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					                      1967 BA Y LEAGUE SCHOOLS FOOTBALL SCHEDULE
                                   ' •err. a                  SEPT. a                 OCT. 6                 OCT. is                OCT. to                 OCT. ST                NOV. *                  NOV. le              NOV. IT
       (Caviars)                      Kiaanij                 M Weat                 Reaonda                  North                  Opaa                   Sonth             at Santa Manlea        at latUwaai              at Mira Caata

       (Sentinels)                  at Lawstacer            Merktagsidc           Santa Monica            **(S*t I'M*)7           Mlra ColU               •' K^ond«               •» Nerth            III nlturar               at Seajth

       (Mutant*)                                                                       South            at Santa Menlea          at Inglawood             ML Carmal            (.t^Sm'ia.)                •* Nwtk              Hawthena

       NORTH HIGH                    at dental*          __. .     „ „
       (Saxon*)                      (Sat, 23H)          •••«• *«• V""«*           Mamiafild*             at Hewthame               at South            Santa Monica             Inajewaad                Mira Caste           at Raaaaea

       (Saahawlu)                    at Tamaca . Berraeaha, Bvrhenk               at Hawthorne                South            at Santa Manlca            laglawaod            (,J?KlC»aiSm»)               Of*m                  N-rtk

       SANTA MONICA                                     (Crcsccnta Valley)        •t Inglawood             «•,»..»                  nJJ                     * «• t               «> _^-                       _ ^              Natra Dama
       (Vlktac*)                     *•»••»•«»«         (at Glendalc, 30th)      (Sentinal Field)          Mln> C**te               Redondo                et Nerth              Hawtharee                 at Santh            (8-Lj 18tfc)         ,

                                      at Martaa         Bbha» ManUamery            •tMir, Ce.U             at Racaad*                North              at Hewthorn*               at Sam            Santa Meadea               kftewvadi

                                                              Football                                                                                     Coach Swearingen
                                                                                                                                                           Expresses Caution
                                                                                                                                                                  A cautiously optimistic head foot-              The first test for the '07 Warriors
                                                        Football atason U here                                                                               ball coach Ken Swearingen welcomed              will be an unofficial one when they
                                                       rain.                                                                                                 30 returning players and a new crop of          scrimmage an alumni squad Sept 16

