Duplicator Slots _ Movie Owe.pdf by suchufp


									Book 1 (Blue)                                             Book 2 (Red)
P-1                                                       P-1
Tears of the Sun - Bruce Willis                           Meltdown - Jet Li
Cellular (Chris Evans & Kim Basinger)                     The Aviator - Lenardo DiCaprio
La Bamba - Lou Diamond Philips                            Alien Resurrection
The Transporter - Jason Statham                           Alien vs. Predator
I Robot - Will Smith                                      Miss Congeniality 2 - Sandra Bullock
Behind Enemy Lines - Owen Wilson                          UFC-51
Black Knight - Martin Lawerance                           Hitch - Will Smith
The Day After Tomorrow - Dennis Quid                      UFC-50
P-2                                                       P-2
Dawn of the Dead - Sarah Polley                           Cursed
Rush Hour - Jackie Chan, Chris Rock                       Hostage - Bruce Willis
Terminator 3 - Arnold Swarzenegger                        Hildalgo
Rush Hour 2 - Jackie Chan, Chris Rock                     Seed of Chucky
Breaking All the Rules - Carol Marotta                    Man of the House - Tommy Lee Jones
Two Weeks Notice (Sandra Bullock & Hugh Grant)            X-Men - Halley Berry
Bad Boys 2 - Will Smith, Martin Lawerence                 Assault on Precinct 13 - Laurence Fishburne
Catwoman (Halle Berry)                                    Diary of a Mad Black Women
P-3                                                       P-3
It Runs in the Family                                     Johnny English
Tomb Raider - Angelina Jolie                              Anchorman - Will Farell
Forces of Nature - Sandra Bullock, Ben Afflick            Sin City - Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba
Pirates of the Caribbean - Johnny Depp                    Guess Who (Bernie Mack & Ashton Kutcher)
Hollywood Homicide - Harrison Ford                        Constantine - (Keanu Reeves)
We were Soldiers - Mel Gibson                             7 Seconds - Wesley Snipes
The Banger Sisters                                        Alexander - Anthony Hopkins
Freddy vs. Jason                                          Lost in Translation
P-4                                                       P-4
The Lady Killers - Tom Hanks                              Million Dollar Baby - Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman
Big Trouble in Little China-Kurt Russell                  Enforcer - Jet Li
Big Mama's House - Martin Lawerence                        Kung Fu Hustle
The Core (Aaron Eckhart)                                   Shaolin Soccer
Collateral (Tom Cruise & Jamie Foxx)                       Swordman II - Jet Li
Open Range (Kevin Costner )                                Boogeyman
The League of Extrodinary Gentleman (Shawn Connery)        Around the World in 80 Days - Jackie Chan
Butterfly Effect (Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart)            The Punisher - 2004
P-5                                                        P-5
The One - Jet Li                                           The Crow Disc 1 - Brandon Lee
White Chicks (Shawn and Marlon Wayans)                     The Crow Disc 2
Swordfish (John Travolta, Halle Berry)                     The Longest Yard (2005) - Adam Sandler
Fists of Legends - Jet Li                                  Silver Hawk - Kung Fu Movie
Matrix Reloaded (Keanu Reeves)                             The Ring
Matrix Revolution (Keanu Reeves)                           The Ring Two
Matrix Disc 1 (Keanu Reeves)                               Hide and Seek - Robert DeNiro
Matrix Disc 2 (Keanu Reeves)                               Ringu 2
P-6                                                        P-6
My Boss's Daughter (Ashton Kutcher)                        Crash - 2004 - Sandra Bullock
Troy - Brad Pitt                                           Amityville Horror - 2005
Napoleon Dynamite                                          House of Wax - Paris Hilton
Enemy of the State - Bruce Willis                          The Prisoner - Jackie Chan
The Out of Towners                                         Unleashed - Jet Li
Intolerable Cruetly (George Clooney & Catherine Zeta-Jones)Scary Movie
Dream Catcher                                              Scary Movie 2
Paycheck - Ben Afflick                                     Scary Movie 3
P-7                                                        P-7
Resident Evil -(Milla Jovovich)                  Land of the Dead
Bringing Down the House                          Carlito's Way - Rise to Power
Resident Evil: Apocalypse - (Milla Jovovich)     Sahara
The Sum of All Fears (Ben Affleck )              Beauty Shop - Queen Latifa
The Hunted (Tommy Lee Jones)                     Kingdom of Heaven
Dark Blue (Kurt Russell)                         Bewitched - Nicole Kidman, Will Farell
The Legend of the Drunken Master - Jackie Chan   Batman Begins
Basic (John Travolta & Sameul Jackson)           The Interpreter
