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DVD Video Editing and Authoring _ Free buring softwares


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									DVD Video Editing and Authoring - A
Useful How-To Guide
With the current advancements of technology nowadays, it seems so distant to think
that most standard technology gadgets we have come to embrace in our daily lives
have only been around for less than a decade. Take for example the advent of DVD
technology. The dvd discs and the dvd players. Seems like they have been around
forever but upon close look, it was not so long ago that it was the VHS who ruled
the home entertainment marketplace. Then the CD technology came along and
passed by like a blur as quicly as it came along. So now we are here, right in the
middle of the DVD era. DVD discs and dvd players have certainly literally taken over
the whole marketplace so to speak.

On a more personal level, it has certainly made our lives much more easier and
colorful. Wether you are a big time movie producer or a just a beginner trying to
videotape your child's first birthday. You will need to get the video footage off your
camera, edit it or store it on a DVD disc for future viewing.

The best way to do this is to download or transfer the video files to your computer
and burn it to a DVD disc. If you are a beginner this may seem like a daunting task
but authoring or editing your videos to burn on a DVD disc is actually a quick and
easy procedure that requires virtually no highly technical computer skills. If you
know how to play a DVD in your computer, then there is no reason why you can't
create one.

This article aims to break down the four basic concepts on Editing and Authoring a
DVD so here it is.

1. Capturing Your Video and Audio

This varies depending on what type of dvd burning software you are using to
capture to. Windows usually has the Movie Maker pre installed. This program will be
enough for simple DVD burning tasks but there are actually a lot of more advanced
dvd burning software available in case you want more functionality. After you have
recorded your video, plug the camera into your computer. (Your digital video camera
will come with a USB or S-Video cord that you can connect to your computer.) You
computer should recognize that a new piece of hardware has been attached to it.
When you open Windows Movie Maker, there is a button labeled "Capture from
video device". Click that button and follow the instructions, it's really a quick
process. If you are using another type of software, just look for the option labeled
"new device". Copy and paste the video files to which folder you would like it to be

2. Editing Your Video and Audio
Once you have saved your video and audio footage onto your computer's hard drive,
there are many different programs to use to edit and output your video. The most
simple program PC users have access to is Windows Movie Maker, which we
discussed in the previous step regarding video and audio capturing. This program is
both free and easy to use, yet it is probably the least flexible. This doesn't mean
anything to the novice video editor, but will limit the more advanced users. For
advanced editing I recommend you choose a dvd authoring software that enables
you to chop up and rearrange your video, add music or narration, and ultimately
output it as an.avi file. You will want to output it as the most high quality.avi that
you can. If you were preparing video to share over the web, or to burn to a CD to
view on another computer, this would be your last step. But since we're ultimately
trying to get our video onto a DVD for viewing on a DVD player, we'll need to
complete another couple steps.

3. Encoding Your Video and Audio

This is a very crucial process, as it determines the quality and format of your DVD
video footage. There are many different 3rd party applications that are used just for
encoding, here are the Best Free CD-DVD Burning Software you might wanna check
for this. Regardless of what tool you use to encode, you're going to need to end up
with a high quality MPEG2 file, which is the format that will play on a DVD in a home
DVD player.

4. Authoring Your DVD

DVD authoring is the process of adding a title screen, chapter markers, and other
assorted features that you've probably experienced in watching professionally made
DVD movies. You're going to need a 3rd party application to author your DVD, and
there are many to choose from. Here is DVD Authoring software top ten review for
your consideration which is easy for a novice to use and has many advanced
features that the more experienced DVD author will certainly appreciate.

After you author your DVD, you're ready to burn it to disc. If you completed all the
steps correctly, you should be able to pop your DVD in your home player and watch
away. Beware that some older DVDs do not play burned DVDs very well.

Free to Burn DVD for Any DVD Player
to Enhance Home Theatre
DVD players provide high-quality audio and video connections for amazingly crisp,
clear images and surround sound. When referring to DVD players, some brands may
jump into our mind, such as Sony, Philips, Pioneer, Toshiba and so on. The top three
popular DVD players of 2011 in Amazon are Sony DVP-SR200P/B, Sony DVP-SR500H
1080p Upscaling and Philips DVP3560/F7 with 1080p HDMI Upscaling and
Multimedia DiVX. They all receive high ratings for their reliable quality and
reasonable price.

Generally speaking, most of DVD players support CD, (S)VCD, DVD, DVD+- R/RW,
MP3, WMA, JPEG. You might buy the burnt discs on the market. Actually, you can
burn DVD the discs by yourself, which gives you the same great picture and sound
quality while expanding your entertainment options and saving money. I will share
my free DVD burning process for references. The burnt videos can be smoothly
played on any DVD players.

Tips: For clearer pictures, you'd better choose the source videos with high
resolutions, such as 1280*720.

Step 1. Import Videos to Program

Needless to say, the installation is a must before any operations. I use Sothink
movie DVD maker and it is free. After the installation, launch the program and
import the video files. You can add multiple files at one time to this free DVD
burning software.

Tips: You might need some settings after adding files. Choose the DVD size in the
"Setting" option, and you can click "Advanced" button for more settings. In fact, this
free DVD burning software has made the advanced settings. Thus, you can skip the
advanced settings.

Step 2. Create DVD Menu

Being different from other similar programs, this software not only allows you to
burn DVD free but also provides lots of built-in stylish DVD menu templates. Click
"DVD Menu" settings at the right panel of the program. Then hit the down arrow of
the "Templates" to select your favorite menu templates.

Tips: Trimming videos is a better choice for those long videos, which will save the
burning time. Just select the video, and click "Edit->Trim…".

Step 3. Convert and Burn

Make sure you have inserted DVD disc before burning. Choose the videos you wish
to convert/burn, and click "Burn" button to start the video conversion and burning.
When the video conversion and DVD menu creation are completed, it pops up a
dialog and starts burning the generated video files to disc.
Just wait for a moment during the DVD burning process. When all conversion and
burning process are done, you can insert the discs into the DVD players for
watching. You can choose the videos you want to play with the remote controller.

Tips: Different DVD player may have some differences in picture quality. You'd
better do some comparison before purchase.

More useful suggestions to share:

1. Compare DVD burning software tools before purchase. Check the top download
DVD software over internet, such as CNET. Some free DVD burning software has
enough capacity to meet the home entertainment requirements.

2. Be sure not to occupy more CPU during the DVD burning process, for instance,
not browsing websites, playing games etc.

3. You can add your own pictures as the menu background images to Sothink free
movie DVD maker.

Burning DVD is easier than you think if you have found a capable assistant (such as
a fast and functional free DVD burning software). Only 3 steps, you can burn your
own DVD discs, the burnt DVD can also be smoothly played in your car DVD player.
Some other similar products may also help you burn DVD; while if you can do all
that without wasting much more money, why bother?


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