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									The Pen Hi Post
 Penticton Secondary’s Monthly Newspaper                                                                              November 2010            Issue #16

Penticton Secondary School’s Legacy & Centennial                                                                                Cover Story Written By Kate Upton
                                from now they will be             leadership, and intelligence
                                halfway done their life’s         of students, the success of
                                journey, and thinking             Penticton Secondary School
                                back on the wonderful,            would never be where it is
                                unforgettable memories they       today.
                                made at Pen High.                          With Pen High’s
                                         Believe it or not,       centennial getting closer and
                                Pen High was the largest          closer every day, I cannot
                                school in the valley as of        help but think about what’s
        Penticton Secondary     1925. John Marr was the           being done to celebrate.
School is not just another      first principal to take control   As difficult as it may be to
high school with talented,      of Pen High. Between 1914         believe, grandparents of
hardworking students; it        and 1918, World War 1             your grandparents could           The lovely Ellis building wonderfully mixes the old with the new
happens to have been around     took its toll on Penticton        very well have spent their
a lot longer than many may      Secondary, with twenty-           high school years creating
have thought. Celebrating       eight students enlisted in        memories to pass on through
its centennial in a couple of   the war, and only eighteen        generations at Pen High.
years, Pen High is in much      returned. This tragic loss        This school means a lot
need of a gala event. The       led to the original Penticton     to our community, and all
people of Penticton must        High School motto: “Non           the high school graduates
have countless memories as      Moritur Cujus Fama Vivit“,        from 1912 to 2010. A
Pen High has been teaching      which translates roughly to:      celebration has yet to be put
and inspiring students since    “Those who perform heroic         into order, but thoughts and
1912 - as hard as it may be     deeds, become immortal.”          suggestions are very much
to believe. We probably         Many years after the war,         appreciated. I say a time for
have students attending Pen     on January 18th, 1949, a fire     a planning committee with         The historic Ellis building would have many stories to tell - 1926
High that have generations      destroyed the building on         staff, students, and members
of family that have been        Eckhardt Avenue. About one        of the community is now.
enrolled in this magnificent    year later, the new school        If we start a planning
school. As a matter of fact,    opened up with its students       committee in a year or two,
my grandparents were            and teachers striving for         it will be too late. It is rare
just recently at Pen High       success. Excellence in            to celebrate a centennial
celebrating their 50th          academic programs was             for anything or anyone; for
reunion. It’s difficult to      highly stressed, and Pen          many, Pen High is a link
picture my grandparents         High became one of the top        bringing people together -
walking highschool              six rankings for Provincial       the heart of the city. Every
hallways 50 years ago.          exam results. Penticton           moment spent in this 100
Students wake up every          Secondary provided                year old school should never        Athletics has a legacy at Pen High that is still being written
weekday morning thinking        exemplary academic, artistic      be forgotten. The time to
they are just attending         and athletic programs to          plan and organize a grand         On the Inside...
another day at school, not      the community. Without            event is now... and it’s our
realizing that thirty years     the extraordinary staff,          responsibility.                   International Issues:
                                                                                                    A miner setback: a happy
                                                                                                    ending for the miners as
                                                                                                    they see the light of day.
                                                                                                                            Pg. 9

                                                                                                    Stay tuned as the Lakers
                                                                                                    gear up for Valleys in Field
                                                                                                    Hockey, Volleyball, and
                                                                                                    much, much, more.
                                                                                                                          Pg. 6-7

                                                                                                    Mark and Mackenzie review
                                                                                                    The Social Network and
                                                                                                    Super Scribblenauts.
  It’s About Time
                        Words from our Editors
                                       a learning curve that has me              time - and fighting for every       the lonely months the miners        we can always plan for the fu-
                                       watching them fight the clock.            second that they have. A little     in Chile spent in a dark hole,      ture; but we can’t recycle time.
        by: Wayne Kuechle
                                       For their first issue, I am               stress is good I think, and I       wondering if they would see                  We live in a now
                                       throwing more at them than our            quietly enjoy the show from         their families again.               society; buy now and pay later,
                                       current pitchers at the World             the back of the classroom. I                  When our time finally     get better abs from a
                                       Series.                                   haven’t told them that I’m will-    comes and we look back on our       We drive faster cars, use faster
                                                They are having to               ing to come in at lunch or after    lives, most of us will not wish     computers, and are obsessed
                                       learn new computer software               school if they need more time.      that we had more money or           with a need for speed. I say
                                       to make the newspaper pages;              Sometimes, there are bigger         acquired more things. I believe     it’s time to slow down and take
                                       they are stressing with the               lessons in life to learn.           we will hope we did what we         stock of what really matters.
                                       realization that their written                      I’m not surprised that    could with the time we had.                  15 minutes left in
                                       work will actually be read                the preciousness of time seems      It is our most precious com-        the Journalism class and the
                                       by someone other than their               to be a theme in their articles     modity. Just imagine if you         strained eyes are so close to the
                                       teacher - many others. It’s an            this month. One is reflecting       were able to buy more of it for     computer screens, their noses
                                       interesting view from the back            on the history of the school; an-   yourself. Imagine if it were on     almost touch them. I will
         I’m sitting at my             of the computer lab...when you            other is pondering our lives and    the stock market - oil and gold     relieve their tension and listen
teacher’s desk with a stack of         stop to take the time.                    all of the people who walk in       would pale in comparison.           for that collective sigh of relief;
marking, but there will be time                 Every five minutes               and out of them like a constant               We can always try a       I will give them what I planned
for that later. My Journal-            they are looking up at the red            revolving door; and another         little harder; we can always        to give them all along - more
ism students are currently on          digital clock - that is always on         digs deep and writes about          strive to be better individuals;    time.
                                                In high school this              everything has died and that
 Life... To Be Continued               cycle of people change, and the           nothing can ever go right.
             by: Megan Oh              impacts they put on our lives             It’s moments like these when
                                       can be quick and easy, or slow            people with a reason enter
                                       and painful. It’s tougher to let          your life and turn it all around.
                                       go of relationships with life-            Although they may not be a
                                       long friends that have changed,           life-long commitment, they are
                                       or a boyfriend or girlfriend              the Elmer’s glue that puts you
                                       whose feelings have faded, or             back together. So while you
                                       dealing with the insecurities of          may be spending all of your
                                       not finding a close relationship.         days searching for that person
                                       A lot of the time we see people           who will last an eternity, you
                                       come for a season, sometimes              may be blind-sided and not
                                       with a reason, but they don’t             realize that those who come
                                       stay for a lifetime. Naturally,           for a reason play a bigger part
                                       we are made to move on and                in your current life than those
                                       look forward. After a loss, it’s          who would be there for the
                                       distressing for us to even think          rest of your days. We may not
          People come into your        of living without them or how             all be Bob Marley optimists,
life for a reason, a season or         we are going to continue our              but we always find a way to
a lifetime. We never stay the          everyday lives. However, time             overcome those melancholies,         Old Fashioned, Personal Service
same - everyone knows that.            heals everything and although             heartbreaks, and miseries. As        317 Robinson St., Penticton, 250-492-7610
We are always moving forward           we may not forget those people            they say, “Everything is okay
- or at times - living in the past,    and the little tidbits they threw         in the end. If it’s not okay,
dwelling on what could have            into our lives, we go on with             it’s not the end.” It just takes

                                                                                                                              Combo Special
been or doing our best to forget       life. But why is that in that             a matter of time to recognize
a certain period of time in our        moment, we feel as though we              that the world is not out to get
life. Throughout our lifetime,         can’t carry on? That the world            you, that people never stay the
individuals enter and exit like        has ended and nothing could               same, and - dare I be cliché -
a play; a new character joins
the scene while another exits.
                                       ever go right again?
