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					                                  WBNS TV – 2ND QUARTER, 2008



                            1.       Education

                            2.       Youth

                            3.       Political Issues

                            4.       Health

                            5.       Women’s Issues

                            6.       Crime

                            7.       War on Terrorism/National Security

                            8.       Minority Issues

                            9.       Weather/Environmental Issues

                            10.      Consumer Issues
1. Education

        60 MINUTES: “El Sistema.” A report on El Sistema or The System, Venezuela’s radical approach to
        music education. Through a system of early training and local orchestras, Venezuela provides an
        uplifting musical experience for its at-risk youth and in the process, has developed the world famous
        Simon Bolivar National Youth Orchestra. Among those interviewed are Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu, founder
        of El Sistema; Rafael Elster, who runs a local branch of the program; and Gustavo Dudamel, conductor
        and product of El Sistema. (Includes an excerpt (N/PA) 4/13/08.

        DR. PHIL SHOW: “The Sex Talk.” Dr. Phil delves into a topic so terrifying, so uncomfortable and
        daunting that some parents absolutely refuse to do it…. It’s the sex talk! Wit the help of Dr. John
        Chirban, a member or the Dr. Phil Advisory Board, and his book, What’s Love Got to Do with It: Talking
        with Your Kids about Sex, Dr. Phil takes on some petrified parents who are long overdue for this
        discussion. Jackie is a mother of two daughters, 11 and 13. She’s so terrified to have the talk, she’s never
        even brought up the topic! Just the thought of the S word sends Jackie into a tailspin. Dr. Chirban
        coaches Jackie though what she calls the most difficult conversation of her life. How do Jackie’s
        daughters think she did? Then, Pam is a mother who thought she had everything right when it came to
        talking to her 14-year-old daughter, Ashley, about sex. So why does she now think her daughter might be
        pregnant? Pam and Ashley visited the doctor and are ready to hear the result of the pregnancy test.
        (S/PA) 5/29/08.

2. Youth

        10TV News HD: "Straight Talk." After eight and nine year olds plot to kill their teacher, Yvette McGee
        Brown discusses what causes young children to commit serious crimes. (L/N) 4/2/08, 5:30pm, TRT: 2:00.

        10TV News HD: “Straight Talk.” Six Florida girls face charges after videotaping the attack on another
        teen and posting it on You Tube. Yvette McGee Brown discusses how parents can talk to their kids about
        these incidents. (L/N) 4/8/08, 5:30pm, TRT: 2:00.

        10TV News HD: “Straight Talk.” Yvette McGee Brown talks about the rules of the game when it comes
        to successful sleepovers. (L/N) 4/23/08, 5:30pm, TRT: 2:00.

        10TV News HD: “Underage Drinking.” Underage drinking isn’t a new problem. But we found it’s so
        easy, teens don’t even need a fake id to buy alcohol at area stores. 10 Investigates shows you the problem
        and how one group of teens is working on a solution. Maureen Kocot reports. (L/N) 2/1/08, 6pm, TRT:

        10TV News HD: “Camp Counselor Background Checks.” Testimony begins Wednesday (5/21) on a
        new bill that would require camps to run background checks on their counselors. But that means not
        everyone working at area camps this year has been checked. 10 Investigates shows you how the most
        popular summer camps are making sure your kids are safe this summer. Tracy Townsend reports. (L/N)
        2/21/08, 6pm, TRT: 2:44.

        10TV News HD: “Spring Training and Food.” Doctors at Nationwide children’s Hospital explain the
        right kind of foods for student athletes to do their best. Andrea Cambern reports. (L/N) 4/3/08, 5pm,
        TRT: 1:25.

        10TV News HD: “Vaccine Schedule.” The Centers for Disease Control has set a specific schedule for
        children to receive nearly 40 vaccines before they start school. But a local physician worries that too
        many medicines too soon may interact with each other and trigger Autism. So Dr. Ali Carine is getting
         parents a controversial choice…the federal schedule or her own, in which she gives only one or two shots
         at a time. Andrea Cambern reports. (L/N) 4/14/08, 5pm, TRT: 1:27.

         DR. PHIL SHOW: “Ask about Parenting.” Are you tired of your kids talking back, being disobedient
         and acting up when they don’t get their way? Along with Dr. Frank Lawlis, author of Mending the
         Broken Bond, Dr. Phil has advice for calming a chaotic household. First up, Jennifer says her 12-year-old
         daughter, Sydney, is out of control, and Jennifer’s marriage to Craig is suffering as a result. She ways
         Sydney hangs out with the wrong crowd, lies constantly and is failing school The teen was recently in hot
         water when she went a topless photo from her cell phone to her boyfriend that was circulated around the
         school! Craig says he’s frustrated that Jennifer undermines his discipline, and he’s hurt that his
         stepdaughter doesn’t respect him. Can this family get back on track, or is it too late for Jennifer to save
         her marriage? Then, Diane and Clayton say their 17-year-old daughter, Logan is rude, doesn’t do her
         chores and always breaks curfew. Logan wants her folks to get off her back because she’ll be 18 soon, and
         she wants to get her own place. Find out what happens when Dr. Lawlis makes a house call to bring some
         balance to the family. Is Logan ready to move out on her own, and will her folks be able to handle her
         independence? (S/PA) 4/4/08.

