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                                                        steve mazik      Resume + samples
                                                        art director   773.343.4924
                                                        steve mazik     Resume                                                    expeRIeNCe : TeamWoRks medIa (2004-2007)
                                                                                                                                  employed as art director and head of the design department.
                                                                                                                                  Responsibilities included concepting and designing ads and
                                                        eduCaTIoN : dRexel uNIveRsITY (philadelphia, pa)
                                                                                                                                  other print collateral for Chicago Fire soccer, Wilson, Toyota
                                                        Bachelor of science: Graphic design
                                                                                                                                  park, Guardian Insurance, 1985 Chicago Bears, The Harlem
                                                        Graduated magna Cum laude, June 1998
                                                                                                                                  Globetrotters, and the city of Chicago. also involved in corporate
                                                        Cumulative Gpa: 3.8
                                                                                                                                  identity and branding projects for the following clients: Network
                                                                                                                                  Innovations, my Child's Room, The Chicago Center for Body
                                                        expeRIeNCe : FReelaNCe desIGNeR (1996 – present)                          movement, and Bridgeview stadium. additional responsibilities
                                                                                                                                  included new business development, and designing proposal 773.343.4924

                                                        Created various corporate identities and collateral materials including
                                                        booklets, brochures, advertisements, posters, packaging and               materials such as sponsorship booklets, presentation material
                                                        promotional materials for clients such as lettuce entertain You           and other print collateral for internal and external purposes.
                                                        Restaurants, depaul university, Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, premiere       managing responsibilities included overseeing five designers.
                                                        Relocation, Blue plate Catering and Comcast as well as many start         upon arrival at TeamWorks media, was responsible for building
                                                        up companies.                                                             print department, hiring and supervising art directors, etc.

                                                        expeRIeNCe : FReelaNCe aRT dIReCToR (2007 – present)                      expeRIeNCe : J. WalTeR THompsoN (1996-2004)

                                                        Freelanced at various advertising agencies. most recently spent           employed as New Business designer. In charge of art directing
                                                        9 months at draftFCB working on motorola. Created a guerilla              credential materials for prospective new clients. Responsible for
                                                        marketing launch to introduce smartphones to women. This platform         producing look, feel, and identity for all materials that were sent to
                                                        included overall campaign executions, logo design, enviornmental          prospective clients. This included designing booklets, displays,
                                                        design and collateral material design including brochures, flyers,        ad comps, presentation pieces, posters and packaging. also
                                                        promotional materials and various event ideas. another assignment         in charge of designing presentation materials and leave behind
                                                        was to concept and design exclusive Best Buy packaging for motorola       booklets for major client meetings. Worked as art director on
                                                        hands-free products targeted for women. aside from concepting 6           Nabisco, Nestlé, Fosters, Western union, and princess Cruises.
                                                        product packages, this initiative also included brochures, advertising    Began as studio Technician in Creative department which
                                                        and pos materials. other motorola projects included promotions            helped develop a complete understanding of production.
                                                        with danica patrick, product launches, and exclusive in-store
                                                        promotions and pos advertising. other clients at draftFCB included        CompuTeR skIlls
                                                        state Farm Insurance and Cool Whip.                                       software : photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Quark xpress
                                                        steve mazik     ReFeReNCes

                                                        CoNTaCT : kevIN kReBs                      CoNTaCT : daN BRuCe
                                                        managing partner, TeamWorks media          Creative director, JWT
                                                        312.446.8954                               630.665.6806
                                                        552 dawes                                  1225 Yorkshire Woods Court
                                                        Glen ellyn, Il 60137                       Wheaton, Il 60187 773.343.4924

                                                        CoNTaCT : mIke kalasuNas                   CoNTaCT : JoN GRoNdaHl
                                                        managing partner, synapse planning         Creative director
                                                        (former head of planning at JWT)           (former creative director at JWT)
                                                        630.971.1388                               773.878.3898
                                                        3841 Wilcox, downers Grove, Il 60515       1342 W. Carmen, Chicago, Il 60640

                                                        CoNTaCT : paTTY sTodola                    CoNTaCT : maRY daY
                                                        Creative director                          director of print production, BBdo
                                                        (former creative director at JWT)          (former head of print production at JWT)
                                                        312.213.3525                               312.595.2608
                                                        820 W. Hubbard st. #5, Chicago, Il 60622   289 Berteau ave., elmhurst, Il 60126 773.343.4924

