL Required!                                                               No FFL Required!                                   Weight: 1.95 lbs.

                                                                                                                                  HG1375M-V Condition: Very Good
FG1002-X Condition: Excellent                                   OT951 Condition: Good                                             HG1375M-G Condition: Good

GERMAN LEATHER FLARE                                           2007 CHAMPION PISTOL                                                    BERETTA 92FS COMPACT PISTOL,
   PISTOL HOLSTER                                                                                                                            CAL. 9MM - BLUED
                                                                                                               NJ, MA, NY,
                                                                                                                CA, CT, HI
                                                                                                   or where prohibited by law.

                                                                   These are 100% brand new production from
                                                                   Rumania. Reliable AK function in a beefy handgun
                                                                   form. 2 popular calibers to choose from! A real
                                                                   conversation starter and inexpensive to shoot!
                                                                   Barrel: 12 1/4”, Overall: 21 1/2”, Weight: 5 1/2 lbs.                         Comes with original box and 3 13 rd.
                                                                   30 rd. magazine.                                                              magazines. BBL: 4.29”, Overall: 7.75”,
                                                                                                                                                 Weight: 34.5 oz.
                                           HG1844-N Condition: New Cal. 7.62x39mm
HL001 Condition: Good                      HG1845-N Condition: New Cal. .223                                                      HG1847-V Condition: Very Good

S&W MDL 4006 PISTOL, CAL. .40 S&W                                      S&W 4046, CAL. .40 S&W                                         S&W 4046 TSW, CAL. .40 S&W

                               Comes with 2 spare                    Double action only.                                                 Double action only.
                               10 rd. magazines.                     Comes with 3 11 rd. mags.                                           Comes with 3 11 rd. mags.
                               Barrel: 4”, Overall: 7.5”,            Barrel: 4”, Overall: 7.8”,                                          Barrel: 4”, Overall: 7.75”,
                               Weight: 38.5 oz.                      Weight: 38.5 oz.                                                    Weight: 37.8 oz.

                                                               HG1652-X Condition: Excellent
HG1827-X Condition: Excellent                                  HG1652-V Condition: Very Good                                      HG1850-X Condition: Excellent
10                                                     Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -
        HUNGARIAN MDL AP PISTOL,                                         S&W 3953, CAL. 9MM                                            S&W 5946, CAL. 9MM
           CAL. .32 ACP (7.65)

Hungarian manufactured walther
PP style handgun. Perfect for home                                     Double action only.                                                      Double action only.
defense, light weight, and easy to                                     Comes with 18 rd. mag.                                                   Comes with 3 15 rd. mags.
find ammo. Comes with                                                  Barrel: 3.5”, Overall: 7.25”,                                            Barrel: 4”, Overall: 7.75”,
8 rd. mag.                                                             Weight: 24.8 oz.                                                         Weight: 39.5 oz.
HG1883-G Condition: Good                                     HG1173-X Condition: Excellent                               HG083-V Condition: Very Good

       CZ 82 PISTOL, CAL. 9MM MAK.                               MANURHIN PP SEMI-AUTO PISTOL,                                  WALTHER P-38 PISTOL, CAL. 9MM
                                                                         CAL. 7.62MM

     Curio and Relic                                             Curio and Relic

        HL1013                                               This is a Walther PP built by Manurhin
    Condition: Good                                          in France. Barrel: 3.75”, Overall: 6.5”.                                     Post war version of the famous P38
                                                             Weight: 1.5 lbs. 8 rd. mag.                                                  pistol. These pistols feature an alloy
Czech made, high capacity, 9mm Makarov                                                                                                    frame. Comes with 1 8 rd. magazine.
pistol. Comes with spare 12 rd. mag.                                                                                                      Barrel: 5”, Overall: 8.5”, Weight: 1.75 lbs.
and holster.                                                 HG791-V Condition: Very Good
HG1247-G Condition: Good                                     HG791-G Condition: Very Good                                HG1073-G Condition: Good
     WALTHER P-5 SEMI-AUTO PISTOL,                              RUSSIAN NAGANT SPORT REVOLVER,                                    PA63 PISTOL, CAL. 9MM MAK.
             CAL. 9X19MM                                               CAL. 7.62 NAGANT
                                                                                                                         A copy of the
                                                                                                                         Walther PP,
                                                                                                                         produced in Hungary by FEG.
                                                                                                                         An inexpensive and reliable
                                                                                                                         shooter, the PA63 has a two tone finish,
                                                                                                                         and a comfortable target grip already
 Locked-breech action, double                                                                                            installed. Overall: 7”, Barrel 3.9”, 7 rd.
action, 3 dot sights, adjustable rear                           Curio and Relic                                          magazine. Comes with a spare magazine and
sight, with black checkered grips                                                                                        cleaning rod.
and blue finish.
                                                                                                                         HG761-V Condition: Very Good
HG1564-G Condition: Good                                                                                                 HG761-G Condition:Good
                                                                              Comes with
WALTHER MDL PP PISTOL, CAL. .32 ACP                                            Holster!                                      BERETTA MDL 92FS PISTOL, CAL. 9MM

                                                              A single-action only seven-shot revolver with heavy
                                                              barrel and large checkered walnut target grips. Comes
                                                              with holster. Overall: 11.5”, BBL: 6”, Weight: 2.25 lbs.
This is a 100 year (1886-1986) anniversary                                                                                               Comes with a 15 rd. mag. Is equipped
addition of the PP pistol made by Walther in                                                                                             with Trijicon sights and a slide mounted
Germany. Except for a special marking on the                                                                                             safety. Barrel: 4.9”, Overall 8.5”,
side, it’s a standard PP pistol. Barrel: 3.8”,               HG1165-X Condition: Excellent                                               Weight 2.15 lbs.
Overall: 6.7”, Weight 1.5 lbs. 8 rd. mag.                    HG1165-V Condition: Very Good
HG1076-V Condition: Very Good                                HG1165-VC Condition: Very Good W/                           HG061-V Condition: Very Good
HG1076-G Condition: Good                                               Cracked Grips                                     HG061-G Condition: Good

            GERMAN WALTHER PP PISTOL, CAL. .32 ACP                                                RUSSIAN NAGANT M1895 REVOLVER, CAL. 7.62 NAGANT

                                                                                             Russian Revolver was                                                         Curio & Relic
                                                                                             produced with a solid frame.
                                                                                             However, its unique gas seal made
                               Produced at the Walther Factory at Ulm, the PP pistol         the gun a successful work of technology for its
                            has remained one of the world’s best selling semi-auto           time. Comes with a holster and lanyard,and
                pistols! 8 rd. mag. Reliable double action pistol. Light & handy. Solid      a 7 round cylinder capacity. Overall: 9”,
               craftsmanship - in use for 70 years.Walther banner intact. Overall: 6.7”,     Barrel: 4.3”, Weight: 28.9 oz.
               Barrel: 3.8”, 8 rd. mag., Weight: 1.5 lbs.

HG092-V Condition: Very Good                                                                 HG915-X Condition: Excellent
HG092-G Condition: Good                                                                      HG915-V Condition: Very Good
HG1268-G Condition: Good                                                                     HG915-G Condition: Good
                                                 Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -                                                                11
     SHOOTERS ARMS ELITE PISTOL,                                    Shooters Arms Commodore                                 Shooters Arms X9 Pistol, Cal. 9mm
           CAL. .45 ACP                                                Pistol, Cal. .45 ACP

                     Overall: 8.5”                                                  Overall length: 7.75”                                              Overall length: 8.5”
                     Barrel length: 5”                                              Barrel length: 4.25”                                               Barrel length: 3.75”
                     Magazine Capacity: 7                                           Magazine Capacity: 7                                               Magazine Capacity: 14
                     Weight: 2.64 lbs.                                              Weight: 2.42 lbs.                                                  Weight: 3.15 lbs.
                                                                                                                                    Not for sale in CA. or where prohibited by law.

HG1118-N Condition: New                                       HG1009-N Condition: New                                     HG1856-N Condition: New

        Shooters Arms GI Pistol,                                  SHOOTERS ARMS MILITARY PISTOL,                                   H&K P9S PISTOL, CAL. 9X19MM
             Cal. .45 ACP                                                 CAL. .45 ACP

                  Compact version of the Military -                          Classic military styling of the M1911A1.                             Overall: 7.6”
                  just like the officers carry!                              Round top slide just like the original!                              Barrel: 4”
                  Overall length: 7.75”, Barrel                              Overall: 8.5”, Barrel length: 5”,                                    Magazine Capacity: 9
                  length: 4.25”, Magazine                                    Magazine Capacity: 7,                                                Weight: 2.05 lbs.
                  Capacity: 7, Weight: 2.64 lbs.                             Weight: 2.64 lbs.
                                                                                                                           HG1563-V Condition: Very Good
HG1119-N Condition: New                                        HG1117-N Condition: New                                     HG1563-G Condition Good

S&W MDL 4043STW, Cal. 40 S&W Stainless Pistol                                               S&W MDL SW99 Pistol, Cal. 9mm
HG1653-X Condition: Excellent                                                               HG1090-X Condition: Excellent

S&W MDL 5946TSW Pistol, 9mm                                                                 S&W 6906 S/S Pistol, 9mm (no mags)
HG1124-X Condition: Excellent                                                               HG097Y-G Condition: Good

                                                                     ACCESSORY & PARTS KITS
 ROMANIAN MODEL 1975 GP PARTS                          KIT,   CAL. 7.62X39MM                           ROMANIAN MODEL PKM PARTS                           KIT,   CAL. 7.62X54R

     Comes with 30 rd. mag.

                                                                                                               Now for a limited time, we are able to offer parts kits for the Romanian
                                                                                                                  Model PKM belt fed LMG. Many of you have been asking us for
                                                                                                                      these kits as a convenient way to get all the spare parts you
                                                                                                                           need at one time. Well, the wait is over – we got ‘em in
                                                                                                                              good condition, and each kit includes all the original
                                                                                                                                            parts (less the receiver).
                                                                                                                                  Not available in CA, CT, DC, MA, NJ, nor NY.
Comes with all parts except the receiver. The original barrel is included.
Not available in CA, CT, DC, MA, NJ, nor NY.

KI1019 Condition: Good
KI1019-F Condition: Fair                                                                                                        KI1042 Condition: Good
                                                                 CETME PARTS KIT             WITH     NEW BARREL
                                                                                                  Our quality parts kits contain all of the original parts from these highly coveted battle
                                                                                                  rifles with the exception of the federally controlled receiver and original barrel.
                                                                                                  However, each kit comes with a new barrel, 20 rd. magazine and bayonet Under
                                                                                                  Federal law, these kits are sold as spare parts only. Al NFA rules apply.
                                                                                                  Not available in CA, CT, DC, MA, NJ, nor NY.

                                                                                                                                 VZ58 Accessory Kit
                                                                                                            PU1006            VZ58   mag pouch
                                                                                                            BY010             VZ58   bayo and scabbard
                                                                                                            OT1304            VZ58   cleaning kit and sling
                                                                                                            MA1058            VZ58   30 rd. mag (2)
KI123B Condition: Good
12                                                    Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -
   UZI KIT-INCLUDES UZI MAGS, MAG POUCHES, CLEANING                                                                  Night Vision Device PPN-2
                  KIT, AND MUZZLE CAP

                                                                                                                                             Holy Cow, these fat pigs weigh a ton! At a
                                                                                                                                             whopping 65 lbs (in the crate), I would not
                                                                                                                                          want to schlep one of these around all day; but
                                                                                                                                          at the height of the cold war, these Iron Curtain
                                                                                                                                          Cuties were the apex of technology. We have
                                                                                                                                          a limited amount of these available. Complete
                                                                                                                                              with IR lamp and accessories. Battery not
                                                                                                                                            included. Used on PKM/PKT machine guns.

 KI1501 Condition: Good                                           MD, HI, NJ, MA,
 (7 mags, pouch, cleaning kit, & muzzle clip)                      NY, CA, CT
                                                                 or where prohibited by law.
 KI1500 Condition: Good
 (6 mags, pouch, cleaning kit, & muzzle clip)

 PU1500 Condition: Good
 (pouch available separately and can be sent with either the MA1084 &/or MA1084A)              SC1105 Condition: Very Good

                                   M70 TRIPOD                                                                   AMD65         PARTS KIT,        CAL 7.62X39MM

                                            Original M70 Tripod made for Yugoslav
                                            M84 machine gun. Rarely seen in the
                                            USA, this item is a great conversation
                                                     piece. Nice Condition.

                                                                                                                                                               Barrel not included

                                                                                               Per government regulations, all of the parts on the brand new AMD-65’s are included in
                                                                                                 our kits except the receiver and barrel. The parts we are able to sell are absolutely
                                                                                                beautiful, as this lot of rifles was unissued. This is a great opportunity to pick up a full
                                                                                                  set of spares for your rifle. Not available for sale in CA, CT, DC, MA, NJ, nor NY.

OT1309 Condition: Very Good                                                                    KI1050 Condition: Excellent

                                                VZ 58 PARTS KIT W/ FOLDING STOCK, CAL. 7.62X39MM

                                                                                                                                                 No FFL Required!

Long considered by experts as the apex of AK styling,
the VZ-58 was manufactured to exacting tolerances
and was topped off with a creamy dark grey finish,
which is a signature of fine Czech firearms. Our VZ-58
kits contain all of the high precision parts (except the
receiver) and as an added bonus, these kits come with
the rare paratroopers folding stock. One thirty round
magazine is also included. Not available for sale in CA,
CT, DC, MA, NJ, nor NY.

                                                                                                       No FFL Needed! Sold as spare parts only.
KI1244 Condition: Good                                                                         All NFA rules apply. Not for sale where prohibited by law.

