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					Volume 3 Issue 7                                                                                      August 2009

Penny Stock Fortunes
                This “Dirty” Industry’s Secret
                     “Green” Penny Play
       Get in on this profitable growth stock right now — before the price takes off

 Inside This Issue                     There are no two ways about it…investing in environmentally
                                   friendly companies is a powerful trend that will sustain itself for quite
 Why the Best Green                some time.
 Company Isn’t Really
 Green at All…                         Green stocks — like solar panel manufacturers, wind farm builders
                          page 2   and clean fuel developers — have seen share prices race ahead of the
                                   rest of the market in recent months. Since the beginning of the year,
 Two Ways to Profit From
                                   the WilderHill Clean Energy Index has rallied 9.08%, versus a 1.68%
 the Pork Boom…
                          page 4   loss for the market at large.
                                       Individual companies have fared even better. Just look at Suntech
 Can I Really Profit When
 the Rally Fades?                  Power Holdings (NYSE:STP) and Helix Wind (OTCBB:HLXW), two
                          page 5   green companies that have netted investors 32% and 46%, respectively,
                                   since January.
 Watch List Update:
 Limelight’s Bright Future…           The allure of green companies isn’t relegated to Wall Street,
                          page 6   however. Main Street is going green too.
 CXS Recap: Time to Get                With the demise of our country’s traditional manufacturing base,
 out of Immersion…                 growing numbers of now unemployed Americans are looking for
                          page 6   manufacturing jobs at green companies. The growth rate of these
 Take Your 43% Gain off
                                   green jobs has been quite robust. The Associated Press reports the
 the Table — Save It for           renewable energy sector has added jobs at more than twice the national
 Sunnier Days…                     rate for nearly a decade. Now we can look forward to even more money
                          page 7   flowing into renewable energy projects, thanks to government interest.
                                       That influx of jobs and money has even made its way to Motor City.
                                       Where line workers in Ford, GM and Chrysler automotive plants once
                                   had few options during past recession-induced layoffs, manufacturing jobs
                                   with green companies have become a welcome alternative to the
                                   unemployment line. Between 1998–2007, Michigan saw a 10.7%
                                   increase in clean energy jobs — a trend that’s continued into 2009.
                                        Green companies may be part of the only industry that isn’t awash
   Publisher: Addison Wiggin
                                   in a sea of red. That’s because today, green manufacturing has become
   Editors:   Greg Guenthner
                                   a $228 billion dollar industry that’s attracting even the eye of behemoths
              Jim Nelson
              Jonas Elmerraji
                                   like GE and Wal-Mart.                                                 
                                                                                                                                                                             August 2009

        However, while green companies have                                                       As a basic material used in practically every
    investors’ attention right now, most of them aren’t                                       household and office in the world, paper is remarkably
    as compelling as they could be…                                                           recession resistant. And that omnipresence also
                                                                                              makes for a hugely diversified client base. To be
    Why the Best Green Company                                                                sure, not all paper companies are equally attractive
                                                                                              in this economy, but it’s essential to remember that
    Isn’t Really Green at All                                                                 paper doesn’t just include the white sheets in your
        The best green investment right now isn’t in                                          printer — paper companies manufacture products
    windmills or solar. In fact, it’s a business most people                                  that are used as retail packaging, industrial components
    wouldn’t categorize as green at all. That’s because                                       and even building materials. Forget notebooks.
    while traditional green technologies have enormous                                        These are the paper products you want represented
    potential, they’re untested in the business world                                         in your investment portfolio right now.
    and — for the most part — currently unprofitable.                                             And that’s exactly the type of heavy-duty industrial
        That’s fine if you’re willing to wait years for                                       paper KapStone Paper and Packaging Corp.
    gains to materialize in your portfolio, but that’s not                                    (NASDAQ:KPPC) manufactures. The company,
    an attractive option for investors who were burned                                        which entered the scene in 2006, produces a range
    by 2008’s tumultuous market.                                                              of unbleached kraft paper (sturdy paper used to
         This month’s addition to the Penny Stock Fortunes                                    make paper bags), liner board (very hard cardboard
                                                                                              used to make packaging) and lumber.
    portfolio isn’t some experimental new technology —
    in fact, it’s been around in some form for more than
                                                                                                                     KapStone Lead the Way in Market Rally
    2,000 years. It’s also extremely profitable.
                                                                                              135%           S&P 500
        I’m talking about paper.                                                              120%           Wilderhill Clean Energy Index
                                                                                              105%           KapStone Paper