                                                        steve mazik    IdeNTITY desIGN
                                                        a good brand keeps its identity throughout all material that the brand issues.
                                                        The goal is to get a consumer to identify a brand without necessarily seeing the
                                                        name or logo. To do this, visual cues are used to reinforce the brand. I take great
                                                        pride in making sure I keep this in mind with everything I do to.
                                                        steve mazik   IdeNTITY desIGN 773.343.4924

                                                        NeTWoRk INNovaTIoNs
                                                        logo, stationery, web site and collateral design for Network Innovations, a telecom company offering high profile solutions and excellent
                                                        customer care. The task was to generate a professional yet friendly identity. The colors were chosen to attract consumers and separate the
                                                        company from all the boring tech companies that exist.
                                                        steve mazik    IdeNTITY desIGN 773.343.4924

                                                        CHICaGo CeNTeR FoR BodY movemeNT
                                                        logo, stationery and collateral design for Chicago Center for Body movement, a studio offering yoga, pilates, gyrotonics, and massage. The task
                                                        was to generate a sense of movement and activity while maintaining an underlining feeling of relaxation and a sense of calm. aside from logo
                                                        and stationery, other items designed includes gift certificates, brochures and event invites.
                                                        steve mazik    IdeNTITY desIGN 773.343.4924

                                                        1985 CHICaGo BeaRs 20TH aNNIveRsaRY
                                                        merchandising, stationery, and various collateral design for the 1985 Chicago Bears super Bowl 20th anniversary. The task was to create a year
                                                        long campaign that would bring the Bears together and create sales material, etc. for the fans to enjoy. The materials needed to have a consistant
                                                        brand that balanced a feeling of celebration with nostalgia.
                                                        steve mazik      IdeNTITY desIGN 773.343.4924

                                                        mY CHIld’s Room
                                                        logo, stationery and collateral design for my Child’s Room, a furniture store for babies and young children. The task was to capture the wonderment,
                                                        playfulness, excitement and curiosity of children and integrate it with the sophistication and structure imbedded in the furniture available at the store. aside
                                                        from logo and stationery, other items designed includes signage, advertisements, flyers, price tags, gift certificates, brochures and event invites. 773.343.4924

                                                        steve mazik    loGo desIGN
                                                        logo design is more than an identity. It’s a memory, it’s a vibe, it’s a feeling.
                                                        It’s not just a name, it’s the essence. I’ve had the opportunity to work on
                                                        various logos ranging from restaurants, to businesses, to college tours. each
                                                        one has it’s own unique personality that tells it’s very own story.
                                                        steve mazik      loGo desIGN 773.343.4924

                                                        client : Bridgeview stadium
                                                        Industry : entertainment

                                                        client : The evergreen Group
                                                        Industry : educational Finance

                                                        client : my Child’s Room
                                                        Industry : Retail

                                                        client : Frites
                                                        Industry : Restaurant

                                                        client : alto
                                                        Industry : Real estate

                                                        client : Network Innovations
                                                        Industry : Telecommunications

                                                        client : Jazzmatazz
                                                        Industry : Restaurant/Bar

                                                        client : RevGen 440
                                                        Industry : Financial
                                                        steve mazik      loGo desIGN 773.343.4924

                                                        client : Chicago Center for Body movement
                                                        Industry : massage Therapy

                                                        client : Fuzzy acres
                                                        Industry : produce distributor

                                                        client : We sell Chicago
                                                        Industry : Real estate

                                                        client : Fab Four
                                                        Industry : Basketball Tournament

                                                        client : petterino’s
                                                        Industry : Restaurant

                                                        client : velocity
                                                        Industry : educational Tour

                                                        client : upper Crust
                                                        Industry : Restaurant

                                                        client :
                                                        Industry : entertainment Web site
                                                        steve mazik      loGo desIGN 773.343.4924

                                                        client : 141 Capital
                                                        Industry : Financial

                                                        client : future 321
                                                        Industry : Information

                                                        client : Techna
                                                        Industry : Technology

                                                        client : vote Your voice
                                                        Industry : education

                                                        client : antico posto
                                                        Industry : Restaurant

                                                        client : The Bunker
                                                        Industry : Restaurant

                                                        client : superstar entertainment
                                                        Industry : promotions

                                                        client : Golden spikes award
                                                        Industry : Collegiate sports award

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