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									Ballot Breakdown
How Portland’s Top 10 Best New Bands were
Below is the Best New Band Poll Ballot letter for 2006.
This letter was sent out to 200 or so local music experts.
Eighty-two replied to the ballot. Those individual ballots
(including anonymous votes) are listed below the letter. If
you feel like you should be included in next year’s poll,
please email and tell us why. MARK

Subject: Willamette Week’s Best New Band Poll

Dear Esteemed Member of the Portland Music Community,

Congratulations! You have been selected by our diligent
team of local music scientists to take part in Willamette
Week’s Best New Band Poll 2006, where the Portland
music community looks back over the last year and deigns
one band, solo artist or DJ the greatest new talent in town.

Last year’s winner was Talkdemonic, who—like this year’s
winner soon will—appeared on the cover of Willamette
Week’s Best New Band issue. The duo went on to play to a
packed house at Berbati’s Pan for WW’s Best New Band
Showcase before going on to conquer the world. Not quite,
but they’re on their way. With all the great talent that has
popped up this last year it’s hard to say who will become
Portland’s Best New Band 2006, but we would like you to
help us figure that out.

Participation is easy. All you need to do is send us a list of
the top 5 acts you’ve discovered this year—again you can
vote for any music-making entity, be it a band, a solo
performer, a DJ or an emcee. You can rank them one
through five, or give no rankings, if you’re the indecisive
sort. If you can’t think of five new acts that have made an
impact on you in the last year, then just send us however
many you like, whether it’s four, three, or just one. It could
also be two.

When all the ballots have been collected, we will assign
points for each band you voted for based on how you
ranked them (No. 1 = 5 pts., No. 2 = 4 pts., No. 3 = 3 pts.,
etc.). If you don’t rank your votes, the points will be
divided and distributed equally. We then will add up the
points from all the ballots and come up with a top 10,
which will be published in an upcoming issue of Willamette
Week. The number one band will appear on the cover of the
paper and will headline WW’s free Best New Band

You can vote for any band you like, as long as it is not a
band you play in (you can vote for bands you work with).
But we ask that you refrain from voting for the following
bands that have already appeared on either the 2004 or
2005 Best New Band top 10 list:

Blitzen Trapper
Lion Fever
Paint By Numbers
Point Juncture, WA
Siren’s Echo
The Kingdom
The Minds
The Ready
The Snuggle Ups
The Thermals
Viva Voce
Wet Confetti

Please email your list to, along with
your full name and role in the music community, by
Tuesday, April 18, 2006—IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE
will be published online, but if you would like your votes to
remain anonymous, we can do that too. Just let us know.

And, if you know anyone else who is a local music
authority, let us know and we’ll send them a ballot as well.


Mark Baumgarten
Music Editor
Willamette Week

Individual ballots

Austin Rich, KPSU DJ
1. The Bugs of Lightning
2. Gordon Taylor
3. Dance Card
4. Empty Room
5. Danava

Nicole Warren, assistant booker for Doug Fir
1. Hillstomp
2. Norfolk & Western
3. Please Step Out of the Vehicle
4. Dragging an Ox Through Water
5. Chevron

Mark Baumgarten, music editor at Willamette Week,
1. Tractor Operator
2. Copy
3. John Weinland
4. Boy Eats Drum Machine
5. Alan Singley and Pants Machine

Mike McGonigal, publisher of Yeti magazine,
1. White Rainbow
2. The Plants
3. The Golden Bears
4. Ghostings
5. The Holy Sons

Frank Faillance, owner of Dante’s
Nice Boys
Pretty Monsters
The Rectangles
Village Green
Pure Country Gold
Power of County
The Soda Pop Kids
Levon Levan

Alicia Rose, booker at Doug Fir
1. Norfolk & Western
2. Small Sails
3. 31 Knots
4. John Weinland
5. Binary Dolls

Trevor Solomon, director of MusicfestNW
Red Fang
Norfolk & Western
System and Station

Jeremy Odom, founder of Evil Geniuz, Inc.
The Sandpeople
Atypical Theme
The Uprite Dub Orchestra
Joe McMurrian