                                                Well, we are still
                                                                                 what doesn’t kill you, makes
                                                                                 you stronger.                                                    14” Pizza
Sometimes people come back             human. Our emotions control                                                                                     (3 Topping)
and others are just known as
‘extras’. Life is a constant
                                       everything; our feelings steer
                                       our course and get in the way.
                                                                                                                                                  & 6 Pieces of
motion.                                They make us feel as though
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                                                        Laker Life
                                                                                               as a carpenter for fifteen               While teaching at
                                   Pen High’s Feature Teacher...                               years before deciding he       Pen High, the mighty home
                                                                                               wanted to go into the teaching of the Lakers, he met Lynn
                                                                                               profession.                    Holloway, a socials teacher.
                                Now he’s a free ‘Willie’...                                            Most of the students   They now have been happily
                                                                       By Kasandra Keir        at Penticton Secondary         married for eleven years.
                                                                                               knew Mr. Willie as a science   Lynn has two daughters,
                                                                                               teacher. What many people      with three kids of their own.
                                                                                               don’t realize is that it was   Rick has only one son, but
                                                                                               only one of a long list        regardless, they’ll always
                                                                                               of classes he has taught:      have their hands full.
                                                                                               Consumer Math 11, Social                 Towards the end of
                                                                                               Studies 9/10/12, Multimedia    the interview, I asked him
                                                                                               10/12, Computer Apps. 11,      what he looked forward to
                                                                                               Typing 10/12, Management       most now that he is retired.
                                                                                               12, Marketing 12, Business     Without hesitation, almost
                                                                                               Ed. 10, Consumer Ed. 12,       as if he had planned his
                                                                                               Woodwork, Auto, Welding,       answer already, he fired off
                                                                                               and much more.                 a list: tennis, reading, sitting
                                                                                                       When asked about       down every morning and
                                                                                               the highlight of his teaching  reading the entire newspaper,
                                                                                               years, he spoke with great     renovations, making cabinets,
                                                                                               enthusiasm about a time        travelling/backpacking,
                                                                                               in 1995. Rick coached the      and skiing. At the very end,
                                                                                               senior tennis team, and his    with a slight grin, he said,
                                                                                               players took home the gold at “I miss teaching, but not the
                                                                                               Provincials. Within the next   marking!”
                                                                                               couple of days, his business             Students often spoke
                                                                                               management team came out       of Mr. Willie in good spirits
                                                                                               with a great victory. As if    and stated that he was an
                                                                                               that wasn’t enough already,    excellent teacher. Pen High
         For 22 years, Rick     grow and learn new concepts.            Mr. Willie played left he got his Master’s degree     will - without a doubt - miss
 Willie taught the building     Now retired, many of us         corner and line backer on the  within the following month.    you. We wish you the best
 blocks of life. His dedication remember him as a high          football team. (Tennis is one  He describes this time as an   in your retirement and thank
 kept him coming back, as       school science teacher, but his of his biggest hobbies today.) exciting period in his career  you for your service.
 well as seeing his students    talents don’t end there.        After high school, he worked   and life.
                                                                                                           the Soup Kitchen. Wear your        change that. Every couple of

                                                                                                           sweater one day, it’s for a good   weeks at random, there are
                                                                         In the Loop with                  cause!                             sticky notes stuck to the mir-
                                                                            the Lakers                     10 000 Tonight                     rors in the girls’ washrooms
                                                                                                                                              with encouraging words,
                                                                                                           is coming up quickly. Each
                                                                                                           year numerous students turn        and quotes written on them.
                                                                                                           out for this good cause. De-       “You’re beautiful.” “There is
                                                                        Wanted: Grocery Bags:              cember 2nd, be there.              always one person that loves
                                                                        Pen High senior leadership stu-             Remembrance Day           you, and watches you from
                                                                        dents are using plastic grocery    assembly is coming up on No-       afar.” “Smile. You deserve to.”
                                                                        bags to make sleeping mats for     vember 10th. It was amazing                 Whoever is trying to
                                                                        homeless people. They’re           last year and we ask that once     make a change, hasn’t made
                                                                        distributing them to home-         again you show your respect in     themselves known. Maybe,
                                                                        less people around Vancouver.      a classy, Pen High way.            they’re trying to keep it a secret
                                                                        If you have any bags laying                                           of some sorts. When girls walk
                                                                        around, they’d gladly be will-                                        into the bathrooms, and smile,
                                                                        ing to take them. You can drop        Notable Notes                   I’m sure it makes it all worth
                                                                                                                                              while. To whomever is trying
                                                                        them off at Mrs. Richardson’s
                                                                        office.                                                               to boost self-confidence in our
                                                                                                                    In some ways, Pen
                                                                        DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!                                                  high school, I applaud you. I
                                                                                                           High is like many other high
                                                                        Wear your brightest clothing                                          hope you see the difference
                                                                                                           schools. There are the common
                                                                        to the ‘Tight ‘n’ Bright’ dance.                                      you’re hoping for.
                                                                                                           cliché groups: popular kids,
                                                                        Tickets are on sale until Nov.     jocks, preps, nerds, skids, and
                                                                        3rd. Make sure you get one         loners. Even though every-
          The Fasionistas for the month of November are Kate            because this dance on Nov. 4th     one is placed into a group, it     LET’S HEAR FROM YOU
 Upton and Joel Moorman. If you see Kate, you’ll first notice           will be a dance to remember.       doesn’t always reflect who they
 that she has a unique style. She dresses with the latest styles, and                                                                         Do you have a comment
 makes sure she always stands out. Joel is a very casual dresser.
                                                                        Ugly Sweater Day!                  are. Many teenagers feel as if
                                                                        Wear you’re oldest, ugliest,       they don’t belong, or feel the     about something that is
 He’s an active person and loves to show it through his clothing.                                          need to belong. Not everyone       going on in the school?
 Both Fashionistas will be receiving a $20 gift certificate to The                                         feels as if they can speak up,
                                                                        closet sweaters. This year, all
 Bum Wrap. If you would like to nominate a Fashionista for next                                            and talk about their problems.
                                                                        the cotton sweaters will be                                           Drop me an email as I
 month, just email a suggestion to The Pen                                              Often enough, they’re lonely
                                                                        made into toques and scarves                                          would love to hear from
 Hi Post also wants to thank The Bum Wrap for their awesome                                                and lost.
                                                                        for homeless people. All other                                        you:
 support!                                                               sweaters will be donated to                 Someone decided to
                                           Creative Writing
                                                       One Mighty Roar                                                              by: Paige LaRoche
                                    shoulders back, standing            too late for any of that. I was    one of my muscles tensing         this excited over me, over my
                                    as tall as I could - making         already focusing solely on         and relaxing as I ran, my         legs moving quickly, over me
                                    myself as proud as that lion        the lane in front of me as I       arms going in time with my        pushing my muscles faster
                                    emblazoned on my thigh.             stepped into position, my          legs. I leaned forward, things    than any other girl. Knowing
                                             All the while, the crowd   runners pressing against the       starting to change from the       this kicked me right into
                                    had been cheering away. The         footholds as I knelt down.         slow motion of the starting       overdrive as I came around
                                    stands were filled - there had      My mind was slowing right          to the high speed, fast paced     the last bend.
                                    to be a thousand people there,      down, only acknowledging           action of the race. Sucking in             The finish line was
                                    at least. I swallowed the lump      the rough feeling of the tartan    air, I kept my breathing even.    right in my sight as I bounded
                                    in my throat as I surveyed          under my palms, the pressure       Everything was silent, even       toward it, leaning forward so
                                    the stands, hearing people          I was putting on my back           though I knew if I let down       I was nearly at a 45° angle.