P-8                                              P-8
Global Addiction - xtreme Motocross              Monster in Law
Bruce Almighty (Jim Carrey)                      Stealth - Jamie Fox
Willard (Crispian Glover)                        King's Ransom
X-Men 2 (Halle Berry)                            Star Wars 3
Gone in 60 Seconds - Nicolas Cage                Final Destination 2
The Mummy Return (Brandon Frascier)              Skeleton Key
The Mummy Disc 1 (Brandon Frascier)              Final Destination
The Mummy Disc 2 (Brandon Frascier)              Mr. & Mrs. Smith - Brad Pitt
P-9                                              P-9
The Chronicles of Riddick (Vin Diesel)           UFC-52
Braveheart - Ven Diesel                          Cinderella Man - Russel Crowe
Bourne Supremecy - Matt Damon                    War of the Worlds - Tom Cruiz
The Bourne Identity - Matt Damon                 The Devil's Rejects
Surviving Christmas (Ben Affleck)                Family Man - Nicolas Cage
Titanic                                          Dukes of Hazzard - Jessica Simson
Hero                                             Dark Water
WindTalkers (Nicolas Cage) War Movie             March of the Penguins
P-10                                             P-10
Saving Private Ryan - Tom Hanks                  40 yr old virgin
In Good Company-Dennis Quaid                     Four Brothers
Ray                                              The Island
The Flight of the Phoenix                        Serenity
House of the Flying Daggers                      The Brothers Grimm
Pearl Harbor Disc 1                              Red Eye
Pearl Harbor Disc 2                              The Great Raid
Friday Night Lights                              Cry Wolf
P-11                                             P-11
Super Cop 2                                      The Wedding Crashers
Red Dragon - Jet Li                              Into the Blue
Super Cop - Jackie Chan                          The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Lord of the Rings - Return of the King           Christmas with the Kranks
Johnson Family Vacation                          The Cave
Old School                                       Transporter 2
Tony Hawk's Boom Boom                            Hustle and Flow
Dodgeball                                        The Matador Screener
P-12                                             P-12
Independence Day - Will Smith                    Two for the Money - Al Pacino
Gladiator                                        Alone in the Dark
Armageddon - Brue Willis                         Lord of War - Nicolas Cage
Taxi - Queen Latifa                              Bum Fight 3
Black Hawk Down                                  The Man - Samuel L. Jackson
Cookout (Queen Latifa)                           Flight Plan - Jodie Foster
Ladder 49                                        Dumb & Dumber - Jim Carry
King Arthur                                      Fantastic 4 - Jessica Alba
P-13                                             P-13
Fast and the Furious                             The Mask of Zorro - Antonio Banderas
2 fast 2 furious                                 The Fog
Exorcist the Beginning                           The Legend of Zorro - Antonio Banderas
National Treasure                                     Just Like Heaven
Van Helsing                                           Doom - The Rock
Spanglish                                             Elizabethtown - Kirsten Dunst
Predator 2                                            Underworld (1) - Kate Beckinsale
Without a Paddle                                      Supercross
P-14                                                  P-14
The Passion of the Christ                             Saw II
Miss Congeniality                                     Zathura
Harold & Kumar goto White Castle                      Thunderbolt - Jackie Chan
Jackass                                               North Country - Charlize Theron
Kill Bill vol 1                                       Ice Harvest - John Cusak
Kill Bill vol 2                                       The Prophecy
Meet the Parents - Ben Stiller                        Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire
Meet the Fockers - Ben Stiller                        UFC-54
P-15                                                  P-15
Blade - Wesley Snipes                                 Good Morning Vietnam - Robin Williams
White Noise                                           Jarhead - Jamie Fox
Blade Trinity - Wesley Snipes                         Ace Ventura 1 - Jim Carrey
Blade II - Wesley Snipes                              Ace Ventura 2 - Jim Carrey
Spiderman                                             American Pie - Band Camp
Into the Sun                                          Missing in America - Danny Golver
Spiderman 2                                           Tomb Raider 2 - Angelina Jolie
Suspect Zero                                          King Kong 2005
P-16                                                  P-16
