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					         MISSION                                                   Salem Pregnancy
Or imagine walking into a
four-star restaurant, and y
   S a l e m P r e g n a n c see-
ing a sign reading: "The                                            Care Center
 s e r v government m m u
county e s o u r c o recom--
    n i t that you dine i n g
mends y b y o f f e r some-
where else."                                                      Summer 2011
   practical support
  a elsewhere. Failucted e
No n d g o d l y c o u n sbyl
NARAL. Step two: Join forces
 in the areas of cri-
with pro-abortion lawmakers
toipassrlaws that c y , p a r -
 s s p e g n a n attack crisis                       Walking and Driving for Life
pregnancy ,centers. e x u a l
  enting and s
   probably a c c surprise you The week before Salem Preg-
It p u r i t y , won't o r d i n g                                          mobile gaming system and imme- proceeds from the event were
       t that e g r a c abortion nancy Care Center’s annual Walk diately walkers were dancing and donated to the center.
t learno t hMaryland e ,
clinics don't have to post
  m e announcing o v e o
signs r c y a n d lservices f      for Life weather forecasters were playing along to the music.
they don't offer. For sinstance,
       Jesus Chri t.               predicting severe weather activ-                                                Funds from our fundraisers are
they don't have to announce                                                          Face painters were on         used to help provide pregnancy
that they don't have adoption ity.
    Board of Directors not
lawyers on hand. They're                                                             hand to entertain the chil- tests to the community free of
      Kyle Swicegood
forced to suggest that clients     Jennifer Fogle,                                   dren. Not only were faces charge. Clients facing a crisis
go elsewhere—say, to a clinic
that invites women to see          director of Fund-                                 painted but arms, hands, pregnancy are counseled on their
        Scott Seawell
their unborn babies on an          raising and De-                                   legs and feet as well.        options as it relates to their preg-
        Vice President
ultrasound machine before
making a decision.
         Steve Mathis              velopment, was-                                                                 nancy and they all receive the
                                   n’t worried. She                                  Vern Hill of WBFJ pro-        Gospel message.
            Treasurer                                                                vided the music and em-
       Judy Kessinger              knew that God
                                                                                     ceed the event.               Funds from the Walk for Life are
             Secretary             was in control
                                   and He would                                                                    also used in our parenting classes
     Dr. John Birkedal             handle the situa-                                                               and Bible studies we offer every
         Jason Carter              tion.                                                                           Thursday night. Clients are en-
     Jake Jelinek, Esq.                                                     In addi-                               rolled in the program and earn
           Joe Joseph              The walk was held at Tanglewood tion to                                         vouchers through an incentive
        Beth Sanders               Park and the rain held off until         the                                    program. Clients are also en-
    Dr. Cooper Scurry              after the event!                         Walk                                   rolled in our mentoring program
     Scott Jones , Esq.                                                     for                                    that matches them with a mentor
                                   Approximately eighty walkers             Life,                                  for as long as the client deems
                Staff              braved the clouds and came out in Kernal Kustard on Hanes Mall
        Bonnie Logan                                                                                               necessary.
                                   support of the center.                   Boulevard hosted a classic car
     Center Operations                                                      show on April 29th in honor of         Thank you to all who came out for
                                   The walk is always family friendly Salem Pregnancy Care Center.                 our walk and we look forward to
        Jennifer Fogle             and this year proved no exception.
             Director-                                                                                             walking with you next spring!
                                   Games for You arrived with their Classic cars were showcased and
 Fundraising & Develop-
    Teresa Remmenga                                                   Not just a pregnancy test
 Client Services Director            She thought she was coming here for a pregnancy test. What she didn’t know was how much love she was
        Dottie Powers                about to receive. After meeting with the client for an hour the counselor felt a burden for her. She immedi-
            Director -               ately wanted to know how much she could get involved in this client’s life. She wanted to be a birth coach, be
 Worth the Wait Program              in the delivery room, but even more she wanted to share the love of Jesus Christ with this girl.
            Lisa Ling
Client Programs Director             The client was in a tough spot: her family was completely unsupportive, she had no car, a job that only called
                                     her when needed, and lived in a terrible neighborhood. The counselor began by attending classes with the
      Lauren Hobson
                                     client. They would then go to grab something to eat afterward and to talk about the Gospel message. After a
 Client Services Assistant
                                     few meetings, the client gave her life to Christ.
     Michelle McCann
   Fundraising Assistant             She has also asked the counselor to be in the delivery room with her and has also asked her to be the god-
                                     mother to her baby. The client is set to get her GED by the end of May and will start taking classes at For-
                                     syth Tech in the fall. She wants to own her own business one day.
         Page 2                                                Meet Lauren Hobson