                                    shouting various names, as          foot, and keeping myself alert     my guard I would hear the         There were no more thoughts
         I sucked in a breath,      well as the dull roar of the        for the starting countdown.        hundreds of people screaming,     on my mind about how my
looking around at the other         hundreds of people chatting                  Finally, after what       the same way my muscles           lungs ached desperately for
girls. They all shared similar      animatedly to one another.          felt like hours, the announcer     were screaming in protest of      more air, no more thoughts on
characteristics - lean bodies,      Catching movement out of the        came up and stood at the side      me pushing so hard. I didn’t      how sore I would be tomorrow
clad with school shorts and         corner of my eye, I squinted        of the track. I nodded along       dare look around me; I had no     for pushing myself so hard.
tee-shirts; not unlike myself.      across to the opposite side of      with everyone else, knowing        idea what place I was in. All I   All I focused on was reaching
Hair up in ponytails, slicked       the track, where a maintenance      exactly what he was asking         was focused on was my single      that white line surrounded
back so tight that you might        person was clearing away            without even listening; the        lane. It was as if the whole      by parents and friends and
fear it would rip out from the      leaves - only for them to fall      words filtered through my          world was fuzzy, and I had the    loved ones. When I passed
roots. Some girls had folded        off of the trees again moments      mind, but none of them             slimmest contacts in my eyes,     that line, it was the best
themselves in half, stretching      later. It blew my mind that he      registered. I just waited for      only making my one lane           feeling of my life. I slowed
out their backs and thighs;         was doing this just for a small     those key words I had grown        visible.                          to a stop, hunching over
others sat on the tartan track,     handful of girls; that there        so accustomed to, giving me a                I was just around       and resting my hands on my
their legs out in nearly a 180°     were all these people in the        cue to start.                      the second bend. I could feel     knees, panting for a breath.
angle. I let out my breath          stands, to watch their friends               “On your mark.” I         my lungs and legs and feet        My limbs felt numb, and I
harshly, feeling my lungs burn      or loved ones do something          stayed crouched, the whole         all burning, but I continued      was worried I might vomit,
with the relief of the new air      so primitive as run, for maybe      world seeming to slow down         to sprint at my top pace, my      but it was the most wonderful
breezing in. I continued to         a couple of minutes total.          before my eyes.                    running shoes hitting the         feeling. It was the feeling of
watch the other girls around        There were people from all                   “Get set.” Extending      tartan in even beats. “Keep…      accomplishment as I turned
me - some were chatting away        across the state, to watch a        my legs, I made sure my hips       going… keep… pushing…             around to see the other 4 girls
with others, their excitement       race that would be over in a        were just above my shoulders,      don’t…stop…” The pounding         come across the line. The
clear in their faces; others        small fraction of the time it       my back flat and my head up.       of my steps echoed words in       moment they were all across,
were similar to me, alone and       took them to get here, not to       I could feel my blood pulsing,     my mind as I started to come      people immediately flooded all
silent. Some of them almost         mention the hours upon hours        hearing it drumming in my          around the third corner.          around me, shouting my name,
looked as if they would be          of practice these girls put         ears as I looked straight ahead                     I was running    hugging my cold, sweaty
sick.                               in.                                 at the first curve of the track.   straight toward a stand of        body as I stood there, shaking
         I took another deep                      I only started to                  There was a           people. If I weren’t in control   uncontrollably. But it wasn’t
breath, letting the air filter      notice the cold when a breeze       pause where it seemed as if        of my muscles, I would have       out of nervousness, or the
in as slow as I would allow         picked up, the goose bumps          everything just stopped for        ran right into the group of       queasy feeling in my stomach.
myself. It was as if I could feel   on my flesh becoming more           a minute, as the adrenaline        students in the front, smiling    It was from the pride I felt
the oxygen absorbing into my        prominent. My mind started          in me reached its peak. Less       and waving and cheering,          building up inside myself. A
bloodstream, energizing my          to focus on how cold I was in       than a second later, I heard       jumping up and down. The          wide grin spreading across my
whole body. When the feeling        my simple outfit. It was late       that gunshot crack through the     stripes of green paint across     face, I turned my head up to
became unbearable and I             October, and the last race of       air.                               their cheeks, as well as the      the sky; I shouted as loud as I
could inhale no more, I let my      the year; I should have been              There was a millisecond      big poster with my name on        could, my voice echoing in the
breath out in one big burst, the    expecting it. I was only pulled     of hesitation before I sprung      it, reminded me of who these      ears of everyone around me
carbon dioxide rushing out of       out of my own thoughts when         up from my starting block.         people were - my best friends.    - much like a lion, roaring its
me as if someone had shoved         I heard the loudspeaker next to     I started to sprint at the top     As I ran toward them, I           mightiest roar.
me in the gut. I relaxed my         me start booming out a man’s        of my speed, feeling every         realized that they were getting
muscles, bending over my            voice, announcing that my
toes, keeping my back flat          heat would start in 2 minutes.
until my palms pressed down         This almost instantly took my
on the cool track. My forehead      thoughts far away from my
nearly touched my knees             own physical discomfort, and
when I fully folded over, the       I started to focus on my usual
hem of my shorts just visible       routine. I blocked out the noise
in my line of vision. I saw         of the jeering crowd, the sound
the familiar lion donned on         of the girls chattering around
the corner of my forest green       me wishing each other luck,
track shorts, its great mouth       the last minute pep talks from
stretched open in a roar. My        the coaches.
own lips spread into a small                  Having spent the
smile aimed at the lion, until      entire season with me, my
the blood rushing to my head        coach knew better. She knew
finally became uncomfortable        exactly what I was doing,
enough to make me stand             and didn’t bother trying to             In Remembrance of our Veterans
straight again. I rolled my         get in any last words - it was
                                              Creative Writing
                                                                             iAce                                                                      by: Kyla Morin
                                       didn’t have a heart, let alone       you stepped foot on the scale and confused by the sudden rudeness                    “But Dr. Lemon, you
                                       ears. Instead she had two holes      the hot instructor with the eight       of his arrival.                    just told me that you teach...”
                                       drilled into the sides of her head   pack and bronze tan stared at                     “Here I am. Picking up             “Be quiet. This
                                       which served as ears like that of    you with that beautiful smile just my lovely daughter.” Dr. Lemon conversation. Is confusing me
                                       a bird, and a motor that hummed to mock you. In this case, Ace               murmured, confused, “When          very much.” Dr. Lemon spoke
                                       violently on full blast inside her   was the obese person stepping           I see, her professor. Yelling at   with his eyes focused on Mr.
                                       metal chest due to her panicking. on the scale, and Mr. Dallas               her?”                              Dallas as he hadn’t blinked a
                                       With her right hand, she grabbed was the instructor mocking her,                       Before anyone should     single time since he stood in the
                                       her mechanical pencil to match       although he wasn’t attractive           say anything about the way Dr.     doorway.