Elektra - Jennifer Garner                             Derailed - Vincent Cassel, Clive Owen
After the Sunset - Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek        The Chronicles of Narnia - Lion, Witch, Wardrobe
Bridget Jones - The edge of Reason                    Get Rich or Die Tryin - 50 cent
The Forgotten                                         A Sound of Thunder
UFC 43                                                The Family Stone - Luke Wilson, Sarah Jessica Parker
Be Cool - Jon Travolta, The Rock, Uma Thurman         Dirty - Cuba Gooding Jr., Cifton Collins
Anaconda                                              Rumor has it - Kevin Costner, Jennifer Aniston
Anacondas - Hunt for the Blood Orchid                 Dark Kingdom The Dragon King

Scareface (2DVD)                                      American Me
Sleeping Beauty                                       The Perfect Man
Cinderella 2005                                       Cheetah Girls 2
Inocent Voices - Spanish Movie                        Devil Wears Prada 2006
Good Fellas (2DVD)                                    Yours Mine Ours
In Her Shoes                                          Corspe Bride
Annapolis (2006)                                      Good Night and Good Luck - George Cloney
Little Miss Sunshine (2006)                           Accepted 2006
An Unfinished Life - Jennifer Lopez, Morgan Freeman   Bratz (Genie Magic) - Girl cartoon
ATL                                                   Date Movie
Book 3 (Gray)                                         Boyz in the Hood
P-1                                                   P-2
Fun with Dick and Jane - Jim Carrey                   White Dragon - (chinese fight & love story)
Hostel-Jay Hernandez                                  Last Holiday - Queen Latifa
The Last Drop - Billy Zane, Tommy Flanagan            Venom - (Horror Movie)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang-Robert Downey Jr, Val Kilmer      Flight 93
Aeon Flux - Charlize Theron                           Big Momma's House 2 - Martin Lawerance
Mercenary for Justice - Steven Seagal                 Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children
House of 1000 Corpses                                 Munich
Casanova - Heather Ledger, Jeremy Irons               BloodRayne - Kristanna Loken
P-3                                                     P-4
The Ringer - Johnny Knoxville                           16 Blocks - Bruce Willis
Hollow Man 2 - Christian Slater                         Pink Panther - Steve Martin
Bandidas - Penelope Cruz & Salma Hayek                  The Hills Have Eyes - Horror Movie
Syriana - George Clooney, Matt Damon                    Failure to Launch - Matthew McConaughey
The New Police Story - Jackie Chan                      Ultraviolet - Mila Jovovich
Underworld Evolution - Kate Beckinsale                  V for Vendetta - Natalie Portman
UFC-55                                                  Dave Chapelle's Block Party
Running Scared - Paul Walker                            Basic Instinct 2 - Sharon Stone
P-5                                                     P-6
Inside Man - Denzel Washington                          Scary Movie 4
Final Destination 3 - Mary Elizabeth Winstead           Poseidon 2006
She's The Man - Amanda Bynes                            RV - Robin Williams
Firewall - Harrision Ford                               Just My Luck - Lindsey Lohan
Benchwarmers - Rob Schnider, David Spade                Silent Hill - Good Horror Movie
Ask the Dust - Colin Farrel, Salma Hayek                An American Haunting - Horror Movie
Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada - Tommy Lee Jones   Phat Girlz - Comedy
Shaggy Dog - Tim Allen                                  Sentinel - Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland
P-7                                                     P-8
Take the Lead - Antonio Banderas                        X-Men (The Last Stand) - Halley Berry
United 93 - Hijacking plane, world trade center         Lake House - Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves
The Descent - Lucy Lu                                   Mission Impossible 3 - Tom Cruise
Zodiac - Horror movie 2006                              Da Vinci Code - Tom Hanks
Lucky # Slevin - Bruce Willis                           Waist Deep - Tyrese Gibson
The Missing (Western) - Tommy Lee Jones                 Goal - Soccor Movie
Fast & Furious - Tokyo Drift                            Click - Adam Sandeler
Stay Alive - Horror Movie 2006                          The Break-Up - Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston
P-9                                                     P-10
Butterfly Effect 2                                      Strangers with Candy - (Comedy Central)
Behind Enemy Line 2                                     The Italian Job - Charlize Theron
Nacho Libre - Jack Black                                Slip (Horror, Thriller Movie)
The Omen 2006 (Horror Movie)                            John Tucker Must Die
Crank - Jason Statham                                   Superman Returns
