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									Volume 17 Issue 4                                        Published Quarterly by the Lamoine Town Office                                               April 2012

            Petition Prompts RSU Withdrawal Vote
                                   Vote is June 12, 2012
     (Lamoine) - Selectmen have scheduled
     June 12, 2012 for a referendum vote on                The Local School Advisory
     whether to start the process of               Committee has been working with a
     withdrawing from Regional School Unit         similar group in Hancock on the potential
     24. A petition signed by 121 registered       AOS (Alternate Organizational Structure)                   How will this impact my taxes? I do
     voters requested that the Board start that    should the towns opt to proceed to start the               not want to pay more in school taxes.
     process, which will include promising         withdrawal process. Committee members                      Enough is enough.
     $15,000 to plan the withdrawal process        helped circulate the petitions to bring the                What is the actual expense of leaving
     and draw up an alternative organizational     matter to an official vote on June 12th.                   the RSU including legal fees?
     structure.                                            In the early going, many of the                    What will the cost be to “purchase”
             Between publication of this article   questions focused on the cost of education                 the Lamoine Consolidated School
     and the vote, there will be several forums    to taxpayers. The Selectmen wrote to the                   back from RSU 24?
     held to gather questions and provide          RSU 24 Superintendent’s Office to try to               RSU 24 Representative Brett Jones will
     accurate and unbiased information to the      gain an understanding of what it costs to              compile the questions and seek the
     public regarding the potential withdrawal.    run the elementary school in town, and                 correct answers.     The Local School
             The Local School Advisory             what it would cost to send secondary                   Advisory Committee will meet again at
     Committee and the Selectmen have asked        students to the school of their choice if              6:30 PM on Monday May 7, 2012 to
     for the public to send questions through      Lamoine were to pull out of the RSU. The               gather questions from the public in
     the town office in an attempt to provide      response from the RSU office was a copy                advance of the public hearing.
     factual responses prior to the public         of the audit and several budget documents              Committee members stress they are not
     hearing that will be held on May 30, 2012     which did little to clear up the questions.            advocating a position on the vote.
     at 6:30 PM at the Lamoine Consolidated                The questions and comments that                        According to media reports, the
     School. Numerous questions came in            arrived at the town office via e-mail                  City of Ellsworth is circulating a
     following an e-mail sent to subscribers to    included:                                              withdrawal petition, and the Town of
     the town’s e-mail service. Questions and          Can it lead to improving the quality of            Hancock will vote on the same day as
     comments can be sent via e-mail to:               the schooling the students receive                 Lamoine.

        Fatal Shooting Spotlights Town
     (Lamoine) - For several days in mid-          investigative
     March Lamoine became the setting of one       standpoint          was
     of the top stories in the news cycle of       extraordinary.        Lt.
     media outlets in Maine, and beyond. A         Coleman             was
     shooting at 4:30 AM on Sunday, March          reassuring          that
     11, 2012 fatally wounded one, critically      immediately following
     wounded another and left two others with      the shootings, the
     gunshot wounds that were not life-            general public was not
     threatening. It also left an extremely        in any greater danger
     curious community looking for answers.        as all the players in the
             The newspaper, radio and              shooting had been
     television coverage of the shooting at 749    identified          and
     Douglas Highway was intense. The story        accounted for. He did
                                                                                Crime scene tape isolates the property at 749 Douglas
     showed up in major news publications,         say that people should
                                                                              Highway while the Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit
     including the Washington Post and The         always be cautious,
                                                                             conducted the search of the property following the March 11,
     New York Times. The Associated Press          and      take     basic
                                                                                           2012 multiple shooting incident.
     picked up the story, sending it world wide.   protection measures
     A TV news crew from at least one of the       such as locking their homes. Any police or Hancock County Sheriff’s
     Portland stations arrived in town.            suspicious activity should be reported to Department will respond. The shootings
             The Maine State Police Major          law enforcement agencies.       The state show, “It can happen here”.
     Crimes Unit was called to investigate the
     case, which is considered a homicide.                                                                                         Historic House
             The town’s part in the incident was                                                                                    Lost to Fire
     minimal. Animal Control Officer Mike
     Arsenault was contacted early on to search                                                                                    The old Zerrien
     for a pair of dogs. The Selectmen issued                                                                                       House, one of
     a statement the following day expressing                                                                                           the more
     sympathy to the families of the victims,                                                                                       photographed
     confidence in the State Police and asking                                                                                       in town, was
     for cooperation with the investigation. In                                                                                     lost to fire on
     an effort to provide accurate public                                                                                            March 19th.
     information, the town’s cable TV channel                                                                                       Details of the
     recorded a news conference held by Lt.                                                                                           fire and the
     Coleman the day following the shootings                                                                                         response are
     and aired the conference in its entirety.                                                                                      contained on
             While the shootings are contrary to                                                                                         page 2.
     the nature of our small town, the response
                                                                                                                                       LVFD Photo
     to them from a public safety and
                                                                                                        Lamoine Quarterly - April 2012

