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					Steve Parker                                                  

 Penny Stocks Psychic

Penny Stocks Psychic System Case Study: Jeffery XXXXX (Jeffery has requested his last name remain

Penny Stocks Psychic Homepage 

Disclaimer: Mr. Jeffery has supplied us with this testimonial/case study chronicling his experiences with
Penny Stocks Psychic. Neither he nor the traders behind Penny Stocks Psychic are liable for any content
contained here within. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and as with all trading,
stock trading is risky and should be approached cautiously.

Now that we have the legal jargon out of the way…Let’s begin…

                 Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.
Steve Parker                                                        

Here is an open letter from Jeffery to anyone interested in Penny Stocks Psychic:

“Hello everyone!

My name is Jeffery, I am a down-to-earth, straightforward, god-fearing guy just like everyone else here.
Like the vast majority of the people who are probably reading this, I work hard on a daily basis to make a
living and support my family. I have always been interested in trading penny stocks and have tried in the
past, but haven’t had much success. However, all that changed when I got the opportunity to try out the
alerts from Penny Stocks Psychic.

Before I get started, I wanted to apologize if my English isn’t up to par. I’m not the best writer out there.
Nonetheless, Steve and his team wanted me to share my experiences with Penny Stocks Psychic so that
those interested in the alerts provided by Penny Stocks Psychic can get a first hand glimpse from
someone who has been there, done that, and tried it out completely.

A little about me – I have a beautiful wife and 3 amazing kids, one is four, another is seven, and the
oldest is nine. I have been blessed with good health, a good family, and a decent “getting-by, making the
ends meet” wage. However, I don’t have the financial freedom that I would like to have so that my
family can live at least a middle-class life. For a living, I drive intrastate (within the state) trucks; I could
have driven interstate trucks but then I’d be away from my family for too long.

Anyhow, I had a few thousand saved up several years ago, and at that time, I invested 50% in stocks and
50% in Forex. Forex did ok, didn’t make or lose much. However, I got annihilated in penny stock trading.
I basically lost my entire investment of $2500. During the same time, I had also subscribed to many
penny stock trading tips lists, one being Steve’s. Thank god for that.

Then recently (6 months ago), when I was going through my junk mail, something caught my attention. I
saw that a guy named Steve had e-mailed his list, seeing if anyone was interested in testing out his
penny stocks alerts from his new Penny Stocks Psychic System. At this point, I didn’t really know much
about him, but I thought I’d at least check it out. Honestly, I thought it would be some lame sales pitch
or him trying to sell some junk to me.

Surprisingly, it was neither. He told me that his team and him were planning on launching Penny Stocks
Psychic in late 2010 and that he needed beta-testers. I was hesitant at first, but then I was like “What do
I have to lose?” I was skeptical so I kept asking questions and he kept answering. We also had a
conversation on the phone, as he probably felt that I would be a good beta-tester candidate. It was a
really motivational conversation and somehow (I don’t know how…), but by the end of the conversation
I was convinced to give Penny Stock Trading another go. He had shown me past performance, but more
importantly, live stock trading statements with real money accounts. I saw trades being placed,
executed, and raking in tons of profit. I thought to myself…why’s worth a try.

                   Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.
Steve Parker                                                    

He explained to me that I would receive alerts few times a week on which penny stocks to invest in to
cash in BIG. Basically, he said that I’d get the alert and the suggested investment amount via e-mail and
then I’d place the trade on any stock broker of my choice. When he would tell me to buy, I should buy
and when he told me to sell, I should sell and he said that if I followed that, I should reap nice profits.

Anyhow, moving on, Steve also gave me access to the Members Area. I logged in….Holding my breath....

I was stunned at what I saw. Steve and his team have done a phenomenal job in organizing the
Members Area. They have thought of and covered everything that a customer may need. Some of the
things they have in the members area :

    1. An explanation of the Penny Stocks Psychic System and how the alerts, trading, etc. would work.
    2. A beginner’s guide to Penny Stock Trading. This guide was extremely beneficial to me. I knew a
       little bit about stock trading, as I had tried it in the past, but this guide was an eye-opener. I
       realized what I was doing wrong and what I could do better. Although it doesn’t cover
       everything (no book really can..), it’s a great read.
    3. Risk Management Guide. I always sucked at this which is why I lost in penny stock trading
       initially when I tried it few years back. This guide taught me how to calculate risk and manage it
       and minimize it, a critical skill to have in stock trading. Another great read.
    4. Balancing Emotions Guide. A lot of people don’t succeed in penny stock trading because they
       don’t manage their emotions and stay objective. This guide helped me to stay focused and
       objective while balancing my emotions.
    5. A checklist and bullet point list of the keys to being a successful and disciplined trader.
    6. FINALLY….A lot of products have really crappy support. Here’s where Steve excels. They have
       implemented a LIVE CHAT SUPPORT feature in their members’ area whereby you can talk to
       technicians live for support. This just sold me. I was like WOW.