         She stared with stars         her mechanical self, and she         in the least bit and had nothing        Lemon talks, everyone should                 Dr. Lemon was a
in her eyes at the piece of            scribbled a giant question mark      close to an eight pack. And in          know that is the way Dr. Lemon     widower in his late thirties. His
empty paper that laid flat upon        on the front of the exam and         the end, Ace knew she was going speaks. His speech impediment              wife had passed away when he
her specially designed metal           left a little note on the bottom     to feel really crappy and she           didn’t allow him to say more       was 31, and she was five months
desk. Puzzling and perplexing          of the page reading, “I am not       cursed under her breath at her          than five words without having     pregnant with their first child; a
questions written in black ink         programmed to do this.” She          ‘father’ Dr. Lemon for building         to stop and making everything      girl whose name was to be Alice.
from a poor printer filled the         was telling the truth, she really    her with an emotion circuit. She        sound like tiny sentences.         His wife’s death hit him very
page which rattled the gears           was. ‘Maybe I’ll get half marks      didn’t want to meet his eyes as                   “No, no, no, Dr.         hard, and he had developed some
inside her head. How was               for honesty,’ she pondered in her they quickly brushed over the              Lemon.” Mr. Dallas realized        mental issues after her death -
she supposed to know any of            computer.                            front of her exam. It didn’t take       he was in trouble. “I-I was just   his speech impediment being
this? She was built brilliantly                   “Time is up!” the         long for his face to brighten up        umm… giving Ace some…              one of them.
and could do magnificent,              teacher called while he put his      to a color that resembled that of       some lessons! To go into her                 Dr. Lemon was a
remarkable things no other             newspaper down. “Everyone            a tomato’s, and his eyes slowly         brilliant computer brain. Yes,     quirky man. Very awkward
being could – except math. She         hand in their exams, or I’ll         looked up at her and he glared at that’s what I was doing.” Mr.            and a bit nerdy. But he was a
was never programmed to do             deduct ten points.”                  her frighteningly.                      Dallas looked a bit frightened for great man, and everyone loved
American Senior algebra. In                       “You can’t do that!” a              “You call this,” he           once.                              him and admired him for his
all of her young years she was         curly haired boy called out in a     hissed through his clenched                       Ace stood silently, not  great scientific knowledge and
not meant to face a frustrating        whiny tone.                          teeth, “an exam?”                       because she was happy that she     inventions. He stood perhaps
and curious question that                         “But I just did,                    The motor in Ace’s            had been saved, but rather her     6’5, and was very large, but not
involved twelve x’s, four m’s,         Benjamin. Plus another ten           chest was pounding in its iron          motor had stalled and wasn’t       corpulent. Only thick muscle lay
and so many brackets so that           for talking back.” The teacher       shell now, and her eyes loomed          allowing her to do anything.       under his skin that was just a few
when she attempted to count            grinned a toothless grin.            large as past memories of an                      “You do not. Lecture     tones off of Elmer’s glue. Dr.
them, she’d have to start all          Benjamin looked like he was          angry Mr. Dallas crept into her         my daughter. You do not teach.     Lemon’s hair was a brownish-
over again. The stereotype for         about to cry as he turned to his     computer.                               My daughter. Teaching Ace          red color and he had a thin
robots to supposedly be brilliant      friends in his normal aluminum                 “B-but I,” she                is. My job. Yes. Mine.” Dr.        moustache upon his face, which
and divine gods of everything          desk topped with wood and said       stammered, not sure if it was due Lemon said, still sounding rather almost always had a bewildered
complicated and complex was            something about how his mother to fright or mechanical lag, “I               puzzled.                           expression upon it.
completely wrong for Ace.              was going to kill him. Everyone      have an explanation.” she tried                   “B-but you told me                 When Dr. Lemon was
         If her inventor, or father,   rose from their creaky desks         to calm him down in her own             when you enrolled her into this    roughly 33, he had an idea.
as he preferred to be called, had      which were a bit too small for a     pleasant melodic voice.                 school you wanted to help her      Since he had always longed for
been a genius at mathematics,          senior class and started to head               “Well it better be good,      out, you know?” Mr. Dallas         a child, a daughter especially,
Ace would have been the highest        toward the teacher, chattering       robot girl.” he growled angrily.        looked like he was on the verge    he decided to make one. It
ranking student in all of the state    among themselves with either                   “Excuse me,” a familiar, of nearly wetting himself.              took him three times before
of Alaska. But he wasn’t, so Ace       smiles or displeased looks upon      calming voice from the doorway                    “I. Did not say. Such    the mechanical child came out
wasn’t. In fact, Ace was one of        their youthful faces. One student said. Ace and Mr. Dallas both              a thing. I assure you. I enrolled  exactly as he wanted. Alice was
the worst ranking students in          even tried to play a game of         looked to see who it was.               Ace. Into this. School for her. To his most favourite name, but
math-related subjects of all of        tug-o-war with Mr. Dallas as                   “Don’t you interrupt          make friends. I teach her things.  he didn’t want to name his new
the 910 teenagers who attended         he didn’t want to let his exam       me,” Mr. Dallas barked, but then Lots of things.”                          ‘child’ that, because he thought
Sir Cooper II Academy. Nobody          go. But he lost, and Mr. Dallas      realized just who the interrupter                 “I can teach her math,”  that it would bring back dreaded
teased Ace about it though;            snatched up his exam like a          was. “Oh, good afternoon Dr.            Mr. Dallas offered with a fake     memories. It took him nearly a
nobody even talked to her really,      hungry ogre.                         Lemon.”                                 and innocent smile – a smile that year, but when he was finally
due to her strange … physique                     When there was                      A giant wave of relief        was begging for Dr. Lemon to       done, Ace 1077 was born.
and form.                              only a few students left in the      swept over Ace as she saw her           spare him.
         “One minute left!” the        small classroom that people          beloved inventor - father - she                   “If Ace has not passed
teacher with a lazy left eye, large    complained was “too cold”, but       corrected herself, at the doorway. her exam, then I know you do
pot belly, and a scruffy voice         Ace wouldn’t have known, Mr.         His expression was rather               not teach well.”
called out – he sounded bored.         Dallas looked at her with his
Ace panicked. The only thing           right eye; his left eye googling
she had written on her midterm         all over the place in another                                        Welcome highschool gragduates! Come down to Penticton KIA
exam was her name which only           direction like a broken compass.
                                                                                                            for any of your vehicle needs!
counted as two marks out of                       “Are you gonna give me
the 150 if you put both first and      your exam, Ace?” he asked her
last name, and Ace didn’t really       like she was a two year old.                                         KIA Motors supports a grad program that can be used on the
have a last name. If robots could      Ace gulped; bitter drops of oil
                                                                                                            purchase of a KIA certified
sweat, Ace would have already          slipped down her artificial throat
been drenched in her own oily-         as she nodded slowly. She rose                                       preowned vehicle.
bullet-size drops.                     sluggishly, and her knees slightly
         “Thirty seconds!” the         creaked as she stood. She would                                      We can all drive change!
teacher called out, his face           need a nice, hot, relaxing oil bath
buried in a cheesy article about       after today.
employees who were turning                        Approaching Mr. Dallas
into yetis at work from the            was like one of those weight loss
“National Liar.”                       TV shows when the moment has
         Ace thought she felt her      come to step on the scale. You
                                                                                              Penticton KIA is located at 550 Duncan Ave W.
heart racing through her ears,         would either feel amazing about
but then she realized that she         yourself or really crappy once
                                           Lakers’ Sports
                           Senior Girls Volleyball
Written by:Nolan
 Senior Boys
The senior boys have
been ‘serving’ coach
Harknesss well lately.
They are 2-1 in league
games and played
well in the 3 tourna-
ments they competed
in, placing in 2nd,
                           The senior girls are on fire - or at least breathe it - they are dragons after all. They are currently 2-1 to start off the sea-
7th, and 10th. This is     son. They’ve competed in 3 tournaments and did considerably well in all of them. They finished 2nd at TRU, 5th at UBCO,
a rather young squad       and 9th in the ‘Best of the West’. “The season is on track where we want it, with the ultimate goal of peaking at the end of
in comparison to most      November, early December,” explains coach Mend. He also mentioned that the team’s success has been a complete team
                           effort, with no one out-shining another. They out-shine their opponents instead.
senior teams, consist-
ing of one grade 12,             Senior Girls Field
seven grade 11s, and
one grade 10. Coach                   Hockey
Harkness believes that
                           This group of keen athletes has been working hard
their youth is not a
                           so far. Coach Johnston says she sees them improv-
negative factor to this    ing week by week. She also gave compliments on
team. “Despite their       their fitness, which is important for them because
youth, they have shown     they only have a few subs for relief. Their top
a lot of potential. They   scorer, and one of the team captains, along with
have competed with the     Anne Theilmann, is Lisa Johnson. Mrs.Johnston
top teams in the prov-     also spoke about the team’s appreciation of Mar-
ince and hope to have      tine Blais for stepping up to be the team goalie,
a strong finish to the     filling the void in that key position. Keep working
year.” The full team’s     hard girls!
contribution has led to
good finishes; however,    Cross Country
there is one player that
is specially recognized    They must have replaced
by the coach and team      their blood with Red Bull
                           somehow, because they are
- Ethan McCluskey. His     cruising their way through
leadership and skill       these races. All three
level allows the team to   races resulted in first place
compete at a high level.   finishes. “The team has
                           dominated all three races
These boys will soon       in the South Okanagan,”
be attending Valleys,      Mr.Davies said excitingly.”
where they hope to         The athletes have continued
dominate and move on       to improve.” Stay tuned
                           next month when I pub-
to Provincials! Best of    lish their results from the
luck guys!                 Okanagan Championships.
