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									Las Vegas
December, 2011  Issue 129                                                           Mailed bi-monthly

     Jewish Film Festival                                    University On Wheels
                                                             January 8, 2012, 10:30 a.m.
     Movie: My Australia                        Please join us for a brunch at the Angel
      January 15, 2012                          Park Club House located at 1000 South
                                                Rampart Blvd., Las Vegas to hear Maura
            See PAGE 3                          Jane Farrelly, Assistant Professor of
                                                American Studies and Director of the
                                                Journalism Program at Brandeis Univer-
In This Issue:
                                                Professor Farrelly's lecture will examine
University on Wheels .... 1 & 5                 the history and impact of the relationship
Presidium Message ............. 2               between news and advertising in the
                                                United States. The advertising industry
Jewish Film Festival ............ 3                                                            Maura Jane Farrelly
                                                has become the financial backbone of the
On the Brandeis Campus .... 4                   news industry and that news industry, in turn, is a cornerstone
                                                for our entire democratic system. Are there parts of American
Brandeis Briefs .................... 4          society that should not be private and for profit?
Study Groups ....................... 6          This is the question that has been animating the health care de-
Birthdays .............................. 6      bate; and it's been picking up steam in the arena of education.
                                                Many believe it's a question Americans should be asking them-
On the Town ......................... 7         selves about their news.
Book Fund ......................... 8-9         Prior to joining Brandeis University, Professor Farrelly taught
Membership ....................... 10           at Fordham University, Emory University, and the University
                                                of Georgia. She also worked as a full-time journalist, first for
Financial Secretary ............ 10             Georgia Public Radio in Atlanta, and then for the Voice of
Book and Author Luncheon                        America in Washington, DC, and New York. Adding to her
....................................... 11-13   credits, Professor Farrelly also freelanced for National Public
                                                Radio, Public Radio International, and the British Broadcasting
Scholarship Fund .............. 14
BNC Men’s Club ................. 15             Every year, we are treated to the best and brightest of Brandeis
Mission Statement ............. 16              University and this year will be no exception. Professor Far-
                                                relly is brilliant and dynamic. The brunch will be lovely, the
                                                company will be exceptional, our intellectual capacity will be
                                                enhanced and we will be building our Chapter-endowed Schol-
                                                arship fund. What more can we ask?
                                                                See reservation form on page 5.
PAGE 2                                    WWW.BNCLV.ORG                   LAS VEGAS CHAPTER NEWS

 We Would Like To Hear From YOU!
The year is quickly progressing and we are busily planning
for upcoming activities and events. We are grateful to all
those who executed our lively and lovely fashion “fling.” As
you are reading this, we have many “cooks in the kitchen”
preparing for other programs including our holiday gift
wrapping activity, our University On Wheels event high-
lighted in this Bulletin, and the Jewish Film Festival sched-
uled for later in January. We are also in full swing for our
Book & Author Luncheon scheduled in March and all our
study groups and workshops are prospering.
The big question we continue to ask is “Are we doing the
right thing; are we on track?” Our national Brandeis Com-
mittee office conducted a comprehensive survey a few
months back addressing this very question and the answers
were not surprising. Why do we come together? Is it for so-
cial reasons or to raise money for the University or for self-
development and learning? Needless to say, it‟s for all of       Denise Needleman, Arlene Zonder,
                                                                     Lori Barnes, Arlene Krane
these reasons. But, it‟s also not surprising to know that the
more remote one is from the University, the harder it is to connect with our original higher purpose:
to support Brandeis University students and programs.
We can go on and on telling you about the latest news from Brandeis, the most recent awards, the
cutting-edge technology, the break-through research and the profound community engagement but
the truth is that we really come together to learn and to enjoy each other‟s friendship. Now, let‟s be
totally honest: if we didn‟t share in a higher purpose, would we still come together? Obviously,
support for Brandeis is the basis and foundation for all other activity? So the real issue is not to de-
termine our priority but to balance our priorities and here is where we need your help.
Give us your ideas. What should we do? How can we better respond to your needs? What new or
different events and study groups would you like to see? What can we do to answer the call to ser-
vice and enrich our lives? Please be as specific as possible. The more precise you are, the more
you will see it happening. We know that we are in competition for membership with other very
worthy organizations. Frankly, we hope that our members participate in other groups and causes
because we want and need a broad base of experience and community involvement. At the same
time, we understand that we are special and we want to build on the unique role that we play in your
life. Please email any of us, Lori at, Arlene at, Denise
at, or Arlene at

