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                                                              Health Services
 Life House, Inc.                                       0
      Annual Report                                     0
                   Employment                           9

“To provide a safe harbor for enhancing the lives of youth at risk”

                   letter from the executive director
    As Life House looks back at 2009 – at the changes and               expansion, Life House
    growth within our organization and our youth – we are               is now able to pro-
    humbled by the generosity and sponsorship from the                  vide a wider access to
    members of our community.                                           emergency needs and
                                                                        supportive services for
    Without the foundation of ongoing support, the con-                 homeless kids working
    nection between Life House emergency services and                   toward achieving their
    at-risk youth would not be realized. Without you, the               goals.
    needs of homeless kids in our community would not
    be met.                                                             By partnering with the
                                                                        Duluth community
    Just look at all the great things we accomplished to-               and our supporters
    gether this year!                                                   this year, Life House
                                                                        has made significant
    • May 22 – Life House celebrates the high school                    strides toward expanding the essential services for home-
    graduation of 26 at-risk youth! Special guest for the               less kids seeking help.
    event was Mayor Don Ness. David Ross, Executive
    Director of the Duluth Chamber of Commerce, deliv-                  With continued support, Life House will effectively
    ered the keynote speech.                                            sustain – and strengthen – our core services benefiting
                                                                        youth and young families with needs in our community.
    •     October 31 – Life House unveiled our “Faces
    of Our Future” outdoor mural! The outdoor mural                     On behalf of all at Life House – our staff and the at-risk
    project, in partnership with Northland Foundation,                  kids we serve – thank you for your support toward Du-
    witnessed Life House youth, staff and volunteers work-              luth’s homeless youth!
    ing together to visually enhance downtown Duluth.
                                                                                        Most Sincerely,
    •    November 14-15 – Life House expanded our
    hours to include Saturdays and Sundays! With the                                    Kim Crawford, Executive Director

                                                   Life House Values
    To provide a safe and peaceful community for at risk/                               HOPE
    homeless youth.

    To generate the knowledge and hope that youth can
    achieve their dreams and goals.

    Caring                                                  COMMUNITY                                      EMPOWERMENT
    To create a caring place where youth know they are
    loved, respected and encouraged.

    To develop an environment where youth are empowered                                CARING
    to “reach for the stars.”

2                                                           Life House, Inc.                                        2009 Annual Report
                      life house “lifeline expressway”
    Life House opened in 1992, providing street outreach                   To realize our agency’s holistic service approach, imag-
    to Duluth homeless teens. Our goals are to ensure ac-                  ine the Life House Youth Center as the entry to a
    cess to safe and affordable housing, health services, teen             “highway to needed services” for our homeless/at-risk
    parent resources, education and employment opportu-                    youth--- The LIFELINE Expressway!
    nities for at-risk and homeless youth ages 14-20. Life
    House services are located in the LIFELINE Building,                   As at-risk kids enter the Youth Center, they are greet-
    downtown Duluth.                                                       ed by Life House staff and guided to the “LIFELINE
                                                                           Expressway.” Along their journey, each youth has the
    Life House is the only drop-in resource center for                     opportunity to take an “exit ramp” providing essential
    homeless kids in Greater Minnesota. At Life House,                     housing, jobs, school, teen parenting skills, and health
    efforts are made to help high-risk kids break the cycles               services. Each “exit ramp” is designed to help “map”
    of poverty, homelessness, and abuse by offering on-site                out a route to enable them to meet current and fu-
    access to emergency needs (food, shelter, basic health                 ture goals. Step by step, mile by mile, our youth build
    care), independent living skills classes, and supportive               occupational skills, personal character and self-confi-
    services designed to help at-risk youth achieve housing                dence enabling them to become productive, indepen-
    stability, independence, and self-sufficiency.                         dent members of our Community.

    The Life House Youth Center serves approximately                       For 18 years, kids on the streets have developed an en-
    600 youth per year, providing a safe, adult-supervised                 during, trusting relationship with Life House staff and
    place for kids to socialize as well as to access basic                 programs. In Duluth, homeless kids know Life House
    needs. Youth Center staff “meet and greet” each youth                  is the safe place they can go to receive help and respect
    daily, engaging high-risk kids in relationship-building                as they travel on their journey along the LIFELINE Ex-
    and discussions on life goals and issues. As youth needs               pressway off the streets, into safe and affordable hous-
    arise, connection to on-site supportive services begins                ing while achieving lasting, healthy lifestyle changes.
    quickly, and efficiently.

2009 Annual Report                                               Life House, Inc.                                                      3
                                life house service report
    “20% of homeless youth report there is no trusted
    adult in their lives. Backgrounds of abuse, neglect,                 AGE                            GENDER
    and other forms of trauma mean that a combination                    14-17: 44%                     Male: 46%
    of services are often required to help restore balance…              18-20: 56%                     Female: 54%
    a stable starting point for recovery. Others need the                                               Transgender: 0%
    support of a caring adult – someone they can call in
    a crisis” (Homeless in Minnesota 2006: At a Glance,
    Wilder Research).
                                                                                     Asian/Pacific Islander: 2%
                                                                                      African American: 22%
    PARTICIPANT DEMOGRAPHICS                                                              Caucasian: 50%
    During 2009, Life House served a total of 645 youth                               Native American: 11%
    ages 14-20. Most of our kids visit our Youth Center                                  Multi-Racial: 15%
    because they have no place else to go. Often times,
    our kids receive their first meal of the day in our Youth
    Center kitchen.