3. Political Issues

         10TV NEWS HD: “Dann Scandal.” Governor Ted Strickland took to the steps of the state capitol to set
         the stage for a political showdown. Strickland wants his fellow democrat, Attorney General Marc Dann to
         resign immediately or face impeachment after a sexual harassment scandal rocked the office. Paul Aker
         reports. (L/N)5/5/08, 5pm, TRT: 1:30.

         10TV NEWS HD: “AG Resignation.” After a 10-day standoff, Attorney General Marc Dann - who once
         admitted he wasn't prepared for the job - abruptly gave it up and resigned after an ongoing sexual
         harassment investigation in his office. Jerry Revish reports. (L/N) 5/14/08, 11pm, TRT: 1:32.

         10TV NEWS HD: “Obama Moves Forward.” Obama has the numbers. The super-delegates made the
         difference. State Representative Joyce Beatty - an uncommitted super-delegate until now - threw her
         support behind Obama. Jerry Revish reports. (L/N) 6/3/08, 11pm, TRT: 1:25.

         10TV NEWS HD: “Clinton VP?” After a secret meeting between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton,
         one of her top allies says she’ll take the VP spot if Obama asks her. Joel Brown reports. (L/N) 6/6/08,
         noon, TRT: 1:24.

         10TV NEWS HD: “Clinton Concedes.” Hillary Clinton drops out of the race to be the next President.
         John Fortney reports. (L/N) 6/7/08, 6pm, TRT: 1:28.

         10TV NEWS HD: “McCain in Cincinnati.” Presidential candidate John McCain visits Cincinnati and
         talks about the energy crisis. Jerry Revish reports. (L/N) 6/26/08, 5:30pm, TRT: 0:30.

         10TV NEWS HD: “Obama visits Zanesville.” Obama campaigns in Zanesville at the Eastside
         Community Ministry. Andrea Cambern reports. (L/N) 6/30/08, 6am, TRT: 0:30.

         FACE THE NATION: Interview with Howard Dean. Topics include: the need for the remaining
         superdelegates in the Democratic Party to announce which candidate they are going to support by July 1st;
         fear that the battle for the Democratic nomination is benefiting Republican Senator John McCain /
         speculation regarding the rumor that former President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton are telling
         the superdelegates that Senator Barack Obama can’t win and perhaps can’t win because he is African-
         American; commitment to having the Michigan and Florida delegations seated at the convention in some
way; belief that a McCain presidency would essentially be four more years of George W. Bush. Guests:
Howard Dean, Chairman, Democratic National Committee. (N/PA) 4/6/08.

FACE THE NATION: 1) Interview with Governor Ed Rendell and Senator Bob Casey. Topics include:
Governor Rendell’s goal of a “big win” for Senator Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania / the record level of
spending by the Obama campaign in Pennsylvania / the April 22nd Pennsylvania primary; perceived
negative campaign tactics by both Senator Clinton, Senator Barack Obama and each of their respective
campaigns; reaction to recent poll results indicating that Republican nominee Senator John McCain is
running about even with either Clinton or Obama as the Democratic candidate; the dream ticket of
Senator Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton. 2) Campaign quick check with Roger Simon and Joe Trippi.
Topics include: how a “big win” for Senator Clinton could influence the superdelegates; the issue of gun
control and the relationship it has with the Democratic party / the efforts of both campaigns to secure the
vote of white, working class Democrats; speculation as to when the Democratic nominee will be chosen;
how the negative turn could affect the election in the fall. Guests: Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA), Clinton
Supporter (1); Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), Obama Supporter (1); Roger Simon, Chief Political Columnist, (2); Joe Trippi, Democratic Strategist, CBS News Consultant (2). (N/PA) 4/20/08.

FACE THE NATION: Interview with David Axelrod and Howard Wolfson. Topics include: the question
of a racial divide developing in the Democratic Party as the contest between Senators Hillary Clinton and
Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination goes on; the necessity for the party to unite
after the primaries are over; the respective demographic strengths of Obama and Clinton / the need for a
Democratic candidate to get blue collar and African-American support; the impact of former President
Bill Clinton on his wife’s campaign / the impact of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s former pastor, on
Obama’s campaign. Guests: David Axelrod, Chief Strategist, Obama Campaign (1); Howard Wolfson,
Communication Director, Clinton Campaign. ). (N/PA) 4/27/08.