Grade 9 Girls Volleyball
                                         Lakers’ Sports
                                                                Feature Athlete
The grade 9 girls are off to a tremendous start in the season
and in their careers. Coach Gunning talked excitedly on the      of the Month
subject of their future, “We are looking foward to future
success for this group. They are a very keen and athletic
group of young athletes.” They currently sit comfortably in
the league with an impressive record of 7-1.
                                                                  Kasandra Keir
Junior Girls Volleyball
This team poses a definite threat coming into Valleys and
hopefully Provincials. The grade ten girls remain undefeated
with seven victories, and plan to continue ‘spiking’ the com-   #8 on the Naramata Wildfire softball team has made a name for herself in the USA. This
petition. Coaches Botero and Gouza were impressed with          young softball player recently went to Atlanta, Georgia, along with Jen Black of Pen High,
the improvement shown by all the players. “It has been a        and represented Canada well, playing against NCAA college teams. Kassie is a dedicated
great season,” Mr.Botero stated. “Everyone on the team has      ball player. She plays centerfield and short stop, positions that require quickness and skill.
improved immensely.”                                            Determination, enthusiasm, and intensity are a few words that describe her playing style.
                                                                Her dream is to play college ball and to become a coach one day. In addition to her outgoing
Lakers Hockey                                                   lifestyle, Kassie likes to play drums, guitar, and sing in her spare time. Keep up the good
                                                                work Kassie.

                                                                Junior Girls Field Hockey
                                                                The junior girls have been
                                                                working hard this season
                                                                with evident signs of im-
                                                                provement seen by coaches
                                                                Mrs. Grant and Mrs. Glib-
                                                                bery. “So far the team is
                                                                improving every game,” said
                                                                Coach Grant. Stay tuned
                                                                with next month’s issue and
                                                                find all of your results from
                                                                the fall season. These girls
                                                                were going to the Okanagan
                                                                Valleys just before we went      229852_fall fashion_Nov4           10/25/10       12:00 PM      Page 1
                                                                to press. We wish them well
                                                                and hope they have a lot of
Lakers sports action is not limited to just the field or gym-   fun.
nasium. Come on down to the South Okanagan Events
Center and show your support for the Okanagan Hockey                                             MINKPINK
Academy. There will be coverage on the O.H.A games in                                  
next month’s issue.

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                                                                                                      New Hours:
                                                                                                   Mon to Fri: 9:30-5:30     239 Main St. Downtown Penticton
                                                                                                   Saturday: 10:00-5:00            250.493.6501
                                                                                                    Sunday: 11:00-4:00
                                                                   International Issues
        In one of the            digestive system. The plastic
remotest regions of the          that floats on the surface of
North Pacific Ocean lies         the water is mistaken for
the Midway Atoll. A small        squid and other foods. More
collection of islands that       than 10 000 baby chicks die
lays dangerously close to the    every year on the island,            The Battle Of Midway. Emily
Pacific Garbage Patch. The       their stomachs filled with
waters surrounding Midway        toothbrushes, bottle caps,
                                                                      Chartrand makes a difference.
                                                                                                                                  by: Kenya Rogers
have succumbed to a world        plastic lighters...etc, etc.
of over-consumption. The                 Chris Jordan and
waters have been polluted by     Jan Vozenilek, recent
an indescribable amount of       presenters at our school,
chemical sludge, and more        play tremendous parts in
than anything, plastic.          the study and restoration of
        Years ago, what was      Midway’s Laysan Albatross
named the most significant       seabirds. The passion of
naval battle in the history of   these men set something
World War II was fought on       off in grade 11student,
the islands, yet in modern       Emily Chartrand. Through
times it seems that war has      her efforts not only has she
struck once again.               brought Chris and Jan to the
        Two million Laysan       school to raise awareness,
Albatross live on Midway,        she founded the group
and every year their mating      “Plastic Free Pen High” and
dance produces thousands         made her dream of every              A sad, yet true photo of what our pollution is doing to the beautiful birds of Midway.
of small chicks. However,        student having a stainless
many of these chicks face a      steel water bottle a reality.   “The things I will see there     awareness. “We have to try         Midway will never cease.
grim fate due to the waters      And her passion hasn’t gone     are going to be sad and hard     our best to reduce our usage       Our collective conscious
they feed from.                  unnoticed. Chris Jordan has     to take in,” she explains.       of single use plastics. It’s       must be unified towards a
        The team of              asked Emily to come along       “It’s hard to believe a third    taking an incredible toll on       mindset of positive change.
scientists working on            on their next trip to Midway    of the chicks I see there        our planet. The problem            We must act, simply
Midway estimate that every       to observe the thousands        won’t make it.” Emily,           won’t just disappear. We           because it is the right thing
albatross living on the          of chicks on the island in      as she demonstrates the          have to stand up and take          to do - for our society today,
island contains some form        December. Emily is excited,     power of one, is making a        action!”                           and the generations to
of plastic in their stomachs;    but there are many aspects      difference within the school             Unless our ability         follow.
this plastic will never be       of the island that will truly   and community - leading          as people to affect change
broken down by their             put things into perspective.    by example and raising           is recognized, the Battle of

 Chris Jordan inviting Emily to Midway Island - awesome!                               This photo was not altered in any’s time to act!

Spooktacular Cryptville II
Cryptville II was an enormous success this year. It was a
wonderful way for the community of Penticton to celebrate
Halloween with the students and staff of Pen High. This
year’s Cryptville was way more elaborate than the previous
Cryptville. Instead of walking through a haunted house,
this was meant to be an event that you stayed at. There
were many stations for visitors that were run by almost 100
volunteers of students and staff. While meant to be fun, it
incorporated many epic moments from history and litera-
ture. Congratulations to Mrs. Rutherford for pulling off an
interactive production of such a granduer scale. Thanks for
making Halloween memorable.
