Analyzing Your Forex Trading Strategies by aneharis


									Analyzing Your Forex Trading Strategies

There has to be strategy when it comes to Forex trading and the two basic areas of
this strategy is fundamental and technical analysis. The difference between these
two strategies is the fact that most of the individual forex traders on the market
today use the technical analysis strategy. You need to understand both strategies in
order to pick the right one for your trading needs. The fundamental analysis is
placed on a large spectrum and based on long term trends that will happen in the
marketplace. It is the value of a country instead of specific companies. There are
some traders who use this strategy but on a short term basis relying on news

The technical analysis strategy of forex trading is used by traders who do not see
the market as a whole. They do their trading on price trends that are current. The
difference between this strategy with the Forex market and the strategy used
within the equities market is the time span that the process takes which could be
very substantial since the market is open 24 hours a day. Some of the technical
analysis strategies may have to be switched up because of the 24 hours.

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