  Major Fire Destroys Douglas Hwy. Home                                                               Everyone Re-
        Seven Departments Respond to Mutual Aid Call                                                    Elected
(Lamoine) - It took just six minutes for       on burning areas, trying to stop the flames,
three fire trucks and four firefighters to     and by noon time, the fire had stopped          (Lamoine) - With no contested races, the
arrive on scene at the Nicole Berzinis and     progressing to the point that general           annual municipal election was a rather
Sean McLaughlin home. In that short time,      contractor Jay Fowler and his excavator         dull affair. Just 79 ballots were cast, a
the fire inside a bedroom had engulfed the     could knock down the chimneys and paw           5.53% turnout, which is one of the lowest
middle section of the sprawling historic       through the hot rubble to cool off the fire.    in recent memory. It took the ballot
home, and it was clear there would be no               The fire destroyed nearly               clerks just half an hour to tally up all the
way for firefighters to safely enter and       everything that the family, including two       votes.
knock down the blaze.                          elementary school students, owned, but a                Re-elected were Selectmen Jo
        The automatic mutual aid system        new garage, and a couple of out buildings       Cooper (67-votes) and Gary McFarland
brought firefighters and equipment from        were saved. The Red Cross was called to         (68-votes); Assessor Michael Jordan (59-
Ellsworth, Hancock and Trenton to the          help shelter the family and countless           votes) and RSU 24 Representative Brett
scene. More calls for assistance went to       generous offers to help came pouring in         Jones (68 votes). Two names were
Sullivan, Sorrento and Surry, and Douglas      immediately afterwards.                         written in for Selectman and Assessor
Highway was closed to allow tankers to                 The State Fire Marshal’s Office         and three for the RSU 24 Representative.
shuttle water for nearly 8-hours.              was called, but damage was too severe to        Lamoine had 1,428 registered voters as of
        An estimated 50 firefighters took      determine a cause. Ms. Berzinis said it         March 13, 2012.
turns manning hoses and training the water     started in her bedroom.
                                                                                               That’s What You Do
                                                                                                in a Small Town
                                                                                               (Lamoine) - The phone started ringing
                                                                                               incessantly at the Lamoine School and
                                                                                               the Town Hall even as firefighters battled
                                                                                               to put out the flames on Monday
                                                                                               morning, March 19th. The question was
                                                                                               the same, every time—”How can we
                                                                                                       A benefit dinner and auction was
                                                                                               held on the last day of March to help the
                                                                                               McLaughlin-Berzinis family get back on
                                                                                               their feet raised more than $8,400. A
                                                                                               fund was set up at Bangor Savings Bank
                                                                                               for cash donations as well.
                                                                                                       One Lamoine Beach Road
                                                                                               resident who rents homes in the summer
    An excavator operated by Jay Fowler knocks down one of the two chimneys that               offered to let the family stay in one of the
       remained standing before pulling apart the hot debris for extinguishment.               rentals for 3-months, an offer they
                                                                                               gratefully accepted. A former Selectman
                                                                                               offered free secure storage space if
        Town Meeting a Quick, Tame Affair                                                      needed.
                                                                                                       Sean McLaughlin seemed
(Lamoine) - The annual town meeting on March         years ago. The largest individual         overwhelmed by the generosity. He said
14th drew 78 voters, and they sped through           budget increase was Administration        he grew up in a much larger community
business very efficiently. The turnout was one       as Selectmen attempt to bring             in Maine, and that would never have
less than the number of ballots cast during          salaries of town staff to a competitive   happened there. He is keeping a list of
voting for municipal officers the previous day.      level compared to towns of similar        folks to thank, and wanted people to
        Moderator Harvey Kelley once again led       size across the state.                    know how grateful the family is.
the voting on various articles. A few budget
items were changed from the recommendations
of the Budget Committee due to last minute
information. Fire Chief George “Skip” Smith’s
request to add $500 for respiratory testing to the
public safety budget was hastily approved. New
figures from RSU 24 that substantially lowered
the amount needed for secondary education at
non-RSU 24 schools were also adopted.
        The article that usually generates the
most discussion, one funding numerous agency
requests, had virtually no debate as the requests
and the recommendations were identical. There
was a comment following the final article that
some would like to see a change in how the
request maximums are formulated. Selectmen
answered that would have to the be done
through an ordinance change.
        The overall municipal budget is down
more than $89,000 for the fiscal year ending
June 30, 2012, or roughly 13%. The main                                           Counting the Votes
reason for the decrease is that fewer roads will      Ballot clerks Kathleen DeFusco (left) and Marion McDevitt count the votes for
be paved during the next fiscal year as the town       municipal officers on March 13, 2012 under the watchful eye of Moderator
adheres to a paving schedule developed several                Harvey Kelly. 79 Ballots were cast, counting took a half hour.