        And while paper manufacturing may elicit                                               90%
    mental images of huge, smoke-billowing tractors                                            60%
    clear-cutting endangered rainforests, that’s not                                           30%
    necessarily the case. Paper can actually be one of                                         15%
    the greener products in your home. In fact, the                                           -15%
                                                                                                                         May                         Jun                              Jul
    Sustainable Forestry Initiative calls paper “one of
                                                                                                 Since the market bottomed in March 2009, KPPC has been charging ahead
    the few truly sustainable products” on the planet.                                           of its benchmarks. Source: Google Finance
        Surprisingly, manufacturing byproducts provide
    a renewable source for more than 60% of the                                                   KapStone’s relatively short history has provided
    energy used to make paper. Couple that with the                                           a tremendous opportunity for investors as the
    fact that paper is biodegradable, recyclable and                                          company grows to meet customer demands. In the
    reusable, and that papermakers are responsible for                                        past year, the company has grown its quarterly sales
    planting 4 million new trees every day, and paper                                         by more than 109%. Compare that to the S&P 500,
    really emerges as one of the most interesting green                                       where sales have contracted by almost 8% over that
    products out there.                                                                       same period.
        It also emerges as a compelling investment                                                   Those customers are also paying their bills…
    right now…

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              before investing. Executive Publisher: Addison Wiggin; Publisher: Joseph Schriefer; Graphic Design: Susanne Clark

August 2009

          In this economy, it’s essential to look at receivables                      The company’s price-to-earnings ratio is equally
     turnover (a measure of how quickly customers are                             low, at just 6.26. That too is 27% lower than the
     paying for good received). It gives investors a hint                         industry norm.
     at how readily buyers are paying up. At KapStone,                                KapStone’s shares took a big hit in 2008, along
     customers average 26 days from the time an order                             with the rest of Wall Street, but they have yet to
     is billed to the time cash is collected. That’s a                            reach levels consistent with the company’s value.
     phenomenal number when you consider that some
     of the behemoths in the industry take up to two
     years to collect their checks.
                                                                                  Not Just Paper Gains…
          As a new company, KapStone is also largely more                            The fact that KapStone is cheap shouldn’t be a
     efficient than competitors who have unnecessarily                            huge surprise for many small-cap investors.
     large head counts. At present, the company’s revenues                           Two factors — market capitalization and
     per employee ring in at $341,717 — a full 25 times                           company history — are holding KapStone’s price
     higher than the industry average.                                            back from where it should currently be.
                                                                                      With a market cap of just $131 million,
     Very Profitable Paper                                                        KapStone is one of our favorite kinds of companies:
         That industry-trouncing efficiency translates                            the tiny kind that squeaks just below other analysts’
     directly to KapStone’s financials.                                           radar. That lack of analyst coverage all but guarantees
                                                                                  that the company will be ignored by most mainstream
         In the company’s last quarter, it doubled profit                         retail and institutional investors.
     margins from the year before to 7.9%, helped
     largely by the acquisition of the Charleston Kraft                               The same is true of KapStone’s relatively short
     Division. The new division effectively tripled the                           history. With only two full years of operating history
     size of the papermaker, and should give KapStone                             under its belt, squeamish investors likely won’t give
     a significant size advantage going forward.                                  this stellar stock a second look.

         While major acquisitions can severely damage                                 Both of those issues will begin to disappear as
     a company’s balance sheet, KapStone ended the last                           KapStone continues to grow. And as it does, so will
     quarter in very good financial shape. With interest                          the discount the stock currently trades at.
     coverage currently around 26 and a current ratio of                             Action to Take: Buy KapStone Paper and
     1.68, the company is best in breed for its industry as                       Packaging Corp. (NASDAQ:KPPC) up to $5.15.
     far as financial health is concerned.
         Yet despite all of KapStone’s shining attributes, the                     CXS Breakdown:
     stock is grossly undervalued. For starters, KapStone                          KapStone Paper and Packaging Corp.
     currently trades at only 70% of its book value. That                          (NASDAQ:KPPC),
     means that each share of the company’s common
                                                                                       KapStone Paper and Packaging Corp. is a
     stock actually costs less than the value of its assets.
                                                                                   manufacturer of a range of unbleached kraft paper, liner
     That’s out of the ordinary for an equipment-heavy
                                                                                   board and lumber. The company started operations in
     paper company…
                                                                                   2006 and since then has managed to grow to annual
         KPPC Daily                                                   07/07/09     sales of more than $500 million. In 2008, the company
 8                                                                                 completed its purchase of its Charleston Kraft Division.
                                                                                        Top-Line Power: KapStone operates in a recession-
 5                                                                                 resistant environment with great success. In spite of
 4                                                                                 economic conditions, the company has actually managed
                                                                                   to grow its revenues by triple digits. We expect strong
                                                                                   growth to continue in the near term. Score: 2 of 2
       Aug    Sep     Oct   Nov   Dec   09   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul
                                                                                       Profit Fortress: As one of the leading paper
  KapStone’s shares took a big hit in 2008, along with the rest of Wall Street,
  but they have yet to reach levels consistent with the company’s value.