FACE THE NATION: 1) Interview with Representative James Clyburn. Topics include: the potential
impact of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright controversy on the upcoming North Carolina primary / Senator
Barack Obama’s handling of the Reverend Wright controversy; clarification regarding Representative
Clyburn’s supposed comments accusing Senator Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton of
trying to undermine Senator Obama in such a way that he would lose, thus opening the door for Senator
Clinton to run again in 2012 / the role and duty of the superdelegates / how the superdelegates giving the
nomination to Senator Clinton would impact African American voters / the need for party unity and the
important role the second place finisher has in bringing the Democrats together. 2) Interview with Mayor
Doug Wilder and Senator Evan Bayh. Topics include: the upcoming North Carolina and Indiana
primaries; speculation as to why Senator Clinton does better with blue-collar voters than Senator Obama /
the concentrated effort by Republicans and other right-wing commentators to push voters towards Senator
Clinton because they think she is the weaker candidate; Senator Clinton’s proposed gas tax moratorium;
reaction to comments made by former Clinton supporter and former head of the Democratic National
Committee, Joe Andrew, urging voters to switch their allegiance to Senator Obama and that a vote for
Senator Clinton assists Senator John McCain; who is the stronger candidate; speculation regarding the so-
called dream ticket to bring people together. Guests: Representative James Clyburn (D-SC), House
Majority Whip (1); Mayor Doug Wilder, Democrat, Richmond, VA, Obama Supporter (2); Senator Evan
Bayh (D-IN), Clinton Supporter (2). (N/PA) 5/4/08.

FACE THE NATION: 1) Interview with Senator Carl Levin. Topics include: reaction to the decision by
the Democratic rules committee to seat the Michigan and Florida delegations at the convention, but only
give the delegates half a vote / determination to fight for the full vote / claim that both Senator Hillary
Clinton and Senator Barack Obama have pledged that Michigan’s delegation will have a full vote at the
convention / need to reform the primary system into a rotation system, so that other states may have the
opportunity to go first; the unlikelihood of Senator Clinton taking her campaign all the way to the
convention. 2) Interview with Mandy Grunwald. Topics include: criticism of the Democratic rule
committee’s decision because it broke their own rules; the case for Senator Clinton to take her campaign
all the way to the convention / claim that Senator Clinton is the stronger candidate and would do better
        against Senator John McCain than Senator Obama would; the importance of the African-American and
        female vote / how African-American or female voters would react should the superdelegates make the
        decision to take the nomination away from either candidate. 3) Campaign quick check with Senator
        Claire McCaskill and Governor Ed Rendell. Topics include: belief that Senator Clinton will do the right
        thing for America and not take her campaign all the way to the convention; need for the Democratic party
        to reform the nominating process; the strengths of both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama; how
        African-American voters would react should the superdelegates take the nomination away from Senator
        Obama and how that would impact Senator Clinton; Senator Obama’s decision to leave his church; the
        possibility of an Obama-Clinton dream ticket. Guests: Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) (1); Mandy Grunwald,
        Clinton Adviser (2); Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Obama Supporter (3); Governor Ed Rendell (D-
        PA), Clinton Supporter (3) (N/PA) 6/1/08.

4. Health

        10TV NEWS HD: “Plastic Water Bottles.” New research shows that plastic water bottles may release
        chemicals called phthalates into the water. They make plastic flexible, and Dr. Glen Auckerman of OSU
        says the body seems to have a hard time flushing them out. They mimic estrogen and seem to damage
        DNA, sot he FDA has approved plastic water bottles for just one use. Andrea Cambern reports. (L/N)
        4/7/08, 6pm and 10pm, TRT: 1:43.

        10TV NEWS HD: “MRSA Increase.” Local hospitals are seeing a big increase in MRSA infections, the
        staph super bug that can cause painful infections, and at times, require surgery to remove it. Most report a
        case a day in their emergency departments, but at Doctors Hospital, the number is three to five cases per
        shift. Dr. Jones says they treat it with Bactrim, an old fashioned antibiotic. Since many doctors used
        newer antibiotics to treat other infections, the MRSA strain has not developed resistance to it. Andrea
        Cambern reports. (L/N) 4/11/08, 6pm, 10pm, 11pm, TRT: 1:03.

        10TV NEWS HD: “Neo Disc for Back.” Dr. Rebecca Brightman is testing a new artificial disc for
        people with problems of the cervical spine. A local patient says she felt much better after the surgery, and
        was able to return to her former activities without pain. Andrea Cambern reports. (L/N) 5/5/08, 5pm,
        TRT: 1:30.