            Gun Laws                                    All over the nation Ameri-                                                                           freshmen to El Camino College for               at 8 p.m. in Murdock Stadium.
                                                      !U males are towing and                                                                                opening day of practice last Friday.                 Season opener for the Warriors
                                                      ticking and running with                                                                                    Swearingen said Q Camino's 1967            conies Sept. 23 at L.A. Pierce College.
                                                     footballs, all the way from                                                                             defensive machine will be stronger              First home game on the 9-game sched-
            Explained                                eight-year-olds in the back-
                                                      rards to junior and senior
                                                      ligh and oollcgt teams to the
                                                     big bruisers of the profession                 DICK DeLONG                CRAIQ TRANBARGKR
                                                                                                                                                             than last year's, despite the loss of All-
                                                                                                                                                             American tackle John Dryer. Offen-
                                                                                                                                                              sively, the Warriors may need time to
                                                                                                                                                                                                             ule is with LA. dry College Sept 30.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             The rest of the home schedule includes
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Long Beach Oct 7, Santa Monica Oct
                By KDWW 8. CAPP8                     al leagues.                                                                                              develop into a top team Swearingen             21, Cerritos Oct 28 and Rio Hondo
? .._..... .
     An old song that never really nude it big in its Football 1* a rough contact
Sett days may be in for sort of an Indian Summer re- «P°rt *wlfcto """*" ~* w" Pro~
                                                                                               PREP FOOTBALL                                                  said.                                          Nov. 11.
jival of its popularity                                          '      " *" 1*vttlj>1y_71^
                                                               due. it. full quota of bumps                                                                          "Success this year is predicated              Away games include LA. Valley
S It is hard to remember the exact words to the tune
|mt it went: I didn't know the gun was loaded; and HI
                                                                                                South High Will                                               on freedom from injury to key play-
                                                                                                                                                              ers," stated chief Warrior Swearingen.
                                                                                                                                                              Ken has already received news that
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Oct 14, East UA. Nov. 8 and Bakers-
                                                                                                                                                                                                              field Nov. 18. AH garnet are scheduled
                                                                                                                                                                                                              for 8 p.m.
0cver ever do it again."                                                                                                                                      half back Steve Schmitz will be out
£ The chance of this tame getting into the Top 40
jsomex from approval of a new loaded gun law.
t] The saving feature of the new law is it gives the
                                                                                                Stress Speed                                                  probably until the league opener, Oct.
                                                                                                                                                              7, with a broken hand sustained in
                                                                                                                                                              an auto accident
Authorities the right to do something about the person                                                                    By HENRY BURKE
                                                                                                                        PrtH-H«r«ld SporU Editor                  Not only is Schmitz a sparkplug as
irtw carries a loaded gun on a downtown street or                                                         South High School is supposed to reap harvest       halfback but he was to be groomed as
the capltol building or on school grounds.                                                          from those recent football seasons when defeat was so     a replacement in case anything should
3 This authority should not bother 'Honest John Citi-                                               agonizing.                                                 happen to quarterback Dana Clyde.
ttn' who does not carry a loaded gun in such places. and bruises, strains ai                              Some of the talent at South High, sure enoug             Keith Huber and Terry Tiedeman
       But to answer the questions, the simplest way o sprains, cuts and gashes. Most looks just fine, but insufficient depth leaves much to                   also belong to the "key spots club" be-
                                                                            aren't serious and
Explaining this rather complex bill is to point out tha of these concerned are back & desired
                                                               the lads                                                                                        cause of their outstanding receiving
California now has three different definitions of a in the game shortly.                              Only at quarterback where Mik* Wlttlck to HunUngto       performances last year.
