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                                                NDSU Multicultural
                                                Alumni E-Newsletter
                                                N D S U   A l w a y s    a   P a r t   o f   Y o u    S p r i n g   S e m e s t e r   2 0 1 2
POINTS                                     Hello Multicultural Alums! The NDSU Equity, Diversity and Global Outreach Office
                                           is proud to share with you our Multicultural Alumni E-Newsletter. By creating this
     Like us                               newsletter, NDSU hopes to create a sense of belonging amongst our Multicultural
                                                Alumni as well as keep you all connected and in touch with developments
                                           affecting the university and alumni communities. By staying updated and informed
                                            about diversity at NDSU, we can all participate and help this campus grow into a
                                              community that is diverse, unified, and welcoming for all. You can also stay
                                                         connected by LinkedIn and visiting our FB Page as well.
     Donate                                            For more information please contact: Evie.Myers@ndsu.edu
     your info                               NDSU Alum Mike Favor enshrined
                                           into the College Football Hall of Fame
                                          NDSU Alum Mike Favor was       American pick in 1987 and          his Masters in Urban
                                          enshrined into the College     1988, a two-time First Team        Education from Hamline
                                          Football Hall of Fame July     All North Central Conference       University, and is in the
 Inside this                              16, 2011. Mike Favor started   performer, voted Bison’s MV        process of completing his
   issue:                                 four years for the Bison,      lineman in 1988, started 51        Doctorate degree in
                                          1985 to 1988, and left NDSU    consecutive games, was             Education from St. Cloud
 NDSU Alum                            1   one of the most decorated      selected to the NCAA               State.
enshrined into                            Bison players to ever come     Division II Football Team of
 Hall of Fame                             through Fargo, ND.             the Quarter Century in 1997,       We would like to
                                                                         and was inducted in the            congratulate Mike Favor on
 December                             2   Favor led NDSU to three        Division II Football Hall of       his enshrinement into the
                                          national championships in      Fame in 2001.                      College Football Hall of
NDSU senior                               NCAA Division II Football                                         Fame and are proud to call
Onam Liduba                               with an overall record of      Favor received his                 him an NDSU Alum!
                                          44-6-1 from 1985-1988 and      Bachelor’s Degree in Social
Rounding out                          3   two undefeated seasons. He     Work and Coaching from                     For full story:
the Campus                                                                                                          NDSU Alum
                                          was a two-time first All       NDSU, went on to receive
 Thanks for                           4

 Upcoming                             4                                                              NDSU Alum
                                                                                                     Mike Favor
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                                                 NDSU Multicultural
                                                 Alumni E-Newsletter
                                                 N D S U    A l w a y s     a    P a r t   o f   Y o u   S p r i n g   S e m e s t e r     2 0 1 2
POINTS                                                               CONGRATULATIONS
    Like us                                                       2011 WINTER GRADUATES!
                                              NDSU had 39 December 2011 graduates that identified as multicultural,
                                              five graduating with honors. We would like to congratulate all December
                                                  graduates and wish them the best of luck as they leave NDSU and
                                                                   continue on to the career world!
    HERE                                            NDSU senior Onam Liduba is an
    Update                                       Education, Community Health Advocate
    your info                             NDSU senior Onam Liduba               Liduba said, “But he learned     “I don’t think anything will stop
                                          spent most of his childhood           to write and read the Bible in   me from going to graduate
    HERE                                  trying to survive – war,              our language. He did not         school and beyond to make
                                          separation from his family,           want to see what happened to     my papa happier.”
                                          homelessness, hunger and              him happen to his children.”
                                          walks across the African                                                  Liduba writes about his
                                          desert with no food or water.         In May, Liduba, one of the        experience as a lost boy of
                                                                                lost boys of Sudan, will            Sudan through poetry.
 Inside this                              He survived. And no matter            complete a step in what he
   issue:                                                                                                                Click here for
                                          how bad conditions were, he           calls his “journey to                   available poetry
                                          pushed himself to learn,              education” when he
 NDSU Alum                            1   knowing his father wanted             graduates from NDSU with a                Click here for
enshrined into                            him to have an education.             bachelor’s degree in                        full article
 Hall of Fame
                                          “His father sent him to take          community health education.
 December                             2   care of cattle instead of going       “I started writing in dust and
 Graduates                                to school, and that’s the             never gave up and now use a
                                          reason he wasn’t educated,”           computer,” Liduba said.
NDSU senior                           2
Onam Liduba
Rounding out                          3
the Campus