      •   1,993 crisis and personal care needs provided

      •   12,022 meals served

      •   238 S.O.S. independent living skills classes
          offered on-site in our youth center

      •   163 youth served through our housing
                                                                         PROGRAM OUTCOMES
      •   93 youth served through our futures program
          for jobs and school                                            •   304 youth seeking basic needs accepted case
                                                                             management services in achieving positive life
      •   62 youth received access to health assessments                     goals. of those youth:
          & health care services
                                                                             •   86% who accessed affordable housing
                                                                                 remained stable for at least 6 months

                                                                             •   64% increased &/or stabilized their earned
                                                                                 income after 6 months of program activity

                                                                             •   77% completed high school, gained credit
                                                                                 &/or enrolled into a work training

4                                                         Life House, Inc.                                        2009 Annual Report
         life house annual graduation ceremony

    Tears, triumphs at Life House Graduation
    By Jana Hollingsworth

    Originally published in the Duluth News-Tribune on Saturday, May, 23, 2009.

    In the past four years, Jenifer Williams bounced be-
    tween three Duluth high schools and an online pro-
    gram before dropping out.

    The 18 year-old Janesville, Wisconsin native struggled
    with traditional high school and was mired in family is-
    sues that caused her to lose focus. She found her foot-
    ing through a Life House youth center program and,
    on Friday celebrated earning her General Educational
    Development (GED) certificate in an outdoors Life
    House graduation ceremony.

    “None of my family has graduated from high school,”
    Williams said. “I thought the GED way was better
    than having nothing.”

    Life House, which serves underprivileged youth by
    providing housing and educational services, holds a                                       Top: A Life House graduate receives her certificate from Duluth
                                                                                              Mayor, Don Ness and Executive Director of the Duluth Chamber
    graduation ceremony each year.
                                                                                              of Commerce, David Ross. Bottom left: Life House grads during
                                                                                              the graduation program. Bottom right: David Ross gives the
    “When we graduated, most of us had the opportunity                                        keynote speech during the Life House graduation ceremony.
    to graduate in a big auditorium or at a gym,” said Kim
    Crawford (Life House Executive Director). “The ma-
    jority of these kids are getting GED’s and don’t have                                   Without the help she received through Life House, she
    that.”                                                                                  would not have become the mother she is today, she
    Beyond providing basic survival needs, Life House also
    attempts to integrate youth in the community, Craw-                                     Jenifer Williams plans to attend Lake Superior College
    ford said. “This is the first step, and this is a huge step.”                           to study criminal justice in the fall, and wants to at-
                                                                                            tend a four-year school after that. Her experience with
    Cheyenne Williams (no relation to Jenifer) also re-                                     Life House helped her regain confidence that was hurt
    ceived a GED certificate and spoke during the ceremo-                                   while growing up.
    ny. A user of the teen parent, housing and educational
    programs, she shared her trials of raising a 2-year old                                 “I can finally say I accomplished something,” she said.
    daughter on her own.

2009 Annual Report                                                                Life House, Inc.                                                              5
                       life house community events

     Throughout the year, Life House hosts numerous                 Through these efforts, Life House works toward af-
     events to celebrate the lives of our youth, includ-            fecting systemic change to best meet the changing
     ing birthdays, our annual Graduation Ceremony,                 needs of at-risk and homeless youth.
     and our annual Thanksgiving Feast to name a few.

    SLEEP OUT - SEPTEMBER 19-20, 2009

    “Night Without A Home” Sleep Out helped to raise
    awareness of homelessness and poverty within St.
    Louis County by sleeping outside at the College of St.
    Scholastica in Duluth. During the event, participants
    learned what it’s like to be homeless from community
    members who have been there. Discussions facilitated
    by Life House staff on the root causes of homelessness
    and possible solutions strove toward helping our most
    vulnerable neighbors.

                                                                    PROJECT YOUTH CONNECT!
                                                                    OCTOBER 22, 2009

                                                                    Life House hosted Duluth’s second Youth Connect! at
                                                                    the Life House Youth Center. The event, a part of the
                                                                    area’s 4th Project Homeless Connect, combined Life
                                                                    House youth services with partnering agencies across
                                                                    the region. This Youth Connect! was held in conjunc-
                                                                    tion with the state-wide Wilder survey, conducted ev-
                                                                    ery three years to better understand the causes, circum-
                                                                    stances, and effects of homelessness in Minnesota.

                                                                    “Homeless kids face more challenges than simply not
                                                                    having a roof over their heads,” states Leon Boykin,
                                                                    Life House Housing Case Manager. “Events like this
                                                                    can make a real and positive difference for those simply
                                                                    in need of a helping hand. In Duluth...everyone mat-

6                                                      Life House, Inc.                                       2009 Annual Report
                        life house community events
    NOVEMBER 25, 2009

    During our annual Thanksgiving Feast, Life House
    youth, staff, and community members sit side-by-side
    in our Youth Center, sharing food while taking turns
    saying aloud what it is we are thankful for this year.
    For many of our youth, the Life House Thanksgiving
    Feast is the only opportunity they have to celebrate the
    Holidays with warm food, and a loving “family.”

    This year, Life House was for-
    tunate to have the help of Ro-
    tary Club #25 of Duluth, St.
    Paul’s Episcopal Church, and
    the Northland Country Club –
    all working together with Life
    House staff and youth to make
    this event enjoyable for everyone.