Slither (Horror Movie)                                  Clerks II - Funny Movie
ShadowBoxer - Cuba Gooding Jr.                          See No Evil - KANE WWE Wrestler
Little Man - Wayne Brothers                             7 Mummies - Horror Movie
P-11                                                    P-12
FEAST (2006) - Horror Movie                             Attack Force - Steven Seagal
You Me & Dupree - Owen Wilson                           Miami Vice 2006 - Jamie Fox, Colin Farell
Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest             Talladega Nights 2006 - Will Ferrell
How to eat Fried Worms 2006                             IdleWild - Andre Benjamin
World Trade Center 2006 - Nicoles Cage                  The Architect - Anthony Lapaglia
Pulse - Horror Movie                                    All the King's Men - Anthony Hopkins, Shawn Penn
Beerfest - Comedy                                       Lady in the Water 2006 - Horror
Freedom to Fascism - (Must see, about IRS)              The Wickerman - Horror - Nicolas Cage
P-13                                                    P-14
The Covenant 2006                                       American Pie 5 - Naked Mile
My Super Ex-Girlfriend - Uma Therman                    Fearless - Jet Li
Scanner Darkly                                          The Promise - Good Kung Fu Movie
Black Dahila 2006                                       The Pursuit of Happyness - Will Smith
Step Up 2006                                            The Good Shepherd - Robert Deniero
Invincible - Football Story                             The Illusionist (2006)
Snakes on a Plane - Samuel Jackson                      Hard Luck - Wesley Snipes
Jackass 2                                               The Grudge 2 - Horror Movie
P-15                                                    P-16
Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Beginning               DreamGirls - Eddy Murphy, Beyonce, Jamie Foxx
Employee of the Month - Jessica Simpson               Undisputed 2 - Last Man Standing
The Grid Iron Gang - The Rock                         The Good German - George Clooney
Colors of the Cross - Jesus story                     FlyBoys -2007
SAW 3 - Horror                                        The Marine 2007 - John Cena
Apocalypto - Mel Gibson                               Idiocracy - Comedy Movie
The Guardian - Kevin Costner, Ashton Kutcher          Flags of our Fathers - Clint Eastwood movie
Children of Men - Ceive Owen                          The Departed 2007 - Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon
P-17                                                  P-18
Facing the Giants - Football Movie                    Crossover - Basketball movie
Bad Boys - Wil Smith, Martin Lawerence                Open Water 2
The Protector - Kung Fu Movie                         Casino Royale - James Bond 007
The Last King of Scotland                             A Good Year - Russel Crow
Prestige - Hugh Jackman, Scarlet Johansson            Smokin' Aces
Man of the Year - Robin Williams                      Borat - Cultural learning of America
Last King of Scotland                                 The Return - Sarah Michelle Gellar
Babel - Brad Pitt                                     Eragon - Dragon Movie pretty cool
P-19                                                  P-20
Harsh Times - Christian Bale, Freddy Rodriguez        IMAX Deep Sea 3D
Honor - Kickboxing movie                              Turistas - (Horror from makers of Hostel)
Blood Diamond - Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connely   Bloodstained Bride - Horror
The Nativity Story - About Jesus                      Blood Tailes - Horror
Rocky Balboa (2006)                                   Funny Money - Chevy Chase
Sublime - Horror                                      First Born - Horror (Elizabeth Shue)
National Lampoon's Spring Break (2007)                Altered (2006) - Horror
Night at the Museum - Ben Stiller                     Bobby (2006) - About Bobby Kennedy
P-21                                                  P-22
Cradle 2 the Grave - Jet Li, DMX                      GraveDancers - Horror
Curse of the Golden Flower - Kung Fu Movie            DeJavu - Denzel Washington
Wicked Little Things - Horror                         Until Death - Jean Claude Van Damme
Unrest - Horror                                       Code Name: The Cleaner - Cedric the Entertainer
Copying Beethoven                                     Payback (Director's Cut) - Mel Gibson
Natural Born Killers                                  The Hitcher -2007
Death of a President                                  Seraphim Falls - Pierce Brosnon
Dark Ride - Horror
P-23                                                  P-24
Tsunami - The Aftermath DVD1                          The Last Sin Eater
Tsunami - The Aftermath DVD2                          The Fountain
Because I said So - Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore         Norbit - Eddie Murphy
Epic Movie                                            Ghostrider (2007) - Nicolas Cage