Dawson Barrett, drummer for Dead Like Dallas and
promoter for
Life at these Speeds
Brutal Fight
Life & Limb
Riot Cop

Mike King, poster designer and owner of Crash America
1. Norfolk and Western
2. Swan Island
3. Pentecostal Hotel
4. Strength
5. Village Green

Ryan Feigh, co-owner of the Lucky Madison record label
1. Please Step Out of the Vehicle
2. Horse Feathers
3. Dat’r
4. Narwhal
5. Boy Eats Drum Machine

Chad Crouch, owner of Hush Records
1. Parks and Recreation
2. Norfolk and Western
3. Kind of Like Spitting
4. Super XX Man
5. Iretsu

Colin Meloy, lead singer of the Decemberists
1. Alela Diane

Ken Cheppaikode, owner of Dirtnap Records and Green
Noise Records
1. Absolute Rulers
2. The Ones
3. The Rectangles
4. Moneychangers
5. Pure Country Gold

Ezra Caraeff, owner of Slowdance Records and writer for
the Portland Mercury
1. Crosstide
2. 31Knots
3. Clampitt. Gaddis & Buck
4. Ohmega Watts
5. Norfolk & Western

Justin Wilson, concert booker for Reed College and
member of Riot Cop
1. Riot Cop (vote denied due to voter involvement in band)
2. Forced March
3. Clorox Girls
4. Absolute Rulers
5. The Soda Pop Kids

Ashley Costa, booker at the Clinton Street Theater
1. Typhoon
2. Yes, Father
3. Sandpeople
4. Riot Cop
5. The Clorox Girls

Adam Ray Mullett, Kinkos employee and musician,
1. Skin Culture
2. Riot Cop
3. Tragedy
4. Lords of Light
5. Forced March

Amy McCullough, calendar editor at Willamette Week
1. Tractor Operator
2. The Morals
3. John Weinland
4. Copy
5. Shaky Hands

Anthony Davis. entertainment lawyer, owner of Expunged
Records and owner of the Balcony)
1. Sexton Blake
2. John Larsen
3. DJ Wicked
4. To Live and Die in LA
5. Swords

Pat Kearns, producer/engineer at Studio 13, Jackpot!
Recording Studios, band member in Blue Skies For Black
1. The Nice Boys
2. Velcro
3. The Ones
4. El Fabuloso
5. Goodtime Gil & The Champagne Cowboys

Angelo De Ieso II, music writer for PDXmagazine
Please Step out of the Vehicle
Parks & Recreation
The Vinos
Tractor Operator
Alexis Stevens

Kevin O'Connor, co-owner of the Lucky Madison record
label, member of Talkdemonic
1. Horse Feathers
2. Danava
3. Please Step Out of the Vehicle
4. Copy
5. Alan Singley and Pants Machine

Ganewsc, member of Straightedge Buddhist Strippers
1. Black Market Babies
2. Deadeye
3. The Decliners
4. Goodyear
5. Mirrors

Gus Elg, co-manager and broadcast engineer at PRA
Radio; owner and recording/mastering engineer at Sky
Onion Studio; upright bass player for Alan Singley and
Pants Machine; and bandle leader of Wilding
1. Sounds Like Fun
2. Please Step out of the Vehicle
3. Horse Feathers
4. Quiet Countries
5. Copy

Michael Fitzgerald, owner of Reverb Records
1. Village Green
2. Mike Coykendall
3. Clorox Girls
4. Binary Dolls
5. Rock n’ Roll Soldiers

Anthony Sanchez, booking agent for Runaway Productions
Sleep of Oldominion
I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House
System and Station
White Trash
Boom Bap Project

Connie Wohn, booking agent for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Camp
for Girls
1. DJ Beyonda
2. Knock Knock
3. Ohmega Watts
4. Swan Island
5. Plasmic Stallion

Chris Scofield, owner of Strange Attractors Audio House
1. The Plants
2. White Rainbow
3. Birch Book
4. Small Sails
5. Heavy Lids

Tucker Reda, owner of Blind Spot Records
1. Plan R
2. The GOP
3 Autistic Youth
4. Belligerents
5. The Culprits