    In 2009, Life House received support from Medica
    Foundation to begin our KATS Street Outreach Pro-
    gram. By providing quality street-based outreach ser-
    vices, Life House seeks to locate and connect homeless
    youth to on-site and community supportive services,
    including our KATS Program for help with achieving                              LIFE HOUSE
    lasting, positive health goals.                                                YOUTH
                                                                                  POCKET GUIDE

      DECEMBER, 2009
      In December we created a mailer to announce the
      addition of Life House’s new weekend program to
      the community. The campaign was successful in
      raising both awareness and funds to support the

2009 Annual Report                                             Life House, Inc.                  7
                                                   life house donors
    DONORS                         Kevin & Kathy Behm             Zelda Cherne                       Carolyn Dorfman                  Anita & Mark Goellner
    Peter & Jane Aas               Kim Beiers                     Joann Chesser                      Steve & Peggy Downing            Lynn Goerdt
    Muriel Abram                   Leslie Beiers                  Nancy Mastrud & Gary Chick         Jed & Robin Downs                Linda & Richard Goese
    Richard I. Agar II             Gary Belanger                  Terry & Kathleen Chmielewski       Gayle & Mary Draxten             Shellie & Douglas Golden
    Jan Akervik                    Charlie Bell                   David & Nancy Choquette            Lester & Rose Drewes             M. & P. Gollinger
    Mark & Christina Albin         Clark & Patty Bennett          Christie Printing                  Duluth East Key Club             Paul & Joan Goossens
    K. & T. Allen                  Karon Benson                   Tamara Henderson & Michael         Duluth Running Co                Gary & Judy Gordon
    Ian Alleny                     Michele Benson                 Clevette                           Prioress Sr. Lois Eckes          Cara Gould
    Karen & Royal Alworth          Gary & Jeanette Benusa         P. & J. Coffman                    Charles Eckman                   MaryJo Gould
    Amanda Anderson                Ruth Bergal                    Dee Jay & Kristin Cole             Mark & Mary Eckman               Fr. William Graham
    Brooks Anderson                Joe & Sandy Berini             Gregory & Sara Connor              Steven & Brenda Elberling        Greg Grell
    Catherine Anderson             Joseph Berini                  Thomas & Faye Constantini          Elissa Ellefson                  Dave & Donna Griffin
    Diane Anderson                 Barbara Larson & Rondel        Dan & Sara Corbett                 Wayne & Kimberly Elmer           Jamie Griffin
    Diane & Lowell Anderson            Berkeland                  Jeff Corey & Michelle Flatau       Kermit & Patricia Emberg         Terri Griffiths
    Gregg & Jean Anderson          Rondell Berkeland              Bonnie Jorgenson & Chris Correia   Jean Endrizzi                    Steve & Cindy Grindy
    Jeff Anderson                  Judith Berntson                Tom & Nancy Cossette               Jeff & Patty Engelsgried         Bill & Cindy Gritzmacher
    Jerrid & Danielle Anderson     Thomas Bersell                 Michael & Catherine Cowles         Donald & Martha Erickson         Linda LeGarde & Tim Grover
    Karen Anderson                 Janet Billig                   Steven P. Coz                      Joel & Joan Erickson             Rob & Ann Grover
    Kevin Anderson                 Dan & Pat Billman              Rodger & Penny Cragun              John Erickson                    Mary & Charles Grubb
    Linda Anderson                 Jon & Lana Birkeland           Bill & Marney Crandall             Todd Erickson                    Roger & Theresa Grugel
    Mary Courage & Dave Anderson   Judy & Patrick Kearns Blanck   Jacquelyn M. Crawford              Raymond & Connie Erola           Shelley Gruskin
    Mike & Kris Anderson           Joel & Kathy Blomdahl          Keith Crawford                     Betty Esson                      Cynthia & Ron Gullicks
    Peggy Anderson                 John Erickson & Gail Blum      Kurt & Shauna Crawford             Luella Esterbrooks               Brett Gunderson
    Rod & Lynn Anderson            Carla Blumberg                 Trudie Hughes & Kim Crawford       Erin Evans                       Sarah Gunderson
    Theodore Anderson              Virgil & Lila Boehland         Kortney and Brian Crawford-        Jeff & Kristi Evanson            Sharyl Gurovitsch
    Tom Anderson                   Nancy & Iver Bogen                  Bosma                         Joe Everett                      Emily Haavik
    Wilfred & Kathryn Anderson     Pamela Boisvert                Walt & Gwen Cressman               Excel Plastics LLC               Mark & Kristin Hagemeyer
    William & Evelyn Anderson      David & Kelly Bolgrien         James & Sandra Crowley             Leslie & Allan Eyler             Jeffery & Paula Hall
    William & Karen Anderson       Mary &Tom Boman                Tony Cuneo                         Dennis & Jacqueline Falk         Pat &Becky Hall
    Tim Andrew                     Patrick &Lorraine Bonzelet     Thomas & Linda Curran              Pat Farrell                      Debra & J. Halver
    Sheila & Joel Cassingham       Paul Borrmann                  Dena Cyr                           Denise & Patricia Farwell        Lynne Hamre