BNC chapter Presidium

Lori Barnes            Arlene Krane           Denise Needleman               Arlene Zonder
LAS VEGAS CHAPTER NEWS             WWW.BNCLV.ORG                                   PAGE 3

The Las Vegas Chapter of BNC is sponsoring a film, “MY AUSTRALIA” that will be
shown at the Adelson Campus, 9700 West Hillpointe Road Las Vegas, NV 89134 on
Sunday, January 15, 2012 at 4:00 p.m.

“MY AUSTRALIA” deals with a Polish family in the mid
1960s where a Jewish mother struggles to raise her two boys
who fell in with neo-Nazis. She realizes that she must take
her boys away from Poland and start a new life. The film ex-
plores their struggles for self-identity as immigrants, while
trying to build a new life in a foreign land. Tadek, the
younger son, will win your hearts.

To make this film, which we are sponsoring, a big success we need your help. The first
125 tickets will cover the costs of the movie rental. Every additional viewer is pure
profit for our BNC Las Vegas Chapter-endowed Scholarship fund. Buy tickets, be a
sponsor, encourage friends and neighbors to spend an afternoon watching a superior
film. Tickets are $10 and sponsors help us succeed and get four tickets for just $50. Take
advantage of a good deal.

                                      Ticket Orders

              Third Annual Jewish Film Festival, Sunday January 15, 2012

   Name (e) _____________________________________________________

   Address ______________________________________________________

   City ____________________State ___________ Zip __________________

    Phone ___________________ E-mail ______________________________

    Number of Tickets at $10____ Number of Sponsors at $50 ______________
   Send your checks to: Arlene Krane at 2552 Banora Point Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89134
PAGE 4                                    WWW.BNCLV.ORG                    LAS VEGAS CHAPTER NEWS

                              On the Brandeis Campus
                            Carol Seskin – Chapter Information Officer

“This fall, just over 860 first-year students were among those chosen from more than
8900 applications, the most in Brandeis history.” This is surely a milestone in
Brandeis University‟s history, for it demonstrates the increased reputation and popu-
larity of becoming a Brandeis undergraduate. These new students come from a wide
variety of backgrounds and places; 37 states and 33 countries are represented by the
new class. With their individual talents, skills, and interests, 90% of them have
graduated in the top one quarter of their high school classes. In this current freshman
class, 70% receive some type of financial aid.
                                                                                            Carol Seskin

Along these lines, Brandeis University has again “been named one of the top schools and one of the
best values in the nation” by U.S. News & World Report. This is, in part, due to a rise in its academic
reputation, which persuades high school guidance counselors to encourage students to consider
Brandeis for continuing their academic careers.

Other recent newsworthy items on campus include scientific research into the effects of sleep depriva-
tion, especially affecting motion and cognitive skills, ongoing studies into the field of Parkinson‟s dis-
ease, and the observation of the growing number of women students in the sciences at Brandeis. From
the Sciences Dept. Chair, staff, and down the line, the number of women undergraduates in the science
fields has greatly increased in recent years, especially in the areas of neuroscience, biology, and phys-
ics. Brandeis has “an outstanding reputation and record of accomplishment” in these areas.”
On campus, the Rose Art Museum re-opened in celebration of its 50th anniversary, displaying its reno-
vations and 3 new exhibits. The ceremonies were attended by several hundred guests, who were
“welcomed back,” and wholeheartedly agreed that, as stated by the museum‟s director, Roy Dawes, “a
museum on a college campus is a sacred trust.”