                                                 Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -                                                                 13
IJ43E S/S, 12 Ga.                                Khan Arthemis O/U Shotgun, 12 Ga.                   Model GS502 12 Ga. Pump Shotgun, 22” BBL       Khan Arthemis Supreme 12 Ga.
SG216-PI Condition: Poor, Incomplete (1)         SG1038-GI Condition: Good, Incomplete (19)          SG1070-GI Condition: Good, Incomplete (1)      W/Auto Safety
                                                 SG1038-PI Condition: Poor, Incomplete (6)                                                          SG1096-X Condition: Excellent (15)
Silma MDL 70 O/U Shotgun, 3” Chamber, 12 Ga.
                                                                                                     Model GS503 12 Ga. Semi-Auto Shotgun, 22” BBL SG1096-V Condition: Very Good (4)
SG706-PI Condition: Poor, Incomplete             Khan Arthemis O/U Shotgun, 20 Ga.
                                                                                                     SG1071-GI Condition: Good, Incomplete (2)      SG1096-G Condition: Good (1)
                                                 SG1039-GI Condition: Good, Incomplete (4)
                                                 SG1039-PI Condition: Poor, Incomplete (6)                                                          SG1096-XI Condition: Excellent,
Centurion O/U Single Trigger, 12 Ga.
                                                                                                     Model JW2000 Coach Shotgun Available in 12 Ga. Incomplete (21)
SG707-GI Condition: Good, Incomplete (2)         Khan Arthemis O/U Shotgun, .410 Ga.                                                                SG1096-VI Condition: Very Good,
SG707-PI Condition: Poor, Incomplete (3)                                                             SG1077- GC Condition: Good w/Cracked Stock (1)
                                                 SG1040-PI Condition: Poor, Incomplete (2)                                                          incomplete (13)
                                                                                                     SG1077-GI Condition: Good, Incomplete (4)
                                                                                                                                                    SG1096-GI Condition: Good, Incomplete (9)
HL12-102 Pump Shotgun, 12 Ga.
                                                 SL12-102 Pump Shotgun, 12 Ga.                       Model JW2000 Coach Shotgun Available in 20 Ga.
SG007-GI Condition Good, Incomplete (15)
                                                 SG1052 -PI Condition: Poor, Incomplete (1)          SG1077-N Condition: New (10)
                                                                                                                                                          Khan Arthemis Supreme 12 Ga. O/U Shotgun
Double Barrel Coach Shotgun, 12 Ga.              JALS12-103 O/U Shotgun, 12 Ga.                      L12-SPM Shotgun, 2.75” Chamber, W/O Safety, 12 Ga.   SG1098-VC Condition:Very Good,
SG018-GI Condition: Good, Incomplete (5)         SG1320H-N Dog, Hunting & Duck Engraving (1)                                                              Cracked Stock (1)
                                                                                                     SG1078-N Condition: New (1)
                                                                                                     SG1078-V Condition: Very Good (11)                   SG1098-XI Condition: Excellent, Incomplete (4)
                                                 SAS-12 Type II Shotgun, 12 Ga.
JALS12-102 O/U Shotgun, 12 Ga.                                                                       SG1078-G Condition: Good (3)                         SG1098-PI Condition: Poor, Incomplete (4)
                                                 SG1059-PI Condition: Poor, Incomplete (24)
SG019-GC Condition: Good w/Cracked Stock (6)
SG019-FI Condition: Fair, Incomplete (1)                                                             JALS12-102 O/U Shotgun, 12 Ga.
SG019-GI Condition: Good, Incomplete (7)         Khan Centurion Mdl. 12 Semi-Auto
                                                 Shotgun, 12 Ga.                                     SG019-N Condition: New (32)                          TOZ34P O/U Shotgun, 28” BBL, 2 3/4”
SG019-PI Condition: Poor, Incomplete (3)                                                                                                                  Chamber, Game Scene, 12 Ga.
                                                 SG1061-N Condition: New (7)
                                                 SG1061-X Condition: Excellent (5)                   Khan Trap MDL TM-12, 12 Ga. 30” BBL.                 SG204 -GI Condition: Good, Incomplete (1)
JALS12-103 O/U Shotgun, 12 Ga.                   SG1061-V Condition: Very Good (3)                   SG1082-GC Condition: Good w/Cracked Stock(1)
SG020-GC Condition: Good w/Cracked Stock (10)    SG1061-VC Condition: Very Good, Cracked Stock (2)   SG1082-I Condition: Incomplete (1)
SG020-GI Condition: Good, Incomplete (7)                                                                                                                  TOZ 34P O/U, 2 3/4” Chamber, 28” BBL, 12 Ga.
                                                 SG1061-VI Condition: Very Good, Incomplete (18)
SG020-PI Condition: Poor, Incomplete (1)                                                                                                                  SG205-PI Condition: Poor, Incomplete (2)
                                                 SG1061-GI Condition: Good, Incomplete (10) Chinese JW-2000, 12 Ga. 3” Chamber
                                                 SG1061-PI Condition: Poor, Incomplete (11) SG1090-XC Condition: Excellent, Crack Stock (3)
Chinese A5-12 Shotgun, 12 Ga.                                                               SG1090-VC Condition: V. Good, Cracked Stock (3)               TOZ34P O/U Shotgun, 28” BBL, 2 3/4” Chamber,
SG1004-V Condition: Very Good (5)          Khan Centurion Mdl. 20 Semi-Auto Shotgun, 20 Ga. SG1090-G Condition: Good (1)                                  Game Scene, 12 Ga.
                                           SG1062-X Condition: Excellent (6)                SG1090-P Condition: Poor (3)                                  SG206-X Condition: Excellent (1)
Chinese MDL 97 Hammer Pump Shotgun, 12 Ga. SG1062-XI Condition: Excellent, Incomplete (4)   SG1090-PI Condition: Poor, Incomplete (5)                     SG206-GI Condition: Good, Incomplete (1)
SG1102-X Condition: Excellent (6)          SG1062-GI Condition: Good, Incomplete (1)        SG1090-F Condition: Fair (1)
SG1102-XC Condition: Excellent, Cracked                                                                                                                   SG206-PI Condition: Poor, Incomplete (6)
                                           SG1062-PI Condition: Poor, Incomplete (10)
Stock (2)
                                                                                            JALS12-103 O/U SHOTGUN, 12 GA.
SG1102-VC Condition: Very Good,            Centurion O/U Shotgun w/ Bead Sight,                                                                           TOZ 34EP O/U, 2 3/4” Chamber, 12 Ga.
                                                                                            SG020-V Condition: Very Good (12)
Cracked Stock (8)                          28” bbl, 3” Chamber, .410 Ga.                                                                                  SG207-G Condition: Good (3)
                                                                                            SG020-G Condition: Good (1)
                                           SG1128-PI Condition: Poor, Incomplete (1)                                                                      SG207-GI Condition: Good, Incomplete (2)
                                                                                            SG020-GC Condition: Good W/ Cracked Stock
Khan Centurion Semi-Auto Shotgun, 12 Ga., 3.5”
                                                 JALS12-102 O/U SHOTGUN, 12 GA.
SG1063-VI Condition: Very Good, Incomp. (3)
                                                 SG019-VC Condition: Very Good With Cracked
                                                 Stock (12)                                                                 The number in the parenthesis
JALS12-103 O/U Shotgun, 12 Ga.
SG020-N Condition: New (13)                      Centurion O/U Shotgun w/ Bead Sight,
                                                                                                                         contains the quantity remaining at the
SG020-V Condition: Very Good (12)                3” Chamber, 12 Ga.                                                              time of this printing.
SG020-G Condition: Good (1)                      SG1125-XI Condition: Excellent, Incomplete (1)

              All shotguns listed on this page are SOLD AS IS. NO RETURNS FOR ANY REASON!

         No U-Fix-Em are sold as shooters, these are for parts value only. These could be missing any parts,
                including bolts. We make no guarantees since they are pulled off the top of the pile!

        AC1004              M59/66 SKS ACTION BARREL 7.62x39MM                                    RI694-PI          Russian Rifle M44 7.62x54R
        RE029-P             CHINESE K98 RECEIVER 8MM                                              RI1212A-PI        Schultz & Larson M70 Rifle .22LR
        RE024-F             1894 BRAZILIAN RECEIVER                                               RI135-PI          Yugo M48 Rifle 8MM
        RE1113-G            1891 ARGENTINE POST 98 RECEIVER                                       RI153-PI          Austrian M95 Steyr Mannlicher Carbine 8x56R
        AR1027-PI           Polish Lucznik Air Pistol, Cal. .177                                  RI680-PI          Steyr M95/34 Carbine 8x56R
        AR350-GI            Air Rifles Various mfg                                                RI1094-PI         Yugo SKS MDL 59 Rifle 7.62x39
        HG751-PI            Star MDL BM Pistol 9MM                                                RI1093-PI         SKS MDL 59/66 Rifle 7.62x39
        OT1199-GI           Flare MDL 44/67 Pistol 26.5MM                                         RI1063-GI         Yugo M24/47 Rifle 8MM
        RE1092              Egyptian Hakim Stripped Receiver

14                                                     Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -
      RUSSIAN .22 SHORT BALL                                      RUSSIAN .22LR (39.5 GR.)                                     9MM BROWNING LONG (108 GR.)
                                                                                                                                    50 rds./box, 1000 rds./case. Boxer primed,
            (28.8 GR.)                                                                                                                            non-corrosive.


                                                                                                                                   .38 SPL TMJ, CCI BLAZER
                                                                                                                                          (158 GR.)
  Vostok Super Match. Brass cased, lead lubed bullet,
                                                               Steel, rimmed, round nosed lead bullet, packed in               Flat nose, FMJ, alloy case non-reloadable, non-cor-
  non-corrosive. Commercially packaged in waterproof
                                                               sealed tin. Ctn is labeled in Russian. 50 rds./box,                     rosive. 50 rds./box, 1000 rds./case.
    wrap sealed for long term storage. 50 rds./box.
                                                                         500 rds./brick. Non-corrosive.
              600 rds./brick (wax paper).

                       AM1367                                                     AM1366
          5.45X39MM BULGARIAN STEEL
                CORE (52 GR.)                                 RUSSIAN .22LR VOSTOK TARGET                                      WINCHESTER RANGER T-SERIES
                                                                        (40 GR.)                                              AMMUNITION, CAL. .40 (180 GR.)
       1991 mfr. Corrosive, Berdan primed. 30 rds./box,
                        1080 rds./tin.
               5.45X39MM FMJ -
             HOLLOW POINT (59 GR.)

       Made by Dynamit Nobel. 1980’s production.
     Non-corrosive, Berdan primed. 50 rds./box, 1000
                        rds./case.                           Brass, rimmed casing containing non-corrosive, lubed
                                                                                                                                          Case of 500; 10 boxes of 50.
                                                             lead bullets. Commercially packaged, and labeled for
                         AM976                              small game shooting and practice. Wrapping on bricks is
                                                               water resistant and sealed for long term storage.                                   AM1277
    7.62X25MM TOKAREV (85 GR.)                                      50 rds./box, 500 rds./brick. Sold by brick.
                                                                                                                                     Austrian manufacturer Hirtenberger is world
                                                                                                                                     famous for top quality, highly accurate ammu-
                                                                                                                                     nition. Non-corrosive. Boxer primed.

                                                              PAKISTANI .303 BALL (175 GR.)                               AM1153
                                                                          Labeled MK VII ball cartridges.                   20rds.    7MM Rem. Mag., SP.,Nosler, 140gr.
                                                                            Corrosive. Berdan primed.                     AM1154
                                                                            32 rds./box, 768 rds./brick.                    20rds.    7x57 SP., Nosler, 140gr.
   Bulgarian mfr. 50's Mfg. Berdan primed, Corrosive.                               AM965                                   20rds.    7x57 SP., Nosler, 175gr.
           16 rds./paper wrapper, 800 rds./can                                                                            AM1156
                       AM725                                                                                                20rds.    7x57 SP., Sierra, 140gr.
                                                              GREEK .30-60 BALL (150 GR.)                                 AM1161
              7.62X54R BLANK                                Mfr. by HXP (Greek Powder and Cartridge). ‘60’s and             20rds.    5.6x50mm Magnum BT N, 55gr.
                                                            ‘70’s mfr. 20 rds./box. 400 rds./tin, 800 rds/case (2 x 400   AM1163
   Czech mfr. 1980’s mfr. Corrosive. Berdan primed.         rd. reusable tins). Boxer primed, lead core.                    20rds.    6.5x57 R SP., Sierra, 120gr.
              80 rds./box, 960 rds./case.                                                                                 AM1174
                                                                                                                            20 rds.    .222 Rem.SP., Match Sierra 50gr.
                      AM1242                                                       AM027E                                 AM1176
                                                                                                                            20rds.     6.5X55 SP., SIERRA 160gr.
 7.62X54R SOFTPOINT (203 GR.)                                 TAIWAN .30-06 BALL (151 GR.)
                                                                                                                                   DAG DYNAMIT NOBEL 4.3X45
                                                                 Brass case, boxer primed, corrosive. FMJ.
    Russian mfr. 20 rds./box. 500 rds./case.                                                                                      PROTOTYPE HK COLLECTOR AMMO
                                                               264 rds./can. On Garand clips. Clips may show
            Berdan, Non-corrosive.
                                                                              minor oxidation.                            This H&K designed and manufactured
                       AM024                                                                                              ammo was used in prototype firearms that
                                                                                  AM1312A                                 were never put into full production! Faster
7.62X54R BULGARIAN LIGHT BALL (149 GR.)                                                                                    than .17 Remington, this round was
                                                                                                                          designed for speed.
                                                                 .357 MAG . SPFN (158 GR.)
                                                                                                                          AM1065 50 rds.

                                                            This Belgium mfr. .357 magnum bullet was made by the
                                                            FNB (FN Herstal). The case is brass with a boxer primer,          Warning: All surplus ammunition should
                                                                 flat nose, soft point. 50 rds/box in a re-useable           be inspected for damage or deterioration
                                                                                  tin of 2,000 rds.
  1950 mfr. Lead core, Corrosive, Berdan primed.                                                                                     due to long term storage.
  10 rds./paper wrap, 250 rds./tin,1000 rds./case.                                                                            Any ammunition with obvious external
                                                                                                                             defects should not be fired and should be
                   AM1347A                                                         AM1384
                                                                                                                                       properly disposed of.

                                                200 rd. minimum order quantity required for ammo.
                                                 Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -                                                           15

     HotShotTM ammunition is attractively packaged in full color retail-ready bar coded box and is reloadable
          (unless otherwise noted), brass case, boxer primed, non-corrosive. 20 rds./box, 500 rds./case.

.22-250 Remington SP (55 GR.)       7.62 Nagant FPJ (98 GR.)             .243 Winchester SP (100 GR.)             7.62X39mm Romanian FMJ
                                    50 rds./box, 1000 rds./case.             20 rds./box, 500 rds./case.                  (124 GR.)
      20 rds./box, 500 rds./case.
     Boxer primed, non-corrosive.   Boxer primed, Non-corrosive.            Boxer primed, non-corrosive.               20 rds./box, 700 rds./
                                                                                                                     lacquered steel tin case.
                                                                                                                   Non-corrosive. Berdan primed.
               AM1256                          AM1297                                   AM838                                 AM014

 .270 Winchester SP (130 GR.)       8mm Mauser SP (139 GR.)                .300 WIN Mag SP (150 GR.)             .30-06 Springfield SP (150 GR.)
      20 rds./box, 500 rds./case.    20 rds./box, 500 rds./case.             20 rds./box, 500 rds./case.             20 rds./box, 500 rds./case.
     Boxer primed, non-corrosive.   Boxer primed, non-corrosive.            Boxer primed, non-corrosive.            Boxer primed, non-corrosive.

               AM1249                           AM1251                                  AM1257                               AM831

 .270 Winchester SP (150 GR.)       7mm Mauser SP (173 GR.)               .303 British FMJ BT (174 GR.)            7mm Rem Mag (174 GR.)
      20 rds./box, 500 rds./case.    20 rds./box, 500 rds./case.              20 rds./box, 500 rds./case.           20 rds./box, 500 rds./case.
                                    Boxer primed, non-corrosive.             Boxer primed, non-corrosive.          Boxer primed, non-corrosive.
     Boxer primed, non-corrosive.