        10TV NEWS HD: “Tinnitus Device.” The Columbus Speech and Hearing center is supplying the Oasis
        device to any patient who wants it. It masks the irritating ringing in the ears that is the hallmark of this
        condition. Andrea Cambern reports. (L/N) 5/8/08, 11pm, TRT: 1:06.

        10TV NEWS HD: “Shrimp Bandage.” Doctors in the emergency department at Grant Medical Center
        are using a new bandage made from shrimp shells. It was created for soldier in Iraq, and stops bleeding
        within seconds. To save lives. Grant tested it, and now it is in use there as well as local emergency
        squads. Andrea Cambern reports. (L/N) 5/23/08, 5pm, TRT: 1:02.

        10TV NEWS HD: “United Healthcare Trouble.” Bryan White got an unpleasant surprise when he got
        home from work…a letter from his insurance company, UnitedHealthcare, warning him that he woukld
        have to find a new doctor and a new hospital after June 9, if the insurer couldn’t reach a contract
        agreement with OhioHealth. Andrea Cambern reports. (L/N) 5/27/08, 11pm, TRT: 1:20.

        10TV NEWS HD: “MS Guy Walks.” Multiple Sclerosis patient Jon Sayers hasn’t walked in years, but
        he did so today thanks to a new device. It sends electrical impulses to his muscles. The WalkAide device
        made its debut in Columbus today. Andrea Cambern reports. (L/N) 5/28/08, 6pm, TRT: 1:15.
       10TV NEWS HD: “Kids and Cuts.” Doctors at Nationwide Children’s Hospital are repairing a lot of
       cuts without stitches, by using a medical adhesive that is a first cousin to Super Glue. Andrea Cambern
       reports. (L/N) 6/6/08, 5pm, TRT: 0:35.

       10TV NEWS HD: “Salmonella in Ohio.” Hundreds of people nationwide have gotten salmonella from
       tomatoes. Now there’s a report that three people from Franklin county have been sickened the same way.
       Andrea Cambern reports. (L/N) 6/13/08, 5pm, TRT: 1:15.

       10TV NEWS HD: “Migraine Zapper.” After 5 years of research, an OSU neurologist presents his
       findings to the American Headache Society on a new way to cure migraine headaches…with two clicks of
       a device that delivers micro pulses of electromagnetic energy. The nationwide study found the device is
       both safe and effective. FDA approval is expected in about six months. Andrea Cambern reports. (L/N)
       6/26/08, 5:30pm, TRT: 1:05.

5. Women’s Issues

       10TV News HD: “Women’s Health – From Head to Toe.” 10TV features five days worth of health
       (physical and mental) topics that will be relevant to our female viewers. We break down the topics – from
       head to toe – beginning on Monday with mental health and ending Friday with a look at your future
       health. We also held a phone bank each day (10TV Women’s Health Hotline) from 5pm-6:30pm. It was
       staffed by health professionals who specialize in each of the topics. We also had a resident physician with
       us for the entire week. She answered viewer e-mails in the 5:30pm newscast. Andrea Cambern reports.
       (L/N) 5/12/08, 5/13/08, 5/14/08, 5/15/08, 5/16/08, 5pm.

       10TV NEWS HD: “MS OSU Trial.” Women are twice as likely as men to develop multiple sclerosis, but
       when the women are pregnant, the attacks slow or stop. So Dr. D. Joanne Lynn, an OSU neurologist,
       wants to test a pregnancy hormone on women with MS who are not pregnant, to see is the hormone has
       help. Andrea Cambern reports. (L/N), 5pm, TRT: 1:22.

       10TV NEWS HD: “Genetics Testing ” Elaine Williams lost both her sister and her daughter to ovarian
       cancer. She is one of a growing number of women who seek a peek into the future by consulting with a
       genetics counselor at OSU. Andrea Cambern reports. (L/N) 5/16/08, 5pm, TRT: 1:44.

       OPRAH WINFREY SHOW: “Take Ten Years Off Your Looks Makeovers.” Do you want to look 10
       years younger? It's a bold experiment as women just like you let passers-by guess their age while in a
       soundproof booth. We'll show you the wake-up call that made these women want to make a change.
       From their skin, to their smiles and hairstyles, see the amazing “afters” of these incredible makeovers!
       Find out exactly what they did to shave years of their looks. Then, best-selling author and spiritual
       counselor Kathy Freston is here to share her new 21-day plan that could jump start your own makeover
       from the inside out. (S/PA) 5/20/08.