Brandeis Briefs
 Les Kopf who is home recuperating from his stay in the hospital.
 Blanche Meisel would like her Brandeis friends to know that she has had ex-
  tensive foot surgery and is home and recuperating.

 Ellen Scully on the arrival of her 5th Great Granddaughter, Alyssa Jordan
  Stein. Proud grand parents are Joni and Michael Malin.                                  Arlene Zonder

Without the news I receive about our members from our members there can be no Brandeis Briefs.
Please contact me and let‟s share the good and sad news with each other.
Arlene Zonder, 702-228-0536
LAS VEGAS CHAPTER NEWS         WWW.BNCLV.ORG                              PAGE 5

                  University on Wheels
                  Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 10:30 a.m.
                         at the Angel Park Golf Club,
            1000 South Rampart Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89145
                               as we welcome
                          Maura Jane Farrelly
                Assistant Professor of American Studies
               and Director of the Journalism program at
                         at Brandeis University
                 Cost $36 (be an angel for $50 or $75)
                              Brunch includes:
             Danishes, muffins, bagels and cream cheese,
           fresh seasonal fruit and fresh vegetable crudités
                 Proceeds go to the Brandeis University
             Las Vegas Chapter-endowed Scholarship fund
       Reservations must be received by December 31, 2011.
     For information, call Barbara Chozahinoff at 702-240-7106.

                         University on Wheels

Phone____________________________ E-mail ______________________________________

Number attending ______________ Amount enclosed: _____________________________

            Send your reservation and check made out to BNC to:
           Marilyn Shocket, 8837 Cortile Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89134
PAGE 6                                    WWW.BNCLV.ORG                     LAS VEGAS CHAPTER NEWS

Study Groups Update
Openings                                               ous religions. The Merry Operettas group has at-
It‟s never too late to sign up for a Study Group.      tracted many members looking for an afternoon of
The group offers you an opportunity to meet new        entertainment. The Ethnic Dining group has so
friends and learn about things you never had the       many members that it had to be divided into two
time to do before you retired. Several of our          groups. Many look forward to their Wednesday
groups have openings and would welcome new             mornings when they can partake of the wisdom of
members. Among them are: #102: Jews in the             Rabbi Schanowitz. Two courses: Great Jewish
West, # 105: World War II, #110: Glimpses of the       Women: Part II and American Artists: Part II have
Past through Fiction, # 111: Macho Movies for          attracted many members. “Deis Flicks” III and
Men, #113: How Art Turned Modern, # 118: Yid-          other film groups are very popular. Naturally, On
dish, # 121P: Let‟s Play Canasta, #124: Learn to       the Town always continues to take our members to
Play Bridge, # 126: Strategies for Scrabble, #131:     new and interesting places in the city.
Sit „n Stitch, # 132: Hot Topics and the Men‟s         Planning for Next Year
Club. Consult your Study Group Guide for details       We are always looking for new ideas for courses
or go on line at:                       and people who would like to teach them. We are
Successful Groups                                      also starting to form the Study Group Committee
Many of our groups have attracted large numbers        for next year. This gives some of our new mem-
of participants. The new Arts in Las Vegas course      bers a chance to be part of a team. If you are inter-
is helping us learn about the cultural possibilities   esting in serving in any capacity, please contact
within our reach. The Religions around is helping      Arlene Krane at: 255-6667.
us learn about the beliefs of those practicing vari-

            Good Wishes for December — January Birthdays
DECEMBER                           JANUARY                              Happy Birthday to you?
1 Lenore Seidman                   1 Lois Kline                         Don't see your birthday listed
4 Sue Schweitzer                   2 Edith Einhorn                      here? We would like to
7 Ellen Scully                     25 Janet Seidel                      acknowledge your birthday - but
10 Gladyce Ehrlich                 26 Nancy Lebish                      we need to know when it is. My
11 Adrianne Rubin                  28 Gloria Bransky                    birthday is in October. When is
14 Elaine Sobel                    30 Bryna Barsky                      yours? E-mail me your birth
21 Linda White                                                          date (day and month only) and
22 Laura West                                                           we will do the rest.
25 Lori Barnes                                                          Arlene Zonder
25 Lorraine Coleman                                           ,
25 Phyllis Eisenberg Helfer                                             702 228-0536
25 Denise Needleman
28 Miriam Sandler

