(Monthly Information and Updates)
                                    November 2007

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The ITS Department will be hosting an opportunity for all faculty and
staff to help us select our standard “Tablet” computer for the University. Employees of CWU will
be invited to stop by the SURC, try out various tablet PCs that meet ITS technical specifications,
and complete an evaluation so that we have your feedback. This event is currently scheduled
for January 16-18. In addition, demonstrations by faculty and administration are scheduled.
Watch for further information on this event in the December Monthly Report, in the Observer
and on the Intranet. We want your input!


Several IT related outages and service disruptions are scheduled which may impact customers across
the campus. If you have questions related to these outages, please contact the ITS HelpDesk at ext.
2001. These outages include:

         Dates               Project                Description
         Dec. 12th to 31st   Psychology             Short duration outages as individual customers are
                             Building               cutover from the old network to the new network.
         Dec. 14th to 16th   West Campus            Fiber Optic cable changes in Science Building & west
                             Fiber Optic            side of campus. Outages will vary in length while Fiber is
                             Upgrade                being worked on.
         Dec 14th -          Library to             Work is planned to start after 5:00pm, while the
                             Science Fiber          connectors which go from Science South to Library are
                             Upgrade                being worked on, connectivity for the Library and all
                                                    buildings serviced by it will be affected. This includes
                                                    everything non-ResNet which is north of the Ganges
                                                    (except Green Hall and Brooklane):

                                                    While the connectors between Science South and
                                                    Naneum are being worked on, connectivity to the west
                                                    campus Facilities Complex will be affected.

         Dec. 15th 8am –     (Saturday)             Outages - All six campus centers (4-digit dial voice and
         Noon                Wide-area              data), Jansen & Flight Technology. Replace Ellensburg
                             network outage         wide-area network router.
                             affecting: Router
         Dec. 17th to 21st   Nicholson              Relocate Nicholson Pavilion communications room to be
                             Pavilion               ready for Phase III remodel – Service outage most of the

         March/April                    A major outage is being scheduled for late March or early
                             Entire Campus
                                        April. This outage will require that all systems in the
                                        Central Data Center be powered down for 6 to 8 hours
        400 East University Way . Ellensburg WA 98926-7436 . Phone: 509-963-2333 . Fax: 509-963-1385
           Bouillon Hall Room 202 . Email: . Home Page
                                CWU is an AA/EEO/Title IX Institution. TDD 509-963-2143
                                                    (on two consecutive Saturdays), to accommodate
                                                    replacement & expansion of our Uninterruptable Power
                                                    Supply (UPS). More information on this outage will be
                                                    posted in early 2008.
       (ITS Goals 1, 3, 6)


West Side Technician Position – Computer Support Services is currently screening
applications for the ITS3 west side technician position. Secondary screening and interviews will
be completed by December. This position was funded as a Sphere of Distinction, in an effort to
provide a higher level of service to our growing west side Centers. Our goal is to have this
position filled by the start of the winter quarter. (ITS Goals 1, 2, 3, & 6)

Junior DBA Position – The ITS Applications Group will soon be advertising for a Junior DBA
Position to fill a vacancy in their Database Administration Group. This is an outstanding
opportunity for an individual with limited DBA experience, but with the desire and ability to work
in a DBA environment and learn.


November Training Summary - In November, ITS Training offered several "Campus
Computing Orientation" classes, a "GroupWise QuickStart on the Mac" class, and two "What's
New in Office 2007" classes. Feedback on these courses has been excellent. All PC users will
gradually be converted to Office 2007, so we encourage everyone to attend this short and
informative course. (ITS Goals 1, 2, 5)

Upcoming Training Opportunities - More “What’s New in Office 2007?” classes are being
scheduled for December. Announcements will be made via e-mail and the CWU Intranet. Also,
if you are new to campus, ITS Training offers a 30-minute hands-on computing orientation
class. Check out for scheduling, class descriptions, and a
registration form. (ITS Goals 1, 2, 5)

A lot of change is occurring as to software available to faculty and staff across the University.
In response to these changes, ITS is offering new training opportunities.