Freedom Writers                                       Black X-Mas
Hannibal Rising 2007                                  Primeval
Stomp the Yard                                        Breach
Breaking and Entering                                 The Messengers - 2007
P-25                                                  P-26
Reno 911 - Miami                                      Premonition - Sandra Bullock
Abandoned - (Really Scarry Movie)                     The Contract - Morgan Freeman
Dead Silence - Really Scarry Movie)                   The Last Stand - Stand-up Comedy
Alpha Dog                                             The Number 23 - Jim Carrey
Black Snake Moan - Samuel L Jackson                   Zodiac - 2007
Shooter - Mark Wahlberg                               Are We Done Yet? - Ice Cube
The Astronaut Farmer - Billy Bob Thortan              300
Blood & Chocolate - (Vampire & Warewolf movie)        Cashback

P-1                                                   P-2
Hot Fuzz                                              Wild Hogs - John Travolta, Martin Lawerance, Tim allen
I think I love My Wife - Chris Rock                    PathFinder
Disturbia                                              Vacancy - Horror Movie
Goal 2 - Soccer Movie                                  Mr. Bean's Holiday
Die Hard                                               Played - Val Kilmer
Die Hard 2                                             Fracture - Anthony Hopkins
Die Hard (with a Vengence) #3                          The Reaping
Lookout - Bank Robbery Movie                           Perfect Stranger - Halley Berry, Bruce Willies
P-3                                                    P-4
Redline - 2007                                         Drunken Monkey - Kung Fu Movie
Sunshine                                               DOA Dead or Alive - Kung Fu Movie
Hills Have Eyes 2                                      28 Days Later - Scary Movie
Blades of Glory - Will Ferrell                         The Condemned - Steve Austin
Wind Chill - Scary movie                               Knocked Up - (Comedy)
Marco Polo -2007                                       Dirty Sanchez - Like the Movie Jackass
Fantastic 4- Rise of the Silver Surfer                 Gracie - Soccer movie
Spiderman 3                                            NEXT - Nicolas Cage
P-5                                                    P-6
Oceans 13 - George Cloney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damen       Rise - Blood Hunter - Lucy Lu
Oceans 11 - George Cloney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damen       Transformers 2007
Oceans 12 - George Cloney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damen       Hostel 2 - Horror Movie
Bug - Ashley Judd                                      Bait - Jamie Foxx
The Invisible - Justin Chatwin                         Return to the House on Haunted Hill - 2007
Splinter - About LA Gangs                              Live Free Die Hard - Bruce Willis
1408 - John Cusack, Samuel Jackson                     Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End
Evan Almighty - Morgan Freeman, Steve Carell           Harry Potter-Order of the Phoenix
P-7                                                    P-8
I pronounce You Chuck & Larry - Adam Sandler           The Myth - Jackie Chang
Bourne Ultimatum - Matt Damon                          Resident Evil - Extinction
Captivity - Elisha Cuthbert                            Halloween - 2007
Rescue Dawn - (About Vietnam War)                      Illegal Tender
Death Sentence - Kevin Bacon                           Last Legion
Superbad                                               Balls of Fury
Hairspray - John Travolta, Queen La Tifa               The Kingdom - Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner
Stardust                                               The Girl Next Door 2007
P-9                                                    P-10
Eastern Promises                                       The Game Plan - The Rock
Rush Hour 3 - Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan                Good Luck Chuck - Jessica Alba
The Heartbreak Kid - Ben Stiller                       The Brave One - Jody Foster
Shoot Em Up - Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti                Sydney White - Amanda Bynes
The Invasion - Nicole Kidman                           SAW 4
WAR - Jet Li & Jason Statham                           Trade - (about underground sex trade)
3:10 to Yuma - Russell Crowe                           Nancy Drew - Girl Detective
Mr. Woodcock - Billy Bob Thorton, Seann Willam Scott   Feast of Love - Morgan Freeman
P11                                                    P12
Gone Baby Gone - Morgan Freeman, Casey Affleck         Into the Wild
Indiana Jones - Last Crusade                           American Gangster - Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe
Indiana Jones - Temple of Doom                         The Seeker: The Dark Rising
Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark                Rendition - Reese Witherspoon