loaded gun. Once the person who wants to obey the law A thorough medical examl- three senior* are battling for teach and Brian Norwood                             Other outstanding returning play-
Understands this, it's merely a matter of fitting th nation is highly important for the first string jobs does 'exas.                                          en are Mark Knox, Gary Goff, Mike
                                                               boys preparing to go out for Coach Herb Rlchey, »feel corn- Almost half of th* van!
                                                                      eBto n«ke certain that fortable- «e weuM^ prjfcr. positionslightweights, by last
                                                                                                                                               will b* filled
Jiescrintion to the occasion.
       riuuuu Mf ll*v VSii mfnni                                   -  -   •     o     o- — — - -— • ...        *w               •                              Wells, Alan Duncan, Bruce and Vk
       The first definition is no change in the present law                                                                           ear's                   'Their
                                                                             no hpysical condi however, to have a sophomore ack of varsity experience is
       applies to a gun in a car in hunting territory. This
                                                                                    be noted be- or lunlor among them.                                               Henry Cooper, Mike Leamy, Mike
      under the                gamone*dt<an<t^n)vide> a «uf te^ |* begtoa 4tie rigorous Walter Scott beat «ut> Mike aken Jnto consideration,'                  Fairies*, Larry Etow, Roger Lent and
     loaded if then it a "hell in the chamber. Shells f»y ITaJnteg and bard knocks of Farbar »wl Mlk* Maxsanti for aid Ricbey. b* the coach's                  Greg Runnals are the mesons for
3* in the magazine or in a'dip.                                the game.                            quarterback in spring prac­ Football will                  Swearingen's fire-brand optimism for
                                                                                                          Th* next test comes in >nly primary assignment at
       This definition applies only when the car is to the Proper physical condition- tice. next few days when 'con­ South. K* earn* to Tornnce                an extremely successful season defen-
ioondocks where it is legal to bunt This law has "                                        ind in th*                                 after a year at Baldwin Park
                                                                                                    tact' Is permitted.
jpn the books for 10 or 12 years and is a                       _                                      Following spring practice Herb was head coach for five       Swearingen is also looking for big
* safety standpoint It also is one which results in more jury" A minimum Of three and a week of conditionin rears at Federal Way High,                         things from incoming freshmen like
                                                                                                                                     Washington, and was an as-
       The next ''loaded gun" definition applies to all areas weeks of conditioning are Richev believes his team w sistant coach one y*ar at Cen-
?                                                                                                                                                              Tom Reynolds of Borningside, Ed Gu-
       The next loaded gun" definition applies to all areas recommended prior to the exhibit it>e*d and quickness. tral Washington State College.              les and John Sullivan, both from
           it is illegal to dfccharge a firearm. This generall          same of the season. >e offense will dwell on H* played football at the Uni-            Bishop Montgomery, and Lawndale's
                                                                C°" " and                      are >eed. Jeff Wang, a senior ersity of Puget Sound in Ta        Dan Felix.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       KEN SWEAHNGKN
                                                                                            many rith all-Bay League creden- oma.
 'frould be in incorporated cities, in suburban unincor- °" " an                                                                                                                                                       Caetieesly Oetieiarifc
£._-.-., areas, _:.u^_ . IM « . of any k..;u;-« and in alert to the
              ___ within a 100 feet _« -__ building, __j :_
 ^orated                                                        injuries occur when the play- als, will be the kev man in Bert Raich* and Steve Dod
/ether areas covered by local ordinances.                       er is tiring and thus less alert. tie team's winged-T and I- on will assist Richey with the
 :      The prohibition against loaded guns in these areas Careful coaching enables irmation attack.                                                         Danny Cans
                                                                                                                                     varsity. The B coaches are
                                                                                                                                                                                               OOTBALL ROUNDUP
'includes within an automobile. It does not, however, in- the players to perform better he school's centerfieW for Gary Ballangee and Daryl
                                                                                                       Wang plaved
                                                                                                                      championship                           Takes First
  JElude within a person's home where guns may be kept
                                                                and thus become less prone
                                                                to injury. Good officiating aseball team along with in Bob Bcardslee and Fred
                                                                _ for better games and elders Dan Pace and Steve Schweisinger.
        For this section, a loaded gun is one in which any atao 'Bef~ t
                                                                                                                                     Adams and the C coaches are
                                                                                                                                                             In Contest                         Long Beach Has
   shell is hi the chamber, magazine or in any clip attached proper equipment and f acili Coach Rlchey hopes th*                                                     Danny Cans, 10/ye*r-old
  to the weapon. This means that, if the hunter leaves ties also are important to re- no's desire for winning wi] Morgan to Talk Torrance youngster, took