               AM829                           AM1346                                   AM1250                                AM1253

 .308 Winchester SP (180 GR.)       7.62x54R SP BT (180 GR.)              .303 British SP BT (180 GR.)           .30-06 Springfield SP (180 GR.)
      20 rds./box, 500 rds./case.    20 rds./box, 500 rds./case.             20 rds./box, 500 rds./case.             20 rds./box, 500 rds./case.
     Boxer primed, non-corrosive.   Boxer primed, non-corrosive.            Boxer primed, non-corrosive.            Boxer primed, non-corrosive.

               AM846                            AM844                                   AM841                                  AM830

     8mm Mauser SP (196 GR.)
      20 rds./box, 500 rds./case.                    200rd. minimum order quantity
     Boxer primed, non-corrosive.

                                                          required for ammo.
16                                   Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -
Armorer’s kit for VZ 58, Cal. 7.62x39mm                                                                                                         CZ52 PISTOL ARMORER KIT
                                                                                       Highly organized, just like the CZ factory, this kit
Rear sight leaf                    3      Spring snap pin of handguard upper      5
                                                                                         is chock full of all the replacement parts you
Rear sight slide                   3      Piston                                  5
Rear sight slide catch             3      Piston Spring                           15
                                                                                       need. Super Value! The crate alone is worth the
Slide catch spring                 3      Swivel assembly, rear                   3           money! Limited quantity available.
Thread protector                   10     Stock                                   3
Brace                              3      Buttplate                               5
Rear sight leaf spring             3      Screw holder of folding stock           3
Magazine latch                     1      Tumbler folding stock                   3
Magazine latch pin                 1      Spring tumbler folding stock            3
Magazine latch spring              1      Push-button folding stock               3
Safety pin of magazine latch pin   3      Handguard, upper                        2
Trigger pin                        5      Complete magazine (30 rd.)              10
Trigger spring                     3      Trigger with rail reducer               1
Safety pin of cover pivot          3      Base recoil assembly + receiver cover   5
Cover pivot bolt carrier           5      Shoulder folding stock                  3
Handguard, lower                   4      Holder folding stock with swivel        2
Swivel assembly, front             5      Bayonet VZ. 58                          4
Pistol grip                        2                                                                                                          Includes 32 separate items, including: 2 magazines,
                                          Sling                                   2
Ejector                            1                                                                                                          1 barrel, 1 mag catch, 2 extractors, 1 sear, 2 mag floor
                                          Brush VZ. 58                            10
Bolt                               2                                                                                                          plates, 2 ejectors, 10 hammer strut pivot pins, 10
                                          Right bayonet grip                      5
Firing pin                         7                                                                                                          recoil springs, 3 hold open catches, 2 takedown latch
                                          Left bayonet grip                       5                                                           springs, 2 firing pin retainer locks, 4 sear springs,
Extractor                          5      Bayonet rivet                           10
Extractor pin                      15                                                                                                         20 trigger springs, 2 ejector springs, 20 roller cam
                                          Washer bayonet rivet                    20                                                          locks, 2 trigger pins, 1 grip set (w/tool), 4 grip retaining
Extractor spring                   10     Cleaning rod VZ. 58 upper part          5
Bolt carrier                       2                                                                                                          clips, 1 hammer strut, 2 roller cams, 3 rear sights, 5
                                          Cleaning rod VZ. 58 lower part          5                                                           firing pins, 2 firing pin retainer springs, 5 take down
Bar                                2      Warmer VZ. 58                           5                                                           pin nuts, 5 hammer springs, 4 hold open catch
Firing pin rod                     5      Key VZ. 58                              5                                                           springs, 2 takedown catch pins, 4 hammer pivot pins,
Recoil spring guide                5      Muzzle protector VZ. 58                 10                                                          10 extractor pins, and 10 trigger bar link pins.
Recoil spring                      3
Roadblock recoil spring            10
Main spring                        5
Pin of handguard assembly, upper   3                                 KI1058 Condition: Excellent                                                              KI1054
Snap pin of handguard upper        5                                      (parts may vary)                                                                 Condition: Good


 With all the Cetme rifles on the market, these kits are just what the doctor ordered
 for those minor repairs. Tons of value in every kit. Near new furniture, spare mags,
   and actual armorer's tools are just some of the treasure hidden in these kits. No
two are alike, so get more than one!(Please be sure to comply with all Federal Law
                         when replacing parts in Cetme rifles.

TOOL-TYPE UNKNOWN                           REAR SIGHT DETENT
MAGLOADER                                   REAR SIGHT PIN
FORE ARM ASSEMBLY                           CHARGE HANDLE                                             CETME ARMORER’S KIT
& BUFFER                           REAR SIGHT SPRING
                                                                                                              WITH 10 MAGS
WEB SLINGS                                  CHARGE HANDLE SPRING
MALLET                                      HAMMER
PLIERS                                      FIRING PINS                                           MALLET                     REAR SIGHT APERTURE W/PINS, SPRING & DETENTS
BOLT HEAD LOCK                     OIL CAN W/APPLICATOR                                           HAMMER                     EXTRACTOR CLAW W/RETAINING SPRING
LARGE SCREW DRIVER                          FIRING PIN SPRING                                     SCREWDRIVERS               BOLT ROLLERS W/SUPPORT
SMALL SCREWDRIVER                           BOLT HEAD LOCK SPRING                                 CLEANING TICKING           TRIGGER
FILE                                        EXTRACTOR                                             (2 PKG.)                            BORE BRUSHES
BORE BRUSH                                  EXTRACTOR SPRING                                      1 BOLT ASSEMBLY            SEAR ASSEMBLY
FRONT SIGHT LOCK SCREW             METAL FITTING FOR FOREARM                                      2 FOREARM ASSEMBLY                  SPACER RING
                                            (FRONT-REAR)                                          STOCK W/BACKPLATE                   EJECTOR PIN W/SPRING
PISTOL GRIPS                                CHARGE HANDLE SUPPORT                                 & BUFFER                   HAMMER PIN
FRONT SIGHT POST                   OIL BLADDERS FOR CLEANING KIT                                  GRIP FRAME W/TRIGGER       TRIGGER PIN
20 RD MAGAZINES                    MAG CATCH BUTTON                                               BOX ASSEMBLY & PISTOL      FRONT GRIP FRAME PIN
1-5RD MAGAZINE                     MAG CATCH PINS                                                 GRIP                                1 CLEANING ROD
RECOIL SPRINGS                     SHOCK ABSORBER FOR BUFFER                                      FOREARM RETAINING                   2 OIL BOTTLES (1 FULL)
GRIP SCREWS                                 TICKING FOR CLEANING                                  SCREW                               RECOIL GUIDE ROD RETAINER & STOP W/PINS
SLING KEEPERS                      CLEANING KIT CONTAINER W/BAYO                                  RECOIL SPRINGS             OIL BLADDER FOR CLEANING KIT
                                            LUG END CAP                                           PLIERS                              PULL THRU W/BRUSH FOR CLEANING KIT
TRIGGER BOX ASSEMBLY               RECOIL GUIDE ROD RETAINER & STOP                               PUNCHES (1 LARGE,          FLASH HIDER
EJECTOR ARM                                 RECOIL GUIDE ROD RETAINER PINS                        1 SMALL)                   GRENADE RETAINING RINGS
BORE BRUSH W/PULL THRU             AUTO SEAR WITH PIN                                             SIGHT TOOLS                         FRONT SIGHT POST W/LOCK SCREW
LARGE PUNCH                                 EJECTOR PIN                                           COMPONENT LISTING                   STOP BUSHING
HAMMER W/PIN                                SMALL PUNCH                                           SMALL OIL CAN W/           HAMMER W/SPRING
CLEANING ROD                                FRONT GRIP FRAME RETAINING PIN                        APPLICATOR                          SAND (EMORY) PAPER
TRIGGER                            FLASH HIDER                                                    EJECTOR ARM                         SAFETY CATCH (RELEASE LEVER)
SELECTOR LEVER                     BOLT ROLLERS W/SUPPORT                                         20 RD MAGS                          AUTO SEAR W/SPRING
STOP BUSHING                                MAG RELEASE LEVER                                     WEB SLINGS                          BUTT STOCK RETAINING PINS
HAMMER SPRINGS                     AUTO SEAR SPRINGS                                              FIRING PIN W/SPRING
SEAR ASSEMBLY                      RING FOR GRIP SCREW (WASHER)                                   CHARGING HANDLE
BUTTSTOCK SCREW WASHER             SMALL GROMMETS                                                 CHARGE HANDLE SUPPORT W/SPRING & PIN


OT1161B with Magazine Loader                                                                      OT1161A with Ten Magazines
                                               Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -                                                                              17
 WASR-2 5 rd. Single Stack
                                    CETME 5 rd. Mag.,
                                       Cal. .308
                                                                       CZ50 8 rd. Mag.
                                                                        Cal. .32 ACP
                                                                                               AK Magazine Clamp, Cal. 7.62x39mm                                   Magazine
         Cal. 5.45x39mm
                                                 MA120                     MA775                                    These rugged steel clamps hold two
                MA1035                          Condition:              Condition: Good                            standard AK magazines like the jaws of            Please be sure to read our
              Condition: New                   Very Good                                                             a pitbull! Magazines are held in the
                                                                                                                     proper position to use them side by       sales policy at the end of this catalog.
                                                                                                                    side, or the can hold one up – and on
                                   WASR-10 5 rd. Single                                                            down. These are being sold as a set of    No magazines with a capacity over 10-rounds
 WASR-2 5 rd. Double                                                  BRNO MDL 451
                                           Stack Mag                                                                   one clamp and two thirty round
         Stack Mag. Cal.                                            Cal. .22LR 7 rd. Mag.
                                                                                                                               used magazines.               to CA, DC, HI, MA, NY, CT and Toledo, Ohio.
             MA1086                           MA1034                      MA451                                                                              No magazines with a capacity over 12-rounds
         Condition: New                     Condition: New             Condition: New
                                                                                                                               MA1037                  1                   to Chicago Illinois.

                                                                                                       Israeli Galil magazine, 35 rd., Cal. .223             No magazines with a capacity over 15-rounds
     Spanish Destroyer Cal.          Russian TT Pistol         MAB MDL D Mag. Cal. .32
                                                                                                                    IMI manufactured. 35 round capacity.
               9mm Largo                   8 rd. Mag.                 ACP 9 rd.                                                                                to NJ, Cincinnati Ohio, Aurora Illinois and
                                                                                                                          Overall weight: .65 lbs.
                7 rd. Mag.
                                              MA917                  Steel with blue finish.
                                                                                                                      MA1052-F Condition: Fair                South Bend Indiana. No magazines with a
                                       Condition Very Good
             Condition: Good                Also fits the                MA119                           Magazine Package Deal                               capacity over 20-rounds to MD, Cleveland &

                                            Romanian                  Condition:Good
                                                                                                                     2 pocket mag. pouch                         Columbus Ohio and Wichita Kansas
                                            TTC Pistol!
                                                                                                                     with 2 CETME 20 rd.
                                                                                                                     mags. (MA123)
     WASR-10 10 rd. Single       WASR-2 10 rd. Magazine            WASR-2 10 rd.
         Stack Mag.                  Single Stack                Double Stack Mag.                                   OT1130                                    Not for sale:
     MA1033 Condition: New          Cal. 5.45x39mm                Cal. 5.45x39mm                                    2 pocket mag. pouch with 2                  1 MD, NY, NJ, MA, HI, CA,
                                 MA1038 Condition: New          MA1085 Condition: New                               FAL 20 rd. mags. (MA510)                           CT
                                                                                                                    OT1132                                       2     NY, NJ, MA, HI, CA, CT

                                                                                                                    2 pocket mag. pouch                          3     MD, CA, CT
                                                                                                                    with 2 G3 20 rd. mags.
                                                                                                                    OT1133                            2       Magazine 13 rd. Galil for Blank
                                                                                                                                                              Blocked to prevent the use of live
            Daewoo DP51C,       SAR-1 10-rd. double stack        Mag Mas 49/56 10rd.            SAR-3 10-rd Double                PSL54 10 rd. Mag.
              10 rd. Mag.                                                                                                                                      cartridges. Configuration for star
                                magazine, Cal. 7.62x39mm         Cal. 7.5mm French              Stack Mag Cal. .223                     Cal. 7.62x54R
               Cal. 9mm                                                                                                                                      crimped blank cartridges. Body has
                                  MA045 Condition: New                                         MA1003 Condition: New
                                                                   Spare mag for MAS                                                                          large white stripe on each side to
                                                                     49-56 rifle. Not                                                                                 mark the difference.
                MA099                                                                                                                        Condition:
                                                              interchangeable with MA197.                                                                       MA1076 Condition: Very Good
             Condition: New                                                                                                                  Very Good
                                                                 MA198 Condition: Good

          Daewoo Mdl. DP51      Arcus 13 rd. 9mm magazine        Beretta MDL 92 15rd.           G3 20 rd. German Steel             FAL 20rd. Mag.                 CETME 20 rd.mag. Cal. .308
             9mm 13 rd.                   Fits Arcus models       Mag.,Cal. 9X19mm                  Mag., Cal. .308                Cal. .308 Metric
              magazine                      98DA, 94, 94C                  MA803                MA301 Condition: Good                 Pattern Mag.
                                              and 98 DAC                  Condition:                                                  MA510                                              MA123
               MA1051                                                    Very Good                                                    Condition: Good                                Condition: Good
             Condition: New                 Condition: New            Steel with                                                     Fits the STG-58!
                            2                             2           blue finish.      2                                2                             2                                              2

        L1A1 20 rd. Mag.,          UZI 25 rd. Magazine           WASR-3 30 rd. Hi-Cap           German 30 rd. AK Mag.          WASR-2 30 rd. Hi-Cap                    BREN LMG (30RD)
           Cal. .308                                              Steel Mag. Cal. .22              Steel, Cal .223            Magazine Cal. 5.45x39mm
     Inch pattern magazine.                   MA105                       3
     MA510-L Condition: Good                 Condition:        MA1043                                        MA1050                          MA1041                                      MA517
                                               Good            Condition:                                   Condition:                       Condition:                              Condition: Good
                                                               Excellent                                    Excellent                        Excellent