Don't miss it - 2 and 1/2 days filled with good companionship, wonderful learning experiences
and a wonderful stay at the Hyatt Grand Champion s Resort at Indian Wells, CA. Call Arlene
Zonder 228-0536 for details.
LAS VEGAS CHAPTER NEWS                   WWW.BNCLV.ORG                                           PAGE 7

December                                                 beautiful view. Then Su Kim Chung,
On Wednesday, December 7, the On                         will treat is to a viewing of some of the
the Town group will be going to the                      items in the Special Collections sections
Bellagio Gallery of Art went to see:                     of the library to see some of their treas-
“A Sense of Place: Landscapes from                       ures. Lunch at Carlucci’s Restaurant
Monet to Hockney”. The exhibit in-                       “on our own” will follow. Again, unfor-
cluded works form the Museum of                          tunately, to participate only the first
Contemporary Art of San Diego and                        twenty-five people whose checks are re-
the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston.       Arlene Krane    ceived will be able to participate. So
After an interesting tour enhanced by                    don‟t delay in sending a $10 check made
audiophones, the group lunched at the Bellagio out to BNC to: Arlene Krane, 2552 Banora Point
Café and enjoyed the Conservatory display.       Drive, LV NV 89134.

January                                               Directions (Do not turn on to Harmon from
On Wednesday, January 4, only the thirty peo-         Maryland Pkwy as it does not continue across
ple already registered will be treated to an excit-   the campus)
ing tour of the Zappos Corporate Offices. That
is all they could accommodate. But, we‟ll visit       From the North: Take Swenson Ave. south. Go
again in the future. The tour will include an op-     across Flamingo, stay to the left. Take a left onto
portunity to see the Zappo‟s family culture in        Harmon Ave. Go approximately ½ mile; Lied
action; learn the story of Zappos‟.com; sit in the    Library is on the right, just before Harmon ends.
“Royalty Chair”; hear about Zappos customer
loyalty and receive a special surprise! We will       From the South: Take Swenson Ave. north. Go
meet in the corporate office at 10:45 a.m. to be      across Tropicana, stay to the right. Take a right
ready for our 11:00 a.m. tour. After the tour, we     onto Harmon Ave. Go approximately ½ mile;
will proceed to have lunch “on our own” at            Lied Library is on the right, just before Harmon
King’s Fish House in the District at 2255 Vil-        ends.
lage Walk Drive.
                                                    Metered parking is available on the right next to
The Zappos offices are located at 2280 Corpo- the Library. Six parking spots are reserved for
rate Circle, Suite #100 Henderson, NV 89074. us (blue “bags” marked RESERVED will cover
The major cross streets are Green Valley Pkwy the meters). Please try to carpool.
and Corporate Circle Drive.
                                                    All proceeds from On the Town events go to the
February                                            Brandeis University Las Vegas Chapter-
On Wednesday, February 1, we will have an endowed Scholarship fund.
opportunity to participate in an extraordinary
private tour of the UNLV LIED LIBRARY. MJ
Miller, the Director of External Relations will
show us the first floor facilities including a dem-
onstration of LASR, the automated storage and
retrieval system and its amazing technology. If
there is time, we‟ll go to the fifth floor for a
PAGE 8                                        WWW.BNCLV.ORG                      LAS VEGAS CHAPTER NEWS

Books are the carriers of civilization. Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled,
                      thought and speculation at a standstill. — Barbara Tuchman

                        Complete this form and mail it with your check to:
                                        Lenore Seidman
                                       2542 Kinnard Ave.
                                     Henderson, NV 89074

                                   For telephone orders call:
                                    Lenore at 702-269-3123
                         Note: Orders must be accompanied by a check.
                              Use a separate form for each tribute.
                                           Forms may be photocopied.
    Lenore Seidman