                                                                                                        Lamoine Quarterly - April 2012

       Diggers Look to Mussel
       Draggers for Cooperation
(Lamoine) - When a heavy device scrapes up the mussels from
the bottom of Raccoon Cove, it also can ruin the habitat for
baby clams and sand worms. The Frenchman Bay Regional
Shellfishing Committee has developed a system to require
permits before dragging can take place in the intertidal zone
(that area that is exposed at low tide). Clam harvester Jim
Norris, who lives on Raccoon Cove, has watched the draggers
turn the mud over year after year with an ever diminishing
harvest of mussels. Norris explained that under the plan, all the
various resource harvesters should benefit. The mussels should
return with a managed harvest schedule, seed clams will get a
chance to burrow into the mud, and the sand worms would also         Frenchman Bay Regional Shellfishing Committee Rep Jim Norris
be offered some protection from the drags. The Department of         explains to the annual town meeting efforts to preserve the flats.
Marine Resources is expected to approve the program in the
next few weeks.

  Voters Say OK to                                             Town Report Cover a Big Hit
     Ordinance                                 (Lamoine) - The 2011 Annual Report cover featuring
                                               four women with their purses on the steps of the
  Amendment Plans                              Lamoine Baptist Church taken sometime in the 1970’s
                                               has been a
(Lamoine) - The multi-town ordinance           universal
regulating shellfishing on Frenchman Bay       hit. From
has some growing pains – mostly political.     left       to
To fix small problems is a big process,        right, the
requiring six towns to bring amendments to     grannies
the ordinance to town meeting, along with      were Mary
city council approval in Ellsworth.            A n n e
        Selectmen Richard Fennelly Jr.         Powell,
asked the annual town meeting if there         Eunice                                                    Carol Korty & John Holt look
would be any objection to amending the         Young,                                                     over the town report cover.
ordinance to allow the towns’ Boards of        Audrey                                                    Holt’s grandmother is among
Selectmen to approve minor changes, to         Smith, and Ethel Berry. All have long since passed, but          the “grannies”.
allow towns to appoint non-elected             the all lived into their 90s.
representatives to the joint municipal                  Selectmen picked the picture, which was unique among the dozens submitted in a
board, and to allow the representative on      photo contest. Assessor Jane Fowler found the picture in her collection. Many of the
the joint municipal board to be a              other submissions were included throughout the report and on the power point show
commercial clam digger. There was no           presented at the annual town meeting.
objection to any of the proposals.
        When the ordinance might change
to reflect that, though, is anyone’s guess—
                                                         Planning Board Business Picks Up
all seven communities will have to approve      (Lamoine) - While there is not a great deal    the Planning Board determined that
the proposed changes first. No timetable        of building activity going on, the Planning    because of the transfer, the gravel
has been set to present those changes to        Board has nonetheless been fairly busy         extraction permit issued to King had
each town.                                      over the late winter and early spring.         expired Jordan submitted the permit
                                                        In January, the Board approved the     application to license the gravel
    Town Board                                  site plan review and commercial building       operation in his name. The public
                                                permit applications submitted by Richard       hearing for the site plan review and
  Appointees Named                              McMullen. The town’s plowing contractor        gravel permit application was held and
                                                has asked to build a small salt/sand storage   the permits approved April 3rd.
(Lamoine) - The Board of Selectmen              shed on his property on Partridge Cove                 Also on the April agenda were pit
accepted with regret the resignation of         Road to accommodate the salt and sand          relicensing matters for Jay Fowler and
Conservation Commission member Annie            used on Route 184, which he is now             Perry Fowler for their pits in North
Crisafulli, and appointed alternate David       plowing for the State of Maine.                Lamoine. The submissions come before
Legere to take her place on the                         The Planning Board also approved       the permits expire in May, and if the
Commission. Taking Legere’s place as an         a Site Plan Review and Commercial              applications are found to be complete, a
alternate commissioner is Douglas               Building change of use for the former          final review could be held at the May
Stewart.                                        office and garage of Richard King, Inc.        meeting of the Planning Board.
         Long time Board of Appeals             Wayne Alley and Toni Carter plan to use                Also on the agenda was yet
member John Wuorinen has submitted his          the Douglas Highway facility for their         another property owned by the Estate of
resignation which the Selectmen accepted        vehicle repair business. Alley is currently    Mr. King—a subdivision that received
with regret. Recently appointed alternate       set up on US Route 1 in Hancock. He will       approval several years ago. An attorney
member Jon VanAmringe was appointed             be renovating the building over the next       for his estate has noted that the lots are
to take Wuorinen’s slot on the Board of         year or so and hopes to open in 2013. A        impossible to market at this time because
Appeals, with his term extended to 2014.        public hearing was held in February, and       one of the stipulations on the subdivision
It is anticipated the Selectmen will seek an    the Planning Board ordered some minor          placed by Mr. King was that his
alternate member to replace VanAmringe’s        corrections to be placed on the final plan     company must build any homes to be
slot.                                           submitted by Alley, which were completed       placed there. Attorney Tony Beardsley is
         People interested in serving on        after the hearing and approval.                requesting that the Planning Board
boards should contact the town office to be             Another former King property was       approve the plan, but without the
placed before the Selectmen for                 purchased by PCJ LLC (RF Jordan) and           covenants.
                                                                                                      Lamoine Quarterly - April 2012

