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					A Monthly MAgAzine    septeMber 2010   VoluMe 14, nuMber 9

bringing up bobby
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  Bringing Up Bobby

                                                                                         milla Jovovich and David Johndrow at a cast
                                                                                              and crew brunch at Jrb Art at the elms

By Kent Anderson Photos by erick gfeller

              hen David and Maryann         The project was written and directed by        wines have acquired something of a “cult
              Johndrow talk about how       Famke Janssen, known to audiences for          following” in Hollywood. Those rela-
              they came to be in the        her work in front of the camera, particu-      tionships led to the Johndrows being in-
movie business, they have a very clear      larly for her role as Dr. Jean Grey in the     troduced by a mutual friend to the pro-
and succinct take on the process. “It’s     “X-Men” series of films.                       ducers of “Bringing Up Bobby.”
about great relationships,” David says.         The Johndrows’ initial foray into              Along with the Johndrows, other
   In the Johndrows’ case, excellent        movies came about because of wine.             co-executive producers of the project
wine helps too.                             They own a home in Sundance, Utah,             are Phil Hunt, Compton Ross, Chad
   The Oklahoma-based couple, owners        home of the Sundance Film Festival, and        Burris, Steve and Renee Knox, Cole
of Napa Valley’s Johndrow Vineyards,        in recent years their varietals have been      Frates and David Manning. Sofia
are serving as co-executive producers of    featured at many cast dinners and other        Sondervan is serving as producer.
the film “Bringing Up Bobby,” which fin-    official Sundance events. David ventures           “Bringing Up Bobby” tells the story
ished shooting in Oklahoma in August.       the opinion that Johndrow Vineyards            of Olive, a European con artist, and her
106   Nichols hills News   september 2010
milla relaxing with her daughter ever

   september 2010   Nichols hills News   107
Glimpse A Match Made in Vino

experiencing oKlAhoMA
Photos by carolyn rossow
to get a feel for what oklahoma is about, you need to meet its peo-
ple, so the stars of “bringing Up bobby” did it the simple way: by going
to the people’s turf. bill pullman, milla Jovovich, rory cochran and
spencer list enjoyed a dose of Nichols hills hospitality by dropping in
on the randel road block party and pig roast, hosted by susan and
John Frank, leslie and Drew schwartz, Gene rainbolt, brian Davis,
Judy Federa, peggy and John philbin, carolyn and Fred wettengel,
cindy and John mccharen and Deborah Kersey.

108   Nichols hills News   september 2010
10-year-old son Bobby, who find them-         than 60 local jobs were created. Filming     the sense of community – relationships
selves in Oklahoma seeking to escape her      took place in Nichols Hills, Guthrie and     again – that prevails in Oklahoma. “The
criminal past. After Bobby is hit by a car    Arcadia, among other settings. Promi-        difference in this film from others that
driven by a wealthy businessman, Olive        nent local landmarks like POPS and Ar-       have been shot in Oklahoma is that we
commits insurance fraud and is sentenced      cadia’s famous Round Barn are featured.      are involving the community, instead of
to prison. In an unusual story twist, Bob-       “I want to show Oklahoma’s beauty         just coming in, shooting a few scenes,
by lives with the businessman and his wife    and its people through the eyes of the       and leaving again,” David says.
while his mother serves her prison sen-       foreign protagonist, Olive,” says the            With local businesses and individuals
tence. When she is released, she is faced     Dutch-born Janssen, who has her own          involved on both the logistical and cre-
with the difficult choice of deciding what    connections to the state: her partner,       ative sides of the production, it was also
environment is best for her son.              Cole Frates, is an Oklahoma native, and      important to David and Maryann that
    For her screenwriting and directorial     Janssen recently served on the faculty of    those coming to the state from elsewhere
debut, Janssen carefully selected a cast of   the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute at        have the ability to “experience Oklaho-
Hollywood veterans for the lead roles,        Quartz Mountain. “On the one hand I          ma.” They hosted multiple events during
augmented by one fresh face: newcomer                                                      filming for the out-of-state cast and crew
Spencer List plays the title character of                                                  to get a solid feel for what Oklahoma is
Bobby. His mother Olive is portrayed                                                       about, which should translate well into
by Milla Jovovich. The role is an exciting                                                 the final on-screen product.
departure for the Ukraine-born actress,                                                        “Bringing Up Bobby” worked on
who is best known for action-oriented                                                      a very tight, intense 30-day shooting
roles in films such as “The Fifth Ele-                                                     schedule this summer. Most of the ed-
ment” and the “Resident Evil” series. Bill                                                 iting and post-production work will
Pullman and Marcia Cross were cast in                                                      take place in the Netherlands. The next
the roles of Kent and Mary, the wealthy                                                    stage of the film is expected to go equal-
Oklahoma couple who takes in young                                                         ly quickly, aiming for a January release.
Bobby. Pullman is a veteran character                                                      The Johndrows hope to debut the film at
actor with major film roles in “Space-                                                     Sundance, later taking it to Cannes and
balls,” “The Serpent and the Rainbow”                                                      Berlin. Their expectations are high.
and “Independence Day,” along with                                                             “People are connecting with the
multiple theater credits in both New                                                       plot,” David says, “and the people who
York and Los Angeles. Cross has worked                                                     are involved in this project are doing it
extensively in television, with starring      milla Jovovich and ever                      for passion.”
roles in “Melrose Place” and more re-         with co-star spencer list                        “Passion” describes David and Mary-
cently, “Desperate Housewives.”               wanted to try and explore America’s Jef-     ann’s feelings about wine, the movie
    “Famke has assembled a cast that is       fersonian distrust of Europe – as a place    business and Oklahoma – all inextrica-
very high-level,” David Johndrow says         burdened by history, full of corruption      bly linked in “Bringing Up Bobby.” Da-
with notable enthusiasm.                      – and on the other I wanted to exam-         vid is a native Oklahoman, born in Nor-
    “Once we got behind it and under-         ine European perceptions of America          man and raised in Edmond. Maryann is
stood the story and Famke’s vision,           as a naïve place that values money and       originally from Boston, but has lived in
our thinking was, ‘How can we assist          is deeply religious. Above all, however, I   the state for 10 years and now says she
in making this a huge success?’” adds         want the film to entertain in the broad-     can’t imagine living anywhere else.
Maryann. “We put a list of together of        est meaning of the word. I want people           “It’s not what you expect,” Mary-
people we know, who could help to get         to have fun with the characters, enjoy the   ann says of both the state and the film.
things done.”                                 setting of the movie and feel torn about     “When it gets up on the big screen and
    Get things done they did. Local mer-      Olive’s decision at the end.”                people see what it’s like in Oklahoma, it
chants donated everything from cars to            For the Johndrows, it is about not       will open a lot of minds of people who
dry cleaning for the production. More         only the quality of the storytelling, but    have never been here.”
                                                                                                   september 2010   Nichols hills News   109

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