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           Lifetime – America’s #1 network for women and one of the top-rated basic cable television networks.
           With great true-to-life original movies such as “Coco Chanel,” smash hit series like “Army Wives” and
           the hit competition reality show “Project Runway,” Lifetime is committed to offering the highest quality
           entertainment and information programming that celebrates, entertains and supports women.

           For more information about Lifetime’s programming, campaigns, local ad sales materials, research, sell-
           ing tips and much more, check out our affiliate website – and our consumer
           website –

                                                          network Program Format
           Local avails:                       2-one minute breaks per hour

           times:                              Avails are two minutes per hour:
                                               a) At the half-hour between 10:00 and 30:00 after the hour
                                               b) At the hour between 40:00 and 00:00 (straight up)
                                               Schedule exception: Sundays, 06:00 to 10:00am
                                               (ET on the East Feed, PT on the West Feed)
                                               1-two-minute local avail will take place between 55:00 and 00:00 (straight up)

           Insertion Hours:                    24 hours per day

                                                              network InFormatIon
           Subscribers:                        98.7 million
                                               Source: Nielsen Media Research, November 2009

           Service type:                       Basic

           Satellite Feed:                     Dual

           Launch Date:                        February 1984

           ownership:                          Lifetime is a part of Lifetime Entertaiment Services, LLC, a subsidiary of A&E
                                               Television Networks, LLC. A&E Television Networks is a joint venture of the
                                               Disney-ABC Television Group, Hearst Corporation and NBC Universal

                                                            beneFItS to aDvertISerS
           Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases, amounting to $5 trillion annually (over half of US
           GDP). Lifetime is the perfect environment for advertisers to reach female customers because:
           Source: Yankelovich Monitor, 2007

           1.    Lifetime is a Top 10 rated ad-supported cable network in Primetime and Total Day
                 Source: Nielsen Media Research 12/29/08-10/25/09; F18-34, F18-49, F25-54, W18+ coverage area ratings, Live +7 day blending with Live + same day
                 through 10/12/09

           2.    Six of Lifetime’s original movies year-to-date ranked within the top 10 original movie premieres on
                 ad-supported cable among Women.
                 Source: NMR 12/29/08-10/25/09, Live + same day, coverage area ratings among W18+

           3.    Lifetime’s Primetime length of tune ranked among the top 10 ad supported networks among HHs,
                 F18-34, F18-49 and F25-54.
                 note: excludes children’s networks
                 Source: NMR 12/29/08-10/25/09

                                                     vIewer targeteD
                                                        women: 18-49, 25-54

                                                       vIewer ProFILe
      Female Audience*                              75%                           Working Women                          56%
      Male Audience*                                23%                           HH with Children                       51%
      Median Age (Women)                             46                           Attended/Graduated College             57%
      Mean Household Income                     $68,700
      Source: MRI Doublebase, 3Q09, 6/26/09-9/27/09, Base A18+. *MRI Doublebase 2009 Base W18-49

                                                     vIewer LIFeStYLe
                                                 Lifetime viewers – women 18-49

Internet: Lifetime viewers are connected!                      Index automotive                                   Index
94% have access to the internet.                                     Purchased or leased a 4 door truck            113
Used on-line gambling site                                      127 Number owned or leased: 4                      110
Played games online                                             126 Purchased or leased a sedan/hard top/2 doors   109
Visited a chat room                                             116 Purchased or leased a 2 door truck             106
Used instant messenger                                          112
                                                                     Home remodeling: Lifetime views were 8%
electronics                                                          more likely than the average F18-49 to spent
Bought Video game system: game boy advance                      126 $5,000-$7,400
Own 4+ television set                                           121 Kitchen cabinets                               107
Bought 3-4 DVDs/past 30 days                                    117 Kitchen counter tops                           106
Own HDTV ready TV                                               108 Remodeled bathroom                             104

Fine Jewelry:                                                             Home Furnishing-amount spent in last year
Bracelet                                                        127       $700+ on piano                                       130
Platinum                                                        125       $700+ on recliner                                    127
Spent $750-$999 on fine jewelry                                 123       $700+ on living room furniture                       111
Diamonds                                                        119
Earrings                                                        116       Housekeeping Services
                                                                          Home cleaned once a month by maid or
attitude towards advertising                                                 housekeeper                                       118
Advertising helps me keep up-to-date about                                Professional furniture cleaning service used         114
  the products/services that I need or would
  like to have                                    123
I like to look at advertising                     106
On average, brands that are advertised are better
 in quality than brands that are not advertised                 103       Source: MRI Doublebase 2009; Base: W18-49

                                                      DaYPart vIewIng

                      Lifetime has a broad range of programming that appeals to all women.