       Arimond                     Don & Trudy Bourdeau           Chris & Catherine Dahlberg         Craig & Jen Fellman              Martha & Juhn Han
    James Armstrong                Doug Bowen-Bailey              Rod & Janine Dahlquist             Jim & Kerri Fellman              Brendan Hanschen
    Arrowhead Windows              Marcia Bowker                  Susan Dailey                       Shawn Feralin                    Greg & Rebecca Hansen
    Laurel & Gregory Ash           Merlyn & Mary Bowker           Dale Sohlstrom Cabinets            Kerry Fierke                     Tracy Hansen
    Bob Ashenmacher                James Bradshaw                 Jon Dallman                        Danielle Marie Fischer           Darin & Lori Hanson
    Judy Aspling                   Mrs Jon C. Bratberg            Corey & Darcey Danelski            Scott & Marge Fisher             Peggy Hanson
    Lee & Meredith Atchinson       John & Nancy Bratrud           Bruce Darling                      Shaun & Sara Floerke             Bill Hardesty
    Peter & Bonney Austin          John & Kathleen Bray           Jon Dauplaise                      John Fochs                       Kyle Harriss
    Marcia Avner                   Linda Breiman                  Pauline Davies                     Daniel Bonhiver & Melanie Ford   Candice Harshner
    Carol Bacig                    Shelley Breyen                 Denise Davis                       Barbara Forrest                  Ann Gumpper & Mark Harvey
    Andy & Sonja Baertsch          Jeanne Bromberg                Robert & Yvonne Davis              Michael & Ernestine Forsman      Gordy & Patty Harvieux
    Steven & Susan Baker           Robert & Mary McGrath Brooks   Malcolm Davy                       Jay Fosle                        Fr. Eric Hastings
    Ruth Bakke                     Thomas & Bonita Brost          Timothy & Kathryn Dawson           John Foucault                    Steve & Barb Hauck
    Sherri Bakke                   Frank & Laura Budd             John & Monica Day                  T. & D. Fox                      Beverly Haugejorde
    Rick Ball                      Tricia & Richard Bunten        Denis & Patricia Dee               George & Gayle Franckowiak       Jennifer Rae Hawkins
    Patricia Bambenek              John & Alice Buria             Bill and Sue Deetz                 Kathy Franklin                   Paul & Cynthia Hayden
    Rev. David & Julie Bard        Amie Burnett                   Breanne Defoe                      Harold & Ruth Frederick          Brian Heaslip
    Steven Bardolph                William & Patricia Burns       Michael DeKraai                    Peggy & Mark Frederickson        Pat & Carrie Heffernan
    David & Phyllis Barnidge       Daniel & Carol Burrows         Eric Dott & Deborah DeLuca         Peter Wodrich & Deborah          Kimberly Heide
    Marilew Barnidge               Rebecca & Barbara Butler       Denfeld High School Key Club           Freedman                     Joel & Amy Heikes
    Phyllis & David Barnidge       Sarah Butler                   Denton Law Office                  Frosty Friends                   Marvin & Lee Ann Heikkinen
    Tom & Mary Barnidge            Douglas & Lynn Bye             Beverley Denyes                    Susan Furo                       John & Wendy Heino
    Lori Barnstorf                 Laurie & Jim Caesar            Joyce Strand & Paul Deputy         Donald D. & August C. Galloway   Randi Helgesen
    Arthur Barschdorf              Laverne Capan                  Bruce & Judy Derauf                Sharla Gardner                   Kathy Heltzer
    Marlene & John Bartikoski      Al & Yvonne Carl               M. Luella Dettmann                 Wayne & Tammy Gatlin             James & Nancy Hendrickson
    Elizabeth Bartlett             Betty Carlson                  Susan Perala & Bradley Dewey       Andrea Gelb                      James & Shirley Herman
    Tab Baumgartner                Kelly Carlson                  Gregory & Bonita Dhaemers          James & Ellora Gherna            Jonathon & Lisa Heyesen
    Ashley Beach                   Phillip & Diane Carlson        Nancy Mellgren & Sandra            John Gibbs                       Kevin & Jodi Hickey
    Philip Beadle                  Carmody Irish Pub                  Dickson                        Greg Gilbert                     Heath Hickok
    Diane Bean                     Cynthia Carpenter              Larry & Jill DiDomenico            Jim & Cindy Gilbert              Mike & Shirleen Hieb
    Carmen Beardsley               Kathryn Nelson & Timothy       Digiterp Communications            Jane Gilley                      Rik & Bob Higgins
    David & Artini Beauchamp           Carpenter                  W.P. & C.S. Dinan                  Beverly Ginsburg                 Eric Hill
    Vinton & Mary Ann Beckstrom    Edie & Steve Carr              Bart & Dorothea Diver              David & Lesa Clark Gish          Karen Hill
    Nicholas & Linda Beeman        Michael & Kathleen Cashin      Brian and Lita Doesken             Robert & Jill Gitar              Fletcher & Joan Hinds
    Bonnie Beerhalter              Nancy Cashman                  Khalil Dokhanchi                   Alex & Dawn Giuliani             Jill Hinners
    Steven Bardolph & Jennifer     Central High School Key Club   Kathleen Donnellan                 Theresa B. Glapa                 Nancy Hinzmann
        Beers                      Dione Chanslor                 ML Donovan                         Eddie Gleason                    Belissa Ho