Brent Bell, PDX Pop Now! board member and Crystal
Ballroom bartender
1. Nice Nice
2. Copy
3. Small Sails
4. Quiet Countries
5. Wilding

Tim Germer, publisher of Northwest Noise
1. Western Aerial
2. Justin Hopkins
3. Boy Eats Drum Machine
4. The Dimes
5. Minmae

Greta O’Rourke, publicist at Madmoxie
1. The Nice Boys
2. Stars of Track and Field
3. Morgan Grace
4. Koto Y Soto
5. The Nightmares
Jason Simms, writer for Willamette Week
2. Secret Army
3. Absolute Rulers
4. Anonym
5. Swimmers

Kaytea McIntosh, press representative for XO Publicity
1. LKN
2. Blue Skies For Black Hearts
3. Kleveland
4. Caves
5. Day Time Volume

Arya Imig, KPSU DJ
Clorox Girls
Riot Cop
The Shaky Hands
The Maybe Happening

Jonny Harn, Guitarist for Goodyear
1. Bryan Free
2. Drawback
3. Tea For Julie
4. The Gentry
5. The Shins

Eli J Babbs, booker for Slabtown
1. Higher Ground
2. Ashbury Park
3. Red Rubber Band
4. Colin Spring
5. Lost Creek Gang

Alex Fast, publicist for eMpTy Records
1. The Observers
2. Dead Moon
3. I Can lick Any Sonofabitch in the House
4. Cracker Bash
5. Diamond Tuck and the Privates

Hank Failing, owner of Failing Records
1. Please Step Out of The Vehicle
2. Alan Singley
3. Sexton Blake
4. Michael the Blind
5. Danava

Scott Green, former DJ and promoter
1. Ghost Parade
2. Fraqtured Sound
3. SYX
4. Railer
5. Adam Wolfe

Travis Wiggins, singer for Please Step Out of Vehicle and
music man about town
1. Alan Singley and Pants Machine
2. The Maybe Happening
3. Riot Cop
4. Anterland
5. Wifeswap

Matt Wright, owner of Matt Wright PR
1. Copy
2. Ethan Rose
3. Alan Singley and Pants Machine
4. DJ Beyonda
5. The Shaky Hands

Lloyd Winter, co-pilot at Food Hole
1. The Better to See You With
2. Dead/Bird
3. Dragging an Ox through Water
4. Rabbits
5. Silentist

David Shipley, booker and promoter
1. Dead Moon
2. The Xploding Boys
3. Written In Ashes
4. Amoree Lovell
5. The Gentry

Jessica Huonder, promoter
1. Crosstide
2. Brutal Fight
3. Thirty3
4. Bryan Free
5. His Name Shall Breath

Aljon Reyes, owner of Smells Delicious record label
1. Tractor Operator
2. Dragging an Ox through Water
3. Ferocious Eagle
4. The Morals
5. Wow and Flutter

Danny Seim, shirt printer and member of Menomena and
1. Boy Eats Drum Machine
2. The Joggers
3. Binary Dolls
4. Dat’r
5. Horse Feathers

David Van Housen, freelance booker
1. Tragedy
2. Brutal Fight
3. Hellshock
4. The Dead Unknown
5. Clorox Girls

Josey Kinnaman, booker at the Hawthorne Theatre
1. The Soda Pop Kids
2. The Clorox Girls
3. Autistic Youth
4. Junior Private Dectective
5. Thirty Two Ways

Brian Hopper, booker/stage manager at Sabala’s Mt. Tabor
1. Criminal Damage
2. Warcry
3. Epoxies
4. Dog Soldier
5. Deathcharge

Paul Anson, co-owner discourage records
1. The Nice Boys
2. The Rectangles
3. The Nix
4. Skull Splitter
5. Lebenden Toten

Cori Taratoot, co-founder and board member of PDX Pop
1. LKN
2. Copy
3. Chevron
4. We Quit
5. Dat’r

Neil Leeborg, booker and owner of the Goodfoot Lounge
1. Devin Phillips
2. Good Foot All Stars
3. Piano Throwers
4. The Down Band