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                                                 NDSU Multicultural
                                                 Alumni E-Newsletter
                                                 N D S U    A l w a y s   a    P a r t   o f   Y o u   S p r i n g   S e m e s t e r   2 0 1 2
     Like us                               Rounding Out the Campus Experience
                                          The Equity and Diversity            provide opportunities for more   African American writers, a
                                          Center at NDSU enriches the         campus members to become         performance by local singer
                                          campus experience by offering       allies. Panel discussions        Rosie Sauvageau, and a
                                          a wide variety of diversity         included: Faith and Coming       culminating Community
     Donate                               events. All students, staff, and
                                          faculty are invited to our
                                                                              Out, featuring local Christian   Gospel Concert.
                                                                              leaders, Out on Campus, and
     Now!                                 events and many of our              an allies panel. Another         This year also marks the 30th
                                          programs are open to the            session analyzed LGBTQ           Anniversary of Women’s Week
     HERE                                 community. This year, the           representation (and              at NDSU. This year’s theme
                                          EDC has balanced                    misrepresentation) in the        was “Run the World.” A wide
     Update                               long-standing traditions with       media.                           variety of events were held
                                          some first-time programs to                                          February 27-March 2. Many
     your info                            reflect and celebrate our       In November, we hosted a first       of this year’s Women’s Week
     HERE                                 community.                      time reception to honor our
                                                                          NDSU Veterans. Former
                                                                                                               events were inspired by the
                                                                                                               documentary Miss
                                          During Fall 2011, we            North Dakota Major General           Representation, which brings
                                          recognized Hispanic Heritage Michael Haugen and President            together experts on the
                                          Month. Partnering with the      Bresciani offered messages of        media’s portrayal of women
                                          student organization, Hispanic thanks to the service men and         (Jean Killbourne, Jackson
                                          Organization of Latin America women in attendance. We                Katz), women in the media
 Inside this                              (HOLA), we offered free salsa also held a flag raising               (Rachel Maddow, Lisa Ling),
                                          dance lessons and hosted a      ceremony and a panel                 and other experts and activists
                                          student panel discussion about discussion by various NDSU            who demonstrate how
                                          various Latin American          Veterans.                            misrepresentations contribute
 NDSU Alum                            1   countries NDSU students                                              to the lack of women leaders.
enshrined into                            represent. Deb Maertens,        November also marked
 Hall of Fame                             Assistant Director of Faculty   American Indian Heritage,            In April we look forward to
                                          Immigrations at NDSU, also      initiated by a traditional           presenting NDSU’s first time
 December                             2   provided a session to highlight smudging ceremony. Several           celebration of Asian-Pacific
 Graduates                                contributions of Hispanics to   events highlighted local Native      American Heritage Month.
                                          the United States.              American programs, and               Collaborating with student
NDSU senior                           2                                   author Heid E. Erdrich was our       groups, we are organizing a
Onam Liduba                               In October, we provided         featured guest at a poetry           miniature fair featuring aspects
                                          Disability Awareness sessions reading.                               of these cultures.
Rounding out                          3   promoting the concept of
the Campus                                Universal Design as well as     During Black History Month,          The Equity and Diversity Center
 Experience                               sessions about ability services we held Pan Africa Night;              is a partner to the Office of
                                                                                                                    Multicultural Programs,
 Thanks for                               available on our campus and     African Student Union and
                                      4   in our community, including     Black Student Association
                                                                                                                collaborating on campus-wide
 Donations                                                                                                      program efforts. If you would
                                          FREEDOM Resource Center. collaborated in this tradition to               like more information on
                                                                          share a night of fashion,              programs facilitated by the
 Upcoming                             4   For Coming Out Week in          music, dancing and more.               Equity and Diversity Center,
                                          October, a variety of events    Other February Black History             contact Regina Ranney,
                                          were held to celebrate our      Events included a session            Diversity Program Coordinator:
                                          LGBTQ community and to          remembering 20th Century               Regina.Ranney @ndsu.edu     3
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                                               NDSU Multicultural
                                               Alumni E-Newsletter
SPECIAL                                        N D S U    A l w a y s   a   P a r t   o f   Y o u   S p r i n g    S e m e s t e r   2 0 1 2

    Like us
                                                           Thanks for Donations!
                                            A special thank you to:         If you would like to donate    If any alumni are
                                                                            to the NDSU Equity,            interested in mentoring
                                          Judge Myron Bright                Diversity, and Global          NDSU students, providing
                                                                            Outreach department            internship or employment
                                                                            please use the following       opportunities, or are
    Donate                                                                  link with the designation      interested in providing
    Now!                                                                    Equity, Diversity, and         scholarships for NDSU
    HERE                                                                    Global Outreach.               students please contact:

                                                                                  DONATE NOW
    Update                                                                                                         VP Myers
    your info                                                         We give our sincerest
                                                                      thank you for all donations          These opportunities
    HERE                                    Your donation has truly made. Your contributions               benefit and prepare
                                          helped the NDSU campus help to transform this                    students extensively while
                                           and will continue to help campus into a diverse and             also providing them with
                                          create a community where united community where all              tools to learn and grow as
                                            students can learn and    can benefit from the                 individuals.
 Inside this                              expand their education in a numerous opportunities in
   issue:                                  welcoming environment. higher education.

 NDSU Alum
enshrined into
                                      1          NDSU UPCOMING EVENTS
 Hall of Fame
                                          Asian Pacific American               *Save the Date*                    Other Event Links:
 December                             2       Heritage Month
 Graduates                                                                    Green and Golden
                                            1,000 Wishes for Japan
NDSU senior
                                                                            Globe Diversity Awards                Diversity Community
                                      2            April 23-25:
Onam Liduba                                  **Fold an origami crane                                                   Calendar
                                                                                 April 16th, 2012
Rounding out                                   and send your well
                                      3                                                                      NDSU Diversity Events
the Campus                                      wishes to Japan**            Great Plains Ballroom
 Experience                                                                                                       Calendar
                                              Asian Culture Fair               Memorial Union
 Thanks for                           4             April 26                                                  NDSU Bison Athletics
 Donations                                     Room of Nations,                 Reception: 3 pm                   Schedule
                                                  2 pm- 4 pm                   Ceremony: 3:30 pm
 Upcoming                             4     **Come enjoy and learn
                                            about a variety of Asian
                                            cultures and traditions**

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