                            2                             1                            1                                 1                             1                                              1
     Bulgarian AK47-Type          AK47 Mag. 30 rd., Blue         YUGO 30 rd. Mag.                  VZ-58 30 rd. Mag.,            UZI 32 rd. Wrapped            UZI 32 rd. Magazine, Cal. 9mm
   30 rd. & 40 rd. Polymer        Steel, Cal. 7.62X39mm        For Yugo M70 Series AK           Cal. 7.62x39mm                   Magazine, Cal. 9mm
     Mag. Cal. 7.62x39mm                                          w/Bolt Hold Open,                                                      MA1084A
                                                                                                 Hard to find
  Super Cool Bulgarian                                             Cal. 7.62x39mm                                                Condition: Excellent
                                                                                                 mag. for the
 polymer mag won’t                                                     MA1042                                                   Still in original wrapper!     MA1084
                                                                                                 VZ- 58 rifle.
  get dented up at the                                          Condition: Very Good                                                                           Condition:
 range like their metal                                                         Works in all     MA1058                                                        Very Good
 counterparts. Unique             Polish manufactured                            dbl stack
                                                                                               Condition: New
  decorative bullet              MA1012 Condition: Good                          WASRs.
 pattern molded right                                                                                                1
 into these puppies’
                                                          1                             1                                                              1                                              1
 sets them apart from
 all the others.                     4 Pocket Canvas                     Israeli 50 rd.          U.S. Mfg. 50 RD. AK             RPD-44 100 rd. Drum              U.S. Mfg. 75 RD. AK Mag.
                                  Pouch for 40 rd. AK mag.            Magazine, Cal. .223      Magazine, Cal. 7.62x39mm          Mag. w/ Linked Belt,              MA1049 Condition: New
            MA1013 (30 rd.)
                                                                                                MA1047 Condition: New              Cal. 7.62x39mm
           Condition: New               PU1040                          Holy Moses!! Now                                          MA1071 Condition:
                                 Romanian 40 rd. AK Mag.,
                                                                        is your chance to
                                                                                                                                      Very Good                                                        1
                                                                         own some super
                                        Cal. 7.62x39mm                   rare 50 rd. .223
             MA1147 (40 rd.)                                                                                                                                      MG3 Drum Mag. Cal. .308
                                                                           magazines!                                                                                          MA1066
             Condition: New                                                                                                                                  Links/belts
                                      MA1001 Condition:                                                                                                       not incld.      Condition:
                                         Excellent                         MA1054                                                                                             Very Good
                            1                             1    Condition:Very Good      1                                1                              1                                              1
18                                                    Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -
                                                                                 BAYONETS & KNIVES
   FR-8 / CETME SPANISH BAYONET &                                                BAYONET AND SCABBARD                                           POLISH AK-47 FIRST PATTERN
              SCABBARD                                                                L1A1 RIFLE                                                  BAYONET AND SCABBARD

This genuine bayonet fits the FR7, FR8 Spanish mausers and the
Cetme rifle. It has a black bolo carbon steel blade, black             This bowie type, single edge blade is all metal constructed,
composition handle and black cast metal guard and pommel.              and complete with stamped steel grips. General issue in
Combined with its green synthetic scabbard, makes it one of the        England and Commonwealth for L1A1 semi-auto rifle. Strong
best sellers of all time! Overall: 13 ¼".                              design. Blade: 7 3/4”, Overall: 13”.
BY143-V Condition: Very Good
BY143-GI Condition: Good, Incomplete                                                 BY657 Condition: Good                                      BY1026 Condition: Very Good

   BULGARIAN AK47 FIRST PATTERN                                          RUSSIAN AK-47 FIRST PATTERN                                                VZ58 BAYONET AND
       BAYONET & SCABBARD                                                   BAYONET AND SCABBARD                                                    LEATHER SCABBARD

                                                                                                                                         BY010 Condition: Good w/ Scabbard
           BY1025 Condition: Very Good                                         BY128 Condition: Very Good                                BY010-I Condition: Good w/o Scabbard

ORIGINAL MODEL 55 POLISH                              ORIGINAL P14 / P17                         AUTHENTIC GERMAN WWII                                 ENFIELD #4 SPIKE
       ARMY KNIFE                                     BAYONET & SCABBARD                              TRENCH KNIFE                                   BAYONET AND SCABBARD

                                                                                                 Hey Heinz, you can really cut the schnitzel
                                                                                                  pretty thin with one of our German WWII
Rare, Polish military fighting knife. Made during                                                trench knives! But really, these are sold as
   the Cold War era. Very Limited quantity.                                                          historical artifacts only. Check local
                                                                                                         regulations prior to ordering.

KN1023 Condition: Very Good                            BY103 Condition: Good                        BY300-G Condition: Good                          BY804 Condition: Very Good

  BAYONET & SCABBARD                                CHILEAN MODEL M95                         AUSTRIAN M12 MANNLICHER                                        CHILEAN KNIFE
     FOR SIG M57                                    BAYONET & SCABBARD                                BAYONET
Stainless steel construction with a shaped
    crossguard. Still used by the Swiss
  Reserve Units. Comes with synthetic
 scabbard. 14 1/2” Overall, 9 3/8” blade.
    Condition: Excellent
                                                                                                                                                 This uniquely shaped Chilean fighting knife
      M1957 BAYONET                                                                                                                              makes short work of brush, small tree limbs and
                                                                                                 Original bayonet for Steyr M1912 rifle.         the enemy.
  BF1957 Condition: New
  (free w/ bayonet BY009)                           BY126 Condition: Good                           BY127 Condition: Good                               KN008 Condition: Good

         BAYONET & SCABBARD                     FOR   M95                 MAXAM® 3 PC. GAME KNIFE SET

                                                                                             Maxam® 3pc Game Knife Set.
                                                                                             Includes saw with 6-1/8" blade,
                                                                                             skinner lockback that measures
                                                                                                 4-3/4" closed, 8" open and a
                                                                                                                                             Visit us online at:
 Standard WWI Austrian issued, polished single edge blade (edge on
                                                                                                 7-1/2" bird knife with 3-1/2"
                                                                                                fixed blade. Blades are surgical
  upper side). Wood grip panels attached with rivets, metal scabbard                        stainless with soft touch rubber
     with blued finish. Produced by gov't. and private contractors.
                 Length: 10”, Overall 14”, Weight: 1 lb.
                                                                                           handles. Stored in a nylon sheath.
BY1031 (Hungarian) Condition: Good
BY1032 (Czech) Condition: Good                                                        KN1021 Condition: New
                                                      Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -                                                              19
          AK GALIL STYLE HANDGUARD                                      COMMAND ARMS AK REPLACEMENT                                          GP WASR-10 STYLE
                                   Beautiful American made Galil
                                                                                HANDGUARDS                                                     FOLDING STOCK
                                   style handguard for your AK!
                                   Made from military grade com-
                                   posite and top ventilating, just
                                   like the original, to keep your
                                   rifle from overheating. US Sec.           Sold as spare parts only. To be assembled in
                                   922r compliant part.                     accordance with Federal, State, and Local Laws.
                                   Made in USA.                                                                                         Sold as spare parts only. To be assembled in
                                                                      PAAK1007 Upper handguard w/ rail                                 accordance with Federal, State, and Local Laws.
           PAAK1197 Condition: New                                    PAAK1008 Lower handguard w/ rail
        Sold as spare parts only. To be assembled in                                                                                         ST1119 Condition: New
       accordance with Federal, State, and Local Laws.
                                                                      FOLDING METAL                                                     YUGO STYLE AK POLYMER
         AK T6 TELESCOPING STOCK                                      STOCK FOR
           COMPLETE ASSEMBLY                                                                                                                HANDGUARD SET
                                                                      AK-SAR RIFLES                                                                                    Made in USA
                                           Sold as spare
                                           parts only. To be                 ST1004 Condition: Excellent                                                            Fits the M70B1 and
                         assembled in accordance with Federal,               Sold as spare parts only. To be assembled in                                           the M70AB2 rifles.
                        State, and Local Laws.                              accordance with Federal, State, and Local Laws.

                                                                            CANVAS FLARE PISTOL CARRY CASE                                PAAK1124 Condition: New
                ST1009 Condition: New
                                                                      Handy-dandy canvas case holds flare pistol
                                                                                                                                      M1 GARAND SLING
                                                                      and a handful of flares to boot! Could be used
OT747 - BROKEN SHELL EXTRACTOR                                        for many different items. Very versatile.                             SL002
OT1277 - GAS PORT REAMER                                                                                                                Condition: Good
BUY AS A COMPLETE SET FOR ONLY                                                  OT1417 Condition: Good

        AK RECOILLESS FIXED STOCK                                       AK GRENADE LAUNCHER - BLUED                                      YUGO STYLE AK POLYMER
      Amazing Romanian                                                                                                                        PISTOL GRIP
      device reduces felt
        recoil to almost                                                                                                                               Made in USA
       nothing! You won’t                                                      All Federal, State and Local Laws Apply
     believe it till you try it.                                                                                                              Fits the M70B1 and the M70AB2 rifles.
                                                                                             Made in USA
                 ST1013 Condition: New                                          PAAK1012 Condition: New                                  PAAK1128 Condition: New
             G-3 Scope with Mount                                      ORIGINAL G3 SCOPE WITH MOUNT                                       Fireflash                   WEB     SLING
                                                                      MDL Z24 HENSOLDT WETZLAR MFR.                                      Firestarter                       FOR
                                                                                                                                    Kiss those soggy matches and       BLANKETS
                                                                                       Comes with cleaning kit, adjustment screw     unreliable lighters goodbye!
                                                                                            driver, filter lens and mount.
                                        Top quality mount for G3
                                       rifles. Can be modified for                                Top quality scope and mount for
                                            use on the Cetme.                                      G3 rifles. Can be modified for
                                            Renowned German                                       use on the Cetme. Renowned
                                              craftsmanship.                                       German craftsmanship. Super
                                               Super value!                                            value!

                                                                            SC1060A Condition: Very Good                                  OT1423
                SC1029 Condition: Good                                        w/ Cracked Storage Case                                  Condition: New                    OT1058

                           Get A Free NRA Membership By Purchasing The Following Items
     The following items will contain the free NRA membership coupon. These cards will be packed in all dealer and distributor orders.
     Current members can extend membership for one extra year. Customer needs to completely fill in coupon card and mail box to
     Century at which time we will forward the membership cards to the NRA. Only these products that are shipped from our warehouse
     starting 1 NOV 06 qualify and they will contain the free membership card application.

     GP WASR-10 HI-CAP Semi-Auto Rifle with Original Wood forward pistol grip & Military Stock, Cal. 7.62x39mm - RI1202-N
     GP WASR-10 HI-CAP Semi-Auto Rifle w/ Composite Folding Stock & Original Wood forward pistol grip, Cal. 7.62x39mm - RI1203-N
     GP WASR-10 HI-CAP Semi-Auto Rifle with Composite Folding Stock and bayonet, Cal. 7.62x39mm - RI1205-N
     GP WASR-10 HI-CAP Semi-Auto Rifle with Collapsible Stock, Cal. 7.62x39mm - RI1209-N
     GP WASR-10 HI-CAP with Galil Handguard Collapsible Stock, & bayonet Cal 7.62x39mm - RI1230-N
     GP WASR-10 HI-CAP Semi-Auto Rifle with Folding Stock, Cal. 7.62x39mm - RI1197-N
     AES-10B Hi-Cap Semi-Auto Rifle, Cal. 7.62x39mm - RI1407-N
     WASR-2 HI-CAP Semi-Auto Rifle with Military Stock, Cal. 5.45x39mm - RI1167-N
     WASR-3 HI-CAP Semi-Auto Rifle with Military Style Stock, Cal .223 - RI1168-N
     GP WASR-10 HI-CAP Semi-Auto Rifle w/ Dragunov Style Stock and bayonet, Cal. 7.62x39mm - RI1187-N
     Century GP 1975 Rifle, Cal. 7.62x39mm - RI1382-X

20                                                        Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -
       CR-12 MULTI RING MOUNT                                     CHAMBER FLAG                 VINYL GAS MASK                                L1A1 STARTER KIT
Unique mounting system for                                                                         CARRIER
scopes, red dots, lasers or lights.
Will fit 30 mm or 1” diameter
objects using the included                                                                                                     Here’s just
adapter. Fits on Weaver /                                                                                                    what you need
Picatinny type mounts.
                                                                No question if the                                            to complete          PAL1A116   U.S. made butt pad
                                                                chamber is empty!                                            your own L1A1         PAL1A103   Buttstock
                                                                Sold in sets of 10.                                                                PAL1A101   Hammer
                                              SC1100                                                                          dummy gun!
                                                                                                                                                   PAL1A105   Handguard
                                                                                                                                                   PAL1A104   Pistol grip
                                               New                                                                                                 PAL1A102   Sear
     G3/CETME Pouch Mag, Green                                    Condition: New                       OT1063                                   Conditions: New
   Plastic two pocket pouch for G3/CETME magazines.
                                                                     ORIGINAL NAZI WAR METAL                                              1909 HANDGUN PARTS
                                                                          The front shows the Nazi swastika in a wreath,
           R61 MILITARY LEFT SIDE &                                       and For War Merit 1939 is struck on the back in
                                                                          German. Sold for collector value only. Sorry, no
              RIGHT SIDE GRIPS                                            European or export sales on this item.
                                                                  CETME BAYONET KIT                        CANVAS
  Sold in complete                                                                                       STRAP WITH                   PA1909071 Condition: Good
                                                                Comes with Cetme bayonet and
     sets only.                                                                                            BUCKLE
                                                                  Scabbard, flash hider and
                                                                      bayonet lug.
                                                                                                                                          ORIGINAL M-16 SILENT
                                                                                                                                           SLINGS W/BUCKLES

 GR030/GR031 Condition: Good

    ORIGINAL                                                      KI1114 Condition: Good                    OT1059
                                                                    LEATHER AMMO POUCH (2                  POCKET)
                                                                                          No Yugo M59-66 rifle (RI1093)
                                                                                          is complete without this 2                  SL1000 Condition: Very Good
            GR5070 Condition: Good                                                        pocket, tan leather ammo
                                                                                          pouch. Configured to hold 10
          M1 Garand Walnut Extended Stock                                                 rds. on chargers, and includes      Oil Can for Steyr M95 Mannlicher
              ST024-N Condition: New                                                      belt loop and flaps.
                                                                                          Cal. 7.62x39.
           CETME Magazine Loader
                                                                            OT240 Condition: Good

                                        Really Neat!                  BRNO ZBK100 SCOPE MOUNT
                                                                            WITH RINGS                                                OT1413
                                                                                                                                   Condition: New

 No more thumb blisters from loading mags by hand!
 This labor-saving device is way cool and will make your                                                                     PA950035         Steyr M95 Cleaning Rod
 pals at the range green with envy.                             Uses 1" rings. Blued steel. For ZBK rifles.                  PA95S014         Steyr M95 Muzzlecap
                            OT1356                                           SC1043 Condition: New
               VINYL      PONCHO POUCH                                                                                                  SKS Oil Bottle Pouch
                                                                         PARACHUTIST WEAPONS &
                                                                          IND EQUIPMENT PACK                                              PU030 Condition: New

                                                                                                                                               MOSQUITO NET
                                                                                                                               There may be a dozen on
    CETME Covers                        CZ50/70 PISTOL
                                       REPLACEMENT GRIPS                                                                      your cousin, but there won’t
 Add the air of authenticity
                                           U.S. MFG.                                                                            be any on you with this
with this original military rifle
                                                                                                                              brand new British mosquito
cover. Designed to keep the
                                                                                                                                netting kit for your bunk!
    elements out of your
                                                                                                                                Sleep bug-free comfort
       Cetme's action.
                                        These black plastic    Manufactured in the U.S.A. in the 1960’s, this pack made         without all those smelly
                                     replacement grips are for of heavy OD canvas with felt lining is equipped with               chemicals & sprays.
                                    your CZ50 and CZ70 pistol. shoulder straps, and can be unwrapped for easy access.
                                       Screw is not included.
      OT1352                                GR1001             Fits barrel length: approx 3” w/a weight of 8.7 lbs.
   Condition: Good                     Condition: New                       OT1432 Condition: Good                                  OT1426-V Condition: Very Good
                                                                                Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -                    21
                                              MOSIN-NAGANT ACCESSORIES                                                                       CHEMICAL           PROTECTIVE SUIT AND     GAS MASK
                                                                                                                                          Each set contains a
                                                                                                                                          hooded jacket,
               MOSIN-NAGANT SCOUT MOUNT                                                                                                   trousers with boots,
Turn your Mosin-Nagant M44 into a sharp little scout rifle! Our mount replaces the                                                        M10-M mask and
 rear sight leaf, and requires no gunsmithing to install! All you need is a long eye                                                      storage bags.
relief scope, a set of Weaver-type rings, and BINGO! you have yourself one of the
                         hottest style carbines in the market!
                             SC037 Condition: New                                                                                               OT1151
                                   SCOPE MOUNTS
See-Thru For Swedish Sporter & Chilean Small ring action. Fits Small ring mauser type action.                                              Sold for novelty use only.