8                                                                         Life House, Inc.                                                          2009 Annual Report
                                                      life house donors
    Kevin & Carol Hoeschen          Linda Hanson & Robert King      Courtland & Rebecca Lowe      Will & Sally Munger              Roger Pitts
    Arthur & Debra Hoff             Daniel Kislinger                Dale Lucas                    Bruce Munson                     Pizza Luce
    L. & G. Hoffert                 Jeff & Heidi Klassen            Jeffry & Vickie Luck          Dan & Nicki Munthe               David & Betsy Podas
    Robert & Sandra Hoffman         Steve Knauss                    Perry & Dana Ludwig           Mary Catherine Murphy            Verna & David Porter
    Douglas Hoffman & Jennifer      Kathryn Kness                   Barbara Lund                  Lee & Cindy Muskovitz            Betsy Barnidge Posas
        Pearson                     Bruce & Joan Knutsen            Fred Lund                     Larry & Leslie Musolf            Elizabeth Presley
    Dave & Chris Holappa            Charles Koenig                  Brian Lundberg                W. Edward Myers                  Therese Presley
    Frank & Diane Holappa           Darlene Kohlts                  Tracy Lundeen                 Amy Myska                        Jill & John Prestholdt
    Elisabeth & Subishini Holger-   Thomas Kolias                   Kurt & Amy Lundquist          Patrick Myska                    Elizabeth Preus
    Ambrose                         Gayle Korenchen                 Richard & Heidi Lyle          Terry & Sue Nelmark              Robert & Cynthia Pribnow
    Duane Holm                      Dennis & Bertina Korte          Mary Lee & Steve Lyons        Cathy & Clyde Nelson             Jack & Ann Price
    Carla Stavig & Brian Holmes     Jodi Korzenowski                Bob & Anne MacLean            Debbie Isabell & Carl Nelson     Nam & Peter Provost
    James & Nancy Holmgren          Pamela Kramer                   Robert MacLean                Glorian Nelson                   Shahla Rahman
    Karl & Margaret Honigman        Garry Krause                    Denis & Delores Madden        Philip & Helen Nephew            Gerry Ralph
    Kathy & Mark Horngren           Peter Krause                    Dan & Sarah Maddy             Donald Ness                      Heath & Jim Ransom
    D. Leann House                  Patricia & David Kruger         D.E. & J.J. Madole            Melanie Shepard & Alan Netland   R. Michael Raschick
    Mary Ann Lucas Houx             Timothy & Gail Kunst            Doug & Patti Maguire          Mary & Robert Neumann            John Larsen & Kelly Ravenfeather
    Peter & Barbara Howard          Kap Wilkes & Craig Kvale        Bob & Ann Mars                Jay & Mary B. Newcomb            Kate & David Regan
    Maribeth Howell                 Nathan LaCoursiere              WP and RS Mars CO             Angie Nichols                    Tom & Debbie Renier
    Catherine Carter & Carl Huber   Richard & Jeannette Laine       Seth & Amber Marsolek         Ann & Bob Niedringhaus           Greg & Deborah Repensky
    Joel Huenemann                  Jill & Koresh Lakhan            Adam Guggemos & Ann Martin    Larry & Denise Nord              Tanya Repka
    Harvey Plasch & Eric Huie       Helen Lamberson-Makela          Clifford & Valerie Martin     Ann Nordgren                     Allen Richardson
    Thomas and Gail Huntley         Jon Niemi & Dennis Lamkin       Gerald & Beverly Martin       Scott & Nancy Norr               Richard Voss & Linda Riddle
    Tom and Maren Hustad            Deborah Landon                  John & Anne Marxhausen        Northwest Outlet                 Rod & Kris Ridgewell
    Tom & Marsha Hystead            Jim & Dorothy Langager          Myrna Matheson                Alvin Nyquist                    Russ & Christine Ridgewell
    Daryl & Joy Illikainen          Diane & Don Langlee             Lee & Misty Matson            Sherri Ohnsted                   Mike & Anne Robb
    Arthur & Mary Indelicato        Jon & Patty Langlee             Teri Mattson                  Madonna Ohse                     Michele & Ronald Roberts
    Kristan Wegerson & John Ipsen   Catherine & Lauren Larsen       Jodi & Christopher May        Sandra Olin                      Daniel & Mary Robinson
    David & Linda Israel            Gail & Gary Larsen              Wayne Jarvis & Virginia May   Nancy & John Olmscheid           John & Sharon Robinson
    Julie & Michael Jacka           Brant & Tina Larson             Patricia Mayer                Allen & Bethany Olmstead         Robert & Joanne Robson
    Katherine & Charles Jacobs      Dick & Connie Larson            Ramona McCamish               Barbara Olsen                    Michael Roettger
    Richard & Pamella Jacobson      Lew Latto                       Karen A. Mcclimek             J.C. Olsen                       Nancy & Mel Roivisto
    Wayne & Joann Jacobson           Latvia Lumber Co.              Brian & Karen McCormick       Mary Jo Olsen                    Alan & Pamela Roline
