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					A C U T E M Y E L O B L A S T I C L E U K E M I A (A M L )

What is AML?
                                                                                                                    Other names for AML
AML is a cancer o he white blood cells. In most cases of AML, the body makes too many
white blood cells called myeloblasts. ese immature blood cells cannot ght infection as well
                                                                                                                      Acute myeloid leukemia
as normal white blood cells do. As more myeloblasts are made, they keep normal blood cells
from growing.      is can lead to infections, bleeding problems, and anemia (loss of red blood                        Acute myelogenous leukemia
cells) and threaten major organs, such as the brain and spinal cord, if not treated quickly.                          Acute granulocytic leukemia

Who gets AML?
Adults over the age of 65 years are most likely to get AML. But it can        ect people at any age.

What happens with treatment?                             Radiation therapy — uses high-energy x-rays              Immunotherapy — uses drugs that kill cancer
                                                         to kill cancer cells. Radiation therapy may be           cells directly or help the immune system kill
AML must be treated quickly because the patient          given to patients with high-risk leukemia to             those cells
is at high risk for infection and bleeding. is           treat cancer cells in the brain and spinal cord.
type of leukemia may be treated with:
                                                            e treatment may also keep cancer cells from
                                                                                                                 about a remission. This means that:
 Chemotherapy — uses drugs to kill cancer cells.         spreading to those parts o he body
 Drugs that go into the bloodstream can reach                                                                     No myeloblasts are seen in the blood or bone
                                                         Stem cell transplantation — replaces blood
 cancer cells in most parts of the body. Drugs that                                                               marrow (the so tissue inside the bones where
                                                         cells killed er high-dose chemotherapy and
 go into the spinal uid can reach cancer cells                                                                    blood cells are made)
                                                         radiation with stem cells that can make new
 that spread to the brain and spinal cord                blood cells                                                 e body is making normal blood cells and
                                                                                                                  blood counts return to normal
                                                                                                                    e body function returns to normal and health
                                                                                                                  and well-being are restored
                          Healthy plant
                                                                                                                     ere is no sign of AML in any other part of
                                           Weed                                                                   the body

                                              Cancer cells                                             Chemotherapy kills the weeds
                                              are like weeds                                           (the cancer cells) that crowd out
                                              in a garden.                                             healthy plants (the blood cells).

      What happens first?                                                                How to make it easier to get through treatment
                                                                                         Chemotherapy can injure any cell in the body that grows or divides
                                                                                         quickly. is may cause side e ects, such as:
                                                                                          Infection              Hair loss                Nausea
         Phases of Chemotherapy for AML                                                   Mouth sores            Vomiting                 Diarrhea
         Phase 1:            Getting high doses of drugs to kill cancer cells in the     Patients who have certain types of cancer or are starting some kinds of
         Induction           blood and bone marrow and bring about a remission.          chemotherapy may also be at risk for tumor lysis syndrome (TLS). TLS
                                                                                         may damage the kidneys, heart, and other organs when large numbers of
         Phase 2:            Getting high doses of drugs to kill any cancer cells that
         Postremission                                                                   cancer cells are killed o very fast. Organ damage can be prevented if
                             are le in the body a er a remission. Stem cell
                                                                                         high-risk patients are treated before they start chemotherapy.
                             transplantation may also be done.
                                                                                         Tips on how to cope with the side effects of treatment:
                                                                                          Report signs of infection (such as a fever) and health concerns
      How do we know if the treatment is working?
                                                                                          to the doctor or nurse as soon as you notice them
      Tests show how well treatment is working and check for any health problems.
                                                                                          Report signs of redness or skin changes a er radiation therapy
                                                                                          to the doctor or nurse
         Complete blood       Measures the number of each type of blood cell
         count                                                                            Tell the medical team about all other
                                                                                          medicines the patient is taking             Wher e to learn more
         Blood chemistry      Check for abnormal levels of certain chemicals in the
                                                                                          Learn how to care for the central line
         tests                body that could be signs of health problems                                                                   ukemia &
                                                                                          (the tube in the chest through which
                                                                                                                                      Lymphoma Society
         Bone marrow          Shows if there are cancer cells in the bone marrow          chemotherapy is given). And be sure
         aspiration                                                                       to ask the nurses for other self-care
                                                                                          tips. Nurses are great teachers
         Lumbar puncture      Shows if ther                                                                                           National Cancer Institute
                                                                                          Try to drink lots of uids, eat well,
         or spinal tap
                                                                                          and take care of the teeth and gums         800-4-CANCER (422-6237)
                                                                                          Ask about medicines to control              People Living With Cancer
                                                                                          nausea, ease pain, or keep side e ects
                                                                                          from getting worse                          703-797-1914
                                                                                          Share feelings with others
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