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					STATS o ers an extensive array of content for the FBS and FCS
divisions of NCAA Football.

STATS provides complete play by play coverage and box scores
for all FBS games. The play by play feed includes the most
in depth statistics and content in the marketplace today,
allowing for the creation of industry leading box scores, unique
statistical concepts and textual play by play descriptions.

For the FCS division, STATS o ers in progress score and time
information and complete post game box scores.

In-Depth Statistical Coverage
For more than 25 years, STATS has been the premier source for detailed statistical sports information. Our
real-time coverage and in-depth player and team statistics are perfect for any platform. Our leading-edge
solutions make STATS the expert’s choice when it comes to sports information services.

Statistical Data Available:

    Schedules, Results and Standings          Complete Team Statistics              Detailed Statistical Splits
                                                 1st Downs                             Home and Away
    Conference Leaders                           3rd and 4th Down E ciency             Wins and Losses
                                                 Total Yards Gained                    Vs. Team
    Complete Player Statistics                   Turnovers                             More...
       Passing Attempts & Completions            Penalties and Penalty Yards
       Passing Yards Gained                      Time of Possesion
       Passing Touchdowns                        More...
       Rushing Attempts
       Rushing Yards Gained
       Rushing Touchdowns
       Receiving Yards Gained
       Receiving Touchdowns
       Kicking Statistics
       More...         +1(847) 583-2100
Play-By-Play Coverage

 STATS in progress play by play package o ers the most in depth textual descriptions available anywhere.
 For all FBS games, more than 150 potential events are available to trigger textual descriptions of the action
 on the eld. Play by play is the perfect value added solution for any gamecast and online viewing

Editorial and Photo Coverage

 STATS o ers a comprehensive editorial and photo package for
 NCAA Football. Up to 40 breaking and general news stories
 from the daily wire, providing your readers the in depth NCAA
 Football coverage they desire. In addition to wire coverage,
 STATS o ers complete game previews for Top 25 games and
 recaps of every NCAA
 game, along with
 photos from select
 contests to round out
 the package.

Historical Coverage
 With deep, rich historical content dating to 1996, STATS provides an unparalleled selection of historical
 statistics for NCAA Football. Historical packages include player and team statistics, leaderboards,
 schedules and standings.

 Featured Historical Coverage:
   Complete year-by-year statistics for all players since 1996
   Complete year-by-year statistics for all teams since 1996
   Complete play-by-play for select conferences since 1996       +1(847) 583-2100

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