    Cindy Jamar                     Richard & Mary Laumeyer         Coral J. McDonnell            Elizabeth Olson                  Mary Roling
    Lorrie Janatopoulos             Jack & Nancy Lavoy              Tim McEnvoy                   Gary & Mary Gagnon Olson         Todd Ronning
    Jeremy & Karen Jeannette        Stacey Lawson                   Heidi Ringhofer-McKay &       Vonda Olson                      Mike Rosenzweig
    Erik & Jennifer Jelsrud         Kim & Jason LeDoux                  Donald McKay              Wendy Olson                      Anthony Rubin
    Ken & Sheryl Jensen             Timothy & Joie Acheson Lee      Kathleen McKeever             Steve & Angie Miller O’Neil      Caroline Rukavina
    Robert & Joanne Jensen          Patsy Munger Lehr               Kenneth & Nancy McKenna       Ellen O’Neill                    Mary Russ
    Terry & Jean Jensen             Micca Ann Leider                Kathleen McLaughlin           John & Patricia Sutliff Opoien   Neil Glazman & Barb Russ
    Frank Jewell                    Robert Berg & Konnie Lemay      Dave & Jackie McLean          Brett & Kathryn Osborne          David Rutford
    Aaron Johnson                   Charlyne Lemons                 Dave & Cari McMillan          Charles & Linda Ostrofsky        Bruce & Le Anne Rutherford
    Boissey Johnson                 Nadine Leutem                   Luanne & Kevin McMillan       David & Laurie Ostrowski         K.P. & D.L. Ruud
    Carol & Warren Johnson          Steven Goldfine & Ilene Levin   Mary & Michael McParlan       Mary Owens                       E., M.D. Ryan
    Debra Johnson                   Daniel Lew                      Tim & Beth McShane            Scott & Candice Packard          Robert & Kristin Ryan
    Emily Segar & Tadd Johnson      Barbara & Stephen Lewis         Ronald & Deborah Meier        Cherre Palenius                  David & Amber Sadowski
    G.A. Johnson                    Judith Lewis                    Patrice & Dan Menor           James & Andrea Palumbo           Connie Salgy
    Gerald Johnson                  Samantha Licht                  Jean & Al Merry               Clark & Jean Paradise            Maureen Salzer
    Laurie Johnson                  Rebecca Lief-Kuster             Pastor Dave Mesner            Karen & David Paul               Sam’s Club # 6320
    Mavis Johnson                   Michael & Cheryl Lien           Joe Peterson & Liz Metzen     Paula Pedersen                   Larry & Sandy Sand
    Rick & Deb Johnson              Life’s A Garden                 Vincent & Carol Michaelson    John & Carolyn Pegg              Arend & Verna Sandbulte
    Stephen & Laurie Johnson        John Lind                       Kevin Michalicek              Roger Pehl                       Greg & Cherri Sandbulte
    Todd Johnson                    Todd & Lori Lind                Mike Miernicki                Susana & David Pelayo-           Wayne Sanford
    Warren Johnson                  Ellen Lindgren                  Karen Milem                       Woodward                     William & Vicki Sanville
    Sharon Kaner                    Lori & Joe Lindgren             David & Anne Miller           C. Roger & Lydia Pellett         Deb Sauer
    Hommey Kanter                   William & Norma Lindquist       Thomas & Patricia Miller      Ellen Pence                      Cherie Sawinski
    Stan & Celine Karich            Thomas & Judith Ling            Wesley & Jill Miller          James Penney                     Martha Saxton
    Mark Kaufman                    Libby Linnum                    Miller Creek Garden Center    Linda Peplinski                  Anne Scherer
    KDNW Radio                      Denise Lisdahl                  Dylan & Katherine Mills       Alan & Joan Peterson             Patrick & Gail Schoenfelder
    Durbin & Diane Keeney           Larayne Liston                  Thomas & Constance Mills      Gregory & Jennifer Peterson      Bevan & Debra Schraw
    James & Kate Kelley             Jay & Dana Litman               Helen & Kathryn Margaret      Michelle Peterson                Steven & Karen Schuder
    Gale & Jeri Kerns               Betty Jo Little                     Mongan-Rallis             Richard Petersson                Noreen Foster Schuman
    Jean Kilgour                    Tom & Amy Little                Phyllis Monsaas               Beth Pierson                     Cathy & Richard Edwards Schuyler
    Elaine Killen                   Daniel Litwin                   Daniel & Karen Morgan         Mae Pierson                      John Schwetman
    Bob & Karen Kilpo               Brian & Sheila Liubakka         Julie & Tom Morgan            Daniel & Janice Pilon            Joe & Shelly Scott
    Charles & Mary Kimball          John & Kathy Lofstuen           Bruce & Joann Mork            Steven & Joanne Piper-Maurer     John & Peggy Scott
    Michael & Julie Kimlinger       Tom & Sharon Lohman             Katherine Morris              Thuy Pisone                      Security Jewelers
    Christine King                  Doug & Bernadine Lothenbach     Diane Mozol                   Frank & Marcia Pitoscia          Barbara Segal