   •   For faculty and staff interested in learning about Office 2007 features and changes, or
   •   For administrative (Peoplesoft) systems training, go to (ITS Goals 1, 2, 5)

Revised Safari System Documentation - To view the on-line documentation, simply log into
the Wildcat Connection and choose Safari. You may choose from:

   •   On the Safari Intro page, instead of choosing to log into "Faculty Safari" or "Staff
       Safari," click the link below these that reads "Safari Faculty & Staff Guide Instructions
       and Help."
        400 East University Way . Ellensburg WA 98926-7436 . Phone: 509-963-2333 . Fax: 509-963-1385
           Bouillon Hall Room 202 . Email: . Home Page
                                CWU is an AA/EEO/Title IX Institution. TDD 509-963-2143
   •   When that html page opens, refer to the middle column. Click on the link that reads
       "Student Safari Step by Step Guides." That will take you to the same on-line help
       documentation that students may view. Click on any of the red links to access more
       information in the document about that topic.

There is a wealth of information available to students through the on-line help documentation,
to which all staff (with Safari access) and faculty also have access. (ITS Goals 1, 2, 5)

Do you text message? - If you have a University cell phone or Blackberry and find that you are
doing a fair amount of text messaging it would be advisable to look into obtaining a messaging
package. Without one the cost per message is $.15. Messaging packages start at $4.99 for
200 messages. That’s a $25 savings! (ITS Goals 1 & 2)

Voice Mail Tip - Do you know how to send an “URGENT” message. After recording your
message listen to the prompts, you will be given the opportunity to send the message with
normal delivery or press 2 for Urgent delivery. Your urgent message will take priority over other
messages and be the first message played. (ITS Goal 1)

HelpDesk Support for November - In the month of November, 82% of the 415 calls to the ITS
Helpdesk were resolved on the first contact. This exceeds our goal of closing at least 70% on
the first call. (ITS Goal 1)

       400 East University Way . Ellensburg WA 98926-7436 . Phone: 509-963-2333 . Fax: 509-963-1385
          Bouillon Hall Room 202 . Email: . Home Page
                               CWU is an AA/EEO/Title IX Institution. TDD 509-963-2143
All Help Desk staff members have completed training on Office 2007, Vista, Groupwise and the
Mac OS this fall. Our goal is to be able to resolve as many calls as possible, on first contact.
(ITS Goal 3)

HelpDesk Customer Satisfaction - Last summer, Help Desk implemented a customer
satisfaction survey to gather feedback on the quality of our services, as well as suggestions for
ways that we can better serve the campus community. This survey can be reached from the
Help Desk webpage at Eighty surveys were
returned with an average score of 4.97 out of 5, which exceeds our goal of an average of 4.5.
We appreciate those of you who took the time to respond. (ITS Goal 1)

                                       Customer Service Survey 
                                     July          August             September                October
                          5 4.9 5 4.9 5                 5 5 5 4.94.9                       5 5 5 4.9 5

         400 East University Way . Ellensburg WA 98926-7436 . Phone: 509-963-2333 . Fax: 509-963-1385
            Bouillon Hall Room 202 . Email: . Home Page
                                 CWU is an AA/EEO/Title IX Institution. TDD 509-963-2143
HelpDesk Continual Process Improvement - The Help Desk has implemented (or is
implementing) a number of procedures to provide the best possible service to the campus
community (ITS Goals 1, 2, and 3).

Some of them include:
      Following up on survey feedback to assure that our goals complement our customers’
      Increased staff training including off-site, on-line and in-house.
      Utilization of our internal knowledgebase to provide consistent answers to frequently
      asked questions.
      Help Desk staff working closely with other areas of ITS, particularly CSS, to gain insight
      into their work so we can better support not only our external CWU customers, but also
      our internal ones.
      Help Desk has set up a procedure with Network staff to immediately generate work
      orders when a CWU computer is disabled from the network.


