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Education is the key to the survival of any Society. The stability and continuity of development of a
country rests with the advancement in the education sector that in turn mainly depends on effective
teacher education.

       Being a professional institute of teacher education, our great aim is to equip the trainee
teachers with the qualifization, skills, knowledge and attitude which will enable the not only to preserve
and prompte the ideas of Muslim societ but also to thrive in the rapidly changing work world.

       have mastery of content.
       can use modern instructional strategies to the
        needs of the learner.

       Make optimum use of technology in instruction

    1. Location of the College

                               Govt. College for Elementary Teachers(w) Talagang is situated at Bangla
        Noor shah adjacent to the THQ hospital Talagang.

    2. AREA

                  Total Area =100 Kanals

        Covered Area College=          24875                     Covered Area S.S residence= 9996
        Covered Area Hostel =          15000                     Covered Area Principal =       15254
      GCET(w) Talagang is comprising the area of 100 kanals consisting the Consisting the college
academic block, hostel and residential blocks.

   3. No of Programms offering

              1. B.Ed morning.

   4. Scheme of Studies.

                 File is attached

   5. Principal and Faculty Introduction

       Sr. No               Name                           Position                 Qualification

         1.                         Mrs. Izhar Fatima                 Principal     M.Phil(Edu) M.A

         2.                                Mrs. Attia Shaheen                S.S.S Eng
                M.A, M.Ed

         3.                 Mrs. Najma Naheed               S.S.S Arabic                 M.A, M.Ed
 4.                    Mrs. Sobia Ambreen             S.S Pak Studies         M.S.C , M.Ed

 5.                              Kanwal Saba Awan                S.S Urdu
           M.A, M.Ed

 6.                           Miss. Rafia Zamurad             S.S Chemistry          M.S.C ,

6.    Activities

                   Celebration of Important days.

      1.    Independence day
      2.    Quaid-e-Azam day
      3.    Iqbal day
      4.    Eid-Milad-un-Nabi
      5.    Teachers day
      6.    Educational Trip

      (Other Activities) Morning exercise

      7. Co curricular Activies

                   Girl Guide Program (Bazm-e-Adab)
8. In House Training

            In house 3days training for continuous assessment wa l held on 28, 29, and
   30 September .

9. Admisson

          Level                           No of Students

          B.Ed                                  75

10. Achievements

          3rd position in academic Calendar contest

11. News Letter

           1. Newsletter was published in June 2011 Ist time edited by Mrs. Najma
              Naheed .
           2. Propectus Ist time for B.Ed admission year 2011-2012 .
12. E.C.E Room

         In compliance of DSD’s order for establishment of a room for early childhood
         education, a separate room is arranged and decorated with beautiful charts,
         pictures models and toys for children in August 2011.

13. Lab School
                      Lab School Faculty

                 Sr. No              Name of Teachers                           BPS

                 1.                  Farzana Jabeen                             14
                 2.                  Robina Kousar                              12
                 3.                  Nasira Batool                              09
                 4.                  Fouzia Batool                              09
                 5.                  Rukhsana Naheed                            09

    14.Total No. of Books= 1066

            Sr. No                   Facilities                      Quantity

            1.                       Almirah
            2.                       Chairs
            3.                       Tables

15. Library incahrge Mrs. Attia Shaheen

16. E- Library

            There are 13000 books in E- Library . 08 Computers in E- Library.

17. Work done for Improvement
      Copy attached

18. I.T Status

              A well furnished new computer lab is established, equipped with forty latest computers
      and high cost multimedia. Incharge Mrs. Attia Shaheen.

19.     Practicum Incharge :- Mrs. Attia Shaheen

Teaching Practice is an Important aspect of B.Ed Programme. Each year the institution make
arrangements in different girls higher / high school of the city when the prospectus teachers (B.Ed
students) get training of 4-weeks.

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