                                                                   A ‘Miner’ Setback
     International Issues

                                     families everywhere rejoiced in
                                     their new found hope. Chilean
                                     president Sebastián Piñera held
                                     up the note and announced
                                     to the crowd and the cameras
                                     with many waiting hearts on
                                     the other end that the miners
   By Caitlyn Power                  would be saved – but it would
                                     take no less than four months
October 13, 2010, people             before they could do it. While
turned on their televisions to       the miners were trapped there
watch the people of Chile wait.      was a lot to be done: medical
Wives of the victims reassured       records were taken, supplies
the elderly parents, as their        given, and even a video camera
younger children clung to their      was sent to them. Messages
dresses, and across the globe        were sent from the trapped
families everywhere were             miners to loved ones... for what
watching in anticipation and         might have been the last time.
with compassion and sympathy         Families cried as they saw
for these anxious families.          their loved ones on the screen
         It was merely ten           and the world cried with them.
weeks prior when the hus-            Taking turns passing around
bands, brothers, and fathers         the camera, the men gave their     to bring those men back to         event when families, friends,      brought up, and the nightmare
of these families were trapped       loved ones a small satisfaction    their families - a feat that       and all other loved ones would     for the Chilean miners, their
in the Chilean coal mine they        and a realization that someday     would soon prove exceedingly       be reunited. And sure enough,      families, and the rest of the
were working in. The Chil-           soon they would in fact be in      difficult, but no doubt,           every thirty to forty minutes, a   waiting world, was over.
ean natives clung to hope that       their arms again.                  possible.                          new man was brought up and         Internationally, people felt for
someone would save them –                     Although many                       69 days later, on        the crowd cheered. There was       the Chilean community, and
their families, and people all       scientists and other officials     October 13, 2010, families         a time of tears and embraces;      finally, televisions were able to
over the world shared this same      were very touched by this          waited again outside of the        and after twenty-two hours of      be shut off. These 69 horrible
hope. In Pennsylvania, U.S.A.,       scene of rejoicing, they had no    mine, clinging to the hope of      anxious waiting and bursts of      days are a testimony to the
soon after the mine collapsed,       time to lose if they were going    that letter written in the red     complete joy for the reunion       human spirit; it is the longest
scientists finished the drill that   to save these men from their       paint. They held on to each        of loved ones - the last man,      anyone has been trapped
would penetrate the mine’s sur-      prison 688 m under the surface     other’s hands and hearts as        the leader of the group, was       underground and lived.
face and check for survivors.        where their families were          they waited for the first man
They had been in the mine for        standing. Almost immediately,      to elevate out of the mine.
seventeen days when the drill        food and water were sent down      All the men were brought up
brought up a note. The note          to the famished men of the         out of the darkness in a one-
was written in red paint and         San Jose coal mine, and then       man container that had been
with a message of safety;            they commenced their mission       specially designed for this very

      Chilean president Sebastián Piñera holds up the note and announced to the crowd                        A capsule that was used to bring up the miners; in a world
                               that the miners would be saved                                                     where happy endings seem few and far between...
                                                                          Health & Fitness
                                           Ginger is packed with
                                  gingerol, a plant compound
                                  that fights colds and flu viruses.
                                           Carrots are a top
                                  source of beta-carotene, which         Boost your immunity before flu season!
                                  ups the number of infection-
                                  fighting cells and helper
                                                                       All the power Food you need this winter!
                                                                                                                                      by: Tanniel Bishop
                                           Bell peppers are a          sore throats and ear infections,
                                  good source of phytochemicals        helps heal wounds, keeps skin
                                  as well as beta-carotenes and        healthy, and aids in digestion.
        Power food                vitamin C (particularly red bell              Spinach is loaded
                                  peppers). Research has shown         with energy-promoting iron.
          Want some power?        that increasing vitamin C            It’s very important in red
Here are some power foods to      intake can reduce the length of      blood cell formation, protein
help get you through the cold,    time cold symptoms last.             metabolism, growth and cell
harsh winter.                              Oregano is one of the       division. Spinach is also one
          Garlic is loaded with   most nutritious substances           of the best sources of lutein,
sulfur, containing compounds      on earth, with 42 times more         an antioxidant that benefits
such as allicin, which            antioxidants than apples, 30         eye, skin and cardiovascular
stimulate the multiplication of   times more than potatoes, 12         health.
infection-fighting white blood    times more than oranges and 4                 Lemons are the ideal
cells. It boosts natural killer   times more than blueberries.         food for restoring acid-alkali
cell activity and increases                Pumpkins are rich           balance. Drinking freshly
antibodies.                       in beta-carotene, a nutrient         squeezed lemon juice in
          Cooked broccoli         that the body breaks down to         water, or adding it to tea,
contains 123 mg of vitamin        make vitamin A. Vitamin A            and salad dressings (in place
C per cup - the top immune        helps strengthen the immune          of vinegar), helps maintain        have an antioxidant effect       used in Asia to counteract the
system booster. It’s also a       system and also aids in cancer       the body’s internal ‘climate’      higher than most fruits and      side effects of chemotherapy,
rich source of beta-carotene      prevention. Research suggests        at a pH which supports             vegetables.                      and has been proven to lower
which is good for the eyes and    that vitamin A may help keep         healthy bacteria instead of the             Amla, also known as     cholesterol levels a lot. You
immune system, plus contains      the respiratory system healthy,      viruses and harmful bacteria       Indian goose berries, detoxes    can find it in juice, powder, or
fiber.                            which is particularly helpful        which thrive in more acidic        the liver, boosts metabolism,    capsules at health food stores.
          Mushrooms are           when you have a cold or the          environments.                      and helps break down food                 The best way to keep
super powerful immunity           flu.                                          Raspberries contain       so you absorb more nutrients.    healthy this season is to simply
boosters. Researchers found                Honey has been a            ellagitannins which turn into      Japanese lab tests show it has   stay active - and like your mom
they enhance the function of      natural healer for thousands of      ellagic acid in the body - this    such amazing healing powers;     always said - wash your hands
cytokines which help the body     years. It provides antioxidants,     is a substance that causes         it can actually prevent cancer   often.
defend against viruses.           kills bacteria that cause coughs,    cancer cells to die; they          from growing! It’s currently
                                  When I was given the                 you will find that inspiration.    1500 to 2500 miles? Within       food dollar spent. The rest
                                  opportunity to write a piece         As sappy and cliche as it          that travel, greenhouse gases    of their money goes to the
                                  in the newspaper, I was              sounds, it’s really true.          and atmospheric pollutants       transportation, processing,
                                  ecstatic. It took me a while                 So what are the            are both contributors to         packaging, and refrigeration
                                  to come up with the topic            beneficial factors of eating       global warming. Not only         to make it to your local
                                  of eating local. Why am              local? Safer choices could         would you be reducing the        markets. There is also the
                                  I telling you this? Well,            be the beginning of modern         effects of global warming,       benefit of knowing your
                                  as a writer, I come across           day Canadian lifestyles.           but you would be doing           farmer and knowing the
                                  ‘writer’s block’ all the time.       Today our independence on          a favour to your health.         environment your food is
                                  If you’re a writer, or if you        imported foods from other          Factory developed foods          grown in. You have more
Loco for local                    have a tough time coming
                                  up with ideas or that one
                                                                       regions of the world has
                                                                       become a dangerous threat
                                                                                                          tend to be more saturated
                                                                                                          in chemicals to stay fresh
                                                                                                                                           access to information, and
                                                                                                                                           can raise more concerns
by: Taylor Williams               amazing plot, sometimes              to our health and well being.      for a longer period of           about your foods, if it’s
Grade:9                           you have to just put it aside        Did you know that imported         time, whereas a local farm       grown closer. You may also
                                  and leave it, and eventually         foods travel on average            wouldn’t be as strict on their   want to attend local farmers’
                                                                                                          crops.                           markets. Many towns hold
                                                                                                                  The CNAD says            them. Local farmers will
                                                                                                          that farms are more likely to    come to present some of
                                                                                                          have grown more varieties.       their vegetation and that’s a
                                                                                                          Locally grown food does          good time to ask questions
                                                                                                          taste better! Because farmers    and discuss your foods. You
                                                                                                          don’t have to bother with        would certainly be surprised
                                                                                                          packaging and shipping,          by the taste difference
                                                                                                          they only have to maintain       between local and imported.
                                                                                                          its growth, and choose                    So the next time you
                                                                                                          which will stay or go, so        are purchasing a watermelon
                                                                                                          the quality would not only       in the middle of winter, ask
                                                                                                          be fresher and healthier         yourself: Is this a healthy
                                                                                                          for you, but it would taste      choice? Eat according to
                                                                                                          better and have all its          seasonal crops available
                                                                                                          natural nutrients in tact.       to local farmers. A carrot
               Great November Specials!                                                                   You would also be helping        grown in its season would
                                                                                                          your very own economy.           taste far better than one out
    Student Drop-in $6.50 (must show student ID)                                                          Farmers on average only          of its season.
