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                  in honour of the inaugural RMLA President, Hon Peter Salmon QC

                                Dr Richard Simmons
                              Sustainable Urban Design
                  Dr Richard Simmons is proudly brought to New Zealand by the
                Resource Management Law Association in collaboration with
                                   AUCKLAND CONVERSATIONS

Dr Richard Simmons has over 30 years experience in town planning, regeneration and urban design. He
has led in central and local government, and in development corporations and regeneration companies, as
well as serving on the boards of several regeneration partnerships. Richard also pursues an interest in
railways and urban history which was the subject of his PhD. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical
Society and the Royal Society of Arts. He holds an honorary doctorate from Oxford Brookes University for
his contribution to planning, architecture and urban design.

Dr Simmons will advocate the need for sustainability to be at the heart of all urban design practice, setting
out why this is important in hard times. He will offer a definition of urban design which is about more than
just prettification, arguing that sustainable urban design has to be conceived at appropriate scales - the
street, neighbourhood and city – to get the best results.

The centrepiece of Dr Simmons’ lecture will be a case study of the design of the London 2012 Olympic Park
and venues in East London, in which he and his former organisation CABE were closely involved. In October
2011 the London 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority will publish a series of research reports into the good
practice it has developed in sustainable procurement, architecture, landscape and urban design. Dr
Simmons will give New Zealanders some insights into this good practice ahead of the ODA’s publications.

London 2012 is, in many ways, a unique grand projet. It has transformed an area characterised by
dereliction and urban decay into a highly sustainable park with beautiful new buildings, ready for the
world’s biggest one-off sporting event, yet prepared for a long-lasting legacy as a piece of city. However,
London 2012’s unique significance has enabled it to pioneer new ways of approaching sustainable design.
They will become a benchmark for future good practice in designing many types of urban development. On
time, on budget, delivered efficiently, yet with a strong focus on quality, we can all learn from London

Dr Simmons will focus on the principles and actions which are embodied in the London 2012 success story:
political and design leadership, setting a strategy with clear objectives, establishing metrics, selecting the
best design teams, using the design process for intelligent value engineering, driving sustainability through
all the variables – accessibility, transport, energy, materials, construction techniques, landscaping, ecology,
services, long-term planning - integrating buildings in a land and waterscape to make strong places, and
the effective use of external scrutiny, including design review.

Using London 2012 and other examples, Dr Simmons will aim to convince his audience that design is only
good if it is sustainable, and that good, sustainable urban design is a vital goal for communities, and thus
for the developers, politicians and professionals who serve them.

Christchurch, Tuesday 13 September 2011

Dr Simmons will present a slightly different lecture in Christchurch. While keeping a focus on sustainable
urban design and the London 2012 experience, he will also talk about resilience. He will offer some telling
examples of the cultural and non-technical design responses in other cities which have experienced major
destructive forces. These will reinforce confidence in the approach which Christchurch is taking to its
recovery from its major earthquakes, and tentatively suggest some ways in which good design can help to
reinforce resilience amongst people with an already strong local culture and shared sense of community.

See over page for registration details (Auckland only).
Registration Details (Auckland only):
Date:      Tuesday 6 September 2011
Time:      5.00pm-7.00pm (registration 4.45pm)
Venue:     Sky City Theatre, corner Federal and Victoria Streets, Auckland
Cost:      $30.00 (GST inclusive)

4.45pm     Registration
5.00pm     Reception (with refreshments)
5.30pm     Welcome – Helen Atkins, President, RMLA / Roger Blakeley, Chief Planning Officer, Auckland Council
5.40pm     Introduction of Keynote Speaker – Hon Peter Salmon QC
5.50pm     Keynote Speaker – Dr Richard Simmons
6.45pm     Q&A

Please register on-line at www.rmla.org.nz/events/

NO LATER than Wednesday 31 August 2011.

You will have the option to pay by credit card and be issued with a receipt, or be sent an
invoice for payment within 14 days.

This lecture will also be presented in Christchurch on Tuesday 13 September 2011 – further
details to follow.

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