                                 SC015 Condition: New                                                                                                                   TENT LIGHT
PU1003 Uncle Mikes DBL Nylon Speed Loader Pouch Condition: Good                                                                                                            A neat light that can hang,
                                                                                                                                                                           stand or be carried without
                                      7 LED HEADLAMP                              BLACK POWDER VEST-POCKET DERRINGER,                                                         the danger of flame or
                                                                                  CAL. .32 SINGLE SHOT, SPUR TRIGGER                                                        messy, dangerous chemi-
                            This neat 7 LED headlamp has two settings
                            for reliable hands-free lighting in almost any                                                                                                 cals. Adjusts from flood to
                            environment. The battery saving low setting                                                                                                    spot beam and uses four D
                             will keep going for up to 150 hours on low                                                                                                      batteries (not included).
                              setting, up to 80 hours on high. The high                                                                                                    Uses powerful krypton bulb!
                             setting is great for finding your way in the                                                                                                            Imported.
                            dark or even working under the hood of your                                                                                    OT1176 Condition: New
                            car– anywhere some extra light can be used
                                    while keeping your hands free.                                     No FFL Required!                    3,000,000 Candle Power light
                                Uses 3 AAA batteries (Not Included).                                                                                                  How they shove 3 million
                                     OT1296 Condition: New                                                                                                            candles into this we'll never
                                                                                       Black Powder percussion single shot with                                       know, but we do know that
              WATERPROOF NEOPRENE                   GLOVES                     hand polished brass construction, bird's head grip                                     using these lights is like holding
                    If you have to be out in the cold and wet, these           and an authentic spur trigger. No manual included.                                     the sun in your hand! Wow, are
                                                                                                                                                                      they bright! These lights are
                         are the gloves you need. Perfect for ice
                                                                              Due to State and Local laws, we regret that we                                          just perfect for camp, boat,
                     fisherman, late season hunters or anyone who
                                                                              cannot sell black powder firearms directly to residents                                 emergency or field use. They
                    has to deal with the most miserable of weather                                                                                                    are the same lights others sell.
                         conditions. Available in sizes large and             of: D.C., HI, ID, IL, MA, MI, PR, RI, NJ, and NY. In
                                                                                                                                           They have a super handy adjustable stand and handle that
                         x-large. Woodland camo or solid black.               those states, interested purchasers must contact a
                                                                                                                                           allows the light to be used in virtually any position. But
                              OT1312 Large Camo                               federally Licensed Firearms retailer. Direct sales are
                                                                                                                                           please be careful using these in the field, we would hate to
                                                                              also not permitted outside of the continental USA.
                             OT1313 X-Large Camo                                                                                           see an epidemic of blinded critters in your area! Comes
                              OT1314 Large Black                                                                                           with an AC/DC power and 12V auto adapter.
                             OT1315 X-Large Black                                        ZA2560 Condition: New                                           OT1244 Condition: New

                                         Digital Compass                                  INFRARED-TARGET DEVICE FOR                       Realtree® Camouflage Face Paint
                            Features:                                                      SMALL WEAPON TYPE B 8-V
                            Compass: Accuracy +/-3,                                                                                        This is the same exact camouflage face
                                                                                                                Can be fixed on rifle          paint used by the U.S. military!
                            differential rate 1,                                                                G3, MG 1 with gun
                            Display Mode: 360 with eight                                                                                    Designed to blend in with all Realtree®
                                                                                                              mount and tank rifle 84                     patterns.
                            direction.                                                                            and is suitable for
                            Thermometer: Range:                                                                     observation and
                            from -5C to 55C.                                                                      targeting during the      OT1185 Condition: New
                            Watch: Time format: 24H                                                                      night with
                                                                                                                                                      PANZERFAUST 44 OPTICAL SCOPE
                            Stopwatch: Time: max. 1H                                                                illumination by IR-
                                                                                                                     searchlight. The                                        Original Hensoldt manu-
                            LCD display with EL                                                                                                                              facture 2.6 power range
                                                                                                                   IR-radiation is not
                            backlight.                                                                                                                                       finding scope for
                                                                                   visible for the naked eye. The IR-target device,
                            Size: 68x55x16mm                                     however, supplied a visible image to the observer of                                        German shaped charge
                            Includes battery: CR2032                             the area which is illuminated by IR-radiation, so that                                      anti-tank rocket, the
                                                                                        aiming in the darkness is also possible.                                             forerunner of the
                OT1401 Condition: New
                                                                                                                                          famous RPG. Optics show typical German quality, and
     It won't tell you what's for dinner, but this super handy Digital                                                                    are calibrated with tank outlines for target acquisition out
          Field Compass will tell you just about anything else!                          SC1071 Condition: Good                           to 400 meters. Unique and rare piece of militaria for the
                                                                                                                                          collector or history buff.
                                                                                                                                           SC1072B-P 2x15 Condition: Poor
        FLASHLIGHTS YOU DON’T WANT TO BE WITHOUT!                                                                                          SC1072C-P 2x17 Condition: Poor

                                                                                                                                           GERMAN FIELD SHOVEL
                         Emergency Wind - Up                                 LED Flashlight Century Key Chain
                             Flashlight                                      We’ve seen many different types of LED key chains
                                                                             but this one beats them all! You would pay over ten
                                    This environmental friendly
                                                                                bucks to get a quality LED flashlight. When we
                                           4 in 1 radio, alarm,                                                                                    Authentic German
                                                                             tested this flashlight key chain we were AMAZED at
                                            3 LED light, mobile                                                                                      Field Shovel.
                                                                                    how bright it was! Comes with battery.
                                             phone charger is
                                             just what you                                                                                                OT1411 Condition: Good
                                            need! It does not
                                    use batteries! Just wind-up                                                                                             GERMAN K98 ACTION
                                    to make it work.
                              Never needs batteries!                                                                                                                           AC014-G
                            OT1405 Condition: New                                        OT1403 Condition: New                                                              Condition: Good
22                                                       Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -
 GENUINE ENFIELD NO. 1 MK III PARTS                                                                      GENUINE M98 GERMAN PARTS
Code         Name
PAENF002   FORESIGHT BLADE                                     We cannot accept any returns on German 98 parts. We also cannot special pick any particular parts for manufacturer, etc.
PAENF006   BACKSIGHT PROTECTOR                               Code                 Name                                      PAM98067     Rear sight latch spring (large)
PAENF013   SAFETY CATCH WASHER                               PAM98001    Cocking Piece                                      PAM98068     Butt or swivel screw
PAENF014   SAFETY SPRING                                     PAM98002    Safety                                             PAM98076     Recoil lug
PAENF021   SLING SWIVEL                                      PAM98003    Bolt sleeve                                        PAM98078     Rear sight rail
PAENF022   STOCK BOLT WASHER (METAL)                         PAM98004    Bolt sleeve stop spring                            PAM98079     Front sight ring
PAENF023   STOCK BOLT                                        PAM98009    Extractor collar                                   PAM98082     Front handguard clip
PAENF024   STOCK BOLT WAD                                    PAM98010    Extractor                                          PAM98085     Front band
PAENF028   RETAINING SPRING SCREW                            PAM98013    Bolt stop and spring                               PAM98086     Middle band
PAENF030   SEAR                                              PAM98014    Ejector                                            PAM98093     Front band screw
PAENF032   TRIGGER                                           PAM98018    Follower                                           PAM98094     Stock disc
PAENF034   TRIGGER GUARD                                     PAM98020    Sear                                               PAM98095     Rear swivel base
PAENF039   BUTT PLATE SCREW                                  PAM98022    Trigger                                            PAM98096     Rear sight blade (complete)
PAENF041   BUTT-PLATE TRAP SPRING                            PAM98023    Floorplate catch pin                               PAM98125     Stock takedown piller
PAENF042   BUTT-PLATE TRAP SPRING SCREW                      PAM98024    Triggerguard (long)                                PAM98005     BOLT SLEEVE STOP
PAENF045   FORE-END STUD                                     PAM98029    Floorplate catch spring                            PAM980058    COMPLETE TRIGGER ASSY
PAENF048   NOSE CAP                                          PAM98032    Buttplate                                          PAM98027     MAG FOLLOWER SPRING
PAENF054   COCKING PIECE                                     PAM98033    Sight ramp lock                                    PAM98028     MAGE FLOORPLATE (LONG)
PAENF055   BOLT STRIPPED                                     PAM98038    Front band swivel                                  PAM98044     STOCK BUSHING
PAENF05D    REARSIGHT LEAF                                   PAM98040    Rear sight mount screw                             PAM98047     BAYONET LOCK SPRING
PAENF072   REARSIGHT SPRING SCREW                            PAM98041    Rear sight slide                                   PAM98050     CNTR BAND LOCK SPRNG
PAENF075   REARSIGHT ADJUSTING WORM                          PAM98048    Rear sight pin                                     PAM98065     CLEANING ROD
PAENF079   REARSIGHT SLIDE                                   PAM98049    Front band lock spring                             PAM98073     REAR SIGHT BAND (LRGE)
PAENF154   BUTT TRAP DOOR                                    PAM98051    Rear sight spring (small)                          PAM98105     CARBINE HANDGUARDS
PAENF22    SWIVEL BAND                                       PAM98053K   Bayo lock, lock spring, & nut                      PAM98119     THREADLESS SCREWS
PAENF86A   REAR SIGHT LEAF                                   PAM98055    Bayonet lug (short)                                PAM98121     STUD FOR CLNING RODS
PAE4004     5REAR HANDGUARD, MK #4                           PAM98057    Rear sight assembly                                PAM9876A     RECOIL LUG NUT
PAE40038   FOREND, MK #4                                     PAM98058    Bolt stop                                           Please allow 10 working days for shipping on parts orders.
PAE40039   FRONT NO4 ENFIELD HANDGUARD                                                                                       Some parts listed on this page may require hand fitting, and
                                                      CETME PARTS                                                                 should be installed by an experienced gunsmith.