CSS November Workload - In November, Computer Support Services resolved 382 work

The majority of the tickets required on-site visits to resolve the problems. There were 25 Win-
Win computers installed and 39 computers were sent to Surplus. (ITS Goals 1, 5 and 7)

       400 East University Way . Ellensburg WA 98926-7436 . Phone: 509-963-2333 . Fax: 509-963-1385
          Bouillon Hall Room 202 . Email: . Home Page
                               CWU is an AA/EEO/Title IX Institution. TDD 509-963-2143
University Center Support - To provide quality support in a timely manner, the ITS Department
Staff visited all University Centers in November. The work involved delivery of computers and
printers, scheduled resolution of work orders submitted by Help Desk and CSS staff and
installation of Office 2007. In January 2008, CSS hopes to have our west side technician hired
and supporting all of the west side locations.

Campus Macintosh Order – ITS coordinated a large purchase of various Macintosh computers
for customers across the campus. A total of 55 computers were ordered, which resulted in an
overall 6% additional savings to our customers. Delivered of these computers is planned for
later in December.

Adobe Contract now available – ITS has secured a license agreement for Adobe products,
including Acrobat Professional, InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and more at
considerable discounts. If you would like to order an Adobe program, please contact Jeff
Gladen in Computer Support Services at (509) 963-1606 or for pricing. (ITS
Goals 1, 3, 4, & 6)

Macintosh Leopard Coming to campus – ITS has ordered 300 copies of the new Leopard
operating system for Macintosh computers. The user cost is only $25 per license with ITS
providing the remainder of the funding. Please contact Jeff Gladen at or
(509) 963-1606. (ITS Goals 1, 3, 4, & 6)


Scheduling Center Laptop Lab – The first meeting of the Student Technology Committee is
being held on December 3, 2008. One of the topics to be discussed is a request to have the
Scheduling Center Checkout Laptops classified as an official Tech Fee supported student lab.
That way, the Technology Fee funds can automatically be used to repair equipment, replace
batteries, etc. In addition, the laptops will then become part of the regular replacement
schedule. Currently, tech fee funds are used, but each expenditure must be requested and
approved by the committee.

Winter Classrooms and Lab Preparations - The ITS Department is completing the plans for
upgrading software in labs/classrooms for Winter Quarter. Dave Storla contacts each faculty
who will be using these classrooms to personally identify any needed updates. If you are
teaching in one of these labs/classrooms, please make sure any needs are forwarded to Dave.
Our goal is always to assure that the correct software and versions are loaded in the
classrooms and labs prior to the first day of class each quarter.

All CWU computer labs, Ellensburg Campus and University Centers, were routinely maintained
and all emergency outages were addressed in a timely manner. Computer Labs in Lynnwood
and Des Moines had software installed, and Moses Lake lab had 4 new computers installed.
The installation of the Labstats program is currently being completed. A web server was
installed in Shaw-Smyser for the ITAM department. (ITS Goals 1, 4, & 6)

          400 East University Way . Ellensburg WA 98926-7436 . Phone: 509-963-2333 . Fax: 509-963-1385
             Bouillon Hall Room 202 . Email: . Home Page
                                  CWU is an AA/EEO/Title IX Institution. TDD 509-963-2143

Admissions and Recruitment – CRM - Student Affairs and Enrollment Management (SAEM)
and ITS have begun a joint effort to identify a Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
product for primary use by SAEM in efforts towards student recruitment, retention and
communications. This system would be geared primarily towards managing the complex
communications needed as prospective students are recruited and processed into student
status. Even after they become students, this system would be used to process various types
of communications including emergency notifications. An RFP was recently released with a
goal of selecting a vendor by the end of January. (ITS Goals 1, 2, 4, 5, 6)