                                                                                                                                               August 2009

                                                                         Over the last few years, Chinese pork
    manufacturers in the country, KapStone’s customer                consumption has nearly tripled. As the
    relationships and name recognition should serve it well.         amount of disposable income in the Far East
    Nevertheless, the generic nature of its product makes            mega power has increased, the amount of
    additional competition the company’s main concern.               pork consumed has skyrocketed. While many
    Score: 1 of 2                                                    Westerners were busy buying iPhones,
        Black Clouds: A short operating history and                  Hummers and extra houses, a majority of
    small-market capitalization are keeping this company             Chinese citizens began pampering themselves
    undervalued and below the radar…for now. As                      with an extra serving of hong shao rou, or
    KapStone’s growth continues, today’s investors should            red-cooked pork — a popular dish in the
    reap the rewards of getting in early. Score: 2 of 2              People’s Republic…
         Profit Catapults: KapStone’s breakneck growth                    China just became a net importer of pork
    is the company’s primary profit catapult right now. But          for the first time in its history. It’s only starting
    with credit increasingly hard to come by for further             to become a large-scale issue. Last year,
    acquisitions, that speed may be stifled in the future.           Chinese imports were up a whopping 311%.
    Score: 1 of 2
                                                                     If that’s not enough for you, take a look at this
        Business Shock: This paper company focuses                chart. It shows just how fast the growth of Chinese
    on products that aren’t familiar to consumers, instead        meat consumption (primarily pork) really is:
    proffering industry-shaking efficiency and profitability to
    get attention from retail investors. Score: 1of 2              Meat Consumption in China and the United States
        CXS RATING: 7 out of 10
        Financials                                                                                                             China

        Market Capitalization: $131 million
                                                                      Million Tons

        Recent Price: $4.50
        Price/Earnings: 6.26                                                         30
                                                                                                                               United States

        Price/Sales: 0.22                                                            20

        Price/Book: 0.7                                                              10

                                                                                      1960         1970      1980      1990       2000         2010

     From the Watch List to Your                                                          Source: Zhongpin Inc., May 2009 Investor Presentation

     Portfolio: Two Ways to                                           Even though all the signs pointed to buy, we
     Profit From the Pork Boom                                    weren’t convinced just yet. All the irrationality in
                                                                  the market over the past several months pushed
         A few months ago, we began tracking a huge               our two favorite plays, Zhongpin Inc.
     growth industry in the Far East and the two companies        (NASDAQ:HOGS) and AgFeed Industries Inc.
     already taking advantage of it. Pork consumption is          (NASDAQ:FEED), sky-high.
     on the rise in China — and now we’ve given you
                                                                      We wanted to make sure you were able to get into
     the chance to grab your share of the profits.
                                                                  these companies at the right price. The past month has
         Over the past year, pork prices have been out of         allowed that to happen. We’re now ready to buy…
     control. After reaching a 13-year high, prices crashed
     to extreme lows. With recessionary fears, rising             An Industry Leader With
     costs of feed and an unfortunately named influenza
     outbreak, we’re looking at the perfect time to buy.
                                                                  Microcap Growth
         Why China? In your May issue, we wrote:                      Zhongpin is an industry-leading producer with