                            Lauren Elizabeth Hobson became a member of Salem Pregnancy Care Center’s staff in Novem-
 Funding to                ber 2010. Before working at the center she was a case manager at the Baptist Children’s Home
  Retire the Debt.          in Thomasville, North Carolina.
  Just mark your
                            In January of 2010 Lauren felt                          a calling on her heart to volunteer at Salem
  check: RTD
                            Pregnancy Care Center. Her                              best friend, Ginny Stone, worked for
 Worth the Wait            Pregnancy Support Services, a                           pregnancy care center in Durham, and that
  drama and                 helped plant a seed of interest                         for this specific ministry to women. After
  medical                   praying and looking into what                           services were available in the Winston
  volunteers                Salem area, Lauren heard                                about Salem Pregnancy Care Center and
                            felt led to volunteer as a                              counselor for the center. Lauren loved the
 Baby supplies             fact that this ministry sought                          to love and minister to women whom
                            many people overlook. As it                             is with God’s timing, about the time Lau-
 Office supplies           ren finished counselor train-                           ing, the Client Services Assistant position
                            became available. She truly feels God is so gracious to have given her this opportunity.
 Paper products
                            Lauren received her Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Southeastern Baptist Theological
 Books
                            Seminary and has always felt led to help women facing a crisis.
 Diapers                   Her favorite part of the ministry is being able to share the hope of Jesus to clients facing a diffi-
                            cult situation – a real hope that will not spoil nor fade, and to tell them how much God loves
 DVD Player                them.
 Digital Camera            Lauren is in charge of training and screening all potential volunteers for Salem Pregnancy Care
 Bookcases
                            This past year is a year of change for Lauren. In addition to joining the staff at Salem Pregnancy,
                            she also recently gotten married. Her wedding was the first staff wedding in Salem Pregnancy’s

                                                         SPECIAL RECOGNITION

                                             In Memory Of:                                            In Honor Of:
                                           Jon Kindy                                                 Lisa Ling
                                   by Jeremy and Jennifer Kindy                             by Natalie and Richard Ling
 Salem Pregnancy Care
                                    Micki Haymore Faucon                                 Mr. and Mrs. Norm Potter,
Center car magnets are
 available at the center.         by June Wilson and Gayle Mays                        Mr. and Mrs. Stu Epperson, and
Stop by and pick one up                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Pegram
    today for just $1.                                                                  by Rep. and Mrs. Dale R. Folwell

                               Salem Pregnancy
 Summer 2011
                                                                                                                            Page 3

                                   Footsteps making tracks
                                          Mentors also help our clients on their spiri- services with their mentors, or just to have
                                          tual walk. The center currently has twenty someone to talk to should the need arise.
                                                        volunteer mentors.
                                                                                        Some mentors take their mentee to church
                                          This program has really enriched the lives       with them, or to church events such as
                                          of our clients and our volunteers as well as Calvary’s God Encounters. Others will go
                                                    they get to see their client         over helpful books such as Living Free by
                                                         grow in the Word.                       Beth Moore and do a study
Footsteps, Salem Pregnancy Care Cen- Mentors are encouraged to meet with their                          with their client.
ter’s Mentoring program, just celebrated     client at least twice a month, one time      This one-on-one relationship has helped
           its second birthday.            being at our HOPE/New Life classes. In           our clients meet their goals with more
  The program was created as a way to      addition to the class time, specific mentor              focus than in the past.
  continue relationships with our clients events are scheduled allowing the mentor
                                                and mentee time to have fun and            Mentors are helping their clients to find
   once they had graduated out of our                                                    community resources that will enrich their
             voucher program.                      build a lasting relationship.
                                                                                        living situations, as well as different oppor-
Mentors are assigned to clients and meet  Clients have been very positive about this tunities such as financial training classes
with them to encourage them to continue program. They are excited to go shopping             to help them with practical life skills.
 their educational or employment goals.       with their mentors, to attend church