       DR. PHIL SHOW: “Perfectionist Moms.” Every parent believes his or her child is special—the best
       athlete, the best behaved or the most beautiful—but for some moms, the pursuit of having the perfect child
       can turn into an obsession. Sonya says her 18-year-old daughter, Annie, was born perfect. The mom even
       went so far as to have her tubes tied right after giving birth so she could devote all her time to molding the
       perfect child! She started entering Annie in beauty pageants when she was 6 months old, and when the
       girl was 4, she made her watch reality medical shows so she would grow up to be a doctor. Annie regrets
       not having a normal childhood, and says she hated being pressured to succeed at such a young age.
       What’s behind Sonya’s obsession with perfection? Then, Cathy says she wants her 13-year-old daughter,
       Lexie, and her 18-year-old son, Nick, to be the best. Lexis says her mom hassles her about her weight and
       made her work out an hour a day at age 6! Nick says his mother drives his coaches crazy at sporting
       events by screaming and critiquing his game. Cathy says she’ll continue to badger and push her kids
        because she believes they’ll benefit in the long run. But will her controlling ways push her kids away?
        (S/PA) 4/3/08.

        DR. PHIL SHOW: “Nuptial Nightmares.” Many little girls dream of the perfect wedding day with a
        fairytale gown, beautiful flowers and their handsome groom, but Dr. Phil’s guests say their wedding bells
        hit a sour note. Amy says the day she and Steve tied the knot turned into a disaster. The sun scorched the
        guests, then there was downpour, the wedding arch fell and hit the pastor, and the cake crumbled as they
        were cutting it. She says it was a huge dream shattered, and she can’t move past it. Steve says he had a
        blast, and Amy needs to lighten up. What does Dr. Phil think? Then, shortly after Mandy and her
        husband, Kris, said “I do,” a three-story deck collapsed and they and 30 of their family and friends were
        seriously injured. Mandy says she left her wedding strapped to a stretcher, and she and Kris spent their
        wedding night in the emergency room. Although this took place over two years ago, the couple thinks
        about it every day. How can they overcome their guilt? (S/PA) 5/19/08.

6. Crime

        10TV News HD: “CrimeTracker 10: Mobile Plate Hunter.” CrimeTracker 10 has an exclusive look at
        the crime-fighting tool Columbus police are using to catch criminals and find stolen cars. Angela An
        reports. (L/N) 5/5/08, 6pm, TRT: 1:51.

        10TV News HD: “CrimeTracker 10: Theatre Crime.” Whether it's a family flick or a first date
        romantic comedy…when you head to the movie theatre, you expect to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
        But CrimeTracker 10 shows police reports taken from dozens of movie theatres around town tell a much
        different story than the fairytale endings you see on the big screen. Angela An reports. (L/N) 5/14/08,
        6pm, TRT: 2:15.

        10TV News HD: “CrimeTracker 10: Rest Stops.” Maybe you’re planning a day trip to Cleveland or
        Cincinnati with the family. But when you stop for a snack or a quick break on the side of the road … how
        safe are those rest stops? CrimeTracker 10 shows you the most common crimes to watch out for when
        traveling Ohio highways. Angela An reports. (L/N) 5/19/08, 6pm, TRT: 2:50.

        60 MINUTES: “Officer Herrera Goes Public.” An interview with indicted Chicago, Illinois Police
        Officer Keith Herrera. Cooperating with federal investigators, he speaks publicly for the first time about
        his former unit, the Special Operations Section (SOS), in which Herrera and six other members have been
        accused of crimes including armed robbery and aggravated kidnapping. Includes remarks by Police
        Superintendent Jody Weis and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. (C: Katie Couric - P: Tanya
        Simon/Andrew Metz) (N/PA) 6/1/08.

        OPRAH WINFREY SHOW: “Confronting The Attacker.” A mother of five is about to do one of the
        bravest things she’s ever done. Watch as she goes behind bars to confront the man who murdered her
        father. Face-to-face for the first time and nothing is off limits. Then, what this guest has to say to the
        man that killed her mother. (OAD 11/08/06) (S/PA) 6/19/08.

7. War on Terrorism/National Security

        60 MINUTES: “The Path To War.” An interview with Douglas Feith, former Undersecretary of Defense
        for Policy and the number three man at the Pentagon. One of the main architects of the Iraq War, he was
        intimately involved in both pre-war strategy and post-war planning and says the attack on Iraq was more a
        defensive move against possible future threats from Saddam Hussein than a retaliation for the 9/11
        attacks. (C: Steve Kroft - P: L. Franklin Devine, Michael Rosenbaum). (N/PA) 4/6/08.

        60 MINUTES: “The Pentagon’s Ray Gun.” A report on the highly effective and nonlethal weapon
        developed by the Pentagon for crowd control. The ray gun, an Active Denial System (ADS) which shoots
        out an intense blast of heat, will be ready to go to Iraq this summer, even though it faces opposition and
        goes against the culture of the American military. (C: David Martin - P: Mary Walsh) (OAD: 03/02/08)
        (N/PA) 6/1/08.