              Town to State—Fix Route 184!                                                   Town Forecloses on
(Lamoine) - Every two years the Maine
Department of Transportation asks
                                               cars have been shaken into a state of
                                               disrepair by the road that becomes
                                                                                              Two Properties for
municipalities to list priorities for state
highway road repairs. For the last ten
                                               extremely bumpy in the spring.
                                               Emergency responders say response time
                                                                                                Unpaid Taxes
cycles sections of Route 184 have been         is significantly delayed because their        (Lamoine) - Two property owners failed
placed on the list by Selectmen.               vehicles cannot safely travel at the 45-      to pay their 2009/10 taxes in full by the
Occasionally a light pavement overlay is       MPH speed limit on the rough roads. The       statutory lien foreclosure deadline in
applied, only to be broken apart by the        Selectmen also asked that the end of          early January, and the town automatically
next winter by the poor condition of the       Lamoine Beach Road be configured to           became the owner of both.
road base and heavy truck traffic passing      prevent cars from driving into the water.             One property owner who lives in
over it.                                       Temporary barricades were erected last        Minnesota thought an ex-spouse who
         The sections of Route 184 from        fall following a fatal accident in            lives at the residence would make the
Route 204 to Route 1 and from Latona           Frenchman Bay.                                payments. She has since paid all back
Lane to Lamoine Beach are on the six year               Those two sections of road were      taxes, fees and interest in full and the
plan released in 2009 for some sort of         not alone on the list. The Selectmen          Board of Selectmen issued a deed to the
maintenance. Whether that is actually          identified Pinkhams Flats, a section of       her. The brief period of town ownership
carried out by 2015 is anyone’s guess.         Route 204, as badly in need of a repaving     did not affect the residency of the
The Selectmen have designated those two        job. The road surface is rutted and falling   occupant.
sections of road as a priority not only to     apart in many locations.                              The other property was a piece of
resurface, but to reconstruct because of the            The final priority listed is an      vacant land off Berry Cove Road.
lack of effectiveness of surface paving in     endorsement of a traffic light to allow       Several years ago the town ordered that a
the past.     The submission headed to         traffic to enter Route 3 from Route 204 in    dilapidated camp on that property be
MDOT this month describes the roads as         Trenton. While that project may be years      demolished, which was done.             The
they’ve been described by the motoring         away, it has generated some local             property owners did not respond to
public—a safety risk. The town office has      discussion. A light is planned in Trenton     several pieces of certified mail notifying
fielded numerous calls from folks whose        this year at Route 230 and Route 3.           them of the impending foreclosure, nor
                                                                                             did they respond to the offer to purchase
     Picnic Table                                  Prepare Now for                           it back for back taxes, fees and interest.
                                                                                                     The property was placed up for
  Replacement OK’d                                   Fuel Savings                            public bid, and in mid-March, six bids
                                                                                             were received for the roughly half acre
                                                                    By Cathy Gaianguest      lot. The minimum bid was $1,600. The
(Lamoine) - The Lamoine Parks
Commission is expected to place an order      (Lamoine) - Paying for heating fuel this       winning bid was received from Frank and
for new picnic tables at Lamoine Beach in     winter has been very difficult for many of     Wendy Young for $6,313.00 A deed will
the coming days. Several of the current       us. However, members of the Lamoine            be issued in April to the Youngs upon
tables are in poor shape—the salt air has     Fuel Buyers’ Group paid less because three     receipt of payment. Mr. Young’s family
badly corroded the metal legs, and left       local oil companies offered a group rate.      has owned the abutting property for
sharp edges that present a safety issue.              LFBG, a growing group of               several decades.
        The Parks Commission asked the        Lamoine citizens, arranges lower prices on
Budget Committee to recommend                 Heating Oil and Propane for members’           Record Field for Flat
expedited replacement from the current        homes. For four years, the group has
year budget from surplus funds. The           developed an agreement with local                 Top 5K Race
annual town meeting approved the request      companies to offer Group members
of roughly $2,400 without debate. If they     savings of $.10/gallon and more below          (Lamoine) - Nearly perfect running
arrive in time, the tables will be installed  individual prices.                             conditions attracted more than 300
by the time park use picks up in late May.            LFBG is now talking with fuel          runners to Lamoine for the first road race
                                              companies to arrange lower group prices        of the 2012 season—the 7th annual Flat
                                              for 2012-2013. It will also be offering        Top 5K race.          That shattered all
 Reported Recycling                           workshops later in the year on inexpensive     attendance records for the race, and
                                              ways to conserve energy in our homes.          created a challenge for organizers to
  Rate Falls to 14%                                   Any household in Lamoine can           place all the entrants into a tracking
                                              join. There are no obligations to the Group    computer for accurate results.
(Lamoine) - The official state recycling and no expenses. If you sign up, we list                    The winner of the 5K adult
rate reported by Lamoine fell this year to your name as a group member with the              division was Bangor’s Adam Goode,
14%, far below the state’s 50% goal. At participating companies.                 Members     finishing the course in 15:35, just 4-
one time the town’s reported rate was in continue to order their fuel individually           seconds ahead of Bar Harbor’s Judson
the mid-30% range. While this might from the participating companies, asking                 Cake. Both runners are previous winners
seem like a step backward, the town is for the group rates.                                  of the event.
actually recycling about the same amount              If you wish to join, or would like             Finishing first among the female
of material as it has been in past years. more information, call or email Kathie             runners was Brewer’s Kristine Guaraldo
The big difference now is that the figures G a i a n g u e s t      at    667-1282,          with a time of 19:39. Nora Hubbell and
are a lot more accurate.                                         Desiree Sirois finished 2nd and 3rd.
        Prior to this year, all the cardboard                                                        The one mile fun run saw
was carted out weekly, and the actual                                                        Lamoine’s Sam Tehennepe finish first
weight was estimated based on a state                                                        with a time of 6:27. Sam is 12-years old.
formula that was grossly inaccurate. The                                                     He was followed by 11-year old Kiona
town also did not get paid for that                                                          Osterlin of Ellsworth who was 11-
cardboard. Now, the cardboard is shipped                                                     seconds off the pace and the first female
to Coastal Recycling where it is weighed                                                     finisher.
and sold, and the town gets a fair amount                                                            Proceeds from the race will
of money for that sale, and a very accurate                                                  benefit the Sumner High Track program
accounting of what was recycled.                                                             and the Berzinis/McLaughlin family that
        It’s hoped that education efforts                                                    lost their home to fire in March. The
will continue to improve the recycling          Nora Hubbell finishes just steps ahead of
                                                her MDI Track Coach, Desiree Sirois at       Parks Commission thanks the many race
numbers in future years.                                                                     sponsors.
                                                           the 2012 Flattop 5K
                                                                                                       Lamoine Quarterly - April 2012