August 2009

   annual production capacity reaching nearly                 plenty of volume, but are still trading all over the board.
   500,000 metric tons of pork. It derives its revenue        Be sure not to chase the price. If they trade above our
   primarily from sales of its pork products in over          buy range, let them go. We’ll probably get another
   3,000 retail locations.                                    chance at them.
       Even though Zhongpin is already a huge player             [Note: We recommended these two pork plays in an
   in this field, it’s still growing at an incredible rate.   email alert on June 23, 2009. Our entry price for
   Over the past five years, the company is averaging a       Zhongpin is $9.95. Our entry price for AgFeed is $5.74.]
   79% gain in revenue and an 84% increase in net
   income annually. That’s a remarkable feat.
                                                              Can I Really Profit When
       It’s even kept this up throughout our current
   economic downturn. During the first quarter of this        the Rally Fades?
   year, Zhongpin grew its bottom line 33.7% and                  A bear market rally is gift. And here at Penny
   raised its year-end guidance. You can’t ask for much       Stock Fortunes, we took full advantage of it, booking
   more than that from a penny stock during a recession.      profits all along the way. We gave you the chance
       After hitting their 52-week high, shares of            to make 34%, 47%, 61% and 279% — all in a
   Zhongpin fell back to an attractive buying range.          matter of weeks.
   We’re going to put a very close upper limit on                But now, it looks as if the furious rally has lost
   this one.                                                  much of its steam. The market has already given
       Action to take: Buy shares of Zhongpin                 back much of the gains it made since the beginning
   Inc. (NASDAQ:HOGS) at or below $10.95.                     of May. So what is an investor to do when the
                                                              market is doing him no favors?
   FEEDing You Profits                                            Simply put, he has to adapt. That’s why we’ve
                                                              recently been recommending to you penny stocks
        The other company profiled in both the May            that have the best chance to outperform under any
   and June issues was AgFeed Industries. If Zhongpin         market conditions. These are stocks that are backed
   is a growth story, AgFeed is a high-growth story.          by powerful macroeconomic trends — or companies
        Since its IPO in 2006, AgFeed has grown its top       that have a distinct advantage, even during downturns.
   line from just $8.6 million to $143.7 million in 2008.          That’s why names like KapStone and Cascal
   Its earnings jumped an equally impressive 1,300%,          (NYSE:HOO) have been featured in these pages.
   from just $1.2 million to $17 million at year-end.         Cascal, a U.K-based water utility, provides water
       In the first quarter of this year, AgFeed has kept     and wastewater services to more than 4 million
   this up with triple-digit growth and outlook for the       customers in seven countries. By doing business in
   rest of 2009 and 2010.                                     emerging markets, Cascal has been able to grow its
       These profits come from the company’s unique           sales 10 times faster than the industry average. Plus,
   position as both a leading swine feed producer and         the water and wastewater industries are about as
   pig farm owner. AgFeed has an annual capacity of           recession proof as they come. They simply aren’t as
   650,000 hogs, which it plans to increase to over 2         affected by the economic climate as a furniture
   million in the next few years.                             store or a cable company. As we wrote in last
                                                              month’s issue, we can expect level demand from
       This kind of growth initiative gives us confidence
                                                              utility customers, allowing for predictable sales
   in AgFeed’s future. After a recent slump in share
                                                              numbers quarter to quarter.
   price — also succeeding its 52-week high — we
   have the perfect time to buy…                                  As we move forward in these uncertain times,
                                                              we look for stocks like these to add to your penny
      Action to take: Buy shares of AgFeed
                                                              stock portfolios. The overall markets may falter, but
   Industries Inc. (NASDAQ:FEED) at or
                                                              you’ll still have quality, worthwhile companies to
   below $6.25.
                                                              see you through the downturn. So while your
       These two companies are volatile. They trade with