 $5 Blue & White Tribute Card                            $105 Judaica Collection
 $10 Goldfarb Library at Night Card                      $205 Research Journal File
$18 Louis Brandeis Portrait Card (Chai)                  $505 Major Book Collection
 $40 LRJ with Newly Designed Inserts                     $505 Journal Guarantor Endowed Fund
 $60 Medical Science Journal Folio                       Other Major Donations

Send Tribute to:
NAME (please print)

CITY:                                                         STATE:                ZIP:

Send Tribute From:
NAME                                                           PHONE NUMBER:

CITY:                                                         STATE:               ZIP:





Birthday, Anniversary, Special Thank You, New Grandchild, Get Well, Bar Mitzvah, Congratulations, etc.
LAS VEGAS CHAPTER NEWS               WWW.BNCLV.ORG                                             PAGE 9

RECIPIENT                   DONOR                             OCCASION

                            Louis Brandeis Portrait Card
Family of Bobbi Zommick     Suellen & Bob Levy                In memory of Bobbi Zommick
Family of Bobbi Zommick     Ruth Alexman                      In memory of Bobbi Zommick
Arlene Krane                Bryna & Don Barsky                In honor of your special birthday

                           Goldfarb Library at Night Card
Judy Jacobson               Carol & Bob Seskin                Speedy recovery

                            Blue and White Tribute Card
Gloria Kopf                 Carol & Bob Seskin                Continue return to good health
Gloria Kopf                 Charlotte Kuklin                  Speedy recovery
Eunice Willard              Carol Seskin                      Wishing a good recovery
Eunice Willard              Charlotte Kuklin                  Speedy recovery
Gwen Kohn                   Ellen Scully                      Happy Birthday
Marilyn & Sol Shocket       Edith & Dave Einhorn              Speedy recovery of son, Bruce
Marrilyn & Sol Shocket      Arlene & Len Krane                Easy recovery of son, Bruce
Marilyn & Sol Shocket       Sue Solomon                       Speedy recovery for son Bruce
Marilyn & Sol Shocket       Lenore Seidman                    Speedy recovery for son Bruce
Margie Karp                 Sue Solomon                       Speedy recovery
Margie Karp                 Edith & Dave Einhorn              Speedy recovery
Barbara Chozahinoff         Edith & Dave Einhorn              Speedy recovery
Barbara Chozahinoff         Sue Solomon                       Speedy recovery
Family of Bobbi Zommick     Arlene Zonder                     In memory of Bobbi
Family of Bobbi Zommick     Arlene & Len Krane                In memory of Bobbi
Bernice Clapfish            Leslie & Steve Gallen             In memory of Sharon O’Neil
Marty Bercow                Lynne & Ron Michels               Best wishes for a complete recovery

     Entertainment Books
                                                                and Apologies
Last chance to purchase your entertainment             Lois Kline for the addition of "Les" to her
books for 2012 for $30 and lots of ways to              Holiday Greetings.
                                                       Sue Solomon for omitting her name on the
                                                        Fashion Show program as a model
Arlene Zonder 228-0536                                 Arlene Zondor for omitting her name in
Carol Seskin 341-8646 - Siena area                      “Special Thanks” on the Fashion Show pro-
Ann Mandell 610-0396 - Anthem area                      gram.
PAGE 10                                   WWW.BNCLV.ORG                   LAS VEGAS CHAPTER NEWS