   Buy 150 tanning minutes and receive 50 minutes free                                                    receive 20 cents of each
                              Entertainment                                   ‘Congratulations’ showed a
                                                                              more mature MGMT; they
                                                                              weren’t the same novice 24-
                                                                              year olds - they had grown
                                                                              up (somewhat). They had
                                                                              gone through a transition and
                                                                              they are not the first band to
                                                                              have done this. The Beatles,
                                                                              for example, went through
                                                                              tremendous transition in
   Kenya Rogers & Branko Bevanda: The Beatles, Abbey Road                     the course of their career;
                              and Rolling Stone later listed                  they began in the early 60s
                              ‘Oracular Spectacular’ as the                   as straight-laced boys from
       MGMT, A Band in        18th best album of the decade.                  England and ended in the year
           Transition         Andrew VanWyngarden                             1970 as beard-brandishing
       By Branko Bevanda      and Ben Goldwasser (band                        hippies with all of them on           Band members Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden
                              members) became heroes of                       scary amounts of drugs. Their        Feel’, ‘Kids’, and ‘Time to            of American pop; when
         2007 MGMT released   their own brand of psychedelic                  music had changed as well            Pretend’; the second album,            someone tries to do something
their début album ‘Oracular   Indy rock. Fast forward to                      from cute songs about holding        while still a great album, didn’t      different and outside of the
Spectacular’ to rave reviews. 2010 and to the long awaited                    hands to LSD-influenced              receive half of the airplay            box, they are shunned. But
October 2007 they were        follow-up album. There was                      hippy anthems. They changed          as the singles off of the first        rest assured, MGMT is still a
named’s artists      a lot of speculation from the                   with the times and so has            album. ‘Congratulations’ had           beloved band by people who
of the day. November 2007     media and from themselves if                    MGMT. One big thing that             everything that pop stations           know them and even though
Rolling Stone names them      they could recreate the magic                   differentiates their albums is       hate - long Floydian (Pink             they have been snubbed,
as top 10 artists to watch;   of ‘Oracular Spectacular’                       that on their first album, they      Floydesque) songs that aren’t          their loyal fans will see to it
2008 the band was named       but on April 13, 2010, they                     had a string of radio-friendly       catchy enough for pop radio.           that MGMT make music for
9th in BBC’s Sound of 2008    released ‘Congratulations’.                     catchy songs such as ‘Electric       It’s annoying really the fascism       decades to come.
                                                                              Beach House live, they have          “Holiday,” a catchy doo-dad             earlier that night. A small crowd
                                                                              frequented my iPod head phones       from their latest album “Contra”.       with the same idea had formed,
                                                                              double the amount of before.         They played late into the night,        and it didn’t take long before the
                                                                              Alas, they played their last song,   and had the hundreds of fans            chants began. A woman came
                                                                              said their good-byes and left the    involved crucially in many of           out of the gates and told us to
                                                                              stage. The side speakers began       their songs. The camaraderie            form a line, and we obeyed; soon
                                                                              playing dubstep and electronic       between everyone in the crowd          after, they walked out. Baffled
                                                                              noises that, in comparison to what   was instant. No more worrying          and completely star-struck, we
                                                                              we had just heard, were nothing      about where you were, for you          babbled and got autographs, even
                                                                              special. The set started to move     might miss a classic Ezra dance        snagged a photo. Turns out these
                                                                              around and we cheered for the        move, or the cue to your favorite      little meetings are classic traits
                                                                              good-looking roadies, wishing        song. Finally, to all of our dismay,   of shows at the Malkin Bowl,
                                                                              to have their jobs. The time in-     the show was over, and when the        so it’s worth a try. All in all, the
      Vampire Weekend at the Malkin Bowl                                      between was far too exciting. A      encore finished, we all stood in       shows were amazing, the venue
                                                                              group of girls beside us began       amazement. Was it really over…         perfect, and despite some little
                             by Kenya Rogers                                  bickering amongst each other;        just like that? We made our way        things right off the bat, the sound
           August 28th, 2010.         started and already elbows were         the anticipation was getting to      out of the bustling crowd with the     was awesome. I don’t think you
This date is easily describable       flying. Proudly, the 4 of us stood at   all of us. Finally, in a blur of     buzz of our natural high far from      could have wiped the smile off
as one of the best days of my         the front. There was unfortunately      boat shoes and collared shirts,      wearing off. Then it struck us…        my face. So thank you Dum Dum
life thus far. It was on this day     a black gate about a meter high,        Vampire Weekend walked out.          WE HAD TO MEET THEM! We                Girls, Beach House, and Vampire
that I and 3 friends made the         so there was no physical contact        The crowd went insane…I went         rushed to the back of the Malkin       Weekend, for ending my summer
trek to the big city of Vancouver     with the bands, but as soon as          insane. They started out with        Bowl to where we saw big vans          on the highest note.
to see a concert. It was a triple     the first act was up, this minor

                                                                                  J & C Bottle Depot
threat; Dum Dum Girls opening         barrier was forgotten. The Dum
for Beach House, Beach House          Dum Girls started the show well,
opening for Vampire Weekend. In       but they had little interaction
my eyes, you couldn’t go wrong.       with the crowd. The sound was
Three completely different styles     also a bit off, and at points we
wrapped into one night under the      were straining to hear. Toward
stars at the Malkin Bowl. The
line up began around 12:00, for
gates that would open at 5:30. All
                                      the end, the crowd was becoming
                                      anxious for Beach House. In-
                                      between sets seem to be painfully
                                                                                       at 200 Rosetown Avenue
of us in the line were cordial, but   long, although I’m certain it had                                         (behind McDonalds)
in the back of our minds we were      much to do with incontrollable
picking off the weakest links
for the mad dash to the front.
The Malkin Bowl consists of a
                                      excitement. When Beach House
                                      at last came on, it really felt like
                                      we were just chilling with them.
relatively small stage looking out
to 100 yards of worn-in grass.
                                      Nothing fancy, besides some big
                                      white pyramids in the back. It took
                                                                                    We take used Computers, TV’s, Printers, Fax
The earth that lay closest to the
stage was completely destroyed
                                      Victoria Legrand (lead singer of
                                      Beach House) a couple of songs
                                                                                   Machines, Scanners, Keyboards and Paint Cans.
from previous die-hards. Toward       before her infamous mounds of
the edges, hills form, leaving        floppy hair started to swirl around.
no ‘bad spots’. After our bags        Once she was into it, though, there
were checked, we all sprinted to      was no stopping her. They put on
the front; the show hadn’t even       an amazing show, and after seeing
    New This Month
                                               MOVIE REVIEW:
                                               The Social Network
                                              by Mackenzie Johnson
                                                                                   most, which makes some sense,
                                                                                   as the real Eduardo Saverin was a
                                                                                   consultant on the book on which
                                                                                   the movie was based. Oh, and one
November 12                                                                        more thing I would like to mention
                                                      Facebook. Love it or         regarding the performances:
Morning Glory                              hate it, one must admit that it’s       Brenda Song, what did Disney do
November 19                                big. Whether or nor it’s a big          to you?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows –     success, a big time waster, or                      As for the other
Part 1                                     both, I’ll leave up to your personal    components of the film, they’re
The Next Three Days                        discretion. The Social Network          pretty good, too. The dialogue
November 24                                is not about Facebook. Okay, I          is laced with witty lines that I’ll
Tangled                                    guess it is sort of, but really, it’s   probably be quoting for at least the
Burlesque                                  about the site’s creation, and the      next little while. The soundtrack
Faster                                     downward spiral that sucked in its      didn’t stand out too much to me,
Love and Other Drugs                       creators from there.                    with the sole exception of a techno
December 3                                                                         version of the ever-catchy “In         typing in cat or perhaps you’d like     difference is that you can’t use
                                                      Like most great                                                     to summon a tall orange flying          adjectives in the first one. For
The Warrior’s Way                          technological advancements,             the Hall of the Mountain King”.