                                                                                                          August 2009

    neighbor complains about how much he’s losing in        that process.
    the market, you can sit back and relax. You’ll be           We can’t give you much more information than
    holding high-growth small caps with plenty of           what we’ve already written. The methodology is a
    potential — and even some downside protection…          trade secret — and still very much under construction.
                                                            We’ll have more for you on this front soon enough…
    Readying for Better Times
        With the current bear market rally fading away,     Watch List Update: Limelight’s
    investors are looking toward any data point they        Bright Future
    can get their hands on that might show signs of
                                                                Last month, we added Limelight Networks Inc.
    economic recovery. Sure, it’s possible that second-
                                                            (NASDAQ:LLNW) to our watch list. This month,
    quarter earnings could offer some relief (if we see
    better-than-expected numbers from some of the           we’re even closer to pulling the trigger.
    larger market movers).                                       A few months ago, Limelight won a patent
         But here at Penny Stock Fortunes, we’re looking    infringement lawsuit that was filed against it by
    for the cold, hard numbers that will point us toward    Level 3 Communications, one of its top competitors.
    recovery — and profits. That’s why we’re working        On June 23, a district court judge rejected a retrial.
    on an exclusive small-cap-based recovery index.         This means Limelight is free from this court hassle
                                                            and can move on to expanding its media reach.
        This project is a complicated one. It involves
    the selection of hundreds of stocks and additional          The good news doesn’t end there. Limelight also
    metrics — unemployment rates, savings rates, etc.       released its new content delivery service (CDN). It’s
    Once these benchmarks are selected and compiled,        the first of its kind to operate with Internet Protocol
    we will begin to see a picture developing that will     version 6 support, which can deliver content to
    reveal investor sentiment and market performance.       next-generation devices.
    Eventually, when enough data are compiled, we will          Even with this court ruling and the CDN release,
    have a more accurate picture of where the market        shares have come down sharply over the last
    is headed, from a small capper’s point of view. And     month. We’re close to a buying opportunity, but we
    we’ll even have an idea of what specific industries     want to make sure you get in at just the right
    will recover first.                                     moment. For now, hold off on Limelight. We’ll let
        We’ve said this time and again on these pages:      you know the minute you need to act…
    Small-cap stocks traditionally lead the market out of
    a recession. This recession will be no different, no    CXS Recap:
    matter how long it lasts…                               Time to Get out of Immersion
         Small stocks are nimble and able to adapt —            For more than a year now, we’ve touted the rise
    and a recovery in our sector is usually a telltale      of haptics — vibrating feedback used in many
    signal to mainstream investors — letting them know      touch-screen applications — as a virtual certainty.
    it’s a bit safer to test the waters of the market.      For the most part, this prediction has been spot on.
         That’s why we have to be ready to make our         Devices featuring haptic feedback — everything
    moves. When the penny stock market moves — as           from lower-end mobile phones to credit card
    it did this spring — it does so in a big hurry. The     readers at the grocery store — are permeating
    largest gains will go to those who are ready to         every aspect of our electronic lives
    pounce on shares early…                                     So when it became time to invest in this powerful
        Of course, this new small-cap recovery index        trend, the clear small-cap choice and industry leader
    project is by no means a replacement for the CXS        was Immersion Inc. (NASDAQ:IMMR). Immersion
    System. We’ll still be using our steadfast rules to     rules the haptics universe with numerous key patents.
    pick the best possible penny stocks for you.            And the company isn’t afraid to go after any- and
    Consider the recovery index an additional tool in       everyone who uses its technology, including Microsoft.

August 2009

        Although haptic feedback technology continues          Take Your 43% Gain off the Table —
   to thrive, Immersion is entering uncertain times. It
   all began with an announcement that the company
                                                               Save It for Sunnier Days
   began conducting an investigation into revenue                  It’s time to take our profits on Maxwell
   transactions related to its medical instruments division.   Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:MXWL). We’re
       That’s all we know right now. As one would              currently up around 43% after a long and volatile ride.
   expect, Immersion stock took a pretty big hit after             But after a few weeks of jitters, we’re going to
   the news hit the street…                                    claim our prized gains. That doesn’t mean we’re
        It is unclear at this time how long it will take for   done with Maxwell…
   the investigation to reveal anything substantial. It            The company is just starting to become a
   also puts previously reported financial information         common name in certain green tech circles. We
   in jeopardy. That means Immersion could have to             have high hopes for Maxwell. Unfortunately, we’re
   restate earnings sometime in the future.                    watching the market expand and contract. We want
        Or it could mean nothing at all. At this point, it     to take advantage of this while we can.
   is impossible to say what will happen next. There               We fully expect to see Maxwell in our portfolio
   was no way to predict this would happen. And                again. But for now, take your gains off the table. We
   there’s no way to accurately predict how or when            don’t know how long the market will be bouncing
   this will all play out. Because of this newly added         back and forth like this. But you’ll be the first to
   layer of risk, we feel it is time to cut our losses and     know when it’s time to buy again…
   move onto more promising opportunities.                         Action to take: Sell Shares of Maxwell
       Action to take: Sell shares of Immersion                Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:MXWL) at market
   Inc. (NASDAQ:IMMR) at market.                               for double-digit gains.

                                         Urgent Subscription Note:
               We recommended buying shares of Zhongpin and AgFeed Industries on June 23,
         2009 in a flash-buy alert. Fortunately, both pork players are still below our buy-up-to price.