        60 MINUTES: “Alhurra.” A joint investigation by 60 MINUTES and ProPublica on Alhurra (Arabic for
        “The Free One”), a commercial-free, Arabic language satellite television network for the Middle East,
        created and funded by the United States Government and devoted primarily to news and information.
        Originating from Springfield, Virginia, and created to improve America’s image in the Middle East,
        Alhurra has come under scrutiny for a raft of problems, including broadcasting unchallenged anti-Israel
        commentary. Among those interviewed are former Alhurra news director Larry Register and Brian
        Conniff, president of Alhurra. (C: Scott Pelley - P: Graham Messick/Michael Karzis/Dafna Linzer)
        (N/PA) 6/22/08.

        FACE THE NATION: 1) Report from Baghdad with Lara Logan. Topics include the current situation in
        Iraq as General David Petraeus returns to Washington, DC to present his report. 2) Interview with Nancy
        Youssef and Rajiv Chandrasekaran. Topics include: the need for Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to
        step up and take a leadership position / Prime Minister Maliki’s decision to go after anti-American cleric
        Muqtada al-Sadr and his militia in Basra / the failure of the operation and how it will impact the gains of
        the surge / Iran’s influence on the security and the politics in Iraq; speculation regarding the report from
        General Petraeus and how the recent fighting in Basra could impact the report’s content
        Guests: Nancy Youssef, Chief Pentagon Correspondent, McClatchy Newspapers (2); Rajiv
        Chandrasekaran, National Editor, The Washington Post (2). Guest Correspondent: Lara Logan, CBS
        News Chief Foreign Correspondent (1). (N/PA) 4/6/08.

        FACE THE NATION: Interview with Robert Gates. Topics include: what needs to happen in Iraq in
        order for the United States to leave / possible time frames regarding a United States withdrawal / reaction
        to Zbigniew Brzezinski’s -- former President Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser -- belief that the
        longer the United States stays in Iraq, the greater the likelihood of a head-on confrontation with Iran; who
        the enemy is in Iraq and the status of al-Qaeda; the strain on the military troops in Iraq and how that will
        impact what needs to be done in Afghanistan / the role of NATO in Afghanistan. Guests: Robert Gates,
        Secretary of Defense. (N/PA) 4/13/08.

8. Minority Issues

        10TV News HD: “Airport BDOs.” They are trained to pick out signs of stress, fear or deception in
        passengers at Port Columbus International Airport. Is the behavioral detection officer program working
        in Columbus or is it just passenger profiling? 10TV gets answers in an interview with the person whose
        job is to make sure a criminal doesn’t end up sitting next to you on your next flight. Kevin Landers
        reports. (L/N) 5/12/08, 6pm, TRT: 2:52.

        48 HOURS MYSTERY: “48 HOURS Special Presentation: Polygamy: A World Apart.” A wide-
        ranging report on polygamy, primarily focusing on the polygamous FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of
        Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), which broke with the Mormon Church decades ago and believes that
        polygamy is the path to heaven. The FLDS recently found itself in the spotlight after more than 460
        children were removed from their compound -- the “Yearning For Zion” ranch, in Eldorado, Texas -- due
        to abuse claims. Separated from their parents, they have been scattered across the state in foster homes.
        Featured are: (1) “The Highest Authority” - Peter Van Sant interviews neighbors of the compound and
        Willie Jessop, a member of the FLDS and point man in the church’s fight with Texas; (2) “Escape” - Erin
        Moriarty interviews Laura Chapman, first featured on 48 HOURS in “A House Divided” (OAD:
        11/18/99), who escaped the FLDS community and as a child advocate, has helped other girls leave; (3)
        “The Godfather” - Susan Spencer reports on FLDS practices and on their self-proclaimed prophet, Warren
        Jeffs, who despite being in prison as an accomplice to the rape of a minor, continues to lead the sect; (4)
        “Bold & Beautiful” - Troy Roberts reports on the modern face of polygamy, where one husband with three
        wives and 22 children, live in a suburb of Salt Lake City; (5) “Broken Ties” - Seth Doane reports on the
        young boys who have been excised from the FLDS due to their refusal to conform to their religion’s
        unbending social rules, and their struggle in the outside world; (6) “The Reunion” - Erin Moriarty
        interviews Sarah, one of the girls who escaped in 1999 thanks to Laura Chapman, and learns of how the
        sect retaliated against her family; Moriarty is present for a reunion between Laura and Sarah. (C: Peter
        Van Sant, Erin Moriarty, Susan Spencer, Troy Roberts, Seth Doane - P: Douglas Longhini, Ira Sutow, Joe
        Halderman, Paul Ryan, Jay Young, Chris Young, Neil Katz, Deborah Grau, Jamie Stolz, Sarah
        Rodriguez, Patti Aronofsky, Peter Henderson and Josh Gelman). (N/PA) 5/27/08.