State Inspection Leads to Repairs, Small Fine Fire Station Boiler
                         transfer station were ordered to make Needs Replacement
                         repairs and conduct required training by
                                                  mid-May.                                    (Lamoine) - A few failures by the boiler
                                                          Among the changes needed at the     at the fire station has resulted in a
                                                  town hall were moving things around to      recommendation by the fire department
                                                  make sure electrical panels and fire        that the 21-year old boiler be replaced.
                                                  extinguishers were accessible, and          An energy audit was done of the fire
                                                  eliminating the use of extension cords on   station, and though Efficiency Maine is
                                                  a couple of appliances that were rarely     promoting propane powered furnaces, the
                                                  used. Also required was installation of a   payback for installation of one was not
                                                  hand rail leading to the cellar. All the    expected to result in any cost savings.
                                                  action items for the town hall were         Fire Chief Skip Smith is developing a
                                                  quickly completed.                          request for bids to install a new, oil fired
                                                          At the transfer station, the        boiler made of cast iron instead of steel.
                                                  corrections were even fewer and faster to   A special town meeting is expected at
                                                  complete. An artificial Christmas tree      some point to fund the installation once a
                                                  with lights that ran on a small extension   price is known.
    Deputy Code Enforcement Officer Mike          cord was removed, and the fire
  Jordan installs a railing on the seldom used    extinguisher which had been locked in
  stairs leading to the cellar of the town hall. the attendants office the last time the      Ambulance Contract
                                                  extinguisher maintenance company was
(Lamoine) - Maine’s Bureau of Labor in town was inspected, bringing it into                       Renewed
Standards is charged with making sure that compliance.
public agencies are in compliance with the              The fire station had the most         (Lamoine) - An offer from County
voluminous federal labor and safety laws. citations, and the only one that came with a        Ambulance to renew the long-standing
Inspectors show up, unannounced, every fine. Three firefighters had not completed             contract for another three years at the
so often and inspect facilities and their annual required hazardous materials                 same per-capita rate was swiftly
paperwork. Such was the case in late training in the past year, and that carried a            approved by Selectmen. Thanks to a
January when the inspector showed up $700. The department was also ordered to                 lower than expected population in 2010,
shortly before lunch at the town office.        install a hand rail to the loft, complete     the rate and population actually resulted
         Town personnel had to be assigned other mandated training, and install special       in a lower appropriation for public safety.
to accompany the inspector to the various circuit breaker protection on cords that            The town does not run its own ambulance
facilities, throwing any plan for the work- could come in contact with water. The             or first responder service, as County is
day out the window.           When all the required training should be done in mid-           based in nearby Ellsworth. The contract
inspections were completed a few days April, and the rest of the repairs are nearly           is similar to many other small towns
later the town hall, fire station, and complete.                                              around Ellsworth and helps maintain
                                                                                              staffing levels to ensure swift response
                                                                                              for emergency calls.
                   Fire Calls Few, But Potent
(Lamoine) - Usually the winter months bring a lot
of calls for help to the Lamoine Fire Department.
Not so for 2012 as the department had a stretch
from early December to late January without any
alarms. That changed on January 30th when
pagers brought firefighters from three
communities to Misty Way where a storage room
was on fire. The homeowner, Steve Rauch, had
knocked the flames down initially with a pair of
fire extinguishers and evacuated the house.
Firefighters quickly hit the flames with water and
got things cooled down to the point damage was
stopped quickly. An electrical problem was
blamed for the blaze. No injuries were reported.
                                                       The Life Flight helicopter awaits a patient involved in a rollover accident on
        On February 12th firefighters, an
                                                                             Pinkhams Flats in mid-February.
ambulance, the Sheriff’s Department and the Life
                                               Flight Helicopter responded to Pinkhams              Knox Box Installed
                                               Flats when a Hancock woman was
                                               reported partially trapped in a rolled over    (Lamoine) - The Lamoine Town Office is
                                               pickup truck. She was flown to Eastern         the first building in town to have a Knox
                                               Maine Medical Center and her injuries          Box. The secure box holds keys to the
                                               were not as severe as first feared and she     office and is accessibly only by the fire
                                               was treated and released.                      department so they can make emergency
                                                       A stubborn chimney fire on             entry in case of a call when the office is
                                               Lamoine Beach Road on March 10th               locked. Commercial businesses or homes
                                               brought three fire trucks to the scene         are encouraged to install the boxes for
                                               down the very bumpy road on a Saturday         emergency
                                               afternoon.    A clogged chimney was            access.
                                               found, and dry chemical was able to put        Info       is
                                               the fire out. Firefighters removed the         available
   Some scorched insulation and wood           flaming logs from a wood stove and             from      the
 damage inside a storage room remained         extinguished them outside. There was           F i r e
 after firefighters extinguished a blaze on    relatively minor smoke damage, but the         Department
         Misty Way in late January.            occupants were advised to have a               of     Town
                                               professional clean and check the chimney.      Office.