2009 Annual Report                                                            Life House, Inc.                                                                        9
                                                   life house donors

     Thomas & Julie Seidelmann          Susan Streitz                  Roger & Mary Wedin                   Urban Development                Irresistible Ink, Inc.
     Jean Seinola                       Bill & Mary Stroozas           Peter & Janet Weidman                Emergency Food & Shelter         Kenwood Lutheran Church
     Bob & Marree Seitz                 Scott & Shannon Studden        Mike & Maggie Weinkauf            Program                             Kiwanis Club of Friendly Duluth
     Judy Seliga-Punyko                 John & Barbara Sullivan        Mark & Julie Welinski                                                 Lake State Federal Credit Union
                                                                                                            Homeless Prevention & Rapid
     Judd & Kay Selland                 Carolyn & Timothy Sundquist    E. Rogers & Jean Wells                                                Lakeside Presbyterian Church
                                                                                                            Re-Housing Program
     Andrew Senarighi                   Heather Sweetland              Tina Welsh                                                            Lahti Family Charitable Trust
     Bonnie Jusczak & Delores           Susan Swendsen                 Harry Welty                                                           Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation
         Senarighi                      Ann Swenson                    Donald & Deborah Wendling         Foundation/                         Loaves and Fishes Community
     John & Nancy Serre                 Janice & Scott Swenson         Isaac Wengerd                     Corporation/                        Lutheran Church of the Good
     Linda & Greg Sertich               Michael Talarico               Dianne Wentz                      Organization:                           Shepherd
     Jack & Joan Setterlund             Henry Moore & Beth Tamminen    Robert & Mary West               A.H. Zeppa Family Foundation         Medica Foundation
     Dave & Kathie Severson             Valerie Joy Tanner             Bill & Kathleen Westholm         American Association of              Miller-Dwan Foundation
     Lyle &Terrie Shannon               Bernie & Joan Tanski           Andy & Becky Wheeler                 University Women                 Minnesota Power Foundation
     Mandy Shaw                         Holly Tardy                    Ann & Jim Wheeler                American Lung Association of         North Shore Bank of Commerce
     Alan Netland & Melanie Shephard    Mary Lou & Anthony Tarvers     Joan Kwako & Tom Wheeler             Minnesota                        Northland Foundation
     Grainger Sherer                    David & Desiree Taylor         Steven & Dawn White              Asbury United Methodist Church       Northland Technology Consortium
     Tim & Judy Sheriff                 Evette Taylor                  Alan & Paulette White            Benedictine Sisters of               OneUp Creative
     Bob & Linda Sherman                James & Elizabeth Taylor       White House Project                  St. Scholastica Monastery        Open Your Heart to the Hungry
     Donald & Patricia Shippar          Sarah Harwood & Eric Thomas    Patrick Eliason & Laura Whitney  Best Buy Children’s Foundation           & Homeless
     Brian Shold                        Marsh & Mary Kay Thornton      Mark & Linda Wick                Chester Park United Methodist        Ordean Foundation
     Linda Deneen & Gary Shute          Alison & Trent Thorson         Per & Elaine Wickstrom               Church                           Pachel Foundation
     Mark & Sarah Siedelmann            Tom & Carol Threinen           Gregory & Joy Wiecks             College of St. Scholastica           Phi Sigma Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
     Tom & Julie Siedelmann             Mark & Cathy Thro              Willard Enterprises, Inc.        Domestic Abuse Intervention          Pike Lake Community Church
     Thomas & Susan Sieger              Katrina Tobey                  Thomas & Charlene Williams           Programs of Duluth               Pilgrim Congregational Church
     Todd & Laura Sieger                Dr. Terese Tomanek & Steven    Paul & Mary Windberg             Duluth Area Chamber of               Proctor Federal Credit Union
     Diana Siemer                           Davis                      Harvey & Esther Winthrop             Commerce                         RBC Foundation
     Becky Sienko                       Gregory & Connie Toscano       Geoffrey & Gudrun Witrak         Duluth Greater Downtown Council      Rotary Club # 25 of Duluth
     Jay & Patrice Simmonds             Joellen & Greg Travis          Monte & Deb Wittmann             Duluth Harbortown Rotary             Skyline Rotary of Duluth
     Lee & Sarah Simmonds               Douglas & Rosemary Tripp       Kurt & Sarah Witzig              Duluth Housing & Redevelopment       SMDC Health System Corporate
     Mark & Wanda Simmonds              Roann & Alan Trout             Claudia Woollweever                  Authority                        Contributions
     Shirley Simmonds                   Rick & Marcia Troy             Jon & Carol Woolverton           Duluth Lion’s Club                   Southern St. Louis County Family
     William Simmons                    David & Lynn Tryggestad        David & Jane Worley              Duluth Police Department             Services Collaborative
     Jerry & Ericka Simonson            Andrew Tubesing                Rose Wright                      Duluth Principal’s Association       St. Michael’s Church
     Richard & Diane Simonson           Tom & Marilee Tusken           Laura Zahn                       Duluth Public Schools ISD # 709      St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
     Gerald & Debra Sinnott             David & Sharon Twining         Timothy Spangenberg & Julie      Duluth Superior ECO Rotary Club      Stewart Taylor Printing
     Barbara & Michael Skog             Karen Utick                        Zenner                       Duluth Teachers Credit Union         Surface Specialists, Inc., of
     Daniel & Rosemary Skorich          Sandy Uttley                   David & Margo Zentner            Duluth-Superior Area Community           Arrowhead County
     Robert & Andrea Sledz              TW & J Vacha                   Lee & Mary Ziegler                   Foundation                       Temple Israel of Duluth
     Iryna Slobodyan                    Mary an Evera                  Randal Zimmerman                 Duluth-Superior Friends Society      Trinity Lutheran Church
     Kathleen Braddy & Wade Smith       Stephen & Mary Van House       Vicki Zimmerman                  Eastridge Community Church           TJX Foundation
     Robert & Nancy Snow                Bill & Sue Van Oss             Paul & Karen Zimmerman           Experimental Aircraft Association    United Health Group
     Daniel & Susan Sommerfeld          Joan Varney                                                     First Covenant Church of Duluth      United Way of Greater Duluth
     Sportsmans Connection              JoAnne & Robert Vavrosky       Public:                          First Lutheran Church of Duluth      Unitarian Universalist Congregation
     Steve & Kim Squillace              Matt Vertin                    City of Duluth                   First United Methodist Church        University of Minnesota Duluth
     Barbara & Robert Stahel            James & Kathy Vizanko              Community Development        Forbes United Methodist Church       University of Wisconsin Superior
     Dale & Laura Stahl                 Julia Somrock & Paul Vizanko       Block Grant Program          French River Lutheran Church         Valspar Foundation
     Barbara Stark                      Donald & Jo Ann Vodegel            HOME Investment              Girl Scouts Northern Pine Council,   YMCA (Young Men’s Christian
     Jim Stauber                        Robert & Linda Vokes               Partnerships Program             Troop 90                             Association)
     Charles & Linda Steen              Richard Voss                   St. Louis County                 Glen Avon Presbyterian Church
     L. A. & J.W. Steen                 Joe Vukelich                       Department of Public Health  Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
     Robert & Jean Stenberg             Eleanor & Jerry Waha               & Human Services             Grace Lutheran Church
     Bruce & Kaye Stender               Harold & Dorothy Wahlstrom                                      Grandma’s Marathon – Duluth, Inc.
                                                                           Family Homeless Prevention
     Marsh Stenersen                    James & Alice Waldo                                             Greater Minnesota Housing Fund
                                                                           & Assistance Program
     Bud & Terry Stigers                Steve Wallin                                                    Hanft Fride, Professional
     Jason & Holly Stigers              Jean & Kevin Walsh             State of Minnesota                   Association of Attorneys
                                                                           Department of Human Services Heading Home St. Louis County            Annual Report Design and
     Shirly Stigers                     Jen Walter                                                                                               Layout by Amy Ugstad of
     Elizabeth & Simon Storkamp         Charles & Pamela Walters           Housing Finance Agency       Hearth Connection                         OneUP Creative Graphic
     Lynn & Christy Stoyanoff           Roberta Watsick                United States Federal            Hillside United Methodist Church            Design & Marketing
     Diane Desotelle & Andrew Streitz   Meg Weber                          Department of Housing &      Hope Lutheran Church

