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					Divorce Custody
 Divorce is one of the most depressing phases of a
  person's life.
 But after divorce, if you get best divorce settlement
  and divorce custody from court, then your all problems
  can be solved.
 You will hope for better future after divorce.
 For that you must have knowledge about divorce
Divorce Custody
 You can gain knowledge about divorce from your
 A good lawyer will give you best legal advice related to
 Here we are explaining to you the different types of
  divorce custody.
Following are some types of divorce custody.

  A- Child custody:
 The spouse who will file for divorce may also want
  divorce child custody.
 Child custody is divided into 2 types.

  Sole Legal Custody:
 In sole legal custody, all decisions about the child is
  taken by only one parent who has child custody.
  Sole Physical Custody:

 In sole physical custody, child lives with only one
  parent and other parent has visitation rights.

  B- Joint Custody:
 Joint custody is beneficial for both parents that's why it
  is so popular in society.

 Joint custody is divided into 2 types.
  Joint Legal Custody:

 In joint legal custody, both parents have rights take
  decisions about child together.

 Joint Physical Custody:

 In this type of custody, child lives with both parents.

 Some limited period of time, child spends with one parent
  and after that child spends time with another parent.
 The amount of time the child will spend with each
 parent is decided by the couple keeping in mind the
 best interests of their child.
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