A Message From Your Membership Team
Fourteen new and prospective members joined the Membership Team and BNC Board members on
October 17 at the home of Ruth Alexman to enjoy scrumptious pastries and chocolate dipped fruit and
learn about each other, Brandeis University and BNC membership. A good time was had by all and
brought us three new members! A warm welcome to Morton Kaner, Dr. Betty Pardo and Elaine
One month to go before a winner is announced in our Bring in a New Member Contest. The deadline
is December 31. The member to refer the most new prospects (who join BNC!) will be our guest at the
Book and Author Luncheon in March. Think about those friends and neighbors whom you could ap-
proach who might be receptive to a new involvement that offers education and friendship. Do you
have a friend who was once a member of BNC but let their membership lapse? Perhaps it's time to
bring that person back. Membership dues and Study Group fees have remained the same for a number
of years. With 39 diverse study groups and a full year of interesting events offered, it is well worth it!
Perhaps you know someone who has lived here a number of years, but is now retired and ready for a
different activity, or someone who is going through a lifestyle change and needs new ways to keep
busy. Would your husband or a male friend be interested in participating in the newly revitalized
Men's Club and study groups specifically geared to interest men or attending a group or event with
you as a couple? Whatever the reason, BNC has something to offer.
And finally, we say it again! EVERY member is a member of the Membership Team. We cannot do it
without your referrals! We have a dream and it goes like this: If every member brought in just one new
members our membership would double! Thank you for your efforts in making the dream happen!
The Membership Team will follow-up with all referrals. Contact Ruth Alexman at 341-6533 or e-mail:, or Addie Alter at 240-0459 or e-mail:
Ruth Alexman and Addie Alter
Vice-Presidents, Membership

Financial Secretary Report
Though we‟re coming to the end of the year, the       Sue Solomon
Chapter year doesn‟t end until June 20, 2012.         10412 Leafgold Dr.
Therefore you have lots of time to pay your dues if   Las Vegas, NV 89134
you haven‟t done so already.                          254-7355
Welcome to new members Dorothy Gennes, Jill
Costa, Elaine Rosenstock, Shirley Fisher-Katz and
Morton Kaner who have joined our chapter re-
cently. New members for this fiscal year total 34.
                                                                                          Sue Solomon

We hope to see you all at up-coming events which
you will find in the bulletins.
LAS VEGAS CHAPTER NEWS                   WWW.BNCLV.ORG                                         PAGE 11

                 Brandeis National Committee – Las Vegas Chapter

        15 Annual Book & Author Luncheon

             Sunday, March 11, 2012
               Spiedini Ristorante
Betty Bunch, author of "High Heels and Headdresses" You won't want to miss hearing the scoop from
Betty about her experience as a showgirl in the heyday of Las Vegas.

Honoring Edith Einhorn
                Edith Einhorn, a Past-President and extremely valuable member of our Las Vegas
                BNC Chapter will be honored at the up-coming Book and Author Luncheon in March.

                During Edith‟s Presidency our Chapter received many awards because of the goals we
                achieved under her outstanding guidance. These include Chapter of the Year, Louis
                Brandeis plaques, Certificates for Outstanding Community Service and our Bulletin
                and more.

Before becoming President, Edith served in several other capacities including Financial Secretary and
Vice-President for Study Groups. Today she continues to serve as our phenomenal Webmaster and
keeping track of funds donated to the Chapter-endowed Scholarship fund.

                            Book & Author Ad Journal
The 15th annual Book & Author luncheon is scheduled for Sunday, March 11, 2012. This year, we
have an entertaining author and speaker, and a surprise author and we are pleased to honor past presi-
dent, Edith Einhorn..
Once again, we ask you to make your ad journal contacts as soon as possible. To assist you, we have
included the rate sheet and ad application in the Bulletin on pages 12 and 13 as well as on our Web site
( Please print them out for your clients.
Our continued support for the Brandeis University Chapter- Endowed Scholarship Fund is vital to en-
sure that the money we raise will help enable a student from Las Vegas to attend Brandeis Univer-
sity. The time you dedicate to this worthwhile endeavor is important and greatly appreciated

Arlene Zonder
Ad Journal Chair
 PAGE 12                                      WWW.BNCLV.ORG                       LAS VEGAS CHAPTER NEWS

                               Brandeis National Committee
                                          Las Vegas Chapter