               Penny stocks are typically volatile and sometimes require quicker action. If you
           haven’t already, you can sign up for our email list. We send those on the list a weekly
                 update on portfolio positions, as well as any flash buys or sells we have.

                  To add your name to the list, or simply send any feedback you might have
                    about Penny Stock Fortunes or your portfolio positions, email us at
     You can also call us at 1-888-345-5093.

                                                                                                                                        August 2009

    Penny Stock Fortunes Open Positions
    2009                                        Entry DATE       CXS Score Entry PRICE Current PRICE              Gain/Loss                  Status
    KapStone Paper (KPPC)                         7/14/2009           7            NEW               $4.71              NEW       Buy up to $5.15
    AgFeed Industries Inc (FEED)                  6/23/2009          —              5.74             $5.18           -9.76%       Buy up to $6.25
    Zhongpin Inc (HOGS)                           6/23/2009          —              9.95             $9.52           -4.32% Buy up to $10.95
    International Coal Group Inc (ICO)            6/15/2009           6             3.12             $2.46          -21.15%       Buy up to $3.55
    Cascal (HOO)                                  6/15/2009           8             3.85             $3.71            -3.64%      Buy up to $4.00
    EnergySolutions Inc (ES)                      5/22/2009           8            $8.20             $7.58            -7.56%      Buy up to $8.50
    Energy Recovery Inc (ERII)                    4/15/2009           9            $7.04             $6.74            -4.26%      Buy up to $7.75
    Javelin Pharmaceuticals Inc (JAV)             2/20/2009           7            $1.20             $1.29            7.50%       Buy up to $1.75

    2008                                        Entry DATE       CXS Score Entry PRICE Current PRICE              Gain/Loss                  Status
    Globecomm Systems (GCOM)                     10/17/2008           7            $8.25             $6.68          -19.03%       Buy up to $9.00
    Sierra Wireless (SWIR)                       10/17/2008           9            $8.14             $5.55          -31.82%       Buy up to $9.00
    General Moly (GMO)                            9/18/2008           7            $4.82             $1.93          -59.96%       Buy up to $6.15
    Northern Technologies Intl. (NTIC)            8/25/2008           8          $12.00              $6.71          -44.08%                    Hold
    Waste Services (WSII)                         7/16/2008           7            $7.64             $5.41          -29.19%       Buy up to $7.64
    American Oriental Bioengineering (AOB) 4/14/2008                  7            $8.35             $4.95          -40.72%                    Hold
    Immersion Corp (IMMR)                         4/14/2008           9            $7.62             $3.64          -52.23%                    Sold
    Actuate (ACTU)                                3/14/2008           7            $4.02             $4.80           19.40%                    Hold
    Maxwell Technologies (MXWL)                   2/21/2008           9            $9.10           $13.00            42.86%                    Sold
    FuelCell Energy Inc (FCEL)                    1/17/2008           9            $8.48             $3.73          -56.01%                    Hold

    2007                                        Entry DATE       CXS Score Entry PRICE Current PRICE              Gain/Loss                  Status
    Coeur d’Alene Mines Corporation (CDE) 11/23/2007                  7         $41.80*            $10.95           -73.80%                     Buy

    Recent Winners                                               CXS Score      Buy Price         Sell Price         % Gain              Days Held

    Dendreon Corp (DNDN)                                              8            $5.35           $20.30           279.44%                     335
    First Cash Financial Services                                     7            $8.57           $15.59            81.91%                       48
    Darling Intl (DAR)                                                9            $3.75             $6.05           61.33%                       28
    Ivanhoe Energy Inc.                                              —             $1.76             $2.78           57.95%                     463
    North Am. Galvanizing & Coatings (NGA)                            6            $3.56             $5.25           47.47%                     193
    CarMax Inc                                                        8            $7.36           $10.16            38.04%                       44
    LoopNet Inc (LOOP)                                                7            $6.35             $8.50           33.86%                       67
    Dicks Sporting Goods (DKS)                                       —           $13.69            $17.89            30.68%                     122

*CDE underwent a 1–10 reverse split, causing both current and entry prices to change.
Note: Returns are based on recommended entry and exit prices as mentioned in the CXS e-mail alerts. Brokers’ fees are not taken into consideration
when calculating returns. If you are not receiving the CXS e-mail alerts, please send us an e-mail to All numbers
are believed to be correct. Prices as of 06/15/09.


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