 Sunn* on a trip, he may not carry his rifle or handgun duce injuries. Good first aid
                                                          procedures and medical care
                                                                                                      pread to th* football squat!
                                                                                          Jan and Stevt will play and At Luncheon
                                                                                                                                                             first place in the Personna
                                                                                                                                                       Baseball Grand Slam Contest
                                                                                                                                                                                                25 Lettermen
 In the car with shells in the magazine or cup.                                             The strongest position on J. D. Morgan, the man Friday at Anaheim.                         Twenty-five lettermen and beck Bob Stewart, who eon-
      The third definition and the tough one was adopted with for practice readily aavil
                                                               a physician
                                                                           drills and on  b* varsity appears to ba th* credited with rebuilding the Dan won the 10-yeer-cJd shwable contingent of All. nected for 1.380 yards and
•to prevent any recurrence of the invasion of the capital the'                           two starting "ticklss — Craig UCLA athletic program, will title for throwing, betting
                                                                     during games, are   Tranbarger (189) and Dick               *           *11                                     City and all-league perform- nine aerial TD's last year, and
          and assembly chambers by the Black Panthers major factors in cutting down                                                                   ,-..- running bases. Re scored
                                                                                         DeLong (205). This la th* third Athletic Club luncheon Fn~ 433 points based on distance          up from the local high nd Terry DeKraai, with 14
 .This occurred last May and added impetus to approving on serious injuriei                ear with the vanity for both  day at the Plush Hone.                                      ehool* wei                    receptions tor 4« yard* and
                                                                                                                                                       and time for the events.
 Ihe Mulford MIL                                              Precautions against the *x    One of the first things        The luncheon la open to all Boys 8 to 15 compete in un BO football squad candi- MM TD'S.
 I                                                          treme heat of early Mason coach does at football practice male sports fans, A weekly
       Under this definition, if a person is carrying a gun days also are                                                                                                             ate* set to open Long Beach
                                                                                                                                                       individual age categories. A                                 Other returning lettermen
  and has shells any place on his person, the gun is con coaches are important. Many is look around for some tal program featuring football national tournament for City College'sFriday.- season are: offense Del Pifer <end).
                                                                          now scbedulin) ntod transfer or two, but th has been arranged through                                       >ractice drills
 eidered loaded.                                            the hot weather workouts li nly thing Richey discovered December, president Vincent        eight boys in **ch age group Head Coach Paul Chafe and Dk* Woolsey and Al Tayter
       Prohibition against carrying this type of loaded gun early morning and 1st* after- 'as the transfer of fullbac McCullough reports.              will take place In Washing
 applies to the capital building and grounds, the office     noon to avoid the heat of the                                                             ton, D.C. late in September As aides will run the squad tackles),
                                                                                                                                                               Each national champion       trough twice-a-day workouts Tha bumper crop of freeV
 br residence of any constitutional officer of the state or  day. The old rule agalni                                                                                                      until the start of fall semes- tan prospects includes a
                                                             drinking water during drill                                                                     will receive a $5000 couege
 Member of the legislature, and to all school grounds.                                                                                                       scholarship                        claesee Monday.           Bumber of All-City and AD-
                                                             and games has long sun                                                                                                           Asked to compare this Moore League stars. Often**:
 The reason for this prohibition is fairly obvious.          been proved invalid and dan                                                                       To be eligible for the trip
       The new law permits law enforcement officers togerous Water and salt                                                                                  to Washington, Cans' point     'ear's squad with the 19M fafa Rich Wilks
                                                                                                                                                             total must exceed the top 10- edition (U* first year as bead           Mayfield (Wilson);
 etop persons carrying weapons in such places to search wcessary to replace fluid                                                                                                           oach) Cbafe indicated the taddea Frank Peck (Poly).
 Wh the weapons and the persons for shells.                  fe* through copious sweating                                                                    y*ajr*old boy from a northern
                                                                                                                                                             California tournament.         67 Viklagi look "very solid' Steve Anderson (Poly;