Document Management - A long-term challenge for CWU is how to manage all the data we
have filed, whether hard copy or electronic format. A number of challenges exist including
storage space for paper documents, meeting state and federal requirements for document
retention, providing necessary access to meet student and other needs, and knowing when to
purge information that is no longer needed. To define a solution that best meets overall
needs, an RFP has been released for consulting services to conduct a broad survey of the
University. Responses from vendors are expected shortly with an award anticipated by first of
the year. The expected outcome is a compilation of academic and administrative document
management needs to include suggestions for possible solutions. Only after this report is
received and reviewed with stakeholders will an RFP be issued for an enterprise document
management system at CWU. (ITS Goals 1, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Data Warehouse - To support our long-term planning, budgeting and operational goals, plus
assist with future accreditation efforts, the University is planning implementation of a data
warehouse. A data warehouse serves as an “information store” for a broad range of university
data. The current discussion is to implement a Student Administration (SA) data warehouse
as a first step, with financial and human resource information to follow. CWU has license to
another PeopleSoft product named Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) that is
basically a fancy name for their data warehouse product. The latest version of this will be
installed in mid-January for development efforts after which we’ll be able to start working
towards implementation of a production version that will replace many of the current needs for
our Reporting instances as well as begin to create a solution for a historical data warehouse.
(ITS Goals 1, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Campus Portal - The University will be moving to a “Portal” for faculty, staff and students to
provide a single point of access for most university and individual information. Planning is in
the early stages for the Portal. (ITS Goals 1, 5, 6)

Loan Management System - The University administers Perkins Loans (primarily for
education students) which have a complex billing and repayment process. This next year, a
major goal is to replace the existing system, which is based on out-dated technology, with a
new system. At this time, discussions are underway with the current vendor for acquisition of
an updated system. (ITS Goals 1, 4, 6)

        400 East University Way . Ellensburg WA 98926-7436 . Phone: 509-963-2333 . Fax: 509-963-1385
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Position Control System - An important support system for the Budget Office to project and
report on budgeted activity is the Position Control system. The current system is based on
out-dated technology and is being replaced by a system that will be part of PeopleSoft. Work
will resume on this project shortly. (ITS Goals 3, 4, 6)

System Governance Update - During November, representatives from various divisions have
been updating Work Requests on the Trakker system. This system is used to compile lists of
outstanding administrative systems work requests for review, prioritization and approval or

On December 3rd, the Enterprise Information System Governance Team (EISGT) will meet to
review the current work requests with the goal of finalizing priorities and making an initial effort
to establish a schedule of work. The EISGT includes membership from ITS, Student Affairs,
Human Resources, President’s Office and Academics. (ITS Goals 1, 3, 4, 5, 6)

System Governance Charter Revision – Don Diebert of EIS has been spearheading a
revision of the Enterprise Information Systems Governance at CWU charter. This document
provides the overall framework for governing how CWU manages change across
administrative systems including Financials, Human Resources, Student Administration and
related systems. As part of the current planning effort, this document is being reviewed with a
final update to be published shortly on the Project Management and IT Services web site. (ITS
Goals 1, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Post-HRSA upgrade News - Since bringing our new version of PeopleSoft Safari and Human
Resources on-line October 23, while we’ve encountered plenty of small issues, overall we’re
very pleased with the new system. User feedback has been very favorable and our
observations of the new system indicate that it is performing at even higher levels than the
previous one did. We feel very good about having successfully completed our first open
registration period and the first two payrolls on the system. Those were times of anxiety for
many of us but in the end it was verification of the success of the upgrade project. Some of
the major issues we’ve encountered and resolved include:

   •   Web server issue – on November 14, the web server serving student logons crashed
       and was out of service for a short period. This was determined to be a problem caused
       by higher utilization of server memory by the new version of our web server. While we
       performed load tests prior to the conversion, we never reached a high enough level to
       cause these problems to appear. In order to correct the situation, we have now
       doubled the physical memory on the servers used for this.
   •   Disk failure – on November 12, we experienced a hardware failure in which a critical
       disk drive failed. While the disk system is set up in a manner that should have made
       this transparent to continuing operations, it didn’t work as expected and caused the
       entire PeopleSoft Safari and Human Resources database to stop operating. Once the
       hardware problem was corrected, database recovery operations over the next few
       hours returned the system to normal. The original problem is still being investigated.