SWAT - Jamie Fox                                       30 Days of Night
You got Served - Dance Movie                           Valley of Elah - Tommy Lee Jones
District B13 - Action Packed Movie                     Beowulf 2007
We Own the Night - Good cop bad cop movie              Catacombs
P13                                                    P14
Daddy Daycamp - Cuba Gooding Jr.                       Lions for Lamb - Tom Cruze
The Assasination of Jesse James - Brad Pitt            Southland Tales - The Rock
Things we lost in the Fire - Halle Berry               The Mist - Scary Movie
Awake - Jessica Alba, Terrence Howard                  Army of the Dead - Scary Movie
Chaos - Jason Statham, Wesley Snipes                   Crazy Eights - Scary Movie
Planet Terror - Bruce Willis                           Conspiracy - Val Kilmer
August Rush - Robin Williams, Terrence Howard          Unearthed - (Horror Movie)
Hitman                                                 No Country for Old Men - Tommy Lee Jones
P15                                                    P16
Stompin - Sinbad, Vanessa Bell Calloway                Aliend vs. Predator - Requiem
Sweeney Todd (The Demon Barber) - Johnny Dep           Juno
There will be Blood                                    In the Name of the King - Jason Statham
P2                                                     CloverField
I am Legend - Will Smith                               Final Inquiry - About Jesus
Walk Hard - The Dewey Cox Story                        One Missed Call - Scary Movie
Lake Dead                                              National Lampoons - One, Two Many
Resurrecting the Champ - Samuel Jackson                27 Dresses - Romantic Comedy
P17                                                    P18
How She Move - Dance Movie                             Mad Money - Queen Latifa
First Sunday - Ice Cube                                The Last Winter - Scary Movie
Golden Compass - Nicole Kidman                         Semi-Pro - Will Farell
Over her Dead Body - Romantic Comedy                   Cleaner - Samuel L Jackson
P.S. I love you - Romantic Comedy                      The Eye - Jessica Alba
The Orphanage - Horror Movie                           Rambo - The Fight Continues
Vantage Point - Dennis Quaid, Sigourney Weaver         The Flock - Richard Gear
10,000 BC                                              National Treasure 2 - Nicolas Cage
P19                                                    P20
Meet the Spartans - Funny Movie                        Spiderwick Chronicles
Flawless - Demi Moore                                  The Chair - Horror Movie
Jumper - Really good action movie                      The Bucket List - Jack Nicoles, Morgan Freeman
Fool's Gold - Mathew McConaughey                       Drillbit Taylor - Owen Wilson
Under the Same Moon                                    The Other Boleyn Girl - Drama
Be Kind Rewind - Jack Black                            Meet the Browns - Tyler Perry
Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins - Martin Lawerance         21 - Gambling (card counting movie)
Witless Protection - Larry the Cable guy               The Ruins - Scary Horror
P21                                                    P22
Pathology - Suspense / Horror Movie                    Doomsday
Superhero - Really Funny Movie                         Prom Night - Horror Movie
How to Rob a Bank                                      The Bank Job - Jason Statham
Step Up 2                                              305 - Funny movie about 300
College Road Trip - Martin Lawerance                   Johnny Tao - The Adventures of (Kung Fu Movie)
Meet Bill - Jessica Alba                               Scorpion King 2
Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay            Street Kings - Keanu Reeves
Rogue - Scary Crocodile movie                          Timber Falls - Scary Movie
P23                                                    P24
The Life before her Eyes - Uma Thurman                 88 Minutes - Al Pachino
Shutter - (Scary Movie from maker of "The Ring)        Forbidden Kingdom - Jet Li & Jackie Chang
What Happens in Vegas - Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher   The Happening
80 Minutes - Guy has 80 min. to live                   SpeedRacer - 2008
Her Best Move - Soccor Movie                           The Art of War II - Wesly Snipes
Wizard of Gore                                         The Hive
Where in the World is Osma Bin Laden?                  Restraint
Never Back Down                                        Felon
P25                                                    P26
The Signal                                             Indiana Jones - Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
You Don't Mess with the Zohan                          Henry Poole is Here
Iron Man                                               Hancock (2008) - Will Smith
Forgetting Sarah Marshall                              Strangers - Horror Movie
Sex in the City Movie (2008)                           The Love Guru - Jessica Alba, Mike Myers