So I went through everything and was quite satisfied, now it was off to the main course. I was told that I
would start receiving trading alerts on what to buy/sell really soon after I signed up….Well, that didn’t
happen…not exactly…It took 36 hrs for the first buy alert. I didn’t really care as long as it made me

I received another alert to sell (close) the trade 3 hours later and made a profit of approximately $100.
Not bad for the first trade I told myself…I thought to myself…lets see if it’s consistent and keeps

To my surprise and disbelief, Penny Stocks Psychic did just what Steve had told me it would do….make
money on practically autopilot (just place the trades according to the alerts). At the end of three days of
trading, I had 18 winning trades and one losing trade. The winning trades yielded me a profit of about
$1536 and the losing trade was -$145, giving me a NET PROFIT of $1391 in 3 days FLAT on a $2500
investment…I was just speechless…

                  Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.
Steve Parker                                                    

That’s about 15 times the cost of the product made back in 3 days….what a bargain deal and what a
quality product. Besides thanking Steve a 100x, the next thing I did was look around and research more
such services, as I still didn’t know too much about it, since all I did was follow the alerts.

I also tried different products and systems to see how they would perform…nothing really matched
up…couple came close but then they had big losses..nothing like steady profits and occasional minor
losses like Penny Stocks Psychic. The Penny Stocks Psychic System/Alerts was pretty unique…here are
some reasons why:

       Their alerts are extremely accurate at pinpointing entry and exit points on penny stocks.
       The system is practically automatic. All you do is follow the directions/alerts and you are set. I
        can be out driving a truck full-time and be making money.
       They also backup everything they say by live real money accounts’ results
       It doesn’t require any stock trading experience and shows results within hours
       Best of all, what I like is their dedication to customer service. They give a 60 Day Money Back
        Guarantee to their customers as well as access to their email as well as Live Chat Support
        through their members’ area. Constant updates are also released to tweak it more and more.

So overall, to Steve, I’m quite satisfied. It’s been a few months since I have been using the Penny Stocks
Psychic System and I have nothing but raving reviews. It has worked amazing well so far for me and my
account has quadrupled within months…where can you get returns like that? I haven’t become a
millionaire overnight or anything…that’s not really possible…but I am on my way to financial freedom so
that I can support my family and their needs better. I am eternally grateful to Steve and his team for
giving me this opportunity. I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.

So my final advice to anyone interested in this system, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Try it out, use it,
it gives results, no hype, no bs, straight up results…In the worst case scenario (which I highly doubt) you
are not satisfied, then you can refund it for your full money back within 60 days…You have absolutely
nothing to lose!

Now, you are probably wondering...Why did I write all of this? What do I get out of it? Do I have all the
time in the world to do this? Am I really a super nice guy? Am I sucking up to Steve and his team? The
answer is NO to all those questions. I wrote this to show my gratitude to Steve and his team for allowing
me to achieve the financial freedom that I always wanted for myself and my family. I also wrote it to
encourage everyone who is reading this to make the right decision and try out the Penny Stocks Psychic
System. Even if I am completely out of it, you have nothing to lose, but a little bit of your time. It’s a
100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Hope I made your decision clearer.

Happy Trading Everyone…

                  Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.
Steve Parker                                                  

               Frequently Asked Questions
               Penny Stocks Psychic Homepage 

Over the past few days, we have received many questions about our system so here are the most
frequently asked questions:

Q: What is the Penny Stocks Psychic System in simple terms? What does it do? I’m lost..

   1. Penny Stocks Psychic is a penny stocks alert/tipster service. Basically our veteran stock traders
      research hundreds of stocks on a daily basis, and whenever we see a penny stock poised for
      gain, we will send out an alert to buy the stock. We will also send out suggested investment
      amounts. You can then place the buy trade on any stock broker of your choice. When we send
      the sell alert, go ahead and sell the stock for a profit. It’s as simple as that. We will handle
      everything from research to sending you the alerts, and all you have to do is place the buy or sell
      trade and reap the rewards!

Q: I don’t know anything about stocks…how hard is it to open a brokerage account and does it cost
anything? Is there a minimum deposit requirement?

   1. It couldn’t be easier…We will recommend the brokers you can use and even guide you STEP-BY-
      STEP on how to get started. Any stock broker would work and most brokers will allow you to
      start with $50 minimum at most, if not even lower.
   2. Our members area is extremely comprehensive and every step is detailed. And if you still have
      questions, we have a live chat support available in the members area as well as fast e-mail

                 Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.
Steve Parker                                                    

Q: Why are you selling the Penny Stocks Psychic Alerts if they make lot of money? Do you use them?