        400 East University Way . Ellensburg WA 98926-7436 . Phone: 509-963-2333 . Fax: 509-963-1385
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                                CWU is an AA/EEO/Title IX Institution. TDD 509-963-2143
   •   CSRPT problems – early on, nightly refreshes of data to the reporting instance
       experienced many problems – mostly due to timing issues. This is a common problem
       and was resolved after the first couple of weeks.
   •   CSRPT query problems – queries were problematic initially and much of this was also
       tied to the memory problems mentioned earlier. That, plus work to add indexes and
       rewrite some of the queries seems to have cleared up the bulk of problems. Work
       continues to improve query performance.
   •   Many other minor problems surfaced throughout the first few weeks and were dealt
       with as quickly as possible. This is not unusual for a new system starting up as it’s
       impossible to predict and prepare for every possibility in a new system. (ITS Goals 1 & 4)

Coming Updates - Application of PeopleSoft updates and fixes is a never-ending operation in
our world. Updates underway at this time include:

   •   HR and Safari: Maintenance Pack 7-9, CS 8.9 Bundle #12 (w/FA Regs 1), HRMS 8.9
       Bundle #13, Payroll Tax Update 07-E have been applied to CSDVL; are scheduled to
       be migrated into CSTST Dec. 2-3 for system testing and then into production Dec. 29-
   •   FMS: Up through Maintenance Pack 9 was applied to FMTST November 14 for
       system testing and will be moved into production December 8. (ITS Goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)


The following are the current capital projects managed by FMD, which have a major ITS
component and support requirement.

Psychology Network Upgrade - Psychology building communication cabling is in progress and
on schedule for completion by the end of December. About 75% of the cable has been pulled
in, and cutover to the new network is scheduled for the 2nd half of December, 2007.

Barge Hall Network Upgrade - Barge Hall is at 60% in the design phase and initial estimates
have been received. Work in Barge Hall is being planned to begin mid spring quarter with an
end of quarter completion date. (ITS Goal 6)


The following are the current capital technology projects related to the computing infrastructure
at CWU. These projects are managed within the ITS Department.

Implement Virtual Network Systems – We are currently developing the hardware equipment
configuration for the implementation of the first of three production phases. Several low usage
systems have migrated into the prototype virtual system established for testing. It is expected
that each virtual system will have the capability to support at least 5-6 server systems and
continue our efforts to better utilize the scarce power in the Data Center. The hope is that via
virtualized servers and other actions, the current data center will be capable of supporting our
needs until a secondary center is constructed in 3 to 4 years.
        400 East University Way . Ellensburg WA 98926-7436 . Phone: 509-963-2333 . Fax: 509-963-1385
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Upgrade Network Backbone - Phase 1 of the comm. room switch upgrade has been
completed. Phase 2 is expected to complete another third of the remaining comm. rooms and
will begin near the end of January, 2008. The WAN consolidation component of this project was
delayed and will be completed during the Christmas break. This will aggregate the multiple
wide area T1 circuits into one circuit back to the Data Center and enable us to provide better
data/voice/video service to the off-campus centers

Email Archiving System – the RFI phase for this project has been completed and evaluated.
This resulted in a decision to go forward with an RFP to acquire a product that will integrate with
our current GroupWise email system. The RFP is expected to be completed and advertised in
early December. (ITS Goal 4)


Old Phone Replacement - We have approximately 275 digital phones on campus that are 10
years old or more, more than half of these are more than 15 years old. One time funding has
been allocated to replace these phones. It is necessary to replace these for future technology
and software upgrades to our phone switch. (ITS Goal 6)

IT & Data Center Planning – Personnel from ITS, Facilities and other interested parties on
campus met to discuss options for future locations for MTIS, ITS and other related groups. After
a very good discussion, a hybrid options was approved which recommends that MTIS and the
Communications Department eventually move to a remodeled Hogue Hall (following building of
the new Hogue Hall next biennium). In addition, a backup Data Center will also go in Hogue.
This will be followed by a future project of the Samuelson Union Building which would host a
new primary data center, and all ITS Offices and services. This is simply an agreed upon
recommendation which FMD will present to the Cabinet. (ITS Goals 4, 6 and 8)