                          Annual Book & Author Luncheon
           We support the libraries and the medical research of Brandeis University.
                                         Advertising Rate Card
FULL PAGE                                                                                         $100
Full page has a printed area of 7 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches, including border.
HALF PAGE                                                                                          $50
Half page has a printed area of 3 5/8 inches by 4 1/2 inches, including border.
THIRD PAGE                                                                                         $35
Third page has a printed area of 2 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches, including border.
QUARTER PAGE                                                                                       $25
Horizontal quarter page has an estimated printed area of 2 1/8 inches
by 4 1/2 inches, including border. Vertical quarter page has an estimated
printed area of 3 5/8 inches by 2 3/16 inches, including border.
FIFTH PAGE                                                                                         $18
Please provide text only. Pictures will shrink too small to be useful. Fifth
page has a printed area of 1 1/8 inches by 4 1/2 inches, including border.
BUSINESS OR PERSONAL CARD                                                                          $25
Please provide two cards in an envelope stapled to the application.
Please do not staple through the cards.
PRECIOUS JEWELS                                                                                    $12
Donor(s) name and first name only for up to five children and/or grandchildren.
Additional names are $2 each.
GREAT GRANDCHILDREN                                                                              FREE!
If you are lucky enough to have great grandchildren and have paid for other
Precious Jewels, this one is on us.
IN LOVING MEMORY                                                                                   $15
Please provide donor(s) names. Up to four names of those to be remembered.
Additional names are $4 each.

           For more rate pages, ad book forms, letter for businesses and samples
                        please go to our Web site at
LAS VEGAS CHAPTER NEWS             WWW.BNCLV.ORG                                  PAGE 13

                        Brandeis National Committee
                                 Las Vegas Chapter
              Ad Application for Book & Author Luncheon
Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________ State: _____________ Zip: _____________

If this is a business ad solicited by a Brandeis member:

Member’s Name: _______________________________ Phone: _____________________

Please print or type your ad text below. Final copy will be done on our computer. Do
not staple or tape ad copy to this form. If you have camera-ready copy or business
cards, you may place them in an envelope and staple the envelope to this form. Be
careful not to staple through or fold the copy material. If you have digital media please
e-mail it to
E-mail any digital media material to Mail this form, ad information,
hard copy of your ad if any and check payable to BNC by February 15, 2012 to:

Gay Lynne Kegan, 3305 Shoreline Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89117
PAGE 14                                   WWW.BNCLV.ORG                     LAS VEGAS CHAPTER NEWS

          BNC Las Vegas Chapter-endowed Scholarship Fund
                         Edith Einhorn, Scholarship Fund Coordinator
This scholarship will be awarded to a student who      involvement on campus, my studies, my thirst for
wishes to attend Brandeis University with prefer-      lifelong learning would not be possible. The
ence given to a Southern Nevada resident. All do-      scholarships have given me a reason to become so
nations are greatly appreciated.                       involved and make sure that not only I have a
                                                       great Brandeis experience, but that I make the ex-
Jeremy Weinberg is a senior in the class of 2012 at    periences of the other students as amazing as I
Brandeis University. He is a Psychology and Edu-       possibly can. I could not be prouder of this institu-
cation Studies major with a minor in Music. “I did     tion, and I am so incredibly thankful that such giv-
not expect to major in Education Studies…but my        ing people exist in the world to allow me these op-
work as a student volunteer for various organiza-      portunities.”
tions on campus made it clear to me that Education
Studies is a valuable subject that can be applied to   To make your donation, and help other students
many areas of life,” Jeremy wrote in a letter ad-      like Jeremy, send your check to Edith Einhorn,
dressed to the friends of Brandeis. Jeremy is an       10001 Woodhouse Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89134.
Undergraduate Departmental Representative for          Remember that Brandeis University is exempt
Education and secretary of the Psychology Honors       from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3)
Society. In both capacities, he talks with prospec-    of the Internal Revenue Code and your donation is
tive majors and minors. He is also Rehearsal           tax deductible. We are nearing the end of the 2011
Manager and Alumni Network Coordinator for             tax year, and this is an excellent time to make your
one of the a capella groups on campus. Jeremy          donation.
tutors middle school students as a member of the
Waltham Group community service club and is an    Thanks to the following for their generous dona-
orientation leader for new students. Jeremy spent tion to the BNC Las Vegas Chapter-endowed
                                                  Scholarship fund:
a semester in Haifa, Israel, as part of the Univer-
sity of Haifa International School in the Honor   Arlene Krane in honor of her 80th
Psychology Program.                               birthday
                                                  Ellen Scully in honor of Arlene Zon-
Jeremy is very enthusiastic about his experiences der’s 80th birthday
and opportunities at Brandeis University. Most
important for members of the Las Vegas Chapter         Edith Einhorn
of BNC, Jeremy writes that: “Without the gener- Scholarship Fund Coordinator
ous support of Brandeis scholarships, all of my