                                                                                                        Lamoine Quarterly - April 2012

   Military Excise     Dog Licenses Overdue, Late Fee Required
 Exemption Proposed, (Lamoine) notFolks
                     who did
    Fireworks Ban    their       dogs
                     registered by the
  Rejected, for now end aof$25.00 late

(Lamoine) - Lamoine voters may decide          fee when obtaining
whether to enact an ordinance that would       their 2012 dog
exempt active duty military personnel from     registration. That
paying excise tax on motor vehicle             fee is mandated by
registrations.    The Maine Legislature        state law.
passed a law to allow municipalities to                 A check of
decide whether they want to grant such an      t h e        d o g
exemption. Selectmen discussed the issue       registration files                         Oh, Give Me A Home…..
a couple of months ago, but after the          near the end of Two domestic sheep got loose from their farm off Seal Point Road
annual town meeting warrant had been           March revealed and were corralled by Animal Control Officer Mike Arsenault.
signed and posted.                             that nearly 60-                       They were returned without incident
        The potential exemption is not         dogs remained un-                                                  Gregory Spring photo
expected to apply to more than one or two      registered      for
people currently on active duty overseas.      2012. The town clerk will be sending a
A draft ordinance has been crafted, and the
issue will be on the next available special
                                               reminder to those who remain in the file,          Town Continues
                                               and several rabies clinics are scheduled in
open town meeting.
        The Board of Selectmen also
                                               April to accommodate dogs that require              Exploration of
                                               their shots.
discussed a possible ordinance to regulate
fireworks that have been legalized by the
                                                        Those who fail to register their          Cable Extensions
                                               dogs may receive a visit from the Animal
Legislature. That legislation allows for       Control Officer with a friendly reminder (Lamoine) - Selectmen listened to the
local communities to ban sales and             and a deadline for registration. Failure to plight of two residents of Coley Cove
possession of fireworks. Because there is      comply with that request could result in Lane at their meeting on March 15th.
no local police agency to enforce that local   another visit from the ACO, only this time They live about a half mile beyond the
ordinance, it was decided to hold off,         with a summons for failure to register. end of the Time Warner Cable line, they
however the Parks Commission has been          Folks who no longer have their dog should are not within receiving range of wireless
asked to discuss the situation, especially     contact the town office so the animal can internet, and satellite coverage is spotty at
given the popularity of Lamoine Beach at       be removed from the files.                     best.     What’s more, they perform
the 4th of July.                                                                              mortgage closing services where
                                                                                              documents are sent via e-mail, and dial-
        Not A Lot Of                                   Vault Storage                          up just isn’t cutting it. Their plea, as has
                                                                                              been the plea from many others—see
         Building                                      Improvement                            what can be done to have Time Warner
                                                                                              extend service further down the road.
(Lamoine) - The first quarter of the year is
                                                         Planned                                      Prior to that a representative from
                                                                                              the cable company came to the office
typically slow in regard to building           (Lamoine) - The walk-in vault at the with a similar request. He suggested
permits.    Code Enforcement Officers          Lamoine Town Hall is the envy of many asking for a change in the cable franchise
Dennis Ford and Michael Jordan issued the      small towns. However, space has become agreement to remove the satellite dish
following permits:                             an issue, and the town office staff is exemption when counting homes to meet
#    Name                    Project           beginning to plan for significant changes the density requirement.
                                               in how vital information is stored.                    The town is also exploring a
1    McMullen, Richard       Salt Shed                 Under state law, towns are public/private partnership with Time
2    Cahn, Frederick         Greenhouse        required to store vital records, tax records, Warner and property owners to contribute
                                               and many other documents securely and toward a build-out installation. A Time
3    Duquette, Michael       Residence         permanently. Other records are destroyed Warner representative says they are able
4    McAndrew, Joseph        Garage            according to a schedule laid out under to offer some grant money toward that
                                               those same statutes. Until that destruction build out. Selectmen are exploring using
                                               date, though, secure storage is required.      some of the franchise fees that have been
                                                       The annual town meeting building up in a dedicated fund to help
                                               approved spending up to $8,000 to better with build out. The property owners
                                               accomplish records storage and would have to contribute toward the build
                                               preservation. Money for this will come -out as well.               The matter will be
                                               from the annual interest payment from a discussed in the coming months.
                                               fund left to the town by former treasurer
                                               Leurene Hodgkins. That fund was to be             Tax Collection Complete
                                               used for capital projects or parks, and was
                                               used to construct the privy at Bloomfield (Lamoine) - Payment of the last of the
                                               Park in 2011.                                  personal property taxes assessed in July
                                                       Some of the project will likely 2010 was accomplished in the fall of
                                               include new storage cabinets for odd sized 2011, and that means tax collector
                                               books, and another part of the project will Jennifer Kovacs was able to close out her
                                               be to bind the many years of tax records books in what’s termed a settlement with
                                               so that they conform to state requirements. the Selectmen.
                                               A less costly part of the project will be to           Those real estate taxes that were
                                               determine which records can be discarded not paid were placed into lien, and are
Lamoine’s vault stores a lot more than the     and start a major cleaning project. now due to be paid to the town treasurer.
town’s permanent records, and space has        Besides storage, the Board of Assessors Only the taxes committed in July 2011
        become a critical matter.              uses the vault for its day to day work remain unsettled. Lien notices will go out
                                               materials.                                     in May.
                                                                                                    Lamoine Quarterly - April 2012