SURC Phase 2 - Work is currently in progress to install another cabinet in the SURC Data
Annex. This rack is the 2nd of two to be installed and will be populated with the Diebold system
and several HP server systems and move approximately 20 amps of electrical service from the
Data Center to the SURC annex. This work is expected to be completed by the end of the first
week in December and is required before any new server system can be installed in the Data
Center. Ron Breckon and David Hart are the key personnel with this project. (ITS Goal 4)

Identity Management - The first phase of this project has been completed. All student
accounts including email are now automatically created and maintained as a result of activity
and actions (admission, registration) within PeopleSoft. Formerly this was done by student
record feeds to an account creation process. This process delayed the student account
creation by as much as 24 hours. Now, as soon as a student is admitted the account is created.
David Hart and Jim Price have been the key individuals in implementing this project. Phase 2 of
this project will also recognize PeopleSoft as the authoritative source and add faculty and staff
into this auto account create process. Phase 2 will begin development in early 2008. (ITS Goal 4)

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Emergency Notification System - An RFP is under development for an Automated Emergency
Notification System which will allow students, faculty and staff to be contacted (in the event of
an emergency) via various methods including phone call, email, and text messaging.

Voice Mail Replacement - The RFP for our new Unified Messaging System will soon be
released. This system is intended to replace CWU’s old legacy voice mail system. (ITS Goal 2)


Dining Services - The Dining Survey, sponsored online by the National Association of College
& University Food Services [NACUFS] was available during the first three weeks of November.
The Aux group provided the backend for the email support for all faculty, staff and students who
participated to vie for the raffle prize (an iPod Nano). (ITS Goal 1)

Housing - Housing is the collection center for all summer Orientation session information, while
the Conference Center provides room and meal services. Discussions between Aux and
Conference staff have resulted in a plan which will reduce data management, transfer, and entry
for these sessions. The new automated flow of data will maintain accurate session reservation
data in the new Conference application. Orientation is a high profile event, and we want to
provide a great ‘first’ impression of campus services to the incoming class of 2008. (ITS Goals 1, 4
& 6)

Legacy Applications - Reassessment of the necessity to migrate all PowerHouse applications
to version 8.40E is under way. Current plans for the new 3-tier Conference application include
formal testing beginning in mid January 2008, ‘Go Live’ in April of 2008, and porting the
PowerHouse Parking and Health applications to 3-tier ‘read only’ applications by the end of
June 2008. (ITS Goals 1, 4 & 6)

Parking - Trish Swanson, formerly of the Provost’s Office, has accepted the Parking manager
appointment. She has spent the last half of the month learning the nuances of Parking and
Police Services operations, and the T2 Flex software. Welcome aboard Trish! (ITS Goals 1 & 2)

ResNet - Multiple discussions amongst all ResNet partners regarding ‘sufficient Bandwidth’
occurred during October. As an outcome, Jason Gerdes has worked with Housing and ITS staff
to develop a ResNet user survey. The first meeting with students will be Wednesday,
November 28th, at the Residence Hall Association meeting. Survey results will hopefully provide
an accurate assessment tool for future services and their configuration. (ITS Goal 1)

Recreation - The Class software application will receive a minor revision upgrade (v6.1.503c)
on December 10th. This will correct a reporting bug in flow rates and individuals who swipe their
Connection Card to gain access to the facility. (ITS Goals 1 & 6)

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Accreditation Site Development – The Web Office has constructed and implemented a web
site and database that stores information regarding the NWCCU committees and compliments
and supports the university accreditation process. These pages were built using PHP and
connected to the mySQL database server. Each page has questions and text areas for the
responses to accreditation questions. Colleges and departments submit their accreditation
information dynamically and accreditation committees review and write responses that are
submitted to the database. This site may be viewed at (ITS Goals 1,
2 & 4)

Web Office Customer Satisfaction Survey - The Web Office is pleased to announce that a
simple customer satisfaction survey has been launched. The ITS/Web Office strives to provide
exemplary customer service, but we need your feedback. How are we doing on the projects we
complete for you? Feel free to let us know. The survey should take no more than 2 minutes to
complete and is located at:

For customers during the last month, we will be e-mailing you this request with an embedded
link to the survey. (ITS Goal 1)

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