                                                                   Fall Banquet 2011
                 Volunteer Profile
                                                                    Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 29th, 2011 and
As the season of spring cleaning came to an end the cen-           join Salem Pregnancy Care Center for our annual banquet. Sa-
          ter was blessed with an abundance of                     lem Pregnancy will be celebrating its twenty-sixth year in minis-
                   material donations.                                                            try serving the Winston-Salem
 For the past nine years Angela Perdue has been sorting
 and organizing our baby boutique and maternity room.                                              This year’s special guest will be
 Angela began volunteering at the center as a counselor                                            Grammy-Award winner Re-
      and after giving birth she took charge of the                                                becca St. James. She began her
                                                                                                   recording career at the age of 12.
                     supply rooms.
                                                                                                  She became involved with crisis
Nicole Mott helps with the sorting as well. Her interest
                                                                                                  pregnancy centers after attending
in crisis pregnancy centers came from her mother who                                              a crisis pregnancy event in Los
volunteered at a center in Tampa, Florida when Nicole                                             Angeles. She prayed to God to
                      was a child.                                                                use her in this ministry field and
                                                                                                  within weeks she was given the
 Nicole loves being able to show the love of Jesus Christ
                                                                                                  opportunity to star in Sarah’s
         to girls and women who feel they have                     Choice, a movie about a young unmarried woman faced with the
                    no where to turn.                              choice of life for her baby.
  She feels that Salem Pregnancy Care Center is a place            Thank you for supporting this vital ministry for twenty-six years.
        where women can come and feel accepted                     We are exited to see what God has in store for Salem Pregnancy
               no matter the circumstance.                         Care Center in the coming year.
                                   1342 Westgate Center Drive
                                                                                                                 Non-Profit Organization
                                   Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103
                                                                                  U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                   Phone: 336.760.3680                                                             PERMIT NO. 541
                                   Fax: 336.760.3674

        THANK YOU: CARING PARTNERS (monthly/
                  quarterly donations); and
            UNITED WAY PARTNERS who designate
                Salem Pregnancy Care Center
                                Code 2130                                                             Return Service Requested

                                  THANKS TO OUR 2010-2011 WORTH THE WAIT SPONSORS!

                                                           You are….Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait ended the 2010-2011 academic year with a drama performance at Mineral Springs Middle School. Medical profes-
sionals as well as high school drama presenters were able to speak to over five thousand middle school students about the message of

For one student in particular this message was exactly what she needed to hear. The day after the drama team performed at her
school she sent an email to Dottie Powers, the director of the Worth the Wait program. Below is a copy of her email:

I have signed up for Worth the wait and sent in my application to you. I just wanted to talk to you separately about a problem I am having. When you
and your team came to my school yesterday you reached out to me and a bunch of my friends. Anyway, my problem is about a boy. We were dating and
he asked me about sex, I didn’t really know what to say so I just laughed. I didn’t want to tell him no right then because I really liked him and I didn’t
want us to break up. Then the next day you came to our school, and I sure am glad you did. We broke up today and looking back now I'm glad I didn't
have sex with him.

Dottie is now accepting applications for medical presenters and for high school students who wish to be on the drama team. Please
contact her at: or by telephone 760-3680 ext. 207.

                                                                                               Donate Online at
                            Upcoming Events!                                                      Donations to SPCC can also be made
July 14th           Community Serve at Calvary Baptist Church                                           in the following ways:
Sept 29th           Annual Banquet - Special Guest Speaker,                                   Matching Company Gifts           Good Search
                    Rebecca St. James                                                         United Way #2130                 Online Donations
September           Her Choice to Heal: post-abortive support group                           Credit Card                      Bank Draft

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