                                                                                   Also, like I said before, the CGI      zombie cheeseburger by typing           instance, in the first game you can
                                           Facebook was created by                                                        in... you get the point.                summon a bathtub if you want,
                                           a nerd. That nerd is Mark               used to create the Winklevi was
           Video Games                                                             seamless. What didn’t work for                   The whole point of being      but in this one you can summon
                                           Zuckerberg (played by Jesse                                                    able to summon anything in this         a ‘rainbow giant angry robot
                                           Eisenberg). Mark is a Harvard           me though, was Mark’s method
November 9                                                                         of rapid speech. It doesn’t happen     game is so that you can complete        awesome spotted flying bathtub’.
Call of Duty: Black Ops (360, PS3, Wii,    undergrad, whom, like many                                                     clever puzzles. This is relevant        Much better.
                                           Harvard students, is smart and          often, but when it does, it’s
DS, PC)                                                                                                                   in the game’s single player mode                  There are a few issues
Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon     pretentious, but more so. After a       extremely difficult to understand,
                                                                                   especially since it mostly happens     (not that there is a multi-player       I have with the game though.
(DS)                                       bit of drunken hacking causes a                                                mode), where you must create            One problem is that you cannot
Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time (Wii)       crash of Harvard’s network, he          when there is also noise in the
                                                                                   background.                            objects to solve puzzles, but the       summon any copyrighted material
November 14                                is approached by the Winklevoss                                                puzzles have multiple correct           so I was a tad bit disappointed
Mario vs. Donkey Kong Mini-Land            twins (Armie Hammer and, thanks                    The Social Network is
                                                                                   a tale of ambition gone wrong.         answers. For example, one puzzle        when I couldn’t have Chuck
Mayhem (DS)                                to body doubles and amazing                                                    wants you to make the dinosaurs         Norris fight Darth Vader. Another
uDraw Studio (Wii)                         CGI, Armie Hammer) to create            It doesn’t necessarily define
                                                                                   our generation, though from a          extinct without using weapons or        problem is that the controls in the
Dood’s Big Adventure (Wii)                 a Harvard-wide social network                                                  a meteor. You could summon a            sandbox mode are very jittery,
November 16                                site. Mark then blows them off,         certain point of view, maybe it
Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (360, PS3,                                           does. Facebook has changed our         snow cloud to throw the dinosaurs       making it very hard to make good
                                           and with the help of some start-                                               into an ice age or you could go         looking levels. Also the music
PC)                                        up cash from his friend Eduardo         methods of social interaction; this
Sonic Colours (Wii, DS)                                                            was definitely Mark Zuckerberg’s       with a simple volcanic eruption,        makes me want to vomit. Not that
                                           Saverin (Andrew Garfield),                                                     but if you’re like me you try           the music is bad, it’s just that I
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (Wii, 360,     creates, as it was      goal. Looking at the movie, and
PS3, PC)                                                                           at criticisms of Facebook, was he      zombies...                              find ten second long sound loops
                                           originally known. Naturally, the                                                         The puzzles in the game       very annoying.
999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors (DS)
                                           Winklevi (as I’ll now refer to them     trying to change it for the better,
Pac-Man Party (Wii)                                                                or for worse?                          are fun, but the game really shines               Everything else aside,
                                           hereafter), are not amused. Mark                                               in its sandbox and level editor         here’s the bottom line: have
Create (Wii, 360, PS3, PC)
                                           keeps spreading Facebook to other                  I digress. 9/10
November 21                                                                                                               modes. The sandbox mode is fun          you ever wanted to watch God
Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)          universities, and it eventually                                                because you just create anything        with a chainsaw fight a giant,
November 23                                catches the eye of Napster creator      VIDEO GAME REVIEW:                     you want to. You really can have        fire-breathing cow? How about
                                           Sean Parker (ironically played by                                              fun just trying to see how many         ride a pink Cthulhu off into the
Michael Jackson: The Experience (Wii,
                                           Justin Timberlake). And it all goes     Super Scribblenauts (DS)
360, PS3, DS)                                                                                                             different objects you can think         sunset? Maybe summon various
November 29                                downhill from there...                      by Mark Peeren                     of (I guarantee that at least 90%       types of fruits and throw them
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS)                            This movie, while                                                   of everything you think of is in        at various Norse Gods? Maybe
November 30                                based on real events, is still                   Nowadays you have             there). The level editor mode is        solve some puzzles? How about
Epic Mickey (Wii)                          semi-fictional. The movie is            extremely violent video games,         great because you can create your       have a good time? If so, then I
The Sly Collection (PS3)                   framed as exposition during the         extremely childish games and           own puzzles and share them with         highly recommend getting Super
Patapon 3 (PSP)                            two lawsuits in which Mark was          extremely terrible games. Then         people online. A person with a          Scribblenauts. 8/10
                                           involved, and as one lawyer says        you have Super Scribblenauts,          huge imagination can really have
           DVD/Blu-Ray                     in the film, “Anytime there is          a game that finds a way to be          fun creating puzzles, and it really
                                           emotional testimony, I assume           extremely violent, extremely           is quite fun to play other peoples’
November 9
                                           85% is exaggerated.” Whether            childish yet somehow ends up           levels.
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
                                           or not the characterization in          being extremely awesome.                         Super Scribblenauts
Grown Ups                                  the movie was accurate, I will                   Super Scribblenauts is a      is the sequel to the game
Charlie St. Cloud                          probably never really know,             game which revolves around you         Scribblenauts, which, from what
Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series      since I’m sure the real Mark            being able to summon anything          I’ve heard, is remarkably similar
Sherlock: Season One                       Zuckerberg would probably like          you want by simply typing it into      to its super counterpart. I’ve
 The Sound of Music: 45th Anniversary      to maintain a positive image:           a keyboard. Summon a dog by            never played the first game but
Edition (Blu-Ray)                          something this movie doesn’t            typing in dog, summon a cat by         from what I’ve heard, the main                                  Mark Peeren
November 16                                really give him. Regardless, the
Avatar: Extended Collector’s Edition       performances in this movie are
A Christmas Carol                          fantastic. Jesse Eisenberg portrays
The Last Airbender                         Mark as so unsympathetic that we
Lottery Ticket                             sympathize for him, and I found
The Kids Are All Right                     the portrayal to be eerily similar
The Complete Metropolis                    to Sheldon from The Big Bang
The Twilight Zone: Season Two              Theory. I would also like to make
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory      the shocking announcement that
(Blu-Ray)                                  Justin Timberlake can act. I’m
November 23                                sorry, it’s true. On that note,
The Expendables                            Sean Parker is well-played as
Eat Pray Love                              this epitome of cool, but also
I’m Still Here                             somewhat secret antagonist, as he
Batman Beyond: The Complete Series
                                           becomes a major wedge in Mark
Lennon Naked (DVD)
                                           and Eduardo’s relationship. The
Murder, She Wrote: The Complete Twelfth
                                           unsympathetic natures of Mark
                                           and Sean will probably lead you
November 30                                to sympathize with Eduardo the
Knight and Day
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 (Special Edition)
Meet the Parents (Blu-Ray)
Meet the Fockers (Blu-Ray)
Marvel Knights: Iron Man – Extremis
                                                                                                                              T H E B U M W RA P 285 M A I N ST
The Sicilian Girl (DVD)                                                                                                                25 0.493.1 61 7
Waking Sleeping Beauty (DVD)                                                                                                        O P E N EV E RY DAY
Walt & El Grupo (DVD)
                                                             Mackenzie Johnson         Mention this ad and get 10% off of your next purchase. 1x only
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