        60 MINUTES: “The Purge.” Iraq’s Christians, once thought to number over a million, have either fled
        or have been murdered by Islamic extremists during Iraq’s religious civil war. Interviewed is the Vicar of
        Baghdad, Reverend Canon Andrew White. (C: Scott Pelley - P: Shawn Efran, Philip Ittner) (OAD:
        12/02/07 - includes an update.) (N/PA) 6/29/08.

        OPRAH WINFREY SHOW: “Gay Around The World.” What if the freedom to be yourself all came
        down to where you live? For millions of people around the planet, this is the reality. One guest was
        arrested and spent a year in jail. Another says she was so fearful, she moved to a different country. And,
        a prince whose secret was so taboo, it ripped his royal family apart and stunned an entire nation when he
        told the truth. A look at what it is like to be gay around the world. (OAD 10/24/07) (S/PA) 4/11/08.

        OPRAH WINFREY SHOW: “Polygamy In America: Lisa Ling Reports.” It is a society that you may
        think you know, but you have never seen it like this until today’s show. A polygamist husband comes
        forward for the first time and shares why he is risking everything to tell his side. And, Lisa Ling journeys
        to the dark side of polygamy to give us an inside look at this secret world. Plus, we'll meet a former insider
        who says she escaped and is now an outcast. Today’s Oprah. (OAD 10/26/07) (S/PA) 6/17/08.

9. Weather/Environmental Issues

        10TV News HD: “10 Investigates: Water Towers.” 10 Investigates found central Ohio water towers
        contain things you don’t expect to see in your water supply – rust, dirt and even dead birds. Many of our
        area water towers have gone neglected and have not been inspected or cleaned in years. We show you
        what we found and why there’s no guarantee the water you’re drinking hasn’t come from a troubled
        tower. Paul Aker reports. (L/N) 4/28/08, 6pm, TRT: 3:50.

        60 MINUTES: “Garden of Eden.” A report on the Foja Mountains of New Guinea, where the mountain
        rain forest is home to many species found nowhere else on earth. Interviewed is Bruce Beehler, the lead
        scientist from Conservation International, who pleaded with the Indonesian government for 24 years for
        access to the wildlife sanctuary. Finally granting him his wish in 2005, the initial visit yielded the
        discovery of dozens of new species. (C: Bob Simon - P: Draggan Mihailovich) (OAD: 12/16/07) (N/PA)

        60 MINUTES: Combustible Dust.” A report on the deaths and property damage at American factories
        due to dust explosions, which occur when materials such as sugar, corn, or metal are ground into dust,
        and once airborne, can be ignited by the smallest spark. Among those interviewed are former head of the
        Chemical Safety Board, Carolyn Merritt, who ordered the most comprehensive investigation ever done on
        dust explosions and Ed Foulke, head of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). (C:
        Scott Pelley - P: David Gelber, Joel Bach) (N/PA) 6/8/08.
       60 MINUTES: "Fish Fuss." A report on the failure of the U.S. government's multi-billion dollar effort to
       save the salmon of the Pacific Northwest, scores of which are falling victim to the hydroelectric dams that
       provide inexpensive irrigation, transportation and electricity to the area. The issue...dams vs. salmon...has
       become so contentious that the Clinton Administration has put off a verdict for another five years. (C:
       Lesley Stahl - P: Karen Sughrue) (OAD: 11/19/00 - includes an update.) (N/PA) 6/22/08.

       OPRAH WINFREY SHOW: “Oprah’s Earth Day Event.” We are going green with Julia Roberts,
       Sandra Bullock, and Nobel Prize winner Al Gore! They share why protecting the planet is so important to
       them and how they “go green” in their own lives. Then, Julia and “green expert” Sophia Uliano share
       simple things your family can do today to start saving the planet. Great tips to make easy changes that
       make a big difference! Find out what exactly “organic” means at the grocery store and how to shop for
       the best food for your family’s health. Save energy, minimize wastefulness, and learn how to make your
       everyday choices more earth-conscious. (S/PA) 4/22/08.

10. Consumer Issues

       10TV News HD: “10 Investigates: VA.” We’ve all heard it - “Buy American”… But does our own
       government do this? The Veterans Administration believes the products it purchases for the vets are
       coming straight from the states… but 10 Investigates found a major loophole in the “Buy American”
       clause. Lindsey Seavert reports. (L/N) 5/20/08, 6pm, TRT: 2:49.