10                                                                             Life House, Inc.                                                              2009 Annual Report
                              life house financial report

    Based on audited financial statements

    SUPPORT & REVENUE                       2008                     2009
                                                                                                             Contributions &
    Contributions & Grants                   $ 463,605               $ 481,217                               Grants
    Government Grants                        $ 372,336               $ 254,966
    Special Events Revenue                   $ 23,539                $ 30,637                                Grants
    Special Events Expenses                 ($   1,469)             ($   1,724)
                                                                                                             Special Events
    TOTAL PUBLIC SUPPORT                    $ 858,011                $ 765,096

    Program Fees                            $   10,638               $      4,881                            Program Fees
    Gross Rental Income                     $   12,300               $     17,100                            Gross Rental
    Miscellaneous                           $   18,270               $      3,071                            Income

    TOTAL REVENUE                           $ 41,208                 $ 25,052                                Miscellaneous

    TOTAL SUPPORT & REVENUE                 $ 899,219                $ 790,148

    EXPENSES                                2008                     2009
    Direct Program Expenses                 $ 524,053                $ 548,072                               Direct Program
    Administration                          $ 107,211                $ 101,173
    Program Supplies                        $   5,019                $ 15,849                                Administration

    Indirect Program Expenses               $ 154,960                $ 126,046                               Program Supplies

    TOTAL EXPENSES                          $ 791,243                $ 791,140                               Indirect Program

    Life House today is a more stable and sustainable organization than it has been in years past. Removing defunct pro-
    gram costs and fundraising activities were responsible for a large turn-around in 2009. Because of these activities, Life
    House is in an excellent position to begin a successful next chapter.

2009 Annual Report                                          Life House, Inc.                                                    11
                     Life House                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                     DULUTH, MN
                     102 West First Street                                                           PERMIT # 721
                     Duluth, MN 55802
                     (218) 722-7431

                     LIFE HOUSE STAFF                                      BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                      (AS OF APRIL 2010)                                            (AS OF APRIL 2010)

Executive Director                KATS Program Counselor         Board Chair                     Marilew Barnidge
Kim Crawford                      Mark Engebretson               Nina Holappa                    First United Methodist Church
                                                                 Western Bank
Development Manager               KATS Street Outreach Worker                                    Carl Crawford
Jeff Woolverton                   Life House Team                Vice Chair                      Lake Superior College
                                                                 Rick Klun
Financial Manager                 Leasing Program Case Manager   Center City Housing, Corp.      Katy Eagle
Tim Peterson                      Holly Hill                                                     Program for Aid to Victims of
                                                                 Secretary                       Sexual Assault
Housing Program Manager           Pathways Program Coordinator   Jean Seinola
Michelle Simmonds                 Kim Hauge                                                      Anne Miller
                                                                 College of St. Scholastica      First United Methodist Church
Youth Center Manager              S.O.S. Program Coordinator     Treasurer                       Larry Nord
Jennifer Keuten                   Tom Albright                   David Barnes                    Orman Nord Spott & Hurd –
                                                                 Republic Bank                   Attorneys at Law
Facilities Maintenance            Teen Parent Center Advocate
Terry Moody                       Suzanne Bonomo                 Rick Ball                       Tina Welsh
                                                                 Duluth Housing &                Women’s Health Clinic
Futures Program Case Manager      Youth Center Advocate          Redevelopment Authority
Tom Albright                      Oscar Lopez                                                    Laura Zahn
                                                                 David Bard                      Zahn Investment Group
Housing Services Case Manager     Youth Center Advocate          First United Methodist Church
Leon Boykin                       Tegan Wendland
Housing Services Case Manager     Youth Center Advocate
Kyle Naalsund                     Soren Larsen-Ravenfeather

             “Opening Doors for Kids on the Streets”

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