      A Never Ending Task—Litter Cleanup                                                          Lamoine
By Georgia Munsell                                                                             Community Arts
(Lamoine) - Lamoine is very
fortunate to have 76 "do-                                                                      Marks 5th Year
gooders" who have adopted                                                                                         By Diane Sanderson
27 sections of Lamoine town
                                                                                           (Lamoine) Lamoine Community Arts
roads. At least two times a
                                                                                           (LCA) moves into its 5th year with many
year in the spring and fall,
                                                                                           activities. We've had enjoyable Saturday
these Adopt-A-Highway
                                                                                           evenings this winter reading plays in
volunteers, wearing orange
                                                                                           members' homes, an entertaining way to
safety vests, get out and pick
                                                                                           look for possible plays for the fall
up litter along our
                                                                                           production. And since February a group
roads. Please do slow down
                                                                                           of us has had a great time working at the
when you see them.                                 Eighth Grader Trisha Smith of           school with the children to perform
Thank you litter lifters for helping keep      Fennellyville Road is one of the many       Taradiddle Tales and Taradiddle Travels
the roads in Lamoine trash free. We really    volunteers. Her territory is a busy spot     by Flora Atkins at the end of March. The
appreciate your volunteer efforts               of Jordan River and Buttermilk Rd.         children traveled from Puerto Rico to
                                                                                           Africa, from India to Japan with stops in
       Stocking Named Citizen of Year and                                                  between. They were costumed, excited,
                                                                                           and worked hard on memorizing lines,
           Conservation Award Winner                                                       making costumes and props, singing
                                                                                           chants and making music. Grades 2
(Lamoine) - When it comes                                                                  through 7 were involved as actors and
to serving his community,                                                                  musicians; Grade 8 as video and
few people do it with the                                                                  production crews.
enthusiasm and congeniality                                                                         In April LCA is taking two of last
of Fred Stocking. And even                                                                 season's plays to the annual festival of
though his term on the                                                                     MeACT (Maine Association of
Conservation Commission                                                                    Community Theaters). The venue is the
(which he was key in                                                                       Lucid Theater in Portland where we will
founding) expired and he                                                                   be performing with six other community
asked not to be reappointed,                                                               acting groups from around Maine. Call
Stocking has continued to                                                                  us if you want to join the caravan to
play a vital role in the                                                                   Portland on April 21st.
Commission’s mission. He is                                                                         This year we are trying a new
coordinating the open space                                                                setting at the Lamoine School gym for
inventory which is required                                                                our annual May Reader's Theater. There
b y the Com missi on’s                                                                     will be two evening performances on
enabling ordinance.                                                                        Friday and Saturday, May 18th and 19th,
        A lawyer by trade,                                                                 at 7:00 PM. We will be reading The
Fred has used his legal skills                                                             Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the
while serving on both the                                                                  Universe by Jane Wagner, a very funny
Planning and Appeals Board                                                                 play about a serious issue. We are eager
prior to his service on the           Fred Stocking receives the citizen of the year       to use the black velour drapes that were
Conservation Commission.           certificate and plaque from Selectboard Chair Jo        purchased from the Jina Gym Fund.
He has chaired all three              Cooper just prior to the 2012 Town Meeting           Refreshments will be available.
boards from time to time. It                                                                        Lots of activity in LCA. Come
was the recognition of that service that led                                               join us. For information call Diane
both the Board of Selectmen and the            Boynton’s Honored                           Sanderson at 667-7969 or Carol Korty at
current Conservation Commission to honor                                                   667-4441.
Stocking at the annual town meeting with (Lamoine) - The Selectmen recognized
the Citizen of the Year award and the Harold “Bubby” and Nancy Boynton on                       A Scene from Taradiddle Tales
Conservation Award.                            the occasion of their 50th wedding
                                               anniversary in February. The couple, who
Winter Sports Teams                            pick up roadside litter nearly every day,
                                               was married in Lamoine on February 23,
Do Lamoine Proud                               1962. A certificate signed by the Board
                                               and the town clerk was delivered to them.
(Lamoine) - When you look back at the
Lamoine Quarterly of April 2001
(below), you might recognize this year’s
coach—she was one of the first squad of                                                           Vital Records
cheerleaders to win a title in the Jr. High
                                                                                           (Lamoine) - The only death reported this
competition in Bangor. Twelve years
                                                                                           quarter was that of former Planning
later, coach Kimberly Tupper and her
                                                                                           Board member and Deputy Plumbing
four cheerleaders have brought home a
                                                                                           Inspector Robert Sharkey who passed
trophy—make that 12 in a row now, as
                                                                                           away on January 2nd in Ellsworth.
winners of their division.
                                                                                                   Just one marriage to report—
        The Lamoine boys and girls
                                                                                           Megan Page and Michael Cunningham
basketball teams were no slouches either.     The 2001 champs. That’s Coach Tupper
                                                                                           obtained their marriage license on
The girl’s team won the RSU 24 small
                                              also were named the sportsmanship            February 29th.
school championship in February, while
                                              award winners. The Selectmen signed                  There were 3 babies born during
the boys finished as the runners up to
                                              certificates honoring all three teams.       the quarter who reside in Lamoine. Two
Hancock. In addition to the win, the girls
                                                                                           are girls, and one is a boy.
                                                                                                                                           Lamoine Quarterly - April 2012