           ProgrammIng genreS: Comedy, Drama (General), Movies, Real-life, Women

                                     vIewer targeteD ProgrammIng
           Lifetime original series, acquired series, movies and specials appeal to the most sought after
           demographics: women 18-34, 18-49, Working Women and adults 18-49, 25-54

                    new ProgramS For 2010/PoPULar eStabLISHeD ProgramS
           Lifetime original Series provide women with entertaining programming that speaks to them in
           a unique way. Lifetime Original Series Include:
                        • Army Wives
                        • Drop Dead Diva
                        • Project Runway
                        • Rita Rocks
                        • Sherri

           Lifetime original movies provide escape through compelling stores, many based on real life
           events. 2010 Original Movies include:
                        • Pregnancy Pact inspired by the ‘Pregnancy Pact’ made by a group of
                           teenagers at Gloucester High School in 2008
                        • Clark Rockefeller based on the story the FBI refers to as ‘the longest con
                           in history.’
                        • Two new movies based on the best-selling Patricia Cornwell novels At Risk
                           and The Front.

           Lifetime Public affairs, through award winning campaigns, advocate a wide range of issues
           affecting women and their families.
                        • remarkable women (year long): Lifetime highlights extraordinary women
                           while inspiring and empowering others to make a difference in their
                           communities and the world. Every week Lifetime celebrates a remarkable
                           woman inspiring change in her community through weekly vignettes that are
                           featured on Lifetime Television.
                        • Stop breast Cancer for Life (October): For 15 years, Lifetime has helped
                           spread awareness and education about the second deadliest cancer among
                           women in the United States.

           Proven winners – Lifetime is the place to find quality television programming with a proven
           track record for entertaining women:
                         • Reba
                         • Desperate Housewives
                         • How I Met Your Mother
                         • Wife Swap
                         • Grey’s Anatomy

                               LeaDIng natIonaL aDvertISerS
20th Century Fox Pictures      Dairy Queen                  Mary Kay                  S.C. Johnson
ABC                            Disney                              Schering Plough
Applebee’s Restaurant          Eli Lilly                    Maybelline                Sonic Restaurant
AT&T Mobility                  Frito Lay                    Nestlé Corporation        Sony
Avon                           General Mills                Novartis                  Target
Bayer                          Georgia Pacific              Nutrisystem               T-Mobile
Big Lots                       GlaxoSmithKline              Paramount                 Unilever
Bristol Myers                  Johnson & Johnson            Pepsico                   Universal
Buena Vista                    Kellogg Company              Pfizer                    Walgreens
Campbell’s Groceries           Kohl’s                       Procter & Gamble          Wal-Mart
Church & Dwight                Kraft                        Progressive Insurance     Warner Brothers
Clorox                         Macy’s                       Reckitt Benkiser          Wyeth Advertising, Inc.
Cosmair                        Masterfoods

                                        network ContaCtS
                                            Corporate/new York
                                             111 Eighth Avenue
                                            New York, NY 10011

Melvin J. Berning                        Debbie Richman                             David Zagin
EVP, National Ad Sales                   EVP, Sales                                 EVP, Distribution
AETN, LLC                                Lifetime Networks                          AETN, LLC
P:(212) 210-1321                         P:(212) 424-0978                           P:(212) 210-1404

                                             national ad Sales

              Chicago                                               Detroit
              111 E. Wacker Drive                                   555 S. Woodward Avenue
              Suite 2206                                            Suite 612
              Chicago, IL 60601                                     Birmingham, MI 48009
              P:(312) 819-0191                                      P:(248) 646-8282
              F:(312) 819-9700                                      F:(248) 646-1671

                                                  Local ad Sales
                                                     New York
                                                 P:(212) 424-7304

                                      webSIte InFormatIon
                         Consumer website:

                            affiliate website:

                national ad Sales website:


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