Made of Honor - Patrick Demsey                         The Devil's Chair - Horror Movie
Leatherheads - George Clooney, Renee Zellweger         Get Smart - Steve Carrel
Deception - Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams           Red - Horror / Suspense movie
P27                                                   P28
Journey to the Center of the Earth - Brandon Fraser   Righteous Kill - Al Pacino, Robert Deniro
LineWatch - Cuba Gooding, Jr.                         Longshots - Ice Cube
Hildalgo                                              Wanted - Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman
Hellboy II - The Golden Army                          Step Brothers - Will Ferrell, John Reilly
The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian             Resident Evil - Degeneration
Tropic Thunder - Ben Stiller                          Babylon AD - Vin Diesel
Batman - Dark Knight                                  Death Race - Jason Stantham
Pineapple Express                                     Eagle Eye - Anthony Azizi
P29                                                   P30
Mirrors - Kiefer Sutherland                           The Women - Meg Ryan
Mamma Mia                                             This Christmas
The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (Jet Li)       Bangkok Dangerous - Nicolas Cage
Anaconda Offspring                                    Behind Enemy Lines Columbia
Meet Dave - Eddy Murphy                               Traitor - Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce
Perfect holiday                                       Duchess
Baby Mama - Tina Fey                                  Hulk - 2008
Burn After Reading - Brad Pitt, George Clooney        Saw V

Black Book 2
P1                                                    P2
Max Payne - Mark Wahlberg                             The Lodger
Pride and Glory - Colin Farrell                       Quarantine - Scary Movie
Rock N Rolla                                          Dark Reel
Fireproof                                             Disaster Movie
Soul Men - Bernie Mac, Samuel L. Jackson              Australia - Nicole Kidman
Hellboy                                               The Wrestler - Mickey Rourke
High School Musical 3                                 Body of Lies - Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe
Red Sands - Scary Movie                               Transporter 3
P3                                                    P4
Electric Mist - Tommy Lee Jones                       Yes Man - Jim Carey
Changeling - Angelina Jolie                           Seven Pounds - Will Smith
The Punisher 2 - War Zone                             Butterfly Effect Revelation
Twilight                                              Ong Bak 2
Marley & Me - Owne Wilson                             Spirit - Sameul L Jackson
Bunny House - Anna Faris                              James Bond - Quantum of Solace
Bedtime Stories - Adam Sandler                        Donkey Punch - suspense, scary movie
Slumdog Millionaire                                   Notorious
P5                                                    P6
The Uninvited - Horror Movie                          Mall Cop - Paul Blart
Into the Blue 2 - The Reef                            Nothing but the Truth - Kate Beckinsale, Angela Basset
Never Surrender                                       Valkyrie - Tom Cruise
Benjamin Button - Brad Pitt                           Underworld : Rise of the Lycans
Last Chance Harvey - Dustin Hoffman                   Highschool Musical
Bride Wars - Kate Hudson                              Fanboys - really funny
Passengers - Anne Hathaway                            Last Templar
The Burrowers - Horror Movie                          My Bloody Valentine - Horror Movie
P7                                                    P8
Taken - Extended version                              Defiance - DANIEL CRAIG
The Day the Earth Stood Still - Keanu Reeve           The International - Louis Salinger
El Cartel - about Mexican Mofia                       Crossing Over - Harrison Ford
Driven to Kill - Steven Seagal                        Pink Panther 2 - Steve Martin
New In Town - Renee Zellweger, Harry Connick Jr       Gran Torino - (Clint Eastwood)
Franken Hood - Charley Murphy                         Anacondas - Trail of Blood
Fired Up - Funny Movie                                      Push - Chris Evans
Devil's Tomb - Cuba Gooding Jr.                             Confessions of a Shopaholic - Isla Fisher
P9                                                          P10
CODE - Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas                     Border Town - 2009
12 Rounds - John Cena                                       Watchmen 2009
Street Fighter                                              Race to Witch Mountain - The Rock
The Knowing - Nicolas Cage                                  Dragonball Evolution
Friday the 13th - Crystal Lake                              The Soloist - Jamie Foxx & Robert Downey Jr.