       CODE          COMPLETE DESCRIPTION                                 PACE0240        CETME FIRING PIN SPRING - ORIG                PACE523K          CETME TRIGGER STOP, CUT
                                                                          PACE0243          HEAD LOCKING LEVER SPRING                PACEMISC01               CETME BORE BRUSH
       PACE0006                  PACE0007                                 PACE0245            CETME RECOIL ROD - ORIG                PACEMISC02         CETME OIL BLISTER PACK OF 4
      PACE0006X        TRIGGER BOX COMPLETE - ORIG                        PACE0246       CETME RECOIL BACK PLATE - ORIG              PACEMISC03              CETME CLEANING ROD
       PACE0010        CETME TRIGGER SPRING - ORIG                       PACE0246B          CETME BACKPLATE GROMMET                  PACEMISC04           CETME FRONT SIGHT TOOL
       PACE0012         CETME EJECTOR LEVER(ARM)                         PACE0246K         BACKPLATE W/BACKPLATE CAP                 PACEMISC05           CETME CLEANING KIT TUBE
                                                                          PACE0247        CETME REAR SIGHT BASE - ORIG               PACEMISC06        CETME CLEANING KIT TUBE CAP
                                                                          PACE0250            CETME APERATURE - ORIG                 PACEMISC07              CETME SLING BUCKLE
                                                                          PACE0251       CETME REAR SIGHT SPRING - ORIG              PACEMISC08         BRASS CLEANING TAG W/LOOP
                                                                          PACE0252          CETME REAR SIGHT PIN- ORIG               PACEMISC09          1.5 LITRE PLASTIC OIL BOTTLE
                                                                          PACE0253         CETME REAR SIGHT BALL - ORIG                 PACZ7026                TRIGGER SPRING
       PACE0019            CETME SAFETY - ORIG
                                                                          PACE0255           BOLT LOCKING PLATE - ORIG                  PACZ7032           FIRING PIN LOCK SPRING
       PACE0021            CETME TRUNION - ORIG                          PACE0259K        HNDGRD SCREW - ORIG - REPARK                  PACZ7046                   CZ50 SLIDE
       PACE0022          TRUNION BARREL PIN - ORIG                       PACE0274A            CETME HANDGUARD - ORIG                    PACZ7045                       CZ70
       PACE0025            CETME ELBOW SPRING                            PACE0275A         HANDGUARD FRONT CAP - ORIG                   PACZ7044                HAMMER STRUT
       PACE0026         REAR SIGHT ASSEMBLY - ORIG                       PACE0275B          HANDGUARD REAR CAP - ORIG                   PACZ7043                       SEAR
       PACE0028        OP ROD HANDLE SPRING - ORIG                       PACE0301A            CETME PISTOL GRIP - ORIG
                                                                                                                                        PAZ00001                    FIRING PIN
       PACE0029        OP RO HANDLE SUPPORT - ORIG                        PACE0302           GRIP HOUSING PLATE - ORIG
                                                                                                                                        PAZ7042           TAKEDOWN CATCH SCREW
       PACE0030       CETME OP ROD HANDLE PIN - ORIG                     PACE0302A           CETME GRIP HOUSING (LEFT)
                                                                                                                                        PAZ7041                  TRIGGER BAR
       PACE0031          CETME MAG CATCH - ORIG                          PACE0302B           CETME GRIP HOSING (RIGHT)
                                                                                                                                        PAZ7040                   GRIP SCREW
       PACE0032          MAG CATCH PLATE/PADDLE                           PACE0303          CETME GRIP SCREW BUSHING
                                                                                                                                        PAZ7039                 MAG FOLLOWER
       PACE0033       CETME MAG CATCH LEVER - ORIG                       PACE0321A              CETME HAMMER - ORIG
                                                                                                                                        PAZ7038                     GRIP NUT
      PACE0033B       MAG CATCH CONTACT PIECE - ORG                      PACE0340A         CETME BUTTPAD SCREW - ORIG
                                                                                                                                        PAZ7037                HAMMER BOLT NUT
                                                                         PACE0351A             CETME TRIGGER - ORIG
       PACE0035       CETME MAG CATCH SPRING - ORIG                                                                                     PAZ7055                   TRIGGER PIN
                                                                         PACE0351B         TRIGGER (INCOMPLETE) - ORIG
       PACE0036       CETME MAG CATCH BUTTON - ORIG                                                                                     PAZ7054                 HAMMER SPRING
                                                                         PACE0351C          CETME TRIGGER BACK - ORIG
       PACE0040        BUFFER SCREW WASHER - ORIG                                                                                       PAZ7053               MAG CATCH SPRING
                                                                         PACE0353A           STOCK PIN COMPLETE - ORIG
      PACE0041A        CETME BUFFER HOUSING - ORIG                                                                                      PAZ7052           TAKEDOWN CATCH SPRING
                                                                         PACE0353B         BTTSTCK PIN W/O RETAINING PIN
       PACE0043      CETME RECOIL SPRING STOP - ORIG                                                                                    PAZ5020                   SEAR SPRING
                                                                         PACE0353C       STCK PIN RETAINING SPRNG - ORIG
       PACE0045       CETME GRIP HOUSING PINS MIL T/O                                                                                   PAZ7050                    SLIDE PLATE
                                                                         PACE0357A      RECOIL SPRNG RETAINING PIN - ORIG
      PACE0046A       CETME GRIP HOUSING PIN - ORIG                                                                                     PAZ7007                     TRIGGER
                                                                         PACE0361A               CETME SEAR 1 - ORIG
      PACE0047A        CETME HAMMER BUSHING - ORIG                                                                                      PAZ7049                    REAR SIGHT
                                                                         PACE0362A               CETME SEAR 2 - ORIG
       PACE0048       COCKING HNDL SLEEVE(ARM) ORIG                                                                                     PAZ7048                  HAMMER BOLT
                                                                         PACE0365A            CETME AUTOSEAR (MIL T/O)
      PACE0102A            CETME OP ROD - ORIG                                                                                          PAZ7047               EXTRACTOR SPRING
                                                                         PACE0383A               CETME SEAR 3 - ORIG
      PACE0115A          CETME FLASH HIDER - ORIG                                                                                       PAZ7031                   BARREL CZ50
                                                                         PACE0391A       RELEASE LEVER ASSEMBLY - ORIG
                                                                                                                                         CL775                  CLEANING BRUSH
      PACE0115B         FLASH HIDER WASHER - ORIG                         PACE0481        BUTT STOCK W/BUSHINGS - ORIG
                                                                         PACE0481B         BUTTSTOCK W/BUSHINGS - ORIG                  PACZ7062               TAKEDOWN CATCH
       PACE0131            CETME BARREL - ORIG
                                                                          PACE0482           BUTTSTOCK BUSHING - ORIG                   PACZ7013                    EJECTOR
       PACE0141             CETME BUFFER CAP
                                                                          PACE0483           BUFFER INCOMPLETE - ORIG                   PACZ7060                     SAFETY
       PACE0142             CETME BUFFER STOP
                                                                         PACE0523-P       FORARM COMPLETE(SUBSTNDRD)                    PACZ5023                     HAMMER
       PACE0155           CETME TRIGGER GUARD
                                                                          PACE122A          CETME REAR SIGHT BASE - T/O                 PACZ7061                   MAG CATCH
       PACE0201           CETME SELECTOR LEVER
                                                                           PACE151                CETME BUFFER #1                       PACZ7059              EXTRACTOR SPRING
       PACE0202           CETME SELECTOR CATCH
                                                                          PACE151K         CETME SEAR ASSEMBLY - ORIG                   PACZ7058             HOLD OPEN HINGE PIN
       PACE0232         CETME BOLT CARRIER - ORIG
                                                                           PACE152                CETME BUFFER #2                       PACZ7057                TRIGGER BAR PIN
      PACE0232B        CETME BOLT CARRIER RO - ORIG                                                                                     PACZ7056              HAMMER STRUT PIN
                                                                           PACE153                CETME BUFFER #3
      PACE0232C         CETME BOLT CARRIER GUIDE                                                                                        PACZ5003             CARTRIDGE INDICATOR
                                                                          PACE422A        CETME MAG CATCH HEAD - ORIG
       PACE0233         BOLT LOCKING ROLLER - ORIG                                                                                      PACZ5009                FIRING PIN LOCK
                                                                          PACE4501       CETME FRONT SIGHT POST - ORIG
       PACE0234         BOLT LOCKING HOLDER - ORIG                        PACE4502             CETME FONT SIGHT UNIT                    PACZ7009               SAFETY PLUNGER
       PACE0235       CETME EXTRACTOR SPRING - ORIG                      PACE4502A        FRONT SIGHT SET SCREW - ORIG                  PACZ7036                 SAFETY SPRING
       PACE0236          CETME EXTRACTOR - ORIG                           PACE4503        FRONT SIGHT SET SCREW - ORIG                  PACZ7035                 RECOIL SPRING
       PACE0237      BOLT LOCKING RETAINER PIN - ORIG                     PACE5001         CETME BAYONET LUG SUPPORT                    PACZ7034                    SEAR PIN
       PACE0238           CETME BOLT HEAD - ORIG                         PACE5001A        BYNT LUG SPRNG 2LUGS1SPRING                   PACZ7033               MAG PLATE SPRING
       PACE0239       CETME BOLT HEA ASSEMBLY- ORIG                       PACE5002                CETME SLING RING

                                                           Sold as spare parts only. All NFA rules apply.
                                                  Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -                                                               23
 CLEANING ROD           FOR   CENTURION MUZZLE LOADERS                       JERRY CAN 20L                                          5 GALLON PLASTIC
                                                                             (5.2 GALLONS)                                           WATER CARRIER
                                                                                                                                             Water, water,
                      CL051 Condition: New                                                                                           everywhere...but not a drop
                                                                             German manufacture.                                       to drink. Except for you,
              CLEANING ROD         FOR   CZ52 PISTOL                         For use with gas only.                                          cuz you have
                                                                             Not for water storage.                                     5 gallons of the stuff in
                                                                                                                                        these battlefield tough
                                                                                                                                          military water cans!
                  CL009 Condition: Very Good                                        OT1410 Condition: Good                                    OT1418 Condition: Good

These laser engraved lucite blocks measure ( 2"x3.15"x1") weight (1 lb.) for the handgun model and (3.15" x 3.15" x 1")
  weight (1.6 lbs.) for the rifle model. Packed in a gift box. These are truly the neatest items you will have on display.
  They are great for gifts or just to have on the table! What a conversation piece! Once customers or friends see this
                            you will be ordering more! But hurry, we only have a limited supply!
                                                                                                                                                             PAKISTANI GARB

        COLLECTORS LUCITE RIFLE                                            COLLECTORS LUCITE HANDGUN
                                                This Lucite                                                                                                   Limited and authentic!
                                              features a GP
                                             WASR RIfle and
                                             a M91/30 Rifle.
                                                                                                                                                             We received a small ship-
                                                                                                                                                              ment of Genuine ethnic
                                                                                                                                                              garb from the Pakistani
                                                            This Lucite                                                                                      mountains! Includes shirt
                                                        features a Nagant                                                                                       and pants. Hat not
                                                       revolver and a CZ52                                                                                           included.

                                                                                                                              KL1010 - LG Dress
           OT1415 Condition: New                                                  OT1414 Condition: New                       KL1011 - X-LG Dress

                                                                                                                              SL105              Swedish Slings
REMOTE CONTROL HOVERCRAFT Military Field Phone BLACK LEATHER POLICE BELT                                                      SL140              Sling for K98 Rifles
 Whether you’re pretending to storm Carrying Case                                                                             SL1002             Leather Sling For AK
     the beach with the Marines or just                                                                                       SL1500             Canvas Sling for Uzi
           scaring the dickens out of the                                                                                     SL123              Sling for Cetme Rifles
               cat – you will be sure to                                           Just because your dream of growing up ST327                   Stock Military 1909
                       have a great time                                          to become a police officer didn’t work out                     with handguard-used
                             with one of                                           as planned, doesn’t mean you can’t be
                                                                                             prepared like one!
                                                                                                                                         .32 ACP NAGANT CYLINDER
                             these huge
                               Remote                                             This wide, black leather belt is complete                                  Some hand fitting may
                               Control                                              with a steel buckle and two hooks.                                           be required

        OT1319 Condition: New                OT1256 Condition: Good                  OT1455 Condition: Good                                           OT500 Condition: New
                              MOTOR TREND® PORTABLE TRAVEL WARMER/COOLER 12V                                                         GERMAN MILITARY FIELD PHONE
 Travel Warmer/Cooler by Motor Trend® — This handy unit plugs into your                                                                   W/ CARRYING CASE
 car's cigarette lighter and keeps food hot or cold (by reversing a switch). 6                                                 Hello, Heinz! Send over
 qt. capacity keeps a six-pack cold or a meal warm for hours. Has attached,                                                     der schnitzel...schnell !!
 fold-down cupholders and carry strap. Keep soups warm and beverages cold                                                     The fun part of these
 on your next trip. This high quality warmer/cooler is brought to you by Motor                                                  museum pieces is
 Trend®, a well respected automotive authority plugs directly into your vehicle                                                  they actually work!
 cigarette lighter socket or other 12 volt power source. Thermoelectric                                                          Perfect for your own
 operation keeps foods and beverages either cold or warm. Cools to 45                                                          private phone network or
 Degrees, Heats to 140 Degrees, Insulated design maintains cold/warmth                                                            a great tool to teach
 even after unplugged. Retractable Cup Holders for open cans. Holds up to 6                                                   youngsters what the world
 liters / 9 cans. Compact, lightweight design adjustable shoulder strap for                                                         was like before
 convenient carrying. Dimensions: 13 1/4" l x 7 1/4" w x 11" h. Weight: 8.0.                                                          cell phones!
                      OT1321 Condition: New                                                                                               OT1428-G Condition: Good

                                                             NASCAR® GUN CASE
                                                                                                             The soft sided gun case from RJ Sales is constructed of strong, water
        JEFF GORDON                                                                                      resistant 600 denier Duracord fabric with a soft tricot lining and double sided
         SOFT SIDED                                                                                       1-inch thick foam protection. These 52-inch long gun cases have a sewn in
         GUN CASE                                                                                           hand pad for easy carrying and an expandable 14-inch x 6-inch storage
                                                                                                          pouch with a Velcro® flap for accessories. Silk screened on the case is the
                                                                                                                NASCAR® logo with driver's replica signature and car number.
                                              OT1297B Condition: New                                                                    Officially licensed.

24                                                   Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -
                                                 CLOTHING                 AND           ACCESSORIES
                                                          Like new light weight OD green                                 Sealed seams and
  British BDU pants designed for                                                                                      drawstring waist to keep
                                                          British military dress pants are nice
      tough work, but easy on                                                                                        you bone-dry and comfy in
                                                          enough for formal wear, but so
            your wallet.                                                                                                the worst downpour.
                                                          cheap you can wear them to
                                                          change the oil on your tractor!
 Condition: Very Good                                                                                               KL1027S-V Condition:
                                                                                                                    Very Good (S)
                                                          Condition: Very Good                                      KL1027M-V Condition:
 KL1025M-V (Medium)                                                                                                 Very Good (M)
 KL1025L-V (Large)                                        KL1026M-V (Medium)                                        KL1027M-G Condition:
 KL1025X-V (X-Large)                                      KL1026L-V (Large)                                         Good (M)

       Loaded with pockets for all your stuff!
                                                                                                                         British woodland
 KL1028S-V Condition:                                                                                                     camo pattern.
 Very Good (S)
 KL1028M-V Condition:                                     KL1029M-V Condition:                                      KL1031S-V Condition:
 Very Good (M)                                            Very Good (M)                                             Very Good (S)
 KL1028M-G Condition:                                     KL1029M-G Condition:                                      KL1031M-V Condition:
 Good (M)                                                 Good (M)
 KL1028L-V Condition:                                                                                               Very Good (M)
                                                          KL1029L-V Condition:                                      KL1031M-G Condition:
 Very Good (L)                                            Very Good (L)
 KL1028L-G Condition:                                                                                               Good (M)
                                                          KL1029L-G Condition:                                      KL1031X-V Condition:
 Good (L)
 KL1028X-V Condition:                                     Good (L)                                                  Very Good (XL)
 Very Good (XL)

  DPM BRITISH PATTERN DESERT CAMO                                 BRITISH COMMANDO SWEATER                                            SWEDISH PARKA
 Beat the heat with this used                                 Long sleeve with reinforced elbows & shoulders.         Military tough outer shell
 British desert pattern BDU top.                                                                                     is lined with a warm fuzzy
                                                          KL1034Y-V Condition:                                        inside to keep you warm
 KL1032M-V Condition:                                     Very Good (Y)                                                 and toasty in a Nordic
 Very Good (M)                                                                                                                  blizzard!
                                                          KL1034L-V Condition:
 KL1032M-G Condition:                                     Very Good (L)                                             KL1037S Condition:
 Good (M)                                                 KL1034L-G Condition:                                      Very Good (S)
 KL1032L-G Condition:                                     Good (L)                                                  KL1037M Condition:
 Good (L)                                                 KL1034X-V Condition:                                      Very Good (M)
                                                          Very Good (XL)                                            KL1037L Condition:
                                                                                                                    Very Good (L)

                                                          Have we got a deal for you -- a
                                                          very limited quantity of winter-
  Made in                                                 ready heavy duty chamois shirts
  England                                                 in Mossy Oak Forest Floor
                                                          pattern! The manufacturer’s loss
                                                          is your gain. We are offering
                                                          these stylishly rugged long
                                                          sleeve two pocket high end
OT1424M-V Condition: Very Good (M)                        shirts that are sure to be
OT1424M-G Condition: Good (M)                             the hit of your haberdashery this
OT1424L-V Condition: Very Good (L)                        hunting season.
OT1424L-G Condition: Good (L)                                       KL1016 Condition: New (L)
                                                                                                                    Hey Ollie! Is da rain finish yet?
                                                          COMPRESSION SACK               FOR      SLEEPING BAG      No Sven, but da raincoat is!
     The clothing and                                                                                               You heard it right, these rain slickers from the Swedish
                                                                                              A must have for any
 accessories on this page                                                                        sleeping bag!
                                                                                                                    military were actually made in Finland and Portugal!
                                                                                                                    We don’t know why that is, but they sure keep you dry
are all authentic. Hurry and                                                                                        in bad weather! Like new condition and a price that
                                                                                                                    Mr.Scrooge would love!
    order yours today!                                                                                              PORTUGUESE RAINCOAT
                                                                                                                    KL1036M Condition: Very Good (M)
     Supply is limited!                                                                                             KL1036L Condition: Very Good (L)
                                                                                                                    FINNISH RAINCOAT
                                                                 OT1425-V Condition: Very Good                      KL1035L Condition: Very Good (L)

                                             Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -                                                   25
VisionPlus                                                 ®
Imported exclusively by Century
VisionPlus® scopes are top quality optic systems crafted from T6 aircraft aluminum, w/ fog resistant nitrogen filled
multi-coated optics. All models feature a standard 1” diameter tube, and are adjustable in ¼ minute increments, except where noted.
We have expanded our line to offer you a greater selection of these great scopes! Comes with a one year warranty!