       10TV News HD: “Drug Card Options.” The new Ohio Drug Card is open to anyone in the state,
       regardless of age or whether or not you are insured. The director, former Columbus Mayor Greg Lashutka,
       says its p[art of a national program, so it can offer deeper discounts. However, independent pharmacists
       says the reimbursement rates are so low that they could help put the small druggists out of business. Jerry
       Revish reports. (L/N) 4/29/08, 5:30pm, TRT: 1:17.

       60 MINUTES: “Sovereign Wealth Funds.” An interview with Gao Xiqing, President of China
       Investment Corporation, China’s government-controlled $200-billion sovereign wealth fund. Only five
       months old, highly secretive, and the fifth largest fund in the world, Xiqing discusses its investment
       philosophy and addresses concerns that China will try to use the fund to control the companies and
       countries it invests in. Includes interviews with economist Peter Navarro and former Treasury Secretary
       Lawrence Summers. (C: Lesley Stahl - P: Shachar Bar-On). (N/PA) 4/6/08.

       60 MINUTES: “The Price Of Bananas.” Chiquita Brands International of Cincinnati, Ohio has admitted
       that it paid nearly $2 million dollars to protect its employees in Colombia -- first to the Marxist guerillas
       known as FARC and then to the paramilitaries who rose up to fight them, the AUC. Critics say that the
       money Chiquita paid may have kept their employees safe, but also helped to buy the weapons and
       ammunition used to massacre other people, making Chiquita complicit in those deaths. Among the
       interviewed are: Fernando Aguirre, Chief Executive Officer and President of Chiquita Brands
       International and Salvatore Mancuso, former leader of the AUC. (C: Steve Kroft - P: Andy Court).
       (N/PA) 5/11/08.

       OPRAH WINFREY SHOW: “What Would You Dare To Live Without?” Our previous show on the
       “freegan” lifestyle, a movement to try to live without contributing to a capitalist, consumer society,
       brought to the forefront how much families in America consume and what one really needs to live
comfortably. Now, two families who live a life of excess are challenged to cut back for a week and live
with only the bare necessities. Watch what happens when each family drastically changes their lifestyle.
For seven days there will be no eating out, no 25-minute showers, no leaving lights on when they leave a
room. It's an overhaul of their daily habits in an effort to cut back on wastefulness. Find out how the
experience affects these two families and what you can do to cut back excessive consumption in your own
life. (S/PA) 4/17/08.

OPRAH WINFREY SHOW: “Nate’s Kitchen Of The Year Makeover.” Nate is back on assignment!
Once again, he awes us with his talents. This time it's a fabulous kitchen makeover for a couple
nominated by their grown daughters. Watch as he creates their fantasy kitchen – you will be amazed by
the results! Then, everyone needs a place to shed their coats, boots, outerwear, and sports gear. Nate
executes the ultimate mudroom makeover in our studio – see the “before,” and be inspired by the “after!”
Plus, we'll show you the latest trends in home design… wallpaper is back and we will show you how to do
it with a modern take. (S/PA) 4/25/08.

OPRAH WINFREY SHOW: “Oprah’s Top Picks For Summer.” Oprah decided she was NOT doing
her Favorite Things for summer, but then had to change her mind with these great finds! First, she
reveals the best turkey burger she ever had in her life with a special delivery from Donald Trump! Plus,
supermodel Heidi Klum shares her picks for the best swimsuits and gear for summer! We've also got “O”
Magazine's top choices for the season’s best makeup; and, find out what other amazing treats Oprah has
in store for the audience that you will be putting on your “must have” list this year! (S/PA) 5/16/08.

OPRAH WINFREY SHOW: “Lisa Ling Investigates The Hidden World Of Puppy Mills.” On today's
show, Oprah is asking all animal lovers to unite. Lisa Ling, using undercover cameras, investigates the
hidden world of puppy mills. Find out why it's important to know where a puppy really comes from
before you take it home. Once you see this startling report, you will not stand for it. Lisa Ling exposes
inhumane treatment of animals in our country and what you can do about it. (OAD 4/04/08) (S/PA)

OPRAH WINFREY SHOW: “Suicide, Lies, Debt: A Suburban Nightmare.” What would you do if
your financial floor dropped out beneath you? A mother of four unexpectedly finds her husband dead by
suicide, and their life insurance policy cancelled months earlier. Now, with $72 in the bank and more than
$50,000 in credit card debt, she is facing an unexpected financial nightmare. Suze Orman guides her
through the steps to heal and handle her financial reality. She gives expert tips on what to do if the
breadwinner of your family passes away or can no longer support you and your children. She also shares
precautions everyone needs to take today to prevent financial crisis from happening to you. Don’t miss
priceless advice for women on how to stand on your own two feet and financially survive unforeseen
hardships. Even if you’ve never opened a bill or seen your life insurance policy, find out how you can
take ownership of your economic state to ensure a stable financial future (OAD 2/13/08) (S/PA) 5/29/08.
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