   1. Absolutely, we use them every single day. You can see some of our live statements on our site.
      Those are only a few of our numerous accounts of various sizes. The stock market is so HUGE so
      no matter how many people use the alerts from Penny Stocks Psychic, profitability will remain
      the same – so why not give other traders the opportunity and build up some good karma?
      Traders make money (by trading with Penny Stocks Psychic) and we make money by showing
      them how to use the Penny Stocks Psychic System. Straightforward and simple. Everyone wins.
      We then use the profits made from selling the Penny Stocks Psychic Alerts and invest them into
      our live accounts.
   2. Also, we want to prove to the stock market, traders, as well as ourselves that a truly profitable
      alert system can be developed. A lot of “get rich schemes” pop up every other day on the
      internet and give false hopes and promises to customers looking to earn a decent living. We
      want to change that. By providing a quality product and focusing on customer support and
      satisfaction, we believe that we can have a product that customers will love and one that we can
      proudly say was created by us.

Q: Do I have to risk money to try your Penny Stocks Psychic System?

   1. Absolutely not! We want to put our money where our mouth is. That’s why we are offering an
      unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the Penny Stocks
      Psychic, return it within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked.
   2. The beauty is that you can try out our system risk-free on a demo account to validate the results
      we claim Penny Stocks Psychic generates. You can open a demo account with any broker. Trade
      with a demo account until you feel comfortable going live.
   3. Truly risk-free.

Q: So your system is effective because it makes steady consistent profits no matter what market
trends are?

   1. Yes, exactly. A lot of systems fail because they are designed to be greedy and go for high profits
      per trade, but that also increases risks several folds. E.g. it’s better to make small steady gains of
      $10-$100 per trade and risk losing few dollars at a time than try to get several hundred dollars
      per trade and then lose several hundred, if not thousands per trade.
   2. Regardless of the market or economic conditions, Penny Stocks Psychic Alerts keep making
      steady consistent profits. If the market is going down, Penny Stocks Psychic makes money on
      sell orders. If it’s going up, it makes money on buy orders. Either way, it profits.

Q: Do I need to know anything about stocks or have any prior experience?

   1. Not at all. We have designed everything in such a way that even someone who doesn’t have the
      slightest clue what stock trading is can use the system to generate profits. It’s probably easier
      than most of the things you have done so far. If you can click on a website, that’s all you need.
      It’s that easy. No Joke.

                 Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.
Steve Parker                                                   

Q: Do you guarantee I’ll make money?

    1. We can’t guarantee that you’ll make money as that would be illegal. However, if you don’t make
       money, you can return it for a no-hassle 60 day money back guarantee. Try it on a demo account
       until you are satisfied, and remember we are going for small steady gains which equates to low
       risk and high profits in the long run.

Q: Do I need to do anything at all in terms of research?

    1. You don’t have to do any research whatsoever. Simply, follow our trading alerts/tips and place
       the buy/sell trades accordingly and make profits!

Q: Most other trading systems I have tried didn’t really work. Why will yours?

    1. That’s to be expected. A majority of the systems out there are slapped up on a page with a
       rushed design and a sales page that shows nothing. They are incapable of trading live accounts.
       Penny Stocks Psychic’s alerts are done by a TEAM of veteran stock traders.

Q: What does the Penny Stocks Psychic System include?

    1. Make sure to read the other FAQs, but briefly, once you purchase, you will get access to our
       exclusive Members Only Area. Here we have detailed tutorials, guides, videos, etc. to ensure
       that everything is as easy as possible for you. Once you have absorbed all the materials, you are
       ready to get started with the alerts, and just watch the money roll in.

Q: Can anyone do this?

    1. Yes, anyone can do this whether you have stock trading experience or not. If you can simply use
       the internet and click a few buttons, this is for you. If you are reading this right now, you are
       already more than capable of handling this system.
    2. All you need is a computer and the ability to follow few simple step-by-step instructions, and
       you are set.
    3. This opportunity is available for everyone. It’s a rock solid way of earning a decent living. Stock
       trading is a huge market and there is more than enough profits to go around. Just check out the
       live statements and video testimonials.
    4. All you need is the WILL TO SUCCEED. That’s all that matters. Treat this the way you would treat
       your own business and you will not only succeed, but achieve excellence. Chase excellence, and
       success will follow.

Q: What about support? Most of these products usually lack support.

    1. That’s where we strive. We realized this fact, which is why we have implemented a LIVE CHAT
       SUPPORT SYSTEM in our members’ area. Members will also have access to our personal email
       for rapid answers to questions and concerns. With a full support staff around the clock to
       monitor any questions, support will be nothing short but perfect.

                  Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.
Steve Parker                                           

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