Cell 2                                                      Duplicity - Julia Roberts & Clive Owen
Inkheart - Brandon Frasior                                  Fragments - Kate Beckinsale, Guy Pearce, Jennifer Hudson
The Haunting In Connecticut - Horror Movie                  Miss March
P11                                                         P12
Colour of Magic                                             The Proposal - Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds
The Mutant Chronicles                                       Land of the Lost - Will Ferrell
17 Again                                                    GI Joe - Rise of the Cobra
Crank 2 - High Voltage                                      Transformer 2 - Revenge of the Fallen
Informers - Billy Bob Thorton, Kim Basinger, Winona Ryder   Stan Helsing - Funny Scary Movie
Crypt 2009                                                  The Taking of Pelham 123 - John Travolta, Denzel Washington
Ghost of Girlfriends Past - Mathew McConaughey              Orphan 2009
Imagine That - Eddie Murphy                                 Star Trek 2009
P13                                                         P14
Pandemic 2009                                               Night at the Museum 2
The Ugly Truth                                              Drag me to Hell
The Skeptic                                                 Fast and the Furious 2009
Terminator - Salvation                                      Obsessed
Wrong Turn 3 -Horror Movie                                  Horsemen
Four Christmases - Vince Vaughn, Reese Witherspoon          Vanishing Point - 1971 (old car chase movie)
Funny People - Adam Sadler                                  Pandorum - Dennis Quaid
The Last House on the Left                                  Gamer 2010 - Gerard Butler
P15                                                         P16
Carriers - Horror movie                                     This is It - Micahel Jackson Story
Harry Potter - Half Blood Prince                            Perfect Getaway
District 9                                                  The Stepfather
Inglourious Basterds - Brad Pitt                            Surrogates - Bruce Willis
Hangover                                                    Jennifer's Body - Megan Fox
All about Steve - Sandra Bullock                            Post Grad - Alexis Bledel
Public Enemies - Johnny Depp                                Halloween II
Final Destination 4                                         Whiteout
P17                                                         P18
Hurt Locker                                                 Couples Retreat - Vince Vaughn
SAW 6                                                       The Vampire's Assistant
The Time Traveler's Wife                                    The Boondock Saints II - Action
Circle of Eight - Horror                                    Old Dogs - Robin Williams, John Travolta
2012 - Great movie                                          Up in the Air - George Clooney
From Mexico with Love - boxing movie                        Defendor - Woody Harrelson
Universal Soldiers - Regeneration                           Sorority Row - Horror
Good Hair - Chris Rock                                      Ninja 2009
P19                                                         P20
Ninja Assassin                                              Twilight - New Moon
Paranormal Activity                                         The Road - Horror / suspense
The Blind side - Sandra Bullock                             Brothers - Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal
Charlie Murphy - I will not apologize                       Cabin Fever 2 - Horror
The Box - Cameron Diaz                                      Precious
My Best Friend's Girl - Kate Hudson, Alec Baldwin           The Last Resort - Horror
Double Identity - Val Kilmer, Izabella Miko                 Nine Dead - Suspense / Horror
Armored - Matt Dillon, Laurence Fishburne                   Bad Lieutenant - Nicolas Cage
P21                                                         P22
The Informant - Matt Damon                    Extraordinary Measures - Brendan Fraser, Harrison Ford
Unrivaled                                     Percy Jackson & The Olympians
Damage - Steve Austin                         Edge of Darkness - Mel Gibson
Crazy Heart                                   Valentine's Day - Jessica Alba, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner
The Descent 2                                 Alice in Wonderland - Disney
The Lovely Bones                              Teeth
Avatar                                        Bare Knuckles
Legion                                        The Wolfman
P23                                           P24
Bad Cop                                       Predators 2010
The Stranger - Steve Austin                   Clash of the Titans 2010
The New Daughter - Kevin Costner              Get him to the Greek
The Spy Next Door - Jackie Chan               A-Team 2010
Sherlock Holmes - Robert Downy Jr.            Dog House 2010
Boogeyman 3 - Horror Movie                    The Losers
The Killers                                   Lost Boys 3 - The Thirst
Operation Endgames                            Prince of Persia 2010
P25                                           P26
30 Days of Night - Dark Days                  SALT - Angelina Jolie
Robin Hood 2010 - Russel Crowe                The Joneses - Demi Moore, David Duchovny
Ironman 2                                     The Haunting - Horror
Karate Kid 2010                               After Life - Christina Ricci, Liam Neeson
Date Night - Steve Carell, Tina Fey           Death at a Funeral - Chris Rock, Martin Lawerance
Kick Ass - Nicolas Cage                       The Back-up Plan - Jennifer Lopez
Day Breakers                                  Chloe - Liam Neeson
Frozen - Horror Movie                         The Ghost Writer - Pierce Brosnan
P27                                           P28
Cop Out - Bruce Willis                        Shutter Island - Leonardo Dicaprio
Our Family Wedding - Forest Whitaker          Adopted - Pauly Shore
When in Rome-Kristen Bell/Josh Duhamel        Repo Men - Jude Law / Forest Whitaker
Hot Tub Time Machine                          From Paris with Love - John Travolta
The Crazies
Bounty Hunter
Green Zone-Matt Damon
The Book of ELI - Denzel Washington
The Sorcer's Apprentice - Nicoles Cage
The Expendables - Stallone, Statham, Jet Li
IP Man - Best Kung-Fu Movie Ever

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