                                         Gift wrapping
                           at Barnes and Noble, Boca Park
                                     December -
                          around Hanukkah and Christmas
        All proceeds collected go to the Chapter-endowed Scholarship fund.
       It is such an easy and fun way for us to raise money. Won’t you help?
                 Carol Turner – 255-1030 and Carol Seskin 341-8646
                               They will be calling you!
LAS VEGAS CHAPTER NEWS                  WWW.BNCLV.ORG                                       PAGE 15

BNC Men’s Club Update
I am pleased to announce that we held our first Brandeis Men‟s Club meeting. Al-
though our attendance could have used a boost, the attendees were treated to a rare
Video of a “Roast” of Frank Sinatra. Call me if you don‟t know what a “Roast” is. It
was MC‟d by Dean Martin (who‟d been doing them for the prior five years, and it
took us back to 1980. We had about 1-1/2 hours of continuous laughs from Jimmy
Stewart, Ronald Reagan (before he became President). If you‟re bringing friends to
our next meeting they don‟t have to be members of our BNC (Brandeis National           Len Krane
Committee) Chapter.

There was no November meeting because of Thanksgiving. Despite the one-month break, our second
BNC meeting will fall on the fourth Thursday, December 22. After checking our costs, it looks like
we‟ll be able to do all of our future brunches for $15 per person for members as well as guests.. We
meet at Durango Hills Golf Club which is near the intersection of Cheyenne and Rampart. Walgreens is
right on the corner. There is a lovely view of the golf course from the golf club.

Following Brunch (11 a.m. to 12 p.m.) we will show a DVD which runs about one hour entitled “On
Location with Myron Cohen.” Your sides will ache from laughing..This was his last public appearance
and it was an absolute winner. Following the DVD, let‟s spend some time talking about what you
would like as future subjects for our brunches.

All BNC members and friends are welcome. Call Len Krane at 702-255-6667 or e-mail lenkra- for more information. Send the reservation form and check to Len Krane, 2552
Banora Point Drive, Las Vegas, 89134.

                            December, 2011 BNC Men’s Club Brunch

            I/We will attend. Enclosed is check/cash of $15 per person, payable to BNC.

Name/Names 1.___________________________ 2.____________________________________

Address(s)     1.___________________________ 2.____________________________________

(include ZIP) 1.___________________________ 2.____________________________________

E-Mail(s)      ______________Phone_________ 2.__________________Phone_____________

Please check: BNC member________________ Non-member___________

Send the reservation form and check to Len Krane, 2552 Banora Point Drive, Las Vegas, 89134.
Brandeis University
                                                                                        PRSRT STD
Brandeis National Committee                                                           U.S. Postage Paid
Las Vegas Chapter                                                                      Las Vegas, NV
3305 Shoreline Drive                                                                    Permit #1531
Las Vegas, NV 89117

                                   CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

                               BNC Mission Statement
  Brandeis National Committee is an organization committed to providing philanthropic
  support to Brandeis University, a distinguished liberal arts and research university
  founded by the American Jewish community. Its membership remains connected to the
  university through fundraising and through activities that reflect the values on which the
  university was founded: academic excellence, social justice, non-sectarianism and ser-
  vice to the community.

Submission Deadlines
The Bulletin is published on a bi-monthly basis. The deadline for copy is the first of the month preced-
ing the month of publication. The deadline for February 2012 January 1, 2012.
Publisher: Gay Lynne Kegan 702-233-8218

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