                                                                If your boys is playing o                                                                                                   in defense with plenty oi guards Jim Taylor (lake-
                                                                   organised team, th                                                                           Danny was a pitcher for
                                                                                                                                                                                           depth and experience in most wood), Earl Petanen (fit An-
 Camp Opens For Lakers                                       chances are good that all
                                                              hese safeguards are observed
                                                                                                                                                             th* Giants of the Torrance
                                                                                                                                                             National Little League. Hi*    wantons. On Offense, how thony); centers Austin Lind-
     Sharpshooting, the predom- Counts (11.8), Rookie Cliff If most of his playing is don                                                                    parentl ar* Mr. and Mrs. Sid  ever, LBCC baa only two re- sley (Poly), Rich Darsam (Wil-
 inant factor in the Lakers' IS Anderson (19.0), rookie Den- on a vacant lot in the aftei                                                                     Cans of 13136 Fonthlll St     urning regular* in the line son); QB        Dennis Dummit
  intra-squad games, is expect- nU                                                                                                                           Torranc*.                     and one in ta* bnckfield.      (Wilson); flankers Dale Did-
                                               (14 7,            ins and on Saturdays, it be                                                                                                  "With our eoMaading crop ur (Lakewood), Freddie Long
                                                                comes the parents' respons                                                                                                                                (Poly); left half-John More-
 rtoyola University today.
                                                                bility to SM that the playe
                                                            has th* benefit of the saf
 * The competition for 12 ros- Hamilton, from Arizona guarding principles.
                                                                                                                                                              Officials Named                                             no (It Anthony), Lanny Gaeta
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          (Wilson), John Weber (Jor-
 ,-t*r spots figures to be excep- Ml*, and Counts and Carty                                                                                                   For Pomona                   ly adds the reat ef the Met dan); fullback John Kanler
          with three "openings" Mfc from Oregon State, were                                                                                                      Chester C. Joalet, on* of ropoUtan Conference teams (Wilson).
 ^rougntonbylastsprtog-sex-t-aecuuly impressive from New 'Fonim'                                                                                              th* official landmarks of th are also loaded wtth letter Defense: Ends Casey Nes-
 Mansion draft. Newcomers A* floor. The three had                                                                                                             lAt Angolas County Fair men and may be tender than               (Wilson); Cornea Krainta
 .'chalked up some of the most ^,|*»J«2nU«e «** TO Open Dec. 31                                                                                               sine* racing was rewn>ed fol ever this fall. The Viking* ODUiken); tackles        Preston
 Impressive r»f**-n«n*ip in of Jl< JOT and.«!, reapec-             »      '*~» "*                                                                             lowtof World War II again     were 5-3-1 for the season in Saddler (Poly), BU1 Myera
 Ah* summer-long Intra-squat tively.                          The Los Ang*l*s Lakers                                                                          willHi the role of presiding '86 and 3-3-1 to the confer (Millikan), Barney Bumgard-
 rasries, and will be battling all Anderaoo, who sew action new home, The Forum, wi                                                                           steward during th* 14-day ence (Including twe one-point ner (Lakewood); Hnebeckara-
 ;out to make the 1967-68 team,   in only six games due to knee be ready for occupancy D«                                                                     race meeting opening Sep losses).                            Wayne Silvy (Lakewood),
     Some 12,000 fans witnessed   surgery, will b* misetog from 31, according to present plan                                                                  19.                             Many rtarttng petitions,    John Courdy (Millikan); back*
 " lb* intra-squad games. One-    camp and is not expected to The Forum will seat 17,09
                                                            ' '                                                                                                  Joining Jones in the stan pecially on offens*. are "wid      im Marttnes (Lakewood),
 --year veteran Jerry Chambers    return to action until mid- for basketball and will hav                                                                      will be William R. Mills,    open," Chaf* *sys, and som Steve Zig (Wilson), Steve Oin-
   was the scoring star of the    October. Another newcomer parking facilities for 3,50                                                                        ciate steward, and Alfroi of the lettermen will fin der (Lakewood), Joe Meeds
 retries, averaging 26.6 points   who will be on hand in ad cars. There will be no inte                                                                        Shelhamer, steward appointed themselves nard-presaed by (Lakewood), Jay Morrison
 >per game iin the abbreviated    dtion to Hamilton, Wetiel and ior columns or obstructioi                                                                     by the California Horse Rac- fresh contenders.              (Lakewood). Dennis Cashman
 >eO-minuto affairs.              Carty will be former Phila- in the $16,000,000 buildi                                                                        ing Board to represent th* Among the leading return (Wilson), and Bob Oteewski
 f Behind him were Me             delphia 76ers Larry Jones, 'located in Inglewood.                                                                            state.                        ee* on offeiue are quarter (St. Anthony).

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