          SCOPE 4x32 AO VisionPlus®                               6-25x56 Side Focus VisionPlus®                               4-16x56 AO VisionPlus® 30mm Tube

                                                                                         Great for long range shooting!
                                                                                                                                                        Great for heavy caliber shooting!
                                                                                30mm tube. Needs 30mm1 inch rings.
                                                                                                                                                  30mm tube. Needs 30mm1 inch rings.

               SC1096 Condition: New                                        SC1091 Condition: New                                            SC1090 Condition: New

              3-9x44 VisionPlus®                                            3-9x32 VisionPlus®                                                   4-12x40 VisionPlus®

                              Great for deer hunting!                                                                                                    Great for open country hunting!

               SC1095 Condition: New                                        SC1092 Condition: New                                            SC1094 Condition: New
      VisionPlus® 40mm red dot scope                               JH400 Holographic Sight VisionPlus®                         Centurion Tactical Panoramic Scope with
                                                                            With Multi Reticle                                               Multi Reticle
                                                                                                  Special features include:                               This rugged, yet nicely made
                                                                                                  Tubeless design with                                    panoramic scope features four
                                                                                                  33mm reflex lens                                        reticle patterns and eight levels
                                                                                               aperture provides a wide                                   of brightness. Uses a ruby
                                                                                              field of view. Multi-reticle(4                              coated lens for optimal clarity.
     Rugged one piece main tube construction with a                                       patterns) or variable dot (4 dif-                               Adjustable for any shooting
     variable power red dot for use in all light levels.                                  ferent sizes). Parallax                                         condition. Comes with a
                                                                                    corrected and unlimited eye-relief.                                   standard CR2032 battery, lens
               SC1075 Condition: New                                                                                                                      cover and adjustment tool.
                                                                           Allen head screw type windage and elevation
     VisionPlus® 5 MOA Red Dot Tactical                    click adjustments with locking screw. Built in mount (integrat-
                                                                                                                                             SC1074 Condition: New
                 With Mount                                ed rail) for standard bases (no need to rezero when remount-
                                                           ing the dismounted sight). Very light weight, waterproof and
                                                           shockproof. Comes with one 3V lithium battery (CR2032).                           8X42 Waterproof
                                                                                                                                      Marine Binoculars VisionPlus®
                                                                            SC1093 Condition: New
                                                                                                                                                         Hi visibility rubber coated 8x42
                                                           VisionPlus® 8X25 8.2O Water Proof Binocular                                                  waterproof marine binoculars are
                                                                                                                                                         the perfect for water or woods!
                                                                                                                                                        Multi coated lenses and nitrogen
               SC1076 Condition: New                                                   These are one of the nicest pairs                                   filled tubes ensure fog-free
                                                                                       of compact water proof binoculars                                  performance in any condition.
     7x18mm Mini-Binoculars                                                                                                                             Complete with padded strap and
                                                                                       we have seen. Comes with an
     VisionPlus® with                                                                                                                                      carrying case. Yellow color.
                                                                                       attractive carrying case!                                              These are a must set of
                                                                                                                                                            binoculars for any boater!
 These little 7x18mm
 power binoculars
 pack crystal clear                                                                       SC1099 Condition: New                                           SC1080 Condition: New
 ruby coated optics in a
 very compact package!                                         VisionPlus® 2.0 mega pixel Binocular
 These are perfect when you
                                                                                                                                6X25 7O Laser Rangefinder
 can’t or don’t want to lug a full                                                            A powerful 8.6X binocular.        A nice compact 6 power
 size pair of binocs around. Fits                                                             Has a built in 2.0 mega pixel     laser range finder.
 in most any shirt or jacket pocket.                                                          camera to capture what you        Accurate to 600 meters.
                                                                                              see! Great at the stadium or      Digital display shows
                SC1079 Condition: New                                                         in the field. Also accepts        distance in yards or
                                                                                              standard SD memory card.          meters. Great for hunting,
         4x20mm Illuminated Reticle with
                                                                                              Features: 1.5” TFT screen         golfing or any outdoor
              AR-15/M-16 Mount
                                                                                              Digital zoom: 3X                  sports activity. Uses a 3
                                                                                              Internal memory: 16MB             volt battery (not included).
                               Very cool AR-15/M-16
                                                                                              Movie mode: 3 min+                Comes with an attractive
                               4x20mm power scope
                                                                                              Comes with 2 AA batteries,        carrying case and lens
                              with a built in mount for
                                                                                              USB cable and software.           cloth.
                       the carry handle on your AR
                                                                                              Weighs: .65 lbs
 and a variable power illuminated reticle for use in all
                                                                                              (w/o batteries)
 light conditions.
              SC1078 Condition: New                                         SC1097 Condition: New                                         SC1098 Condition: New

26                                                   Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -
                      U.S. MADE PARTS (MISC.)                                                               BRAND NEW SEMI-AUTO RECEIVERS!
PAL1A104                  L1A1 Pistol Grip
PAL1A101                  L1A1 Hammer                                    Sold as spare parts
PAL1A102                  L1A1 Sear                                      only. All NFA rules
                                                                                                   Must comply with all Federal Regulations. All receivers are
PAL1A110                  L1A1 Compensator                              apply. To be assem-         sold as replacement parts only. All NFA rules apply. Not for
PAL1A103                  L1A1 Buttstock                                 bled in accordance                   sale in CA or where prohibited by law.
PAL1A105                  L1A1 Forearm                                  with all Federal, State
PAL1A116                  L1A1 Butt Pad                                    and Local laws.
PAFAL110                  FAL Compensator
                                                                                                           L1A1 INCH RECEIVER                        GOLANI SEMI-AUTO RECEIVER
PAFAL300                  FAL Follower

                            G3 TAKE OFF PARTS
PAHK0037         Buttstock
                                                                                                   U.S. Manufactured                                      U.S. Manufactured
PAHK305          Cocking Lever
PAHK302          Flash Hider                                                                             RE1008 Condition: New                        RE1130 Condition: New
PAHK304          Hammer
PAHK522          Magazine Catch Lever Bushing                                                           CETME STAMPED RECEIVER                           M70AB2 RECEIVER
PAHK521          Magazine Catch Lever (Paddle)
PAHK0077         Release Lever
PAHK0079         Sear Elbow Catch
PAHK9351         Slimline Hand Guard
PAHK003A         Cocking Tube Cap                                                                                                                    Designed for underfolding stock!
PAHK076A         Sear Spring Spacer
                                                                                                        RE1018 Condition: New                        RE1056 Condition: New

                         L1A1 TAKE OFF PARTS                                                        RECEIVER FOR UZI STYLE FIREARM                    CETME STAINLESS STEEL
                                                                                                                                                      CAST RECEIVER U.S. MFR.
PAFAL039                  Buttplate
PAL1A103A                 Buttstock
PAL1A110A                 Flash Hider
PAL1A101A                 Hammer
PAL1A1137                 Safety Sear
PAL1A102A                 Trigger Sear
                                                                                                         RE1015 Condition: New
                                                                                                                                                     RE1002 Condition: New
                                                                                                                M70B1 RECEIVER
                            AK TAKE OFF PARTS                                                                                                            AK 1975 RECEIVER
PAAK0086                  Hammer
PAAK0080                  Trigger/Sear Sleeve
PAAK0081                  Trigger/Sear Spacer
PAAK0087                  Trigger                                                                          AKM Style Receiver!
PAAK0088                  Sear
PAAK0089                  Follower                                                                      RE1058 Condition: New                        RE1055 Condition: New
PAAK0093                  Gas Piston                                                                      AMD 65 U.S. RECEIVER                          AK PISTOL RECEIVER

                             AK REPLICA RECEIVER

                                                                                                                                                      RE1090 Condition: New
                                                                                                        RE1105 Condition: New                            FAC G3 RECEIVER
                                                                                                     BARRELED CZ70 PISTOL FRAME,
                                                                                                        CAL. 7.65MM (.32 ACP)

                                                                                                                                                    Aircraft Grade
                                                                                                                                                 Aluminum Receiver
                                                                                                                                                    RE1067-N Condition: New
                                                                                                                                                         M72 U.S.RECEIVER
                                                                                                   Detachable box type magazine (all rules
                                                                                                         apply-considered a firearm).
                                                                                                    Barrel: 3.75”, Overall: 7”, Weight: 1 lb..

     OT1371 Condition: New                                                                              RE1152 Condition: New                         RE1122 Condition: New

                                                                                                                        VZ 58 REPLICA RECEIVER
Take this easy-to-install non-functional receiver and turn your AK or VZ58 parts kit into a completed
display gun. Highly detailed, fully accurate replica receiver for all stamped receiver AKs and their
variants. This replica receiver is produced in top quality matte black glass-filled nylon, and will not rust,
dent, weather, scratch or show signs of aging. All necessary components included for easy installation.
                     BATF approved! (Note: Slight modification needed if assembling
                                   on Yugoslavia AK Stamped Kit).
                                                                                                                                                     OT1372 Condition: New

                                                Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -                                                               27
   Actual reprints of hard to find government issued manuals on various subjects--Sold for informational purposes only!
M-1 Carbine, Cal. 30                                                                                  Sniper Training And Employment
Operation and functioning, disassembly and assembly, care, cleaning and lubrication, ammuni-          This manual provides doctrine for the tactical employment of the infantry sniper. It also provides the informa-
tion, organization of spare parts and accessories. Lots of photographs. 68 pages - BK1020             tion needed to train and equip snipers and to plan their missions and operations. Chapters include:historical
                                                                                                      background on sniping, equipment and rifles including the M21 and M24 systems, sniper scopes, ammuni-
                                                                                                      tion, optical observation equipment including night vision and much more. 180+ pages. - BK1030
M1 Garand Rifle cal. .30 M-1, 30 M-1C (Snipers) and .30 MID (Snipers).                                Unconventional Warfare Devices And Techniques-Incendiaries
General description, operation instructions, covers ammunition, list of repair parts, exploded
                                                                                                From the Department Of The Army we have a technical manual TM-31-200-1 titled unconventional Warfare
parts breakdown including chapter on destruction of material to prevent enemy use. Lots of pic-
                                                                                                Devices And Techniques references dated April 1966. This fantastic manual from the Vietnam era is 5 1/2" by
tures. 64 pages. - BK1021                                                                       8 1/2", 234 pages Our book is loaded with technical drawings, pictures and diagrams to help explain the use
                                                                                                of all these unique principles in Warfare. This manual was produced for US Army Special Forces (Green
Pistol, Caliber .45 Automatic, M1911A1                                                          Berets) use and has over 400 abstracts on the
The history and development of John M. Browning's most famous pistol. Pictures of the 1895      subject. - BK1031
prototype and 1900 recoil operated. Tells about special tools and improvised tools and much
more. Many very good photographs and illustrations on inspection procedures, general mainte- SKS, AKS, AK-47 Owners Manual
nance and repair. 64 pages. - BK1022                                                            Disassembly, assembly and operating manual. Photographs and illustrations. 28 pages.
M-14, M14E2 Rifle, Cal. 7.62                                                                          BK1032
Mechanical training, disassembly and assembly of three main groups, barrel and receiver               Map Reading And Land Navigation
groups operation and functional semi- and automatic. General maintenance and ammunition.              The latest general introduction with to maps, security, topographic map symbols, grids, the use of overlays,
Full of photos on all operations. 50 pages. - BK1023                                                  aerial photographs, land navigation, use of compass, orienteering and much more. This is the finest book
                                                                                                      available on the subject, and is used by the Armed Forces. Very well illustrated, you are lost without it. Over
Improvised Munitions Handbook
Written for the Special Forces in Vietnam. Chapters cover the manufacture of explosives and           300 pages. - BK1033
propellant, mines, grenades, small arms weapons and ammunition. Also mortars rockets, incen-
diary devise fuses, detonator and much more. This is the how to book that all the others copy. Booby traps
Fully Illustrated. 256 pages. - BK1024                                                         Chapters include introduction and principles of Booby traps. Also chapters on detecting and removing Booby
                                                                                               traps. Heavily illustrated. Must have for F.B.I. and other law enforcement. 130 pages. - BK1034
AK-47 Assault Rifle
(Produced by 203d Military Intelligence Battalion) Chapters include safety, general, technical
                                                                                                      U.S. Army Special Forces Medical Handbook
data, operation, disassembly, assembly accessories, maintenance and ammunition (ball and
                                                                                                      This handy pocket-size guide is packed with the all the info you need to stay alive and well in the field,
blank). 38 pages. - BK1025                                                                            including disease diagnosis and treatment, drugs and dosages, emergency paramedical skills and preven-
U.S.M.C. Tech Manual M16A2 Rifle                                                                      tive medicine. Special sections cover wartime emergencies (burn and blast injuries; nuclear, biological and
Very explicit and well illustrated from simple disassembly and assembly to major and extensive        chemical warfare; and emergency surgery) as well as primitive and veterinary medicine, obstetrics, pedi-
                                                                                                      atrics and orthopedics. Also includes practical survival techniques. 422+ pages. - BK1035
repairs goes into great detail. 196 pages. -   BK1026
General introduction and individual and group survival orientation, navigation, finding water in
all parts of the globe. How to obtain food, start a fire and much more. Very good quality illustra-
tions. 288 pages. - BK1027
Cal. .30 Carbines M1, M1A1, M2 and M3
Introduction, parts, special tools and equipment for field and depot maintenance inspection,
repair and rebuild. Description of differences between models. Very informative, yet simple to
understand. 178 pages. - BK1028
M1903, M1903A1, M1903A3 and M103A4 Rifle, Cal. .30
A very good manual on disassembly and assembly, inspection maintenance and repair also
special maintenance. Very well written with good photographs and
illustrations. 116 pages. - BK1029

