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 launches franchise model

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                    launches franchise model                                                Rewards & Recognition
                   , one of the leading travel portals in India promoted by Sabeer
                             Bhatia (, has launched Arzoo Franchisee Associate Programme
                                                                                                                                                 International Airline
                             (AFAP), to enable entrepreneurs and travel agents to be associated with                                             Buy 1 Get 1 Free on
                             Premium Arzoo brand.                                                                                                your Bank Card & Net
                             CJ: The Source    Sun, Mar 01, 2009 18:49:25 IST                                                                    Banking. Book Tickets
                             Views: 556 Comments: 1                     Rate:              5.0 / 1 votes                                         Now!
  Travel And Trourism : Hello Travel increased sales!                                                                                  

                                                                                                                                                 Travel to Thailand?
    Start Your Own Business ARZOO.COM, ONE of the leading                                                                  Luxury Travel
    High ROI IT Franchise Opportunity Among Top                                                                                                  Experience Thailand
    100 Franchise Brands                          travel portals in India promoted by Sabeer
                                                                                                                                                 Fun or Money Back,
                                                        Bhatia (, has launched
    Honeymoon Packages                                                                                                        Book Online Now!
                                                        Arzoo Franchisee Associate Program                                             
    Discover the scenic beauty of Loire Valley. Plan
    your vacation today!
                                                        (AFAP), to enable entrepreneurs and Live Debate
                                                        travel agents to be associated with                                                      Vacation in Australia
    International Flight Travel                                                                                            Visit Sydney,
                                                        Premium Arzoo brand and earn None of the famed football heroes
    Buy 1 Get 1 Free on your Bank Card & Net                                                 were able to deliver the goods in FIFA              Melbourne, Gold Coast
    Banking. Book Tickets Now!
                                                        handsome revenues.                   world Cup. Do you think it is time to               and Cairns. Book Now
                                                                                                                                                 and Save!
    Book Cheap Flight Tickets  An franchisee will be able to stop worshipping the stars?                 
                                                   sell all of’s inventory          Agree: 61.76% Disagree: 38.24%
    Flight Tickets At Rs. 99 + Taxes. Quality
    Service. Book Now & Save!                      including online flight and hotel booking          Participate Now
                                                   at best rates, wide range of holiday Latest in Press Releases
                                                   packages, car hire, travel insurance, visa
                                                                                               Endorsement of Yoga in a..
   and passport services and any other products launched by AFAP is
                                                                                               Green ICT to empower rural..
   available in Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze categories so that anybody wishing to
                                                                                               Register your domain name with..
   be an Arzoo Franchisee has a choice depending on his investment capacity. AFAP
                                                                                               Enjoy a new shopping experience..
   promises to give good ROI to its Franchisees by way of providing best commissions on
                                                                                               CRRI approves RePLAY for..
   all its products and excellent 24 X 7 customer support.
                                                                                                             Uninor introduces 'Bandhan..
   “AFAP is designed at providing the entrepreneurs an opportunity to be a part of multi-                              more...
   billion Tourism Industry and earn good income. AFAP also provides an opportunity to Citizen's Choice
   small and medium Travel Agents to be associated with India’s Premium Travel Brand Week Month Quarter Hall of Fame
   & cash in on the revenues.” says Sameer Patil – Head Marketing.                         Vijay Mallya's website hacked..
                                                                                                             Sikhs asked to embrace Islam or..
   Arzoo. com already has more than 2500 Travel Agents under its Preffered Sales Agent
                                                                                                             Kay Kay Menon's third wife!
   Network who book flights, hotels and holiday packages for their customers on a daily
                                                                                                             Discover the purpose of your..
                                                                                                             Rahman all set to release CWG..
                                                                                                             Zed feels USCCB ridicules..
   Through, customers can book domestic and international flights, make hotel                      Rahman's composition approved..
   reservations, buy domestic and international holiday packages, and find exciting
   weekend gateways and also service apartments. apart from offering amongst the best                        Mosque near Ground Zero - To
   rates in all categories, the unique value proposition of is that customers have                 be..
   a choice of multiple ways of making travel reservations via the internet or mobile                        Death stalks Himachal Pradesh..
   phones.                                                                                                   Congress thinking with a..

   Arzoo also specialises in handling regular travel requirements of corporate customers,
   including group bookings. Through special deals with major hotels in all categories Photos on Press Releases
   across India and overseas, Arzoo suits the budget and tastes of all types of customers.[8/23/2010 5:01:28 PM] launches franchise model

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