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Department Heads
Rooms Division Department Heads

 The Front Office Manager is the department
  head responsible for a large portion of the
  most visible aspects of the hotel’s day-to-day

 The Director of Services can be viewed as
  the “behind-the-scenes” version of the front
  office manager
Front Office Manager
 The Front Office Manager directs the day-to-
  day activities of the front desk and the uniform
 Reporting to the Front Office Manager are:
      Front Desk Manager
      Front Desk Supervisor
      Front Desk Agent/Guest Service Attendant
      Bell Captain
      Bell Staff
      Door Person
      Valet/Garage Supervisor
      Valet Parking Attendant
Front Office Manager (Cont…)
 Reporting to the Front Office Manager (Cont…)
     Parking Garage Attendant
     PBX Supervisor
     PBX Operator
     Concierge Manager
Director Of Services
 The Director of Services is responsible for the
  hotel’s housekeeping and laundry services
 Reporting to the Director of Services are:
      Housekeeping Manager/Executive Housekeeper
      Assistant Executive Housekeeper
      Rooms Inspector/Senior Housekeepers
      Housekeepers/Room Attendants
      Housepersons
      Laundry Manager
      Linen Room Attendant
      Tailor/Seamstress
Food and Beverage Department
 In a resort or large hotel, the Food and
  Beverage Director would oversee a very large
 Reporting to the Food and Beverage Director
     Executive Chef
     Director of Catering
     Director of Convention Services
     Director of Restaurants
     Beverage Manager
Food and Beverage Department
  Director of Food and Beverage

                                    Executive Chef

                                  Director of Catering

                          Director of Convention Services

                              Director of Restaurants

                                  Beverage Manager

                                                            Figure 5-6
Sales Department Heads
 The Director of Group Sales is responsible
  specifically for the group room sales effort
 Often the Director of Group Sales is personally
  responsible for key/focus accounts that have
  important and/or long-term impact on the hotel

                      Director of Marketing

   Director of Group Sales            Director of Transient Sales
Engineering Department Head
 The Chief Engineer coordinates the day-to-
  day maintenance of the hotel’s physical
 Because sleeping rooms are the main product
  of the hotel, the chief engineer may spend
  most of his/her time checking and assigning
  sleeping room repair duties

                Director of Engineering

                    Chief Engineer
Human Resources Department

 The Assistant Director of Human Resources
  works closely with all other department heads
  to maintain employee satisfaction and to
  ensure that proper employment procedures are

               Director of Human Resources

                 Assistant Director of HR
Accounting Department Heads
 In a large hotel, such as the one in our
  example, two or more department heads may
  support the financial controller
 The Assistant Controller(s) are responsible for
  specific accounting duties

                     Financial Controller

         Assistant Controller    Assistant Controller
            (Operations)              (Finance)
Accounting Department Heads
 The Assistant Controller in charge of operations
  may oversee the reporting and accuracy of
  documentation regarding the outlets, ancillary
  revenue sources, and attractions within the

 The Assistant Controller in charge of finance
  may oversee the credit policies, night audit,
  and the payables/receivables function
Resort Example
 Within the example of a large resort, other
  department heads would be in place

 These department heads are unique and would
  vary on the size and scope of the hotel’s

 These positions are focused on the
  management of certain recreational and
  physical landscape aspects of the hotel
Resort Deployment Example
  Director of
                                       Director of Grounds

                      Golf Pro                       Head Groundskeeper

                    Tennis Pro                           Golf Ranger

                Manager of Aquatics

                   Spa Manager

                 Children’s Activity
                                                                Figure 5-12

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