Brian Budack, promoter, club worker and festival organizer
1. The Altarboys
2. I Can Lick Any of SOB in the house
3. Sleep
4. The Dead Unknown
5. Life and Limb
Ben Yankey, booker at Food Hole
1. Rabbits
2. The Better To See You With
3. Dead Bird
4. Dragging an Ox Through Water
5. Argumentix

Alex Steininger, owner of In Music We Trust
Heroes & Villains
Thee Bastards
The Sort Ofs
The Draft

Jay Horton, write for Willamette Week
Back Elk
Village Green
The Swallows
The Bastards

Chantelle Hylton, owner of Blackbird Presents
Nice Nice
Evolutionary Jass Band
Holy Sons
Red Fang
Alela Diane
Jeff Rosenberg, writer for Willamette Week
Heroes and Villains
Sound Like Fun
Stolen Sweets

Michael Byrne, writer for Willamette Week
1. White Rainbow
2. Tractor Operator
3. Boy Eats Drum Machine
4. Ethan Rose
5. The Plants

Dave Allen, owner of Strongweek
1. Copy

Jenna Roadman, writer for the Portland Mercury, member
of the Kingdom
Scout Niblett
DJ Beyonda

Karamy Muessig, owner of Xposure Unlimited
1. We Are Telephone
2. The Village Green
3. Stars of Track and Field
4. The Epoxies
5. Liv Warfield

Plutis VonBrohan, producer of Bridgetown Breaks
1. Ohmegga Watts
2. Drew Shoals
3. Boy Eats Drum Machine
4. Copy
5. Newspeak

Morgan Brigade, singer for the Clocked Bombs
1. Secret Army
3. Defect Defect
4. Back Alley Justice
5. Absolute Rulers

Todd Berry, owner of Greyday Productions
1. Minmae
2. LKN
3. The Mouse That Roared
4. Quiet Countries
5. Damn These Monkey Hands

Matt Morgan, owner of Problem Solving Skills
The Nice Boys
The Neat
Autistic Youth
The Smokes
The Ones

Caroline Buchalter, former Berbati’s Pan assistant booker
and Doug Fir booking intern
1. The Prids
2. Bright Red Paper
3. Binary Dolls
4. High Violets
5. Six Foot Sloth

Sarah Mayfield, publicity for Double Tee Promotions
Highway Bob
The Upside Down
The Grails
Interior Stallion

Megan Holmes- booker for Holocene
1. Swan Island
2. DJ Beyonda
3. Copy
4. Nice Nice
5. Gay Decievers

Eric Mast, owner of Audio Dregs and Fryk Beat record
1. Copy
2. Hooliganship
3. DJ Beyonda

Adam Gnade, music editor at the Portland Mercury
1. White Rainbow
2. The Shaky Hands
3. Argumentix
4. Alela Diane
5. Jigsaw Gentlemen

Kevin Sampsell, owner of Future Tense Publishing
Nick Jaina
Clorox Girls

Jeff Urquhart, owner of Kingbanana
1. Black Elk
2. Hellshock
3. El Cerdo
4. Bryan Free
5. Turbo Perfecto

Scott McClean, co-owner of Holocene
1. Swan Island
2. Copy
3. Alela Diane
4. Nice Nice
5. Shaky Hands

Jarkko Cain, co-owner of Holocene
1. Copy
2. Swan Island
3. Disc Jockey Jams
4. Narwhal
5. Fleshtone

Casey Jarman, writer for Willamette Week
1. Dragging an Ox through Water
2. Tractor Operator
3. Alan Singley and Pants Machine
4.Ohmegga Watts
5. Shaky Hands

Richard Shirk, music writer for the Oregonian
1. Swimmers
2. Alan Singley and Pants Machine
3. Strength
4. Nice Nice
5. The Graves

1. Swan Island
2. Golden Bears
3. TJO
4. Root Villa
5. David Rafn

1. The Sort Ofs
2. Chris Gabriel
3. The Vulterines
4. The Beauty
5. Moving Stars

1. Dat’r
2. Chevron
3. Black Elk
4. Clorox Girls
5. Copy

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