                                           April 2012-Lamoine Schedule
                 Sun               Mon                    Tue                   Wed                                     Thu                 Fri                  Sat
       1                    2-6:30 PM Local        3-7PM Planning         4-7PM Assessors                          5-7PM Selectmen   6                    7-Office open 8-
                            School Adv. Cmte       Board                                                                                                  Noon

       8                    9                      10                     11-7PM                                   12                13                   14

       15-Fire Dept.        16-Office Closed,      17-7PM Parks           18-7PM Shellfish                         19-7PM Selectmen 20                    21
       Training Day         State Holiday          Commission             Conservation

       22                   23                     24                     25                                       26-Office closed @ 27                  28-Office open 8-
                                                                                                                   Lunch (training)                       12
       29                   30                     The Lamoine Historical Society is currently putting together a calendar for 2013 featuring before and after
                                                   pictures of Lamoine homes - 1930s versus 2012. The Society is accepting business card size ads from Lamoine
                                                   businesses and Lamoine residents, who have businesses elsewhere. The deadline is April 30 to be included. The
                                                   calendar will be available for sale the first week of June. Any one interested in placing an ad should call Doug
                                                   Stewart @ 667-5607 or Edna Coyne @ 667-9276.

                                            May 2012-Lamoine Schedule
                Sun               Mon                    Tue                    Wed                                     Thu                 Fri                  Sat
                                                  1-7PM Planning         2-7PM Assessors                           3-7PM Selectmen   4                    5-Office Open 8-12

      6                     7-6:30 PM Local   8                          9-7PM                                     10                11                   12
                            School Adv. Cmte.                            Conservation

      13                    14                    15-7PM Parks           16-7PM Shellfish                          17-7PM Selectmen 18                    19
                                                  Commission             Conservation

      20                    21                    22                     23                                        24                25                   26

      27                    28-Office Closed,     29                     30-6:30 RSU 24                            31                The Lamoine Fire Department meets weekly
                            Memorial Day                                 Withdrawal Vote                                             on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 at the fire
                                                                         Public Hearing                                              station.

                                           June 2012-Lamoine Schedule
                 Sun              Mon                     Tue                   Wed                                     Thu                 Fri                  Sat
      College Students are encouraged to apply for the Allen and Leurene Hodgkins Scholarship. A link to the                         1-Hodgkins           2-Office open 8-12
      application files is located on the town’s website: Deadline is June 1, 2012.                               Scholarship
      3                     4-6:30 PM Local   5-7PM Planning             6-7PM Assessors                           7-7PM Selectmen   8                    9
                            School Adv. Cmte. Board

      10                    11                    12-Primary, RSU        13-7PM                                    14                15                   16
                                                  Election 8am-8pm       Conservation
      17                    18                    19-7PM Parks           20-7PM Shellfish                          21-7PM Selectmen 22                    23
                                                  Commission             Conservation

      24                    25                    26-10AM MDI            27                                        28                29                   30-Office open 8-
                                                  League of Towns                                                                                         12
                                                                                            And Much, Much More!

                                                                                                                                                                      Lamoine, ME 04605
                                                                                                                                                                      606 Douglas Highway
                                                                                                                                                                      Town of Lamoine
                        Major Fire Destroys House
                        RSU Withdrawal Vote Set
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                        Stocking Honored Twice
                        Drag Regulation Sought
                        DOT Asked to Fix Road

                        Cable Extension Eyed
                        Shooting Investigated

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