                                     Holy Cow! It’s our “Bodacious Browning Doe Pee Dollar Store!” Genuine Browning “Doc’s”
                                                        Hunting scents and accessories at dollar store prices!
  It looks like Browning decided to wash their hands of the urine business – Yup, they decided to flush the urine out of their production line. They’re loss is your gain! Send us 12 bucks and you’re in – to
attract 12 bucks with urine! Browning Doc's Hunting Scents and Attractant are the very best scents you can use. They are meticulously collected from Doc's own deer herd in the peak of the season, hand-
  bottled, hand-labeled and hand-packed to insure you the very freshest, most effective scents on the market. No competitor goes to the painstaking process that Doc's does to insure freshness.Browning
Doc's scents are never frozen with no additives or preservative. Browning Doc's also offers Extreme Heat™ urine's, and scent packs, as well as body and clothes washes to keep you from leaving a human
                                                                    scent in deer's habitat. Use Doc's food Attractant to put deer at ease.
              DOC'S IMPREGNATED SCENT PADS (3 PK.)                                                                            DOC'S APPLE FLAVORED GEL
             A Doc's Creation- One of Doc's most powerful weapons in his arsenal! Doc's                                      Apple Flavored Gel is tops on the market today for freshness and purity • Big bucks
             EXTREME HEAT™ Impregnated Scented Pads (Patent Pending). EXTREME HEAT™                                          favorite snacks are apples, corn and acorns • Gels won't break down during use
             Urine is impregnated into these pads. They are a dry form, not wet. . After the hunt,                           and they stick to what they are applied to • 1 oz. gel.
             store them in the resealable package for the next day afield!
             OT1330 Condition: New                                                                                       OT1335 Condition: New
             DOC'S CORNFIELD FLAVORED GEL                                                                        MIRAGE CLOTHES WASH™ EXTRA STRENGTH - WITH NO UV BRIGHTENERS
              Nothing smells better to white tail deer than corn in the fall. Pure sweet corn in a jar! Use in                   For use with all hunting apparel, plus an enhanced ingredient for carbon clothes.
              conjunction with Doc's other top quality products to lure those monster bucks out of hiding!                       5 lbs. tub.
              OT1334 Condition: New                                                                                             OT1337 Condition: New
              DOC’s SWEET DEMISE                                                                                               DOC’s BREEDING PAIR
              The only product designed specifically for does • Sweet Demise attracts does because of                          One buck, one doe mating, all in one bottle • Consists of actual mating secretions
              its sweet smell • A sweet smelling curiosity scent that brings the does in running • Specially                   and urine's • Best used in mock scrapes • 100% fresh • Patent pending. 1 oz. bot-
              formulated blend of flavors that triggers the powerful scent glands of does to want to find                      tle.
              the origin of the smell • 4 oz. spray
              OT1333 Condition: New                                                                                            OT1329 Condition: New
              DOC’s SYNTHETIC DOMINANT BUCK URINE                                                                              DOC’s BREATH SPRAY
             The most closely replicated synthetic buck deer urine available • Longer lasting •                               Eliminates strong bad breath odors • Perfect for hunters who smoke or chew
             Extremely potent for laying scent trails and for using in mock scrapes • Can also be                             tobacco • Long-lasting and very effective spray comes in an easy to carry size for
             used to freshen up scent pads and boots to lure deer to a tree stand. 4 oz. bottle.                              taking out to the field • The extra detail that will fool that wary buck.
             OT1331 Condition: New                                                                                            OT1336 Condition: New
             Carry in the field for quick clean up after dressing game or prior to dinner bell
             quickly cleans! Removes almost anything from hands, including oil, fuel, blood,                     You don’t want to miss out on these great deals!
             and fish odors. Anti-Bacterial and environmentally friendly.
             OT1338 Condition: New

28                                                      Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -
Home Security             When you are searching for a hiding place for jewelry, money, passports, credit cards or other valuables. Your DIVERSION SAFE® looks exactly like the
                          real product because it was remanufactured from an original container. All our CAN SAFES™ are designed, with a seamless screw-off top or bottom, to
allow concealment inside the container. The household can diversion safe is made from an everyday item that naturally goes underneath the sink. The bottom of the can safe
unscrews to reveal your secret hiding spot. Put what you want to hide inside, screw the bottom back on and place it right under the kitchen sink. You'll be the only one who knows
what's really there. 100% Genuine Product Containers. Remanufactured into unique storage safes. Perfect gifts for HOME, SCHOOL, TRAVEL, RV’S, BOATS, CAMPING and the
                                                                              OT1340 Scotch Guard
                                                                              OT1341 Aquanet Hairspray
                                                                              OT1342 Barbasol
                                                                              OT1343 Liquid Wrench
                                                                              OT1344 Puncture Seal
                                                                              OT1345 7 UP
                                                                              OT1349 CD Diversion Safe
                                                                              OT1350 Candle Safe - Burgundy
                                                                              OT1351 Candle Safe - Green
                                                                              OT1346 Book Safe
         Have we got some fun for you! When our testing and development guy got ahold of these PC games, he went crazy!
                              They are so much fun that he actually though he was inside the game!
Developed in conjunction with Daisy®
Outdoor Products, the Daisy® Air Gun          Minimum system requirement: Processor: Intel Pentium 4. Memory: 384 MB RAM.
Fun game combines the ultimate in             HDD Space: 600 MB free hard disk space. Operating System: Windows 98,
                        safety instruction    Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP, updated to the latest version. Video
                        and                   Card: (PCI/AGP) 64 MB 3D
                                                                                                                                           Special Shooting &
                        shooting/plinking                                                                                                  Hunting 3-Game Pack
                        fun. The Daisy®                                                                                                    contains 1 of each of the
                        game comes with       The NRA High Power                                                                           Xtreme Accuracy
                                                                                    NRA Varmint Hunter is an exciting new game for
                        complete gun          Competition game is a true-to-life                                                           Shooting, NRA Varmint
                                                                                    the hunting enthusiast. This game features a high
                        safety instruc-       simulation of the actual military-                                                           Hunter and NRA High
                                                                                                             degree of realism and
                        tions. In fact, the   style shooting sport. Shoot Your                                                             Power Competition.
                                                                                                             education in the craft of
                        kids have to                                 Way up the                              long range shooting, and
                        study the safety                             Ranks to                                the boundless enjoyment
                        training and pass                            Become                                  of the fastest growing
                        an in-game test                              High Master                             hunting sport in North        VG1005
before the "fun" part of the game will                               Actual                                  America. Stunning terrain
open. Safety is the key to this game.                                Ranges                                 locations and realistic ani-    Xtreme Accuracy Shooting offers an exciting and
The Daisy game takes it one step fur-                                Where You'll                           mal behavior make this          challenging way to enhance your shooting skills.
ther by including a parental control                                 Compete                                  game an adventurous,          With real world elements, including weather condi-
panel which allows the parents to lock                               (Whittington                             exciting challenge.                       tions, actual ballistics and match rules,
or unlock any part of the game. This is                              Center,                                  o Access to the Varmints                                the user experiences the
the ultimate parental protection. Once                               Camp Perry,                              of Your Choice. Shoot                                   "real thing" on their home
the kids learn the safety lessons and                                Ft. Wolters)   Both Eastern and Western Varmints in Their                                        PC.
pass the safety test, the "fun" part of                          Rifle Choices      Natural Terrain o Many Calibers to Choose                                         The game features shooting
the game is opened. The kids get to           Include; M-1, M1A®, AR-15® NRA        From, Including Several Wildcats o Multiple                                       tips and instructional assis-
have shooting and plinking fun just like      High Power competition is fun to      Ranges - Short Range and Long Range                                               tance, as well as inside
Dad and Grand dad had when they               play and will appeal to the novice    Shooting, up to 1000 Yards o Opportunity to                                       information from the pros,
were kids. There is a complete shoot-         or accomplished shooter, and any      Practice Long Distance Shooting Before Hitting                                   for both seasoned shooters
ing gallery with all kinds of moving tar-     game player that wants to try their   the Field o Shoot at the VHA Jamboree as An                                      and those new to the sport.
gets, indoor and outdoor ranges for           hand at the ultimate in shooting      Added Bonus o Varmint Habits and Other                                          With a money play system,
target shooting, a backyard shooting          competition. Minimum system           Educational Info Included o Shooter and Spotter                                  similar to Monopoly®, the
area complete with clay targets, plink-       requirement: Processor: Intel         Optics Provided Together for More Accurate                                      game player can pay to com-
ing of all kinds, including soda cans,        Pentium 4. Memory: 384 MB             Results.                                                pete in matches in hopes of earning additional
game pieces, metal silhouettes and a          RAM. HDD Space: 600 MB free           Minimum system requirement: Processor: Intel            funds to upgrade or customize their gun and shoot-
tic-tac-toe board. Minimum system             hard disk space. Operating            Pentium 4. Memory: 384 MB RAM. HDD Space:               ing accessories.Another key element is the ability to
requirement: Processor: Intel Pentium         System: Windows 98, Windows           600 MB free hard disk space. Operating System:          manipulate the various shooting components (neck
4. Memory: 384 MB RAM. HDD Space:             ME, Windows 2000, or Windows          Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or                tension, powder type and amount, seating depth,
600 MB free hard disk space.                  XP, updated to the latest version.    Windows XP, updated to the latest version. Video        etc) in an effort to achieve the optimum shot. This
Operating System: Windows 98,                 Video Card: (PCI/AGP) 64 MB 3D.       Card: (PCI/AGP) 64 MB 3D.                               game is a true simulator that allows the user to
Windows ME, Windows 2000, or                                                                                                                enhance and develop their knowledge and skills in
Windows XP, updated to the latest ver-                                                                                                      shooting and then apply them to the field or range.
sion. Video Card: (PCI/AGP) 64 MB
VG1006                                        VG1004                                VG1002                                                  VG1003

                                                         Silicone Impregnated Gun Socks
                                                         Century’s Silicone Impregnated Gun Socks protect your gun's finish because it does not retain moisture like regular cloth socks.
                                                         The draw-string closure allows circulation. Packed in retail packing ready to hang on your store shelf! 52 inch (unstretched)
                                                         Rifle/Shotgun Sock size fits all, with or without scope. 1 shotgun/rifle sock per package. Black in color.
                                                         Excellent for Long-Term Storage
                                                         Silicone Treatment Helps Protect Against Rust
                                                         Soft, Thick Fabric Helps Protect Against Dirt & Scratches
                                                         Continually Draws Moisture Off
                                                         Lightweight, Easy to Put on and Take Off
                                                         Maximum Protection Year-Round
                                                         OT1305 Condition: New
                                                     Order Toll Free: 1-800-527-1252 - Fax: 561-265-4520 -                                                                 29
                                             10 day Kudu packagesPackage Includes:
                                             10 Night Accommodation
                                             Airport Transfers                                           TO
                                             Professional Hunter
                                             Meals (Breakfast and Dinner)
                                             Hunt Transport
                                             Field Preparation of Trophies

                                             For further information please contact:                For further information please contact:
                                             USA:                                                   SOUTH AFRICA:
                                             Tel: (866) WTA-HUNT (982-4868)                         Tel: +27 12 348 2100 Fax: +27 12 348 3453
                                             Tel: (561) 272-8895 Fax: (561) 272-8867                                      E-mail:
World To Africa is based in Gauteng,
South Africa. We specialize in making
your African hunt the most memorable
and unforgettable hunting experience of
a lifetime.
World To Africa offers affordable, high
quality hunting expeditions. We will
plan and book your entire expedition
including flights, transfers, accommoda-
tion, meals, etc. tailored to suit you.

World To Africa has access to hunting
concessions throughout Southern Africa,
which includes some of the best hunting
areas in South Africa, Botswana, and
Namibia; thus ensuring an abundance of
high quality plains and dangerous trophy
animals including the big five.
World To Africa offers affordable, high
quality tours and excursions. We will plan
and book your entire holiday including
flights, transfers, accommodation, meals,
etc.tailored to suit your needs.
World To Africa has almost 50 species
available, and they will only be hunted in
areas where they occur naturally.

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Excellent: 80-90% blue remaining, very little if any marring of the wood. Bores clean without pitting. Complete and in working condition.
Very Good: 50-80% of blue remaining, minor dings in wood from handling. Bores clean without pitting. Complete and in working condition.
Good: 25-50% blue remaining, stocks marred (several dings in wood) bores slightly worn and dark, no corrosion that will interfere with proper functioning. Complete and in working condition.
Fair: Very little, if any, blue remaining. Rough bores unless otherwise indicated, wood heavily marred. ~May require adjustment or replacement of parts. Metal can be pitted. Must be inspected by a compe-
tent gunsmith prior to shooting. Failure to do so may result in bodily injury or property damage.
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  RUSSIAN NAGANT M1895 REVOLVER,                                           Hotshot 7.62 Nagant FPJ (98 GR.)
          CAL. 7.62 NAGANT
Russian Revolver was produced with a solid
frame. However, its unique gas seal                                                                                    50 rds./box,
                                                     Curio & Relic                                                   1000 rds./case.
made the                                                                                                              Boxer primed,
gun a                                                                                                                Non-corrosive.
successful work
of technology for its time.
Comes with a holster and
lanyard,and a 7 round
cylinder capacity.
Overall: 9”, Barrel: 4.3”,                                                   RUSSIAN NAGANT SPORT REVOLVER,
Weight: 28.9 oz.
                                                                                    CAL. 7.62 NAGANT
HG915-X Condition: Excellent
HG915-V Condition: Very Good
HG915-G Condition: Good
                                                                                                                Curio & Relic
      .32 ACP NAGANT CYLINDER                                                                       A single-action only seven-shot
                                                                                                    revolver with heavy barrel and
                                                                                                     large checkered walnut target
                                      Some hand fitting                                                grips. Comes with holster.
                                      may be required                                                    Overall: 11.5”, BBL: 6”,
                                                                                                            Weight: 2.25 lbs.

                                                               HG1165-X Condition: Excellent
                                                               HG1165-V Condition: Very Good
          OT500 Condition: New                                 HG1165-VC Condition: Very Good W/Cracked Grips

                          AUSTRIAN M95 MANNLICHER CARBINE, CAL. 8X56R

                                                                                                                      Curio & Relic
                                                      The infamous Austro-Hungarian Empire supplied its military with the M95 during
                                         its powerful reign. This is an improved infantry rifle from the model 1890. The rifle includes a
                 full-length handguard, leaf pattern rear sight and sling swivels. Comes with 5 rd. box magazine, bayonet and
               scabbard. Barrel: 19”, Overall: 39.5”, Weight: 7.03 lbs.

RI153-V Condition: Very Good
RI153-G Condition: Good
RI153-GC Condition: Good with Cracked Stock

                        HUNGARIAN M95 MANNLICHER CARBINE, CAL. 8X56R

                                                                                                                      Curio & Relic

                     The infamous Hungarian Empire supplied its military with the M95 during its powerful reign. This is an improved
                infantry rifle from the model 1890. The rifle includes a full-length handguard, leaf pattern rear sight and sling swivels.
                Comes with bayonet and scabbard. Barrel: 19”, Overall: 39.5”, Weight: 7.03 lbs.
RI1106-V Condition: Very Good
RI1106-G Condition: Good
RI1106-GC Condition: Good with Cracked Stock

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